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                           GUIDELINES TO ICS CANDIDATES

What to expect during your exam

     Don’t forget - you MUST provide photo identification to be admitted to the examination.

•	    Make	absolutely	sure	you	have	checked	the	Examination Timetable	and	that	you	have	the	
      right	date	and	time	of 	your	exam.	People	who	miss	their	exams	cannot	re-sit	until	the	next	
      examination	year.
•	    Please	bring	your	student	registration	number	with	you	to	the	exam.
•	    Make	certain	you	know	where	your	examination	centre	is,	and	how	to	get	there.	Get	there	
      in	plenty	of 	time.	Candidates	arriving	more	than	30	minutes	late	will	not	be	admitted	into	the	
•	    It’s	your	responsibility	to	bring	your	equipment	(pens,	pencils,	calculators	etc)	for	the	exam.	
•	    All	equipment	must	be	in	a	see	through	case/container.	
•	    No electronic devices whatsoever will be allowed.	This	includes	cell	phones/pagers/
      blackberrys	etc.	
•	    Calculators	are	only	permitted	if 	they	are	not	programmable.	Candidates	should	note	that	any	
      calculators	with	an	alpha	keyboard	will	be	disallowed.	Failure	to	comply	could	result	in	your	
•	    Dictionaries	are	not	allowed.
•	    No	smoking,	food	or	drink	is	permitted.
•	    Scrap	paper	is	not	permitted.	You	may	only	write	on	your	examination	answer	booklet.	
      Anything	you	don’t	want	marked	needs	to	be	crossed	out.
•	    The	use	of 	correction	fluid	is	not	permitted.
•	    You	will	be	called	into	the	examination	room	a	few	minutes	early	and	asked	to	find	the	desk	
      with	your	student	registration	number	on	it.
•	    Pay	attention	to	the	instructions	on	the	answer	booklets.	Do	not	turn	over	the	question	paper	
      until	instructed	to	do	so.
•	    Every	year	mistakes	occur	because	people	haven’t	paid	attention	to	the	specific	instructions.	
      The	best	thing	you	can	do	is	manage	your	nerves	and	take	some	time	at	the	beginning	of 	the	
      exam	to	follow	all	the	written	instructions	carefully.
•	    Answer	the	question	carefully	(see	Study	and	Examination	Guidelines	for	further	details).
•	    Manage	your	time	and	have	a	plan	of 	action	before	the	exam.	You	have	five	questions	to	
      answer	in	3	hours,	meaning	you	have	an	average	of 	36	minutes	per	question.	Make	sure	that	
      you	are	in	the	right	frame	of 	mind	to	address	this	much	work	and	make	sure	you	take	into	
      account	some	time	for	reading	the	question,	planning	your	answers	and	proofreading	at	the	
•	    You	may	not	leave	your	place	during	the	examination	without	the	express	permission	of 	the	

                                                  1                                          2895-017-1
•	   Follow	all	instructions	given	to	you	by	the	examination	invigilator.
•	   If 	you	choose	to	leave	the	examination	room	early	(not	recommended!)	you	may	only	do	so	
     after	the	first	40	minutes	has	elapsed.	You	may	not	leave	the	room	during	the	last	15	minutes.
•	   No	one	may	leave	the	room	without	handing	their	answer	and	question	paper	to	the	invigilator.
•	   At	the	end	of 	the	examination,	no	one	will	be	allowed	to	leave	until	all	question	papers	and	
     answer	booklets	have	been	collected.
•	   Be	aware	the	invigilators	are	only	there	to	issue	necessary	instructions	and	manage	the	exam.	
     They	are	not	permitted	to	enter	into	any	discussion	with	candidates	whatsoever.	Any	attempt	
     to	communicate	with	other	candidates	will	be	met	with	the	utmost	disdain.	Such	behaviour	will	
     be	reported	by	the	invigilator	to	the	Institute	who	may	consider	such	misconduct	to	be	grounds	
     for	disqualification.

Use of laptops. Laptops may only be used if ICS has formally granted a candidate
a “reasonable adjustment” in response to a formal submission of a Compassionate
Consideration application. If granted the following procedure is to be followed:

(a)	 Laptops	provided	by	candidates	have	to	be	approved	by	ICS	invigilator.
(b)	 Each	candidate	is	to	provide	a	blank	memory	stick.
(c)	 The	candidate	is	not	permitted	to	access	the	computer	hard	or	external	discs	apart	from	the	
     memory	stick	during	the	examination.
(d)	 Invigilator	is	to	take	the	memory	stick	from	candidate	at	end	of 	exam	and	print	off 	a	copy	of 	
     the	answers.
(e)	 Invigilator	is	to	place	printed	answer	sheets	in	a	standard	blue	script	folder	and	get	candidate	
     to	sign	printed	answers	before	candidate	is	allowed	to	leave	the	exam	room.
(f)	 The	only	writing	candidates	will	be	expected	to	do	will	be	on	the	world	map	and	only	for	
     specific	exam	papers/questions.
(g)	 Spellcheck	is	NOT	to	be	disabled.
(h)	 No	internet	connection	is	permitted.
(i)	 Candidates	to	switch	off 	auto-correct	function.

	    Please	note	that	from	April	2009	candidates	will	in	some	subjects	be	provided	with	a	
     blank	world	map.	For	more	details	and	a	copy	of 	the	map	to	be	used	visit
     and	go	to	the	student	help	desk.

                                                  2                                           2895-017-1