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									Is inrush current limiting bad for 3kW...

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Jan 22, 2010
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We manufacture power conversion equipment for locations where utility power is not
available. Our customer wants a power supply for a Catalyst 6500 series switch in a 7613
frame. The 7613 frame is equipped with two 3kW load-sharing power supplies (Cisco part:
WS-CAC-3000W). The key power requirements for these power supplies is: 16A at 220Vac.

Our power supply can deliver up to 30A at 220Vac. During tests at power up, we notice that
the inrush currents exceed the 30A limit of our power supply and consequently, the 220Vac
is severely distorted. This distortion only lasts about 10 cycles and the 220Vac is restored
gradually. After 2 seconds, all the DC outputs of the Cisco power supply are available, and
the frame begins power up.

Question: Is the limitation on the inrush current detrimental to the power supplies?

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