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                                                                                   Wednesday, October 17, 2007

  2007-2008                  All
  NOOK board                 over   President: Dominic Duffert
                                    Howdy NOOKers,                 been a home away from
  Today in Hawaii            5                                     home for me. I have met
                                             So this is Dominic    such great friends, that I
                                    Duffert, your 2007-2008        can call them my family.
                                    Hawai'i Club President. I'm    This club has embraced me
  Plenty Pidgin              7      a fourth year Sociology        as one of their own, even
                                    major and an Education         though I have no ties to
                                    minor. I am originally from    Hawai'i or any other Poly-
  Meet the Nooker 8                 Oceanside, California,         nesian location. As Presi-
                                    which is located in North-     dent, I would like to create
                                    ern San Diego. I am cur-       the same environment for
  SHOUT outs!                All    rently 21 years of age, but    everybody, and hope every-
                             over   act like I am 6. I find life   one feels comfortable to be
                                    much more amusing and          themselves and a NOOKer.
                                    worth living when laughter     And if you want me to do
                                    and happiness is abundant.     something stupid, just ask.    Da one and only
                                    Therefore, I always try to     I'll probably do it.             pres: Dom
                                    spread the joy.
                                             Hawai'i Club has      Dominic

 2007-2008 NOOK
       Board                                                                                              Da
President: Dominic Duffert
Vice President: Alex Yee

Secretary: Nicole Yoshino

Treasurer: Andrew Sidor

Luau Co-chair: Rachel Hill

Luau Co-chair: Mele Meyer

Publicity chair: Francie Reiser

Social Chair: Sachi Okata

Coach: Jon Onaga

Historian: Andrew Sumida
                                                                                                        Page 2

                    Vice President: Alex Yee
                    Howzit NOOKers?!                 local =). I graduated from      year and you should ex-
                            If you don’t al-         Punahou School in 2006.         pect some craaaaaaazy fun
                    ready know me, I’m Alex                   I love to play bas-    stuffs to be happening!!
                    Yee and I’m your Vice            ketball (it’s my only form      Don’t be afraid to hit me
                    President for 2007-2008.         of exercise), I love watch-     up anytime to cruise and
                    So here’s some small kine        ing FRIENDS (if you’ve          just hang out. My cell is
                    info. about me…I’m a 2nd         been to my place, you’d         (808) 230-4804…I’m al-
                    year, Asian American Stud-       know that it’s ALWAYS           ways down to cruise! =)
                    ies major (yea, yea Asians       on my TV), and I’m a very
                    represent!). I was born in       simple person who likes
                    Boston, Massachusetts            simple things…just cruzin’
                    (yea, not too many people        with my friends keeps me
Alex Yee, Da VP!    know that) but I’ve lived in     happy =).
                    Hawai’i on Oahu since I                            I’m ex-
                    was 1 year old so I’m still a    tremely excited for this

                    Secretary: Nicole Yoshino
                    Aloha my fellow NOOKers!        by the beach versus inland.      how to dance hula, but
                    I’m Nicole Yoshino, your        Dancing is my passion, more      stuck around cuz I fell in
                    NOOK Secretary, and you         specifically, lyrical or con-    love with the people. With-
                    probably recognize that first   temporary Jazz, and I’ve         out NOOK, I wouldn’t have
                    line from the weekly e-         been dancing for about 6         been able to meet all the
                    mails. I’m a 2nd year Asian     years now. I also tend to        awesome friends, and
                    American Studies major,         laugh A LOT. You can say         roommate (YoonJi Kim)
                    who doesn’t like sushi even     almost anything, and             that I have now. I’m really
                    though I’m Japanese. My         chances are I’ll laugh even      looking forward to a great
                    hometown is Hacienda            though it’s not funny. So        year, and I hope all of you
                    Heights, California, which is   yeah, overall, I’m just a very   are excited too! Welcome
                    about 45 minutes north of       happy person. :) Originally, I   to Hawaii Club! <3, Nicole
                    Irvine, but gotta admit that    came out to Hawaii Club
                    the weather is MUCH nicer       because I wanted to learn
   All Smiles!
                    Treasurer: Andrew Sidor
                    Howzit Hawai`i Club? I          after spending seven weeks       experience with HI club is
                    am Andrew Sidor and I am        in Hawai`i this summer at        an exciting and memorable
                    your Treasurer for the          the University of Hawai`i,       one.     We have many
                    2007-2008 school year. I        Manoa, I think I got a little    events planned for the
                    am from Redlands, Califor-      more local. It is my goal        year as well as our annual
                    nia and attended Redlands       to help share the Aloha          lu`au in the Spring, so I
                    East Valley High School. I      Spirit and Hawaiian culture      encourage all of you to
                    am a second year Civil          with all of you.                 come and cruise with us.
                    Engineering major with a                 I would like to         Shooootsss den.
                    possibility of minoring in      welcome all the new faces
                    business management.            to the club as well as the                Andrew Sidor
                    Being a California native, I    returning members. I look
Da Flyin Hawaiian   wasn’t too familiar with        forward to meeting each
                    the Hawaiian culture. But       of you and hope that your
                                                                                                            Page 3

Luau Co-Chair: Rachel Hill
Aloha all you NOOKers!!!           without it, it consumes me!! I       taught hula and after the first
I’m Rachel Hill your ’07-’08       started dancing at age 3 with        class I was hooked. I’ve been
Luau Co-chair and I am soooo       tap, ballet and jazz and contin-     dancing for about four and a
excited to get to know all of      ued with those until 7th grade       half years now and I absolutely
you this year!! I’m a third year   when I decided that being a          love it. Hula brought me to
Sociology major from the won-      cheerleader was cooler than          Hawaii club and the NOOK
derful town of Victorville--it‘s   being a dancer. Yeah I was a         'ohana keeps me here. I hope
out in the middle of nowhere       hard core competitive cheer-         that all of you will fall in love
and its actually not that won-     leader like the girls from Bring     with our club and become part
derful but it's home. Although     it On!! I actually broke my nose     of the 'ohana too!!! This is
I am not of Hawaiian ancestry      and dislocated my thumbs             going to be an amazing year full
and cannot claim Hawaii as my      twice, but I digress. That was       of crazy and wonderful adven-
home, I do, greatly appreciate     the biggest mistake of my life       tures and I can‘t wait to share
and love the Hawaii people and     but it was also the reason I         it with all of you!!
their culture. I am a self pro-    started dancing hula, so I guess
claimed dance-aholic and I         it wasn’t that big of a mistake. I
don’t know what I would do         had a teammate whose mother                                              Aunty Rachel

Luau Co-Chair: Mele Meyer
         Aloha mai kakou!          playing the ukulele, dancing         you don't want too. Of
My name is Mele Meyer and          hula, paddling canoe, going          course we encourage every-
I am your 2007-2008 Luau           to the beach, and of course          one to perform, but if you
Co-chair. I am a second            talking story with everyone.         arent comfortable with it,
year Biology major and was                   I'm really glad you        its all good. :) We have
born and raised on Oahu. I         all came out these past few          dance performances all
graduated from Sacred              weeks and hope you all have          thoughout the year, with
Hearts Academy, class of           been enjoying the events we          our main performance being
'06, and plan on becoming a        have put on for you guys. If         our annual luau. Its a lot of
pediatrician. (Hopefully eve-      you are interested in danc-          fun and I hope to see you
rything goes according to          ing, please dont hesitate to         there!!!
plan.) I love the Hawaiian         come out to our dance
culture and try my best to         practices. There is no ex-           Me ke aloha pumehana,
portray the aloha spirit in        perience needed and you              Mele
my everyday life. I enjoy          will not have to perform if
                                                                                                             Aunty Aloha

Publicity Chair: Francie Reiser
Hi everyone! I’m Francie,          haha (no really I do). I             year, as well as a lot of re-
your Publicity Chair for           joined Na ‘Opio O Ka ‘Aina           turning old members. If you
NOOK. I’m 21, a Political          because, even though I was           guys are new to the club I
Science major, German mi-          raised in Germany for like 7         really suggest going to the
nor, I love the ocean/beach,       years and then Irvine                after events and on the ex-
playing guitar’s fun but I’m       for…well for too long, I             cursions we have (camping,
not that great at it, I like       love Hawaii. I’m really ex-          ski/snowboarding, Vegas).
surfing and snowboarding, I        cited about this year (it was        It’s the best way to get to
live at home because its free      pretty much the only reason          know your fellow NOOK-
and my mom makes me                I wasn’t too sad to go back          ers. Anyways, I hope every-
food haha, I work at Turtle        to school) and it’s going to         one has a great year, good
Rock Community Park,               be lots of fun. It makes me          luck with your classes and
blue’s my favorite color, like     so happy to see that we              life in general. Aloha!
long walks on the beach            have new members this
                                                                                                            Aunty Francie
                                                                                                         Page 4

                  Social Chair: Sachi Okata
                  Hey fellow Nookers!           that’s when board and I,          whole club isn’t. If anyone
                           This is your ex-     especially, really get a          ever needs to talk, feel
                  tremely sarcastic and hi-     chance to know all of you         free to contact me or
                  larious Social Chair, Sachi   better.                           come up to me at meeting.
                  Okata, here. (: I just                 Well let me tell         It’s what I’m here for (: I
                  wanted to welcome all the     you a little about myself. I      won’t bite you, I promise,
                  returning members and         was born and raised in            maybe some of the boys,
                  the new members to Na         Kaneohe, HI. EASTSIDE             but they totally deserve it.
                  `Opio O Ka `Aina! It was      CHEE! I’m a second year,                  Once again, thanks
                  so nice to see familiar and   double majoring in Asian          for coming out and joining
                  new faces! I hope you guys    American Studies and              our wonderful Ohana! We
                  had a fun time at Week 2      Global Cultures with an           hope to see your faces
                  meeting, with our Human       emphasis on the Pacific           more often!
                  Bingo Ice Breaker AND         Rim. My main focus in the
                  our awesome bowling af-       club right now is to make          `Onipa`a (Stand firm) –
Aunty Aloha’s     ter event. (: I really do     sure everyone is having a         Sachi Okata
                  hope more of you come to      good time because if one
                  our after events because      person isn’t, then the

                  Coach: Jon Onaga
                                                           Aloha everybody        likes to point and laugh at
                                                this is Jonathan Onaga your       me with her friends when-
                                                Na Opio O Ka Aina                 ever I do things like get a
                                                “Coach” for this year. I’m        new haircut or try talk to
                                                just gonna throw some stuff       girls. Okay so that’s my
                                                out that you guys might           family.
                                                want to know about me for                    Alright some basic
                                                future reference or what-         stuff, I’m a second year Bio
                                                ever else you might do with       Sci major. I live in VDC
                                                it. I am from the island of       Norte #28816. I like reggae
                                                Oahu where I was born and         and Hawaiian music, L&L
                                                raised in a town called           plate lunches, live music,
                                                Mililani(its in the middle of     fishing, diving, telling stories,
                                                the island). When I am not        camping, Cool Runnings,
                                                in glorious Irvine I like to go   talking, Rap Replinger, Augie
                                                home and be with my won-          T, Kat Williams, Dwyane
                                                derful family. Some info on       Wade, Colt Brennan, Fan-
                                                the Fams: Dad is a pretty         tasmic, The ARC, my dog-
                                                cool guy, cuz he’s like me.       gies, Shirley Temples, Miller
                                                Mom is INSANE she often           Lite, pidgin English, Hawaii
                                                stops her car and gets out        Club and a whole bunch of
                                                on the freeway to yell at         other stuff. So there it is, a
                                                people who tailgate our car       little bit about me. So defi-
                                                in traffic. She makes me          nitely come and talk to me
                                                laugh. My younger brother         about stuff you like to do so
         Braddah Jonags!                        is the successful one, he         maybe I can add it to my
                                                gets good grades and plays        list. See all you bruddahs
                                                football.     My little sister    and sistahs around. K den
                                                                                               Page 5

Today in Hawaii
          For the past few
years, the Hawaii state
government has been try-
ing to launch a superferry
that would transport cars
and people between the
islands of Maui, Oahu, and
Kauai. This past August,
the multimillion dollar Ha-
waii Superferry made its
first and last voyage, selling
inter-island tickets for only
five dollars in lieu of its
grand opening. Unfortu-
nately, The Hawaii Super-
ferry was deemed an envi-
ronmental threat and was
canceled by the Hawaii
Supreme Court who ruled
that an environmental as-
sessment would be neces-         superferry met strong opposition from some of the natives. On the island of
sary before the superferry       Kauai, the superferry was greeted by legions of belligerent mokes, (see vocabulary
could sail again. In addi-       section on page 7 if you don’t know what a moke is) who paddled surfboards in
                                 front of the gigantic vessel to prevent it from entering the harbor. The environ-
tion to legal problems, the
                                 mental assessment is still underway and the return of superferry is uncertain.

                                                                                                                         Page 6

                          Historian: Andrew Sumida
                          Howzit Hawaii Club!                site regularly with these pic-       formances gave me a chance to
                                     This is braddah An-     tures, videos and newsletters        participate in Polynesian danc-
                          drew Sumida. I am your 2007-       so visit us on the web and you       ing for the first time in my life.
                          2008 Hawaii Club Historian.        can enjoy Hawaii club 24/7!          While wearing a malo and a
                          As you may already know, I am                  After being in Hawaii    haka wrap certainly felt a bit
                          from the wonderful island of       club last year, I can honestly say   odd, dance performances were
                          Maui and I often go by             that Hawaii club has made my         always good times. I encourage
                          “Sumida,” “Rando,” and some-       college experience simply            all of you to come out to dance
                          times “Maui.” I am a second-       amazing. Our quarterly excur-        practices and all of our other
                          year chemistry major who           sions were the highlights of my      exciting events. I am looking
                          loves the beach, enjoys long-      first year of college. Camping       forward to being your historian
                          boarding, and simply can’t get     trip, ski trip, and Vegas trip are   and having another super fun
                          enough of Hawaii Club. As          all definitely worth going to        year in Hawaii Club!
       MAUI               Historian, my major responsi-      even if you have 3 midterms
                          bilities are taking pictures and   during the week after (just          Shoots,
                          issuing your quarterly newslet-    study lots in advance). Our          Andrew Sumida
                          ter. I update the NOOK web-        luau and occasional dance per-

John Lee: To my favorite Tahitian      Jon: ya coach! Lets win some of                 Darren- We go eat deli!
drummer, don’t let the crazy           those sport thingies. Go team go!               Keoks- Ho brah. How you?
Nonosina guys keep you down!! I        Haha                                            Yoonji- LOVE YOU!!!
think you’re great!!                   Dom- STUART!!! WHAT DID                         Jewel- How are you darling?
Martina Lai: So glad you joined the    MOMMA SAY?                                      nicole- sweaty muffins, droopy
club and that we both have the         Sachi- Love you hunny and am so                 ears, and wieners. seriously love
bestest sweatshirt ever!! luv ya!!     glad Im living with you! :)                     ya!
Kimber: you are the cutest, most       Alex- Love you!!!!                              sachi- goooood laughs and a bajil-
adorable girl ever!!! You always       Nicole- Thank you for everything!               lion inside jokes ;) dunno what i'd
make me laugh and I'm so happy to      Rachel- Love you girl!                          do without ya!
have you in the club!!                 Francie- Love your solitare playing             francie- i'm so glad i'm getting to
Evelyn: omg woman you are hilari-      skills. ;)                                      know you're such an
ous!!! gurl i am so glad to have you   Onags- Go warriors!!!! See you in               awesome possum! =)
in the club!!!!                        bio.                                            deguzman- yogurtland and
Rachel: Thank you for teaching me      Sidor- Eh bu, we gotta jam!           're making me a fatty
some of the dances so I can follow     Sumida- Ho Maui!                                =P
along with everyone :-) ~Francie       Kate- It was awesome to meet you!!!             yoonj- baaaaaaalin'! =)
Dom: you’re doing a great job at       Evelyn- Talofa! Good job bowling                Jewel- How are you darling?
president. Keep up the good work!      Elna- ELNA!!!!                                  nicole- sweaty muffins, droopy
 Alex: Thanks for helping organiz-     Vila- Thanks for coming out!                    ears, and wieners. seriously love
ing camping trip with me :-)           Cari- Love you!!!!                              ya!
Sidor: thanks for driving all our      Chris- Lord have mercy! BARATZ!!!               sachi- goooood laughs and a bajil-
crap around                            Mark- Cousins friend!                           lion inside jokes ;) dunno what i'd
Nicole: I love your laugh!             Matt- DANCE PARTNER!!!                          do without ya!
Sumida: congrats on finishing the      Amy- Math buddy!!!!                             francie- i'm so glad i'm getting to
year’s first newsletter!               Kristen- Love you and thanks for                know you're such an
Sachi: you’re so sweet and wel-        always driving. :)                              awesome possum! =)
coming to everyone.                    Christina- SHA GIRLS!!! Love you.               deguzman- yogurtland and
Mele: you’re awesome :-)               JC- Colt Brennan bu!                  're making me a fatty
                                                                                                           Page 7

Plenty Pidgin
 Pidg-in (‘pi-jən) – noun. any simplified or broken form of a language, esp. when used for communication be-
tween speakers of different languages.
 Pidgin English crafted through the wide range of cultures that settled in Hawaii during the late 1800s and early
1900s. The Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portugese, etc languages all contributed their fair share to
modifying the English language and producing what is now known as Pidgin English.
 Here are a few words and phrases from pidgin English, the most commonly spoken language of the Hawaiian

 Moke – noun. Very large, local guy, who most people don’t mess with.
         Ex: Eh brah, no mess wit dat moke, he goin give you dirty lickens
         Translation: Don’t mess with that behemoth of a man, or else you might
get beat up.

 Shoots – interjection. An expression of confirmation; synonymous with ok
         Ex: speaker 1: Eh, we go beach. Speaker 2: Shoots!
         Translation: speaker 1: Let’s go to the beach. Speaker 2: Ok! That’s a
great idea.

Choke – adj. Plenty, a lot.
     Ex: Ho, get choke asian people at UCI.
     Translation: Wow, there are a lot of Asians at UCI.

Pau – verb. Finished; done
       Ex: You almost pau?
       Translation: Are you almost done?

yoonj- baaaaaaalin'! =)            always crackin me up i lovessss    great year so far! BIGHUGS-
cari- like ride?                   it :D                              BIGSMILES <3kittykat
chris- like drive?                 Kristen W: mmmmm booty :D          Nick: Ho, you tink it rain, brah?
Cari: Cari Tasoe! hiii (: remem-   fancciiiiiii. love uuu             Tomo No Kai: Thanks for
ber that one time where you        Lindsay M: hiii (: boy talk!! oh   showing love to us NOOKers!
said, "come spot, here." Spot      gosh, good times :D love           Kristen: I HIT YOU IN YOUR
still loves me more.               youuuu                             JAW!
Chris: you va jay jay blocker!     Shinobu: lovesuuuu! i'm glad       nicole- we drop grapes like
ughhhhhhh. we're totally not       you were in the blue group (:      gangstahhhsss!!!
even.                              Doug: You're such a litterbug!     sidor- DB but the boy version.
Dom: Domineek!!! RARARA-           GOSH!                              succckkkkaaaaa
RARARA is how you eat din-         Evelyn: I'm so glad you're com-    jon- shawwtyyyy!!!!!!! uhhh
ner.                               ing out to the club and really     NOT.
Mels: love you like no other       enjoying it! You crack me up       darren- BALLLIINN!!! push sam
hunny!                             girrrl!                            for me & jewel.
Nicole: Nee-cole! keepin it real   Vila: I'm happy that you're com-   jewel- ima thief. best watch
and that's why i love you.         ing out to more Hawaii Club        out.
bOOty obsession!                   things! I hope you're over your    jewel- nooooshhhhkkaaaa????!!
YoonJi: Seriously love ya!         cold (:                            HAHA
Thanks for everything (:           Evelyn: Nice bowling and a         sachi- party time. call me up. ill
Ashley B: we gotta somehow         sweet strike!                      come downstairs!!!
repel that creeper. hahahaha-      Elna: The way you score bowl-      alex- albertsons powder sugar
haha (:                            ing is all messed up. But nice     covered brownies. DANGER-
Elna: ELNA!!! you sexy mama (:     slashes, but no X's                OUS.
WOOOOO!                            NOOK: HI NOOK! I miss you          mele- you are the fastest pi-
Leah T: love ya lady!! you're      all! hope you guys are having a    zookie eater i know.
                             NA 'OPIO O KA 'AINA
                             Kristen: I HIT YOU IN YOUR          keoki- you soooo scarrryyy               KEOKZ: You’re a very big
                             JAW!                                sumida- randall is great. lets skate.    person too. Tell Elyse IIIIII
                             Mark M: Ai shi teru                 my rhymes are sickk                      said hi! :D
                             Leah: I'm fancy!                    dyrk- i know you are gonna throw         SUMIDA: Hello Mr. Ander-
                             Vila: Thanks for coming out,        up this year. i'll make sure of it.      son…LOL
                             and we won't go bowling for         joy- you are a freaking trooper.         SIDOR: Haiku: You are Ha-
                             awhile...Ha                         jc - thursdays. 830. i WONT be           waiian. You are good at acting
                             Sidor: FAT DB’s                     joining you                              gay. California whoo!
                             Jonags: Meatspin BRAH               yoonji - i like go eat korean food in    AMY: Can I have your hair?
                             Everyone: COLT BRENNAN
 More                        BU!!!!
                                                                 ceritos again. so ono
                                                                 martina - goldilocks, little red rid-
                                                                                                          SACHI OKATA BENTO: hi
                             Sumida: Sooooo sore                 ing and robin hood haha                  hehehehhehe!
                             Sidor: 225 boy… CATCH               sachi & mele - 96744 represent           MELE: Let’s take newborn
                             UP!                                 cari - bring kelsey to the iolani        babies to a bowling alley.
                             Cari: Say hi to your sister for     classic                                  CHRIS: You’re not that
                             me                                  YOONJI KIM: I wrote a haiku for          funny… JK HAH! Baratz!
                             Sumida: Nice toe                    you: You are Korean. You like to         CARI: Let’s play “Guess that
                             JC: HBO is meeeaaaaannn!            hit people hard. Let’s eat funnel        song” again! Version: hip hop/
                             Dom: You have such gentle           cakes. (Whoohoo! Roomies!! P.S.          R&B
                             lips                                droopy.)                                 MARK: You have GREAT
                             JC, Keoks, Jonags, Sidor, Su-       FILIPINO: “You have a lot of In-         hair.
                             mida: We go bike!!                  dian friends??” :D                       MATT: Thug life. End of story.
                             Christina: truth or dare?           ALEX: The muffins are sweating!!         KRISTEN: Team yellowww!!
                             Martina: Saw 4!!!                   :O P.S. 4 nose holes???                  LINDSAY: hi neighbor!
                             Tomo: Party Hardy Brah!!!!          JONAGZ: I wrote a haiku for you          MARK: machino. Cornrows.
                             Keoks: Eh, size H. stop             too: You like to watch sports.           PATRICK: Starfish. :)
                             breaking stuff                      Your auntie buys you nice shorts.        DOUG: We have matching
                             Jonags: GET CHANCE??                Mr. sexy-voice. Haha!                    shirts with the green bushes
                             jc- where the hell are you???!      DARREN: You’re a very big per-           on it!!
                             :)                                  son. End of story. :P

                             Meet The NOOKer: Darren “Yao Ming” Choy
                             Waddup Hawai`i Club,                                                        VDC Norte with my two
                                        This is your fellow                                              roommates: JC Wo and Jon
                             NOOK-er, Darren, the 6’3”                                                   Onaga. For those of you who
                             Chinese balla. First of all, I                                              know, we throw the best “you-
                             gotta say that I wouldn’t change                                            know-what” parties. For those
check us out on the web at   my life and home in Hawai`i for                                             of you who don’t know, come   anything in the world. The                                                  by and find out.
                             other 808 state-ers know what                                                          Joining Hawai`i club
                             I’m talkin bout. I guess Califor-                                           freshman year helped ease my
                             nia is cool too haha. But seri-                                             transition to UCI and gave me
                             ously though, home is definitely                                            something fun to do on
                             where the heart is.                                                         Wednesdays and weekends.
                                        I graduated from                                                 The club also allowed me to
                             `Iolani School in Honolulu                                                  make new friends from both
                             where I played basketball and                                               Hawai`i and California. Last
                             volleyball. I have two brothers,                                            year, I made a lot of great
                             one older, one younger. And                                                 memories. It was the best
                             yes, they’re tall like me. How                                              freshman year I could’ve asked
                             did we get so tall? Milk. Plus                                              for. I know this year is gonna
                             my dad is 6’2” and my mom is         (“tasty”) plate lunch to grind         be just as good, if not better.
                             5’8”. We live in Kaneohe on          and I’m all good. When I’m not         I’m definitely looking forward
                             the windward side of Oahu.           in class (I’m a civil engineer         to cruisin’ with you all.
                             Two of your board members,           major btw), I like to play bas-
                             Sachi and Mele, also live there.     ketball or lift at the ARC so I                  Shoots and aloha,
                                        I’m a pretty simple       can get big and strong like
                             guy.    Just give me an ono          Keoki. You can find me at                       -darren

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