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                                            Agreement Between
                                          (YOUR NAME HERE)

                                          (Also known as the “Owner”)
                                       Vicki Stafford, Athabasca, Alberta
It has been agreed upon between the two parties stated above that ________________(your name here)
has left in the care of Vicki Stafford the following animal(s):

1. _______________________                             _________________________
        (Name Of Pet)                                         (Breed and Type)
2. _______________________                             _________________________
        (Name Of Pet)                                         (Breed and Type)
3. _______________________                             _________________________
        (Name Of Pet)                                         (Breed and Type)

I/We _________________________ have agreed to leave our pets listed above in the care of Vicki Stafford
throughout the year of 2010 at a cost according to the current rate sheet. These fees are based on short-term
stays. I/We agree to drop our pets off at times agreeable to both parties and will give 48 hours notice should
we decide to pick our pet(s) up earlier than agreed upon. Should 48 hours notice not be giving, I understand
that I am responsible for paying out the remainder of my stay. Failure to pick up our pet(s) at the agreed
upon dates with out prior communication with Vicki Stafford will result in relinquishing my ownership
rights to my pet and my pet will be put up for adoption. I understand there will be a $35.00 NSF charge for
any returned cheques, and that this could result in Vicki Stafford’s refusal to board my pet(s) again.

For long term stays (more than 30 Days) we agree to pay the price accordingly to the current rate sheet. I
agree that I will give 1 weeks notice of termination of my pet(s) long term stay, should I no longer need
Vicki Stafford’s services. If I give less than 1 weeks notice I understand that I will be responsible to pay
out the rest of the stay. Vicki Stafford has the right to terminate my long term stay at any time for any
reason and that I will have 3 days to make other arrangements. If I do not make any attempts to make other
arrangements I understand that I give up my rights to my pet and that my pet may be put up for adoption. I
understand that if I should take my pet any time during the long term stay whether it be for a daily visit or
an extended period of time I am still responsible to pay for those days.

I/We understand that due to certain circumstances that our beyond anyone’s control and the fact that the
kennels allow socialization among the pets for those pets who are well socialized and that accidents or
health issues may occur, that my pet(s) may have to be taken to see a veterinarian. I/We give Vicki Stafford
permission to take our pet(s) to the to receive any medical attention that he/she may need. I/We also give
our veterinarian permission to release any information from our file on our pet’s health history should a
problem arise and that the information will be useful for the care of our pet(s). I/We understand that Vicki
Stafford will phone me or our emergency contact, immediately upon any reason that our pet(s) may need
medical attention. I/We agree to reimburse Vicki Stafford upon picking up our pet(s) any costs of vet bills
and medicine that was required in my absence.

I/We or any member of my family or representative hereby agrees to indemnity, agree to hold harmless,
and to release from Liability; Sammy’s Pet Boarding, Vicki Stafford or all other related names and
combination of names, for any and all risks involved with the kennels and any and all direct or indirect
results thereafter. I/We or any member of my family or representative hereby agrees to indemnity, agree to
hold harmless, and to release from Liability; for any claim by any person or company against Sammy’s Pet
Boarding, Vicki Stafford and any or all other related names and combination of names, including the legal
costs to defend any such claim, whether or not the damages are caused in whole or in part by the
negligence, actions or inaction's of any of these parties. Signing below indicates your acknowledgment,
understanding and agreement to the terms contained within this Contract and Agreement, and that you are
setting your hand hereto delivering your signature freely, voluntarily and unconditionally.

Signed ___________________________ Date ____________________________
This contract will expire on December 31. 2010
                                   Responsibility Sheet
The Owner Shall:

      Fill out a questionnaire on each pet
      Will provide proof of vaccination when asked for
      Provide ALL health related information no matter how small of an issue it may
      Will provide food unless there are other arrangements made which extra fees will
      Will call if they will coming later than agreed upon to pick up or drop off
       their pets- please remember I have a family too!
      Will provide 48 hours notice of they are going to cancel or if they are going to be
       leaving their pets longer than the agreed amount of time (extra fees will apply for
       extended stays)
      Will pay the amount due for services when they pick up their pets unless other
       terms and conditions are in place.
      Will reimburse any vet bills that were incurred due to normal health problems or
       accidental injury
      Will not bring their pets if they have runny eyes, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea,
       or seems unwell. Please have your veterinarian call me with verification that your
       pet may still be boarded.
      Please keep your pet crated or on a leash when dropping off or picking them
      Please remain in your vehicle, if I am out on a walk, which will be indicated
       by a sign on the door or gate. Once I have the animals safely in their
       confinement, I will be more than happy to assist you

Vicki Stafford Shall:

      Provide the best care possible for your pet(s) using the questionnaire provided
      Provide regular feeding, brushing, play, exercise, proper shelter and care to your
      Provide general bathing upon request for an extra fee
      Will provide an Incident Report for any health related or accidental injury.
      Have the right to refuse service in the future if any of the contract is broken, or if
       payment is not made, or the pet has severe behavior problems that create a safety
      Provide a loving, safe, and secure environment for your pet(s)
      Provide you with all the contact information so that you may be able to reach her
       at any time to check on your pet.

This sheet is valid for the year 2010.

________________________________                              _______________________
(Owner)                                                       (Date)

________________________________                              _______________________
(Vicki Stafford)                                              (Date)
               General & Elderly Pet Veterinarian/Post Mortem Care Form
 Please be as detailed as possible when listing your wishes regarding your pet in the event
that an immediate decision must be made about care if I am unable to reach you by phone.
Owners Name: ___________________________________________

Pet’s Name(s): ___________________________________________

We will be boarding our pets throughout the year of 2010. During this time, I/We
___________________________give Vicki Stafford of Sammy’s Pet Boarding consent to
participate in our pet(s) veterinarian care up to a dollar amount of $ _______________ for each
pet listed above. Should my veterinarian deem it necessary that my pet’s condition is going
to require long term and on going care I request that: (Please check all that apply regarding
long term or potentially fatal circumstances where treatment may be redundant ie: how far
do you want me to go?!) Use the back of this sheet for more space:

       At Veterinarian’s discretion
       Quality of life over quantity of life
       By all means save my pet’s life
       No heroic measures please euthanize
       No long term or ongoing care results please euthanize
       Please keep pet alive if possible until my return or I am reachable

I give Vicki Stafford consent to allow the following procedures as recommended by the
Veterinarian: (Please check all that apply)
      Blood work
      Urinalysis
      X-rays
      Minor Injuries
      Major Injuries
      Fecal testing
      Prescription renewals
      Surgical procedures
      Blood Transfusions

I release Vicki Stafford and/or Sammy’s Pet Boarding from any claim, should my pet pass away
during the time that it is staying in her care. Should a death occur due to old age, natural causes,
or accidental causes I wish:

       For the remains of my pet to be taken to the veterinarian clinic for cremation and I
        understand I will be responsible for any fees for the service of cremation.
       For the remains of my pet to be taken to the veterinarian clinic for disposal.
       For the remains to be stored until my return.

I understand that I am still responsible for boarding fees up until the time of the death of my pet
and any veterinarian related fees associated with disposal or cremation.

 __________________________________                  _________________________
(Owner)                                                (Date)

**Please consider leaving either a blank cheque or an open credit card number with
 your Veterinarian if you are going to be leaving for an extended period of time.**