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									                         Educational Advancement Foundation
                         Academy for Inquiry Based Learning
                                Small Grant Program
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Home Institution:


Telephone Numbers
      Office:                                         Cell:
      Home:                                           Fax:

E-mail address:

Have you attended an IBL workshop (where, when, and led by whom)?

Do you have an IBL mentor? Who?

Have you attended the Legacy of R.L. Moore Conference? When?

Type of Project: Please select one or, if appropriate, explain other

        Develop or revise an IBL course (support prior to teaching)

       Teach an IBL course (support concurrent with teaching)

       Travel to support IBL mentor/mentee visits

       Begin/support IBL teaching seminar

       Other—brief explanation:

Do you have department approval/support for your project?

In the event of an award, payment will be made to your institution or, preferably,
institutional foundation, earmarked as an unrestricted gift for your use. Please provide the
name and address of the appropriate contact:

If your project is to develop/revise an IBL course:

       Have you chosen a set of notes or course materials to use? Which?

       Do you have a plan to develop your own notes?

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