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                                                  A VAMPIRE’S HOLIDAY                             See “Vampire “ on page 11

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                                                                                                              December 8, 2008

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                                                  Winter break a gift for all
                                                          By Christopher Patterson
                                                          Contributing Reporter                            festivities, and will be celebrating the holi-
                                                                                                           days as well.
                                                               As the fall semester comes to an end            "[I focus on] spiritual renewal and being
                                                          and the holidays approaching, TSU students       a positive influence in the world," said Lynn
                                                          start to trickle off campus.                     Lewis, an English professor.
                                                               Classes ended Friday, and now remain-           Lewis also prefers reconnecting with
                                                          ing students are studying for final exams,       her family and putting up the family stock-
                                                          preparing for graduation and anticipating        ings.
                                                          the long-awaited holiday break.                      Spirituality seems to be a recurrent
                                                               "My birthday is on Christmas Eve," said     theme among the faculty and staff, as evi-
                                                          Laneise Hurt, a cardio-respiratory therapy       denced by Lewis and Duane Brown.
                                                          major from Detroit. "So, I will be celebrat-         "I celebrate Christmas by celebrating
                                                          ing my birthday, going to church to be with      the birth of Jesus," said Brown, TSU book-
                                                          my church family and carrying on the fam-        store's text manager. "I attend my church's
                                                          ily tradition of putting up the Christmas tree   Christmas service remembering the most
                                                          at home and wrapping gifts for my younger        important gift, Jesus.
                                                          cousins with the family."                            “A lot of times I travel back to South
                                                               For most, the holidays are all about        Carolina like this year, to visit family and
                                                          gathering with family, spending quality          exchange gifts, he continued.
                                                          time together, reminiscing about years past          Eleanor Bass, director of the Ford
                                                          and telling funny family stories, but for oth-   Residence Complex, celebrates by visiting
                                                          ers it is just another day in the year.          family in Minnesota, going sightseeing ,
                                                               "I will be working over Christmas break     using the time for reflection and putting up
                                                          and won't be able to spend that much time        decorations.
                                                          with my family, but I'm excited about grad-          She also uses the holiday for reflection.
                                                          uating and working," said Marlena Strong,            "I celebrate Christmas by remembering
                                                          a senior psychology major from Memphis.          what the holiday is for, strengthening our
                                                               A vast majority of students at TSU will     relationship with God and Jesus," Bass said.
                                                          be traveling home for the holidays, and          "The older you get, the more you realize the
                                                          many faculty and staff wish them happy           importance of the holiday."•
                                                          holidays and a safe trip home.
                                                               TSU faculty is not excluded from the

                                                     Left 4 Dead is 2008’s top game.
                                                                                                                   See “First-person” on page 16
2           December 8, 2008 • The Meter                                                NEWS                                                                               Tennessee State University

Obama names new Secretary
     President-elect Barack Obama named        medical advances.                               ness and seems to be quite popular amongst
                                                                                                                                                        events calendar

political party rival Bill Richardson as            One illusion of having your stomach        the occupants.
Commerce Secretary of the United States.       slashed with a kitchen knife provides real-
The New Mexico governor will fill the top      ism and fear. Both sensations, however, felt    In State Tuition Affordable
economic position with a plethora of finan-    real to most participants in a Swedish sci-          Tennessee and New York are the only
cial woes to eradicate and eliminate.          ence project exploring how people can be        two states in the U.S. reported to have
     Obama describes Richardson as an          tricked into the false perception of owning     lower in-state tuition after a biennial study
“economic diplomat for America”.
Obama went on to explain how
                                                                another body.                  by the National Center for Public Policy
                                                                                               and Higher Education. NCPPHE evaluates
                                                                                                                                                       Happy Holidays
Richardson has seen from every                                 Ducks get new
                                                                                                                                                       from the staff of
                                                                                               how well higher education is serving the
angle what makes our economy
and what makes it work better.
                                           Briefs              home                            public, handed out "F"s for affordability to
                                                                     In Memphis, the           49 states, up from 43 two years ago.
                                                                                                    New York and Tennessee have made
Out of Body
Experience Sweep
                                                                Peabody Hotel will expe-
                                                                rience a renovation fit for
                                               multiple entities. The new penthouse will
                                                                                               even minimal improvements since 2000,
                                                                                               but they are still considered to be failing.
                                                                                                                                                      THE METER
                                               become a resident for the famed Memphis         Everywhere else, families must fork over
Sweden                                                                                         a greater percentage of their income to pay
     Stockholm, Sweden students from           Ducks. Now, instead of straddling about
                                               the hotel foyer, the beaked creatures will      for college.
Karolinska Institute discovered body-swap
illusions. The out of body experience of       entertain themselves in a state-of -the art
                                               facility filled with Astrotouf carpets, gran-       Compiled by Ashleigh Taylor•
shaking hands with yourself opens new
doors for even greater technological and       ite floors and caged bars.
                                                     The Duck Palace has opened for busi-

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      • In the November 24 issue, the calendar on page 14 says that the Lady Tigers game on the                                                material for publication. Materi-
                                                                                                                                               als must adhere to the following
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                                                                                                                                                                                            Michael Hart
   29th was at the gentry complex when the game was at Lipscomb University.                                                                    guidelines:                               STAFF REPORTERS:
                                                                                                                                                                                          Ashleigh Taylor
                                                                                                                                               a.) All contributions must be typed       Ashley Washington
                                                                                                                                               and sent by e-mail.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Winston Mize
                                                                                                                                                                                             Faith Foxx

                                                                                                                                               b.) Opinions and letters should not
                                                                                                                                               exceed 400 words.                            Ashley Eaton
                                                                                                                                                                                          Jessica Moseley
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Tennessee State University                                                        NEWS                                                 December 8, 2008 • The Meter         3
        Fraternity Queen reigns in district
     By Seth E. Davis
     Opinions Editor                                                                          The task of hosting the scholarship      District competitions and predicts that she
                                                                                         pageant is rotated among the participating    will win the national title.
                                                                                         schools.                                           "I believe she is the total package,"
           Dezirae Spain, The Beta Omicron                                                    According to Dr. Andre Bean, Beta        said Hibbert, a senior architectural
     chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity,                                              Omicron chapter advisor and district          engineering major from Lansing, Mich.
     Incorporated's Miss Black and Gold,                                                 Miss Black and Gold chair, the pageant        "She has the intellect and the talent. She
     won the district title of Miss Black and                                            improved from previous pageants.              is a great representation of what Alpha
     Gold Association of Tennessee Alpha                                                      "The production was better and very      stands for."
     Men during the November 22nd district                                               well orchestrated because we brought               As part of the title, Spain receives a
     competition.                                                                        Dwight Pope in," said Bean.                   $3,000 scholarship and a wardrobe stipend.
           The scholarship pageant took place in                                              Bean was also pleased with the           However, Spain sees opportunities outside
     TSU's Kean hall. Spain, a junior business                                           participants.                                 of the perks to make a difference and
     management major from Memphis                                                            "The talent pool was great. The ladies   impact the lives of others.
     competed against six other girls for the                                            were exceptional," said Bean.                      "My goal as Miss Black and Gold
     title. The girls competed against each                                                   Spain spent almost a month preparing     ATA is to be a good role model for women
     other in oratorical, evening gown and                                               to compete in the pageant. Along with the     like me on campus," said Spain.
     talent portions.                                                                    competition, Spain believes the intense            Bean believes that Miss Black and
           "It was a life changing experience,"                                          month long preparation and week of strict     Gold's role is essential to the fraternity.
     Spain said. "The girls were nice and it                                             rehearsal were challenging.                        "She has the opportunity to reach out
     was nice bonding with them as well as the                                                "The hardest part of the competition     to others on campus that the fraternity can
     Alpha men I was representing."                2009 Miss Black and Gold,             was preparing but when I got up there, it     not," said Bean.
             The scholarship pageant included      Dezirae Spain                         just came all out," said Spain.                    The next step for Spain will be
     contestants from district schools such as                                                Daniel Hibbert, Beta Omicron chapter     competing in the March regional Miss
     Vanderbilt, Middle TSU, University of         Tennessee at Chattanooga and Fisk.    president, is not surprised Spain won the     Black and Gold in Atlanta.•
4      December 8, 2008 • The Meter                                             FORUM                                                                                          Tennessee State University

                                                  What We Think
                         All I want For Christmas…
     Cara Anthony- Being surrounded by         wish God’s blessings and true happiness      about to be happy & safe. Oh and a new                       among men.
my family and friends, is truly the greatest   for myself, my family, and those other       laptop.
gift I could receive this Christmas. There     special ones in my life. I also want a new                                                                    Mario Stuart- I want all my friends
is nothing like eating a home cooked meal      cell phone since the one I have now works         Ashley Washington- For Christmas I                      and family to be happy and safe and to
and watching a holiday movie with my           when it wants to!                            want year round Christmas cheer. During                      bring in the new year right.
family. Family is the greatest gift of all.                                                 the season everyone is so happy and nice to
                                                   Winston Mize- Clarity                    one another and caring. I wish that it could                     Michael Hart- I want to be with my
     Kevin Terrell- I want to continue                                                      be that way year round.                                      family•
to grow closer to God, have a good time           Seth D. Davis- Peace on Earth and
with my family, and enjoy my break from        Good will towards men                            Jasmine Locklin- I want an Easy bake

    Tiffany Williams- I want everyone to
                                                   Greg Brand- I want peace and
                                               happiness for the world. For me, Noel
                                                                                            oven, remote control car, and the game
                                                                                            Twister                                                               Merry
have a safe and happy holiday season and a
new cell phone.
                                               Gourdin cd and any Black Panther-era
                                               book, fiction or non-fiction
                                                                                                 Jennifer E. Butler- I want to see
                                                                                            Barack Obama’s inauguration in D.C., and
                                                                                            John Legend live in Nashville on the lower
    Rechelle Jackson- For Christmas I              Patrick Comer- For everyone I care       level, oh and peace on Earth and goodwill

Tigerville                                                      By Orterius Burnett
                                                                 OK, I’VE SEEN

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 Tennessee State University                                                             FORUM                                                    December 8, 2008 • The Meter             5
Editor reflects on rollercoaster semester
                                               university to prevent history from repeating    There are mixed feelings about this discus-             When Barack Obama was elected
                                               itself next semester.                           sion because visiting on           as the next U.S president in November,
                     Cara                           Maybe next year disgruntled students       campus is no longer an option. Now the             I saw a new friendship among students.
                    Anthony                    and parents will not scorn alumni for not       Web site’s founder thinks that the university      Recognizing our demographic and that the
                    Editor in chief            giving back to university but instead encour-   has taken away students freedom of speech          city of Nashville voted democratic, I think
                                               age them to contribute. Hopefully student,      rights.                                            many TSU students voted for the first black
                                               faculty relations will improve as well.              Although our campus was plagued with          president.
    from where i sit                                Besides monetary and administrative        some misfortune mishaps; there are some                 In fact, it became clear that many TSU
      This semester was a roll coaster ride.   adjustments, the student body experienced       good things that we experienced this semes-        students voted when more than 2,000 stu-
      Our university as well as the nation     a lot of changes as well. In the Nov. 24        ter that will help to make our university          dents gathered to march down Jefferson
experienced plenty of highs and lows this      issue of The Meter, an article explained new    stronger.                                          Street to celebrate his victory.
year. With a shaky economy and dwindling       rules for students that potentially wanted to        TSU’s light shone bright when our                  With the semester finally coming to an
resources for gas, money and food few          become king and queen of the university.        Freedom Rider 14, were awarded honorary            end we have a lot of events and moments to
people are able to avoid hardships.                 These changes may have come as a           degrees at a special convocation for them.         look forward to: graduations, the presidential
      Our university was not excluded from     shock for some students, but at least now we         This was a true highlight of the semester     inauguration, Student Election Commission
budget cuts and tuition increases. It may      can vote for Mr. TSU who serves as the king     as thousands of students watched a historic        week campaigns and much more.
have taken some major deficits to occur        of the university.                              moment take place. The Freedom Riders                   During the winter break take sometime
first, but maybe more people, organiza-             Another change that students faced was     paved the way for current students and we          to reflect and refuel so next semester will be
tions and companies will give money to the     the blocking of a popular gossip Web site.      should remember how far we have come.              an even better one. •

      A goodbye dream from 4-year senior staff reporter
                                                    I never got a chance to tell incoming      sweat the small stuff. I know that it is easier    me tell them how much they really should
                                               freshman that you do not have as much           said then done but this little advice will help    appreciate this wonderful institute. I know
                                               time as you think. As soon as you enter the     you go a long way.                                 that sometimes it seems like we are in con-
                 Ashley K.                     school you need to hit the ground running.           To the seniors, they will never know,how      stant struggle with this school and it is like
                                                    Do not let friends (or family) make you    much I really enjoyed working with a lot of        a really bad abusive relationship where they
                Washington                     lose sight of your dreams and aspirations.      them. Just because they have reached a             do us wrong and we keep coming back.
                Senior Staff Reporter          Experience all that college has to offer you    great plateau, does not mean that there is              In the end, you really see that it is not
                                               but do not let the dream get deferred in the    not more ahead. Plan for the next step and         what we think it is and that things have
        last goodbye                           process.
                                                    I never got to tell the sophomores that
                                                                                               keep on moving.
                                                                                                    The Meter staff has never heard me say
                                                                                                                                                  changed. We have to show TSU the love it
      I had a nightmare one night. I dreamed   college is all about two things, education      that they are like the brothers and sisters             The administration does not know that
that I was attending the best university in    and networking. If you are lacking those        that I never wanted but glad I have. Greg          I love this school with all my heart and soul.
the world and then the day for graduation      two things now that everything will be so       and Deshanee have taught me so much                I will be back every year to check on them
came. Now to some that does not seem so        much harder in the future.                      about life and with how to deal with some          and to make sure the job is done right. They
bad, but to me this was horrid. There was           I never thought the day would come         of the biggest obstacles and some of the           either need to love my school and show it,
so much that I never got the chance to do      when just knowing the right person would        time did not know it.                              or get ready to move along.
before my time was up.                         help me get some of the biggest goals that            The “Royal Sapphires” gave me hope                I woke up from this nightmare and real-
     I never got to tell the members of        I had for me achieved. The doors of oppor-      that just because you get older does not           ized that it was not so bad. Everyone knew
Restoration Praise Dance Ministry, WTST        tunity are never locked to someone who          mean you can not still have fun. All of the        all of those things already and that made me
The Blaze, Tiger News and of course the        knows a locksmith. The more people you          new people that work for The Meter still           feel better.
“award winning” The Meter, that they have      really get to know, the more locksmiths you     do not know that they really need to hang               That made the graduating part not so
all changed my life for the better by allow-   have on your side.                              in there because they really are part of the       bad, so I went back to sleep and prepared
ing me to grow and become the best woman            I never told the juniors that it is not    family and so much rides on them.                  myself for the dream about “the afterlife.”•
possible.                                      over yet. Do not get discouraged and do not          The student body never got to hear

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                                                                                  at 963-5555.
6   December 8, 2008 • The Meter           ADVERTISMENT           Tennessee State University

kEAN HAll Rm. 304 OR CAll 963-5555

                    THE METERRecording TSU history since 1950
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 Tennessee State University                                                                NEWS                                              December 8, 2008 • The Meter                      7
  Juicy Campus sues TSU
By Ashleigh Taylor                               "At any moment they could decide to put                 They have also taken out an ad in The       students have experienced this semester,
Staff Reporter                                   JuicyCampus back online and so far they            Meter.                                           some students feel as if the university should
                                                 haven't. Freeman seems to feel that he's                "We would normally put a banner up          reverse their decision.
                                                 justified to censor the website and we             on, but TSU students can               "I believe JuicyCampus has the right
     JuicyCampus is working collaboratively      don't—so this may be a battle we have to           not access the website," Ivester said.           to sue TSU," said Demetrius Sudduth, a
with the Tennessee chapter of the American       fight out in court."                                    The Foundation for Individual Rights        sophomore biology major from Chicago.
Civil Liberties Union to bring a lawsuit               Students have mixed reactions to the         in Higher Education has also expressed           "There are other blogsites such as Yahoo
against TSU for a direct violation of the        site's ban, and many have sided in favor of        their opinions about the oppressive ban on       Blogs and TSU can
First Amendment rights of students.              the university. Supporters suggest that the        student's freedom of speech.                     not ban all those Web sites.
     Matt Ivester, the Web site’s founder        site is a complete waste of time and energy,            In the Nov. 20 article posted on their            "Obviously, TSU has seen a big budget
and CEO, believes administrators' decision       and reflects negatively on the university.         Web site, officials argued that blocking the     cut on everything, so of course this will
to ban access to the Web site disables the             The announcement of pending legal            site disrupts the objective of the online        hurt," Sudduth continued. "I don't know
purpose of the open forum and violates           action against the school by JuicyCampus.          forum, where students are encouraged to          how it will directly affect me, but it will
students’ freedom of speech, assembly and        com has caused a stir.                             post what they want anonymously without          hurt."
press.                                                 "I don't think its right," said Stephanie    limitations.                                           Jarredd Cochran expressed similar
     "The point of the lawsuit is to get the     Straight, a sophomore speech pathology                  In Papish v. Board of Curators              concerns.
Web site back on campus, then to declare         major from Chicago. "It's a site that the          of the University of Missouri, 410 U.S.                "I don't think it was smart for the school
a message that administrators should not         school doesn't want students to have access        667, 670 (1973), the Court wrote "'the           to actually ban it like that," said Jarred
be choosing what students can and cannot         to and attention that we do not need. I can        mere dissemination of ideas—no matter            Cochran, a senior psychology major from
access online," said Ivester.                    agree with that 100%.                              how offensive to good taste—on a state           Chicago. "Administration should have put a
     On Nov. 12, TSU administrators banned             “As far as suing the school, I don't think   university campus may not be shut off in the     little more thought into it before banning the
access to the site for "gratuitous unwarranted   they had to take it that far,” she continued.      name alone of 'conventions of decency,'" the     site entirely because the people who go to a
attacks." Michael Freeman, vice-president              Students who have accessed the site          article states. "By ignoring these precedents,   school makes up its image, not a Web site."
of student affairs, wrote a letter to students   in the past few days may have seen the             Tennessee State—as a government actor—is               Others students feel as if the exploitation
explaining why the ban took place.               following message at the top: "Are you             inviting a lawsuit."                             JuicyCampus provides discredits the school
     In response to the ban, JuicyCampus         a student at TN State? Want to be part of               Although legal action has not been          and ridicule tradition.
officials began considering legal action         a landmark anti-censorship lawsuit? Email          officially announced, the announcement of              "I don't like to say anything is definite
against the university.                "                               a pending lawsuit has caused speculations        until the papers are filed, but we are moving
     Freeman declined to comment on the                Ivester and his legal team are inviting      about the financial ramifications of losing      forward," said Ivester.
matter until a lawsuit is announced. Ivester,    TSU students to participate in the lawsuit         the lawsuit.                                           At press time, ACLU, media relations
on the other hand, had much to say.              as possible benefactors, and have said that             In light of rising tuition costs, the       and TSU's legal counsel were unavailable
     "The ball is in [TSU's] court,"             some students have already expressed               official announcement of a global recession      for comment.•
Ivester said during a phone interview.           interest.                                          and the financial aid discrepancies many

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  Send us a resume and headshot to
8   December 8, 2008 • The Meter   ADVERTISEMENT   Tennessee State University
                                                                             THE METER

                                    Beyonce introduces
                                     SaSha Fierce
                                          See page 9

                                              C U L T U R E                 Monday, December 8, 2008                                                                    Volume 59, Issue 13

   Murs soars on major label debut
                                                                                                                               By Gregory Brand, Jr.
                                                                                                                               Arts & Culture Editor

                                                                                                                                    Amid a storm of promotion of his newest album, Murs
                                                                                                                               for President, hip-hop artist Murs took the time to talk with
                                                                                                                               The Meter about his mission with music and what he plans
                                                                                                                               to accomplish with his new LP Murs for President.

                                                                                                                               Gregory Brand Jr: How would you categorize this
                                                                                                                               Murs: I'm trying to make a statement. In regards to music
                                                                                                                               and hip-hop
                                                                                                                               right now, I want to be a positive representation. Every
                                                                                                                               song on here
                                                                                                                               makes positive statement.
                                                                                                                               GBJ: Is there anything new and innovative on the album?
                                                                                                                               Murs: You're going to hear good things and good music.
                                                                                                                               There is
                                                                                                                               nothing new under the sun but the goal is to do it for the
                                                                                                                               real fans.
                                                                                                                               GBJ: What makes you so dedicated to emceeing and
                                                                                                                               making records?
                                                                                                                               Murs: Artists are driven to be creative. Being on a label
                                                                                       Photo Courtesy of mursmusiC.Com         like Warner
Murs performing live on tour.                                                                                                  Brothers, I get a chance to do that. Not every artist has that
    Murs for President                    what life is to him through a unique      album with mixing different genres.        GBJ: What kind of advice do you have for people and
    Murs                                  point of view.                            There is also the presence of old-         students here
                                               The talented artist could be com-    school hip hop mixed with new-school
    Grade: A                              pared to other artist such as Talib       hip-hop.
                                                                                                                               interested in getting into the music game?
                                                                                                                               Murs: It requires a lot of hard work. In most cases, the hard
                                          Kweli, Common and even Kayne West              Love and Appreciation II, is a        work is
     A much-needed breath of fresh air
                                          with some of the topics he brings up in   song uplifting women. Telling men          more important than the talent. You have to work. Graduate
is brought to listeners with the smooth
                                          his songs.                                to treat women like ladies, stop dis-      and build
and up-tempo hip-hop groove of an
                                               This album will definitely inspire   respecting them and show them love.        something to stand on too.
album by an artist who goes by the
                                          thought about what is really going on     This song will be a winner with the        GBJ: Is there anything the students of TSU should know
name Murs.
                                          in our world.                             ladies, and is                             when listening to the album?
     While Murs has been in the game
                                               The Science is an in your face            definitely a banger.                  Murs: That you should listen, enjoy the music and receive
for a while, Murs for President is his
                                          type of song. It begins of Murs telling        Murs opts to collaborate with art-    the positive
major label debut. With this collec-
                                          everyone in the "barber shop", that       ist such as Wil.I.Am from the Black        message. It's for you. Also go checkout the 10-song album
tion of solid lyricism and a knack for
                                          they do not know what real hip-hop        Eyed Peas and Snoop Dogg. Even             of me and my
clever wordplay, this album proves
                                          is, so he has to drop the science. It     with collaborations, it is clear who the   brother 9th Wonder did. Go to www.mursand9thwonder.
to be a step in the right direction for
                                          describes his feelings on how corrupt     star is.                                   com and get it for free.•
                                          the government is and also how we              Solid delivery and great music
     For years the emcee has made a
                                          need to open our eyes and realize that    permeate the disk and the work is
name for himself with independently
                                          race is not everything.                   some of the best hip-hop for the con-
released album and his turn to the
                                               Me and this Jawn, is a love song     scious and alert hip-hop fan.
majors has not hurt him in the least.
                                          and happens to be very catchy because          Overall, this album is a sure win-
     While being on an independent
                                          it uses an old-school sample of Al        ner; Murs will be the next president in
label, Murs sold music outside his
                                          Green. This song would attract young      hip hop.
vehicle and travelled all around the
                                          teenagers who may have young love in                     Kristan Taliaferro•
world promoting his music.
                                          their life.
     On this new album Murs brings
                                               Murs does a great job with his
listeners into his world by sharing
10     December 8, 2008 • The Meter                                   ARTS & CULTURE                                                               Tennessee State University

Sasha not as fierce as expected
Beyonce                                           The amazing voice is still there, but   caught the attention of the charts for its        The album also fails to prove it is
                                             sadly, not much else survives. The first     honest and frank lyrics, it alone cannot
I Am Sasha Fierce                                                                                                                      worth two whole disks in what equals
                                             thought the album will no doubt gener-       redeem this set of songs.                    up to 14 songs (depending on what
Grade: C-                                    ate is, who the hell is Sasha Fierce?             Thankfully, the second disk is          version of the album you have). With
                                                  Listeners soon learn that Sasha is      where the party gets going. It con-          the exception of two or three tracks,
     With the release of her new album,      the fiery alter ego of Beyonce. Since        sists primarily of dance tracks and          this album is a collection of pure pop.
I Am Sasha Fierce, the 'baddest chick        there is a difference between the art-       sassy anthems. The most notable gem               In fact the album is almost along
in the game' sings hard but fails to         ist and her alter ego, the album has         among them is the hugely popular sin-        the lines of Euro-pop. Interestingly
show how fierce she really is.               two sides. The funny thing about the         gle, Single Ladies. This song finds the      enough, the album does not have a
     I Am Sasha Fierce is an interesting     album is that Sasha Fierce is actu-          singer belting out a tune that rallies all   single poorly produced track. Every
collection of pop-idol posturing and         ally more like the Beyonce listeners         single ladies to forget about the guys       song is very well done.
over-the-top diva-isms that has plenty       already know.                                that fail to commit.                              While it may not be possible for
of potential, but this double disk never          One side caters to pop fans and              The other tracks on the upbeat          Beyonce to make a bad album, I Am
quite proves its worth.                      those who enjoy slower, more senti-          side range from the clever club banger,      Sasha Fierce is a bold step away from
     As the third solo album released        mental tracks. One of the best appears       Diva and the over-produced dance-            R&B comfort. Whether or not this is a
by the big-voiced siren, I Am finds the      in the form of Halo, a sweet dedication      track, Radio. While both succeed on          good idea has yet to be seen.
singer struggling to maintain attention      to a lover who she will always be loyal      different levels, there is not much to            Bottom Line: Beyonce's album is a
amid tons of production, instrumenta-        to because of his loyalty to her.            Sasha Fierce's side.                         strong departure from previous efforts
tion and disconnected songwriting.                The other five or so songs on the            This album is unapologetically pop      but a deep listen will reveal a few jew-
     While the album is not punishment       'Beyonce' side of the disk fail to move      savvy. It would not be so bad if it did      els worth a listen.
for the ears, it is confusing to listeners   faster than mid-tempo and the result         not sound like all the soul was cut out
who have come to expect more relat-                                                                                                                  Gregory Brand, Jr.•
                                             forces the album to lag. While the           of the album at the last minute. It is as
able material from the singer.               albums opening single, If I Was A Boy        if the singer forgot she has R&B fans.
 Tennessee State University                  11                                ARTS & CULTURE                                                   December 8, 2008 • The Meter

   Spears proves to be star of her own ‘Circus’
                                                                                                    tasteful lullaby-ish tune. From someone who         it works. The song alludes to the fact that
Britney Spears
                                                                                                    is trying to keep people from comparing her         like a mannequin, Spears is unmoved or
Grade: B+                                                                                           to her past music, Spears steadily seems to         untouched by the criticism of the masses.
                                                                                                    give reminders that will cause listeners to              While there are no musical duets or
     After living a life where she was the                                                          compare this to her past works.                     cameos, the production of the album was
main attraction of the media circus, the self-                                                            The album features many allusions that        devilishly stellar, with returning Blackout
proclaimed Queen of Pop is back with her                                                            listeners may or may not catch, like in the         producer Danja, who incorporated a golden
sixth studio album.                                                                                 song Kill the Lights, where Spears’ clever          guitar solo on the aforementioned Lace and
     Almost one year after the release of the                                                       allusion to the paparazzi is spot on.               Leather, and a swinging sixties sound for
astounding but ill-fated Blackout, Britney                                                                The album, in a typical fashion of            the track Mmm Papi.
Spears charms the masses again with the                                                             Spears, features songs heavily garnished                 The fact that listeners will not be
release of Circus. Circus successfully                                                              with sexual innuendoes, such as the ones            able to listen to all the bonus tracks when
delivers the sound that Spears was trying to           Photo Courtesy of brittneysPears.Com         in Lace and Leather, the bonus track                purchasing the deluxe edition is a letdown.
grace us with in Blackout.                        Britney Spears releases sixth album               Phonography and the catchy and clever               The songs Quicksand, and Amnesia are
     For those unfamiliar with the sound of her   Circus                                            dance track If You Seek Amy, where sex              some of her best works and will not be
previous album, it can be best described as a     with the exclusive track Trouble.                 seems prominent and the chorus seems to             featured on the American release of the
techno dance album with a twinge of pop.                The album starts off with the mildly        have no correlation to the verses.                  deluxe edition of Circus.
     Circus is a polished product of what         popular single Womanizer. The track seems               The verses are about whether listeners             Nonetheless this is the comeback audiences
Blackout wanted to be, only Circus seems          to be as out of place as Radar is on the          have seen Amy, whereas the chorus blast             have waited for from Spears. The sound of
to prove that Spears is back, with a healthy      album seeing as it bears no resemblance to        the lines Love me or hate me/Say what you           Circus is somehow similar but completely
mindset and a sound fitting of the entertainer    the feel and theme that is set forth by the       want about me/ but all the boys and the girls       different from Blackout and has something to
that listeners have come to either love or        title track Circus.                               are begging to/ If You Seek Amy.                    offer to everyone, not just her fans.
hate.                                                   Circus happens to be one of the best              But unless listening to song trying to find        This album is one of the best of
     The album features 12 new tracks, and        songs on the album thanks to the cleverly         something other than nonsense, it suffices          Spears entire entertainment career, equally
a re-vamp of the song Radar, which was            mixed tune and the raspy, breathy and             and is as listenable as everything else on the      blending; cleverness, curiosity, and
originally featured on Blackout. Several          almost seductive vocals.                          album. That also happens to be the case with        creativity. Buy tickets for this Circus; it
deluxe editions are available, depending on             The album features two ballads, one,        the delicious dance track Mannequin.                is one that will be highly memorable and
the consumers’ geographical location, and         Out From Under, samples and older Spears                The verses are so synthesized that            worth attending.
those who pre-order on iTunes are rewarded        song, whilst the other My Baby delivers a         what Spears is saying is barely heard yet                                     Winston Mize•

Vampire flick proves entertaining, much different from books
Twilight                                                While the students in the high school
Grade: A-                                         view the Cullen’s as the strange and pale
                                                  new kids, Bella's intrigue in the family is
     From the imagination of author,              soon driven toward Edward as her crush on
Stephanie Meyer, comes the fantasy/action         him catches his attention and spawns him to
drama, Twilight, and the film does a good         reveal his attraction to her as well. They fall
job of making fresh literature smile for the      in love soon after.
motion picture camera.                                  As Edward and Bell become closer he
     By utilizing a rich story grounded by        reveals that he and his family are all vam-
the original novel, Twilight offers a brilliant   pires. Even thought they have just moved to
film for fans and casts an enticing hook to       town, they are hundreds of years older than
the legions of potential new fans that will go    the town believes them to be.
and see this film.                                      They are also not the typical vampire.
     For readers of the now four-part novel       Instead of feeding on the blood of humans,
series, the characters are interestingly inter-   they prefer the blood of wild animals, thus
preted for the screen and newcomers will          making them a type of vampire vegetarian.
                                                                                                                                                         Photo Courtesy of twilightthemoVie.Com
be instantly drawn in by both the charming              For a while, the Cullen’s are able to
good guys and despicable bad ones.                maintain their cover as vampires in Forks         Twilight, hit theaters Nov. 21.
     The film opens as Bella, Kristen Stewart     until a trio of vampires begin killing inno-      proving family, the pressures of school, the             Somehow, this film also proves to be
is leaving her warm and sunny home in             cent people. An accidental confrontation          pain of divorce and even the need for blood         visually stunning. The setting may place it
Phoenix for the rainy cold of Forks, Wash.        between the Cullen’s and the trio lead to a       from a girlfriend, are addressed.                   in the cloudy and dreary mountains of the
Once this fish out of water gets to town, she     battle that may cost Bella her life and the            Stewart as Bella is one of the film's          Pacific Northwest, the camera work is gor-
is faced with the task of fitting into the new    vampire she has begun to love.                    strongest components. She is honest and her         geous and so are the visual effects.
school along with reconnecting with her                 The film that follows does a great job of   emotions drive the story. While Pattinson's              While some shots may read as a little
father.                                           telling an unconventional story with charac-      facial expressions are almost always off, he        cheesy, the film is definitely worth the price
     Just after getting into the swing of her     ters that are believable and interesting. The     does great job of mixing vampire lore and           of admission.
new school, the monotony is interrupted           story also manages to be pure fantasy but         theatrics on screen.                                     Bottom Line: Twilight is a well-done
once Bell takes notice of the inconspicuous-      still sting with lots of real-world angst.             As the main villain, James, Cam                slice of vampire fiction, even if the concept
ly strange Cullen family and their youngest             Every element of the real world is          Gigandet is flawless. He manages to be              may be a little hard to digest.
son, Edward, Robert Pattinson.                    attacked here in addition to problems             nasty and entertaining all at once.                                     Gregory Brand, Jr.•
                                                   any 'normal' vampire would. The disap-
 12          December 8, 2008 • The Meter                                       ARTS & CULTURE                                                           Tennessee State University

                                                                                                                                            LYRICIST LOUNGE
West Coast rockers show style
Thriving Ivory
                                                                                                                                                     HERE I STAND
                                                                                                                                                By Evander Montgomery
Thriving Ivory
Grade: A
                                                                                                                                                            HERE I STAND
     With thought-provoking lyrics and                                                                                                                        AS A MAN
a lead singer with one of today's most                                                                                                     TAKING ACTION ON GOD'S COMMAND
unique voices, the San Francisco-based                                                                                                       BUT IT SEEMS WHEN IT COMES TO
band Thriving Ivory has hit what could                                                                                                                          LOVE
be industry gold.                                                                                                                                      IM SINKING IN SAND
     The five-member band recently
                                                                                                                                                 I MEAN I'M FALLING SO DEEP
released their first mainstream album
Thriving Ivory and quickly became one                                                                                                                   LIKE A DEEP SLEEP
of Vh1's You Oughta Know artists.                                                                                                                           LIKE A COMA
     While Ivory has released two                                                                                                          ITS LIKE I'M BACKED UP IN A CORNER
previous albums, Secret Place, as well as                                                       Photo Courtesy of thriVingiVory.Com
                                                                                                                                                   I JUST WANT WHAT I NEED
the indie release in 2006 of the self titled   Thriving Ivory release self-titled debut album                                                            AND NOT I WANT
album Thriving Ivory, this album shows                                                                                                        I THOUGHT I NEEDED JUST PURE
the improvement of the band over the           that make viewers reflect upon memories       audience.                                                         BEAUTY
past four years since their 2004 debut.        or call upon the forces of inspiration.            The album's only setback is that it is                   BUT NO I DON'T
     The first track, Runaway has an                All tracks seem to be in place on the    so good, it only leaves room for them to          I NEED ONE WHO IS BEAUTIFUL
interesting rock infused element that          album, the songs all flow right into the      be greater
                                                                                                                                                          INSIDE AND OUT
strengthens the message behind the song.       next and provide a feel that will make             From vocals to instrumentals, the
     Runaway provides a great transition       listeners want to listen again and again.     album presents a flawless sound in a          ONE WHO I CAN DEPEND ON WITHOUT
to the first single released off the album,         The twelve-track album features no       manner that seems almost effortless on                   A SHADOW OF DOUBT
Angels on the Moon, which is a flawless        duets or collaborations and functions just    the bands behalf. Hopefully Ivory can            ONE WHO IS THERE THRU IT ALL
track within itself, creating the perfect      fine without them.                            keep up the wonderful work and delight                     WHETHER WE FALL
harmony of instruments and vocals.                  The genre on the album ranges from       listeners for years to come.                              OR WE HAVIN A BALL
     This album also features a new track      folk, to light rock and even to even pop.          But for now the self-titled album                  WE ARE ALWAYS SMILIN
that was previously unreleased on their        Thanks to the sound on Unhappy, and           serves as a good listen and as a prominent      ONE WHO WON'T GO OFFSIDES OR
indie album called Alien.                      Long Hallway with a Broken Light, the         example that musical genius is still                     COMMITT TO FOULING
     Alien strengthens the album format        album gives an all around devout indie        appreciated.                                               THIS IS SOMETHING
with feel good instrumentals and lyrics        feel while still catering to the mainstream                          Winston Mize•                   I HAVE COME TO EXPECT
                                                                                                                                                            AS I REFLECT

 New T-Pain album delivers sweet sounds
                                                                                                                                               I HOPE THIS WILL CAUSE US TO
                                                                                                                                                     AND WE WILL DEFLECT
Thr33 Ringz                                                                                  remake of the song.                                            THE DEFECTS
T-Pain                                                                                            For those that love the party side of                  THAT WE SUFFER
Grade: B-                                                                                    the musical leader of the circus, he didn't       IN THE LONG RUN IT MAKES US
                                                                                             leave them out. Songs like Dance Like                            TOUGHER
     The well-known synthesized voice                                                        Me and Techno Music give audiences                        AND NOT ROUGHER
of T Pain has done it again. Thr33 Ringz                                                     a song to really take to the clubs with
                                                                                                                                             BUT SMOOTH LIKE A FLOOR THAT
joins the list of other successful albums                                                    them.
that he already has under his belt. This                                                          The overall album has a nice blend                       HAS A BUFFER
album is similar yet different from the                                                      of ballads and club rockers to satisfy         BECAUSE IF I CAN GET THIS SPECIAL
other albums in only one major way… it                                                       any musical appetite. The numerous                                  GIRL
"runneth over" in collaborations.                                                            collaborations may be the albums only                  I WILL INDEED CUFF HER
     With the exception of three songs,                                                      downfall.                                                      LIKE METRO
the remaining part of the album has at                                                            Listeners rarely get the chance to             AND I WONT RESIGN FROM IT
                                                          Photo Courtesy of
least one other artist featured. Artist such                                                 really hear T Pain as they did in previous                 LIKE FIDEL CASTRO
as Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Akon, Chris            T-Pain releases his third album               albums. The playlist comes off more like
                                               Thr33 Ringz.                                                                                 SO PLEASE BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY
Brown and Mary J. Blige help to make                                                         a mix tape than his actual album.                                   THIS
this album a success.                               Songs like Keep Going give a softer           For those that buy the album,
                                                                                                                                           MY HEART IS OPEN LIKE MY HELPING
     The album begins with a welcome           side to the party man that audiences          they will not be disappointed, if they
and explains why T-Pain deems himself          everywhere have grown to love. This           prepare themselves for the compilations.                           HAND
as the Ringleader Man of the music             song can easily be related to anyone who      For those that only want to hear the           IM A GOOD MAN HARD NOT TO FIND
industry circus that he remains a steady       has ever felt like quitting but the keep      ringleader take lead, they might be                                 AND
and key part.                                  going.                                        slightly let down but will quickly get                         HERE I STAND
     Following the intro, are a few                 The remixed version of Eric              over it.
love songs that show that he does              Clapton's If I Could Change The World                      Ashley K. Washington•
possess actual singing ability, not just a     features Mary J. Blige and Akon, voices
synthesized one.                               that combine and create a descent
                                                                                THE METER

                                                T E C H N O L O G Y            Monday, December 8, 2008                                                                    Volume 59, Issue 13

                                  Business &
                                                                TSU wins at State Capitol
                               Technology Editor                By Ashleigh Taylor
                                                                Staff Reporter
           money bytes
                                                                     Students from all across the state
    WEBSITE BAN PROHIBITS                                       gathered together at the state capitol for
                                                                the Tennessee Intercollegiate Student
 STUDENTS’ FREEDOm OF SPEECH                                    Legislation 39th general assembly.
                                                                     The four day event, allows stu-
                                                                dents from different colleges around
                                                                Tennessee to gather to mock the process
     Students were surprised when they found that they          of the State Legislature.
could no longer access the increasingly popular gossip               Many of the students attended the
website The website was created to             assembly simply because they have an
allow students to share gossip about their colleagues and       interest in politics; in fact, some of the
warn others about clandestine circumstances. although           delegates were not even political sci-                                                       Photo Courtesy of shannon Cohen
two hundred campuses are listed on the site, TSU, how-          ence majors.
ever, is ranked number one.                                          “It was a great experience especial-      2008-2009 TSU Delegates
      TSU students quickly took onto the site revealing         ly for me not being a political science
                                                                                                               floor, where they answered questions       and outstanding delegate. The award
some of the most appalling secrets ever told. The topics        major,” said Cassie Martin, a sophomore
                                                                                                               from the entire General Assembly and       was named after Dr. Carlisle, a for-
include, but are definitely not limited to, biggest man         psychology major from Chattanooga.
                                                                                                               debated. After the debate, the bill was    mer political science professor at the
whores, down low TSU guys and worst weaves. Students            “The things I most enjoyed were the
                                                                                                               either passed or failed.                   University of Tennessee at Knoxville,
did not hesitate to post their comments as to who they          debates and the whole feel of the House
                                                                                                                    “I really enjoyed my experience       who founded the idea of TISL.
believed best fit respective topics.                            of Chambers.”
                                                                                                               with TISL, it was an accurate portrayal         Delegate Rachel Richardson was
      Coincidentally, when some of the more popular stu-             Students come armed with bills
                                                                                                               of the State Legislature and our roles     honored by the Attorney General for
dents were insulted, the website was suddenly banned on         which they plan to introduce, debate
                                                                                                               as delegates were completely realistic,”   her great job done in the AMC3 Moot
campus. This action immediately raised the question, is         and hopefully get passed in the House
                                                                                                               said Allison Manning, a senior political   Court.
this violating the first amendment?                             of Representatives.
                                                                                                               science major from Nashville.                   “I am very pleased with the fact
     The First Amendment of the United States Constitution           The TISL General Assembly is
                                                                                                                    More than 47 colleges attended        that the hard work that was put in paid
clearly prohibits the United States Congress from making        very similar, if not identical, to the State
                                                                                                               from University of Memphis, Sewanee        off with us winning best delegation,
laws "respecting an establishment of religion" or prohibit      Legislature. Students, or delegates,
                                                                                                               and East Tennessee State University.       Patrick winning best delegate and I’m
the free exercise of religion, laws that infringe the freedom   were given the opportunity to introduce
                                                                                                                    The students, some of which who       also honored with Rachel Richardson
of speech, infringe the freedom of the press, limit the right   their bills to committees that directly
                                                                                                               had never even seen the process of         being on the attorney general team,”
to peaceably assemble or limit the right to petition the gov-   tied to their bill.
                                                                                                               the Legislation in Tennessee, quickly      said Hoyt King, a political science pro-
ernment for a redress of grievances.                                 For example, any bill that had any-
                                                                                                               picked up the parliamentary proce-         fessor and advisor of TSU’s TISL.
     The key words in the amendment that directly ties to       thing to do colleges went to the Higher
                                                                                                               dures, and debated bills just like true         Overall, TSU received two awards
the banning of the site are freedom of speech. Students         Education Committee. The committee
                                                                                                               Tennessee politicians.                     and was honored once. The delegation
were simply expressing their freedom of speech on the           could then decide to change bills per-
                                                                                                                    Their hard work and passion to for    hopes to increase its delegation size so
site by posting their opinions of their colleagues. What is     taining to the subject.
                                                                                                               politics eventually paid off, as TSU and   more students can attend next year, and
the harm in that?                                                    After students were given the chance
                                                                                                               Jackson State Community College were       experience politics hands on.
      It is apparent that those who were directly insulted      to introduce and answer questions about
                                                                                                               announced best delegation.                       The next TISL meeting is February
were so hurt by the site that they went the extra mile to get   their respective bills, the committee
                                                                                                                    “I’m very excited. I think it shows   4th at 6:30pm in the Graduate Building
it banned. If the allegations were false then there should      either voted to send it to the floor with
                                                                                                               the quality of people that represent       room 207. Students who would like to
not have been any problem with students accessing the           a recommendation for passage, a recom-
                                                                                                               TSU,” said Philip Stoecklein, a senior     join or have ideas of laws they would
site and posting their opinions.                                mendation for defeat or with no recom-
                                                                                                               political science major from Nashville.    like to see changed are encouraged to
      The university felt the need to ban the site based        mendation.
                                                                                                                     New delegate, Patrick Calvin was     attend. •
on the emotions of a few students mentioned on the site.             Afterwards, delegate had to wait
                                                                                                               awarded the Carlisle award for best
The prohibition of the site disallows students to openly        until their bill was brought up on the
express their opinions.

                                                                  Check us out online at
      Unfortunately, the university does hold the right to
ban any website they please. Welcome to state school.•
14          December 8, 2008 • The Meter                           BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY                                                                           Tennessee State University

Epic Games brandishes impressive sequel
Gears of War 2                                                                                          Most gamers will finish Gears 2 in less      against fifty waves of foes. After ten waves,
4.5/5                                                                                              than ten hours on either the lenient Casual       the baddies receive health/weapon upgrades
                                                                                                   or moderate Normal difficulties, but chal-        that make them tougher to kill. Horde is
     Gears of War, Epic Games’ breakout hit                                                        lenge seekers can try Hardcore or even            best played with a group of four or five
in Nov. 2006, was heralded for its visceral                                                        Insane after finishing campaign mode once.        friends.
violence, groundbreaking visuals and inno-                                                         Also, stick around after the end credits for a          The creative new maps are mostly
vative cover system that put a fascinating                                                         neat Gears 3 teaser.                              inspired by campaign mode scenarios.
spin on the shooter genre.                                                                              Multiplayer is mostly the same cha-          Some like ‘Hail’ or ‘Avalanche’ contain
      Prior to Gears 1, shooter fans could                                                         otic and hilarious frag fest fans remember.       environmental hazards that players must be
never use pieces of the environment to hide,                                                       Gears 2’s strictly five-on-five team based        mindful of during battle. Gears 2’s fifteen
flank and scramble to gain a tactical advan-                                                       games rewards interdependent squads that          maps (five from Gears 1) grace the multi-
tage. It also introduced the quirky ‘Lancer’                                                       coordinate strategic ambushes, rather than        player experience with enough variety to
chainsaw gun to rip enemies to shreds,                                                             gangs of lone wolves, bum rushing enemies.        keep shooter enthusiasts entertained.
                                                  Photo Courtesy of
and timing based ‘active reloading’, reward-                                                       Epic also gives it a nice facelift.                     Gears veterans will also be delighted to
ing perfect timing with swifter reloads and                                                             Gone are Gears 1’s limited lobby setup,      hear the latency boosting ‘host advantage’
enhanced bullets, while punishing bad tim-       foes, including mobile landmine Tickers,          indistinguishable game types, and symmet-         and bullet detection issues are ironed out.
ing with a jammed firearm.                       Gatling-gun carrying Grinders and gigantic        rical maps that limit tactical complexity out-    As a corollary, Epic downgraded the mul-
     Now, two years later, Epic releases a       Brumaks. There are also some vehicle sec-         side hurrying to the center and/or snagging       tiplayer graphics, but the smoother internet
worthy successor.                                tions and split paths to break up the monot-      power weapons. Gears 2 in contrast contain        play is worth the sacrifice.
     Gears of War 2 follows the same guide-      ony. Save the underwhelming final boss,           additional game modes, imaginative new                   Also, Epic tweaked Gears 1’s over-
lines, but improves the base game-play with      Gears 2’s campaign is vastly superior.            maps and Halo 3-style matchmaking.                powered shotgun. Although it gives the
significant additions. Alongside new weap-            However, do not expect much from the              Gears 1 fans will remember the death-        chainsaw too much leeway in close quarters
ons comes the ability to attach grenades on      story. Like its predecessor, Gears 2 only         match modes Warzone and Execution,                battles, a future patch will hopefully remedy
the wall, use downed enemies as shields          gives enough exposition to explain the cur-       with the latter requiring instant kills from      this.
and provide more execution techniques to         rent conflict. Now, the human COGs must           explosives/headshots or finishing downed                Less encouraging is the downtime
satisfy the inner sadist. The oft adver-         strike at the heart of the Locust’s headquar-     foes up close. Guardian (a.k.a. Gears 1’s         between games. Although matchmaking’s
tised chainsaw duels, though gimmicky, is        ters to save the Jachinto stronghold from the     Assassination) improved significantly,            improved since Gears 2’s release, waiting
undoubtedly cool.                                Locust Hoard.                                     thanks to the respawn aspect. Everyone            over ten minutes for a match is inexcusable.
     For campaign mode, once again, gam-              Despite some notable scenes, Gears           has the ability to revive until the designated    Compared to Halo 3, Gears 2’s matchmak-
ers control COG soldier Marcus Fenix,            2’s story is mostly derivative sci-fi with        team leader perishes.                             ing is not as seamless. There is also the
and for co-op devotees, player two controls      enough ‘war is hell’ clichés, stereotypical            Other modes include:                         occasional lag and sometimes being unable
Dominic Santiago. Gears 2’s campaign             machismo, and vulgar yet insipid dialogue              • Two king-of-the-hill variations            to unlatch away from cover. Though minor,
goes the extra mile to improve Gears 1’s         to annoy most gamers. Although Epic                    • Wingman, a free-for-all death-             these flaws sometimes irritate.
shortcomings, thanks to diverse new levels       claims they fleshed out Marcus, Dom, Baird        match mode for five teams of two                        Fans will unquestionably latch onto
and larger scale battles.                        and Cole, they                                         • Submission, an alternate version           Gears 2, but gamers new to the franchise
     While traversing through cities engulfed         changed little, save Dom’s search for        of capture-the-flag formula, with the ‘flag’      will not regret trying out its second tour-
in flames, ice caverns and underneath train      his missing wife. Gears 2’s narrative isn’t       being a human that attacks anyone trying to       of-duty.
cars through dangerous ‘razor hail’, gamers      as superb as Half-Life or Bioshock, but           ‘capture’ him
                                                 campaign’s intense battles make the lame                                                                                   Darius Williamson•
will mow down waves of beefed up new                                                                    • Horde, a tremendous, co-op
                                                 plot forgivable.                                  focused endurance mode that pits you

By Shannon Cohen
                           Top 5 thrifty meals for students
                                                 and stirred in with the noodles until it is            Quesadillas are tasty Mexican treats         chili and cheese on top.
Business and Technology Editor                   warm and all pasta is covered. Meat can           and also do not require much preparation.               Red beans and rice with Italian sausage
                                                 also be added.                                    The only items necessary to make them are               This is a Cajun favorite that can be
    It is winter time, final exams are           Loaded baked potatoes                             pre-cooked chicken strips, cheese and torti-      prepared by the world's worst cooks, and
approaching and refunds and declining bal-            Loaded baked potatoes are ideal for          llas. In order to prepare this, all one has to    still come out nearly flawless. Red beans
ances are long gone. Students are left facing    students because they can be cooked in the        do is add chicken and cheese to one side of       and rice with Italian sausage only requires
the woes of eating cafeteria food, budgeting     microwave. Potatoes can be customized by          a tortilla, fold and place it in the microwave.   a few more ingredients than the others: rice,
and trying to prepare inexpensive meals.         adding toppings to fit the consumer. All that     After only about a minute, it is all done.        red beans or kidney beans, Italian sausage,
Fortunately, below is a list of meals that can   is required to make a baked potato is the         Chili cheese dogs                                 chopped onion, chili powder and garlic salt.
be prepared quickly and cheaply.                 potato, butter and salt and pepper.                    Chili cheese dogs are an all-time                  However, there are only three steps
                                                      The first step to making the baked pota-     American favorite. They are delicious,            required. The first step is to drain the beans,
                                                 to is, by using a knife; poke several holes       quick and, most importantly, cheap. There         reserve the juice and add water as needed.
    Pasta is quick, does not require many
                                                 in all the sides. The next step is to place the   are only four ingredients necessary to cre-       The next step is to combine all the ingredi-
ingredients, cooking skills or experience.
                                                 potato in the microwave. Different sized          ate this inexpensive cuisine: chili, cheese,      ents in a large skillet, stir and bring to a boil.
The only things needed to make this dish
                                                 potatoes and different microwaves cause the       hotdogs and hot dog buns.                         The last step is to simmer for approximately
work are pasta noodles, the sauce of choice
                                                 cooking times to vary.                                 There are even fewer steps to preparing      20 minutes, remove from the heat, keep it
and parmesan cheese.
                                                      After the potato is cooked, cut the          it. The hot dogs must first be boiled, after      covered and allow it to stand for five min-
    The first step to preparing pasta is to
                                                 potato and add butter. Afterwards, one may        which the chili is warmed. Once all ingre-        utes.•
boil it. Afterwards, the noodles must be
drained and a tablespoon of vegetable oil        add their toppings of choice.                     dients have been cooked, the next step is
added. The sauce of choice is then added         Quesadillas                                       to place the hot dog in the bun and add the
 Tennessee State University                                        BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY                                                     December 8, 2008 • The Meter                 15
       Apple introduces new iPod nano
By Shannon Cohen                                                                                                                                     included a new font size option, making the
Business and Tech Editor                                                                                                                             menus more legible.
                                                                                                                                                          The gadget’s new music playback
     Just when the Apple pandemonium                                                                                                                 screen has also been revamped, as it now
seemed to come to an end, the company                                                                                                                presents a full screen album art, the cover
shocks consumers with their exceptionally                                                                                                            flow view is trendier, and it a
thin and innovative mp3 player, the iPod                                                                                                                  llows consumers to easily choose songs
Nano 4G.                                                                                                                                             with the use of new alphabetization keys.
     The popular new gadget is incredibly                                                                                                                 The new Nano has experienced much
light and constructed of metal in efforts to                                                                                                         remodeling, and all the features from the
prevent easy breakage. It is also thinner,                                                                                                           second generation model have migrated
seamless, circular and taller than the older                                                                                                         to the fourth generation model, including
version.                                                                                                                                             music, video and the ability to playback
     Although the shape has become more                                                                                                              podcasts.
circular, the dimensions between the fourth                                                                                                               The gadget also has a few new features
generation and the second generation iPod                                                                                                            such as photos, calendar, games, alarms,
Nano are virtually indistinguishable. The                                                                                                            stopwatch, contacts, notes, and clocks.
dimensions measures at 3.5 inches tall, 1.6                                                                                                               Another unique feature that is available
inches wide and .25 inches thick. Other                                                                                                              in the fourth generation that has consumers
features that remains the same are the two                                                                                                           yearning for it, is the fact that users are able
inch sized screen and the one inch wide                                                                                                              to create a 25 song playlist based around the
scroll wheel.                                                                                                                                        musical characteristics of a single song.
     Although the headphone and dock                                                                                                                      For example, if one enjoys songs pri-
connections are relocated on the bottom,                                                                                                             marily about nature and is soft and melo-
another feature that makes reappearance on                                                                                                           dious, then the gadget will create a 25
the fourth generation is the holding switch     many unique features such as the flipped            increased menu text size.                        song playlist with songs similar that song.
located on the top of the gadget.               Nano screen, the newly revamped menus,                   In efforts to increase convenience          However, the feature will not work if the
     The fourth generation also consists of     new album cover art and user interfaces, and        for those with impaired vision, Apple has        iTunes Genius software is not installed.•

 E-bay seller becomes first to reach one million in feedback
     Just in the past two months, 33 year old   Behavioral screening may soon be                    to utilize a combination of infra-red tech-           After Taylor found her husband cheat-
Jack Sheng and his company have received        the future of airport security                      nology, remote sensors and imagers, which        ing online, she immediately filed for a
more than one million feedback points from           Waiting in long lines, removing jewelry        will flash subliminal images such as photos      divorce saying although it is in the virtual
items they have sold on the well-known,         and shoes and walking through metal detec-          of Osama bin Laden. The technology intent        world, it is still cheating.
online auction website eBay.                    tors at airports may soon be a thing of the         is to rule out terrorists by detecting the            Pollard admitted to the online relation-
     Sheng began selling electronics            past.                                               suspect’s reaction to certain stimuli by read-   ship, but stated he never cheated. Taylor, on
on eBay after starting his own company               According to security experts, focus-          ing ones’ body temperature, heart rate and       the other hand, begs to differ, and is now
EForcity Corp in 2000 in Los                                            ing on analyzing pas-       even respiration.                                dating a new man she met in an online game
Angeles. With the aid of two of                                         sengers’ intentions              Quicker and less invasive than metal        called World of Warcraft.
his childhood friends, the com-
pany quickly boomed, leading
the race with a 246,000 point
                                       Business                         and emotions are far
                                                                        more important and
                                                                                                    detectors, these systems may ultimately
                                                                                                    reinstate some efficiency in the airplane             Compiled by Shannon Cohen•
                                                                        beneficial than focus-      boarding process.
     EBay sellers obtain these            &                             ing on the contents in
                                                                        ones’ carry-on.
                                                                                                    British couple divorces after an
positive feedback points by                                                                         alleged online affair
quickly sending items to cus-
tomers and being willing to
                                        Tech                                 Due to Israel’s
                                                                        constant         security
                                                                        threats, the country
                                                                                                         After being married for five years in a
                                                                                                    virtual world called Second Life, a British            Check us
quickly resolve any issues that
                                        Briefs                          has turned its primary
                                                                                                    couple calls it quits after one was accused of

surface after customers have                                                                        an alleged virtual affair.
                                                                        focus on ensuring the
purchased the items.                                                                                     Twenty-eight year old Amy Taylor said
                                                                        safety of its citizens by
     These positive customer                                                                        that she caught her husband, 40 year old
                                                                        greatly improving its

                                                                                                                                                           online at
points help offset the negative rat-                                                                David Pollard, having sex online with a
                                                                        security technology.
ings and make consumers more comfortable in                                                         prostitute. The couple met in an online chat
                                                     Numerous technology companies
buying products.                                                                                    room in 2003, and married in real-life in
                                                mainly based in Israel are developing sys-
     Ebay along with its Chief Executive
John Donahoe held a ceremony Dec. 4 at
its headquarters in San Jose, Calif to honor
                                                tems which will detect signs of emotional
                                                anxiety and red flag security officials to
                                                                                                         However, the virtual world sort of
                                                                                                    eclipsed the relationship, and the couple
                                                further investigate the suspect.
Sheng for a job well done.                                                                          often used the Second Life as if it was the
                                                     Other companies such as WeCU, plan
                                                                                                    real world.
16            December 8, 2008 • The Meter                             BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY                                                                        Tennessee State University

First-person shooter earns perfect praise
Left 4 Dead                                                                                                                                            on teams, leaving an unlimited number of
Xbox 360/ PC                                                                                                                                           playing experiences with online play.
                                                                                                                                                            Online play proves to be great, espe-
5/5                                                                                                                                                    cially the versus mode. In versus, one team
      If something is going to be shot, it might                                                                                                       acts as the survivor team (humans) while
as well be a digital zombie, and Left 4 Dead                                                                                                           others act as the special zombies. Teams
leaves gamers with plenty of fodder for an                                                                                                             take turns trying to see how far they can get
itchy trigger finger with Valve’s latest romp                                                                                                          in each level, while the other team tries to
into the video game world.                                                                                                                             put an end to them.
      Gamers looking for a plot, should play                                                                                                                This introduces a certain level of team
another game because there is not one; but                                                                                                             work, especially on behalf of the zombie
it is not necessary. Left 4 Dead is a game                                                                                                             squad, that needs to try to utilize the special
that plays out like a high budget Hollywood                                                                                                            attributes from each of the undead to stop
slasher flick minus the customary sex scene                                                                                                            the human squad.
in the woods. In the game, up to four other                                                                                                                 The game is not a staggering mass of
survivors may battle a zombie apocalypse                                                                                                               graphic beauty, but it is clean enough to
with a simple goal; get out alive.                                                                                                                     make gamers feel like their HDTV was
      Left 4 Dead brings an amazing game-                                                                                                              worth the money spent. Some of the zom-
play experience. Valve has moved against                                                                            Photo Courtesy of l4d.Com
                                                                                                                                                       bies just look down right corny if not lazy.
convention and delivered a game that is             Left 4 dead released by Valve for Xbox360 .                                                               If there is a downside it is the AI, not
built almost entirely around cooperative           they go on their merry way attempting to and hop fences. With features such as vomit                because they are bad, but because they are
multiplayer action. This is a game that            survive.                                    blinding players and being attacked contin-             good. The AI are solid and good about kill-
comes to life when played with at least one             The name of the game is team work, so uously, the zombies do their share of scare              ing zombies while not hitting players, tak-
other human player, and it is even better if       much so, that it is evident from the begin- in this game.                                           ing little damage, and always managing to
there are four humans in each game.                ning of the game to work together to sur-        Each adrenaline pumping level pushes               patch players up when they become hurt.
       In each of the game's four scenarios,       vive. Digital commando’s who like to run players to their limits as they are knocked                     Left 4 Dead also has a staggering gap in
players battle their way to a series of safe       off and kill everything by themselves will down, time and time again. Everything                    difficulty when turned on the expert mode,
houses that ultimately lead to a place of          be punished first. There are many enemies weapon as well as the environment can                     but despite those minor details the game
salvation. As players maneuver their way           in the game which can not be beaten on a come into play to help dispatch a foe.                     is still incredibly fun to play. It is a social
through to each check point, the game dis-         solo effort.                                     The game is also terribly short. All four          adrenaline rush with high replay value that
plays neat little statistics like who killed the        The zombie horde battled is based on scenarios can be conquered over a couple                  is a must buy.
most Zombie’s. These updates can lead to           the fast zombies seen in movies like 28 of hours, but the game is highly replayable.
some friendly one-ups between gamers as                                                                                                                                         David Houston•
                                                   Days Later. They sprint, kick down doors The game experience is different depending

Mirror’s Edge lacks dynamic edge, needs more refining
Mirror’s Edge                                                                                      ble of beating it in one afternoon.                 characters sound cheesy or off base.
PS3/ Xbox 360                                                                                           The game has two basic modes of play,               Gamer’s are able to feel Faith’s physi-
3.5/ 5                                                                                             story mode and time trial, but that almost          cal presence as she traverses the landscape
     Mirror’s Edge is a fresh new spin on                                                          feels like enough. The time trial mode is           which also adds to the appeal of the game.
what gamers are used to from a game of this                                                        somewhat addictive, leaving players crav-                Long falls, slides and running at a con-
genre. Its innovation may not be enough to                                                         ing to hone in on their skills, as they bound       stant pace are highlighted by a progressive
some gamers to make it worth the currency                                                          from rooftops and poles trying to beat scores       blur, giving a true sense of momentum.
exchange at local retailers.                                                                       from others posted on Playstation Network                Unfortunately after continuous play,
     Mirror’s Edge takes place in alternate                                                        or Xbox Live.                                       things begin to become repetitive and there
society where data flow and information is                                                               This feature probably would have been         really is not a full sense of freedom with
completely controlled by the government.                                                           a bit more interesting if players could race        the places gamers can go and while there
Information is shared between members                                                              against a friend or over the net as opposed         are several different ways to complete the
of the underground by using agents called                                                          to just their times. Both the story mode and        chapter, there are not many.
runners.                                                                                           time trial are interesting to say the least and          Mirror’s Edge can be frustrating as
     Faith, the character players’ control,                 Photo Coutesy of Photogoon.Com         should be enough to keep players occupied           well. While its simplistic control schem-
is eventually contacted by her sister, Kate,                                                       for a period or two.                                e20can be easily mastered, and is ultimately
                                                    Mirror’s Edge features action-heroine,              Mirror’s Edge boasts some pretty breath        rewarding when chaining together move-
who says it’s urgent. Faith pursues Robert          Faith
Pope, a mayoral candidate whom people                                                              taking graphics. It is not quite Metal Gear         ments to fly though the city it will often fail
                                                   well as her own.                                                                                    gamers.
felt would be able to bring about change to                                                        Solid 4, but has its own unique style the
                                                        The game is definitely an experience,                                                               In reality, the game is a great idea that
the government, but upon her arrival Pope is                                                       does an outstanding job giving the impres-
                                                   which is the high point, as well as its short                                                       just did not quite hit the mark. Those plan-
found dead in the company of Faith’s sister.                                                       sion of a city ruled by an oppressive govern-
                                                   coming. It is the first of its kind but can                                                         ning on buying the game might want to wait
     With the framework of foul play set in                                                        ment.
                                                   leave gamers feeling somewhat unsatisfied                                                           until the price drops down to 29.99 before
place, Faith sets off to find the truth behind                                                          The soundtrack in Mirror's Edge is on
                                                   at the end.For starters, Mirrors Edge is not                                                        taking this leap of faith.
Pope’s murder to clear her sister Kate’s new                                                       point delivering surreal music and the voice
                                                   terribly long. Most will be more than capa-
found title of Public Enemy number one, as                                                         acting is also pretty solid as at no point do the                            David Houston•
                                                                                  THE METER

                                                                                  Monday, December 8, 2008                                                                   Volume 59, Issue 13

                      Brand, Jr.
                                                        Fierce as a tiger, bright as a gem
                                                         By Jessica Moseley
                      Culture Editor
                              Editor                     Staff Reporter
       KEEPIN’ IT REAL                                         Tangela Smith, Tan according to her
                                                          friends, is a sophomore psychology major
 8 wins, 4 losses…                                        from Atlanta, Ga., who started dancing at
                                                          age 4. She attended Carla’s dance factory
                                                          and competed in many dance competi-
     For most of the season, the Big Blue Tigers
starred down the possibility of a conference title,
                                                               Ms. Smith did well in school, and
like any champion would, only to have it escape
                                                          was apart of Mu Alpha Theta math team,
their gaze with one game remaining in the season.
                                                          Beta club honors and deans list her fresh-
     This caused disappointment in the eyes of many
                                                          man year in college.
Big Blue’s fans, and while it should not take away
                                                               “Dancing is my life,” said Smith.
from the season this great team had, to many it did.
                                                          “When I’m dancing I can forget my prob-
     In the opener, against Alabama A&M
University, the Tigers snapped a 4 game losing
                                                               Her junior year in high school, Smith
streak to their annual opponent, including a spectac-
                                                          won first place in a competition along
ular showing from transfer student JaJuan Spillman,
                                                          with a few group awards. From 2005 to
who in his first game with Big Blue returned a kick
                                                          2007, Tangela was a cheerleader for the
for a touchdown that would spark the rout.
                                                          Patriots, her high school team. Tangela
     At the John Merritt Classic, the Tigers showed
                                                          was featured in basketball games, football
a fighting spirit and determination that would seem
                                                          games and competitions with her cheer-
to define this season in a 34-32 victory over the
                                                          leading team.
Southern University Jaguars.
                                                               Now in her second year at TSU,
     They would follow up the big win, with an even
                                                          Smith is a member of the Tigergem dance
bigger performance at the Southern Heritage Classic                                                      it takes hard work and dedication. All              “My Christmas wish list isn’t so big
                                                          team. Tigergem’s are featured at basket-
against Jackson State University, crushing the Tigers 41-                                                21 girls have to go through an interview       this year,” Smith said. “As a college stu-
                                                          ball games on the sidelines and short per-
18, and earning a spot in the Division 1 AA top 25 poll.                                                 process, learn a dance, practice for a day     dent, money works for me.”
                                                          formances during half time.
     After the game, Antonio Heffner, the Tigers start-                                                  and audition.                                       Smith is ready to take on finals, so
                                                               “I wanted to be a Tigergem because I
ing quarterback who had been battling injuries all                                                            This ‘Gem’ is looking forward to          she can get ready for the holiday.
                                                          liked the team,” Smith said. “I really liked
season, delivered a fitting ending to the night by pro-                                                  seeing and spending time with family and            “This break never comes soon
                                                          the dances they did last year.
posing to his girlfriend in front of the entire crowd.                                                   getting her things together for her new        enough, but it’s the most wonderful time
                                                               Do not think being a ‘Gem’ is easy;
     At the Atlanta Football Classic, the then 4-0                                                       apartment during the holidays.                 of the year,” Smith said. •
tigers would drop their first game to the20hands of

                                                            Tigers drop conference opener to EIU
Florida A&M University.
     On Oct. 18, on a chilly night in Nashville, one
of this years best moments played out at LP field, as
senior Kicker Eric Benson sent the entire Tigers’ fans By Patrick Comer                                  charge. The Tigers used a 6-0 run at the 8     the team in scoring with 14 points on only
home happy as they took on Austin Peay University.                                                       minute mark to close the margin to 56-53       5-of-15 shooting with seven assists. His
     Benson booted a 29-yard field goal through the Sports Editor                                        as Jerrell Houston and Gerald Robinson         shooting woes on the night were much
uprights with only two seconds to pull out a 37-34                                                       made back-to-back lay-ups.                     like that of the rest of the team as the
victory. For him, it was the second time in three                                                             Jeremiah Crutcher pulled TSU to           Tigers shot a meager 35 percent from the
weeks where he was called on to deliver the decid-             The Tigers dropped their second
                                                          straight game on Thursday night against        within three points with 3:55 left on a pair   field. This also includes a 4 for 22 shoot-
ing blow to their opponents.                                                                             of free throws but that was as close as the    ing night from behind the arc.
     Homecoming proved to be a memorable night            Eastern Illinois University, 71-61.
                                                               The game was the conference opener        Tigers would get.                                    Darius Cox and Stephen Evans each
for the fans as Javarris Williams tied Charles Anthony                                                        EIU would extend their lead as a          added 13 points for the Tigers including
for the most rushing touchdowns in school history.        for both teams as the Tigers dropped to
                                                          2-4 overall. EIU improved to 2-4 on the        result of free-throws and an Ousmane           Evans 11 points he scored in the second
     He would then go ahead and move atop it all                                                         Cisse lay-up to go up by seven, 62-55,         half.
along the next week as the Tigers would complete          year, 1-0 in the OVC.
                                                               Tyler Laser led the Panthers with         with 2:53 on the clock.                              Jerrell Houston pulled in, a game
a perfect record at home for the first time since LP                                                          Cox's baseline jumper on the next         high, 11 rebounds and scored seven points
field opened up.                                          10 first half points as they opened with a
                                                          37-26 halftime lead. Laser would finish        possession brought the Tigers within five      to go along with them.
     Despite what happened the last two weeks of                                                         but EIU's seven-of-eight free throw shoot-           Up next for the Tigers are the
the season Big Blue’s fans have had a lot to cheer        with 15.
                                                               Laser later pushed the EIU lead to        ing down the stretch held off the Tigers       Alabama A&M Bulldogs Sunday Dec.14
about take away from this great season the team                                                          for the win.                                   in Normal, Ala. at 5:00p.•
had and should be excited looking forward to next         13 points at 49-36 with 11:56 left in
                                                          the game before the Tigers made their               On the game three Tigers scored in
season.•                                                                                                 double digits. Gerald Robinson, Jr. led
18   December 8, 2008 • The Meter   ADVERTISEMENT   Tennessee State University
Tennessee State University   SPORTS   December 8, 2008 • The Meter   19
20   December 8, 2008 • The Meter   ADVERTISEMENT   Tennessee State University

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