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									22 June 2010            By: Cosmin Anton, Windows Editor
                        Desktop Wallpaper-O-Rama
                        Brighten your desktop with new pictures every day
                        Wallpapers, the pictures that give desktops their personality, come in different shapes, sizes
                        and, most importantly, you can find anything you want. The Internet is full of websites
                        containing vast databases with numerous wallpapers to choose from, but only some of them
                        have become well known for their high quality and astonishing items.

Give your desktop a     So, why don't you stop searching the Internet for the pictures you like and instead have
new look and feeling.
                        them delivered automatically to your desktop with a push of a button? Here comes
                        Pic-a-POD into action. This little application will relieve you from the task of searching
                        multiple websites for the right picture for your desktop and will instantly download it without
                        your even touching the mouse.

                        The application is freeware, which means you can use it for free without any time or limited
                        functionality. This is a big plus especially for the National Geographic fans that will have the
                        daily pic delivered straight to their desktop without accessing the website.

                        The interface is as simple as it gets, with concise buttons and menus created with the
                        average Joe in mind. In the upper part, there are four tabs corresponding to the four
                        categories of wallpapers you will get every day. Underneath them, you can view a small
                        preview of your daily picture along with its name and size in pixels. You can easily set the
                        current picture as your default wallpaper by clicking on it.

                        If you want a more compact interface, you can use the Mini button that will transform
                        Pic-a-POD in a small window displaying only the daily pictures. In this mode, you will be
                        able to view a small preview of the pictures and set them as your current wallpaper by
                        picking the desired image. To return to the normal display mode, just press the Full Size

                        From the lower part of the main window, you can easily Get the picture of the day with a
                        push of a button. If you want to download only a few pictures, you can choose the websites
                        you like by ticking the desired checkboxes (you can choose from National Geographic,
                        Astronomy, Earth Science and Wikipedia).

                        Pic-a-POD will automatically check and download the pictures of the day for each website
                        you select every time you start it. The application can set the displayed picture as your
                        default desktop wallpaper by pressing the Set as desktop picture button.

                        If you want to view or download pictures from a specific day, you can achieve this from the
                        Choose a date option in the main window. A small pop-up will appear with a calendar that
                        will allow you to select the date you want to view. Or you can simply press the buttons for
                        the previous and next day to quickly browse through the daily pictures.

                        If you just want to change your default wallpaper with a random picture, you can do just that
                        by pressing the Change button. Pic-a-POD will randomly select a previously downloaded
                        picture and change your wallpaper accordingly. To delete the current desktop picture, press
                        the button with the same name from the bottom right corner of the main window.

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     To view all your downloaded pictures, access the Picture Browser window from the File
     menu. Here, you can search for your favorite pics and quickly review old ones that you
     might want to put on your desktop. The files can be sorted by file name, caption, date and
     source to quickly find the ones you need.

     In the lower part of this window, you will find five buttons as follows: Show, Set, Delete,
     Refresh and Done that will help you view the selected picture, set it as your default
     wallpaper, delete it or refresh the current list. When having finished your work, simply press
     the Done button to close this window.

     If you ever get bored of Pic-a-POD's looks, the program comes with a few built-in themes
     that will change its appearance. If you get tired of these too, simply customize the way you
     want it to appear via the Themes->Custom option. Here, you will be able to setup the
     color of the main window and the default color of the displayed text, Pic-a-POD giving you a
     quick preview of the changes made in a small window.

     The Good

     Pic-a-POD is a light and easy-to-use application that will drive away monotony from your
     desktop, bringing you fresh content every day. This software will automatically download
     daily pictures from National Geographic, Wikipedia, Astronomy and Earth Science. It has a
     user-friendly interface, multiple themes and comprehensive controls suitable for everyone.

     The Bad

     The app doesn't offer users the possibility to choose the picture position on the desktop;
     instead, it will setup the desired picture according to your current desktop background
     settings. During our tests, we found Pic-a-POD not so stable, the program crashing
     randomly without any warning.

     The Mini Mode should have more functionality than just displaying the daily pictures to
     become somewhat useful. We also encountered some issues when running Pic-a-POD on
     Windows 7 x64; in this case, the program was not able to display any pictures in the
     designated window; however, this didn't happen on Windows XP.

     The Truth

     As a conclusion, Pic-a-POD can be a good addition to your software list bringing you fresh
     wallpapers every day. Apart from the occasional crashes and bugs on Windows 7 x64,
     Pic-a-POD surely needs some tuning to satisfy users' requirements.

     This article is also available in Spanish: Infinitosfondos de pantalla

     Here are some snapshots of the application in action:


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