Inquiry-Based Learning Model

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					                   Inquiry-Based Learning Model

                                          An essential question is a question
                                          that requries students to make a
        Ask the Essential Question        decision or develop a course of

                                          A foundation question is a "What is"
                                          question. These question provide
        Ask Foundation Questions          factual information and structure
                                          student investigation. They also
                                          contribute to the development of a
                                          keyword list.

        Develop a Search Strategy

              Find Information
                                          Is the information at the site

                                          Does the information originate
                                          from a readily recognizable expert,
if no   Filter and Distill Info rmation   organization, or person?

                                          If so, answer foundation quesitons

                                          Can the information at the site be
                                          cross-referenced with other
                                          sources of reliable information?
            Do you have enough
         information to answer the

                    if yes

            Develop the answer

                                          A traditional product such as an
                                          A WebEssay
             Develop a product            A hypermedia product
                                          A presentation