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                RESEARCH: SCAN & TARGET
          Letizia Mortara, Ruth Thomson, Chris Moore, Kalliopi Armara,
                     Clive Kerr, Robert Phaal, David Probert

OVERVIEW: Kodak European Research (KER) devel-                       KEY CONCEPTS: technology intelligence, scouting,
oped a strategy for technology intelligence based on a               open innovation.
theoretical model developed by Kerr et al. (2006). KER
scouts designed and implemented a four-step approach                 Technology intelligence (TI) is the activity dedicated to
to identify relevant technologies and research centers               capturing important technological information and de-
across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The ap-                   livering it to decision makers. Acquiring technological
proach provides clear guidance for integrating web                   information early enough to make the right decisions is
searches, scouting trips, networking and interactions                critical, especially when trying to maintain a high level
with intermediaries. KER’s example illustrates how                   of innovation and competitive advantage. Some compa-
companies can organize themselves to look outside cor-               nies have chosen to address TI needs by establishing
porate boundaries in search of technologies relevant for             centers in regions where the intensity of technical infor-
their business. The approach may be useful to those in               mation is high, typically close to universities, or in areas
other companies who have been asked to start a technol-              where industry is particularly active in developing in-
ogy intelligence activity.                                           novation (e.g., a technology cluster). Some studies have

Letizia Mortara is a Research Associate at the Centre for            Africa and Middle East Region. Chris is focused on the
Technology Management at the Institute of Manufactur-                identification of opportunities from venture-backed
ing, University of Cambridge (UK). Her current research              start-up companies, universities and research institu-
interests include Open Innovation and Technology Intel-              tions. His career started in research and development,
ligence. Letizia has a first degree in Industrial Chemistry           but moved through marketing and technology devel-
from the University of Bologna (Italy). She worked as                opment. In 2005, Chris moved to Cambridge to set up
a process/product manager in a chemical industry and                 Kodak’s new research center establishing the principles of
then she moved to the UK where she gained her PhD                    open innovation in Kodak European Research; he trans-
in processing and process scale-up of advanced ceramic               ferred to the External Alliances Group in 2007. Chris
materials at Cranfield University.                    holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of East
                                                                     Anglia and has 20 granted U.S. patents and a number of
Ruth Thomson was the Innovations Leader at Kodak Eu-                 publications.,
ropean Research, Cambridge, UK, from 2006 to 2009. In      
this role, she established the open innovation and techni-
cal intelligence strategies for the center and established           Kalliopi Armara is working as a technical specialist at
mechanisms that helped the team to identify technology               Autonomy Corporation in Cambridge, UK. She gradu-
leads from across Europe. Ruth now works as a business               ated from the National Technical University of Athens
development consultant at Cambridge Consultants. She                 (Greece) in 2005 with a Diploma in electrical and com-
continues her work in open innovation through her role               puter engineering. In 2007, she received a Master of
as a Visiting Industrial Fellow at IfM, Cambridge Uni-               philosophy in industrial systems, manufacture and
versity.                       management from the University of Cambridge.
Chris Moore is currently working with the U.K. Trade and
Investment Department as an R&D specialist. Formerly,                Clive Kerr is a research associate at the Centre for Tech-
he was the Director, Kodak External Alliances – Europe,              nology Management at the University of Cambridge. His

   July—August 2010             
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