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									achieved that goal, SRS had to develop performance                  of Kansas children placed with relatives is greater than the
measurements, which it incorporated into the contracts              national trend, and that three-quarters of children who
with private agency partners. Kansas was one of the first           have a sibling are placed with their sibling.
states to do this, and their performance measurements                   Early this year, members of the Joint Committee
are congruent with standards in the CFSRs. In recent                introduced four bills that would change SRS procedure.
months, the legislature—specifically, the Joint                     One of these is a step back from privatization, relieving
Committee on Children’s Issues—                                                               SRS of its authority to contract
has questioned the contract bid-                                                              with private agencies for foster
ding and awarding process that               Learn about how one private agency               care services, and returning the
SRS follows.                                 in Kansas with multiple locations, and           responsibility for those services
    One question the committee               other multisite agencies across the              to SRS. At press time, this bill
raised was whether private agency            nation, are using technology to connect
                                                                                              (H.B. 2461) was still in commit-
                                             their staff and improve their programs.
contracts actually have a financial                                                           tee and had not been voted on.
                                             See ManagementMatters on page 20.
incentive to keep children in fos-                                                                Meanwhile, SRS planned to
ter care, rather than moving them                                                             celebrate May as National Foster
into permanent homes, whether that means reunifica-                 Care Month with a focus on the safe reduction of the
tion or adoption by kin or other foster families. Some              number of children in care through prevention and
relatives of children in foster care have garnered atten-           timely permanency. Ponce notes that over the last several
tion from the press and legislators in Kansas by alleging           years there has been a renewed effort in Kansas to reduce
that children were removed from their care without                  the number of children coming into care with “front-
reason. Ponce is quick to point out that these few cases            end” services. She describes a geographic disproportion-
are “a small percentage of the caseload” across the state.          ality within the state, with more children in care from
“Family placements or other types of kinship placements             some
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