The Integrated Management System Policy by ijk77032


									                          The Integrated Management System Policy

        We specialize in the realization of investments whose scope entails the construction of
industrial objects.

       We aim at constant development of our service . It provides our customers with a
guarantee that all our projects are executed at the highest quality. At present our activities
concentrate on strengthening our market position in Poland as well as on developing and
promoting our company at international level.

       Our goals:

       income raise
       profitability increase
       labour productivity growth

       In order to realize the Policy of IMS we maintain and regularly upgrade the management
system that complies with ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and PN-N-18001 norm.

Our policy is realized through:

       analysis of our customers’ needs so as to meet their constantly increasing expectations
       prevention of accidents at work, occupational diseases and near-miss incidents
       regular improvement of activities whose subject matter focuses on the quality,
       environment as well as health and safety at work
       cooperation with suppliers whose ability to satisfy our requirements has been verified
       skill upgrading of our employees and taking into consideration their role as well and their
       engaging in actions for the benefit of quality improvement, environment protection and
       health and safety at work
       familiarity with law and other regulations and compliance with them in every day
       constant betterment of effectiveness of our actions concerning quality, environment as
       well as heath and safety at work

       To implement the Policy of IMS the company’s Management Board provides appropriate
means and resources, however to realize this strategy and its targets the Board entitles
Management Staff and Company’s Employees correspondingly to the positions they hold and
functions they play.

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