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					                         BALANCED SCORECARD 2005/2006-PROGRESS REPORT

                                 (A)    HEALTH IMPROVEMENT/PROTECTION
                             (Reducing Inequalities, Drug & Alcohol Action Plans,
                               Early Years, Health & Safety and Flu Pandemic)

                   Target                                                                                           Responsible
(The bolded references refer to the Targets                        Performance Against Targets                      Executive &
       set out in the Delivery Plan)                                                                                   Gov
Implement a Fife-Wide Tobacco Framework to            On track.                                                     Dr L Macdonald
reduce smoking in public places, target priority                                                                    /CHP GMs
groups and review smoking cessation services in                                                                     PHG/HWBA/
line with national standards.        REF H.02T                                                                      CHPs
Scope and prepare for likely increase in demand for   Partially achieved due to difficulty in predicting.           Dr L Macdonald
smoking cessation services in light of Spring 2006                                                                  /CHP GMS
legislation .                                                                                                       PHG/CHPs/
Tackle inequality ratios by health improvement        Minimum live data available at present but a range of         Dr L Macdonald
measures and supports, i.e. smoking, dental cares,    actions in place. More robust data expected in May 2006.      /CHP GMs
obesity, exercise, etc.                                                                                             PHG/CHPs
Provide a detailed investment plan to support the     Detailed investment plan was supplied to the Executive in     Dr L Macdonald
Sexual Health Strategy.                               September. This included slippage for the first year. An      PHG/HWBA
                                                      additional £20,000 of slippage has recently been allocated.
                                                      This measure has been achieved.
Increase Breastfeeding rates.                         Fife has 36.3% of women breastfeeding at 6 weeks (ISD         J Wilson
                                                      2005 return 2004 data) This represents little improvement     OD
                                                      although work underway should provide increased
                                                      numbers in the future.
Review and update the Board‟s Racial Equality         Strategy submitted to the Racial Equality Commission on       J Wilson/
Strategy by November 2005                             time.                                                         S Manion
Continue to support mental health improvement and     Work underway to inform local action plan.                    Dr L Macdonald
wellbeing                                                                                                           /CHP GMs
Continue to support a reduction in the number of      DAAT Action Plan implemented.                                 Dr L Macdonald
people using drugs                                                                                                  /V Irons
Continue to support a reduction in the number of      DAAT Action Plan implemented.                                 Dr L Macdonald
young people who binge drink                                                                                        /V Irons
Increase the percentage of children being             Uptake for all vaccination groups with the exception of       S Manion/
immunised                                             MMR currently meet national targets (95%). MMR uptake         Dr L Macdonald
                                                      at 24 months currently 88.7%.
Continue to support the roll out of new community     Ongoing progress.                                             S Manion
Reduce teenage pregnancies                            Gradual reduction in place in line with Scottish trend.       Dr L Macdonald
                                                                                                                    /CHP GMs
Reduce the number of low birth weight babies          Achieved.                                                     Dr L Macdonald
                                                                                                                    /CHP GMs
Develop and implement an Action Plan to deliver       Action Plan in place and being implemented.                   Dr L Macdonald
the „Hungry for Success‟ initiative                                                                                 PHG/HWBA
Develop and implement Health & Safety strategy        Consultation process in draft Strategy commenced.             R Webster
Develop robust Flu Pandemic Plan                      Draft plan in place.                                          Dr L Macdonald
                             (B)    PARTNERSHIP WORKING
        (Pay Modernisation, Develop Staff, Deliver Staff Governance Requirements,
  Regional Planning, Progress PFPI, Implementation of Joint Future & Community Planning
                           and Co-operate closely with NHS 24)

Clearly demonstrate improved patient benefits      Benefits realisation action plan submitted to SEHD      R Webster
due to pay modernisation – in line with Benefits   September 2005 showing initial changes to increase
Realisation Plan                                   productivity.                                           SG
Deliver full implementation of Agenda for          NHS Fife progressing assimilation in line with          R Webster
Change                                             national timetable.                                     SG
Develop and implement the NHS Fife                 Infrastructure and robust process in place              D Christie
Development Plan                                                                                           SG
Develop leadership capacity                        Not fully achieved, but all aspects in progress.        D Christie

Develop and implement the Knowledge and            70% of staff covered by KSF outlines by end March.      D Christie
Skills Framework                                   Full compliance by June. PDP Project Delivery Plan
                                                   in place to achieve target.                             SG
Develop workforce planning across staff            Workforce Modernisation and Development                 R Webster
groups                                             Structure in place. Strategic Plan to Board on 28       SG
                                                   March 2006.
Implement Staff Governance standard                Staff Governance audit undertaken and action plan       R Webster
                                                   for 2005/06 reviewed.                                   SG
Develop a detailed Action Plan to deliver MMC,     Implementation Group set up with Plan - priority to     Dr FM Elliot
including Hospital at Night arrangements           establish Hospital at Night Teams.                      SR
Work with other Boards to further develop          Identified services progressed – good progress.         GJ Brechin
planning & commissioning of services on a
regional basis                                                                                             SR
Increase the use of NHS Alternatives (Golden       Fife has investigated the possibility of using Golden   J Wilson
Jubilee and Stracathro) in appropriate             Jubilee for MRI, however there is no spare capacity.
circumstances                                      We continue to work on the Stracathro Project and       OD
                                                   are represented on the Project Board.
Review PFPI Action Plan to set out                 All new policies ‘PFPI’ proofed – Board papers          * G Brown
arrangements to „PFPI proof‟ all new policies      making progress.
and Board papers                                                                                           PFPI
Support the development of the emerging            Achieved with clear plans in place for future           CHP General
public partnership forums                          engagement.                                             Managers
Define clear outcomes and timescales arising       Substantive work underway through a raft of             G
from the development of Joint Future and           methods of implementation.                              Cunningham/
Community Planning into mainstream working                                                                 CM Adamson

Ensure co-ordination of NHS 24 with Primary        The Plan was submitted to, and approved by NHS          J Wilson/
Care Out of Hours arrangements, especially         Fife Board in November 2005. Improved partnership       Dr F Elliot
with regard to Winter Plan                         working between NHS 24 and Fife Out of Hours
                                                   Service supported increased activity levels with
                                                   better response times this year compared to last.
                                 (C)   PATIENT EXPERIENCE
       (Planning for and compliance with all waiting times targets and quality of service,
QIS Standards for HAI, Complete final phase of Learning Disability resettlement programme and
                          Continue to develop Mental Health Services)

 Maintain appropriate use of Availability status   Plan submitted to the NWTU in September and.           J Wilson
 Codes and implement plans for phasing them        work underway with Medical Records and
 out by 2007                                       Directorate Managers to deliver this plan.             OD

 Put in place effective systems to monitor and     The Capacity Planning Team is actively monitoring      J Wilson
 track waiting times, including angiography        the delivery of waiting times and reports widely.
 Achieve and maintain 26 week guarantee for        NHS Fife is currently delivering the 26 week           J Wilson
 new outpatients at December 2005                  guarantee. Target was achieved in December and
 (Achieve new 18 week outpatient waiting times     sustained in January 2006. A plan has been             OD
 target by December 2007)                          developed for the delivery of the 18 week guarantee
                                                   by December 2007.
 Maintain 8 week target for angiography            Target has not been breached since September           J Wilson
                                                   2005.                                                  OD

 Achieve all cancer waiting time targets           A range of approaches are in place to help move        J Wilson/
                                                   NHS Fife towards meeting the challenging cancer        CHP GMs
                                                   waiting times targets.
 Achieve 18 week in patient and day cases          NHS Fife is delivering the current 26 week             J Wilson/
 waiting times target by December 2007             guarantee. A plan is in place for delivery of the 18   CHP GMs
                                                   week target.
 Service Redesign – support implementation of      Major service redesign through Right for Fife and      Dr FM Elliot/
 major service strategies through development      Unscheduled Care Collaborative work continues on       CHP GMs/
 of clinical models of care (supports most of      both.                                                  J Wilson
 Delivery Plan Targets                                                                                    SR
 Fully implement PFB (for all new outpatient       Implemented in Acute specialties.                      J Wilson
 Review return appointments to bring in line       In most specialties the ratio of new to return         J Wilson
 with Scottish average.                            appointments is at or better than the Scottish
                                                   average.                                               OD
 Detail ongoing targets for the Champions          Targets detailed but completion of courses for         *Dr G Birnie
 Programme                                         champions low. Being addressed by new Infection        CG
                                                   Control Manager.
 Continue progress on tackling dental              Making progress in line with revised national          *Dr G Birnie
 decontamination                                   timetable.                                             CG
 Long Stay Learning Disability Beds at             Agreement and process in place to:                     S Manion
 Lynebank Hospital will be closed by Summer         Ensure all residents have accommodation and
 2006. Will include detail about:-                     care package identified by Summer 2006;
  Staff Deployment                                 Work within agreed financial framework;
  Financial Framework                              Staff to move from hospital care provision to
  Community Services & Accommodation                  community;
  24 Inpatient Beds                                Review and agree inpatient facilities remaining
                                                       on Lynebank site.
 NHS Fife, with key partners, will implement the   Act implemented but two areas incomplete.              G
 new Act from October 2005 and clarify fully the                                                          Cunningham
 future service pattern.                                                                                  KL
 Begin implementation of agreed schemes for        Progress patchy. Order of schemes undergoing           G
 inpatient services reconfiguration                review.                                                Cunningham
                                          (D)    EFFICIENCY
                   (Maintain Financial Balance, Improve Patient Services Efficiency,
                       Deliver Capital Projects (GHMS & St Andrews Hospital),
                      Deliver appropriate Risk Management for the Organisation)

NHS Fife achieves financial balance in 2005/06      Financial Balance achieved - projected underspend       R Pettigrew
                                                    against Revenue Resource Limit capital controlled
                                                    within Capital Resource Limit.                          A/F&R
NHS Fife will provide an action plan which sets     Action Plan in place – demonstrated to SEHD’s           R Pettigrew
out how it will achieve financial balance for the   satisfaction that financial balance will be
period 2006/10                                      maintained.                                             A/F&R
NHS Fife will release more resources for            Resources identified – partially completed.             R Pettigrew
investment in frontline services, i.e. reduce
DNAs, use of locums and bank staff etc.                                                                     F&R
Achieve Efficient Government targets (internal      Partially completed.                                    R Pettigrew
and through Fife Partnership)                                                                               A/F&R
Bring numbers of cancelled admissions into          National data is no longer kept on this target.         J Wilson
line with Scottish Average                          However, a number of approaches are in place to
                                                    reduce cancelled admissions.                            OD
Open a new Medical Admissions Unit on QMH           Capital/revenue funding identified and approved by      J Wilson
site as soon as possible                            F&R Committee December 2005. As at January 2006
                                                    – nurse staffing levels and skill-mix agreed and
                                                    implemented in Ward 7.        A capital scheme is       OD
                                                    underway and a robust timescale for final delivery is
                                                    being prepared.
Implement Unscheduled Care plans within             NHS Fife has made good progress with the early          J Wilson
appropriate timescales                              diagnostic work associated with the programme. All
                                                    of the flow groups are now well established.
Implement “eHealth” Strategy in support of          Specific milestones being developed                     *Dr S Clark
service change and efficiency                       Implementation being monitored through agreed
                                                    process.                                                A
Progress the General Hospitals & Maternity          Some minor slippage but broadly on target.              J Wilson
and St Andrews Hospitals projects within
planned timetables and budgets                                                                              F&R
Implement a Fife-wide NHS Risk Management           Milestones being implemented as per Strategy.           *Dr S Clark
Strategy                                                                                                    CG/
                                                                                                            all committees
(NB. * = Not SMT Members)

      Governance Committees, etc

      PHG -    Public Health Governance Sub-Committee           OD - Operational Division
      CHPs -   Community Health Partnerships                    F&R - Finance & Resources
      SG -     Staff Governance                                 SR -   Service Redesign
      CG -     Clinical Governance                              PFPI - Patient Focus Public Involvement
      A-       Audit                                            HWBA – Health & Wellbeing Alliance
      HS -     Health & Safety                                  DWF - Dunfermline & West Fife
      JSRG -   Joint Strategy & Resources Group                 GNEF - Glenrothes & North East Fife
      FP -     Fife Partnership                                 KL -   Kirkcaldy & Levenmouth