Plastic Injection Molding Facility by ijk77032


									AUCTION                                 A DOVEBID WEBCAST AUCTION
                                             Plastic Injection
                                             Molding Facility  ASSETS FORMERLY OF

                                        8855 Cypress Woods Drive, Olive Branch, Mississippi
                                                   (10 Minutes from Memphis, TN)
                                                                                                        500 ton

                                                 Mitsubishi Model 500 MF-80 Injection Molding Machine

                                SALE DATE:
                                Wednesday, June 7, 2000 - 10:00 A.M.
                                Tuesday, June 6, 2000 - 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

                                                AUCTION MANAGED AND CONDUCTED BY:
                            Auction Information     ASSETS FORMERLY OF

                                  8855 Cypress Woods Drive, Olive Branch, Mississippi
                                SALE DATE:Wednesday, June 7, 2000 - 10:00 A.M.
                            Inspection: Tuesday, June 6, 2000 - 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
1.   All announcements made on auction day shall take precedence            Automobile Rental
     over previously distributed information.

2.   Any deletions and additions to the catalog quantities will be
     announced by the Auctioneer at the time of the auction sale. All       800-654-3131                  800-831-2847
     bidders are advised to inspect each item prior to the auction.
3.   All persons seeking to register to bid must present a valid drivers
     license or acceptable photo identification. In addition, auctioneer
     reserves the right to verify the validity of all cashier’s checks or   Hampton Inn                  Comfort Inn
     certified funds drawn from lending institutions.                       Olive Branch, MS             Olive Branch, MS
                                                                            (662) 893-7600               601 895-0456
4.   Only cash, Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, Traveler’s Check or       Airports
     wire transfer made payable to DoveBid-Greenwich will be accept-        Memphis International, Memphis, TN
     ed. A company check must be accompanied by a letter from your
     bank guaranteeing its payment in full. A 25% deposit is required       Directions from Memphis
     upon successful bid from all buyers. Balance and full payment is       International Airport to Lee
     due prior to the removal of any merchandise.                           Plastics, Inc.
                                                                            Take 240 East to Nonconnah Parkway (385 East).
5.   Applicable sales tax will be added to the purchase price and the       Stay on Nonconnah Parkway, then take the Hacks
     Buyer’s Premium of all taxable auction items. Dealers who pur-         Cross Road exit. Turn right, stay on Hacks Cross
     chase for resale must file their resale permit numbers in order to     Road until you come into Olive Branch. Once you
     avoid paying the area’s sales tax. The resale certificate must be      come into Olive Branch, you will pass the Mazda
     representative of the same industry as the items that are pur-         Plant on the right. Go through the light and then take
     chased.                                                                the first street on the left, Green Valley. Take the first
                                                                            street on the left, Cypress Woods. Lee Plastics is the
Additional Terms & Conditions will be posted at the sale.                   last building on the left, #8855. Park in the second
                                                                            parking lot and come in the front office (Leeco
                                                                            Industries). Follow Auction signs.
Buyer’s Premium
10% Buyer’s Premium will apply to all items/lots sold at this auction.              AUCTION MANAGED AND CONDUCTED BY:

All of the information provided in this brochure is subject to deletions,
errors, additions and changes without notice. Although information is
gathered from sources thought to be reliable, DoveBid-Greenwich
shall have no responsibility whatsoever for any information provided
to any attendee or buyer.                                                                      DOVEBID INC.
                                                                                          1241 E. HILLSIDE BLVD.
                                                                                          FOSTER CITY, CA 94404
Proxy Bid                                                                                  PHONE (800) 665-1042
If you are unfortunately unable to attend this auction sale and wish to                     FAX (650) 572-1502
make an absentee bid, please call 203-488-6650 for further information                   WEBSITE:
and details.

Various Riggers will be on-site on the day of the Auction. It is the
buyers responsibility to coordinate all rigging needs for his/her pur-
chases. All Riggers must have Insurance Certificates on file with the
                                                                                         DOVEBID - GREENWICH
Auctioneer prior to removing any machinery.                                      896 MAIN STREET • BRANFORD, CT 06405
                                                                                         PHONE (203) 488-6650
Removal                                                                                    FAX (203) 488-4577
There will be no removal during the Auction. All bills must be paid in              WEBSITE:
full prior to any removal.
     (5) Mitsubishi Plastic Injection                                                            Web Cast Notice
           Molding Machines                                                                      DoveBid/Greenwich is pleased
                                                                                                 to be conducting the public
Mitsubishi                                                                                       auction of the Lee Plastics
Injection Molding                                                                                assets, a plastic injection
Machines                                                                                         molding facility in Olive
1990 Mitsubishi Model 500
  MG-80, 500 Ton Plastic                                                                         Branch, Mississippi (Memphis
  Injection Molding Machine,                                                                     area). The assets will include
  S/N 6408157, 80 oz., Mac                                                                       late model Mitsubishi injection
  IV Controls, Core Pull
  Hydraulic Knock Outs, 45-                                                                      molding machines, plastic
  3/4” x 45-3/4” Platen Size,                                                                    support equipment, toolroom
  Clamping        Stroke    is                                                                   machinery, forklifts, air
  1050mm, 810mm x 810mm
  Between Tie Bars, 75 H.P.                                                                      compressors, and much more.
  Motor (See Photo)                                                                              Bidding will be on-site and via
1993 Mitsubishi Model 390        500 ton                                                  1990   web cast @, for
  MJ-40, 390 Ton Injection
  Molding Machine, S/N               Mitsubishi Model 500 MF-80 Injection Molding Machine        your convenience.
  G304428, 40 oz., Mac VI
  CNC Controller, Core Pull,                                                                                                Can’t
  Hydraulic Knock Outs, 300                                                                                                 make
  mm Max. Mold Thickness,                                                                                                   it to
  720 x 1020mm Maximum
                                                                                                 Mississippi? No problem. DoveBid’s
  Mold Size, 730mm x
                                                                                                 new Webcast technology allows any-
  730mm Between Tie Bars,
  950 mm Clamping Stroke,                                                                        one around the world to bid in this
  (See Photo)                                                                                    auction through the Internet. Check
1991 Mitsubishi, Model 390                                                                       out to register and
  MG-60 390 Ton Injection                                                                        download the free software that
  Molding Machine, S/N                                                                           enables you to bid on this auction
  G306329, 60 Oz., Mac IV                                                                        remotely — in real time!
  Controls,      Core    Pull,
  Hydraulic Knock Outs, 300                                                                      All you need is a computer, the
  mm       Maximum       Mold    390 ton                                                  1993   Internet, and a touch-tone telephone,
  Thickness, 720 x 1020 mm                                                                       and you’ll be a part of the excitement
  Maximum Mold Size,                  Mitsubishi Model 390 MJ Injection Molding Machine          of participating in this live auction.
  730mm x 730mm Between
  Tie Bars, 950mm Clamping                                                                       With Webcast technology, you are vir-
  Stroke, (See Photo)                                                                            tually there on the factory floor. The
1989 Mitsubishi, Model 170                                                                       auction is live and you are bidding
  MS II-D 170 Ton Injection                                                                      with people in the room and around
  Molding Machine, S/N                                                                           the world.
  2S159037, 16 oz., Mac IV
  Controls, Hydraulic Knock                                                                      The image of the current asset up for
  Outs, Core Pull, 200mm
                                                                                                 bid pops up on your screen. You hear
  Minimum Mold Height,
  630mm Closing Stroke,
                                                                                                 the auctioneer on your phone, “Going
  510mm x 510mm Between                                                                          once...Going Twice...” You press 1 on
  Tie Bars, 740mm x 740mm                                                                        your keypad to raise your paddle.
  Platen      Size,    850mm                                                                     “Sold on the web!”
  Daylight (See Photo)
1990 Mitsubishi, Model 90                                                                        DoveBid Webcast auctions are chang-
  MS2-D 90 Ton Injection         390 ton                                                  1991   ing the way auctions are held.
  Molding Machine, S/N                                                                           Whether you are a serious reseller or
  2SC72108,         Mac    IV         Mitsubishi Model 390 MG Injection Molding Machine          a corporate voyeur, you can be part of
  Controls, 180mm Minimum                                                                        this exciting action without leaving
  Mold Height, 450mm                              PROXY BID                                      your home or office.
  Closing Stroke, 380mm x
  380mm Between Tie Bars,         If you are unfortunately unable to attend this                 How real are our Webcast auctions?
  560mm x 560mm Platen           auction sale and wish to make an absentee bid,                  Let’s just say you’ll be afraid to
  Size, 630mm Daylight,                please call 203-488-6650 for further                      scratch your head.
  Hydraulic Knock Out, Core
  Pull, (See Photo)                          information and details.
Plastic Granulators                                 Temperature Controllers                                 Color Additive Feeders
(5) 1997 & 1995 Polymer Systems                     Thermal Care Vactherm, Model RV091504,                  (6) Thoreson McCosh Incorporated Color
  Incorporated, Model 1118SPL Plastics                Temperature Controller, S/N RV-80704 (See               Additive Feeders (See Photo)
  Granulator, 15 H.P., 12 x 16” Throat Size,          Photo)
  Sound Proof Enclosure, S/Nís 497697,              (2) Thermal Care/Mayer Auto Therm I,                    Chillers
  497797, 427995, 427895, 497897 (See                 Model RH093004Z, Temperature Controller,              Thermal Care/Mayer, Model TPW 30Z, 30
  Photo)                                              S/N RH-10051, Digital Temperature                       Ton Central Water Chilling System, S/N CS-
1995 Ball & Jewell, Model PP18 Plastics               Controller (See Photo)                                  64373, 15 H. P. Compressor, (2)
  Granulator, S/N 360352-95, 7-1/2 H. P., 8” x      (2) Thermal Care Aquatherm Temperature                    Compressors, 30°F Minimum Temperature,
  10” Throat (See Photo)                              Controllers (See Photo)                                 60°F Maximum Temperature (See Photo)
Ball & Jewell, Model OG-1620-SCSX, 20 H.P.          (2) Thermal Care Accutherm, Model                       Thermal Care/Mayer, Model AQ0W2504X,
  Granulator, S/N 8492-100803, Sound                  RA093004 Temperature Controllers, 250°F                 20 Ton Central Water Chilling System, S/N
  Enclosure, 16” x 20” Throat, Complete With          Maximum Operating Temperature, 3 H.P.,                  CH-17641, 125 H. P. Compressor, 3 H.P.
  1-1/2 H.P. Central Bag House Collection             9KW F.L.A. 16.2, Voltage 460-3-60                       Process Pump, 30°F Minimum Temperature,
  System (See Photo)                                                                                          60°F Maximum Temperature
                                                    Cooling Towers                                          Thermal Care/Mayer Chilled Water Closed
Desiccant Dryers                                    (2) Thermal Care/Mayer, 60 Ton Central                    Loop Cooling Tower Storage Tank System,
Dri-Air Desiccant Material Dryer, Model Aird-         Cooling Towers (See Photo)                              Model PT1350, S/N TK-64173, (2) 25 H.P.
  X100, S/N D7493, Digital Temperature                                                                        Process Pumps, 7-1/2 H.P. Recirculation
  Controller, 100 lb. Material Hopper Bin, IMS      Vacuum Loaders                                            Pump, Complete With (2) Anco Metering
  Vacuum Loader/Unloader and Dri-Air                (2) IMS-Injection Molder Supply, Model                    Pumps and Timers (See Photo)
  Receiving Hopper (See Photo)                        1250A Mini Vacuum Loader with Stainless               Thermal Care/Mayer Chilled Water Closed
Dri-Air Desiccant Drying System with Hopper,          Steel Hopper (See Photo)                                Loop Recirculation Pump/Tank Storage
  Model ARID-X 35, S/N D9674, w/ Labotek            Labotek Con-Evator Vacuum Loader With                     System, Complete With Insulated Tank,
  309-310 Con-Evator Vacuum Loader (See               Stainless Steel Hopper                                  Control Panel and (2) 5 H. P. Centrifugal
  Photo)                                            (2) Mould-tek VIM Vacuum Loaders, Model                   Pumps
200 Lb. Resin Hopper Drying System,                   VIM-50, Stainless Steel Hopper (See Photo)            (3) York, Model L2Ev240AA, 20-Ton Air
  Complete With Relay Temperature                                                                             Conditioner Chillers (See Photo)
  Controller, Heater, Fan Motor
Con-Air Desiccant Dryer with Hopper

  1997                  1 of 5
                                      Ball & Jewell, 7 -1/2 H.P.
Polymer Systems 15 H.P. Granulator           Granulator                 Ball & Jewell, 25 H.P. Granulator             Ball & Jewell, 15 H.P. Granulator

  90 ton                                                         1990            170 ton                                                          1989
           Mitsubishi Model 90 MS II Injection Molding Machine                             Mitsubishi Model 170 MS II Injection Molding Machine
                         30 ton        20 ton                                                       1 of 2         1 of 2
Thermal Care 30 Ton Central Chilling     Thermal Care 20 Ton Chiller           Thermal Care AquaTherm                 Thermal Care Auto Therm I
             System                                                             Temperature Controller                  Temperature Controller

  Dri-Air Desiccant Drying System          Dri-Air Desiccant Dryer               Carrier 20 Ton Chiller             Dri-Air Desiccant Dryer Material
Forklifts                                        Vertical Milling Machines
Caterpillar, Model 30 GC 15, 3,000 Lb.           1996 Acer, Model 3V Vertical Milling
  Capacity, LPG Forklift, S/N 2EM01109,            Machine, 3 H.P., S/N 96030254, 10” x 50” T-
  Triple Stage Clear View Mast, Cushioned          Slotted Power Table, 60 — 4,200 RPM
  Tires and Side Shifter (See Photo)               Spindle Speeds, R8 Spindle, 1-Shot
Caterpillar, Model T30D LPG Forklift, S/N          Lubrication System, Weight Covers 1996
  5GB07000, 3,000 Lb. Capacity, Triple Stage       (See Photo)
  Clear View Mast, Side Shifter, Cushioned       Beaver, Model VBRP Vertical Milling
  Tires (See Photo)                                Machine, S/N 4105-2, 2 H.P., 10” x 56” T-
                                                   Slotted Table, Sargon 2-Axis Digital Readout
Production Control                                 (See Photo)
Monitoring System
1997 Mattek Pro Help Millennium Plastic          Surface Grinder
  Injection Production Monitoring System,        1996 Chevalier, Model FSG-618M Hand Feed            Thermal Care Central Chilling System Circulation
  Includes (11) Machine Mounted Monitors,          Precision Surface Grinder, S/N A3853003, 2                       Tank System
  Gateway P5 133 Pentium, 2Gig Hard Drive          H.P. Spindle Motor, 3,450 RPM, 6” x 18”
  Computer Server, T-Hub, Associated               Walker Magnetic Removable Chuck, Falcon-
  Software (See Photo)                             Chevalier Dust Collection Removal System
                                                   and Falcon-Chevalier Coolant Pump Filter
Air Compressors                                    System (See Photo)
Sullair, Model 10-25, 25 H.P. Rotary Screw Air
  Compressor (See Photo)
Sullair, Model 10B-25AC, 25 H.P. Rotary
  Screw Air Compressor, S/N 003-87122 (See
Sullair, Model 105 Refrigerated Air Dryer (See
  Photo)                                                                                                                                    1 of 3
Ultra Air Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model
  UA100AC, 100 SCFM (See Photo)                                                                             York 20 Ton Chiller Air Conditioner

                                                       Thermal Care 60 Ton Cooling Towers
                                                                                                Sharp, Model 1340 Toolroom Lathe, S/N
                                                                                                  23263, 1340 CC, 10” Removable Gap, 3-Jaw
                                                                                                  8” Chuck With Acu-Rite Turnmate 2-Axis
                                                                                                  Digital Readout and Scales, 1” Through Hole
                                                                                                  Induction Hardened Bed Ways, Threading,
                                                                                                  Pan Bed, 45 — 1,800 RPM Spindle Speeds
                                                                                                  (See Photo)
                                                                                                Wilton, Model 7000, Horizontal Metal Cutting
                                                                                                 Band Saw, S/N 5091402, 10” Throat, Cooling
                                                                                                 System, 2 H. P. Motor (See Photo)
         Caterpillar LPG Forklift
                                                                                                Golf Cart
                                                                                                EZ Go 4 Passenger Electric Battery Operated
1997 Mattec System                                                                               Rechargeable Golf Cart, S/N 477551,
                                                                                                 Manufacturer Coded F1088 with Battery
                                                                                                 Charger (See Photo)
                                                                                                Machine Shop Equipment
                                                                                                Cress, Model C-136-920 Electric Bench Model
                                                                                                  Furnace. S/N 9506, Digital Temperature
                                                                                                  Control, 1,000°Maximum F (See Photo)
                                                                                                Set of LMI Reamers
                                                   Chevalier 6 x 18î Surface Grinder            Mititoyo 6 — 12” Micrometer
                                                                                                Mititoyo Gauge Blocks, Grade 2
                                                                                                6” x 6” Sine Plate
                                                                                                Criterion, Model DBL-203 Offset Boring Head
                                                                                                R8 Spindle Milling Cutter
                                                                                                End Mills
    (11) Mattec Production Monitors
                                                                                                Set of Boring Bars
                                                                                                Steel Heavy Duty Mold Bench
                                                                                                Casals, Model TN-32-2VCE Magnetic Drill
                                                                                                  Press, 1,200 W (See Photo)
                                                                                                Steel Bench with Vice
                                                                                                Delta 6” Bench Grinder
                                                                                                Rigid Pipe Threader
                                                                                                Lincoln Ideal Arc, Model TIG-300-300 AC/DC
                                                                                                  Arc Welder, S/N AC-415649, Complete With
                                                                                                  Hobart Cooling System (See Photo)
                                                                                                Aloris Toolpost Holder
                                                                                                Numerous Hardinge 5C Collets
                                                                                                9” 4-Jaw Chuck
                                                                                                Assorted Tooling Including Chucks, Live
                                                                                                  Centers, Drills, Reamers
                                                                                                Assorted Pneumatic Ratchet Guns/Impact Guns
 Mattec Production Monitoring Software                                                          Kurt Milling Machine Vise
                                                  Acer 3 H.P. Vertical Milling Machine
                                                                                                Milling Machine Vise on Swivel Base
                                                                                                Various Hand Tools and Power Tools
                                                                                                Various Metal Raw Material and Bar Stock

                Sharp Model 1340 Toolroom Lathe                          Beaver Vertical Milling Machine          Cress Electric Furnace
Plant Support                                      1997
Steel Heavy Duty Roll
  Around Cart with Mold
  Clamps and Eye Hooks
(5) Steel Workbenches
Metal Multi-Tiered Bin                                          McCosh
  Parts Storage System                                          Color
  with Various Fitting and                                      Additive    Thoreson McCosh Color Additive
  Fasteners                                                     Feeder      Feeder With Mould-tek Vacuum
Raw Material Cantilever                                         With        Loader
  Rack System                                                   Mould-tek
Vehicles                                                        Loader
1993 Chevrolet Suburban 4
  x 4 SLT, teal green and
  silver, (See Photo)
                                                  1 of 6                    Thoreson McCosh Color Additive            Thermal Care Accutherm and
                                                                            Feeder with IMS Vacuum Loader               Aquatherm Temperature


    Casals Magnetic Drill Press        Lincoln Tig Arc Welder                                          Chevy Suburban

          Wilton Horizontal Band Saw                     E-Z-Go Electric Golf Cart                     Sullair 25 H.P. Rotary Screw Air Compressor

     Partial View of Inspection        Numerous Mold Clamps                   Sullair 25 H.P. Rotary                       (2) Refrigerated
       Gauges and Tooling                 and Hand Tools                      Screw Air Compressor                       Pneumatic Air Dryers
                                                                                     Members of
                                                                                                                                            PRESORTED FIRST
                                                                                                                                              CLASS MAIL
                                                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                                                              Permit No. 260
896 MAIN STREET • BRANFORD, CT 06405                                                                                                          Bridgeport, CT

Plastic Injection Molding Facility                                                                                  FI RST CLASS M AI L
                                                                                                                              RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

8855 Cypress Woods Drive,
Olive Branch, Mississippi
(10 Minutes from Memphis, TN)
Wednesday, June 7, 2000 - 10:00 A.M.
Tuesday, June 6, 2000 - 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

               Inspection: Tuesday, June 6, 2000 - 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

                                                                                      A DOVEBID WEBCAST AUCTION
                                                                                     Plastic Injection Molding Facility
                   SALE DATE:Wednesday, June 7, 2000 - 10:00 A.M.

                                                                                                  ASSETS FORMERLY OF

                                                                           8855 Cypress Woods Drive, Olive Branch, Mississippi
                                                                                            (10 Minutes from Memphis, TN)

                                                                           390 ton
                                                                                        Mitsubishi Model 390 MJ Injection Molding Machine

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