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 The Leader That Listens                                                             Al-Bardi Paper Mill Co.

            Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy
                           (Integrated of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001)

         AL Bardi Paper Mill is part of Nuqul Tissue and all are part of Nuqul Group. AL Bardi as well
      Nuqul Tissue mills are the pioneering companies in the MENA region in the field of tissue making
      using the pulp material to produce jumbo rolls for the different converting plants.

         Al Bardi integrated management system aims to eliminate risks continuously, reduce them
      and maintain the occupational health and safety of the company employees and stakeholders, as
      well as those who are in contact with the company and all the concerned parties.
         Al Bardi sets future strategic objectives as the following:-

          1. To maintain the company’s pioneering in the industry field, and always seek to upgrade its
             products by using the best applicable technology in this field.
          2. To give the priority to the safety and environmental over expediency.
          3. To achieve customer and stakeholders delight, whether internally or externally.
          4. To improve the communications with the customers and suppliers.
          5. To increase the market share of the company and open new markets.
          6. To retain and develop continuously the talented staff.
          7. To enhance the social role and responsibilities of the company towards the surrounding

         Al Bardi is committing to a clear policy towards the integrated management system (Quality,
      Environment, Safety and Health) which are:-
             Building, maintaining and upgrading an integrated management system for quality,
             environment and safety that matches the latest versions of the international standard
             specifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14OO1 & OHSAS 18001, as well committing to continual
             improvement of the system.
             Identifying and commitment to legal and other requirements related to environment, safety
             and GSM system and continuously be up dated to them.
             Committing to energy management and natural resources conservation.
             Providing a continuous training and awareness for the employees to ensure updating their
             knowledge of the system identification within the integrated management system policy.
             Committing to preserve the environment as well as to prevent pollution and air emissions
             which come from the suspended materials, reduce any pollution that might come out
             through the industrial wastes by treating them through the effluent unit before it goes to the
             general waste area and to implement an effective procedure to control solid and liquid
             wastes. It is continuously improving the system to reduce those rejects from the main

               The top management commits to the implementation of this policy at all levels, making this
      policy available on our electronic web site and commits to the periodical review of its policy, the
      determined objectives, and targets.

      Hani Nuqul
Issued by: Q.A. Dept.              Issue Date:          Reviewed by: M. R.                 Page 1/1
Issue /Rev. No.: 2/0               Rev. Date:           Approved By: CNTO                  Code :
                                         1-1-2009                                              IMSP-01

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