What Is Interaction Design by Gillian Crampton Smith by ijk77032


									     Foreword                                                                                vii
     What Is Interaction Design? by Gillian Crampton Smith

     Preface                                                                                 xxi
     Introduction                             . ..                                             1
     Two personal stories
1    The Mouse and the Desktop                   .            .                               15
     Interviews with Doug Engelbart, Stu Caf&> Tim Mott, and Larry Tesler

2    My PC                                             ..                                    73
     Interviews with Bill Atkinson, Paul Bradley, Bill Verplank, and Cordell Ratzlaff

3    From the Desk to the Palm                                                               153
     Interviews with John Ellenby, Jeff Hawkins, Bert Keely, Rob Haitani, and Dennis Boyle

4    Adopting Technology                                                                     237
     Interviews with David Liddle, Mat Hunter, Rikako Sakai, David Kelley, and Paul Mercer

5    Play                                                                                    319
     Interviews with Bing Gordon, Brendan Boyle, Brenda Laurel, and Will Wright

6    Services                                                                                383
     Interviews with Takeshi Natsuno, Live | Work, and Fran Samalionis

7    The Internet                                                                            449
     Interviews with Terry Winograd, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Steve Rogers,
     and Mark Podlaseck

O    Multisensory and Multimedia                                                             513
     Interviews with Hiroshi Ishii, Durrell Bishop, Joy Mountford, and Bill Gaver

9    Futures and Alternative Nows                                                            587
     Interviews with Tony Dunne and Fiona Raby, John Maeda, and Jun Rekimoto

10   People and Prototypes                                                                   641
     The author's own ideas about how to design interactions, with help from his friends

     and colleagues Jane Fulton Suri and Duane Bray

     Notes                                                                                   737
     Index                                                                                   757

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