Inquiry-Based Learning Plan by ijk77032


									                      Inquiry-Based Learning Plan

1. Teacher: Kerri Pitts
2. Grade Level: 2
3. Subject(s): Social Studies
4. Topic: Native Americans
5. Show-Me Standards: CA1, CA3, CA4, CA5, CA6, SS2, SS5, G1.2, G1.4, G1.5, G2.1, G4.6
6. Essential Question : How was a Native American’s daily life affected by his environment?

7. Unit/Subsidary Questions:
           What kind of environment did Native Americans live in?
           What did Native Americans eat?
           Where did Native Americans get their food?
           What kinds of clothing did the Native Americans have?
           Where did Native Americans get their clothing?
           What kinds of shelters did Native Americans live in?
           What did Native Americans use to build their shelters (tools, materials)?
           How did Native Americans travel?

8. Student Engagement: Chart similarities and differences among various Native American
   groups and how they met their needs, journal writing about daily life of Native Americans,
   make a model of a Native American shelter, construct a Native American canoe, research
   environmental factors of different regions where Native Americans lived, design a Native
   American article of clothing, plan a Native American meal

9. Cooperative Interaction: Mix-Music-Meet to assess prior knowledge, Find Someone Who
   to assess comprehension of topics presented, Numbered Heads to review facts on chart, Mix
   and Match to review uses of buffalo (Plains), Four Corners to explore student preferences
   about topics related to Native Americans

10. The Performance Task: Students will invent a new Native American tribe. They will create a
    Power Point show to teach the class the following information about their tribe:

           1.   Tribe name
           2.   Tribe’s environment (location, description)
           3.   Tribe’s eating habits (what they eat and how they get it)
           4.   Tribe’s clothing (what they wear and how they get it)
           5.   Tribe’s shelter (what it looks like and what it’s made of)

    The students’ performance will be evaluated with a scoring guide that addresses each of the 5
components listed above. Each student will fill out a simple yes/no evaluation of students’
presentations. The teacher’s scoring guide will account for 50% of the overall score, peer
evaluations will account for 25%, and a self-evaluation will account for the remaining 25% of the

11. Resources : Social Studies textbook, Social Studies big books, various Native American
    stories, nonfiction books from library, internet websites, Power Point software

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