Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design

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                                       Ashley Middleton

Education              2012            Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design       Design research, human-computer interaction, information
                                       School of the Visual Arts                       architecture, interface design, ubiquitous computing
                                       New York City, New York

                       2010            Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design         Typography, color theory, motion graphics, photography, basic
                                       School of Art & Design                          letterpress, history of art and design
                                       University of Illinois at Chicago

                       2009            Spring Semester Abroad                          Illustration, poster design, visual archive development; traveled
                                       Hochschule Luzern—Design & Kunst                to London & Brighton, England (two weeks) as well as Florence
                                       Luzern, Switzerland                             & Fiesole, Italy (one week) on school trips

                       2008            Associate in Arts                               Concentration in Web development; general education;
                                       Joliet Junior College                           flat pattern design and fashion history; 2D design; drawing
                                       Joliet, Illinois

Work Experience        2006–           Web & Graphic Designer                          Led redevelopment of department website, 2007–2008; design
                                       UIC Campus Housing                              posters, brochures, small websites for department and residents
                                       Chicago, Illinois

                       2006–2007       Web Designer                                    Redesigned website for the Village of Melrose Park; developed
                                       PageDesk Internet Development                   reseller website package for wedding events client
                                       New Lenox, Illinois

                       2001–           Sole Proprietor                                 Web development and print production for a variety of clients in
                              Web Design                      the Chicago area and around the country
                                       New Lenox & Chicago, Illinois

Internship             2008            Web Design & Development                        Persona development, information architecture, interface design;
                                       UIC Pavilion                                    html, css, basic php and dom scripting
                                       Chicago, Illinois

Volunteer Experience   2006–2009       Web Design & Development                        Hearts & Hooves Therapy Animals —
                                                                                       North American Irish Dance Federation —

                       2005–           Co-Director                                     Designed logo; designs website, costuming, choreography,
                                       Triallta Irish Dance Company                    marketing; instructs dance classes
                                       Oak Park, Lemont & Joliet, Illinois

Skills & Software                  •   xhtml 1.0 & html 4.0 Strict                 •   Very comfortable with Windows and Macintosh os
                                   •   Cascading Style Sheets                      •   Fairly comfortable with Ubuntu Linux os
                                   •   Basic dom scripting & php                   •   Adobe Creative Suite
                                   •   w3c compliance                                     Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver
                                   •   Browser compatibility                       •   Microsoft Office

Affiliations           2007–           American Institute of Graphic Arts (aiga)       Vice President, UIC Chapter, 2008–2010
                       2007–           Information Architecture Institute              Student Member
                       2007–           Interaction Design Association (ixda)           Student Member

                                       References available upon request.