Chapter 5 interaction design basic by ijk77032


									Tutorial session
                        Chapter 5 interaction design basic
Exercise 5.3:

The control panel has a low functions with no much detail in right place or easy
access. If the buttons are place in the right order it would have been easier to use and

The used of three colours codes is not very appropriate, because green is for go but in
this scenario it was used for cancel.

The use of figure is also a problem because the figure to override the flow is not
accessible the user will have to enter it many times to get the right value.

Using a system like this is not right because in it was an emergency the user might be
able to correct this problem which might lead to dangerous situation.

There is too much buttons on the control panel, which can lead to confusion and
misuse of right button. There is also two manual buttons which is no useful to the

Exercise 5.5:

Firstly I would advice a proper testing to be done in the future after implementing any

Because it a user interface a simple methods of putting all button accord to their most
The use of good colour codes, good grouping and easy access must also be considered
when building or designing a user interface.

Rather than using three colours the use green and red would have be good. There
should be a confirm emergence before the immediate emergency shutdown.

The use of less control buttons would be better in most cases, and also a automated
control rather than manual for emergencies cases.

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