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									                                  Biographical Sketch for Elaine Reinhardt

                             Elaine Reinhardt lives at Reinhardt Ranch in Elk
                             Grove, California, with her husband, Eric, and her
                             niece, Kellie, as well as all the animals under their
                             care—among them horses, goats, dogs, cats and
                             Koki fish. Elaine has been a professional in the pet
                             food industry for over fifteen years, with an emphasis
                             on holistic nutrition, and holds a DSHEA (Dietary
                             Supplement Health and Education Act) Certification
                             from the American Neutraceutical Association (ANA).
                             She and Eric are co-owners of Reinhardt Ranch
                             Solid Gold, Inc., a holistic nutrition company for pets.

                             Reinhardt Ranch has been featured in the May 2007
                             issue of Whole Dog Journal in an article entitled
“Cause or Effect?” which addresses leaky gut syndrome in pets. Elaine believes
that nutrition is a key element in supporting the many health challenges our pets
are facing. As part of an on-going process, she is currently working in an
advisory capacity for corporations that are developing neutraceuticals for the pet
industry. Elaine has always been a strong advocate for education as a key
process in a pet’s health and encourages pet owners to become involved in
understanding their pet’s nutritional needs.

                          Abstract for Elaine Reinhardt

Title of Presentation: The Role of Pet Nutrition in Veterinary Hospice Care

The presentation will explore food choices for the terminally ill pet, along with
foods that should be avoided. Emphasis will be placed on transitioning from one
food to another, should the need occur, either because of the pet’s personal
desire or a change in physiology. The use of supplements such as vitamin,
minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes will be discussed along with how Sea
Cure—a predigested fish protein—can be beneficial as a nutritional supplement
for the terminally ill pet. Clinical studies will be referenced. Issues such as hand-
feeding, liquid diets and syringe feeding will also be addressed as well as the
importance of continuing to provide comfort foods for pets who desire them.

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