Module 2 - Instructor Guide by ijk77032


									Information Technology for Unionists       Module 2                         Instructors Guide

                            An Introduction
                          to Microcomputers
Instructing Guide

Objective: To explain the basic concepts of a microcomputer such as equipment
                (hardware) and programmes (software).

Duration: Half-day

Document: The Real Beginner’s Guide to Microcomputers

Activities: 1. Install a microcomputer
                        Demonstrate how a microcomputer and its related equipment
                plug into each other. Start by unplugging the monitor, keyboard, printer,
                mouse and other equipment (if any). Demonstrate how to re-install the
                equipment by (carefully!) plugging the equipment back together. Divide
                the participants into groups of 2 or 4 and ask them to repeat what has
                just been shown to them. Make sure that the equipment is treated

                2. Enter and exit a computer program

                      Demonstrate the use of a mouse and clicking. Show how to enter
                and immediately exit from a program such as Microsoft Word.

Schedule:       45 minutes       Present sections 1,2,3 of the Beginners Guide
                30 minutes       Activity 1

                Break: 15 minutes

                45 minutes       Present sections 4,5 of the Beginner’s Guide
                30 minutes       Activity 2


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