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									Have You Visit Canada

My visit to Canada lovely country and my feedbacks.

Ah! This Canada of big spaces and wild nature…. here through the sports of summer and winter,
while passing by its tourist attractions, while approaching the practical infos to organize its stay.

Pleasure of snow

Huts with sugar, hockey, motoneiges, iceskates, ski tourings and alpine, boards of snows, media
sporting, sledges with dog, clothing of outdoor, sport and winter.

Pleasure of summer

Camp-site, excursions, automobile races, watery park, kayak-boat, observation of the whales.

Autochtones in Quebec and Canada

First Nations, Inuits, bonds on the culture, history, tourism.

Outdoor and nature

Parks, magazines, species in danger, drives out and fishes and observation of the animals


Airports, airline companies, bus, hiring of cars, trains, subways, charts

Hotels and Motels

In Quebec and in the other Canadian provinces.


Infos in France, in Quebec, in Canada and in the travel agencies and the tourist guides.

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