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to the editor                                                                         ing, it also says, “Let your alms sweat
                                                                                      in your hand, until you know to
                                                                                      whom you should give,” and warns
                                                                                      of judgment on those who ask with-
                                                                                      out true need. So Kliora’s position is
                                                                                      backed by the Didache, while Samp-
                                                                                      son’s is not.

Best Read on an                             evant passages:                                               John S. Belmont
Empty Stomach                                      · “Give to every one who asks                         Lincoln, Nebraska
                                            you, and ask it not back; for the Fa-
      The May issue of the NOR is           ther wills that to all should be given
best read on an empty stomach. Kim-         of our own blessings (free gifts).        Rational Animals,
berly Marie Roth’s gut-wrenching            Happy is he who gives according to        Sentient Persons
revelations about her experiences in        the commandment, for he is guilt-
an ultra-feminist high school run by        less. Woe to him who receives; for if           It is not wholly accurate to sug-
Franciscan nuns (“Up From Aquar-            one receives who has need, he is guilt-   gest, as Mary Rosera Joyce does in
ius,” guest column) is followed by          less; but he who receives not having      “The Originating Judgment of the
Anne Barbeau Gardiner’s review of Sr.       need shall pay the penalty, why he        Culture of Death” (May), that hu-
Elizabeth Johnson’s ultra-feminist          received and for what. And coming         mans are not animals in the same
rant in her book Quest for a Living         into confinement, he shall be exam-       sense in which animals are not
God. This brought back the memory           ined concerning the things which he       plants. It is possible to think of ani-
of my late son-in-law’s experience at       has done, and he shall not escape         mals that have none of the essential
the evangelical Fuller Theological          from there until he pays back the last    qualities of plants. But humans and
Seminary in Pasadena, Calif.: A pro-        penny. And also concerning this, it       animals share the same physical
fessor told his class that anyone who       has been said, Let your alms sweat in     senses — the very physical senses we
did not refer to God in the feminine        your hands, until you know to whom        need in order to know anything, even
would be given a failing grade.             you should give.”                         to be able to conceive of “being-as-
                                                   · “Be not a stretcher forth of     being.” So far as that is true, we may
                   J. Norman Sayles         the hands to receive and a drawer of      be called animals; there just happens
                      Lodi, California      them back to give. If you have any-       to be no other word to denote what
                                            thing, through your hands you shall       we and the animals both are. That
                                            give ransom for your sins. Do not         may be unfortunate, but it is a mis-
Almsgiving According                        hesitate to give, nor complain when       fortune we can live with.
to the Didache                              you give; for you shall know who is             Contra Joyce, calling humans
                                            the good repayer of the hire. Do not      “persons” does not define us. The
      Regarding Constantine C. Kli-         turn away from him who is in want;        word person can refer to humans, an-
ora and Gregory Sampson’s exchange          rather, share all things with your        gels, and the Persons of the Trinity.
(letters, May) about the merits of “ir-     brother, and do not say that they are     Perhaps if we insist on calling our-
rational giving” to the “undeserving        your own. For if you are partakers in     selves “sentient persons,” this might
poor”: Any discussion of Christian          that which is immortal, how much          help to solve the philosophical co-
almsgiving should refer to one of the       more in things which are
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