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									  Honor Roll of Donors, 2006–07
    Between July 1, 2006,              University                                Alfred E. and Ruth B. Heller          Peter Lambert (’75)
                                                                                 Paul and Anne E. Irwin‡               Jean and L. W. Lane Jr.
        and June 30, 2007,
                                       Benefactors                               Barbara L. Jorgensen (d)              Glen G. and Marian Langdon
 more than 10,700 alumni,                                                        Narinder S. and Satinder Kapany†      Erik M. Lauritzen (d)
      parents, individuals,            (cumulative gifts)                        David E. Kaun                         David S. Lee
                                                                                 Gloria and Ken Levy                   Anuradha Luther Maitra†
        and organizations              Individual Benefactors                    Rebecca and James C. Morgan           Sidhartha Maitra (d)
 supported UC Santa Cruz                                                         The Family of Juei-Ming Ong           Kiran and Arjun Malhotra†
                                       Gifts Totaling $5,000,000 or more
     with gifts or pledges                                                       Rena Perlino (d)                      Dominic W. and Karen Massaro
                                       Jack Baskin and Peggy Downes Baskin†      Bernice H. Porter (d)                 Melanie J. Mayer
    totaling $100 or more.                                                       Pat S. (’88) and Rowland K. Rebele‡   Frances B. McAllister
                                       Gifts Totaling $1,000,000 to $4,999,999
 This Honor Roll of Donors                                                       Katherine M. Sage (d)                 George Ow and Gail Michaelis-Ow‡
                                       Anonymous Donor
                                                                                 Barbara M. Shields                    David Packard (d)
      acknowledges those               Elena Baskin (d)
                                                                                 Norman Shields (d)                    Christopher W. (’84) and Karen Payne
             contributors.             Charles Griffin Farr (d)
                                                                                 Richard and Mary Solari               Edward and Camille Stahl Penhoet
                                       Florence J. French (d)
                                                                                 Donald and Marion Younger (d)         Jesse C. Rabinowitz (d)
                                       Alfred E. Hahn (d)
                                                                                                                       Henry P. Renard
University Benefactors                 Philip and Ardis Hyde (d)                 Gifts Totaling $100,000 to $249,999
                                                                                                                       Esther L. Rice (d)
(pages 1-3) are individuals, foun-     Pirkle Jones                              William E. Ackerknecht                Ted and Adele Right (d)
                                       Christian K. Keesee                       Peter C. (’83) and Karen G. Adams
dations, businesses, and other                                                                                         Barry Ross
                                       Anne F. and Paul D. Levin†                Rolf S. Augustine
organizations that have made                                                                                           Craig (’78) and Amy Schiffer
                                       Joseph M. Long (d)‡                       Jean Beevers
cumulative contributions of                                                                                            Paul Schranz
                                       Robert M. Long                            Ruth L. Bittman (d)
$50,000 or more over the history                                                                                       Porter Sesnon (d)
                                       Kumar and Vijaya Malavalli†               Joseph and Sara (d) Bunnett
of the campus. The 21st Century                                                                                        William T. Sesnon Jr. (d)
                                       Adolph C. and Mary Sprague Miller (d)     Eugene and Aline Burkett (d)
Club (pages 3–4) acknowledges                                                                                          Barbara Sheriff (d)
                                       Kiyoko M. “Kit” Mura-smith (’75) and      Donn R. and Judy Campion              William R. Shields
those who have made deferred             John A. Ware‡                           Charles L. and Cherri Canfield        Alan B. Simpkins (d)
gifts or provisions in their estates   Julie Packard (’74) and Robert N.         Barbara Sesnon Cartan (d)             Phyllis F. Simpkins
that will benefit UC Santa Cruz.         Stephens (’73)‡                         Jane Carver                           Robert A. and Carol Simpkins
                                       H. Boyd and Deborah Seymour               Bijoy G. and Joya Chatterjee          Robert L. and Karen Sinsheimer†
Alumni Contributors (those             Barbara K. Snader (d)                     Ellen W. Chu (’71)                    Albert B. Smith (d)‡
who attended UCSC for three or         Harry O. Warren (d)                       Donald T. (d) and Emily E. Clark      M. Brewster and Deborah Smith
more quarters, pages 4–14) are         Gifts Totaling $500,000 to $999,999
                                                                                 Margarete Didden-Ilksen (d)           Claire E. Sommargren
listed by class year and giving                                                  Jerome and Sylvia Drexler‡            Rebecca (d) and Steve Sooy
                                       Morley and Frances Baer (d)               Yolanda A. and Chris J. Dybdahl‡
society. If listed with a spouse or                                                                                    R. Tod and Catherine Spieker‡
                                       Elspeth G. Bobbs                          Dorothy Nadine Emigh (d)
partner, the UCSC alumnus/a                                                                                            Audrey E. Stanley
                                       William H. and Susan B. Irwin (d)         Lawrence Ferlinghetti
of that class year is listed first.                                                                                    Winifred J. Steiner
                                       Jean H. Langenheim                        David W. Graves (’74) and Elizabeth
If both are alumni, the listing is                                                                                     Roger W. and Isobel Sturgeon
                                       Roberta Lumb (d)                            McKinne‡                            R. Michael and Eileen M. Tanner‡
followed by *.                         Dean E. (d) and Jane McHenry‡             Michael P. (’70) and Sally Graydon†   Angus E. and Patsy Taylor (d)‡
                                       Charles E. Merrill Jr.                    M.R.C. Greenwood†                     Gloria Hihn Welsh
Parent Contributors (parents of        Paul L. Newman and Joanne Woodward        Layne G. Halliday                     Malcolm C. Williams (d)
current students, pages 14–20)         Miller and Bunny Outcalt (d)              John L. Halverson (d)                 W. Todd and Corinne Wipke
and Individual Contributors            Siegfried B. Puknat (d)                   Clara-Belle Hamilton (d)              John M. Woodward (’74) and Leslie
(donors who are not alumni or          Gordon M. Ringold (’72) and Tanya         Rose P. Hand (d)                        Lingaas (’74)‡
                                         Zarucki†                                George H. Hare
current parents, pages 20–33),                                                                                         Constance S. Wright
are listed according to giving         Gifts Totaling $250,000 to $499,999       Ruth J. Hare (d)
                                                                                 William M. Hilton Jr. and Elena       Gifts Totaling $50,000 to $99,999
society. Business, Foundation,         Anonymous Donors
and Organization Contributors                                                      Delgado                             Anonymous Donors
                                       Sara B. and C. Donald Allen Jr.†
(pages 33–36) and Trusts (page                                                   George P. Hitchcock                   Charles D. (’72) and Elaine Adams
                                       Narpat and Chandra Bhandari†
                                                                                 Elise Hoffman (d)                     Glenn L. Allen Jr.
36) are listed alphabetically          Ramesh H. Bhojwani†
                                                                                 Thelma Hoffman (d)                    Eliza C. (’75) and Arthur G. Anderson‡
according to organization type.        Stephen A. (’79) and Mona Bruce
                                                                                 Emmet T. Hooper (d)                   Linda D. (’89) and William Anderson
                                       Donald E. and Diane P. Cooley†
                                                                                 Leanore T. Hooper                     Harry Beevers (d)
UC Santa Cruz Foundation               Gordon Crary
                                                                                 Harold A. and Dorothy L. Hyde‡        Jessica A. Bernhardt and Ted C.
Trustees currently serving are         Ethel Hammond Curtis (d)
                                                                                 Persis Hyde (d)                         Goldstein (’83)
indicated by †, and former trust-      Margaret Lyons Giberson and Alan G.
                                                                                 Charlotte I. Jackson (d)              Robert H. Bisno
ees by ‡. Honorary Gifts (page                                                   Dirk A. and Charlene C. Kabcenell     Daniel J. Brimm
                                       Arthur A. and Carol Graham‡
5) and Memorial Gifts (page 19)                                                  David Kashtan                         Theodore E. Burke
                                       Craig Griswold
made during the 2006–07 year                                                     William and Marina Kast               Barbara W. Canfield†
                                       Raymonde J. Griswold
are also recognized. Deceased                                                    David S. and Rachel Kliger†           Alison Keeler Carrillo
                                       John M. Halliday†
donors are indicated by (d).                                                     Robert P. and Rosalie Kraft           Robert Carroll
                                       Lou Harrison (d)
                                                                                 Ernest T. “Bud” and Jean              Anita E. Cary
                                       Kamil and Talat F. Hasan†
                                                                                   Kretschmer (d)‡                     Dennis Cavallari
                                       Robert and Virginia Heinlein (d)

John T. Chapin (d)                        Robert J. Scowcroft                       San Francisco Foundation                 Henry Luce Foundation
Barbara (’85) and John Chilton            Barbara Jones Sedletzky                   H. Boyd Seymour Jr. Trust                Lucent Technologies
Henry D. Chu (’72) and May Chou           Joseph H. and June Chavez Silverman (d)   Silicon Valley Community Foundation      Gerena E. Macgowan Trust
Alan L. Cima                              William and M. B. Rawson Simpkins         Alfred P. Sloan Foundation               March of Dimes Birth Defects
Nell S. and Lee H. Cliff‡                 John B. Simpson‡                          Barbara K. Snader Trust                    Foundation
Catherine R. and Robert G. Cooper         Garry A. Spire (’77) and Ramyne Khan†     Spencer Foundation                       Mary E. Thush Estate
Newton A. (d) and Marion A. Cope‡         Howard Stein                              Stupski Family Foundation                Microelectronics Advanced Research
Steve Crouch                              Norman H. and Charlotte Strouse (d)       Sun Microsystems                           Corporation
Richard R. (’77) and Alison Crowell‡      Barry Swenson                             UCSC Alumni Association                  Paul Newman Charitable Giving
Richard L. DePofi                         William G. and Carol M. Symons (d)        Brett Weston Archive                     Pacific Bell
Helmut G. Diener                          Kenneth V. and Ann M. Thimann (d)                                                  Karen and Christopher Payne
                                                                                    Gifts Totaling $500,000 to $999,999
Susan Sesnon Dolkas                       Amanda Kay Topper (’75)                                                              Foundation
Stephen and Christine Domenik‡            Elsie W. Triebig (d)                      Agouron Institute                        Pew Charitable Trust
Lisa R. Eltinge (’78) and Jonathan        Thomas and Patricia Vani†                 Cisco Systems                            Pharmix Corporation
  Burton                                  Antonio R. (’75) and Isabel Guzman        Community Foundation of Santa Cruz       RAMCO
Ruth and Samuel G. Engel (d)                Velasco (’77)†                            County                                 Rebele Living Trust
Norval and Mary C. Fairman                Judy L. (’71) and Carl E. Walsh†          Crown Zellerbach                         Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell
Kenneth A. (’71) and Moira G. (’72)       Gerald Weber (’80) and Suzanne Holt       Walter and Elise Haas Fund                 Cancer Research Fund
  Feingold‡                               Jean and Tim Weiss                        Clarence E. Heller Charitable            San Francisco Estuary Institute
Jerry F. Feldman                          Albert E. and Eleanor Whitford (d)          Foundation                             Shell
Helen Y. and Bob (d) Goode                Ronald J. and Mary M. Wickum              John S. and James L. Knight Foundation   Stephen M. Silberstein Foundation
Cynthia Grenfell                          Virginia C. and Terry G. Wilson‡          John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur       W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone
Elinor R. Heller (d)                      Jonathan C. and Jill C. Winston             Foundation                               Foundation
George Hofford                            Bruce G. (d) and Mary E. Woolpert‡        Charles E. Merrill Trust                 Tosk
Otto Julius Holmok (d)                    Stephen and Jean Wyckoff (d)‡             Microsoft Corporation                    University of California, Berkeley
Carolyn Hyatt                             Viola Zorn (d)                            Morgan Family Foundation                 Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation
Bruce W. Hyman                            Guillermo (d) and Gloria Zuniga           National Semiconductor                   Xilinx
Marcia Landels Hyman (d)‡                                                           Nature Conservancy
                                                                                    Newman’s Own/Newman’s Own                Gifts Totaling $100,000 to $249,999
Michael M. and Grace Jacobs               Business, Foundation, and
John W. and Helen B. Jarman (d)           Organization Benefactors                    Organics                               Affymax Research Institute
David Jonson                                                                        Packard Humanities Institute             Agilent Technologies
Sonia L. and Phillipe Kahn                Gifts Totaling $5,000,000 or more         Peregrine Fund                           Ahmanson Foundation
James A. and Sylvia Katzman               William and Flora Hewlett Foundation      Pew Charitable Trusts                    Alaska SeaLife Center
Stanley and Elvera Kipman (d)             Howard Hughes Medical Institute           Silicon Valley Overland Robotics         Altera Corporation
David P. Kirk and Larry Millsap           Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation           Association                            American Foundation for AIDS
Harwood Kolsky                            David and Lucile Packard Foundation       Spruce Street Foundation                   Research
Koshland Family                           Texas Instruments                         Stuart Foundation                        American Petroleum Institute
Jayne Ann Castle Krentz (’70) and Frank                                             Symantec Corporation                     Amgen
                                          Gifts Totaling $1,000,000 to $4,999,999   Wachovia Foundation                      Amoco
Edward D. Landels (d)                     American Cancer Society                                                            Apple Computer
                                                                                    Gifts Totaling $250,000 to $499,999
Burney J. Le Boeuf and Joanne Reiter      American Chemical Society                                                          Aramco Services Company
  (’75)‡                                  ARCS Foundation                           Anonymous Foundation                     AT&T
Travis Lee                                AVI CHAI                                  Alias America Corporation                Avago Technologies
Norman S. and Mary Kate Lezin‡            Bridge Information Systems                Allstate Foundation                      Bank of America Foundation
George A. and Linda E. Malloch‡           Cadence Design Systems                    ARCO                                     Barkley Fund
Patrick E. and Gail J. (’88) Mantey‡      Carnegie Corporation of New York          Bhandari Foundation                      S. D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation
Homer T. and Emma McCrary                 S. H. Cowell Foundation                   Margaret Ingalls Bodfish Trust           Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Fredaline and Harry McDonald              Digital Equipment Corporation             Burroughs Corporation                    Beckman Instruments
Nion T. McEvoy†                           Charles Griffin Farr Trust                Burroughs Wellcome                       BHP Billiton
Mary and Donald McKenzie                  Ford Foundation                           California Institute of Technology       Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Lawrence Michaels (d)‡                    Goldman Sachs Foundation                  Chicago Zoological Society               Burroughs Wellcome
John J. and Rebecca Moores                Gray Whale Ranch Investors and            Columbia Foundation                      California Endowment
Richard L. and Nancy Morgan                  Gray Whale Ranch Properties            Community Foundation for Monterey        California Public Interest Research
Shiv and Kiran Nadar                      Hewlett-Packard                             County                                   Group
Arthur N. Nelson (d)                      IBM                                       Compton Foundation                       California Wellness Foundation
Anna L. Nickel (d)                        Intel                                     Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County    Canon
Bernard and Priscilla Oliver (d)          Jewish Community Federation               Educational Foundation of America        Hugh Stuart Center Charitable Trust
C. Leo Ortiz and Carolyn Reynolds         Walter S. Johnson Foundation              Ellison Medical Foundation               CERES
  Ortiz                                   Joyce Foundation                          Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift     Chevron Research and Technology
Alan and Beatrice Parker (d)              W. M. Keck Foundation                       Fund                                   CIDA Technology
Norman and Gertrude Pendleton (d)         W. K. Kellogg Foundation                  Flora Family Foundation                  Coast Commercial Bank
Noel Perry                                Kresge Foundation                         FP International                         Community Technology Foundation of
Thomas J. and Margot L. Pritzker          J. M. Long Foundation                     General Signal Thinfilm Company            California
Alice Reed (d)                            Los Alamos National Security              Hasan Family Foundation                  ConocoPhillips Company
David B. and Lynn M. Regan‡               Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust        Robert and Virginia Heinlein Trust       Cooley Family Trust
Kanwal S. and Ann Rekhi                   MLB Foundation                            James Irvine Foundation                  Arie and Ida Crown Memorial
Karen Rhodes and Robert Weiner‡           Noyce Foundation                          Japan Foundation                         Danforth Foundation
Pamela A. Roby                            Oregon State University                   Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation         Dow Chemical Company Foundation
Barbara Rogoff                            Bernard Osher Foundation                  Koret Foundation                         Drexler Foundation
Lillian McPherson Rouse (d)               PALCO Laboratories                        Landmark Graphics Corporation            Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation
                                          Rockefeller Foundation                    Gary Licker Trust                        Duke University

Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery             Screen Imaging Technology                  Fifth Third Bank                        Roche Bioscience
El Rancho San Benito                     Semiconductor Research Corporation         Financing for Science and Industry      Rohm and Haas Company
Environmental Systems Research           Porter Sesnon Foundation                   Foundation for Deep Ecology             Salad King
   Institute                             Barbara Sheriff Trust                      Perry F. French Family Trust            Santa Cruz Sentinel
Evans and Sutherland                     Silicon Graphics                           Fujitsu Laboratories                    SBC Foundation
Exxon                                    Simpson Timber Company                     Galileo Laboratories                    Schwab Foundation for Learning
First National Bank of San Jose          Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust          Genentech                               Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Max C. Fleischmann Foundation            Solari Charitable Trust                    Genopsys                                Science Applications International
Flintridge Foundation                    Southcoast Wilderness Sanctuary            Geophysical Development Corporation       Corporation
Ernest A. Forssgren Trust                Spieker Companies                          Geotrace Technologies                   Seagate Technology
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation                  ST2 Foundation                             Glaxo Wellcome                          SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation          Storage Technology Corporation             David B. Gold Foundation                SETI Institute
J. Paul Getty Trust                      George B. Storer Foundation                Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund          Shadowbrook Restaurant
Global Software Corporation              Sunlight Foundation                        Google                                  Sharp Laboratories of America
W. T. Grant Foundation                   Syntex Research                            Greater Bay Bank                        L. J. and Mary Skaggs Foundation
Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation        System Studies                             Harvard University                      Skoll Foundation
Halliday Foundation                      R. Michael Tanner Trust                    HCL Technologies America                Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Lou Harrison Estate                      Tektronix                                  Headstrong Services                     Spaceport Systems International
John Randolph Haynes and Dora            Telik                                      William Randolph Hearst Foundation      Speech Technology Laboratory
   Haynes Foundation                     John Templeton Foundation                  George P. Hitchcock Trust               Winifred J. Steiner Trust
Heller Charitable and Educational Fund   True North Foundation                      Industrial Areas Foundation             Symantec
F. Hoffmann-LaRoche                      Universities Space Research Association    Institute for Advanced Study            Franklin Templeton Bank and Trust
Hyde Family Trust                        University of Arizona                      Integrated Device Technology            Texaco Philanthropic Foundation
Island Conservation and Ecology Group    USENIX Association                         Integrated Solutions                    Mariel R. Thorp Trust
Jet Propulsion Laboratory                Vanguard Group                             InterMune                               3Com Corporation
Kearney Foundation of Soil Science       Vector Laboratories                        International Human Frontier Science    TOSA Foundation
Ada Howe Kent Foundation                 Wallace Genetic Foundation                   Programs                              Trianon Press
Korea Telecom Corporation                Washington Mutual Foundation               Islands Fund                            Veritas DGC
Kosan Biosciences                        Wells Fargo                                Michael and Grace Jacobs Family Trust   VIA Technologies
Kretschmer Revocable Trust               Dean Witter Foundation                     Robert Wood Johnson Foundation          Victor Technologies
David S. Lee Trust                       YY Labs                                    Kativik School Board                    Wallis Foundation
Lighthouse Information Systems           ZMOS Technology                            Sylvia and Jim Katzman Foundation       Washington Mutual Foundation
Lightwaves 2020                                                                     Robert T. Keeler Foundation             Weiss Family Trust
                                         Gifts Totaling $50,000 to $99,999
Linguistic Society of America                                                       Henry P. Kendall Foundation             Western Geco
Logic Automation                         Amber Engineering                          Khan Spire Family Foundation            Helen Hay Whitney Foundation
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School             American Council of Learned Societies      King’s Plaza Shopping Center            Ronald Wickum, D.D.S.
   Publishing Company                    American Society for Engineering           Kinnetic Laboratories                   Working Partnerships USA
Margoes Foundation                         Education                                L. S. B. Leakey Foundation              Wyse Technology
MasPar Computer Corporation              Amoco                                      Lee-Kahn Foundation                     Yahoo
Richard McGraw Foundation                Anadarko Petroleum                         Lockheed Martin
                                         Applied Materials
McKnight Foundation
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation              Asian Cultural Teachings
                                                                                    Richard Lounsbery Foundation
                                                                                    LSI Logic Corporation
                                                                                                                            21st Century Club
Mitsubishi Corporation                   Association of Universities for Research   Makhteshim Agan                         Anonymous Donor
Monsanto Company                           in Astronomy                             James S. McDonnell Foundation           Charles (’72) and Elaine Adams
Moore Family Foundation                  Banbury Fund                               Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation       Rolf S. Augustine
MultiGiG                                 Barry Swenson Builder                      Monterey Peninsula Foundation           Frances Baer (d)
Nanoconduction                           Big Creek Lumber                           Moores Foundation                       Marietta Louise and Stephen Bartoletti
National Geographic Society              BP America                                 Charles Stewart Mott Foundation         Jack Baskin and Peggy M. Downes
National Research Council                Sidney S. Byers Charitable Trust           Muscular Dystrophy Association            Baskin†
Network Appliance                        Virginia C. Campbell Trust                 n&k Technology                          Kathleen and Richard Beal
Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation            Anne Jane “Fanny” Carruthers Trust         National Academy of Education           Chip (’75) and Mary Bissell
Occidental College Charitable Fund       Charitable Leadership Foundation           National Academy of Sciences            Clarissa L. Blount (d)
Oki Electric Industry Company            ChevronTexaco                              National Alliance for Autism Research   Marnie Bodek (’74) and Edwin Moss
Oracle Corporation                       Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation                National Fish and Wildlife Foundation   Rita and Thomas Bottoms
Pacific Gas and Electric Company         Christensen Fund                           National Geographic Society             Walter H. (’74) and Betsy Boyes
Elsa U. Pardee Foundation                Clearpoint Research                        National Writing Project                Betsy Buchalter Adler (’70)
Peninsula Community Foundation           Complex Chemicals Corporation              New-Land Foundation                     Joseph and Sara (d) Bunnett
Peregrine Fund (West Coast)              Consulate General of Brazil                Newman’s Own Foundation                 Wayne (’72) and Judy Burger
Pergamon Press PLC                       Marion Cope Revocable Trust                Newman’s Own Organics/Newman’s          Linda C. Burman-Hall and Charles F.
Plantronics                              Corporate Body of the Buddha                 Own                                     Hall (d)
Quantum Corporation                        Educational Foundation                   Ong Corporation                         John Campbell (d)
Research Corporation                     Cure Autism Now Foundation                 Organic Farming Research Foundation     John T. Chapin (d)
Rockwell International Science Center    Dehlsen Foundation                         Pacific Mariculture                     Joan H. Cook
Russell Sage Foundation                  Merritt S. Duncan Trust                    Parallel Computers                      Aleck (’70) and Nancy Darr
Saintsbury                               E-MU Systems                               Peregrine Fund                          Jim (’79) and Jean Davidson
Samsung Electronics Company              Elf Exploration Production                 Philanthropic Ventures Foundation       Pamela E. Davis (’85)
Santa Cruz Business and Professional     EMD Biosciences                            Margot and Thomas J. Pritzker Family    Anita Diaz and Nicholas Meltzer
   Women’s Club                          Epic Design Technology                       Foundation                            William C. Dickinson (’68)
Santa Cruz Operation                     Estate of Robert Strand                    Siegfried Puknat Trust                  Sharon D. Dirnberger
Santa Cruz Seaside Company               Federal Republic of Germany                Repsol YPF                              David Doden‡
                                         Booth Ferris Foundation

Mary Ellen Doden                         Elizabeth Mullen                        Nancy A. and John J. Lingemann           Blue and Gold Club
Mary E. Doyle (’74) and David            Kiyoko M. “Kit” Mura-smith (’75)‡       Victor Nee and Brett de Bary             Margaret Morton Smith
  Greenwood†                             Anne F. and Paul D. Levin†              Suzanne Shellaby                         Marc H. Aarens
Sherwood Dudley                          Gary D. (’73) and Dona Novack†                                                   Christopher and Carol Ames*
Jim Duncan                               Miriam Patchen (d)                      Class of 1968                            Michael and Margaret Arighi
Yolanda A. and Chris J. Dybdahl‡         Rena Perlino (d)                        Gift Total: $3,680                       Timothy A. Beard
Allan J. Dyson and Susan C. Cooper‡      Dan Porter (’70)                        Participation: 9%                        Sharon and Norman Bedell
Stanley J. Farwig (d)                    Christie (d) and Kevin M. Rabe                                                   Patricia Bennett and Timothy Parker*
Kenneth A. (’71) and Moira G. (’72)      Jesse C. Rabinowitz (d)                 Chancellor’s Associates                  Jill Betz
  Feingold‡                              Holly Lynn Ray (’76)                    David Lewis and Elizabeth Sandoval-      Barbara A. Booth
Richard Fenno (’73) and Jan Gillispie    Janet C. Reed                            Lewis*                                  David Brick and Mary Male
Colin E. Fletcher (d)                    Karen Rhodes (’77) and Robert                                                    Barbara and David Bunker
Barbara Franger (d)                        Weiner (’83)‡                         Chancellor’s Circle                      Robert S. D’Intino
John K. Gamman (’74)                     Randal Woods Rogers (’78)               Patrick G. Riley†                        James Dice and Emma Hess*
Deborah and Keith Gardner                Deborah and H. Boyd Seymour Jr.                                                  Robert and Anne Falltrick
Aviva Garrett (’75) and David            Barbara M. Shields                      Redwood Circle                           David and Barbara Grandstaff
  Doshay (’82)                           Robert W. and Barbara Sieker            William C. Dickinson                     Linda and Keith Hale
Lee and Dan Gilbert                      Jeff Skala (’85)                        Evangelina E. and Alfredo Mirande        Gregg Herken and Linda Switzer
Allan J. (’67) and Nan K. Goodman†       M. Brewster and Deborah Smith                                                    Breta and Bruce Holgers*
Margaret N. Gordon and Alan W. Ritch     Barbara K. Snader (d)                   Fiat Lux Society
                                                                                                                          Ellen Janowitz
William A. Grant                         Audrey E. Stanley                       Lauren Crux and Canon Western*
                                                                                                                          Jeffrey and Susan Kluewer*
Barbara and Ronald E. Grieson            Jean and Jim Stanley                    Kathleen and Dane Hardin*
                                                                                                                          Margaret W. Krausse
Tom Griggs (’75)                         Loren A. Steck (’73) and Annette C.     Allan M. and Andrea Harris
                                                                                                                          Duncan and Deborah Lindsey
Isebill V. Gruhn and Dale R. Johnson       Yee†                                  Maria Tankenson Hodge
                                                                                                                          Lotte and Alan Marcus
Paul J. Hall (’72)†                      Geraldine Sweet                         Arlene and Roy Trowbridge
                                                                                                                          Steven E. Mendelson
John M. Halliday†                        Angus E. Taylor (d)‡                                                             William and Elizabeth Menkin*
                                                                                 Blue and Gold Club
Layne G. Halliday                        Marion E. Taylor                                                                 Stephan Miller and Terry Dash
                                                                                 Alys Briggs
Barbara and Jim Hammond (d)              David J. Thomas                                                                  Christine M. Moffitt
                                                                                 Bruce Buckingham
Donna Haraway and Erik Hogness (’93)     Mary E. Thush (d)                                                                Gwen and Jim Neary
                                                                                 Barbara E. Corona-Sutton
Joan Harrington-Trenbeth                 Edward Tighe (’75)                                                               Sherry Riddick and Dennis Lang
                                                                                 Bruce and Breta Holgers*
Lou Harrison (d)                         Amanda Kay Topper (’75)                                                          Katherine E. Stoner
                                                                                 Lesli Min
Jennifer Hassett (’76)                   Elsie W. Triebig (d)                                                             Penny and Robert Weiss
                                                                                 Barry L. and Crispen Walton
W. Kevin Hassett (’76)                   Douglas B. (’83) and Anneliese Tucker                                            Lani Yoshimura
                                                                                 Natalie and Robert Warren
Elsie Hermann (’73)                      Blade C. Underwood
                                                                                 Steve Zoloth
George P. Hitchcock                      Linda Valdes (’86) and Nicholas                                                  Class of 1970
George Hofford                             Bilardello                                                                     Gift Total: $115,494
Mark Hofstadter (’70) and David Zurlin   Marian Wagstaff
                                                                                 Class of 1969
                                                                                 Gift Total: $18,173                      Participation: 14%
William S. Howe Jr.                      Bonnie Webb (’73) and Lee Grisham
                                                                                 Participation: 13%
Kathleen Hughes (’89) and Kate           Patricia A. Weenolsen (’82)                                                      Gold Chancellor’s Associates
  McGirr                                 Melanie McCabe White (’71) and Frank                                             Michael and Sally Graydon†
                                                                                 Silver Chancellor’s Associates
Harold A. and Dorothy L. Hyde‡             White                                                                          Robert C. Strand (d)
                                                                                 Jock Reynolds and Suzanne Hellmuth
Paul and Anne E. Irwin‡                  Robert L. and Bonda L. White‡
Virginia and George R. Jansen            Constance S. Wright                                                              Silver Chancellor’s Associates
                                                                                 Chancellor’s Circle
Helen I. Johnson                                                                                                          Jayne Ann Castle Krentz and Frank
                                                                                 Sonne Lemke
Verna Johnston
Pirkle Jones
                                         Alumni Contributors                     Allen and Linda Luger
                                                                                                                          Linda S. Peterson
                                                                                 Joan and Donald Scott
Fred Keeley                                                                      Russell and Melissa Smith
David P. Kirk                            Class of 1967                                                                    Chancellor’s Associates
Stephen C. Klein (’72)‡                  Gift Total: $7,995                                                               Norma J. Maraschin
                                                                                 Redwood Circle
David S. and Rachel Kliger†              Participation: 8%                       Mike and Kathy Gerber*
Jayne Ann Castle Krentz (’70) and                                                                                         Chancellor’s Circle
                                                                                 Carol and Kenneth Kasses
  Frank Krentz                           Chancellor’s Associates                                                          Clifford A. Bernie
                                                                                 Pamela Pierson and Allan Levy
Ernest T. “Bud” Kretschmer‡              Allan and Nan Goodman†                                                           Betsy Buchalter Adler
                                                                                 Eileen S. Swirsky and Lyle L. Merithew
Peter C. Lambert (’75)                                                                                                    Scott G. Clayton
Jean H. Langenheim                       Chancellor’s Circle                                                              Robert and Marilyn Moore
                                                                                 Fiat Lux Society
Erik M. Lauritzen (d)                    Robert and Carol Dodge                                                           Jeffrey and Nancy Sue
                                                                                 Robert and Nancy Bell*
Nancy S. Lenz                            Ann M. Hirose                                                                    Lela and Don Willet
                                                                                 Peter and Roberta Braun*
Allison Rubenstein Levy and Frank                                                Jeff and Mary Brittan
  Levy                                   Redwood Circle                                                                   Redwood Circle
                                                                                 James and Victoria Brown*
Gary M. Licker (d)                       David and Margie Guggenhime                                                      Susan Ashley
                                                                                 Stephanie Fein and David Lakes
Valerie Anne Lovett                      Judith and Jeffrey Milman*                                                       Stephanie Wood Coleman
                                                                                 Cathy and Gary Meyer
Bruce (’79) and Linda Lymburn                                                                                             Aleck and Nancy Darr
                                                                                 Richard L. Pearson
George A. and Linda E. Malloch‡          Fiat Lux Society                                                                 Carole and Al Kelley*
                                                                                 Ted Silveira and Lorraine Sintetos*
Zoe Ann Orr Marcus (d)‡                  Dane and Kathleen Hardin*                                                        Judith and John Luce
                                                                                 Carter P. Smith
Donna Maurillo (’78)                     M. Suzanne and Lawrence Hess                                                     Maranell McKnew
                                                                                 Gerry Stokes
Jay D. McEvoy                            Vera and Andrew McLean                                                           Richard D. Weller
                                                                                 Paul Tara and Mary Ann Mc Kinnon-
Jane S. McHenry                          Susan and Marvin Young
                                                                                   Tara*                                  Fiat Lux Society
Charles E. Merrill Jr.                                                           Charles and Denise Worth*
                                         Blue and Gold Club                                                               Phyllis J. Anderson and Alan L.
Kathryn E. Metz
                                         William and Kathy Crowley                                                          Fahrenbruch
Whitney (’82) and Richard Miller (’79)
                                         Paul M. Gruwell and Maria Gruwell
                                         Arthur S. Leaffer
Roberta and Peter Braun*              Chancellor’s Circle                     David Morrison                        Kenneth Kendler and Susan Miller*
Barbara Chatton                       Bill and Joan Brugge                    Janet and Dennis Mulshine             Richard McLaughlin and Diana Upton
James Crane and Karla Forsythe        Singne and Robert Coe                   S. Edward Parks Jr.                   Alyce and Richard Prudden
Dave Crook and Cyndi Chambers-        Timothy and Barbara Leach               Lloyd Price and Katherine Matlack*    Lisa Rose and Kenneth Koenig
  Crook                               Schon Levy and Michael Fehler           Cary and Clifford Quayle              Robert and Alison Sawyer*
Jeffrey and Sarah Grant               Alice Pasetta Mead                      Craig Schaffer                        Lynne Valek and Dean Gordon*
Pamela Gross                          Steven Raas                             Joanne Scherr and Michael Butnik      Linda Wilshusen and Rock
Louise Lockard                                                                Dougald and Virginia Scott              Pfotenhauer*‡
Anthony and Nancy Marsh               Redwood Circle                          Roz Spafford and John Isbister
David and Robin Minor                 Reid and Laura Becker                   Jeanette Spangle and Alan Walfield
Glenn Oppenheim
Adrien S. Rivin
                                      Katherine H. Canavan
                                      Jeffrey and Phyllis Miller
                                                                              Susan I. Swift
                                                                              Maria M. Von Brincken
                                                                                                                      Honorary Gifts
Thomas and Emily Rowe                 Judy L. and Carl E. Walsh†              Sara and John Walsh*                    Gifts were given in honor of the
                                                                                                                      following individuals.
Steven and Alice Schnaidt             Frank Zwart and Julia Armstrong-Zwart   Mike Weber
Peter and Jill Schubart                                                       Martha Hunt Wilson                      Amy Kate Bailey
                                      Fiat Lux Society                        Martha Wolf                             Carol F. Berman
Blue and Gold Club                    Jack and Nell Aiello*                                                           Jane E. Bradford
Carol and Christopher Ames*           Barbara and Sindo Amago                 Class of 1972                           Enda T. Brennan
Susan Isabel Porter Bruce             Nancy and Robert Bell*                  Gift Total: $47,915                     Enid Brock
Raymond Cadei and Toni Moore*         Linda Cook                              Participation: 12%                      Bijoy G. Chatterjee
Carl and Misty Cork                   Carolyn DeFay                                                                   Joya Chatterjee
Mark Andrew Cozad                     Roberta and Roger Dickinson             Gold Chancellor’s Associates            Emily E. Clark
William and Dawnine Dyer*             Michael J. Dorn                         Gordon Ringold and Tanya Zarucki†       May J. Clark
Mark R. Giles                         Dean Gordon and Lynne Valek*                                                    Michael E. Clark
Robert F. Grigsby                     John H. Hardin                          Silver Chancellor’s Associates          Kanit Cottrell
Anita Harten-Kroeber and Karl         Paul and Sheri Howe*                    Henry D. Chu and May Chou               Faye J. Crosby
  Kroeber*                            Robert A. Johnson                       Mark and Linda Schaefer*                Bill Dickinson
Tom and Marlene Haskell               Robin and S. Craig Justice              Jozseph Schultz                         Jack Dubin
Peder and Nancy Jones                 Lauren and William Keenan                                                       Charlotte Ernat
Alexander MacKay and Nancy Van        Edward and Maryann Lee                  Chancellor’s Associates                 Gary Ernat
  Deusen                              Harriola McFeely                        George T. Bennett                       Peter Euben
Michael and Alice Masek*              Chris E. Petzar                         Moira G. and Kenneth A. Feingold*†      Madeleine Fackler
Joseph H. Neipp                       Jack and Cheryl Rabin                   Susan and Alan Goldstein                Stephen W. Fackler
Cherril A. Peabody                    Robert W. Thomas                        Paul J. Hall†                           Elizabeth A. Faust
Paul and Karen Rabwin                 Teri and Price Thomas                   Bruce and Candis Kerns                  Maria C. Freeman
Kathleen and Leif Rideout             Edmond F. Trainor                       Stephen C. Klein‡                       Annette Gordon
Heloise Schaser-Hughes and Gary                                               Roger Peters and Stephanie Moulton      Harold M. Gordon (d)
  Hughes                              Blue and Gold Club                                                              Stephanie Harkness
Isabelle and Michael Scott            John Bakalis and Sara Wilbourne         Chancellor’s Circle                     Gail Joanne Heit
Carroll Seron                         Julie Barker                            Steven and Mary Bignell                 John W. Isbister
Peter D. Solomon                      Maggie Barr                             Anthony and Victoria de Alcuaz          Virginia Jansen
Paul M. Sommers                       Barbara Beck and Tim Brattin            Thomas English and Vicki Ono*           Lourdes Martínez-Echazábal
Carl E. Thune                         Christine Beckstrom                     Robert and Susan Koeppen                Ryan Mayeda
Richard Earl Townsend                 Eileen Blood-Golden and Don Blood       Stefanie Lenway and Tom Murtha          Roz L. Spafford
Laurel Dimminger Trask and Brian      Margaret Butcher                        Marilyn and Dennis Martin               Ellen K. Suckiel
  Connor                              Deborah Childress                       Steven and Diana Meckfessel             Anne F. Neufeld Levin
Susan C. Turbak                       Duane Claassen                          Florence Nelson and Terence Cuff*       Joseph Michael Lambro
David Vaniman and Donna Gary*         Paul Cofer                              Janet Parkins                           Monica Lee
Linton and Cecilia von Beroldingen*   Susan Zoe Dales                         Walter Rask                             Janet Linthicum
Lawrence and Cristina Wagner          Jean Diamond and Kirk Smith             Carol Pilz Weisskopf and Gene           Evet S. Loewen
Robin Wakshull and Dennis Rutkin      Daniel and Jennifer Dickerson             Weisskopf                             Regina Louise
Robert and Phyllis Walton             Karen Dutina                                                                    John Lynch
Wendy Watson                          Betty Farrell                           Redwood Circle                          Dennis Mathewson
Verne Weber                           Dale Friedman and Joan Bradus           Claire Bunton                           Lois Mathewson
Stephen A. Weldon                     Douglas A. Goepfert                     John C. Coffey                          Molly McGraw
Elizabeth and John Whitaker           Jane Haines                             Bob Grindeland and Janet DeDonato       Al Patrick
Earl Wynn                             Robert Irons                            Pamela S. Jue                           Pamela Patrick
                                      Bette L. Johnson                        Joan Namahana Kerr                      Sean Regan
Class of 1971                         Deborah Kaplan                          John Laird and John Flores              Donald Rothman
Gift Total: $54,214                   William E. Keig                         Rex and Joan Lake                       Riley Shaffer
                                      Karl Kroeber and Anita Harten-          Robert and Jennifer Niederman           Tahli Ariane Singer-Englar
Participation: 13%
                                        Kroeber*                              Mark A. Ober                            Clare Staveley
Gold Chancellor’s Associates          David Leibowitz and Katherine Young     Jay and Jacqueline Stephens             Virginia Steel
Ellen W. Chu                          Samuel and Mary Magill                                                          Marilyn J. Westerkamp
                                      Alice and Michael Masek*                Fiat Lux Society                        Robert L. White
Chancellor’s Associates               Linda McCoy                             John Beard                              Anita Wilhelm
Ken J. and Katherine C. Doctor*†      Richard W. Mead                         Barbara Beerstein and George Badger     Annie Wilson
Kenneth A. and Moira G. Feingold*‡    Elizabeth and William Menkin*           Peter C. Carpou                         Gwen Wilson
James K. Graham                       Linda D. Metaxas                        Bonnie and Stephen Chase                Chauncey Wood
Elizabeth Sandoval-Lewis and David    Paul and Doris Mixon                    Marcia Ehinger                          Sarah Wood
  Lewis*                              Carrol Moran                            Eric and Gail Heit*
                                                                              Douglas Hugh Jones
Blue and Gold Club                       Tim F. Lawton                           Sharon Sinderbrand and Leonard           Joanne Reiter and Burney Le Boeuf†
Marc Alexander and C. Campbell           Gregory Nolten and Kathleen Starkey      Herzstein*                              Lynne G. and Stuart Rovin
Laurie Bennett                           Martha A. Ramirez                       Kathleen Smith and William Kier          Bruce Schmidt and Carol Pillsbury*
Eva Berend                               Jill S. Sakamoto                        Kristen and Bayard Smith                 Robert J. Thomas and Rosanna Hertz
Tobeylynn Birch and Michael Cowan        Russ Scott and Carolyn Villa-Scott      Vaughn and Patty Stumpf                  Kimberley and Bruce Tolley*
Gary L Block                             Patty Short                             Rebecca and John Tammen                  Charles K. Wake
Lorin Brennan                                                                    David Karl White                         Catherine Woodward
Julie L. Chang                           Fiat Lux Society                        Glenn Wilhite                            Kathryn Wunderlich and John Mackesey
Irene Chennell and Mark Steidemann       Jean Gary Barowy                        Michael K. Woo‡
Patricia Brown Coughlan and Scott Hale   Robert and Thelma Brooks                Thomas Wright and Pamela Russell         Blue and Gold Club
John N. Dumermuth                        Jennifer Cook                           Karen Yamashita and Ted Kitada           Alan Allwardt and Jane Reid*
Susanne L. Dyckman                       Ann E. Fox                                                                       Mary Fran and Dane Archer
Bruce A. Engelbert                       Neal Halfon and Jessica Laufer          Class of 1974                            Maxine H. and Phillip Balma
Scott K. Fischer                         Anthony and Louise Huang                Gift Total: $96,496                      Bruce Carroll Baxley
Juan Castanon Garcia                     Rick Jones and Karen Christensen        Participation: 10%                       Linda L. Belanger and David Del Real
Daniel J. Goldstein                      Karen E. Lynch                                                                   Kate Brooks and James Laffan*
Donna E. Healey                          Claire and Richard McAdams              Gold Chancellor’s Associates             Michael Brown and Laura Malakoff
Leonard Herzstein*                       Laurie Devos Moore                      Nion T. McEvoy†                          Louise and Robert Byer
Randall and Carol Huth                   Chalon and Sandy Mullins                Gail Michaelis-Ow and George Ow‡         Timothy Carlson
Lin Ishihara and Eugene Wing             Joseph M. Palacios                      Julie Packard and Robert N. Stephens*‡   Mark and Ragna Christianson
Charles and Arlene Lapin                 Carol Pillsbury and Bruce Schmidt*                                               Jim and Angie Christmann
Ruperto and Mary Luntao                  Carol Rivin and Thomas Dietterich       Silver Chancellor’s Associates           Ronald and Laurie Cooper
Lynn M. Mally                            Alison and Robert Sawyer*               David W. Graves and Elizabeth            Terry and Mark Corwin
Dane A. Olsen                            Richard Stanley and Helen Gibbons*        McKinne‡                               Dawnine and William Dyer*
Judith Totman Parrish-Jones              Glenn and Anna Stewart                                                           Charles Eadie and Kimberley Cary*
Jane and Jeff Rhodes                     Dave and Melinda Straub                 Chancellor’s Associates                  Carolyn L. Fank
Barney Rosen                             Dennis and Lee Williams                 Rachael Spencer and Kevin Rooney         Mark Forry and Frances Hatfield*
Lee Slaff                                                                                                                 Sally Gibert
William E. Spangle and Dora              Blue and Gold Club                      Chancellor’s Circle                      Christina Gutmacher
  DeCoursey                              John and Patricia N. Ashbaugh           Bruce Aidells and Nancy Oakes‡           Ellen and Robert Hirth
Debra Spencer and James Rolens*          Robert K. Benjamin                      Terence Cuff and Florence Nelson*        Paula and Daniel Howard-Greene*
Susan and Thomas Spitz                   Donna Blakemore and Erik Sueberkrop     Charles Steven Haas and Barbara K.       Eric and Suzanne Isken*
Kate K. Stafford                         Jeffrey and Elizabeth Brook              Moran                                   Susan Jensen and Michael Fleming
Catherine Ann Trejo                      Robert R. and Gwen B. Carey             Deborah and William Hackett              Maryann Jones
Cecilia and Linton von Beroldingen*      Clair Arthur Carlson Jr. and Pamela     Nancy and Daniel Hendrix                 Tressa and Daniel Kentner
James and Katharyne Waldon                 Carlson                               Rogers E. and Patricia W. Johnson        William Knox and Kate Markey
Dan L. and Elly Wolf                     Caroline M. Castro                      Charity Kenyon and Michael Eaton*        Steven K. Lau
David S. Zinn                            Ellen B. Cooper                         Robert and Michele Kibrick               Greg Lewis and Gene Taylor
                                         Lon Dubey and Melinda Stern             Gail McGovern and H. Gordon Cox          John Lindley
                                         Rossanna and Chris Dybdahl*             Larry Moskowitz and Louise Packard†
Class of 1973                                                                                                             Sarah E. Mack
Gift Total: $30,925                      Douglass J. Forbes                                                               Victor Mancha
                                         Paul T. Fuller                          Redwood Circle                           Margo McBane and David Foster*
Participation: 12%                                                               Marnie Bodek and Edwin Moss
                                         B. Charles Glenn                                                                 Stephen and Ellise Mills
                                         Don Gonzales                            John and Mary Eagle                      Brian and Ellen Murtha*
Gold Chancellor’s Associates
                                         John and Ysidra Gutierrez*              Catherine Newman Holmes                  Pat O’Neill
Robert N. Stephens and Julie Packard*‡
                                         Amy Kleinstein Hamel*                   Gerry Marsha Mandel                      Lawrence Joseph Ouellet
Silver Chancellor’s Associates           David I. Katzen                         Martha M. Minnich and Kent E. Snyder     Carol and Wilson Pace*
Kathryn D. Sullivan                      John M. Keith                           Patricia Morris and Guy Oliver*          Lois and Fred Phillips*
                                         Harry W. King                           Thomas and Jennifer Rose*                Rebecca Picard and John Allison
Chancellor’s Associates                  John and Janice King                    David Sawi                               Mark and Franca Posner
Katherine C. and Ken J. Doctor*†         Katy Korkos                             Paul Wagner and Margaret Clark*          Michael Raymer and Kathleen Lindlan
Charles A. Lawson                        James E. Kyle                           Lawrence and Joanna Weschler             Kevin Robinson and Martha Scott*
Gary and Dona Novack†                    James Laffan and Kate Brooks*                                                    Josephine Arroyo Rosen
                                         Mimi R. Lewis                           Fiat Lux Society
                                                                                                                          Cheryl Scott and Stephen Robinson
Chancellor’s Circle                      Frank S. Lloyd                          Ken and Melinda Block
                                                                                                                          Pamela A. Silver and Jeff Way
Paul Baren                               Sheilah and John Lynch                  Rick Crane
                                                                                                                          Lamar Spalding and Jewell Hargleroad*
Bruce R. Bowen                           Demian and Peggy Martin                 Marc N. Danziger
                                                                                                                          Scott and Camelia Sutorius
Carol A. Gault                           Marcia G. Martin                        Frederick R. Dettmer
                                                                                                                          Christopher Tarp
Kenneth E. and Lizanne W. Jensen*        Suzanne Meyer and Jerry Budin           Martin and Jill Dodd
                                                                                                                          Ray and Judy Tretheway*
Richard C. and Pamela Kittler            Sloan Nota                              Margaret and Rodgers Faurot
                                                                                                                          Heather J. Urquhart
George A. Malkemus                       Karen and John Nyere                    John K. Gamman
                                                                                                                          Marjorie Wasek
Janet E. Mason                           Ayn Perry                               Randall Grahm and Chinshu Huang
                                                                                                                          Barry Weingast and Susan J. Cohen
Joanne and Eugene Scanlan                Linda J. Philipps                       Gail and Eric Heit*
                                                                                                                          Steve M. Wesolowski and Robin J.
Loren A. Steck and Annette C. Yee†       Tom E. Ralston                          Mark and Amy Jarman*
                                         Enrique Rangel-Ortiz and Maria Rangel   Joshua and Jeanne Kaplan
Redwood Circle                           Ziggy Rendler-Bregman and Jesse         Alan and Robin Lilien
Dena Adelson                               Bregman*                              Lance M. Linares and Laura Lee
Scott Crask                              Indira and Saiful Rimkeit                 Sutherland*
Craig Ishida and Barbara Telford         Sheila L. Y. Sakashita                  Susan and Michael Litman
Samuel Johnson and Katherine Moore       Kathryn and Stanley Scott               Gerard and Nancy Mannion
Mary Alice Kane                          Bruce S. Seidel                         Dency and Moira Nelson*

                                                                                  Syndi B. Master and Timothy J. Symons     Blue and Gold Club
                                     “The social sciences and the                 David and Pamela McClellan                Deborah Abbott and Rebecca Tavish
                                                                                  Pamela Mellon                             Bill and Kathy Baumann
                                     university depend heavily on the             Wilson and Carol Pace*                    Ellen S. Best and Geoffrey A. Anthony
                                     generosity of donors in order to             Beata Panagopoulos                        Jesse Bregman and Ziggy Rendler-
                                     conduct cutting-edge research                Suzanne C. Perry                            Bregman*
                                                                                  Carol Pritchard-Martinez and Ricardo      Elizabeth S. Bremer
                                     and provide the best education                 Martinez*                               Nancy Brynelson
                                     possible. We simply couldn’t do              Gary S. Ribar                             Arlene Burney and Jimmie Reynolds
                                     what we do without their philan-             Patricia and John Rich*                   David B. Farber
                                                                                  Roy and Marsha Rocklin                    Christopher Flick and Marita McCarthy
                                     thropic support.”                            Constance Rutherford                      Andy and Maria Flores
                                                                                  Dan and Karen Ryan                        Hilda and Hal Friedman
                                     Sheldon Kamieniecki, Dean of                 Marlene R. and Scott Sharon               Kathryn A. Furst and Mark R. Kimmel
                                     Social Sciences                              Belen T. Banzon and Dom J. Siababa*‡      Hester Green
                                                                                  Rick K. Smith                             Steven and Vicky Halpern
                                                                                  Edward and Cathi Sweeney*                 Rosemary Hart and Craig Iscoe
Class of 1975                              Amy and Mark Jarman*                   Paul Tatsuta and Leslie Johnson-Tatsuta   Michael and Greta Hutchison‡
Gift Total: $76,900                        Alejandra Morales Juarez               Antonio R. and Isabel Guzman Velasco*†    Paul Iddings
Participation: 11%                         Carlisle Landel and Kathleen Lawler    Robert and Joylene Wagner*                Kurt W. Johnson
                                           Bruce and Robin Larsen*                Karen Wcislo and Steve Danner             Carolyn Kameya
Gold Chancellor’s Associates               Ruddick C. Lawrence                    Ruth Pearl Wilson                         Craig and Robin Lingel
Mark Engel                                 Steve Marsh                            Lambert and Yuri Woo*                     Ruth F. Mackay
Peter C. Lambert                           Martha McGinnis and Donald Wittman     Carl B. Zimm                              Doug Mackinnon
Cynthia and Lars Nordstrom                 Bessie and Harry Miller                                                          Diane Marvin
                                           Gary Pischke and Elizabeth Herbert     Class of 1976                             James Watt McCormick
Silver Chancellor’s Associates             David Plocher and Mary Brittingham     Gift Total: $25,721                       Catherine McGuire and Michael Smith
Karen A. Cogswell                          David and Susan Rose                   Participation: 8%                         Philip McLeod and Shawn Christianson
                                           David Rosenstein                                                                 Megan O’Connor
Chancellor’s Associates                    David Shapiro and Sharon Wheatley      Silver Chancellor’s Associates            Michael O’Hare
Aviva Garrett and David Doshay*            Nancy A. Taylor and David Walker       Joseph C. and Susan Liddicoat             Marlane and Joel Osman
Amanda Kay Topper                          Bruce and Kimberley Tolley*                                                      Lise Peterson and Donald R. Peattie*
                                                                                  Chancellor’s Associates                   Sandra Lynn Petznick
Chancellor’s Circle                        Blue and Gold Club                     Doug Michaels and Helen Dilworth          Fred and Lois Phillips*
Linda Arnold and Edward Hearn              Robert T. Anderson                                                               Peter Lewis Pollock
Eric M. Berg                               Nicole Ballenger                       Chancellor’s Circle                       John and Patricia Rich*
Michael Eaton and Charity Kenyon*          Chip Bates                             David Cohan and Sharon Jacobs Cohan       Michael Rosenthal and Marlene Roggow
Robert J. and Christine Glaser             Bruce Bevan                            Larry deGhetaldi and Lynne Hubenette†     Joseph D. Schleimer
Robert Gries and Helen Garvey              Bryan Burnell                          Steven E. Hopkinson                       Theodore Charles Shorrock
John Albert Hamstra                        Steven and Judith Chamow               Kitty and Mike McMahon                    Ellen M. Shortell and Gene M. Bauer
Larry Hill and Christine Archer            Gretchen A. Currie                     Kimberly and John Mel                     Michael D. Shuler
Barbara Komas and Gary Sloan*              Nancy Edmonson                         Paul and Kristin Seeman                   Michael Staley and Susan Jacobs
Timothy and Heather Matthews               Jane Fabian                                                                      Jeri Stalford
Kiyoko M. “Kit” Mura-smith and John        Steven and Janie Fogelson              Redwood Circle                            Mark Steinberg and Jane Hedges
  A. Ware‡                                 Cheri Forrester                        Nichola Carpendale                        Robert and Kimiko Takagi
Marilyn Oshiro                             Margaret S. Fox                        Mark Carr and Mary Margaret Perez*        Kent and Misao Trabing
Leticia Quezada and Steve Uranga†          Paul Friedman                          Jane C. Dudley                            Sharon Rena Ullman
Kristin Myra Richardson                    Donna Gary and David Vaniman*          Mary Fitzpatrick and David Van Pelt*      Joylene and Robert Wagner*
John L. Robbins                            Steven L. Gibson                       Glenda Hill                               Robin E. Wagner
Margaret Sonoda and Michael Reddell        James and Susan Gill                   Al and Carole Kelley*                     Steven and Jennifer Walton
Robert and Ingrid Wander*                  John P. Grabbe                         Nancy and Guido Lamell                    Connie Michele Ward
Mary Woodyard and Ronald Inman             Mark S. Grossman                       Elaine Murakami and Frank Brown           John and Birgitta Wiebe
                                           Bryan Harrington                       Chris Schlies                             Lise and Allen Wilkinson
Redwood Circle                             Pamela and Blake Hayes                 Roberta M. Schnittger                     Alon Randall Winton
Margaret Clark and Paul Wagner*            Caryn Hoffman and Jim Platel           Peggy A. Smith                            Yuri and Lambert Woo*
J. Michael Dessert                         Daniel and Paula Howard-Greene*                                                  Valorie K. Wright
James Fox and Lisa Ratner                  Suzanne and Eric Isken*                Fiat Lux Society
                                                                                                                            Michael Yurow and Rita Abraham
Patricia Ito                               Andres Jimenez and Maria Martinez      Susan Blachman and Joel Biatch*
Pamela K. and Mark Johansen                Barbara and Redmond Johnston           Edward P. Brow
                                                                                  Evelyn Casuga
                                                                                                                            Class of 1977
Jennifer and Thomas Rose*                  Alan S. Kawa                                                                     Gift Total: $36,531
Steven and Luanne Sacks                    Victoria H. Kirsch and Michael E.      Kate Duffield
                                                                                  Greg Graalfs                              Participation: 9%
Charlotte M. Saxon                           Alexander
Randall Schwabacher and Kristine Elliott   Maia Krache and Andrew Scoble*         Margaret Ostrander and Lee Jaffe
                                                                                                                            Gold Chancellor’s Associates
Pete Sheehey                               William and Kathleen Landing           Lisa Kermish
                                                                                                                            Karen Rhodes and Robert Weiner*‡
                                           James C. Langdell and Danine Cozzens   Phillip and Maryann Long
Fiat Lux Society                           Alan B. Lilly                          Scott McCreary and Renee Robin            Chancellor’s Associates
Timothy and Patricia Anderson              Virginia Lim                           Susan Baer Pernia                         Sandor Nagyszalanczy and Ann Gibb
Bernie Bayless                             Fred Linker and Mary Miller            Shannon B. and Stuart Rowson
Larry Bruguera and Sharon Noguchi*         Catherine and Charles MacLellan        Laura Lee Sutherland and Lance M.         Chancellor’s Circle
Melrose Cunanan-Schwartz and Martin        Steven and Cherie Maier                  Linares*                                Kathleen and David Dettman
  Schwartz*                                Thomas Manos and Jody Liddicoat*       Steve and Kristin Venuti                  Keith A. Goldsmith
Rob and Donna Franks                       Kim Louis Marienthal                   David and Alice Xavier*                   Jasch (d) and Kathleen Hamilton
Gary Heit                               Dawn Kathleen Martin                     James Lippincott                        Redwood Circle
Laurie R. and Noel King                 Steven Miyake                            Karen Marker and Andy Wolpert           Kenneth P. Alex
Robert Ray McDuff                       Donald R. Peattie and Lise Peterson*     Roxanne Moger and Richard Kennedy*      Constance and Paul Boulay
Chuck Ranberg and Bob Fisher            Richard Clair Revoir                     James and Jill O’Callahan               Thomas Brown and Maureen Hoatlin
Jerry J. Ruiz                           Neal and Sally Richman*                  Joseph Howard Platin                    Renee Flower and Jim MacKenzie
Leslie Scott-Cocking and Paul Cocking   Stephen W. Royce                         Jim and Lisa Steele                     Frank and Sue Gallagher*
Randall and Barbara Widelitz*           John E. Rumel                            Debra Stolesen                          Steven L. Harris
                                        Susan Marshall Rush and James Rush       David Stone                             Peter R. Knapp and Laura L. Gregersen
Redwood Circle                          L. Kim Saunders                          Justin and Maj StormoGipson*            Bruce Lieberman and Marlene Meyer
Gregor and Surrey Blackburn             David and Karen Scheff                   Nancy and Eddy Szyjewicz*               Robert T. and Janet Tanaka
Judy K. Fialkow                         Terence L. Schull                        Peter and Donna Thomas                  Melissa Shelly Tuft
Kathy and Ron Fink*                     Andrew Scoble and Maia Krache*           Christopher P. Valle-Riestra
Sue and Frank Gallagher*                Martha Scott and Kevin Robinson*                                                 Fiat Lux Society
Jeff R. Hodos and Lisa Mune             Toni Sutherland                          Blue and Gold Club                      Lou Ambinder-Heine
Wendy A. Kellogg                        Christina Valentino and Michael          Patti and Hugo Arabia                   Deborah Jane Barker-Shaw
Linda W. and James M. Lyon                Houlemard Jr.                          Theodore and Mary Barone                Peter and Stephanie Brown
Nicolas A. and Giuilia S. Nelken        Isabel Guzman and Antonio R. Velasco*†   Melody Ann Baumgartner                  Kathy Caton and John Van De Veer
Joy and Arthur Wood                                                              David and Carole Brodsly                Constance M. Cummings
                                        Class of 1978                            Lisa Brussell and Brian Beaudoin*       Bruce Falstein
Fiat Lux Society                        Gift Total: $55,935                      Alice and John Carley                   Laura Forsyth and R. Taylor
Verna J. Arnest                         Participation: 9%                        Wayne John Carlson                      David Paton Gardner
Mark Bradley                                                                     Mark DeAntonio                          Sheri and Peter Harris
Lawrence D. Ford                        Gold Chancellor’s Associates             Maria G. Franco                         Evelyn A. Johnston
Nancy and Max Gisko                     Frans Lanting and Christine Eckstrom†    Dana Frank                              Julie A. Kosterlitz
Julius R. and Mary Krevans              Craig and Amy Schiffer                   Melinda Frederick and Richard Lerner    Glenn Alan Kramer
Margaret and Leo Laporte‡                                                        Greg and Christine Freeman              Cheryl Greer London
Robin and Bruce Larsen*                 Chancellor’s Associates                  Megan Gallagher and Bob Taylor          John and Deborah Muth*
Susan Lasko and Jeffrey Werner          Jeff A. Philpott                         Martin Gantman and Abbe Land            Christina V. Papp
Jeffrey and Jenny Maenaga               Deborah Rennels Salkind and Louis K.     Rachel Ginzberg                         Tedmund and Carrie Pryor
Michael Paparian                          Salkind                                Patty Glatt and Joshua Steinhauer       Maj and Justin StormoGipson*
Susan K. Takalo                                                                  Rosalind Greenstein
Steven Unruhe and Jennifer McGovern     Chancellor’s Circle                      David Heintz and Karin Grobe*           Blue and Gold Club
                                        Karen Axelsson and Philip Leboit         Colleen Holmes                          Jeanine C. Asche
Blue and Gold Club                      Jasmine Berke and Scott Roseman*         Elise Huffman and Jeffrey Grubb         Charles Atkinson and Sarah Rabkin*
Walker Abel                             John Bogart                              Mark Jansen and Jolie Krakauer*         Brian Beaudoin and Lisa Brussell*
Martha A. Ainsworth                     Dan Costa and Mary Zavanelli*            Eric and Connie Jorgensen               Debra C. Chaplan
Timothy Paul Bennett                    Jennifer Gates Durham                    Greg and Liz Krause                     James S. Cohen
Mark L. Brack                           Elizabeth and Millard Irwin              Joel and Elizabeth Laucher*             Peter Hays Cole
Sarah Bradley and William Jones         Lizanne W. and Kenneth E. Jensen*        Anna-Lee Farrell Lipman                 Thomas and Chris Crubaugh
Louise and Roger Brandt                 John Kenner                              Dian Nancy Lissner                      James Gregory DuGuid
Diane and Bruce Bridgeman               Todd Werby and Nonie Greene              Meredith and James Margolis             Jane Ellis-McNaboe and Gerald
Larry and Alison Brown                  Jeanne and Van Wolverton                 George Martinez                           McNaboe
Lynne Marie Bryan                                                                Allen J Massar                          Michael and Elizabeth Ellison*
Ken Clements                            Redwood Circle                           Anne and David Miller                   Susan Faas and Craig Mcknight
S. Compost and M. Dreampeace            Karl Anderson Brown                      Manuel Pastor and Elizabeth Hamilton*   Christopher and Eileen Frost
Robert and June Cordy                   Donald P. Curtin Jr.                     Patricia Phleger                        Estela Reyes Garcia
Glenn and Barbara Dorin                 George and Cheryl Dymesich               Gary Felix Rodriguez                    Richard H. Gibson
James W. Draznin                        Lygia Maria Ionnitiu                     Barbara J. Ruben                        Ronald L. Gilliland
Elizabeth and Michael Ellison*          Roger L. and Stephanie Jungerman         Mark Schack                             Martin Ginnett
Julie and Jose Escobedo                 David Mealy and Barbara Stevenson        Karen A. Scott                          Tracy Green and Alan Siegel
Joanne Farness and Steven Seymour       Mary Patton                              Sally S. Sedgwick                       Ruth Gurney
Kelvin Filer                            Alison and David Polkinhorne             Kenneth M. Simon                        Julie Guthman and Michael McCormick
David Foster and Margo McBane*          Randall K. Rutsch and Kathy Rinehart     Jeff Sloss                              Genevieve and Chris Halvorsen
Frank and Pamela Frazier                Gary and Wynne Schumacher                Vicki Smith and Stephen McMahon         Megan Johnson and Kirk Casey
Peter Gaarn and Nancy Port-Gaarn        Paul Francis Skilton                     Gale Snow and James Montgomery          Jolie Krakauer and Mark Jansen*
G. David and Mary Genochio*             Andrew Douglas Turner                    Jim Swift                               Tom Larson
Patricia Goodman and Paul Mamula        David Van Pelt and Mary Fitzpatrick*     Suzanne Wolbers and Julius Spiegel      Elizabeth and Joel Laucher*
Gail Groves                             Jean Walton Wolff                        Frederick Karl Zack                     Michael Ronnie Lipshaw
Tim and Georgia Harris                                                                                                   Dorothy McMath
Daniel Hersh and Debrorah J. Sandler    Fiat Lux Society                         Class of 1979                           Anne E. Morse
Emma Hess and James Dice Jr.*           Ciel Benedetto                           Gift Total: $434,999                    Kate and Kevin O’Sullivan
Kerry and John T. Hingey                Georganne Benesch and David Condon                                               Andrea Nachama Pearlstein
                                                                                 Participation: 8%
Anne Huckins                            Joel Biatch and Susan Blachman*                                                  Lad Perenyi and Laureen Suva
Michael and Barbara Johnson             Nell and Robert Bonaparte                Gold Chancellor’s Associates            Maura Petersen and Peter Emanuel
Laurie Kiguchi and Steve Reed           Steven and Donna Brigham                 Stephen A. and Mona Bruce               S. Poteet and A. Kao
Wayne and Dena Lamprey                  Margaret Copeland Burke                                                          Jeff Sacharow and Sara Wasserstrom*
Charlene Landreau and Joseph Samuels*   Douglas Hopkinson and Sara Lively        Chancellor’s Circle                     Roban Lynn San Miguel
Skye and Karen Leone                    Janet Lynn Hyde-Wright                   Harry L. Fox                            Elizabeth Shull
Jody Liddicoat and Thomas Manos*        Thomas L. and Jerel L. Kellond           Peter Jerram                            David and Suzanne Silverglate
Terry and William Locke-Paddon‡         Michele Kodimer                          Scott Roseman and Jasmine Berke*        Ann and Mark Stodder*
Alison Markiewicz and Doug McKinnen     Grace P. Landel                          Jim and Hillary Weaver                  Sharon and Chuck Strelitz

Peter and Teriko Suzuki*                 Donald and Deborah Peterson             Glenn and Aviva Lipson                 Scott Bogue and Margi Rusmore*
John Theibault                           Margaret Rusmore and Scott Bogue*       Brian and Carolyn McFadden             Jennifer and Robert Chaffiotte
David S. Watson                          Alison Russell                          Jennifer McNulty and Brian McElroy*    Caroline Chesebro
Abby Brown Wayne                         Michelle Schaefer                       Toni Moore and Raymond Cadei*          Mark and Rebecca Childs
John A. Wescoat                          Eric F. Schaller                        Rosemary Morgan                        Shari and David Clare*
Christopher and Lisa Wilmoth             Kris and Jacob Sidman                   Ellen and Brian Murtha*                Thomas and Ikuyo Conant*
                                         M. Skinner and C. Bossieux              David Thirkield Nesbet                 Laurie Daniel
Class of 1980                            Teresa Song Stover                      Esteban Zizumbo Ortiz                  Samuel and Deborah de la Cruz
Gift Total: $25,954                      Marney Ann Stroud                       Mary Power and Roger Hall              Peter Dedlow
Participation: 6%                        Grainne Ward                            William A. Rash                        Hillary Deare Fielding
                                         Ron Ward                                Elizabeth K. and Kevin P. Riggs*       Ellen Fox and William Wright
Chancellor’s Associates                  Sara Wasserstrom and Jeff Sacharow*     Lisa Rosenthal                         Desiree and Robert Foxworthy
Kathy Chetkovich and Jonathan Franzen    Martha H. Ways and Timothy J. Lee       Larry and Sarah Rowen*                 Rebecca J. Garcia
Thomas Valentine Clements                Phyllis R. White-Ayanruoh               Carrie and Joseph Sorosky              Leslie Grayson and Michael Barreda*
Leslie Swaha                             D. Wilcox and B. Parot                  Mark and Ann Stodder*                  Sarah and John Gustafson*
Gerald Weber and Suzanne Holt                                                    Pamela and Donald Urfer                Bradley N. Harrington
                                         Class of 1981                           Susan Nadine Witebsky                  Dennis and Judi Heher
Chancellor’s Circle                      Gift Total: $12,651                     Paul and Susanna Wrangell*             Gabrielle Jackson and Geoffrey
Tom Adams                                Participation: 7%                                                                Hagopian*
Mary Grindeland and Steven Anderson                                              Class of 1982                          Patricia Kelly Larse and John Larse
Michael L. Scharfenstein                 Chancellor’s Circle                     Gift Total: $21,435                    Mark Robert Lloyd
Margaret Sullivan and Richard Spear*     Lora and John Allanson*                 Participation: 8%                      Rebecca Louise Lockhart
Thomas and Chantel Walsh                 Valerie Chase and Bobbie Reyes                                                 Merle Malakoff
                                                                                 Chancellor’s Associates                Paul McPherson and Julie Lightfoot*
Redwood Circle                           Redwood Circle                          David Doshay and Aviva Garrett*        Nana Montgomery
Marc and Malia Brown                     Cynthia Ashbrook and Jeffrey Smith                                             Andrea Moraz
Shirley and Pedro Castillo               Jeff Emery and Andrea Webster           Chancellor’s Circle                    Joseph M. Perret
Jan Dierks                               Mary Margaret Perez and Mark Carr*      Paul and Cindy Geise                   Susan H. Shane
Ken Friedenbach and Liz Alpert           Corey Salka and Lisa Orlick-Salka       Bob and Bernadette Ramer               Atesh Sonneborn and Patrizia Pallaro
Kimberly and Peter Gregory               Marc L. Sherman and Monica Oldmen       Irene Reti                             Leon and Laurie Steffen
Jose and Hermelinda Hernandez            Sharon Williams                         Robert and Jacqueline Shaw             Gabrielle Stocker
Amy Katzenstein-Escobar and David                                                Richard Spear and Margaret Sullivan*   Teriko and Peter Suzuki*
  Harrington                             Fiat Lux Society                        Michael and Michelle Suval             Juliet and Chris Weare
                                         Heidi and Robert Black                  Joan B. Wactor                         Terry M. Weiner
Fiat Lux Society                         Jim and Elizabeth Brock                 Ingrid and Robert Wander*
Jack Abbott                              Caroline and Ralph Carney*                                                     Class of 1983
James Alan Andrews                       Mike Charrier                           Redwood Circle                         Gift Total: $46,701
Bruce Bannerman                          John Christiansen and Marguerite        Margaret L. Becker                     Participation: 4%
Robert F. Esswein                          Wilbur                                David and Fay Bohn*
Helen Gibbons and Richard Stanley*       Carol Diamond and Howard Rowley         Dorothy Chen and Byron Han             Gold Chancellor’s Associates
Ann Harvey                               Robert and Teresa Doolittle*            Daniel Fisher                          Anonymous Donor
Jim Jubelirer                            Mary Finnegan                           Catherine Gong                         Jessica A. Bernhardt and Ted C.
Mary Mc Kinnon-Tara and Paul Tara*       Ron A. Foster                           Jean and Robert Miller                   Goldstein*
Alice Mendez-Xavier and David Xavier*    Richard and Karen Gunderson*            Blair Newel and Patrick Bryk*          Drew and Myra Goodman
John E. Purser                           John W. Hart and Lori Price             Douglas and Sherrill Sleeter           Robert Weiner and Karen Rhodes*‡
Joel D. Roberts                          Diana K. Hembree                        Debra and Stephen Staub
Jeanine Tangen                           S. Leslie MacDonald                     Katherine S. Weaver                    Chancellor’s Associates
Brandon and Yolanda Wisoff               Dana Priest and William C. Goodfellow   Selene and Rene Vega                   Mary Ellen Culley and Scott Smith
                                         Renee and Michael Shepherd
Blue and Gold Club                       Peggy Spencer and Paul Davidson         Fiat Lux Society                       Chancellor’s Circle
Cecille and Jerry Allison                V. Maureen and David Wilmot             Darlene Biondi                         Katrina Perry and Steven Freer*
Thomas Bass and Roberta Krueger*                                                 Sarah M. Dennison
Jeanne Bertolino and Robbert Wijtman     Blue and Gold Club                      Alice Fishman and Ben Feldman          Redwood Circle
Mark Anthony Borun                       Brian and Mary Asher*                   Amy E. Goldberg-Day                    Patrick Bryk and Blair Newel*
Laurie and John Brumfield                David and Mary Jo Bernstein             Michael Hand and Anne Dalton-Hand*     Alma D. Donato
Claudia and David Calderhead*            Courtney and Theresa Blackburn          Michael A. Jeung                       Herman Gray
Ann and Stephen Cole                     John M. Blanchard                       Katharine P. Minott                    Lorna Krkich and Ed Rodrigues
Suzanne Easton and John Hoffnagle        Martha Brown and Breck Tyler*           Linda and Bruce Nicholson              David and Dixie Lindberg
Paul and Wendy Fajnor*                   David and Claudia Calderhead*           Daniel and Kathleen Salter*
David L. Garrison                        Ross Cohen and Valerie Leman            Steven J. Schweitzer                   Fiat Lux Society
C. Martin and Barbara Gaskell*           Ikuyo and Thomas Conant*                Julie Spiegler and Gever Tulley        Kenneth Averill and Pamela Moser*
Alexander A. Grillo                      Michael Garwood and Lynne Bisagno*      Kelly M. Thiemann                      Kathleen Dickey
Jewell Hargleroad and Lamar Spalding*    Barbara and C. Martin Gaskell*          Canon J. Western and Lauren Crux*      Kate Gustavson
Joy Jeannette                            Roberta G. Gordon                       Steven and Paula Wyman                 Richard Kennedy and Roxanne Moger*
Barry Katz                               Michael M. Grodzins                                                            Maggie Kraft
Elizabeth and Ron Keeley                 Elizabeth Hamilton and Manuel Pastor*   Blue and Gold Club                     Doug Liljegren
Evelyn Lee Margolin                      Celia W. Hartman                        Britt and Karyn Anderson*              Robert and Andrea Sabatino*
Paul D. Martineau                        Carol Hoshizaki                         Mary and Brian Asher*                  Kathleen and Daniel Salter*
Andreas Merkl and Donna Perrot           Adam Kaufman                            Russell B. Axelrod                     Matthew Sundt
Robert Michael and Dana Lieberman        Kevin and Carolyn Knudtson              Belen T. Banzon and Dom J. Siababa*‡   Michael and Brenda Tzipori
Nancy Norris and Nicholas Littlestone*   Kathryn G. Krusen                       Lynne Bisagno and Michael Garwood*

Blue and Gold Club                       Lizz Hodgin                               Fiat Lux Society                           Alison Cook-Sather
Jenelle and David Ball                   Sheri and Paul Howe*                      Kennedy A. Adams                           Brandy L. Dean-Griebling
Leonard Barrett                          Gary McCalla                              Nancy B. Berglass and Ricky N.             Susan and Tom Koontz
Andrew T. Black                          Rock Pfotenhauer and Linda                  Bluthenthal*                             Victoria Lugo
Steven and Mindy Blechman                  Wilshusen*‡                             Ralph and Caroline Carney*                 Alma S. and Daniel C. Moreno*
Lisa J. Brill                            John S. Rodiger                           Diane C. Craddock                          Julia E. Sweig
Jeff Brody and Paia Levine*              Narciso and Mary Rodriguez                Kenneth Foster and Joan Tannheimer*        Gregory and Marjorie Tupper
Kimberly Cary and Charles Eadie*         Andrea and Robert Sabatino*               Kyoko and Jerry Freeman*
James Christensen and Kindree            Lisa Sieverts                             Jami Frost and Timothy O’Brien             Blue and Gold Club
  Brownbridge*                           Ann M. Starrs and Jose Marti              Kristina and Julian Grantz*                Sally Arnold and Christine Weir*
Eric Collins and Brenda Hansen           Craig Strang and Persis Karim*            Persis Karim and Craig Strang*             Christopher and Holly Bolling
Amy J. Driver                                                                      Noreen and Tod Likins                      Daniel and Angela Braude
Beth Erviti                              Blue and Gold Club                        Evelyn M. Luluquisen                       Neil Chin
Gary W. Finn                             Cristina Almada Biegel                    John and Susan O’Brien*                    Heather Cline and Annette O’Donovan
Kevin Fliege                             Consuelo Bonner and Stephen Long*         Anna M. Osborne Berman                     Elizabeth and Geoffrey Dahlhoff*
Mary and G. David Genochio*              Marilyn and Preston Brahm                 Kent and Elaine Screechfield               Sarah Donovan
John and Sarah Gustafson*                David and Shari Clare*                    Nancy Skinner and Mike Schneegas           Annette Emery and Patrick Cody
Gildas Hamel*                            Tracy Miller DiGioia                      Shirley Ann Soldin                         Jessica Fairchild
Margot and Paul Jacoby                   Eli and Angela Eisenpress                 Steve R. Williamson                        Karl Fankhauser
Julie Lightfoot and Paul McPherson*      Claire E. Ernst and Albert P. Bedecarre                                              Maria Felix-Neal and Charles Neal*
Michael E. Linick                        Christine Fallon                          Blue and Gold Club                         Ali Golshan
Bruce and Linda MacLeod                  Claire Griffin                            Joy Albright-Souza and Frank Souza*        Bruce Handel and Leah Nunez
Bonnie and Scott Milrod*                 Audrey Ann Heller                         Ethan and Lara Brown                       Ursula and Derrol Jones
Tia Miyamoto                             Jeremy Higdon                             Tara Crowley                               April Fairchild Kane-Johnston
Frederick James Park                     Mark and Laura Junod*                     Karen Penn De Martinez                     Kirk and Jodi Kawagoe
Naomi and Seth Pollack                   Nancy Luebs                               Alisa Delliquadri and Tom Meuser           Mitzi Kim-Seo
Jane Reid and Alan Allwardt*             Linda and Thomas McCue*                   Karen Eisenberg and Marc Shaffer*          Nicholas Littlestone and Nancy Norris*
Debby J. Rhoads                          Lisa McPherson                            Jeff Evans and Mary Ballou                 Mona E. McGorvin
Lisa E. Schaechter                       Nicholas Meier and Elizabeth Good         Kate and Gregory Evard                     Kevin E. Meaney
Gary S. Shameson                         Scott and Bonnie Milrod*                  Mark Fleisher                              Gary A. Moro
Wajdy M. Sharmoug                        Arwen P. Mohun and Erik Rau               Valerie Fuette                             Thelma Sass
Anne and William Skamarock               Sonia and Enrique Monguia                 Roberta Jaffe and Stephen Gliessman        Melinda Schissel
David and Anne Sondheim                  Terry Montelibano                         Sharon and Steve Jaffe                     Marc Shaffer and Karen Eisenberg*
Heidi Stein                              Charles Neal and Maria Felix-Neal*        Laura and Mark Junod*                      Michael Shipley
Sally Stephens                           Lisa Y. Peacock                           Alexandra Kidd                             Aaron Willis and Natalie Weiss
Sue C. Stoebner                          Holly R. Preece                           David J. Korduner and Joan Krimston        Anne Wittenberg
Maya M. Suryaraman                       John K. Purchase                          Elana Leiken
Richard and Maureen Turman*              Juliana Rebagliati                        Dane Levens                                Class of 1987
                                         Susan and Paul Rockwell*                  Liz and Sam Newnham                        Gift Total: $31,255
Class of 1984                            David E. Rutherford                       Sarah Rabkin and Charles Atkinson*         Participation: 5%
Gift Total: $132,887                     Elizabeth Diana Schenk                    Dave Ream
Participation: 6%                        Martin M. Sirk                            Douglas Gray Rivlin                        Gold Chancellor’s Associates
                                         Mary Smith-Reynolds and Chris             Paul and Susan Rockwell*                   Laurie Patton and Salem Magarian
Gold Chancellor’s Associates               Reynolds                                Joel Schwarzbart
Christopher and Karen Payne              Steven R. Spengler                        Sharan Street and Broos Campbell           Silver Chancellor’s Associates
                                         Michael S. Suckow                         Galen Diane Sullivan                       Karoline A. Delaney
Chancellor’s Associates                  Maureen and Richard Turman*               Jennifer Thornburg
Trevor and Bettina Baylis                Terry Michael Welsh                       Christine Weir and Sally Arnold*           Chancellor’s Associates
Baldo Marinovic and Kristen Tibbitts*†   Ben White                                 Jeff and Elissa Wingate                    Anonymous Donor
                                         May Ann Wong                              Tiffany Winslow                            Gregory D. Collingwood
Chancellor’s Circle                                                                                                           Mary James and George Cook
Mercedes C. Chapa                        Class of 1985                             Class of 1986
Kay M. and Todd Judson                   Gift Total: $25,548                                                                  Chancellor’s Circle
                                                                                   Gift Total: $11,278
Michael and Willela Robinson                                                       Participation: 4%                          Andrew Paul Bacaylan
                                         Participation: 5%

Redwood Circle                                                                                                                Redwood Circle
                                         Gold Chancellor’s Associates              Chancellor’s Circle
George Brooks                                                                      Jeff Hayden                                Cori Houston and Jeff Traugott
                                         Richard and Bettina Moss*†
Garrick C. Chang                                                                   Audrey Lyndon and John Williams            Eric Mendelson
Gerhard Metzen                           Chancellor’s Circle                       Jeannine Rodems and Guntram Wolski         Merlin E. Nygren
Beverly and Craig Norleen                Gregory Carl Allen                                                                   Paul Christian Rollins
Robyn J. Pignone                         Barbara and John Chilton                  Redwood Circle                             Kelly Tyler and James Von Hendy
Robert and Madeline Weber                David M. Dundes                           Eric and Angela Elder
John S. Wimer                                                                                                                 Fiat Lux Society
                                         Kate Hawley Whitworth and Paul            Jason Kendy
                                                                                   Linda Valdes and Nicholas Bilardello       Nancy Cox-Konopelski and Joseph
Fiat Lux Society                                                                   Peter and Mary Yamashita                     Konopelski
Frank W. Brown                           Redwood Circle                                                                       Jim Gilbert
Sheri Dickstein and Ira Silverman        Jo and Dane Adams                         Fiat Lux Society                           William Jardine
Jeremiah and Kyoko Freeman*              Daniel Dean Daugherty                     Kevin R. Altamirano and J. F. Durham III   Daniel C. and Alma S. Moreno*
Julian and Kristina Grantz*              Daniel A. Heller                          Ricky Bluthenthal and Nancy B.             Kimberly and Keith Prader*
Karen and Richard Gunderson*             Jeff Skala                                  Berglass*                                Malcolm Rucker
Samuel Lorenzo Hinojosa                                                            Dennis J. Brown                            Joan Tannheimer and Kenneth Foster*

Peter Vrolijk                             Elizabeth Marie Foley                    Bonnie and Tony DeVarco              Marsha Scott
Alicia Wu                                 Tracy Jeanne Fullerton                   Sheila Anne Foster                   Jan Shirchild
                                          Stephanie Jewett and Bill Mitchell       Latonya Ayanna Gatson                Rebecca Slattery
Blue and Gold Club                        James Kerley                             Cynthia Giver and Eric Gilbert*      Andrew and Jolene Snett
Kelly Brown and Aimee Spector*            David E. Levy                            Dennis and Rebecca Gust              Jeffrey and Vienna Taylor*
Carolyn Chirichello                       Michael and Maira Morgan                 Jonathan and Tiffany Klein           Ruby Flores Velarde
Jennifer Denning                          Remelle and Terry Olson                  Marilyn Pacheco Mara                 Brian S. Vina
Curtis Bowen Desilets                     Nora Blake Parker                        Lawrence and Judith Mennemeier       Jennifer and Eric Vuillermet
Amy Duren                                 Holly V. Peck                            Lawrence Octavio Morales             Stephen and Christine Watt
Christie Every                            Joseph Oliver Reed                       Christine R. Mueller                 Richard and Ellen Wilkman*
Eric Gilbert and Cynthia Giver*           Jamila Rufaro                            Jill N. Nakamoto                     Jonathan Willis
Miles J. Grant                            Timothy Delos Schueler                   Valerie Neer and Stephen Rathmann*   Fran R. Zandonella
Ben Jacoby                                Jeffrey Smedberg                         John Rogers Payne
Thomas Robert Love                        Don Studebaker                           Karen Platt                          Class of 1991
Ken Stuart Manatt                         Christopher and Tasha Turzo              Heidi Renteria                       Gift Total: $12,200
Grant Marshall                                                                     Joan and Robert Ruediger             Participation: 3%
Griselda Mireles                          Class of 1989                            Thomas Jeremiah Shea
Teri Lynn Mitchell-Mathews                Gift Total: $15,212                      Yuan-Yuan Tien and Andy Wang         Chancellor’s Associates
Julie and Gerald Oehler                   Participation: 4%                        Karen Zamzow                         Kristen Tibbitts and Baldo Marinovic*†
Carolyn Paris
Sandra Perez                              Chancellor’s Associates                  Class of 1990                        Chancellor’s Circle
Eric Resener and Julie Marchini           Linda and William Anderson               Gift Total: $12,279                  Farnaz Fatemi and Paul N. Skenazy
Peter and Lisa Robinson*                                                           Participation: 3%                    Anina Van Alstine
Jennifer Schmida                          Chancellor’s Circle                                                           Mary Zavanelli and Dan Costa*
Kerry Shafer-Ray                          Leslie Ann Fiedler                       Chancellor’s Associates
Elizabeth A. Taylor-Selling               Kathleen Hughes and Katharine McGirr     Diane and Lawrence Wolfsen‡          Redwood Circle
Jasmine Turrubiate                        James Kinoshita and Jean Cho*                                                 Fay and David Bohn*
Katherine Elizabeth Walter                Ray and Martha Mendoza*                  Chancellor’s Circle                  Richard A. Golding and Craig Cruz
Frances and Thomas Wortham                Nancy Maxwell Saldich and Alan           Mary Anne Carson                     Ronald and Rose LaMont*
                                            Saldich                                                                     Luis M. Macias and Ilana Greenstein
Class of 1988                             David J. and Hilary B. Shuman*           Redwood Circle                       Britten A. Miles
Gift Total: $22,885                       Don Terry                                Gregory Canillas                     Mike Riepe
Participation: 3%                         Deborah Tirschwell                       Andrew T. Dinh                       Dan Sherman
                                                                                   Daleth Foster and Erik Zinn*         Karen and Frank Verprauskus
Gold Chancellor’s Associates              Redwood Circle                           Christine Juliette Lamson            Mia and Jim Whitfield
Pat S. and Rowland K. Rebele‡             Jordan Dey
                                          Thomas K. Fowler                         Fiat Lux Society                     Fiat Lux Society
Chancellor’s Circle                       Melinda L. Kirkpatrick                   Douglas and Tamara Dale              Philip Mosher Armstrong
Jennifer M. Brahm                         Rose and Ronald LaMont*                  Philip Du Beau and Lora Martin       Christina Cavazos and Vincent Bennett*
Gail J. and Patrick E. Mantey‡            Natalie Park                             Brian M. Gwinn                       Seth Michael Blacher
Martha and Ray Mendoza*                   Erik Zinn and Daleth Foster*             Jennifer and Michael Hernandez       Aaron Cole
Randall Gerson Sommer                                                              Donald and Maria Larkin              Karen and James McClenahan*
                                          Fiat Lux Society                         Richard Libby                        Wolfgang H. Rosenberg and Norma Del
Redwood Circle                            Kyle Arndt                               Susan M. Loop                          Gaudio
Charlie Crocker and Charity Kahn          Vincent and Christina Cavazos Bennett*   Paul Edward Sanders                  Mike Rotkin and Madelyn McCaul
Lynda Rogers and Peter McMillan           Joy B. Brawn                             Mara Elena Simmons                   Mark and Sharon Sherman*
Michael Seales                            Patrick Daniel Hackney                   Charlie D. Young
                                          Gregory Janez Kos                                                             Blue and Gold Club
Fiat Lux Society                          Donna Kvamme                             Blue and Gold Club                   Barrie L. Bernstein-Taylor and Fred
Robert Ross Brooks                        Victor C. Lee                            Kalindi Adler                          Erickson Taylor
Anne Dalton-Hand and Michael Hand*        James and Karen McClenahan*              Venessa Brown                        Debra Evans
Abigail Dane Faulkner                     Curt Miyashiro                           Kindree Brownbridge and James        Cindy and Gary Firenzi
Nathaniel D. Henderson                    Elizabeth Emiko Rouan                      Christensen*                       Christopher Jon Fryer
John Leopold and Teresa Buika Leopold     Sharon and Mark Sherman*                 Sandra Calderon                      Chris Hables Gray
Kenneth and Susan Pergrem                 Leland Wallace                           Imber Corcoran Coppinger             Frances Hatfield and Mark Forry*
Diana and Dean Reece                      Sterling Gray Watson                     Geoffrey and Elizabeth Dahlhoff*     Madeleine Heassler
Timothy Nelson Schott                     Nick and Angelica Zweig                  Kate DeLaPointe                      Julia and Mark Hughes
Daniel Seeman and Jennifer Lin                                                     Brian Patrick Dolin                  Benjamin Lu and Chia Ling Lu
David C. Stier                            Blue and Gold Club                       Sabrina Gee-Shin                     Rachel Anne Martin-Long
                                          Anthony Barreiro                         Chris Kempker                        Joshua A. Meyer
Blue and Gold Club                        Lesley and Steven Bell*                  Hana Levin                           Tom Nemcik
Jane Owen Alt and Roger Alt               Susan Elizabeth Bernstein                Barbara Ann and David Lundbom*       Michelle AnMarie Owens
Michael Barreda and Leslie Grayson*       Janet Biblin                             Teresa Wade Malone and Eric Malone   Steve Parks
Steven and Lesley Bell*                   Edward Blair                             Glenn D. Nelson                      Marcie Prohofsky
Roy Bridgman                              Monica and Jeff Border                   Ramona Noriega                       Mary Elizabeth Reed
Lisa Brill-Robinson and Peter Robinson*   Bria and Matt Cartwright                 Rafael Gustavo Ortiz                 Elizabeth Ruhland
Richard Bryan                             Maxine Chicoine-Bagoye and Mark          Sylvia E. Perfetto                   Jonathan L. Scheuer and Cami L.
Timothy Cirillo and Linda Odorisio          Bagoye                                 Charles B. Ray                         Kloster
Timothy and Elena Dreszer                 Leanne Marie Cornel                      Kent Demar Roberts                   August H. Schilling
Annette Cristofori Earling                Donna and John Cox                       Sharon and Todd Schafer              Kenneth S. Simon and Kelly Tyler-
Rachel Kay Evans                          Jaime Lyn Dal Porto                      Lynn Lazzarini Schmidt                 Simon

                                                                           Shelley Peery                            Pablo Reguerin and Rosa Plaza*
 “When you see the amazing                                                 James and Heidi Wright*                  Duane Gene Shelton
 and important projects these                                                                                       Sarah Beth Sussman
                                                                           Blue and Gold Club                       Jerome Weltsch
 gifts support, you can’t help but                                         Anonymous Donor                          Dewey Wong
 celebrate the selflessness and                                            Jonathan Anderle
 vision of the people and organiza-                                        Amy Bailey and Richard Lintermans        Class of 1995
                                                                           Holly N. Boland                          Gift Total: $19,528
 tions that give so generously. Each                                       Brian Mark Buhrow                        Participation: 2%
 gift makes the campus better and                                          Pete and Katie Cullen
 benefits the greater society by                                           Kathy Cunningham                         Silver Chancellor’s Associates
                                                                           Angie and John Dues                      Jonathon Colburn and Clare Staveley*
 helping educate today’s students
                                                                           Burton Eubank
 and seeking solutions to issues                                           Christine Gemperle-Bacon                 Chancellor’s Associates
 and problems facing the world.”                                           Karin Grobe and David Heintz*            Virginia and Timothy Guhin
                                                                           Rusten Hogness and Donna Haraway
 Donna Murphy, Vice Chancellor,                                            Bradford P. Holden                       Chancellor’s Circle
 University Relations                                                      Eric George Jacobson                     Jake D. Brutlag
                                                                           Paul A. Jepson                           Daniel and Kimberly Grover
                                                                           Karla Jeanne Johnson                     Dennis and Jennifer Karlinsky
Laura B. Stack and Dennis Loney       Elaine and William Ernst             Donna Marie Jones
Vienna and Jeffrey Taylor*            Alissa Gardenhire-Crooks and         Elizabeth Lawrence and Matt Griffiths*   Redwood Circle
Theresa Thuy-Diep Tran                   Christopher Crooks                Sherwin Shang-Chi Lu                     James William Brice
Breck Tyler and Martha Brown*         Margreta N.J. Gil                    Robert Roy McNabb                        Galen R. Carnicelli
Hilary Walton-Borison and Adam        Andrea and Kevin Givens              Diane and Mark Mesiti-Miller             Donna and Jim Kenney
  Borison                             Jeffrey Louis Greene                 Margaret Alison Moore                    John K. Mallory and Margaret L.
Percival J. Webster                   Joseph and Badalin Helvink           David A. Patterson                         Delaney‡
Yoshie Wong                           Kimberly and Robert Hinrichs         Catherine and Nathan Peimann             Amy Susan O’Gorman
                                      Allie Jones                          Kristen T. Ramirez
                                                                                                                    Fiat Lux Society
Class of 1992                         Susan Leach                          Libby Smith and Douglass Harman
                                      David and Barbara Lundbom*           Sharon and Steve Smith                   Christopher and Yvette Belisle*
Gift Total: $11,988
                                      Christopher N. MacCracken            Jennifer Touchton and Erik Larsen        Kenneth Holden Chang
Participation: 3%
                                      Yvette Marie MacDonald                                                        Stephanie Klein and Larry Baer
Gold Chancellor’s Associates          Sheryl Kaye Martinelli               Class of 1994                            Arlene Kozimbo and Donald Burgett*
Sharon L. Davidson                    David McBride                        Gift Total: $6,926                       Charles and Julianne McEwen
                                      J. Benjamin McLoughlin                                                        Asher Siddiqui
                                                                           Participation: 2%
Chancellor’s Associates               Kathy Bay Morris                                                              Alan Neal Speidel and Mary Berg
Kathleen A. Farnady and Philip R.     Tess and Bill Norton                 Silver Chancellor’s Associates
                                                                                                                    Blue and Gold Club
 Stevens                              Angela Sharon Nunez                  Adrian Kayari
                                                                                                                    Leisl Athen
                                      Tracey Rae Ostheimer
Chancellor’s Circle                                                        Chancellor’s Circle                      Lucille Ayon and Andres Vilchis
                                      Andrew Pohorsky and Jo Ann Jeffers
Amy E. Everitt                                                             Koji and Minako Amakawa                  Shelley Adina Bates
                                      Stephen Rathmann and Valerie Neer*
                                                                           Hilary and David J. Shuman*              Monica Suzanne Brown
                                      Madhukar N. Thakur
Redwood Circle                                                             Aaron Michael Williams                   Mary Ruth Cabaluna
                                      Alexandra Lee White
Laurie Ann Dederian                                                        Oiching Yeung and Aaron Lai              Kevin Arthur Carpenter
                                      Ellen and Richard Wilkman*
Brian Douglas Green                                                                                                 JenFu Cheng
                                      Raymond and Keisha Wilson*
Carl A. Haverl and Susanna B.                                              Redwood Circle                           Catherine Marianne Craddock
                                      Scott Jay Wittenkeller
 Blackwell*                                                                Jon and Allison Carnero                  Philip and Kathy Davis*
                                      Andrew David Wolfberg
Susanne J. Obaid                                                           Jamison Dufour                           Julio Cesar Echeverria
                                      Dan and Marissa Zwelling
                                                                           Michael Victor Fedoruk                   Jeremiah Farmer
Fiat Lux Society                                                           Erik and Susan Giberson                  Debra Lynn Grodt
                                      Class of 1993                                                                 Shani Gale Heckman
Ian Cesar Gesundheit                                                       Benjamin and Patricia Schneider*
                                      Gift Total: $7,300
Paula C. Gomez                                                                                                      Zena Morrien Hunt
                                      Participation: 2%                                                             Leslie Anne Kendig
Lester F. Hardy                                                            Fiat Lux Society
J. Ian Klose                                                               Robin Kopit and Susie Ketchum            Erika Klein
                                      Chancellor’s Circle
John Koene                                                                 Alan Yoder and Julie Smith               Jana Lynn Krutsinger
                                      Ari Haim Gertler
Craig Andrew LeVier                                                                                                 Sarah and Felipe Lora
                                      Karen and Christopher Reynolds*
Lucy McBride Olson                                                         Blue and Gold Club                       Gary and Elizabeth Maushardt
Stuart and Allison Meyler             Redwood Circle
                                                                           Lisa Arndt                               Rosa Plaza and Pablo Reguerin*
David Arthur Schroeder                Brian and Sally Chess                Matthew A. Becker                        Cindy Richter
Theodore and Yonga Smith*             Teresa C. and Nagi M. Hanna          Anne-Gigi A. Chan                        Susie L. Rose
Craig Souza                           Colleen Reichmuth                    Jon Baird Duncan                         Linda Sinkovic and Peter Thompson
Rodrick Su                                                                 Elizabeth Garfinkle                      Aimee Spector and Kelly Brown*
                                      Fiat Lux Society                     John Patrick Hart                        John Andre Wiederhold
Blue and Gold Club                    Barbara Elaine Alfors                Mark Kelly and Anna Caccavo              Sylvia Pfeiffer Williams
Janet and Rene Blanquies              Yvette and Christopher Belisle*      Neil Laslett                             Ryan F. Witt
Lynda Carroll and Wade Langill        Leslie Ann Budde                     Julia Brown Marrack
Carl Douglas Coomes                   Patrick Ford                         Brian McElroy and Jennifer McNulty*
Paul David Dungan                     Cynthia Lynn Glickman                Nicole D’Arcambal Meinertzhagen
Heather and Paul Egli                 Molina Patel and Thomas Osmand*      Gabriel A. Mintier
Deborah Elissagaray and Greg Stokes   Shannon M. and Lance Peacor          Christopher and Renee Patton*

Class of 1996                       Joseph Michael Lambro and Elizabeth       Redwood Circle                           Elaine M. Charlton
Gift Total: $11,760                   Faust*                                  Cheryl Ann Davis                         Logan C. Clark
Participation: 2%                   Amy Lerner and Charles Hill               Allison J. Gong                          Kathleen Dalesandro
                                    Amy Christine Lindstrum                   Vincent Paul Renner                      Sarah Haley Giorgetti
Chancellor’s Associates             Joshua Marks and Sia Chung-Marks*                                                  Hong Jiang
Ranko Angelina Petroni              Denali Laurel McCullough Montero          Fiat Lux Society                         Gregory S. Kirschner
Bryan J. Shapiro                    Jeffrey Rahn and Kelli Cree               Phoenix P. Eagleshadow                   Victoria I. Liou-Dompe
                                    Littlejohn Jan and Gina Reid              Pamela Moser and Kenneth Averill*        Alison Luo Love
Chancellor’s Circle                 Derek and Elizabeth Reimer                                                         Elizabeth Manalus Manongdo
Paul James Ausbeck                  Daniel and Emily Robbins*                 Blue and Gold Club                       Nicholas Alan Marchi
                                    Matthew Rodkey and Summer Lange*          Lemor Alcalay                            Karen A. Menjivar
Redwood Circle                      Alicia Silverman                          Mathew David Arnold                      Angelo Solinas Mondragon
Susanna B. Blackwell and Carl A.    Duane and Iris Strong                     Sabrina H. Chong                         Nathan Paul Pierce
  Haverl*                           Laura K. Stupi and Javier D. Santillan*   Justin Daniel Guan                       Christopher Gerard Potts
Jennifer Gonzalez and Warren Sack   Carol Ruth Taylor                         Jacob Henry Lacayo                       Sarah E. Tuttle and Mark Collins
Jas and Kat Sandhu                  Lydia Tran                                Jessica Stevens Lunt                     Lia Marie Vittori
                                    Julian James Velarde                      Anna E. and Jason L. Marcoux             Donte and Kim Watson
Fiat Lux Society                    Douglas Howard Williams                   Paola Martinez
Hootan Altafi                       Bertha Magalli Yoho                       Dorth Mikhael Raphaely                   Class of 2002
James and Ramona Aroyan                                                       Jessica K. Sullivan                      Gift Total: $9,542
David and Trudi Bloom*              Class of 1998                             Sarma Williams                           Participation: 2%
Marvin D. Miaculangan Schober       Gift Total: $5,786
Andrea Marie Testa-Vought           Participation: 2%                         Class of 2000                            Silver Chancellor’s Associates
David Valentine                                                               Gift Total: $7,410                       Paul Dietrich Simpson
Colette A. Willey                   Silver Chancellor’s Associates            Participation: 1%
                                    Clare Staveley and Jonathon Colburn*                                               Chancellor’s Circle
Blue and Gold Club                                                            Chancellor’s Associates                  Victoria Kove Marshall
Bill Ballerini                      Redwood Circle                            David Morrell and Kirsten Silva Gruesz
Alan Maciel Carr                    Miguel Angel Canales                                                               Redwood Circle
Kathy and Philip Davis*             Danielle M. and Craig Johnson             Redwood Circle                           Nadeen Jessica Saad
Randi Lee Dicicco                   Adrian and Tracie Sosa                    Lisa Leanne Conn
Annie Robbins Embree                                                          Patricia and Benjamin Schneider*         Fiat Lux Society
Kristen Miller and Jason Greenlaw   Fiat Lux Society                          Craig Robert Waters                      Nick James Peterson
Jonathan David Harper               Donald Burgett and Arlene Kozimbo*                                                 April Marie Yee
Michael Andrew Lantz                Allison Queen Cordrey                     Fiat Lux Society
Chad C. McNeal                      Catherine and Bryndon LaFollette*         Bryce Edwards                            Blue and Gold Club
Mark Allen Nakamura                                                           Heidi and James Wright*                  Jenner Roxas Balagot
Jason Theodore Nelson               Blue and Gold Club                        Nathan A. Moya                           Eric Barszcz
Leslie and Anthony Puckett          Laura Rebecca Batie                                                                Debashis Bhattacharya
Birgit Margarethe Steensen          Kristin Lee Bremm                         Blue and Gold Club                       Elizabeth Faust and Joseph Michael
Kathleen Margaret Watson            Kathryn and Christopher Castelli*         Maureen Park Choi                          Lambro*
Frank Kenya Wheeler                 Stephen Cusick and Cindy Rose             Dale and Jimmie Sue Clark                Christopher Jesse Imbach
                                    Winifred Frances Frick                    Michael Bertrand Doss                    Deborah Enrile Lao
Class of 1997                       Michael Wai-Ho Gin                        Elizabeth and Brian Eaton                Lori McMinn
Gift Total: $6,817                  Tanya A. Hampton and Jon Strauss          Kirsten and Travis Finucane*             Stuart Duane Ortiz
Participation: 2%                   Linda Hong                                Michael Arthur Galu                      Diana Kristine Shermoen
                                    Sumita Ruth Jaggar                        Olof Krister Hellen                      David Delgado Shorter
Chancellor’s Circle                 Dana Mariko Kawaoka                       Lynn Jade Hunger                         Chengyu Sung
Mark D. Nockleby                    Jennifer Lynn Keil                        Ana Griselda Lazo                        Christopher Jon Swanson
                                    Summer Lange and Matthew Rodkey*          Roberto Lopez                            Ron Ward
Redwood Circle                      Holly Maureen Ledesma                     Jay Carl Nix                             Clifford Calvin Yee
Guy Oliver and Patricia Morris*     Sia and Joshua Marks*                     Jexter Austria Reynante
                                    Andres R. Martin                          Archita Sengupta                         Class of 2003
Fiat Lux Society                    James Lindley Patterson                   Rachael Anne Smith                       Gift Total: $5,561
Denise G. Dallmann                  James L. Repka                            Alec T. Stefansky                        Participation: 1%
Thomas Osmand and Molina Patel*     Dale E. Summer-Busch and Patrick
Mark Isao Yoshinaka                    Busch                                  Class of 2001                            Chancellor’s Circle
                                    Eric J. Thorne                            Gift Total: $4,555                       David and Laura Kulp
Blue and Gold Club                  Jill Elaine Tuckman                       Participation: 2%
David and Debbee Calhoun            Jessica Gail Vodak                                                                 Redwood Circle
Janein Chavez                       Olympia Charmaine Williams                Chancellor’s Circle                      Victor Bovee Dods
Ray Anthony Donahue                 Brian Joseph Wolff                        Suzanne Garcia and Robert Brackett*
Michael Duran and Lisa Sanchez                                                                                         Fiat Lux Society
Angelique and Eugenio Garcia*       Class of 1999                             Fiat Lux Society                         Hannah Portia De La Vega
Che Andrew Hammond                  Gift Total: $4,059                        Jonah Michael Carson                     Johnny Ryan Luong
Donald and Margaret Harlor                                                    Robert and Carolina Cruz                 Jorge Medina
                                    Participation: 2%
Deborah Irene Jansen                                                          Bryndon and Catherine LaFollette*        Paul Richard Oeser
Jill Kilty-Newburn                  Chancellor’s Circle
Michael C. Kock                                                               Blue and Gold Club                       Blue and Gold Club
                                    Robert Brackett and Suzanne Garcia*
Shawn and Andrew Kramer                                                       Sergio Aguilar                           Jennifer Anne Brooks
                                                                              Jennard Alatiit Cahatol                  Matthew John Gonsalves

Howard and Carolyn Hall                   Class of 2006                         Kevin Caldwell and Donna Sund-      William and Robin Carlson
Sarah Beth Malashock                      Gift Total: $13,815                     Caldwell                          Frederick Choate and Karen Nelsen
Isaac Otto Menashe                        Participation: 1%                     Theodore and Kathy Calleton         Gary Clark and Victoria Guagliardo
Eric Kurtis Peterson                                                            Ravinder and Kimberly Chandhok      Robert and Patricia Davisson
Ryan Anthony Ruelas                       Silver Chancellor’s Associates        Fred and Suzanne Cottrell           Dave Edward Degrasse
Eduardo Armando Vaisman                   Hanami Kawabuchi Sutton               Hal and Karlene Dahlmeier           Dean and Margaret Delis
Mikael Corey Wargin                                                             Harry and Norma Dassah              Michael and Holly Lynn Dennard
                                          Chancellor’s Associates               Frances and Louis Del Prete         Wayne and Julie Driscoll
Class of 2004                             Rehan Loring Iftikhar                 Nancy Patricia DiCenzo              Gary and Sandy Falcone
Gift Total: $4,846                                                              Joseph and Deanna Drew              Peter and Beth Favero
Participation: 2%                         Redwood Circle                        Tim and Linda Evans                 Terry Fish
                                          Peter Bao Huy Ha                      Francisco and Marinela Fajardo      Mary Fitzpatrick and David Van Pelt
Chancellor’s Circle                       Christine Margaret Hill               Jean Fang and Hanns Kristen         Gary and Sue Ann Fountain
Peter M. Beckmann                         Oxana Sergeyevna Pantchenko           Zia Fattahi and Gina Koency         Thomas K. Fujisaka
                                          Matthew Michael Reynolds              David and Virginia Fleming          James M. Funk
Redwood Circle                                                                  David and Heather Gorley            Sue and Frank Gallagher
Peter Anthony Stults                      Fiat Lux Society                      Kate and David Gross                John and Tina Garcia
                                          Elizabeth Keller Jose                 Frank and Lynda Gruver              Michael G. Gavin
Fiat Lux Society                          Jennifer Diane Uhlig                  Jon and Rebecca Hayman              Frank W. and Laurie J. Gaynor
Eric Rolfe Heine                                                                Jean and Dorrell Hinshaw            Yury and Lucy Gendelev
Candace Fung-Gee Yeung                    Blue and Gold Club                    Benjamin “Tex” Hintze               John Gomez
                                          Ryan Llamanzares Castaneda            Barry and Debra Kamel               Michael and Laurel Gothelf
Blue and Gold Club                        Gary C. Liu                           Brian and Sandra Konish             James and Mary Graffius
Monica Marie Carney                       Jeremy Thornburg                      Damon and Rosa Lee                  Evelyn R. Grass
Chelsea Ragen Coffman                                                           Ronald and Sheila Litzinger         Lewis and Tonia Green
Regina Lynn Fletcher                      Class of 2007                         Steve M. Madwin                     Diane and Robert Grosso
David Alan Gurevich                       Gift Total: $737                      Lisa Anne Mahowald                  Susan and Donald Guest
Danielle L. Hutchings                     Participation: 1%                     Charles and Jeri Mann               Terry and Celia Harms
Celeste Jimenez                                                                 Jeffrey and Creda Markham           Fred James Harper
Kimberly Kay Korbein                      Chancellor’s Circle                   Sb Master and James Symons          Elma Herrera
Roger Joseph Lee                          Andrea Leah Brenholz                  Ernie and Kathy McDaniel            Stephen and Lelsie Imboden
Sarah Ann McGuinn                                                               Gail McGovern and H. Gordon Cox     Ian and Rita Isaacs
Marvi J. Miranda                          Redwood Circle
                                                                                Tracy T. Meehan                     Peter Isakson and Helen Hamman
Jesus Jorge Molina                        Paul F. Held
                                                                                Peter and Ann Meuel                 Taiji and Minako Katsumata
Barbara Lynn Morales-Rossi                Tyler Steven Hinz
                                                                                Marcy and Harold Nichol             Mary Doyle Kenkel
Stephen Gregory Ott                                                             Thomas Ortiz                        Michele Kerr
Luis Ramon and Isaura R. Quintero         Fiat Lux Society
                                          Margaret Ashla                        Steven and Jann Paul                Thomas Kerrigan and Beth Margolis
Iryna Rudenko                                                                   Carolyn and Gary Pybas              Veronica Kidushim
Sheng Siew Saechao                        Jared Crayton-Thomas
                                          Thuyvan Dao                           Robert and Donna Schutt             Henry and Anne Lam
Jose Braz Salangsang                                                            Christopher and Wendy Seglem        Michael and Elizabeth Lawson
Javier D. Santillan and Laura K. Stupi*   Charles Fickett
                                          Matthew Hermosillo                    Cheryl Lynn Shelton                 Louise and Jeffrey Lieb
Zane M. Shelby                                                                  Mark and Mary Smiley                Linda and Jacob Locker
Kathleen Breanna Smith                    Lorenzo Hutton
                                          Julian Sunn                           Lan Smith                           Carolyn and Bruce Lowenthal
Gregory Friend Stemler                                                          Sally Spencer                       Frank and Sylvia Lucero
Mary Rebecca Sweeters                                                           Outing Sun                          Terry and Howie Mandel
Michelle K. Thomas                        Blue and Gold Club
                                          Victor Callejo-Brighton               Daniel and Jeanne Turner            Thomas and Joyce Martin
Katrina Martha Vegvary                                                          Steve Vallarino and Raini Sugg      Dilia and Jesus Martinez
Sara Ruth Walls                           Alexander D. Dart-Padover
                                          Murphy Holmes                         Charlie and Cheryl Wagner           Marie and Bruce McFarland
                                          Jason Land                            Robert and Rosette Weiss            Gregory and Lori McIntosh
Class of 2005                                                                   Jim Carlton White                   Roderic and Peggy McMahan
Gift Total: $2,850                        Michael Munoz
                                          Adam F. Osth                          Robert T. White and Annette M.      Beverly and Gary Mersing
Participation: 1%                                                                 Breingan                          Connie Mitchell and David Tai
                                          Lindsay Stripling
                                          Vincent Witwer                        Richard and Marie L. Wilson         Gregory and Joanne Monardo
Fiat Lux Society                                                                Claire Witherspoon and James        Marcy and John Moyer
Laura Agatha Corso                        Vivian Wong
                                                                                  Engelman                          Melody M. Moyer
Shelley Namkung Hara                                                            Nina Woods and Paul Reiser          Laura and Robert Neundorfer
Candra Jean Lancaster                     Parent Contributors                                                       Ricney F. and Mary F. Newhouse
Stuart Adam Norton                                                              Redwood Circle                      Melanie and Paul Nichols
Jerry Yang                                                                      Harry and Laurie Abraham            Antony and Amalie Orme
                                          Silver Chancellor’s Associates
                                          Corby Perkins Baumgarten              Alexandre Arkhipov and Olesya       Nancy Ortiz
Blue and Gold Club                                                                Arkhipova                         Richard Paisner and Christy Weiner
Sarah C. Apodaca                                                                JoEllen Ashton
                                          Chancellor’s Associates                                                   Salvador and Sylvia Perez
Eric Luke Bucchere                                                              John and Gina Bauer
                                          Donald P. Jones                                                           Rebecca S. Peters
Jennifer Deanne Dunn                                                            Steven Reed Berardino
                                          Robert and Gail Meave                                                     Williar and Sally Phelps
David Linn                                                                      Neila Berton and Robert Sniderman   Koreen Piazza and Micheal Byrne
Cara Lorraine Russo                       Chancellor’s Circle                   Jeff and Brenda Bissett             Sean and Patricia Pierce
Laura Smith                               Anonymous Donor                       Robin and Ed Bortoli                Ronald Pipa and Frances Moy
Eduardo Solbes                            David and Eileen Anderson             Steven and Barbara Burrall          Klaus J. and Ellen F. Porgiz
Cynthia Peng Wong                         Shahzaman and Najiba Arakozie         Daniel and Cindy Bushgen            Rudolph Potenzone and Treva Rusiwicz
                                          William Telford Booth                 Lynn Marie Butera                   John E. Rampulla and Manuela Piha
                                          Jerry and Maria Brenholz              Ann and Ian Campbell                Lisa and Geoff Randolph
                                          Steve Brock and Gale Heringer-Brock   Gilbert and Loretta Campos          Roger A. and Frances H. Ridlehoover
Elizabeth Robles                    James and Cheryl Cleeves                Gary and Suha Huffaker                Andres and Gloria Martin
William F. and Helen E. Rogers      David Clough and Diane Powell           Kimberley E. Huhta                    Carmela Martinez
Philip and Mary Rogren              Maria E. Cohen                          Richard Hunnicutt                     Elsa Mata
Adam and Collen Rosenblatt          Richard Collier                         Peter Hurley                          Fumisake Matsuo and Ruth Smith-
Chris and Lynn Sands                Gilbert W. and Rebecca M. Collins       Susan and Joseph Iacocca                Matsuo
Michael and Mary Schaaf             Craig Corson and Ann Stenson            Thomas and Wendy Ichimaru             Tom Maxon
Joyce and Rex Schildhouse           Gabriel and Angela Costa                Joel and Annette Inglish              Catherine and Joe McDonald
Francine Sdao and John Deshong      Chung and Nancy Dai                     Jose and Teresa Interiano             Stephen and Margaret McKeon
Robert and Sheri Shearin            Norma Dale                              Roberta Pechner Irish                 Bonny and Rich McKinney
Terry and Susanne Shires            Gary Davis and Ida Griffin              Craig Allen Janakos                   Colin and Susan McRae
Julie Anne St. Clair                Luis and Maria Del Carmen               James and Kathryn Janz                Lina and Bonifacio Mendoza
Andrew and Bonnie Sterngold         Mary Dermody                            Mannie Joel and Martha Greist Joel    James F. Meyers and Kate S. Heumann
Paul and Joann Deutch Sweeney       Gordon and Judy Divanian                Russ and Maria Johnson                  Meyers
Steve J. and Tristan Taggart        Jeff Doran and Catherine Hallahan-      Abraham and Susan Joseph              Mark and Julie Meyers
Denise and G. Tanaka                  Doran                                 Donald and Young Jung                 Caroline and Thomas Miley
Kate and David Thorburn             Clark Edward Ducart                     Martha and Mark Junge                 Daniel Miller and Semadar Barzel
William and Sally Tiffany           Robert W. Dudley, Jr.                   Mary J. Kelly                         Kevin Stephen Mills
Steven Tilles                       Peter Edwards                           Genevieve Kenney                      Edward and Susan Mizrahi
Jim and Irene Tom                   Neil B. and Hyun M. Eisenberg           Jacqueline and Chong Kim              Vikki Modglin
Nancy Unger and Don Whitebread      Nate and Minky Elias                    Anthony G. and Diane M. King          Alan K. Mok
Julio Vidal                         Abby and Linda Emadzadeh                Ron and Marna Klaproth                Jorge Molina and Gloria Estolano
Jean and Annie Walrand              Bruce Englar and Leslie Singer          Michael Kluwin and Tess Sanchez       Richard Jay Moller
Janet and Henry Walther             Richard and Jamie Fall                  Vladimir and Lioudmila Kokoza         William Monagle
Neil and Cindy Watter               Karen and Cameron Farrer                Del A. Kono and Dwight H. Kono        Carlos and Cecilia Montalvo
Charles and Karen Weiss             Dino George Fekaris                     Ruth Hardee Kovacs                    Fred and Kristen Moorehead
Scott Williams and Melinda Parker   Ferdinand M. and Portia C. Fernandez    Frank and Sheila Kozina               Steve and Barbara Morihiro
Toni and Barbara Wilson             Robert and Mary Fitzgerald              Stuart and Gloria Kreitman            Jennifer Morrison
Rebecca and Peretz Wolf-Prusan      Mark and Beth Ford                      Samuel and Leslie Kusic               Will Mosgrove and Anne Cook
Dick and Janice Wong                Lynne Freitas                           Thomas and Julia La Grua              Maureen Naughton Murphy
Maureen Wong and Perry Fong         David and Patricia Frieband             Carol and Phil Laird                  Mano and Lata Murthy
Nancy and Chris Youtz               Steven and Gail Friedman                Pete and Leticia Landa                Dale and Hilda Newkirk
                                    Philip and Joanna Gadd                  Skip Lane                             Mary and Thi Nguyen
Fiat Lux Society                    Cynthia and Hubert Gammer               Christopher and Patricia Langton      Philip O’Carroll
John and Suraya Abedi               William A. and Janice Kay Ghirardelli   Tony and Wendy Lau                    Carol O’Donnell
Elias and Susan Abuyaghi            James and Evelyn Girard                 William and Malinda Law               Garry A. Offernberg
Crispin and Elizabeth Alanzalon     Max and Nancy Gisko                     Boevi and Ayovi Lawson                Suzanne and John Omeara
Ralph and June Alexander            Erica Gong                              Remundo and Mary Lazaga               Frank C. Onu
Jim Alftad and Roberta Gotfried     Emmanuel and Irma Gonzalez              Jeffrey and Jeungmin Lee              Glenn Oppenheim
Susan and Byron Alton               Lisa Anne Grant                         Deborah Tymon Lent                    John and Lynn Osth
Susan and Richard Anderson          Christopher Greer                       George Li and Lynn Chan               Carol and Charles Ott
Ignacio and Ana Arostegui           Todd Griffin and Cynthia Mark           William and Kathleen Linn             Jose Padilla
Theodore Ashton Jr.                 Stewart and Lori Grodman                Glenn and Geralyn Lobo                Kari and Steven Palm
Jerry and Patricia Azarkman         Catherine Halsing and Robert Sarlatte   James and Franny Logan                Diane and Jon Parro
Ron and Kay Balue                   Joseph and Becky Hansen                 Michelle Lorraine Long                Alex and Anna Pascua
Dawn Carolyn Basini                 Dan and Bonnie Hariton                  Sonny and Annika Lundin               Thomas Patton
Adan and Adriana Bataz              Jim and Liz Harley                      Laurel Elizabeth Lyle                 Danny and Julie Peoples
Christy Beffa                       Kurt D. and Marlina B. Harrison         Darla Mabery                          Sven E. Persson
Nancy and Paul Belton               Lilian and Celso Hernandez              Robin and Carolyn Macdonald           Bob and Elaine Petro
Marie and Cameron Berkuti           Otho P. Hinchey and Bonita L. Whitler   Roberta Joan Maguire                  George Pettit and Mollie Dent
Aaron Bick                          Jim and Cheryl Hinton                   Leslie and David Malloy               Julia and Thomas Philbert
Nancy and David Bishop              Kathleen Hintze                         Carol Ann and Robert Edward           Camilla R. Pile
Bryan Dirk Bohman                   Oncita N. Hirata                          Mammon                              John and Gunda Pramuk
Colleen Toole Boost                 Mark and Heike Hopkins                  Cynthia Manigault                     Patricia Quinones
Basil and Linda Boyer               Allan and Karen Horn                    Gerard and Nancy Mannion              Miguel and Martha Ramos
Beverly Breen                       Darryl and Erika Horowitt               Ronald and Dale Marcikic              Kathryn Rangus and James M. Hobza
Maggie and Arthur Bright            Christopher and Suzanne Horsley         Edward A. and Graciela L. Markarian   Vivian F. Ray
Louis and Karen Brizzolara
Claudette and Harvey Brown
Edward J. Buck
Jerry and Toni Buffa                                              “Gifts to UCSC’s colleges support a wide range of programs and
Aram Canin and Deborah Harris                                     activities that enrich the educational environment for undergraduates
Mary Carbone
Robert and Virginia Carlson                                       and the intellectual life of the entire campus. Contributions from
Bernardo and Carmencita Carrasco                                  alumni and families of current students enable the colleges to
Peter Cartwright
                                                                   collaborate with other campus programs to sponsor guest lectures,
Jose and Cindy Castillo
Rebecca and James Catterall                                       performances, special academic courses, as well as individual
Gary Cecchini and Kathleen Mullen                                 student-research and service-learning projects.”
Fu-Lung and Shan-Hui Chang
Mark and Karyn Chorpening                                         William Ladusaw, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
Curtis and Margie Clark

Anne Mueller Redman                    Greg and Marly Wilkinson              Rowena Barreras                          Rodney and Nancy Buchser
Allan Reiss and Lynne Huffman          Jennifer and Ronald Williams          Donald and Judy Barrett                  John and Sheela Buckley
Robert J. and Paula B. Reynolds        Louis and Valerie Willsea             Guadalupe Barron                         Al and Jean Buennagel
Bonnie Ridino                          Elizabeth and James Wilson            Stephen C. Barron                        Susan Mary Bunn
Leeann Elizabeth Rivera                Gregory Wisniewski and Germaine       Mark Webb Barry                          Janet Burdick and Scott Miller
Wilfredo Y. and Lucia R. Roces           Jones                               Barbara Jean Barter                      Lucia Burgos
Narciso and Mary Rodriguez             Cynthia and James Wood                J. B. and Maureen Barton                 Brian Burns and Marcia Trujillo-Burns
Robert Rodriguez                       Robert Woolley                        Chris and Theresa Bartos                 Maria and Pablo Busatto
Kathleen and John Romine               Linda and Louis Wu                    Lori Basch                               Kim Busichio
Patricia and Behrouze Rostampour       Debbie and Jeff Wyckoff               Lawrence Batterton                       Catherine and Neil Butler
Daniele Roth                           John Yanguba                          Ronald Lee Baughn                        Michael and Jackie Butler
Lewis Rubin and Paula Binder           Adam and Virginia Zaremba             Dennis Barry Bealick                     Janet and Robert Buyers
Margarite Salmond and Phil Ajioka      Paris and Shahrzad Zarrabian          Anne Beckes                              Nancy Rose Byron
Santok Sandhu                          Basil and Kathy Zaru                  Rocky and Pamela Beckner                 Benjamin and Thelma Cabral
John Sandvig                           Qimin Zhang and Xiaohong Sun          Tom Beggs and Lili Wenzel Beggs          Pat Cadam and Cynthia Brown
Celeste and Tom Schreck                                                      Alfred and Laurie Belanger               Jon and Linda Cady
Fred and Helen Schwartz                Blue and Gold Club                    Stephanie Bellinger                      Jack and Peggy Cahill
Alan and Irene Seales                  Diane Alice Abadie                    Yagel and Beth G. Ben-Aderet             Gregory and Mary Sue Caillat
Adrian Harry Shandling                 Carol Abeyta                          Rose Marie Benavides                     George and Rebecca Calandri
Joel Shapiro and Enid Joffe            Luis and Antoinette Acenas            Marian E. Benetua                        James Callahan
Ramvatar and Priti Singh               Larry and Janet Acheatel              Eileen and Randall Benway                Samuel Callaway
Karen M. Smith                         Yesan and Gary Ackerman               Gary Berg and Mary Pardl                 Alexander and Concepcion Calles
William and Julie Smith                Rick and Susan Adams                  David and Celine Berman                  Kathryn Cameron
David and Patricia Sodaro              Staci and Mike Aden                   George and Keetje Berndt                 Connie Campbell
Thomas and Cynthia Spear               Rocio F. Aguilar                      Steve Thomas Bernhardt                   Mario Capecchi and Laurie Fraser
Karima and William Sperling            Griselda Aispuro                      David and Mary Jo Bernstein              Al and Sue Capeloto
Frank Spevacek and Kathleen Rosenow    Katherine Lynn Alberts                Dave and Carol Berridge                  Alejandro and Thelma Capinpin
Tim and Barbara Spicer                 Cathy and Fred Alcantar               Rick Berridge and Debra McKinney         Michael and Pamela Caplan
Colleen M. Stagg                       Chris and Claudia Alexander           George and Jane Bers                     Maria Cardenas
Darrell and Lori Staley                David Allen                           Victoria Betancourt                      Jean-Louis and Lori Carmona
Mark A. and Julie F. Stalzer           Elizabeth Allen                       Jeffrey Thomas Bezdeka                   Helen Carnes
Tom Stern and Laurel Doud              Agnes Almeida                         Robert Bezemek                           Constance L. Carpenter
Valerie and William Stevenson          Braulio and Rosa Alvarado             Jeffrey and Mabel Bialik                 Gemma Carrillo-Marquez and Richard
Ilya and Elena Stomakhin               Rene Alvarez                          Ronald W. and Jennifer A. Biernat          Marquez
Ray Joel Storch                        Noreen M. Ambrose                     Diane Bingemann-Garcia and Robert        Joseph and Dianne Carroll
Lin and Carolyn Stripling              Philip and Dortee Anaya                  Garcia                                Greg and Sandra Carroll
Leslie Stuart and Michael Lilie        Matthew and Anne Andaloft             Eileen and John Birkeland                Jim and Nancy Cartan
Kirk and Barbara Stumpf                Marla K. and Dennis S. Andrews        Elizabeth Davidson Bishop                Barbara Cartwright
Roque and Elizamina Suba               Alena Angel                           Joseph and Pamela Bitterman              Efren and Cynthia Casamina
Janet and William Swartout             Paul and Barbara Anik                 Xenia and Gary Bixler                    John and Melinda Casey
Francesca and Ronald Symmes            Valerie Michelle Ansara               Charles and Myrna Black                  Susan H. Casey
Susan Tacata                           Lida Antonian and James Labdon        Mitch and Judy Blake                     Edna Cash-Dudley and William
Janet Tanner-Nielsen and Edward        Patti and Hugo Arabia                 Homer and Heather Blalock                  Dudley-Cash
   Nielsen                             Theodore Amoguis Aragon               Gail Block                               Robert and Betty Castaneda
Mark Tauzer                            Senel Arechiga and Fidelia Serrano    John Blong and Theresa Woehrle           Gove Celio and Elizabeth Ellsworth
Brian and Jan Taylor                   Manuel Ares                           William and Katherine Bloxsom-Carter     Aleta Ilse Chacon
Lousette Taylor                        Robert and Rochelle Armstrong         Amanda Bodell                            Steven and Judith Chamow
Habtezion and Barbara Tecle            Kathleen Louise and Gary Michael      Jean A. and Deborah J. Bodylski          Betty Chan
Philip and Anahid Terrence               Arneson                             Susan Boiko                              Simon and Bettina Chan
Kenneth and Linda Thomas               Delores Arnett                        Rich and Judy Bollinger                  Toni and Darold Chan
David and Barbara Tocco                Eunice and Philip Ashizawa            Mehdi and Jacqueline L. Bolourchi        Lindsay Chaney and Mary Kasdan
Roger A. Torres                        Steven and Sandra Ashla               James Bonomo and Janet Wainwright        Jennifer and Jason Chang
Mauricio and Paula Trigueros           Frederick and Milagros Asuncion       Peter Stevens Bonsignori                 Pierre A. and Florence Chapgier
Larry and Marcy Truman                 Richard and Marion Auld               Tanna Booth and Dana Cruikshank          Marilyn and Paul Chapin
Richard and Sunnye Tuch                Mary and Gregg Avery                  Darlene and Larry Borg                   Maureen and Chris Chapple
Samael E. and Dianne M. Turner         Marc Axelrod and Elizabeth Gross-     Tom Bourret                              Randee and Adam Charton
Perry and Jayne Valdez                   Axelrod                             John and Gail Bowen                      Chien-Fang and Ye-Lin Chen
Donald and Mary Van Fossan             Richard and Susan Ayer                Clarence and Wandra Boyd                 Mark and Karen Chen
Robert and Susan Victorino             Mark and Dorothy Babiarz              Lorraine K. Boyle                        Shao-Ping Chen and Hiu-Chon Lin
Justiniano and Annette Villanueva      Jo Badger                             Robert and Lynn Brandt                   Jenny B. Cheng
Patrice Villars and Stuart Ratner      Deborah Anne Bailey-Wells             Kerry Brenes                             Leonard and Ida Cheong
Eugene and Sally Vrana                 Cindy and Gordon Baker                August and Susan Brenner                 Samuel Chia and Lilia Chia
Isabel Wadsworth                       Mariano and Nida Balbuena             Diane and Stephen Brett                  Dora J. Chien
Jill Karen Walsh                       Robert Ball and Deborah Luster-Ball   Jill Brindel and William Klingelhoffer   Geoffrey and Patricia Chin
Ronald Wayne Waslohn                   John and Susan Banister               Howard Brock                             Frank Chipman
Elizabeth West-Byrd and William Byrd   Linda Lucille Bardin                  Phillip and Debra Brooks                 Steven and Julie Cho-Polizzi
Jessica Lee Wharreagard                Brynn M. Barge                        Richard and Victoria Brooks              Dae and Seon Choi
Bruce and Patrice White                Lisa Mae Barker                       Kenneth C. Brown                         Kyung and Kimberly Choi
Tim and Rita White                     Charles and Vendella Barnett          Ernest Bryant and Mary Cunningham        Gary and Jane Chou
Frances Whitnall                       Kathy and Lawrence Barr               Scott Joseph Bryars                      Bosco Chow
                                       Sammy and Blanca Barraza

Kenneth and Miranda Chow                Laura Frances Diehl                     Pamela A. Flosi and James R. Wesolowki   Joanne and Mark Gray
Gary and Eva Choy                       Val Dietrich and Monique Goossens       Steven and Janie Fogelson                Justin S. Gray
Barbara Christian                       Terrance N. and Jennie H. Dillon        Teruko and William Follette              Michael and Barbara Green
Richard and Cheryl Chung                Adelaida and Daniel Dinio               Kevin Fong and Ginny Fraire-Fong         Teresa Anne Gretsky
Linda Civitello-Joy                     Gary and Ann Disney                     David Sydney Fontenot                    Jeffery and Ruby Grossman
Patricia Clancy                         Ken M. DiVittorio                       Dave and Sita Formosa                    Diane L. Grubbs
Michael and Natalie Clark               Shelly A. Dixon                         Brian and Nancy Fortini                  Dale Gruen
Melanie and Roger Clarke                Tien Do and Phuong Vu                   Alan and Patricia Francis-Lyon           Jill Demby Guest
Kiyoe Cline                             Stephen and Victoria Dobbs              David and Roberta Franz                  Susan and Steve Guest
Michael Bruce Cline                     Elena and Nestor Doctor                 Cirilo and Ana B. Frias                  Ramiro Guevara
Steven and Pamela Coak                  Brian Patrick Dolin                     Caren Friedman                           Michel and Patricia Guittet
Lenora Valentina Cofield                Milan and Ljiljana Draganic             Robert Froehlig                          Ugur and Ivgen Guner
Eric and Julie Cohen                    Igor Drizik                             Christopher and Eileen Frost             Adolfo and Elena Gutierrez
Jo Anne Cohen                           Michael and Deborah Drucker             Gary Glen Fry                            Bob Gutierrez and Pearly Masters
Don Colbourn and Priscilla Wallack      David and Connie Duarte                 Gabriel and Deborah Fryer-Bohbot         Victor and Liduvina Gutierrez
Peter Hays Cole                         Lon Dubey and Melinda Stern             Paul and Joan Fuentes                    Marc and Linda Gutin
Lynn Ellen Coleman                      Karen F. DuBosky                        Glenn and Robin Fujinaka                 Agripino Guzman
Bob and Debbie Collins                  Elizabeth C. Dugdale                    Wade Timothy Fulbright                   Rudy Haas and Susan Henkin-Haas
Ronald and Susan Colton                 Claudia Lee Duncan                      Gwen Fuller                              Paul and Nancy Hackmeyer
Francene Colvin and Elliot Henderson    Reggie and Valerie Duncan               Wai and Ophelia Fung                     Sally Hackworth
Celestino and Jennifer Concepcion       Tedd and Cheryl Duncan                  Maury and Linda Furness                  Jeff and Betty Haller
Peter Conn and Susan Diez               Marcia J. Dunn                          Brigitte Furst                           Michael Joseph Hallinan
Ralph and Teresa Conway                 Karen Dutina                            Peter Gaarn and Nancy Port-Gaarn         George Hamilton and Kathleen
John and Jennie Cook                    Andrea and William L. Earle             Jody and Stanley Gabara                     Lynaugh
Michele A. Cook                         Lloyd Edelberg and Susan Donner         Julio and Milagros Gacosta               Lung-Wen and Teresa Han
Rex Cook and Nicola Cook                Victor and Monica Edgerton              Jose and Orbelicia Gallardo              Nicola Hanchock and James Moore
Andrew and Janet Cooper                 Rae Jean Edwards                        Hemant and Archana Gandhi                Glenn A. Handler
Kevin and Nancy Cooper                  Don and Diane Eisenberg                 Godofredo Garcia and Dolores             Robert Happy and Charlotte Creaghan
Douglas and Barbara Core                Anthony and Deborah Eistetter             Velasquez                              David and Marcia Hardy
Doris Corrado                           Tom and Michele Elling                  Joaquin and Maria Garcia                 Andrea Harrington
Maria Guadalupe Corrales                Kathleen and Brent Elliot               Lilia and Albert Garcia                  David and Annchen Harris
Craig and Sally Costello                Robert and Patty Elliott                Louie and Shannon Garcia                 Jeannie D. and Mark L. Harris
Michael Courtz and Chris Lozano         Jane Ellis-McNaboe and Gerald           Alicia and Jorge Garcia-Cid              Larry and Cynthia Harris
Tim Cowman and Chris Bonfiglio            McNaboe                               Jane Kathryn Gardner                     Jana and William Harrison
Michael and Ami Cox                     Elizabeth and Michael Ellison           Doug Garretson and Susan Slonecker-      Jim and Vanessa Harskamp
Stephen and Joan Craig                  Norman Ellstrand and Tracy Kahn           Garretson                              Linda Hartman and George Landsburg
Teresa F. Craig                         Jeanine Elzie                           Kristina Garwacka and Noah Walker        Sue and David Hartman
Colin and Sue Crawford                  Gerda Endemann and Ron Kopito           James Gauer and Betsy Hill               Peter Hasler and Elizabeth Downing
Renee Crevelli-Gross and James Gross    Kingston and Crystal Eng                Noel and Suzanne Gauk-Roger              William and Debra Hass
Terry Crisler                           Cathy B. Enns                           Arlene Gaxiola                           Steve and Nancy Hayes
Christopher Crosby and Mary Carpinter   Cynthia C. Erger                        Stephen Gehrett and Anne Rockwell        William and Christine Haynes
Platon and Carmen Cruz                  Hamid and Nazy Esfahani                 Val and Kris Gelineau                    Cindy Frisbie Hecklau
Richard and Cathy Cunningham            Ana B. Espinoza                         Cleto and Darlene Genelza                Marion Heim
Jan Kathleen Curtis                     Bo and Clarita Estella                  Richard and Susan Gentilucci             Veronica and Bob Hemphill
John and Sheryl Curtis                  Rafael and Carlina Estrera              Daniel and Toni Gerling                  Judy Ann Hengesbaugh
Ronald and Shauna Dahl                  Carl and Daryl Ettner                   Hydeh Ghaffari and Richard McCracken     Brian and Susan Hennessy
Irene Dailey                            Gary and Paula Evershed                 Ziaieh M. Gibbs                          Mark and Mary Henwood
Melinda Dart and Jamie Padover          Harry and Gina Everson                  Dale A. and Barbara K. Gilbert           Jack and Katherine Herbig
Dareyl Ann Davidson                     Leo Eylar and Kati Kyme                 Eve and Richard Gill                     Claudia Espino Hernandez
Karla Nell Davis                        Kery Falk                               Berta Jean Gilman                        Maria Alejandra Hernandez
Meredith Davis                          Jesse and Yvonne Familara               James and Charlotte Ginn                 Maria and Enrique Hernandez
Usha Davuluri                           Chia and Yung Fan                       Evrith and Steve Giovenco                Michael and Deborah Hernandez
Kyle Davy and Karen Yencich             Brian and Catherine Faris               Patricia and John Gladstone              Rafael and Maria Hernandez
Audrey and Michael Dawson               Sung-Ja Feldman                         Martin and Sarah Goldberg                Samuel and Maria Hernandez
Luis and Cindy De Castro                Leigh D. Fenly                          Thomas Alan Goldenberg                   Lynne B. Hersh
Kurt and Linda De Stigter               Steven and Mary Fermi                   Peter J. Goldmark                        Paul Herstein and Bernadette Laqueur
Jeffrey and Threse Deane                Lori Lynn Fernandez                     Nelson and Teresa Gonzales               Craig and Luanne Heuer
David DeBus and Denyse Beaudet          Thaddus and Cereceda Ferrer             Maria and Jim Gonzalez                   Laura Hicks
Deborah Dei Rossi                       Nathan Ferris and Marsha Zaklan-        Mark Goodfriend                          David Hill and Julie Kastrup
Beverly and Ben DeKoven                   Ferris                                Margie Goodman                           James and Kathryn Hill
Harry Delmer and Deborah Hecht          William and Cheryl Finney               Mark and Roberta Goodman                 Kate Hill
Rosemary Delosreyes                     Randy and Jenifer Fishel                Emil and Vania Goranov                   David and Marita Hillman
David Demaree and Jenny Holl            Jerome and Joann Fishpaw                Michael and Linda Gourley                John T. and Kerry Hingey
Valerie and Ricardo deMartino           David Fittingoff                        Ron and Jan Grace                        Cathryn and Steve Hipskind
Walter and Patricia Denn                Michael D. Fitts                        John and Dawn Gram                       Henry Ho and Ngo Loc
John and Linda Desbrow                  Yolanda Beatrice Fitzgerald             Walter Grams                             Lawrence David Ho
John and Kay Devine                     Barbara and Dale Flick                  Clarence Lancelot Granger                John and Wendy Hoag
Craig and Christy Dewalt                Christopher Flick and Marita McCarthy   Jim and Deana Granger                    Deborah S. Hobbs
Avtar and Davinder Dhami                Adrian and Maria Flores                 Susan Graves                             Robert and Denise Hoffman
Teodoro and Pilar Diaz                  Maria A. Flores                         Gina Gray and Gray Jeffrey               Elisabeth M. Holdship

Dirk John Holkeboer                    Terri and Jonathan Knight          Vandy Linstrot                          Edward and Maria McDevitt
Lyn E. Holsclaw                        Shan and Kang Ko                   Robert Lisenbee                         Duncan McDonald and Lisette
Stephen R. Hoobler                     Raeann Koerner                     Roberto and Maximina Litiatco             Narragon
Renee D. Hoover                        Samuel and Marie Koerper           Ann Litney                              Oscar W. and Laura H. McGraw
Jackie Horlick                         Fei Yan Kong                       Kay Livesley                            Marion McInnes
Christopher David Hourigan             Marie Koudsi                       Robin Lloyd                             Ruth M. McMaster and Robert Tilden
Peter and Isabel Hoversten             Steven and Annette Krakowsky       Nicholas and Caroline Locke             Karen Gross McRoberts
Sharon Howard                          Paul Kramer and Bonnie Ng          Cynthia and Kirk Lok                    Victor and Evelyn Medel
Teresa and Gary Howarth                Michael and Florence Krasnick      Pam London                              Teresita and Ernesto Medina
Randy and Diane Hruby                  Richard and Laurie Kriet           Ray and Lena Long                       Mary B. and Gerald P. Medland
Richard and Cathy Hughes               Cindy Richert Krimmel              Maria Lourdes Lopez                     Charles and Dorian Meehan
Norman C. and Lisa M. Hulberg          David and Melanie Krueger          Marolyne Lopez                          Irma Melendez
Frank and Elizabeth Huttinger          Rick and Kathryn Kurianowicz       Teresa Lopez                            Lorena Rosario Melendez
Bernardo and Marissa Hutton            Kenny and Sandy Kwong              Noam and Sherry Lotan                   Peter and Tatyana Melikov
Alma and Manny Hwe                     Leslie and Janifer Kwong           Susan and Jeffrey Loveall               David Mellinger
Connie Hyde                            Norman La Force and Ming-Li Wang   Kathleen Lowe                           Charles and Kathleen Mendenhall
Marcia Hylan                           Timothy and Betty La Franchi       Joseph and Judith Lowry                 Ana Eugenia Mendez
Dale and Deborah Ikeda                 Sheila and Robert LaCour           William J. Lucchesi                     Mark and Erin Mendez
Marc Intermaggio                       James Laffan and Kate Brooks       Norman and Trish Luckett                Elizabeth and John Mendezona
Tom Jerold Ion                         Teresa Marie Laharty               Deborah Luster-Ball and Robert Ball     Barbara Merino
Saimo and Yat-Kwong Ip                 Simone and Ron LaJeunesse          Susan T. Luu                            Elizabeth Grady Merkin
David and Janet Itano                  Barry Patrick Lajoie               Eileen Ruth Lynch                       Michael Alan and Mary Merkle
Patricia Iwamura                       Michael and Susan Lamb             Dwight and Linda Lynn                   Diane Blacker Merrill
Chris and Pauline Iwata                Deborah and Christopher Lamela     Julie Lynn                              Adolfo Meza
Ryuzo and Marcia Izumoto               Donna M. Lance                     Sally Frances Mackey                    John Miche and Claire Merris
Karen Elizabeth Jacke                  John and Rachel Land               John MacLeod and Winifred Holt          George Miller and Kim Myers
Elizabeth Jackson                      Charles Richard Landau             Victor M. Madrigal                      Pat and Paul Miller
Aleta and Carl Jacobson                Mathew Lando                       Anthony and Anne Magliulo               Robert and Lee Anne Miller
Danielle B. Jaimez                     Jurg Lang                          Ranen and Bibha Maiti                   Susan Miller
Toni Jeffrey                           Robert and Cynthia Lanning         Lucy Maldonado                          Theresa and Warren Miller
Bonnie and Jeff Jenkins                Angela Marie Lara                  Robert P. Malone                        Steven and Wendy Mills
Nancy Jenkins                          Gary P. Larks                      Patrick Man                             Cary and Wendy Minovitz
Lenna and Sue Jennings                 Douglas and Constance Larr         Rosny and Frederic Mandell              Andrea Mirenda
Deborah Jewell and Michael Warfield    Christine Larson                   Robert Mangold                          Ronald and Judith Missirian
Ernst and Teresa Johnson               Margaret and Arlo Larson           Hari and Kuljeet Mann                   Michael and Linelle Mitchell
Ina Barton Johnson                     Mark and Kathleen Larson           Martin and Valerie Mannovich            Miles and Gillian Mochizuki
Larry Edward Johnson                   Phil Larson                        Brigitte Maravick                       Douglas and Robin Modlin
William Todd Johnson                   Emily and Michael Laskin           Angelita Maravilla                      Rachel Monroe
James and Janet Jones                  Johnnie and Evonne Lau             Richard and Sharon Marcus               Sherron Mooltan
James and June Jordan                  Fred and Susie Lauzier             Bob and Sara Marinelli                  Carolyn Moore
Eric and Connie Jorgensen              Pamela and Brian Layfield          Mark and Sheila Marion                  Christopher B. Moore
Pierre Jose                            Erik and Alison Layman             Stephen Mark                            Vasco Morais and Holly Kaiser
Sara David and Joslin                  Susan Marie Lazear                 Kate Markey and William Knox            Walter and Cecilia Moran
Kristy Jue and Robert Doig             Aim Le and Ned Nadershahi          David Marquez and Laura Dominquez-      Gerardo and Adriana Moreno
Steven M. Kantor                       Garret Dempsey Leahey                Marquez                               Cyndie M. Morozumi
Don and Sharon Kaplan                  Janele Leal                        Robin Marsh and Peter Rozo              Karen and Christy Morrill
Emily and Tom Kaplan                   Eleanor G. Leard                   Robert and Laurel Marshall              Lyle and Marie Morris
John and Sherrie Karleskind            Charles and Cathy Lecroy           Roger Martin and Phyllis Shibata        Nilda Soria Morris
Richard Katkov                         Amos and Ruth Lee                  Jennifer Ralston Martinez               Isobel and Andrew Morrish
David Katz                             Cornelia and Huai-Chuan Lee        Juana Martinez                          Debbie Moster-Stein and Evan Stein
Craig and Kimberley Kausen             Eric K. Lee and Iris Y. Yu         Maria Martinez and Andres Jimenez       Larry and Jarina Mowrer
Esther Kawamura                        Karen Elizabeth Lee                Josephine Martino-Beer                  Rachel Mozesson and Steve Kingon
Alice Kearney and Family               Ken and Stella Lee                 Carrie H. Masdeo                        Patricia J. and Lance Mucenieks
Chuck and Nancy Kearsley               Linh and Kim Lee                   Cameron and Mercedeh Mashouf            John and Kate Mulhern
John M. and Janet S. Keathing          Linn Lee and Norm Kreiss           Diane and Chuck Mata                    Patrick Joseph Mulholland
Ron and Elizabeth Keeley               Walter and Betty Lee               John and Kathy Matheson                 Mary M. Mulineau
Kalevi and Karen Kekkonen              Lucia De Los Angeles Leonor        Lynette Mathis                          Dennis and Janet Mulshine
Marnie and Mark Kelley                 Lisa M. Leschinsky                 Catherine Armas Matsumoto               John and Donna Mulsow
Mary Kennaugh                          Michael and Karen Lesyna           Ann and John Eric Matthiessen           Valerie Anne Munoz
Harry and Mary Kenney                  Dennis and Cissy Leung             Don and Amanda Mayeda                   Gene Murano and Ursula Wollschlaeger
Cornelia Kettendorf and Luke Brennan   Wendy and Stan Levin               Joseph Mayer and Patricia Mayer-Ochoa   Rosa Murillo
Diana and Homayoun Khajavi             Thomas Lew                         Darunee Ronnarongnurak Mc Clain         Reva and Chuck Murphy
Jeannette and Michael Kidd Sr.         Kelly J. Lewis                     Lee and Laura McAmis                    Rosemary C. Murphy
Lisa and John Kilcoyne                 Rosilia Leyva                      Michael and Therese McCarthy            Menashe and Shira Nachshon
Chris and John Kim                     Chiuyit Lian and John Barsky       Robin Lynn McClain                      Joseph and Glorianne Naughton
David and Cecilia Kim                  Bruce and Tina Kuo Liang           Anne Marie Irma McClure                 Craig J. Nauman and Donell G. Rogness
Juliene J. King                        Leo and Cecilia Licea              Thomas and Karen McConnell              Jesus and Francisca Navarro
Roger and Jana King                    Wilfredo and Janet Lim             Alisa L. McCord                         Douglas and Patricia Nelson
John Kirihara                          Kevin and Carol Limbach            Thomas and Linda McCoy                  Glen Nemerow and Laureen Bloomer
Tim Klass and Karen Klobucher          Alex and Taren Lindemann           Tim and Cindy McCully                   Charles and Eileen Neuhauser

                                    Elizabeth Ellen New                     Vilma S. and Manuel G. Perez         George and Salma Richmond
                                    Kenneth and Karen Ngo                   Kenneth and Jacqueline Perlmutter    Norman and Betsy Rickles
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                                    Angela and Bert Niedermeier             Mark and Susan Peterson              Lesley and Gregory Riley
Sylvester Algermissen
                                    Victor and Charlotte Niemeyer           Fred and Lois Phillips               Esther and Francisco Rivas
Shirley Primack Azen
                                    Rhonda Nobles                           Laurie and Wendell Phillips          Roxanna Rivera and Rene Rodriguez
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                                    John Nolan                              David and Cheryl Pickman             David and Karen Robbins
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                                    Mitchell and Maria Nomura               Theodore Piculell                    John Cooper Robeson
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                                    Ellen and John Noon                     John Michael Pieraccini              Margaret Ann Rodda
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                                    Yukino and Ahmad Nowzari                Stanley and Pat Pilas                Tomy and Betty Roddam
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                                    Amy Nugent                              Elizabeth Pineda                     Richard Rodrigues and Mary Waldner
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                                    Mary and Jim Olsen                      Ron and Rebecca Prater               George A. and Linda K. Romano
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                                    John Oncay                              Frank and Emily Prather              Marcus and Lisa Romano
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                                    Sadiri and Evangeline Ordinario         Sylvia Pressacco and Glenn Haegele   Michael Romano and Linda Elkins
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                                    Marjorie Faulstich Orellana and Nery    Fred Prinz and Beth Rosen-Prinz      Christine Romo-Munday and Michael
Nicholas Alan Ermak
                                      Orellana                              Lee and Heidi Prutton                  Munday
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                                    Rodger and Holly Orman                  Katya Pucci                          Jody Ronin
Christopher Fisher
                                    John and Robin Orme                     Linda M. Puchalski                   Walter Root and Susan Root
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                                    Douglas Osugi and Aimee Labate          Laura Query                          Russ and Kris Rowell
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Sabrina Greenfield
                                      Williamson                            Nazir and Zeba Qureshi               Linda Ruble
Penry Griffiths
                                    Ash and Heman Pahwa                     Joe and Francesca Raccanello         Colette Rudd
Horace Hartwell
                                    Timothy and Marylyn Paik-Nicely         Donald Rainey and Lynn Haddock       Daniel and Paula Rudolph
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                                    Marie Christine Palchak                 Nancy and Franklin Rainwater         Henry Ruiz
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                                    Rene and Mariquita Palileo              Kathleen Mary Rall                   Margarita and Manuel Ruiz
Edward Hughes
                                    Rodney and Elizabeth Palmer             Apolonio and Alexandrina Ramirez     Michael Rummel and Anne Fitzgerald
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                                    Frank and Judy Palumbo                  Barabara A. Ramirez                  Douglas and Cathrine Rundle
Philip Lawrence
                                    Mike and Estrella Pandolfi              Gloria and Jose Ramirez              Francis Rush III and Andrea Green
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                                    Zeese Papanikolas and Ruth Fallenbaum   Henry J. and Thea L. Ramirez           Rush
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                                    Bonnie Parcells                         Sabrina J. Ramirez                   Michael and Janet Rushton
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                                    Inhyuk and Sung Park                    Lisa M. Ramirez-Ivy                  Michele and Kent Russell
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                                    Martha Park                             Mercedes Ramos                       Deborah Sadler
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                                    Jeffrey Parker and Denise Carter        Joe and Ann Ranish                   Susan G. and Fred Safahi
Blanche McKenzie
                                    Kerry and Barry Parker                  Sallie and Edmund Raspa              Kenneth Neil Sall
Mark T. McMillan
                                    Elvira Martin Parkin                    Jeffrey and LaVan Rassuchine         Steven and Audrey Salzburg
David James Newton
                                    Robert and Susan Parks                  Ron and Heather Ravani               Bert and Lois Samuels
Thomas Ortiz
                                    William and Shirley Parks               Brian and Joan Rea                   Angelito and Rebecca San Juan
Marianna G. Roby
                                    Peter and Barbara Parrott               Igor Rebrin                          Alma and David Sanchez
Jessica Roy
                                    Julia D. Paul                           Kathy Rector                         Dan and Doloras Sanchez
Len Schlegel
                                    Melinda Paullins                        Rand and Jo Reed                     Alan and Gayle Sanders
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                                    Gerald Paulson and Joan Rackerby        Daniel and Martha Reeve              Surjit and Mandip Sandhar
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                                    Michelle P. Paulus                      Sherla Judith Reeves                 Senando and Junita Santos
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                                    Barbara Peet                            Randy Reiter and Joan Skolnick       Paul and Karen Sawchenko
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                                    Terry and Laberta Peet-Lukes            Ziggy Rendler-Bregman and Jesse      Michael and Cynthia Scanlon
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                                    Charlene M. and Edmund Pennings           Bregman                            Andrew and Ilene Scharlach
Wil Sims
                                    Don and Janice Peoples                  Wayn and Margaret Resta              Heloise Schaser-Hughes and Gary
Robert C. Strand
                                    Laurie and Paul Peoples                 Hank and Karen Retford                 Hughes
Andrew Lorie Tarshis
                                    Carrie and Pablo Pereira                Rizalito and Irma Revilleza          Jeffrey and Veronica Schauer
Brian J. Walton
                                    Cruz Perez Jimenez and Blanca Perez     Efren J. Reyes                       Anthony and Suzanne Schiavoni
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                                    John and Maureen Perez                  Bruce Allen Reynolds                 Debbie and Robert Schikore
Hortense Zuckerman
                                    Michael and Carmelita Perez             Rocky and Diane Rhodes               Carol and Howard Schneider
                                    Rosa Maria Perez                        Robin and Scott Rice                 Victoria L. Schneider
                                    Victor and Dina Perez                   Roberta and Bruce Richardson         Hans Schnelle and Nancy Miyamoto

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Lilian Debra Schulmann                  Richard and Eileen Stolee            Salvador and Magdalena Velasco      Jose Zepeda and Rachel Flores
Paul and Kay Schwartz                   Peter and Anne Storm                 Jose and Rosa Veloz                 Weixin Zhou
William and Sue Schwertscharf           Graham and Barbara Stott             Erica and Anthony Vickers           John C. Ziarko
Otis and Willie Scott                   Dorit and Yehuda Strasser            June and Hector Villarreal
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Dave and Diane Sparks                   Roberto and Josefina Tubera          Candice S. Wynne
                                                                                                                 David E. Kaun
Linda Spencer                           Joseph and Victoria Tucci            Takao and Mary K. Yamamoto
                                                                                                                 David S. and Rachel Kliger†
Mark and Laurie Spiegler                Leah Tussey                          Linda and Stephen Yee
                                                                                                                 Harwood Kolsky
Kim Spitler                             Stanley and Elizabeth Tutton         Salina and Russell Yee
                                                                                                                 Jean H. Langenheim
Dave L. Splan                           Darlene M. Tydlaska                  John P. Yerger
                                                                                                                 Gloria and Ken Levy
Stanley G. and Kathy St. Leger-Barter   Margaret and Anthony Udo             Hiroshi and Marla Yonamine
                                                                                                                 Robert M. and Eliane Long
Fred and Nell Stamm                     Angelina Umansky                     Man Jong Yoo
                                                                                                                 Salem Magarian and Laurie Patton
Pamela J. Steen                         Victor and Maria Uribe               Chii-Ren and Chris Young
                                                                                                                 Kumar and Vijaya Malavalli†
Leon and Laurie Steffen                 Michael and Karen Valerio            Susanne Murph Young
                                                                                                                 Kiran and Arjun Malhotra†
Judy Stein                              Peter and Gayle Van De Koolwyk       Francis and Debbie Yu
                                                                                                                 Katie Clare Mazzeo
Rob and Wendy Steinmetz                 Dwight and Agnes Van Meter           Janice and Patrick Yung
                                                                                                                 Frank and Barbara McCrary
Wendy Carron Stephenson                 Manuel and Maritza Vargas            Angel and Zenaida Zabala
                                                                                                                 Homer T. and Emma McCrary
Jaimie C. Stevens                       Vivian M. Vargas                     Paul and Tina Zaich
                                                                                                                 Fredaline and Harry McDonald
Lisa Stewart                            Wilian Vargas                        Rosie Zamora
                                                                                                                 Peter B. Meehan

Kathryn E. Metz
Leta and Alan Miller
Rebecca and James C. Morgan                                                   “The Humanities Division remains deeply appreciative of supportive
Paul L. Newman and Joanne Woodward                                            donors who help maintain the excellence of our faculty and students
Lars and Cynthia Nordstrom                                                    in better understanding the long and varied legacy of human achieve-
George Ow and Gail Michaelis-Ow
Miriam Patchen (d)                                                            ment. Philanthropy means ‘love of humanity’ and giving is one of our
Christopher and Karen Payne                                                   most profound ways both to be human and to celebrate the meaning
Jean Pierret and C. Diane Christensen
                                                                              of our humanity, whose elucidation is the primary scholarly imperative
Rowland K. and Pat S. Rebele‡
David B. and Lynn M. Regan‡                                                   of the humanities.”
Henry P. Renard
Pamela A. Roby                                                                Georges Van Den Abbeele, Dean of Humanities
Don and Diana Rothman
Amy and Craig H. (’78) Schiffer
Robert Scowcroft                        Susan and Joseph Liddicoat               Stephen and Madeleine Fackler            Susan Schwartz
H. Boyd and Deborah Seymour             Dominic and Karen Massaro                Richard E. Faggioli                      Oscar Simo
Robert N. Slinger (d)                   Lionel McKenzie                          Lawrence Ferlinghetti                    Phyllis F. Simpkins
Florence Slinger (d)                    Mary and Don McKenzie                    Geoff Fiorito and Jeffrey Gallagher      John B. Simpson‡
Tod and Catherine Spieker‡              Elizabeth McKinne and David W.           Jonathan Franzen and Kathy Chetkovich    Lisa C. Sloan‡
Audrey E. Stanley                         Graves‡                                Ann M. Gibb and Sandor L.                Scott Smith and Mary Ellen Culley
Winifred J. Steiner                     Bob Munsey                                 Nagyszalanczy                          Philip R. Stevens and Kathleen A.
Barry Swenson                           Donna M. Murphy and Brian Sweeney†       Alan and Susan T. Goldstein                Farnady
Clay B. Tousey                          Jerold O’Brien                           Nan and Allan Goodman†                   Christa Stiner and Ray Garrett
Beth Wallis                             C. Leo Ortiz and Carolyn Reynolds-       Margaret N. Gordon and Alan W. Ritch     Loren and Susan Stirling
Jack and Teresa Watts                     Ortiz                                  Barbara W. Graves                        Pamela and Stephen Storrs
Gloria Hihn Welsh                       Frances M. Owens                         Kirsten Silva Gruesz and David Morrell   Maira Ishikawa Sutton
Dennis Wheeler                          Peter and Rita Prindle                   Timothy and Virginia Guhin               Kathleen and Romesh Wadhwani
Virginia C. and Terry G. Wilson‡        Robert and Edithanne Rittenhouse         Susan and Philip Hammer†                 Eugene and Bessie Walsh
Jonathan C. and Jill C. Winston         F. Michael Serrano                       Kamil and Talat F. Hasan†                Joel R. Wilson
Mary Elizabeth Woolpert‡                Byron Servies                            Randy Herz                               W. Todd and Corinne Wipke
Tanya Zarucki and Gordon Ringold†       Cathy and Steve Shender                  Thomas Holland and Sandra Burroughs      Lawrence and Diane Wolfsen‡
                                        Odette Sims                                Holland                                Gurdon Woods (d)
Silver Chancellor’s Associates          Robert L. and Karen Sinsheimer†          Suzanne Holt and Gerald Weber            James C. Zachos and Lisa Sloan†
Sally Anderson                          Geoff and Colleen Tate                   Stephen Hooper and Sandra Van
Jeannine B. Bassett                     Jan Thompson and Michael Glain             Wachem                                 Chancellor’s Circle
Anne Maree Bay                          Carol Traver                             Kyle Humphreys                           Anonymous Donors
Jennifer and John Bost                  Ashok and Gita Vaish                     William L. Jump†                         Mary K. Abercrombie
Jack Bradley and Cathy Richards         Ruth Van Sciver                          Steve and Mia Kang‡                      Nancy E. Abrams and Joel R. Primack
Norman O. Brown (d)                     Thomas and Patricia Vani†                Stephen and Susan Karon                  Pam and Bob Adams
Kevin M. Browne                         Candace West                             Bruce Karsh and Janet Leonard            Michael and Toby Alexander
Barbara W. Canfield†                    Dorothy Wise                             Candis and Bruce Kerns                   Michael and Kalena Allard
May Chou and Henry Chu                  Samuel and Terese Wright‡                Ric Kirkish and Sue Vroom                Minako and Koji Amakawa
Alice Coltrane (d)                                                               Robert and Rosalie Kraft                 Steven Anderson and Mary Grindeland
Joan Cook                               Chancellor’s Associates                  Jacqueline Ku                            Christine Archer and Larry Hill
Steve DiBartolomeo and Kerry Atchison   Anonymous Donors                         John (d) and Florence Lawrence           Myrtle Atkinson
Susan Sesnon Dolkas                     John and Betty Altman                    Mima LeCocq                              Carolyn L. Ball
Jerome and Sylvia Drexler‡              William and Linda Anderson               Dana and Rafi Litmanovitz                John and Susan Barisone
Charlene and John Edwards               Karl Auerbach and Chris Wellens          Rebecca Lundberg                         Anil and Sonali Batra
Nina Eejima and Charles Greenfield      Bettina and Trevor Baylis                Todd Mason                               Murray and Sheila Baumgarten
Kristine Eriksen and Paul Lubeck        Jim Beauregard                           Tom McNery                               Kathleen and Richard Beal
Mary and Norval Fairman                 Phillip Samuel Berry                     Linda and Stephens Millard‡              Robert Begun and Doree Steinmann
Robert and Priscilla Gilbert            George Blumenthal and Kelly              Jeffery Moering                          Burton and Elizabeth Benson
Robert J. Glaser Sr.                      Weisberg†                              Robert Morris                            Larry and Cayetana Bergeron
Bob and Polly Goode                     Susan and Victor Bogaard                 Stephanie Moulton and Roger Peters       Roger and Elaine Berke
Helen Y. and Bob (d) Goode              Geraldine and Richard Boucher            Richard (d) and Peggy Musgrave           Randy Bevis and Vanessa Tollefson
Arthur A. and Carol Graham‡             James and Enid Brock                     Dave Nesheim                             Helen Bigelow
John M. Halliday†                       Edward and Patricia Browder              Phyllis Norris                           Mary and Steven Bignell
Craig W. Haney and Aida Hurtado         Linda C. Burman-Hall and Charles F.      Dona and Gary Novack†                    Gina and John Biondi
Shirley Harder                            Hall (d)                               Jack O’Neill                             Samuel Bishop and Elena Laborde-
Suzanne Hellmuth and Jock Reynolds      Steve Carlson                            Dave Parra                                 Bishop
Raj and Kalpana Jaswa                   Jim and Mary Jane Chambers               Karl and Rita Pister†                    Bradley and Karla Bogard
David P. Kirk and Larry Millsap         Bijoy G. and Joya Chatterjee             Michael Poppleton                        James D. Bogard
Voula and Nicholas Konidaris            Alan Lee Cima                            Dixie G. Rees                            Barry and EmmaJean Bowman
Frank Krentz and Jayne Ann Castle       George Cook and Mary James               Patrick T. Reilly and Diane M. Lamotte   Charles and Pierrette Boyd
  Krentz                                Peggy Sue and Paul Danielson             Vichai Reutrakul                         Mari and Ryan Brandt
Kathryn Kuivila and David               William and Glendawyn Doyle              Kevin Rooney and Rachael Spencer         Enda T. Brennan and Patrice Ann Boyle
  Schoellhamer                          Carolyn G. and Jonathan Eaton            Deborah Rennels Salkind and Louis K.     Frank and Loreen Bridges‡
Jean and Floyd Kvamme                   Anita Elliott and Robert Taren             Salkind                                William R. Brooks
Anne F. and Paul D. Levin†              Robin and Douglas Engfer                 James Santa                              George Brown and Julie Dryden-Brown‡
Norman S. and Mary Kate Lezin‡

Lilly H. Brown                            Robert and Rebecca Garber              Ovillee Kennedy                        Rajeev Motwani and Asha Jadeja
Rebecca M. Brown                          Helen Garvey and Robert Gries          Lorri Kershner                         Tom Murtha and Stefanie Lenway
Susan E. Brown                            Cindy and Paul Geise                   Thomas M. and Erna Kerst               Edwin Musselwhite and Linda
Thomas Brown                              Leonard and Offra Gerstein             Michele and Robert Kibrick               Musselwhite Silvestrini
Bill and Joan Brugge                      Allen and Shirley Ginzburg             Joy Kilner                             Lorant and Maria Nagyszalanczy
Gerald F. Brush Jr.                       Christine and Robert J. Glaser         Christine L. King and Mark Neenan      Glenn P. Nevill
William A. Bryan                          Jaime Gochoco                          Noel Q. and Laurie R. King             Harvey and Judy Nickelson
Michael Bryant and Rita Walker            Anil and Jyoti Godhwani                Ted Kirkiles                           Nancy Oakes and Bruce Aidells‡
Carole S. Burke                           Gautam Godhwani                        Pamela and Richard C. Kittler          Donald (d) and Irene H. Osterbrock
Theodore E. Burke                         Robert Goff and Eleanor Littman        Arnold R. Klemola                      William and Erica Ow
John and Linda Burroughs                  Elaine Gold                            Elise Knittle and Quentin Williams     Louise Packard and Larry Moskowitz
David Busch                               Greg Gomon                             Gina Koency and Zia Fattahi            Thomas and Joy Parker
Lou and Christi Caviglia                  Ann C. and James A. Gordon             Susan and Robert Koeppen               Tyler Peak
Dan Chamberlain                           Harold (d) and Annette Gordon          Hanns Kristen and Jean Fang            Ira Pohl and Debra Dolsberry
Nicholas and Janet Change                 Nione Greene and Todd Werby            Raphael M. Kudela and Sarah P.         Geetha and Srinivasa R. Rajagopal
Martin M. Chemers and Barbara Goza        Gary B. Griggs                           Schuster                             Bernadette and Bob Ramer
  Chemers†                                Kimberly and Daniel Grover             Mark and Cynthia Kuhn                  Loretta Rao and Richard Josephson
Stuart Cheshire                           Nancy K. Guard Evans                   Laura and David Kulp                   Rosemary and Brian Raphael
John and Barbara Chilton                  Brent and Dennyse Gunts                Aaron Lai and Oiching Yeung            Kevin Rasmussen and Matthew Henry
Gerald M. Christensen and Bonnie S.       Judith Habicht-Mauche and              Edward and Miriam Landesman            Michael Reddell and Margaret Sonoda
  Moore                                     Christopher Mauche                   Gayle M. and Paul Larson               Gary Reece and Rini Van Every
Emily E. Clark                            William and Deborah Hackett            Edward Lax                             Candice and Ralph Reed
Lorna Clark                               Mark and Ann Hamburg                   Thorne Lay                             John J. and Janet M. Regan
Christopher Clarke and Carol Doyle        Zafar Hamdani and Jeannie Thomas       Timothy and Barbara Leach              Bruce Reiss
Paul Cocking and Leslie Scott-Cocking     Kathleen and Jasch (d) Hamilton        Lorien and Bill Leahy                  Carla W. Reiter
Robert and Singne Coe                     Wanda Hamming                          Philip Leboit and Karen Axelsson       Roberta Reyes and Valerie Chase
Sharon Jacobs Cohan and David Cohan       William and Jill Harmon                Bill and Valerie Lee                   Darryl and Heather Richman
Vallance Cole and Freny Cooper            Jane A. Harper                         Lily and Noel Lee                      Pamela and William Richter
Craig and Tina Conway                     Marjorie Hauser                        Warren Lemmon                          Willela and Michael Robinson
Jean-Pierre Correa and Jeffery Kongslie   Scott Hawkins                          Nancy S. Lenz                          Lisa B. Rofel
Mary and Paul Cosper                      Edward Hearn and Linda Arnold          Judith and William Levin               Barbara Rogoff
Jon and Karen Covello                     Julie Barrett Heffington and Tim       Flora Ling and Paul Sturm              Roger Romano
Philip and Peggy Crews                      Heffington                           Evet S. Loewen                         Jeff and Lisa Rosendale
Faye J. Crosby‡                           Daniel and Nancy Hendrix               Ellen W. and Jonathan H. Lovell        Linda Rossi
Jeff Curtis                               Patricia and Brian Herman              Theresa Lovering-Brown and Elliot      Russell and Kristine Rowell
Trudie Daggett                            Gail B. Hershatter                       Omiya                                John and Enid Rusev
Michelle P. Dais                          Douglas Hetzler and Suzanne Kerley     Scott Lucas                            Paul and Paulette Ryan
Romeo Danais                              Robert and Deborah Higginbotham        Linda and Allen Luger                  Edmund and Norma Sacks
Karen A. and Darrell W. Darling           Dorrell and Jean Hinshaw               Anuradha Luther Maitra†                Alan Saldich and Nancy Maxwell
Raymond E. Davis                          Gary and Margaret Hirshberg            Morgan L. Magid                          Saldich
William and Laurie Davis                  Kathleen Trude Hoffacker               Marc S. and Susan M. Mangel            William F. Sater
Victoria and Anthony de Alcuaz            Dina and Tony Hoffman                  Patrick E. and Gail J. Mantey‡         Eugene and Joanne Scanlan
Harriet and John Deck†                    John C. Hogg                           Douglas and Carol Marin                Ronald and Francie Schusterman
Frances and Louis Del Prete               Margaret and John Holl                 Barbara Marshall                       Donald and Joan Scott
George and Patricia Deppe                 Linda and Robert Holub                 George Marshall                        Kristin and Paul Seeman
David and Kathleen Dettman                Leanore Theriot Hooper                 Candace Martin and Treg Silkwood       Mary Selby
May and William Diaz                      Lynne Hubenette and Larry              Dennis and Marilyn Martin              Larry and Marti Selman
Sharon D. Dirnberger                        deGhetaldi†                          William and Kiyoko Masuda              Ronald Sessions
Carol and Robert Dodge                    Mark and Alta-Marya Hull               Timothy and Heather Matthews           Jacqueline and Robert Shaw
Michael and Grace Dooley                  Carol Humphries                        Mary Jo May                            Robert and Joan Shomler
Robert and Sheri Dorfman                  Timmy Hunt                             Harry Mayo                             Curtis and Karen Simmons
Leah Dowty                                Susan and Edward E. Hutton             Evelyn McCabe                          Charles Singer and Mark Shute
Lee and Emily Duffus                      Ronald Inman and Mary Woodyard         Katharine McGirr and Kathleen Hughes   Robin and Gregory Sirakides
Karen and David Dundes                    Millard and Elizabeth Irwin            Dean E. and Jacquelin McHenry          Paul Skenazy and Farnaz Fatemi
Yolanda and Chris Dybdahl‡                Sridar and Anita Iyengar               Henry and Linda McHenry                Judith and Walter Sleeth
The Eger Family                           Joni L. Janecki                        Jane S. McHenry                        Howard Slyter and Marjorie Ginsburg
Austin Einhorn                            Robert and Roberta Johansen            Keith and Della McKenzie               Albert T. Smith
Charles and Sandra Eldridge               Lesa and Steve John                    Michael and Kitty McMahon              Franklin and Jean Smith
Donald L. and Lois Ann Ermak              Erik R. and Judy A. Johnson            Diana and Steven Meckfessel            M. Brewster and Deborah Smith
John Faulkner                             Patricia W. and Rogers E. Johnson      John and Kimberly Mel                  Russell and Melissa Smith
Michael Fehler and Schon Levy             Stoddard and Jeanne Johnston‡          Gary and Margaret Miles                Sally Smith
Robert and Bette Finnigan                 Nancy N. Jones (d)                     Cindy and Christian Miller             Christopher and Kathy Snyder
Robert Fisher and Charles Ranberg         John and Jane Jordan                   Joan Miller                            Mary and Richard Solari
Laura Fogg                                Todd and Kay M. Judson                 Luen Miller                            Mary and Jack Stagnaro
Brook and Thomas Foster                   Debra and Barry Kamel                  Joyce Milligan                         John B. Steck
Allen and Barbara Frank                   Jennifer and Dennis Karlinsky          Jon C. and Patricia Minsloff           Virginia Steel and Douglas J. Stewart‡
James Fuller and Marsha Vande Berg†       Gary Keeley                            Jim and Mary Beth Montgomery           Stanley and Carli Ann Stevens
Ann T. Gallagher                          Marlene Keeley (d)                     Marilyn and Robert Moore               Marion C. Stoops
Alison Galloway‡                          Lillian Kehler and Kristian Whitsett   Emile Mooser                           Joanne and Dean Storkan
George and Katherine Gallucci             Barbara B. Keller                      Margaret E. Morse                      Joseph and Ellen Suckiel

Nancy and Jeffrey Sue                    Steven Reed Berardino                   Daryl V. Dichek                         Jacqulyn Howard
Michelle and Michael Suval               Colleen Berlin-Timmons                  Matthew Dini                            Robert B. Howe
Jennifer and Jeffery Svihus              Giacomo Bernardi                        John and Ann Dizikes                    Harold A. and Dorothy L. Hyde‡
David and Lynn Swanger                   Allan S. and Judith A. Bernstein        Debra A. Dobosz                         Stanley E. Iversen
Karla Tallerico                          Narpat and Chandra Bhandari†            Michael Dorazio                         Kimberlee Ann James
R. Michael and Eileen M. Tanner‡         Cheria Bianchimi                        Chris Dorger and Kendra Armer           Doris Jenkins
Erica and Fred Taylor                    Nicholas Bilardello and Linda Valdes    Diana and Phillip Drews                 Mark and Pamela Johansen
Marion E. Taylor                         Daniel and Joya Birns                   Cheryl and George Dymesich              Craig and Danielle M. Johnson
Kim and Prudence Tolleson                Gary and Carolyn Bjorklund              Deborah Eads                            Roger L. and Stephanie Jungerman
Jim and Carol Toney                      Gregor and Surrey Blackburn             Mary and John Eagle                     Stanley D. Kahn
Gary Trowbridge                          Kenneth and Christine Bloome            Angela and Donald Elder                 Christine Kalb
Nan Tunison-Ogawa and Yoshio Ogawa       Rita and Thomas Bottoms                 Kristine Elliott and Randall            Kenneth and Carol Kasses
William and Clara Turner                 Paul and Constance Boulay                 Schwabacher                           Ken Katsumata
Steve Uranga and Leticia Quezada†        Peter Boulton and Mary Beam             Shelly Errington                        Kevin Kean and Lori Moak-Kean
Georges Y. Van Den Abbeele and Juliana   Jane E. Bradford                        Judy Estrin                             Ann Kearney
  K. Schiesari‡                          Peter and Betsy Breunig                 K. Eterovich                            Jim and Donna Kenney
Neela Vaswani and Holter Graham          Penny Brill                             Fran Etow and John Livingston           Dave Keno
David and Edna Vollmer                   Katherine Brooks                        Stephen L. Fehrman                      Kathleen M. Kenyon
Chantel and Thomas Walsh                 Alice F. and Ric M. Brown               Warren Felt and Dolly Arond             Joumana and Jason Kidd
Chester Wang and Olivia Hsia             Frank Brown and Elaine Murakami         M. P. and Denise Ferrigan               Wontak and Joung Kim
John A. Ware and Kiyoko M. “Kit”         Kenneth and Marian Brown                Noel Ferris and Parker White            Ellen B. Kimmel
  Mura-smith†                            Malia and Marc Brown                    Herb Finkelman                          Naomi Kirschenbaum
Hilary and Jim Weaver                    Alan Buchwald and Kathleen Nakfoor      Margaret Fisher                         Peter and Suzanne Kistler
Rachel Wedeen                            Solomon Bundy and Andrea Cohen          Douglas and Saturnina Fitzpatrick       Gretchen L. Kjose
Carol Pilz Weisskopf and Gene            Joseph and Sara (d) Bunnett             Hilda L. Flores                         Jan Kohlmoos
  Weisskopf                              Henry and Jane Burnham                  John Flores and John Laird              David Koo and Anna Hackenbracht
Mary Wells                               Rosalee Cabrera                         Don and Christine Forbus                Grady and Cheryl Kromer
Robert and Bonda White‡                  Margy J. Cacitti                        Ronald Froslind                         William Ladusaw and Ken Christopher‡
Kristian Whitsett and Lillian Kehler     Andrew and Marilyn Calciano             Seena B. Frost                          Rex and Joan Lake
Paul Whitworth and Kate Hawley           Michael and Kathering Canavan           Cindy P. Gadye and Sheldon              Nancy and Guido Lamell
  Whitworth                              Diane L. Cardwell                         Kamieniecki†                          Jeanne L. Lance and David Fleming
Don and Lela Willet                      Allison and Jon M. Carnero              Lisa Garono                             Alana Latos
Hillis and Peggy Williams                Jim Carter and Pamela Hunt-Carter       Robert and Jan Garrison                 Nancy Lawrence
John C. Williams and Audrey Lyndon       Davide Caruso                           Frank W. and Laurie J. Gaynor           R. Brendan Leary and Jean Swanson
Terrie Williams and James Estes          Carmen Catellano                        Hans and Elizabeth Gerritsen            Sarah Leonard
Henry and Debbie Willis                  Pedro and Shirley Castillo              Susan and Erik Giberson                 Alan J. and Judy Levin
Neal B. Wilson                           Barbara Castro                          Tim Gieseler and Debra Wollesen         Ronni Cole Levin
Shelly Winchell                          Pat Cavataio                            Carol Godsave                           Allan M. Levy and Pamela E. Pierson
Stan and Lois Wolfberg                   Henry Chang                             Kevin and Eileen Goodwin                Douglas and Marilyn Liddicoat
Guntram Wolski and Jeannine Rodems       David Cheit                             Dean and Sheila Gottehrer               Dixie and David Lindberg
Van and Jeanne Wolverton                 Sally and Brian Chess                   Ilana Greenstein and Luis M. Macias     Leanor and Rex Lindsay
David Wood and Jennifer Choate           Lawrence F. Chew                        Laura L. Gregersen and Peter R. Knapp   Vania Lopes
James Woolaway                           George and Bonnie Clark                 Peter and Kimberly Gregory              Nancy V. Loshkajian‡
Maureen Wruck                            Nell and Lee Cliff‡                     Howard and Diane Grunes                 Carolyn and Bruce Lowenthal
James R. Wylie                           Frank and Sue Ann Clugage               Adele Louise Guerzon                    Marsha J. Lubow
Annette C. Yee and Loren A.              Morty and Rebecca Cohen                 Margie and David Guggenhime             John and Judith Luce
  Steck (’73)†                           Jen L. Colby and John R. Wilcox         Marianne Guntow                         Silvia and Frank Lucero
Rivka Yerushalmi                         Jim Coleman                             Marjorie and Howard Haber               Sandy and Ann Lydon
Bret and Jacqueline Zischke              Ray T. Collett Jr.                      Georgia Hallyburton                     James M. and Linda W. Lyon
                                         Barbara Collins and Andy Todd           Rick and Carol Hamman                   Jim MacKenzie and Renee Flower
Redwood Circle                           Richard Colobini                        Byron Han and Dorothy Chen              Chuck and Christian L. Maffia
Anonymous Donor                          Joan A. Colonna                         Nagi M. and Teresa C. Hanna             Gordon D. Malarkey
Laurie and Harry Abraham                 William and Mary Comfort                David Harrington and Amy Katzenstein    Bruce and Lorraine Margon
Laura and Pete Adame                     Robert and Margaret Cooney              Dyanne Hartwig and Dave DeGrasse        Joseph and Carol Marini
Dane and Jo Adams                        John Craver                             Joseph and Britt Haselton               Justin Marion and Jaimie Vargas
Daniel and Elaine Aldrich‡               Connie Croker and Matthew Farrell       Peter and Lynda Haworth                 Susan S. Martin
Tim Allen and Pauline James              Craig Cruz and Richard A. Golding       Chris J. Hayden                         Dilia and Jesus Martinez
Liz Alpert and Ken Friedenbach           Thomas and Nancy Cuddihy                Neal and Jackie Henderson               Ann McCrow and Randy James
Elana M. Andersen                        Roy and Helga Curry‡                    Eduardo Heredia                         Ed McCurtain
Kathleen Anderson and Jeffrey Lipkin     Robert and Katherine Dalziel            Francisco Hernandez and Veronica        Charles and Barbara McFadden
Kathryn Anderson                         Aleck B. and Nancy M. Darr                Hinojosa‡                             Peter McMillan and Lynda Rogers
Julia Armstrong-Zwart and Frank Zwart    Terry Davis and Andrew Weyman†          Hermelinda and Jose Hernandez           John and Nancy Mead
Nancy Austin and Bill Cawley             Paula and Chandler Dawson               Sally Hess and Tim Eells                Lyle L. Merithew and Eileen S. Swirsky
M. Essam and Donna W. Badawi             Annelies De Kater and Thomas Schleich   Henry and Galen Hilgard                 Larry and Bev Merkley‡
Adu Bagley                               Gabriel De La Rosa                      David J. Hillman                        Marlene Meyer and Bruce Lieberman
Nikk Bahvan                              Janet DeDonato and Bob Grindeland       Steven J. and Paula C. Hinz             Jacob B. and Hila F. Michaelsen
Eric J Baker                             Sonia M. and Thomas R. Deetz            Maureen Hoatlin and Thomas Brown        Loretta Michel
Laura and Reid Becker                    Margaret L. Delaney and John K.         Keith and Sharon Hogson                 Dusty and Craig Miller
Marie and Rex Beckham                      Mallory‡                              Murphy Holmes                           Jeffrey and Phyllis Miller
Terece Stovall Bell                      Lucille Des Jardins                     Edward F. and Marian E. Houghton‡       Robert and Jean Miller
Ari Ben-Avram

                                                                                 Kim and Jeff Sutton                    Alicia Anderson
                                                                                 Carl Swanson                           Timothy and Patricia Anderson
                                   “Donors make a huge difference                Eric J. and Tamah Swenson              Roger Anderson and Myrna Britton‡
                                   to the UCSC library. The contribu-            Lincoln and Lee Taiz                   Charles and Candance Arnott
                                                                                 Janet and Robert T. Tanaka             Ramona and James Aroyan
                                   tions they make to collections,
                                                                                 Nina Tanti and Priscilla Schleich      Richard and Susan Artis
                                   services, and facilities enable               Merritt E. Taylor                      Cetin Ates
                                   the library to offer excellent                Barbara Telford and Craig Ishida       Alison V. Augustin
                                                                                 Audrey Tennant                         Barbara J. Austin
                                   resources that support the broad              John W. Thiemann                       Bryant Austin
                                   array of teaching, learning, and              Angie and Richard Thieriot             Simon R. Avakian
                                   research that happens at UCSC.”               Chuck and Bobbie Thompson              George Badger and Barbara Beerstein
                                                                                 Douglass and Cherie Thorne             Larry Baer and Stephanie Klein
                                   Virginia Steel, University Librarian          Stephen E. Thorsett and Rachel J.      Yong Bai
                                                                                   Dewey‡                               John and Sheila Bartelt
                                                                                 Michael and Lesley Tierra              Lou and Isabel Bartfield
                                                                                 Stuart Tmipp                           Linda L. and Kurt R. Barthel
Robert and Julie Minnis                  Paula J. Robichaud                      Jim and Irene Tom                      Kay D. Bartlett
Melanie Mintzer and Henry Fuchs          Ed Rodrigues and Lorna Krkich           Willard Ken Tom and Natalie            Lawrence Bartlett and Karen Ignagni
Ruben Miranda                            Mary J. Rodriguez                         Lichtenstein                         Catherine A. Basu
Alfredo and Evangelina E. Mirande        Craig and Brenda Rogers                 Jeff Traugott and Cori Houston         Richard and Susan Beach
Helene Moglen and Sheila Namir‡          Maureen Roll and Paul Thiltgen          Brett Turner                           Russell and Jane Beatty
James and Alison Moore                   Dov Rothman and Anne Le Brun            Virgina Tuner                          J. W. and Kate Becker
Katherine Moore and Samuel Johnson       Dorothy B. Ruby                         Edda Tusinac                           Scott Bell
Paul Moore and Susan Bradford-Moore      Diane Russell                           Charlie Tweddle                        Martha Benedict and David Klemp
Sheila Moore                             Robert A. Rutemoeller and Mary Ittner   Gordon Ulrey and Robin Hansen          John Benitz
Richard Morgan                           Edmund Sachs                            Alphons M. Van Adrichem                Mary Berg and Alan Speidel
Ann Morhauser and Steve Munson           Warren Sack and Jennifer Gonzalez       Paul J. Vandeventer and Mary Malecha   Scott and Candy Berlin
Jerry Mosgrove                           Luanne and Steven Sacks                 Jon Michael Varese                     Robert and Heidi Black
Edwin Moss and Marnie Bodek              Kat and Jas Sandhu                      Rene and Selene Vega                   Madeline and Tim Blackwood
David Mrus                               Ronald Saufley and Patricia McKinnon    Antonia Verleye                        Harry and Mary Blanchard
Lisa Mune and Jeff Hodos                 Benjamin Saunders and Martha            Frank and Karen Verprauskus            George and Cindy Blenis
Beth and Ken Myers                          Ramirez                              Carolyn Villa-Scott and Russ Scott     Melinda and Ken Block
Lynda Nelson                             Albert J. Schibani                      James Von Hendy and Kelly Tyler        Elspeth G. Bobbs
Garry Ness and Rose Gong                 Christine and Christopher Schlies       Barbara Waaland                        Peter Bodenheimer
Andrew Todd Newberry                     Patricia and Thomas Schneck             Carol and Daniel Wacker                Robert and Nell Bonaparte
Ricney F. and Mary F. Newhouse           Gary and Wynne Schumacher               Shirley Walker                         Gerald D. and Kathleen Archer Bowden
Randall Ray Newkirk                      Michael and Denise Schwandt             Carl E. and Judy L. Walsh‡             Philip Brady and Stewart McDowell
Linda and Robert Newsom                  John Scopazzi                           Rachel Walsh                           Donna and Steven Brigham
John and Lisa Nolan                      J. Campbell and Joyce Scott             Jerome B. and Robynn A. Walters        Dianne Brittain
Craig and Beverly Norleen                Jean Marie Scott and Carol Tolbert      Stuart and Paula Walzer                Jeff and Mary Brittan
Bart O’Brien                             Kevin Scott                             Christopher Wasney                     Mary Brittingham and David Plocher
Patrick O’Hara and Lynne Stoops          James and Cindy Searles                 Richard and Phyllis Wasserstrom        Elizabeth and Jim Brock
Monica Oldmen and Marc L. Sherman        Dorothy and Donald Seligman             Mary Wax                               Blaine and Connie Brokaw
Lisa Orlick-Salka and Corey Salka        Priscilla W. Shaw                       Madeline and Robert Weber              Thelma and Robert Brooks
Gayle and Joseph Ortiz                   Barbara M. Shields                      Andrea Webster and Jeff Emery          William M. Brooks
Daniel Palleros                          Joyce Shimiza                           Herbert Weingard                       Alan and Gwen Brown
Wayne Palmer and Earleen Overend         Michael and Susan Myer Silton           Lawrence and Joanna Weschler           Stephanie and Peter Brown
Marianne Pennington                      Robert A. and Carol Simpkins            Stephen Whitelaw                       Jennifer A. and Robert J. Brumback
Theresa D. Perl                          Diane C. Simpson                        Jim and Mia Whitfield                  Peter Brumis
David and Gloria Peterson                Sherrill and Douglas Sleeter            Roberta Wilkins                        Scott Buchanan
Pamela and Steven Peterson               Gilbert Smith and Carolyn Stallard      Jeffrey Wohler                         Joseph and Lisa Buckwalter
David and Alison Polkinhorne             Jeffrey Smith and Cynthia Ashbrook      Rebecca and Peretz Wolf-Prusan         Pamela and Daniel Buecher
Rick and Robin Polse                     Kent E. Snyder and Martha M. Minnich    Arthur and Joy Wood                    Priscilla and Michael Bull
Klaus J. and Ellen F. Porgiz             Susan Sogard                            Jennifer M. Wood                       Scott Burns
Virginia Porter                          Giuilia Solari and Nicolas Nelke        Constance S. Wright                    Ron Buroker
Linnea Poulsen                           Pamela M. Sorensen and Neil L.          Mary and Peter Yamashita               Duffy Busch
Richard and Trish Power                     Sorensen                             Mary and Don Youmans                   Brian Cakebread
Hilary Powers                            Tracie and Adrian Sosa                  Bob Zoccoli                            Anne and William Callahan
Linda Prajudha and Peter Chung           Kevin R. Spitzer                        Patti Zoccoli                          Leroy Camel
Trink Praxel and Don Zimmerman           Kathleen Starkey and Gregory Nolten                                            Tony Camuti
Jeff and Cathy Raice                     Stephen and Debra Staub                 Fiat Lux Society                       Barbara and Tom Canup
Kelsey Ramage                            Jay and Jacqueline Stephens             Anonymous Donors                       Denny Carroll and Robert Correa
Martha and Ezequiel Ramirez              Marie Annette Stevens                   Elizabeth Abrams and Joseph Lofreddo   Anthony Caselli
William and Betty Ranney                 Eric and Lynne Stietzel                 Mike and Barbara Adams                 Karl H. and Helga M. Cathrein
Lisa Ratner and James Fox                Jeffrey L. Stock and Sonya Newlyn       Kenneth and Gabrielle Adelman          Michael W. and Tina L. Catlin
Felicisimo Requiro and Janet Weinstein   Janice Lee Strassburg                   Jugdeep K. Aggarwal                    Marcus and Alice Cato
David and Sandy Richards                 David and Melinda Straub                Deborah Allen                          Debra Cauble
Frances H. and Roger A. Ridlehoover      Rick and Debra Strini                   Sindo and Barbara Amago                Katherine H. Chaboude
Kathy Rinehart and Randall Rutsch        Trevor Strudley and Heather Stiles      Jason Amici                            Cyndi Chambers-Crook and Dave Crook
Carolyn R. Roberts                       Kathy and Richard Sutherland            Terry Anastassiou

Rick and Cory Charters                George M. Erickson and Mary Jane        Patricia Haymond and Paul Stone         Larry Korbus
Stephen and Bonnie Chase                Reiter                                George Headley                          James Kosic
Carrie and I. Neel Chatterjee         Ivelisse and Leo Estrada                James and Lesley Hearn                  Steven Kramer
June A. and Earl F. Cheit             Olga E. Euben                           Scott Heng                              Mary and Julius R. Krevans
Jeany Chen and Shinn Lee              Robert and Misty Ewald                  Mike Hennigan                           Michael Kunkel
Karen Christensen and Rick Jones      F. Louis and Carolyn Ford Fackler       Alfred F. and Katherine A. Herbermann   Laurel Ladevich and Carter Terrance
James Chubb and Martha Lopez-Chubb    Alan L. Fahrenbruch and Phyllis J.      Elizabeth Herbert and Michael Pischke   Carol Laflin
Sandy Chung                             Anderson                              Michael and Jennifer Hernandez          David Lakes and Stephenie Fein
Ceil Cirillo                          Mark and Jean Farmer                    Rosanna Hertz and Robert J. Thomas      Harry N. Lalor
Stephen R. Clabuesch                  Judith and Robert Faulhaber             Lawrence and M. Suzanne Hess            Joseph and Alice Landolph
Michael Clark                         Rodgers and Margaret Faurot             Dan Hidalgo                             Glen and Marian Langdon
Michael and May Clark                 Ben Feldman and Alice Fishman           Shakti Higgins                          Don and Shirley Lantz
Peter W. Cliff                        Ferdinand M. and Portia C. Fernandez    Maria Higgins-Burke and Michael         Leo and Margaret Laporte‡
Rosemary Coates                       Robert and Kathleen Ferraro                Burke                                Linda Larkin and Harold Widom
Jerry and Madeleine Cohen             Terri Fette                             Nathaniel Pierce Hinchey                Maria and Donald Larkin
Patricia Cole                         Michele Finch                           Patti Hiramoto and Wayne Komure         Jessica Laufer and Neal Halfon
Gilbert W. and Rebecca M. Collins     Michael and Traci Fink                  George and Inga Hoffman                 Katharine and David Laurits
Joe Collonge                          Stan and Linda Fischman                 Joanna S. Holt                          Howard and Virginia Law
Oliver Colmenar                       Robert and Mary Fitzgerald              J. Chris and Janis Hoyt                 Kathleen Lawler and Carlisle Landel
Lynn and Mary Comeskey                Patrick W. Flanigan                     Chinshu Huang and Randall Grahm         Nancy Lawrence
David Condon and Georganne M.         Stanley (d) and Renelde Flatté          Anthony and Louise Huang                Lance P. Lawson
   Benesch                            Christina Floyd                         Blake Hudelson                          Joanne Reiter and Burney LeBoeuf‡
Rick Cox                              Jeffrey Fong                            Ernest Hudson and Diana Chase           Maryann and Edward Lee
David and Joan Craig                  Karla Forsythe and James Crane          Michael and Mary-Nona Hudson            Enid and Irwin Leff
Susan J. Crittenden                   Cindy Frakes                            Dana L. Huff                            Tom Lehrer
Katy Crockett                         Anthony T. Francis and Jeri A. Smith    Dave and Colleen Iermini                Lisa Leite
Adam J. Croucher                      Michelle L. Franklin                    Troy Ingolia                            Teresa Buika Leopold and John Leopold
Robert and Carolina Cruz              Rob and Donna Franks                    Edward Irvin                            Tony Leslie
Patricia Cullinan                     Mary Ann and Robert Franson             Alfred and Rosemary Iversen             Charles and Beverly Levine
Gordon and Kay Cumming                Lesley A. Franz                         Robert and Barbara Jackson              Ivan and Eulalia Lewis
James Custhberthson                   Mary and Francis Frazier                Michael and Grace Jacobs                Betsi Lewitter
Tamara and Douglas Dale               Judy Friedman                           Lee Jaffe and Margaret Ostrander        Robert and Nancy Ley
Kathy Dana                            Eric Frohnapple                         Marilyn James                           Matthew Lezin
Joseph Darriau                        Cynthia Furze and Joseph Denicola       Robert and Karen Janches                Tod and Noreen Likins
Jan and Lynn Dash                     Philip and Joanna Gadd                  Doris Jay and Cary Seiden               Alan M. and Robin R. Lilien
Paul Davidson and Peggy Spencer       Anton and Charlotte Gaidos              Dobie and Ann Jenkins                   Sui Lim
Robert P. and Ruby B. Davis           Martin and Susan Garbowitz              Craig W. Johnson                        Frank L. Lima
Thomas and Joan Davison               Richard and Cynthia Gebhart             William H. Johnston                     Jennifer Lin and Daniel Seeman
Mark Day and Amy Goldberg-Day         Arkady Gendelman                        Bill and Maurine Jones                  John G. Linkletter
Charlotte De Fontaubert               Joan Gerberding                         Judy Jones                              Kathleen and William Linn
Jerry and Sylvia Deck                 Stuart Gerould                          S. Craig and Robin Justice              Ronnie Lipschutz and Mary Wieland
Norma Del Gaudio and Wolfgang         Nicholas Christopher Ghirardelli        Samuel Kadish                           Michael and Susan Litman
   Rosenberg                          Eleanor (d) and Charles Gilbert         Linda Kahler                            Sara Lively and Douglas Hopkinson
Annette Delgreco                      Susan Gilliland                         Michael Kalkstein and Susan English     Francis and Mary Ann Lloyd
Patsy Denney                          Lynda J. Goff‡                          Danielle Kane                           William S. Lockman
Roger and Roberta Dickinson           Connie Goggins                          Jeanne and Joshua Kaplan                Sam Loera
Thomas Dietterich and Carol Rivin     Roxana Goin                             Alisa B. and Howard J. Katz             Rosemary Lonergan
John P. Dietz                         Bernard H. Goldner                      Judy and Dale Keedy                     Phillip and Maryann Long
Sandi Dihl                            William C. Goodfellow and Dana Priest   Michael and Ruth Keeley                 Julio Lopez and Ana Lopez-Atienzo
Judy and Gordon Divanian              Jeff Goodman                            William and Lauren Keenan               Kathleen A. Loughlin and Randall Rea
Jill and Martin Dodd                  Charles Goodwin                         David C. Keller                         Eithne Luibheid
Judith Donaldson                      Rae Grad and Manny Shiffris             Jerel L. and Thomas L. Kellond          Roy H. Lyons
Laurel Doud and Tom Stern             Peg Grady                               Jimmy Kelly                             Andy and Leslie Mackenzie
Joseph Downey                         Sarah and Jeffrey Grant                 Richard Kelly                           Tom Macker
Dwayne and Linda Downing              Alison T. Gray and John T. Lowell       Thomas and Kelly Kelly                  John Mackesey and Kathryn Wunderlich
Jane Brown Dunaway                    Chris and Bill Green                    Penelope and Peter Kenez                Beatrice MacMillan
John and Helaine Dunmire              Mary Hackenbracht and Buck Gee          Marianne Kennedy and David Clancy       Matthew Madison
Mia Duquet                            James and Linda Hagan                   Eric and Adrienne Kentor                Sharon and Matthew Madison
J. F. Durham III and Kevin R.         Robert C. Hajosy and Jane Tea-Hajosy    Andy and Cindy Kestenbaum               Jeffrey and Jenny Maenaga
   Altamirano                         Stanford and Jacquelyn Hall             Susie Ketchum and Robin Kopit           Peter and Hilary Mahon
Ted and Pat Durkee                    Lillian Marie Hallock                   Charlie Keutmann                        Son and Supranee Mai
Robin Dye                             Michael and Grace Hardie                Robert Kibrick                          Seth and Marilyn Manning
Allan J. Dyson and Susan C. Cooper‡   Andrea and Allan M. Harris              Abby C. King and Steven B. Lovett       Robert and Andrea Mansfield
Jim Edwards                           Deborah Harris and Aram Canin           Diane M. and Anthony G. King            Brian Maridon
Hyun M. and Neil B. Eisenberg         Peter and Sheri Harris                  Richard and Diane Klein                 Sandra Markarian
Erick and Jill Eklund                 Greg A. Harshaw                         David Knight                            Nancy and Anthony Marsh
Gent Electric                         Jean Hart and Richard L. Pearson        Kenneth Koenig and Lisa Rose            Jose Marti and Ann M. Starrs
Elaine Elkin                          Theresa Hartig                          Joseph Konopelski and Nancy Cox-        Lora Martin and Philip Du Beau
Thomas Eltzroth                       Amanda Hawes                               Konopelski                           Sandra Martin and Art Winterling
Jay and Audrey Erbes                  Ralph and Jeannie Hayden                Tom and Susan Koontz                    Donna Maruoka

William Marzonie                       Judith and Dennis Orellana            Hideko and Tella Sakamoto                 Price and Teri Thomas
Jo Ann Masi                            Elizabeth Orser-Cataldi and Richard   David P. Salazar                          Terre and Charles Thomas
Judith Myers Maxfield                     Orser                              Elizabeth and Vincent Sanchez             A.B. and Bette L. Tippett
Wendy and Marvin Maynard               Joan R. Osborne                       Scott and Jennifer Sandell                Wally and Lois Trabing
Carolyn and James Mc Manigal           Gregory Oshima                        Paul and Laura Santana                    Mary Beth and Bruce Train
Richard and Claire McAdams             Charles and Carol Ott                 Albert J. and Mary E. Sardello            Christopher and Marta Tremblay
Madelyn McCaul and Mike Rotkin         Sherry L. Palacios                    Julia Sauer                               Steve and Laura Trimberger
Julianne and Charles McEwen            Inez Pandolfi                         Mark and Shannon Schaeffer‡               Roy and Arlene Trowbridge
Doug and Ricki McGlashan               Lance Pardue                          Dorothy and W.H. Schaumberg               Dave and Joyce Trybom
Catherine and Mark McHenry             Roland and Nancy Pascal               F. Tracy Schilling                        Gever Tulley and Julie Speigler
Andrew and Vera McLean                 Thomas and Kristi Patterson           Walter and Ruth Schillinger               Marjorie and Gregory Tupper
Lucille McLoughlin                     Erin Payne                            Stuart and Audrey Schlegel                Frederick and Nancy Turner
Susan and John McVey                   Lance and Shannon M. Peacor           Zack Schlesinger                          Steve and Anne Turner
Patrick and Leslie Meehan              John and Vicki Pearse                 Alice and Steven J. Schnaidt              Brenda and Michael Tzipori
Robert Merkamp                         Peter Pearson and Catherine Mayer     Mike Schneegas and Nancy Skinner          Thomas T. and Carole E. Ueno
Stephen Metsch                         Tatiana Ivanova Peeva                 Jill and Peter Schubart                   Diana Upton and Richard McLaughlin
Gary and Cathy Meyer                   Chuck Perez and Marie Choy            Matt Schulz and Patricia Maher            Kathryn Valdes
Kate S. Heumann Meyers and James F.    Susan and Kenneth Pergrem             Natalain Schwartz                         Beatrice Valdivia
   Meyers                              Sidney and Priscilla Peters           Yvette and Steven Schweitzer              John Van De Veer and Kathleen Caton
Allison H. and Stuart H. Meyler        Frank A. Petrilli                     Elaine and Kent Screechfield              Barbara and Gerard Van Hoven
Cheryl Mietz                           Susan Philips                         Francoise and Marc Seftel                 Anne Van Soest
Maureen and Donald Mikuleky            Roger and Celeste Phillips            Marva and Andrew Seidl                    Duane and Charlann Vander Pluym
Harry and Bessie Miller                Jiraphan Phosaraj and Greg Hales      Mary G. Selby                             Charles and Mindy Vanry
Tyrus Miller and Deanna Shemek         Carey Pickus                          Jeanne and Wayne Shada                    Peter and Marybeth Varcados
Shirley A. Mills                       Walter E. Pingree                     Patricia and Jim Shand                    Bo Varga and Kathleen Dickey
Robin and David Minor                  Janet Platin                          Tom Shanle                                Ralph Vartabebian
D. G. Mitchell                         Marvin Plummer                        Carolyn Martin Shaw                       Kristin and Steve Venuti
Gary Mitchell and Patricia Jones       Stephen Pollitt                       Benjamin Sheets                           Alexander Villalobos
Gayle Mitchell                         Waldemar and Dianne Poulsen           David W. and Patricia M. Sheldon          Justiniano and Annette Villanueva
William Molloy                         Cynthia and Charles Powers            Michael and Renee Shepherd                Herbert and Audrey Vogler
Wendelin Montciel                      Lori Price and John W. Hart           Wells and Sandie Shoemaker                Astrid Von Soosten
Joan L. Moore                          George Propper and Sharon Dowe        Michael and Rosalind Shorenstein          Gunter and Barbara Vorlop
Charlotte R. and Joseph E. Moreno      Carol Provan                          Gary B. Silberstein                       Linda Vossler-Swan and Bert Swan
Marvin Morrison                        Richard and Alyce Prudden             Ray and Grace Silva-Santella              David Walker and Nancy Taylor
Michael and Maryan Mote                Carrie and Tedmund Pryor              Eli Silver and Martha Jordan‡             Michael M. Wallace
Hidetoshi Mouri                        Nancy J. Purvis                       Mary E. Silver                            Vanessa and Leland Wallace
William and Gail Mowatt                Gordon and Teresa Pusser              Ira Silverman and Sheri Dickstein         Helen Wallis
Pete and Janice Mufich                 Paula and Robert Quinn                David Silverstein                         Lilian Walter
Liza Muhly                             Susan Raay                            John and Margie Simmers                   Roberta Wamboldt
Sandy and Chalon Mullins               Cheryl and Jack Rabin                 Sam and Anne Singer                       Kiturah Wang and Alma Friedman
Diana Murphy and Dan Dwyer             Marilyn Radisch                       Manuel and Dawn Siprut                    Thomas and Leslie Ward
Mano and Lata Murthy                   Rodrigo Ramirez                       Kirk and Pat Smith                        Michael and Susan Warren
Keith Muscutt                          Stuart Ratner and Patrice Villars     Doreen and Denis Smith                    Carol and William Wass
Kathleen and Johnny Musser             Lois Rawling                          Julie Smith and Alan Yoder                Mary and Roman Watt
Gloria P. Newhouse                     Sidarhar Reddy                        June Smith                                Harold and Beverly Watts
Thi and Mary Nguyen                    Dean and Diana Reece                  Ken Smith                                 Thompson and Joan M. Webb
Margaret Nichol                        Burton and Cynthia Rees               Michael N. Smith                          Bill Webber
Bruce and Linda Nicholson              Jamie Jo Reinhardt                    Rose Smith                                David J. Weiss
Edward Nielsen and Janet Tanner-       Rene and Norma Reyes                  Adam Matthew Snook                        Steven and Irene Weiss
   Nielsen                             Robert J. and Paula B. Reynolds       Steve Sooy                                Patrick Welch
Ognjen Nikolic                         Richard and Susan Robbins             Valentin Spitkovsky                       Keith and Sandra Wells
Keith and Valerie Nishimura            Lynn Roberts                          Charlotte Spitzer                         Tanya Wendling
Cynthia Noble-Vesecky and John         Renee Robin and Scott McCreary        Catherine Sproul and Michael Paparian     Jeffrey Werner and Susan Lasko
   Vesecky                             Elio and Joy Rodoni                   Jerrold E. Stabley and Evelyn M. Casuga   Andrew Westerman
Kate Nolan                             Lilia Rodriguez                       Kathleen Starmer                          Gregory Wetzel
Ginger Noland                          Susan and Robert Rodriguez            Lisa and Jim Steele                       Sharon Wheatley and David Shapiro
James and Kathleen Noonan              Thomas and Vera Rogers                Warren and Harolla Steiner                James Whittome
Tom and Shirley Norton                 David and Susan Rose                  Brian and Abigail Stevens                 Max Wickson
Mark O’Brien and Lucille McLoughlin    John Bailey Ross                      Byron and Lee Stookey                     John Wiechman and Patricia Emard
Susan and John O’Brien                 Steven and Karen Ross                 Peter Streitz                             Marguerite L. Wilbur and John
Timothy O’Brien and Jami Frost         Paul Roth and Renee Winter            Ronald P. Suduiko and Lois Graham‡          Christiansen
Jill and James O’Callahan              Annette Roux                          Edward and Suzan Syrett                   Jean Wilcox
Marianne and Thomas O’Connell          Stuart and Lynne G. Rovin             Patricia L. Tai                           Steve Wilhelm
Pat O’Grady and Elizabeth Falade       Emily and Thomas Rowe                 Nicole Takahashi                          Dennis and Olivia Williams
Gail Oakley                            Kyla Rowe                             Patricia A. Talbert                       David and Maureen Wilmot
Ruth Ocheltree                         Howard Rowley and Carol Diamond       R. Taylor and Laura Forsyth               Martha Wilson and Stephen Fenwick
Maria and Carlos Leon                  Stuart and Shannon B. Rowson          Sha-Mayn Teh                              Sue and Robert Winston
Ronaldo Oliveira and Karen Yamashita   Dorothy and James Russell             Ann Terranova                             Yolanda and Brandon Wisoff
Erica Olsen and David Mackie           Robert Russell                        Robert and Nancy Terrebonne               Donald Wittman and Martha McGinnis
Vernon and Dorothy Olsen               Dan Rutan and Vickie Lauderbach       Donna and Peter Thomas                    Andy Wolpert and Karen Marker

James and Cynthia Wood                    Rodney and Mary Atchison                  Arnold Bertozzi                        Elizabeth and Jeffrey Brook
Shelly Woollvin                           Dan Atwell                                Diane and Ronald Bertrand              Victoria and Richard Brooks
Nancy and Oliver Wright                   Michael Austin                            Kathleen A. Bertrand                   Alison L. and Larry W. Brown
Paula and Steven Wyman                    Robert and Katherine Ayala                Amanda Besaw                           Derek Brown and Violetta Pristel
Alice and David A. Xavier                 Helen Aylsworth                           Karin and Michael Beumer-Browner       Joan Ladd Brown
Benjamin Yeung                            Roger Bach and Sheila Wickens             Paula Bierce                           Joel and Priscilla Brown
Marvin and Susan Young                    Mark Bagoye and Maxine Chicoine-          Edyce S. and Eliot Binder              Lara and Ethan Brown
Jeremy Zawodny                              Bagoye                                  Marc Binder                            Patty Brown
Dan Zulevic and Carol Hunter              Carol and Jerry Bailey                    Patricia and Peter Biocini             Roger Brown
Angelica and Nick Zweig                   Patrice Bailey                            Rodney Biocini                         Wayne Brown
                                          Madelyn and Dennis Baiser                 James Bishop and Alexandra White       Gerald Browne
Blue and Gold Club                        Becky and Joseph Balagot                  Lindy and Robert Bixby                 Joseph and Donna Brownell
Anonymous Donor                           Suska Baldelomar                          Courtney and Theresa Blackburn         Kent and Katherine Browning
Nebiha and Abdulfatah Succar              David and Jenelle Ball                    Lyle Blake                             Jim and Carol Brownson
Rita Abraham and Michael Yurow            Clay and Beverly Ballard                  Rene and Janet Blanquies               Kenneth and Anne Bruland
Rachel and Douglas Abrams                 Mary Ballou and Jeff Evans                Daniel and Muriel Blatt                John and Laurie Brumfield
Luis and Antoinette Acenas                Phillip and Maxine H. Balma               Mindy and Steven Blechman              Alan M. Bryan
Earl and Marcia Adams                                                                                                      Wade and Nancy Brynelson
                                                                                                                           Maureen and Stephen Buchner
                                                                                                                           Jerry Budin and Suzanne Meyer
                                       “The generosity of our members makes it possible for us to                          Debbie F. Bulger
                                                                                                                           Richard Bumback
                                       offer scholarships, create public education opportunities,                          Marlene Bumgarner
                                       and make improvements to the UCSC Farm & Garden facilities.                         David and Barbara Bunker
                                       We are grateful to members for both their financial support                         Linda Bunney-Sarhad
                                                                                                                           Mark Buraczyinski
                                       and volunteer energy.”                                                              Patricia and Raymond Burleigh
                                                                                                                           Henry J. Burnett
                                       Martha Brown, Staff Liaison to Friends of the UCSC Farm & Garden                    Deborah Burns-Walton and Michael
                                                                                                                           Tom and Claudia Burton
                                                                                                                           Patrick Busch and Dale E. Summer-
Ian and Denby Adamson                     Daniel Bambou                             Andrea T. and John Blenis                Busch
Mike and Staci Aden                       Larry and Joann Barbier                   James and Berma Blomquist              John and Jill Bushakra
Lois Aldwin                               John Bargetto                             Don and Eileen Blood                   Michael Butnik and Joanne Scherr
Michael E. Alexander and Victoria H.      Steven and Bonnie Barisof                 Robert and Virginia Blumberg           Janet and Robert Buyers
  Kirsch                                  John and Bridget Barnes                   Betty and Bert Bly                     Robert and Louise Byer
Avery and Margaret Allen                  Jill Barnes                               Rosemarie Bodenheimer                  Mario and Elbalena Cabrera
Cecille and Jerry Allison                 Leslie Barnes                             Tammy L. Bogard                        Anna Caccavo and Mark Kelly
John Allison and Rebecca Picard           Gerald Barnett and Ruth Harris-Barnett    Claire Bol                             Dolores Cakebread
Daniel and Lynne Alper                    Helaine Barnett                           Holly and Christopher Bolling          David and Debbee Calhoun
Paul Alpers and Carol Christ              Tammy and Raymond Barnett                 Jennifer Bonilla                       Jeffrey Callicotte
Roger Alt and Jane Owen Alt               Mary and Theodore Barone                  Robert C. and Claudia H. Booth         Broos Campbell and Sharan Street
Robert and Diane Altagen                  Robert and Michelle Barone                Jeff and Monica Border                 Daniel G. Campbell
Kathe Alters and John Rumel               Virginia Barr                             Elizabeth Borelli                      Gerald Campbell and Donna Lehnhoff
Michael A. Aluffi                         Pauline Baskett                           Adam Borison and Hilary Ross Walton-   John Campbell and Catherine Larrick
Richard and Pamela Amaro                  Jonathan H. Bassan                           Borison                             Pamela Campos
Jade Ames                                 Wayne Batten                              George A. and Bernys Jo Borun          Robert A. and Lance S. Canter
Philip and Dortee Anaya                   Gene M. Bauer and Ellen M. Shotell        Phyllis Bosworth                       Rex and Elaine Cardinale
Allan C. Anderson                         Kathy and Bill Baumann                    Shai Botika                            Debra Cardoza
Jack and Joyce Anderson                   James A. Bauml                            Tamra and Ron Bottorff                 Luisa Celia Cardoza
Jeffrey J. and Mary E. Anderson           Ralph and Marjory Beal                    John Bowen                             Gwen B. and Robert R. Carey
Kathleen S. Anderson                      Sandra and Michael Beck                   J. K. and Reno Bradfield               Christopher and Penelope Carless
Ronald Anderson                           Albert P. Bedecarre and Claire E. Ernst   Chris Bradford and Margaret Miller     John and Alice Carley
Sharee Anderson                           Norman and Sharon Bedell                  William Bradford                       Anne and Tim Carlson
Susan C. Anderson                         Jim Beede and Tanya Vermeulen Beede       Joan Bradus and Dale Friedman          Carolyn Carlson
Marla K. and Dennis S. Andrews            Katherine Beiers                          Preston and Marilyn Brahm              Clair and Pamela Carlson
Peter and J. Irma Andrews                 Jeffrey L. Belden                         Doug and Donna Branaman                Ceinwen L. Carney
R. G. Andrews                             Alma and Robert Benavides                 Barbara and Robert K. Brandriff        Juliana and Lawrence Carney
Richard and Leslie Andrews                Nannette Benedict                         Roger and Louise Brandt                Cathleen Carpenter and Sally Maneker
Nancy F. Anecito                          Anne D. Bennett                           Tim Brattin and Barbara Beck           Kathryn Carpenter
Karen Ann                                 Leonard and Mary Ann Benson               Angela and Daniel Braude               Melaina and Jason Carr
Joseph and Caryn Ansel                    Peter Benson and Thomas Savignano         Ted Bravos                             Nancy Carroll and Martine Dolciamore
Geoffrey Anthony and Ellen Best           David Benton                              Edward Bray                            Elizabeth and Richard Carson
Wes Anthony                               Mary Bentzen                              Timothy and Rebecca Brennan            Gwen and Peter Carton
Daniel Appelman                           James Berg                                Marv and Marilyn Brenner               James Cartwright
Dane and Mary Fran Archer                 Caroline M. Berger                        Bruce and Diane Bridgeman              Matt and Brianna Cartwright
Senel Arechiga and Fidelia Serrano        Kenneth and Marlene Berke                 Reyes and Louis Briones                Linda Caruthers
Michael and Margaret Arighi               Nancy and Timothy Bernard                 David and Carole Brodsly               Kirk Casey and Megan Johnson
Brandon Armitage                          Claude F. Bernasconi                      Roberta Bromberger                     Evelyn and Dante Casolari
Patricia and John Ashbaugh

Dennis and Cheryl Caspe                Gary and Helena Crawford               Stefanie Dobrin                     Renee Euchner
Marjorie Cassel                        Jack and Emma Crawford                 Roger D. Dockter                    Linda Evans
Barbara Cassin                         Jack Crayton                           Robert Doig and Kristy Jue          Gregory and Kate Evard
Patricia Ann Castagnola                John Crayton                           Devse Doleval                       Debra Fabiani
Kathleen and Brian Cayton              Kelli Cree and Jeffrey Rahn            Harry and Carol Dolouzian           Justin M. Faggioli
Sheila Cayton                          Alvin and Patricia Crocker             Diane Donaldson and John D. Choat   Barbara J. Fairhurst
Patrick Cearley                        Christopher Crooks and Alissa          Jenny Donegan                       Jerome C. Falek
Manny Centeno and Ericka Sleight         Gardenhire-Crooks                    Barbara and Glenn Dorin             Anne and Robert Falltrick
Robert and Jennifer Chaffiotte         Ben D. Crow                            Naomi Dorsch                        Noah Garrett Farb
Ramen and Archana Chakrabarti          Kathy and William Crowley              Charles Dorsett                     Eli and Jeremiah Farmer
Esmond and Clara Chan                  Chris and Thomas Crubaugh              Marie Dougherty                     Marjorie Fasman
Nikolas Chan                           Dana Cruikshank and Tanna Booth        Safa Dow                            Robin J. Fawkes and Steve M.
Marilyn and Paul Chapin                Lauren Cruz                            James and Elizabeth Dowd              Wesolowski
B. Chapman                             Katie and Pete Cullen                  Karen and John Dowdell              Jeannine Feldman
John Charlot                           Lynne and Ricky Curotto                Frances S. Drake (d)                Charmaine Felton
Corrine Charters                       Renwick Curry and Nancy Knudegard      Douglas S. and Corrine L. Draper    Jim and Jane Felton
Rajarshi Chaudhuri                     Angela Curtis                          Elena and Timothy Dreszer           Robert Ferber and Linda Maepa
Martina Chavez                         Dan Curtis                             Cyrus and Amy Driver                Pete Ferro
Dale Chebino                           Katarina and Gerard D’Amore            Jennifer Drobac                     Carolyn Fetler
Karen C. Cheng                         Nancy Dran D’Angelo                    Nick and Bea Drobac                 Cynthia Filarca
Kathleen and Kenneth Child             Amy Dabb                               Thomas L. Drucker                   Nancie Fimbel
Joseph W. Childers                     Harold and Elizabeth Dahlmeier         Pamela M. and Rene R. Drumtra       David W. Finkbeiner and Beth M.
Rebecca and Mark Childs                Michael and Carolyn Dal Ferro          Stephen and Suzy Duarte               Matesi
Becky Christensen                      Pamela Dale                            Paul Dubin and Kristen Ayer         Douglas and Katharine Finlay
Catherine T. Christian                 Nan Daley                              Stephanie Dudek and Fred Martin     Patricia Finlay
Ragna and Mark Christianson            Dean Dalton and Terry Trout            John and Angie Dues                 Yolanda and Gary Finn
Angela and James Christmann            Ravindra Dani                          Francois Duminy                     Paul Corby Finney
Carolyn and Neil Christopherson        Steve Danner and Karen Wcislo          Ian Duncan                          Lalo Fiorelli and Evy Cambridge
Darien J. and Amy E. Chung             Robert and Elizabeth Darling           Pam Dunlap                          Gary and Cindy Firenzi
John Chwistek                          Lynn and Jan Darton                    William and Joan Dunn               Jan Fish
Alger B. and Kathleen Ciabattoni       Terry Dash and Stephan Miller          Eva S. Durham                       Andrew Fisher and Caroline Pomeroy
Bob and Janine Ciapponi                Lee Dauksa                             Shannon Durham and Larry Abitbol    Miriam A. and Noel H. Fishman
Victor J. Cima                         John and Camille Davids                Dianne Earick                       Russ and Brenda Flegal
Charles and Jonell Cipponeri           James and Dorothy Davidson             Andrea and William L. Earle         Cathia and Mark Fleisher
David and Julianna Clark               Virginia and Edward Davies             Dale and Anne Easley                Kenneth and Amy Fleishman
Jimmie Sue and Dale Clark              Michael and Susan Davis                Brian and Elizabeth Eaton           Michael Fleming and Susan Jensen
Michael and Barbara Clark              Paul Davis                             Julie Ebert                         Alan and Bodwyn D. Flores
Michael and Natalie Clark              Stephanie Davis                        Dean and Sharon G. Edell            Fausto and Rita Flores
Martha B. Clayton                      Deborah and Samuel de la Cruz          Roland and Evelyn Edelstein         Andrew and Maria Flores
Betsy B. Clebsch                       Pedro and Bernarda De Leon             Jeff Edge                           Pamela A. Flosi and James R. Wesolowki
Henry E. Cleveland                     David Deamer and Olof Einarsdottir     Paul and Heather Egli               Michael and Nina Fluss
Joanne Clever                          Andrew and Susan Dean                  Ronald and Rosemary Eichorn         Kirby W. Fong
Barton Coddington                      Justine Dean                           Nancy and Gerald Eidam              Mark Fong
Patrick Cody and Annette Emery         Leslie K. Dean                         Angela and Eli Eisenpress           Lisa Ford
Sandra Cohen                           Harmony DeAngelo                       Liz Eisner and Mark Lloyd           Susan G. Ford
Susan Cohen and Barry Weingast         Christine Decastro                     Alison R. and Roger W. Ekers        Kevin and Elizabeth Forder
Stephen and Ann Cole                   Dora DeCoursey and William E.          William Eliopoulos and Ann          Shirley Forsyth
Mark Collins and Sarah E. Tuttle         Spangle                                Bortscheller                      Barry Fowler
Leroy E. Colombe                       Vincent and Priscilla Dedoro           Marq Elliott and Marilyn Cahn       George K. Fox
Ronald and Susan Colton                David Del Real and Linda L. Belanger   Tom Elliott                         Robert and Desiree Foxworthy
Michael Anthony Colucci                Jerry and Sheila DeLany                Jonathan Ellis                      John and Betsy Foy
S. Compost and M. Dreampeace           Neil Delfino                           Stan Elman                          Marlene and William Frank
Richard and Elaine Conley              Irene Delis                            Peter Emanuel and Maura Petersen    Angel Franklin
Gena and John Connelly                 Steven and Kerry Delva                 James Emdy                          Esther G. Franklin
Neil Conner                            David Denier and Joy Kosobayashi       Ronald and Lorraine Emery           Frank and Pamela Frazier
Brian Connor and Laurel D. Trask       Sharon L. and Donald E. Dennis         Gretchen Emmons                     Barbara Freeberg
Neal and Lucie Coonerty                David Denton                           Ronald and Carolyn Emrich           Carol and Mike Freeman
Laurie and Ronald Cooper               Tony and Bonnie DeVarco                Mary Engfer                         Christine and Greg Freeman
Robert and June Cordy                  Craig and Christy Dewalt               Cynthia F. Epstein                  Edward and Helene French
Misty and Carl Cork                    William DeWolf and Kathy Shepler       Richard W. and Anne Erickson        David L. Freyberg
Mark and Terry Corwin                  Charles Di Leva                        Paul J. Ermak                       Ana B. and Cirilo Frias
Anthony L. Costa                       Elsa Diaz                              Gary and Charlotte Ernat            Hal and Hilda Friedman
Gloria S. Cote                         Jane Diaz                              William and Elaine Ernst            Larry Friedman and Tom Ellison
Angela and Hugh Cotton                 Nancy and Frederick Diaz               Amparo C. Escobar                   Dennis C. and Betty A. Frisch
Michael Cowan and Tobeylynn Birch      Jennifer and Daniel Dickerson          Jose and Julie Escobedo             Susan Fritts
Lawrence and Constance Cowper          Delia Dilligan                         David Espinosa                      Lynda Fritz
Madeline and Kevin Cox                 Mary and Rob Disharoon                 John and Elena Espinoza             Hiroshi Fukurai
Patricia Cox                           Stephen and Debby Dix                  Leonel and Maria Espinoza           Del and Martha Fuller
Danine Cozzens and James C. Langdell   Bick Do                                Stephen and Susan Etchison          Junko Funahashi
Kathy and Richard Crain                James Do and Anh Tran                  Coral Etkin                         C. Deane Funk

Glenn A. Funk                          Brian Grimshaw                      Judi and Dennis Heher                 Chiyoko Ishibashi
Joan Allen Funk                        Gordon Gross                        Suzanne Heinze                        Mary Ellen Ittner and Peter Larko
Brayton Furlong                        Irwin and Sylvia Grossman           Alfred E. and Ruth B. Heller          Devin and Lynne Ivester
Chayla Ann Furlong                     Ian and Donna Grover                Badalin and Joseph Helvink            Steve Jackal
Ludwig and Susan Furtner               Jeffrey Grubb and Elise Huffman     Dan Henderson                         Berni Jackalone
John and Jane Fusanotti                Maria Gruwell and Paul M. Gruwell   Anita Hendrickson                     Julia Jackson
Jay Gabany                             Maria and Ramiro Guevara            Eleanor Henrichs                      Lynn Jackson
Angel and Rosario Gabriel              John Guinn and Alicia Silverman     Carroll and Mariana Henwood           Mary Eliot Jackson
Robert Galvan                          Rebecca T. Guinto                   Laura and John Heraty                 Patricia Jackson and Dayle Parkes
Sandra Gaona-Stenton                   Michel and Patricia Guittet         Ken Hurfurth                          Michael and Julie Jacobs
Godofredo Garcia and Dolores           Dennis and Rebecca Gust             Janet Hering                          Susan Jacobs and Michael Staley
  Velasquez                            Linda Guthrie and Wade Fulbright    Bruce Herman                          Rebecca Jacobsen
Lilia and Albert Garcia                Rudy Haas and Susan Henkin-Haas     Dennis and Renee Hermosa              Paul and Margot Jacoby
Luz Garcia                             Barbara J. Haasis                   David and Winifred Heron              Steve Jaffe and Sharon Middleman
Christine Garcia-Sen                   Ernst and Ute Haberli               Jessie Herr                           Virginia and George Jansen
Philip and June Gardner                Arnon Hadar and Marci McCormick     Jonathan P. Hetherton                 Jo Ann Jeffers and Andrew Pohorsky
Duane and Irene Garner                 Maria B. Hajosy                     Dana Hickerson                        Mary Jefferson
Jack and Jane Garrett                  Carlyn Halde                        Harrison Higaki                       Ann C. Jeffrey
George Gaspari                         David M. Hale                       Charles Hill and Amy Lerner           Gray Jeffrey and Gina Gray
Edna Gaub                              Don Hale                            Robert Hill                           Lenna and Chris Jennings
Charles Gaudet and Catherine Whelan    Linda and Keith Hale                Susan E. Hillyard                     Gayle Jensen
David and Patricia Geddes              Scott Hale and Patricia Brown       David and Darrie Hilyard              Henry Joa
Rose T. Gee                              Coughlan                          Kasey Hinchman                        G. W. Joel
Steve and Vinita Gehlbach              Kathryn and Arthur Halenbeck        Levan and Alan Hindmarsh              Barbara and Michael Johnson
Charlotte Gelfand                      Anna Lorene Hall                    John T. and Kerry Hingey              Bret Johnson
Lewis Gelobter                         Delorah Hall                        Robert and Kimberly Hinrichs          Elizabeth and Russell Johnson
Carolyn and Jerome Geraghty            Howard and Carolyn Hall             Patty Hinz                            Jean and William Johnson
Elliot and Barbara L. Gewirtz          John Hall                           Sera T. Hirasuna and Richard Riehle   Leighton Johnson
Leslie and Kelly Gheen                 Roger Hall and Mary Power           Robert and Ellen Hirth                Robert Johnson
Anthony Giannotti and Connie Lebaron   Vicky and Steven Halpern            Frank M. Hlavaty                      Leslie Johnson-Tatsuta and Paul Tatsuta
Brian Gibson                           Chris and Genevieve Halvorsen       Lisa and Michael Hodgson              Howard and Virginia Johnston
Diane Gibson and Lawrence Bazel        Andrea W. and Robert J. Ham         Doris Hoffman                         Redmond and Barbara Johnston
Dale A. and Barbara K. Gilbert         Ethan and Greta Hamm                John Hoffnagle and Suzanne Easton     Derrol and Ursula Jones
Gregory Gilbert and Ingrid Parker      Virginia and Philippe Hammerness    Catherine Hohman                      James and Janet Jones
Lauren Gilbert                         Paul and Mary Hammond               Erich and Eileen Holden               Nancy B. and Peder Jones
James and Catherine Gill‡              Stephen and Emily Hanisits          Brian Hollister and Betsy Jenkins     Randolph Jones
Meredith Gill                          Mary Hanlan                         Jonathan Holz                         William Jones and Sarah Bradley
Susan and Patrick Gill                 Joni Hannah                         Gerard Honzik                         Matt Jordan
Michael and Muis Gilpatrick            James and Joan Hannon               Henry Hooker and Janine Roeth         Eileen and Gerhard Joseph
Elizabeth A. Gilpin                    Brenda Hansen and Eric Collins      Robert and Vera Hope                  Jason B. Joyce
Margaret Ginsburg                      Mary Hansen                         Linda Hopper                          Steve and Christine E. Joyce
Elisabeth and Max Gitter               Hardy and Ruth Hanson               Michael Houlemard Jr. and Christina   Talia Joyce
Kevin and Andrea Givens                Harry and Terry Hanson                Valentino                           Charles Joyner
Stephen Gliessman and Roberta Jaffe    Mark and Elizabeth Hanson           Debra Houston                         Eric and Edith Juline
Alice M. Godfrey and Jordi Bruguera    Donna Haraway and Rusten Hogness    Teresa and Gary Howarth               Nikki Justino
Jane and David Godley                  Alan and Anne L. Harding            Jane A. Huffman                       Madhu Kakarala
Cecilia Goez-Crocker                   Evelyn Harding                      William Fackler Hug                   Janet Kamiya
Arthur A. and Barbara A. Gold          Melissa Hardy                       Jeffry and Anna Hughes                Gurson Kantor
Elizabeth Good and Nicholas Meier      Stephanie Harlan                    Mark and Julia Hughes                 A. Kao and Stephen R. Poteet
Raymond and Dorothea Goodrich          Margaret and Donald Harlor          William Hughes                        Fred Kaplan
Barbara and Mark Gordon                Douglass Harmon and Libby Smith     Gary Hunt                             Marcia and Henry Kaplan
Ralph and Catherine Gorrill            Adrienne D. Harrell                 Melany L. Hunt                        Beverly and Alvin Karp
Stephen and Judi Gorski                Anne Harrington                     Bob and Claudette Hunter              Henry Karpinski
Deborah Graf                           Georgia and Tim Harris              Bob Hurd and Pia Moriarty             Sandra S. Karr
Robert Granat                          Jeannie D. and Mark L. Harris       Greta and Michael Hutchison‡          Patricia J. Kaspar
David and Barbara Grandstaff           Larry and Cynthia Harris            Carol and Randall Huth                Linda and David Katzen
Eric Gray and Lynn Rhodes              Richard and DeAnne Hart             Karla Hutton                          Joel Michael Kauffman
Lacie A. Gray and Troy E. Lawson       Donna and Bruce Hartman             Jenine Huxtable                       Madeline and Michael Kauffman
Barbara and Philip Green               Edward J. and Marjorie Hartmann     Amy C. Huyck                          Jill and Adam Kaufman
Richard Green                          Akio and Ayako Hasegawa             Garth and Wendy Illingworth           Michael K. and Madeline Kaufman
Sally Green                            Arthur Haseltine                    Hiroko Imamura                        Christoph and Emily Kaufmann
Windsor Green                          Tom and Marlene Haskell             Beth Inabinett and Andrew Sharpless   Kurt and Lisa Kaupanger
Shannon and John Greene                Reed Hastings and Patty Quillin     Lawrence and Gale Inadomi             Brian and Martha Kautz
Peter Greenfield                       Gladys and Russell Hatchl           Clay and Eva Ingram                   Jodi and Kirk Kawagoe
Jason Greenlaw and Leilani Miller      Mark and Eleanor Hawkins            Jim Inscore                           Jon T. Kawamura and Elizabeth M.
M.R.C. Greenwood†                      Patricia W. Hayden                  Sue Irvine                               Foley
Stacey Gregory                         Blake and Pamela Hayes              Dennis Irwin                          Ralph Kaywin
Jacquelyn K. Griffith                  Marian and Edmund Hazzard           Jennifer Isaac                        Fatima Kazimi
Richard Griffith and Margaret Perham   Gary and Janice Hector              John Isbister and Roz Spafford        John M. and Janet S. Keating
Jean and Alexander A. Grillo           Jane Hedges and Mark Steinberg      Craig Iscoe and Rosemary Hart         Gwendynn Keith

David and Anita Keller                 Wade Langill and Lynda Carroll         Dennis S. Loney and Laura B. Stack   Gordon Mayfield
Linda A. Kelley                        Karlene F.and Dillon B. Lantz          Patti Long                           Gui Mayo
Mary Louise Kennedy                    Arlene and Charles Lapin               S. Long and C. Bonner                Steven Mayo and Yulanda Brown
Daniel and Tressa Kentner              John Larse and Patricia Kelly Larse    Felipe and Sarah Lora                John and Claudia Mays
Alan F. Kepner and Nancy D. Bisio      Erik Larsen and Jennifer Touchton      Mark E. Lord                         Sean McCue
Nancy A. Kerns                         Jerry Larsen                           Julie Lorenzer                       Bernard Mc Graw and Julie Bernhard
Alice Kett                             Thomas and Barbara Lasinski            Susi Love                            Stephen McMahon and Vicki Smith
William Kier and Kathleen Smith        Lesley Lathrop                         Jeffrey and Susan Loveall            Noriko McAneny
Douglas Kilduff                        Sandra and Glenn Laurence              Denis Lovgren                        Robert McCampbell
Dorothy Jeanne Kimble                  Gayle and James Lawler                 Jacquie Low                          Edgar McCanless
Mark Kimmel and Kathryn Furst          Pamela Lawson                          Ruth and Michael Lowy                Maria McCann
George and Flo Kimmerling              Ashley Lawton                          Virginia Loyola                      Mark G. McCarroll
Gary and Mary Kay King                 Christopher and Patricia Le Maistre    Chia Ling Lu and Benjamin Lu         Daniel McCarthy and Theri Todd
John and Janice King                   Lawrence and Myrna Leal                Jane Lubchenco                       Therese and Michael McCarthy
Joan L. Kinney                         Don B. Leatherman                      Lisa Lui                             William P. McCarthy
Kris Kirby                             Sally Ledger                           Tom and Jean Lukens                  Michael K. McCawley
Blair A. Kirk                          Chun and Lucy Lee                      John and Sheilah Lynch               Pamela and David McClellan
Kenneth Kirk and Marion Zatz           Edmond Lee                             Gene and Tracey Lyras                Michael McCormick and Julie Guthman
Jim and Nikki Kirwan                   Jessica Lee                            Janice Macchia                       Kimlyn McDaniel-Keith and John Keith
Pam Kissiah                            Kim and Linh Lee                       Sarah MacFadden                      Jan and George McDonald
Ted Kitada and Karen Yamashita         Timothy J. Lee and Martha H. Ways      Andrew Macica                        Pat McDonnell
Kent Kitchel and Ilga Celmins          Walter C. Leedy                        Mary Ellen and Michael MacKenzie     Bruce and Marcia McDougal
Katherine M. Kitsuse                   Mary Ann Leer and Jules Resnick        Suzanne Maclean                      Carolyn and Brian McFadden
Gary Kittleson                         Arnold Sterne Leff                     Charles and Catherine MacLellan      Dan McFarlane
Joanne Klebe                           Bernard and Elizabeth Lefson           Linda and Bruce MacLeod              Patrick and Lisa McGinnis
Tiffany and Jonathan Klein             Eric Leite                             Glenn W. MacPherson                  Sally Ann McGrath
Penelope Kleinhans                     Valerie Leman and Ross Cohen           Thomas W. Mader and Carla C.         Donald E. and Shirley F. McGraw
Kenneth and Lori Kletzer               Alex and Karen Lenke                     Christensen                        Sharon L. McGuire
Clyde Klingenberg                      Steve Leonard                          Mary and Samuel Magill               Priscilla McGuire-King and John A.
Cami L. Kloster and Jonathan L.        Karen and Skye Leone                   John G. and Billie K. Mahaney          King
  Scheuer                              Amanda F. Leong                        Steven and Cherie Maier              Dennis and Jerrie McIntrye
Terri and Jonathan Knight              Richard Lerner and Melinda Frederick   Bradley and Marcia Maihack           Dwight L. and Jillellen McKee
Carolyn and Kevin Knudtson             Harry Leroy and Ruth Richards          Laura Malakoff and Michael Brown     Kathleen H. McKee
Linse Knutson                          Charles Lester and Joan Norvelle       Mary Male and David Brick            Sarah Shaw McKee
Christopher Thomas Konish              Cynthia Lester                         Sal and Carol Maleti                 Trice Mckenna
Erma Konish                            Peter and Anne LeVine                  George and Linda Malloch‡            Joe McKeown
Dayne Kono                             Alexandra Levitt                       Eric and Teresa Wade Malone          Doug McKinnen and Alison Markiewicz
Mary E. Kopmar                         Debra Levitt and Steven Rosenblum      Paul Mamula and Patricia Goodman     Gordon McKinnon
Ned and Claudia Korman                 Burton Levy and Marilyn Bookbinder     Sean Manchester                      Craig Mcknight and Susan Faas
Joanne and David Korz                  Robley Levy                            Arsenio Mandilag                     Laura and J. Benjamin McLoughlin
Katheryn and Chapin Krafft             Alan Jeffry Lew                        Martin and Valerie Mannovich         Deborah McMahon
Andrew and Shawn Kramer                James Lewis and Dale Ann Roche         Julie Marchini and Eric Resener      Ruth M. McMaster and Robert Tilden
Nancy Krantz                           John and Betty Lewis                   Jason L. and Anna E. Marcoux         Jean M. McNab
Greg and Liz Krause                    Kristin Lewis                          Alan and Lotte L. Marcus             Thomas O. McNab and Cindy D.
Rosemary Krause                        Norman Lewis                           Sharon and Richard Marcus              Crowe-McNab
John and Mary Kriege                   Robert and Barbara Lewis               Cynthia Margolin                     Betsy E. McNair
Joan Krimston and David J. Korduner    Susan E. Lewis                         James and Meredith Margolis          Anthony Mcnaught
Karen Kroslowitz and Richard Muller    Marc and Betsi Lewitter                Sheila and Mark Marion               Marcia McNutt
Ken and Patricia Kulzick               Anna Liao                              Kelly Maris-Weissburg and Barry      David and Suzanne McSpadden
Debbie and Alan Kummer                 Eileen and Gordon Libby                  Weissburg                          Joan C. McVay
Chris Kump                             Dottie Lieber                          Robert Marnul and Kelli Rucker       George and Mary Mechlin
Sue A. Kurtz                           Dana Lieberman and Robert Michael      Ron and Meredith Marquez             Dorian and Charles Meehan
Malcolm Kushner and Christine Griger   David and Geri Lieby                   Mark and Elizabeth Marrama           Alayne Meeks
David and Paula Kuty                   Kenneth Scott Likitprakong             Peggy and Demain Martin              George and Izolda Megla
Thomas and Julie Kyllo                 Nick and Winnie Lim                    Judith and Charles Martin-Hoyt       Juan Meja and Yvette Carlo
William Lakeland                       Elizabeth Lin                          Maria Martinez and Andres Jimenez    Denise Mello
Rosemary and Fred Lam                  Frederick W. Lindblom                  Martin and Bernadette Martinez       Carol J. Melvin
Brett and April Lambert                Kathleen Lindlan and Michael Raymer    Rollen Maski                         Regina Mendoza
Dena and Wayne Lamprey                 John and Evelyn Lindquist              Martin and Debra Mason               Judith and Lawrence Mennemeier
William and Patricia Lamson            Deborah and Duncan Lindsey             Mary Massee                          Jon Mercado
Barbara L. Lancaster                   James M. and June F. Lindsey           Raymond and Cheryl Mastrovito        Joel Meresman and Lyn Satterstrom
Abbe Land and H. Martin Gantman        Robin and Craig Lingel                 Glen and Roslyn Masumoto             Carol A. Merrell
Julie Landau                           John and Nancy Lingemann               Elenita Q. Mathew                    Beth Mersch
Gaye Landau-Leonard and Frederick      Gloria Lintermans-Shafton              Glenn R. and Godelieve Roelants      Mark and Diane Mesiti-Miller
  Leonard                              Richard Lintermans and Amy Bailey        Mathys                             Robert E. Metcalf
Michele Landegger                      Fred and Jean Linthicum                Chris Matthews                       Michael Metts
William and Kathleen Landing           Aviva and Glenn Lipson                 Scotty and Michelle Matthews         Thomas J. Meuser and Alisa Delliquadri
Mike Landis                            Micheal Llorente and Linda Hong        Ann and John Eric Matthiessen        Gary and Gerda Meyer
Dennis Lang and Sherry Riddick         William and Terry Locke-Paddon‡        Elizabeth and Gary Maushardt         John and Cory Meyers
Ilene H. Lang                          Wai-Bong and Bessie Lok                Jeffrey Mayer and Tacy Witter        Marilyn Michel

Virginia Miesenhelder                Jason M. and Stephanie A. Nielsen      Alan and Mindy Pedlar                     Rebecca Powers
Melvin C. Miles                      Kenneth and Jean Nikodym               Nathan and Catherine Peimann              Jane A. Prestegard
Alice and Matthew N. Miller          Axel Nimmerjahn                        Beth Penney                               Jeff and Terrie Price
David and Anne Miller                Deborah Nitschke                       Robert and Cynthia Pensinger              Terry Price and Kerry Campbell-Price
Gary and Li Miller                   Elizabeth Nolan                        Thomas and Paulette Pera                  Timothy E. Price and Doris White
Mary Miller and Fred Linker          Thomas Nold and Jennifer Denning       Timmi Pereira and Paul Gratz              Mark Primack and Janet Pollock
Melanie Miller                       Rodney Norling                         Joseph M. and Judith Perl                 Jobane Pringle
Mike Miller                          Shirley Northern                       Donna Perrot and Andreas Merkl            Irina Proekt
Steve and Kathy Miller               Bill and Tess Norton                   Herbert and Victoria Perry                Michel Protti
Susan Miller                         Gus and Joy Norton                     Clay Peters                               Anthony and Leslie Puckett
T. Cathy Miller and Pamela Landry    Donald and Carolyn Novin               Kenneth Peters                            Andrew Pudan
Teresa and Keith Miller              Leah Nunez and Bruce Handel            Deborah and Donald Peterson               Lori Purvis
Ellise and Stephen Mills             John and Karen Nyere                   Ernie and Cynthia Peterson                Alexander T. and Joane F. Quan
Clara Minor                          Katharine Mae Obrien                   Tucker and Patricia Peterson              Clifford and Cary Quayle
Julie Mitravich                      Patricia and Mark O’Donnell            Gene and Kathryn Pfeifer                  Bettie Quinn
Doris and Paul Mixon                 Annette O’Donovan and Heather Cline    William Philbin and Sherilyn Sarb         Isaura R. and Luis Ramon Quintero
Zeek Moats                           Kevin and Jennifer O’Keefe             Charles and Linda Philipps                Karen and Paul Rabwin
Margaret Moesch                      Thomas O’Keefe                         Jim and Cara Phillips                     Richard Ragany
Enrique and Sonia Monguia            Patrick and Suzanne O’Toole            Richard and Janice Phister                Deva Rajan
Analia Ema Montalvo                  Michele Oberman                        Michael and Patricia Phleger              Mikhail and Wendy Rakova
James Montgomery and Gale Snow       John and Annie Odell                   Arden E. Pierce                           Bernadette Ramirez
Mariana Montiel                      Blair Odo and May Takenaka             Janice H. Pierce                          Daniel and Apolonio Ramirez
James and Susan Moore                William G. and Joyce E. Odom
Jennifer Moore                       Linda Odorisio and Timothy Cirillo
Li Moore                             Gerald and Julie Oehler                                                    “As partners working to fulfill our
Lawrence Moorman                     Akinori and Kumiko Ohashi
Frank Morales                        Sergio Olivares
                                                                                                                mission of science in the service of
Tim and Marcella Moran               Natalie T. Oliver                                                          society, our generous donors sup-
Marta Morello-Frosch                 Kerby Olsen                                                                port today’s students and faculty
Adriana and Gerardo Moreno           Brian J. Olson
Maria and Michael Morgan             Eric Olson                                                                 who are making important contribu-
Daniel Morookian                     Terry and Remelle Olson                                                    tions to human health, environmen-
James Morrell                        Thomas C. Olson                                                            tal health, and advanced technol-
Jeffrey Morris                       Hiroki Ono
David McNeil Morse                   Arlene Orens                                                               ogy; and they help us educate and
Elizabeth and Rajesh Motwani         Florence Orenstein                                                         inspire the students of tomorrow
John Kenneth Mower                   Corina Orias
                                                                                                                through programs like California
Larry and Jarina Mowrer              Alverda M. Orlando
Penny Mudd                           Laurie A. and Cesar A. Orosco                                              Teach and the Seymour Marine
Alicia Muirhead                      Tom Osborne and Paul Matalucci                                             Discovery Center.”
Paul J. and Carmen Mulholand         Joel and Marlane Osman
Andrew and Mary-Jane Muller          Beth Ostrowski                                                             Stephen Thorsett, Dean of Physical
Donna and Robert Munoz               Bill and Kathleen Owen                                                     and Biological Sciences
David Muret                          Viera K. Pablant
Charles Murphy                       Silvano and Julie Padoan
David and Susan Murphy               Farideh Paknad
Shelley and John Murphy              Joanna Palacino                        Marjorie Pietkiewicz                      Maria and Enrique Rangel
George Murray Jr.                    Patrizia Pallaro and Atesh Sonneborn   Marsha Pietkiewicz                        Cynthia Ranii
Karen Murtagh and James Cohen        Kristin Palma                          Paul and Lolly Pineda                     Lynda and Steven Rannals
Adele Myers                          David Palmer                           Burt Pinnock and Mark D. Braley           Mary and Denis Raphaely
Scott Myers                          Elizabeth and Rodney Palmer            Alan and Clarian Pintacura                Erik Rau and Arwen P. Mohun
Gladys E. Naman                      Helen Palmer                           Hilario and Alma Pipilla                  Michael and Sarah Ray
Jim and Gwen Neary                   Alma Palomares                         Robert and Jennifer Pirrie                Dorothy and Bill Reagan
Cheng Lee Nee                        Paul and Katherine Parenti             Jennifer Lynn Pitino                      Achut Reddy
Linda and Peter Neff                 Robin Parer                            Laurence Pitsenberger                     Clay Redhawk
Tom Negrino and Dori Smith           Andrew and Nora Parker                 Jose and Sandra Pizano                    Steve Reed and Laurie Kiguchi
Pat and John Nellany                 Barbara B. Parker                      S.C. and J.C. Plaskett                    Steven Reeder
Beth A. Nelson                       Debbie Parker                          Jim Platel and Caryn Hoffman              Elizabeth and Gregory Reeves-Fortney
Brett K. Nelson                      Janet Parker                           Jim Plourd                                Gina and Littlejohn Jan Reid
Edith F. Nelson                      Dennis Parks                           Donald Polensky and Flavia Polensky-      France and Patrick Reilly
Diane Nelson-Marlowe and Marshall    Mary Parks-Luntao and Ruperto Luntao     Geist                                   Elizabeth and Derek Reimer
  Marlowe                            Winnie Partridge                       Seth and Naomi Pollack                    Desiree Reitknecht
Deborah A. Newkerk                   Annette B. Patch                       J.K. Polstorff                            Robert and Diane Reklis
James Newman and Margaret Collins    Pamela and Al Patrick                  Deidre Popolizio                          Tammy F. Renn
Merrill and Alicia Newman            Marilyn V. Patton                      George and Nadia Popyack                  John and Margo Restrick
Sam and Liz Newnham                  Shelley E. Patton                      Gerardo X. and Patricia P. Porras         Hank and Karen Retford
John and Sharon Newsom               Georgie Paulden                        Elizabeth Ann Porter                      Kris and Angelica Reyes
Linda Newsum and William Bothamley   Sheila Payne and Paul Ortiz            Stephen and Ginny Porter                  Chris Reynolds and Mary Smith-
Nick and Janet Nichani               Guy Peabody                            Mark and Franca Posner                      Reynolds
Garrett Nicol and Marjorie Greene    Janice Peacock                         Kim and Andrew Potter                     Don Reynolds

Jimmie Reynolds and Arlene Burney      Randy D. Saldinger and Kevin D. Kelley   Marion and Norman Shires               Jon Strauss and Tanya A. Hampton
Willa Dean Reynolds                    Joshua L. Salesin                        Gary L. Shoemaker                      Randolph and Leah Strauss
Karl and Debby Rhoads                  Richard and Judy Salmon                  Martin Shulman                         Chuck and Sharon Strelitz
Jeff and Jane Rhodes                   Paul Salomon                             Jacob and Kris Sidman                  Iris and Duane Strong
C. and P. Riccoboni                    Lisa Sanchez and Michael Duran           Kristy Siefkin and Jeremiah Farmer     Susan Struck
Raymond and Janis Rice                 Adria Sanders                            Alan Siegel and Tracy Green            Patricia and Vaughn Stumpf
Sharon and Michael Richardson          Deborah Sandler and Daniel Hersh         Jim and Marie Sikora                   David Styer
Leif and Kathleen Rideout              Janice Sanson                            Jose and Virginia Silva                Erik Sueberkrop and Donna Blakemore
Beulah M. Rider                        Dio P. Santiago                          Thomas C. Silva                        Ann Sullivan
John and Deborah Rider                 Rio S. Minor Santiago                    Suzanne and David Silverglate          Charles Sullivan
Lisa B. Rigge                          Allen Santos                             R. Paul and Carole Simkins             Elizabeth and Richard Sullivan
Walter and Janet Rilliet               Devon Santy                              Henry and Katherine Simpson            Paul Sullivan and Judith Kempf
Saiful and Indira Rimkeit              Gary and Dinah Sapia                     William and Mary Simpson               Shiori Sumida
Nancy Rinkardt                         David and Susan Sargent                  Stephen C. Simpson                     Arielle E. Sumits
Ian Ritchie                            Alice and Krikor Sarkisian               Laura E. Singer                        Camelia and Scott Sutorius
Kelly A. Roberts                       Bonnie Sartor                            Wanda L. Sisnroy and Stephen Pearl     Laureen Suva and Lad Perenyi
Karla and Dave Robertson               Brenda Saucer and Michael Dwyer          William and Anne Skamarock             Philip John and Cynthia C. Swain
Stephen Robinson and Cheryl Scott      Donald Saunders                          Sally Ann Skapinsky                    Judy and James Swift
Roy and Marsha Rocklin                 Heather Sawyer                           Keith and Rebecca Skaug                Linda Switzer and Gregg Herken
Constance Rockosi and Bradford         Robert and Catherine Saxton              Jay C. and Michelle Skutt              Timothy J. Symons and Syndi B. Master
  Holden                               Marion Schaefer                          Rebecca Slama-Bennett                  Grace H. Ta
Bradley C. and Judith S. Rode          Susan Schaefer and S. Colin Brown        Caitlin Smallwood                      Lysa H. Tabachnick
Hase and Beryl Rodenbaugh              Todd and Sharon Schafer                  Bayard and Kristen Smith               Bill Taggart and Sylvia Real
Richard Rodrigues and Mary Waldner     Edmund Scharlach                         David A. and Margaret M. Smith         Kuochai Tai
Jose and Maria Rodriguez               Bryan Erik Schatz                        Jeanne and Charles Smith               Wallace and Lucy Tai
Vicente Daniel Rodriguez               Peter and Tracie Schatz                  Jeffrey and Lisa Smith                 Renee Tajima-Pena
George and Ruth Rogers                 Karen and David Scheff                   John and Barbara Smith                 Robert and Kimiko Takagi
Marleen Roggow and Michael Rosenthal   Mona Rae and William Scheffer            Kenneth C. Smith                       John and Rebecca Tammen
Ronald and Gayle Rohner                Deborah and Philip Scherrer              Kirk Smith and Joan Diamond            Robert F. Tanner
Ruby M. Rohr                           Alan M. Schlenger and Susan J. Lysik     Michael Smith and Catherine McGuire    Robert E. Taren
Richard and Lupe C. Rojas              Sally Schloz                             Miguel Smith                           Linda Tarone
Susan and Mark Rolen                   Thomas and Brenda Schmida                P. B. and R. E. Smith                  Maureen Tarry and Roger Power
Marcus and Lisa Romano                 Carol B. Schmidt                         Robert Smith                           Elizabeth Tatum
Michael Romano and Linda Elkins        Richard Schmidt                          William E. Smock                       Jeffery Anne Tatum
Alan Ronald                            Donald Schneider and Jean Chin           James and Marcia Smullen               Sharon Tavares
M. Iris Rooney                         Henry Schock                             Jolene and Andrew Snett                David Tavernetti
Cindy Rose and Stephen Cusick          Carleen and Paul Schomberg               Jerry Snow                             Rebecca Tavish and Deborah Abbott
Lisa M. Rose                           Jane Schreiber                           Alexandra J. Snyder                    Bob Taylor and Megan Gallagher
Lou and Joan Rose                      Edward V. Schuhl                         Ava D. Snyder                          Fred Erickson Taylor and Barrie L.
Valerie F. Rose                        Lonny and Patricia Schwartz              Bruce Soderstrom                         Bernstein-Taylor
Peter and Bettina Rosenbladt           Deborah Schwarzer                        Herking Song                           Gene Taylor and Gregory B. Lewis
Carole Ross and John Merz              Valerie Schwimmer                        Peter and Colleen Soracco              James and Carol Taylor
Joan H. Ross                           Richard and Janet Schwind                Joseph and Carrie Sorosky              Phyllis Taylor
Judith J. Ross                         Alfred L. Scopp                          David and Mary South                   Sherryl and Harold Teel
Robert R. Ross                         Celia and Peter Scott                    John and Theanne Specht                Richard and Leslie Ternullo
Shivano E. Ross                        Michael and Isabelle Scott               Richard J. Spicer                      Kenneth and Patricia Terrell
Patrick Rost                           Stanley and Kathryn Scott                Julius Spiegel and Suzanne Wolbers     Oscar and Consuelo Teruel
Bert Rouleau                           Tim and Carole Scott                     Thomas and Susan Spitz                 Michael M. Thaler
Katharine Rowe                         Virginia and Dougald Scott               Linda Spradley                         Sek P. Theodore
Richard D. and Cheryl B. Rowe          William and Jane Scott                   Lee and Laura Stanford                 Claudia Thomas
Nathan Roy                             Suzanne Searle                           Everett Stanley                        David J. Thomas
Michael Rubin                          Robert and Carol Sedor                   Richard M. Starr                       Jean and Jerry Thomas
Rhea Rubin                             Mary and Paul Seever                     Nanette and Richard Stauff             Noriko and Paul Thomas
Daniel and Paula Rudolph               Daniel and Linda Sekella                 John and Martha Stead                  Bruce A. Thompson
Robert and Joan Ruediger               John and Susan Seligman                  Reginald D. and Marianne Steer         Gerald Thompson
Linda Rugg and Jerry Lynk              Lee and Colleen Sepulveda                Joshua Steinhauer and Patty Glatt      Peter Thompson and Linda Sinkovic
Frances Ruiz-Wood and Matt Wood        Dan A. Sewell                            Gail and Michael Stern                 David and Kate M. Thornburn
James Rumbaugh and Madeline Morrow     Steven Seymour and Joanne Farness        Richard and Shirley Sternberg          Brian Thurston
Michael Runeare                        Susan Seymour                            Daryl Stevens                          Vonda and J. Daniel Tibbitts
James Rush and Susan Marshall Rush     Zulfiqar Shah                            James Stevens                          Jessica Ticus
Lisa Russell and Josh Reilly           Roberta Wilson Shakya                    Nancy Stillians                        Joseph and Lorraine Tipane
Pamela Russell and Thomas Wright       Clasina and Whitney Shane                Cece Stiner                            Steve and Teresa Tirado
Robyn Rae Russell                      Scott and Marlene R. Sharon              Russell Stockard and Marianne Tucker   Lauren and Thomas Tobin
Nancy D. Ruth                          Buchanan Sharp                           Diana Stockton                         Anthony Toft
Dennis Rutkin and Robin Wakshull       Ann Sheffer                              Greg Stokes and Deborah Elissagaray    Johna Tolch
Karen and Dan Ryan                     Teresa Shelby-Johnston and James         Rita Stone                             Stephen Toll
Mark Sachau and Bill Gielow              Johnston                               Donald Stoner                          Adelle and Erwin Tomash
Tri and Regina Sadono                  Norman M. Shere                          Peter and Anne Storm                   James and Kathleen Toomey
Vinson Saito                           William E. and Teri Kay Sherwood         Barbara and Graham Stott               Stuart Toomey
Laurie D. Salatich                     Stephanie A. Shields                     Peter Stoughton and Emily Hertzbert    Phillip and Robyn Torres

Linda and James Townsend              Barbara J. and Daniel S. Weber         Esther and Paul Wulff                  Arteak
Bob and Becky Tracy                   Susan and Gary Weber                   Julia Yaffee                           Artwork Conversion Software
Andrea R. Triolo                      Brendan and Fred Webster               Gail Yamashita                         AT&T
Judy and Ronald Trunsky               Cheryl Webster                         Haruka Yamashita                       Avago Technologies
Huan-Chung and Jiunn-Jin Tseng        Dan and Hortencia Weidman              Vennie Yancy                           Bagelry
Breck Tyler                           Alice Weigel                           Mark Williams Yardas and Barbara Ann   Bailey Properties
Kelly Tyler-Simon and Kenneth S.      LeRose Weikert                           Ogle                                 Balance Hydrologics
   Simon                              Deborah Holt Weil                      Larry Yeargan                          Ball Corporation
W. J. Shiloh Unruh                    Richard and Pamela Weimer              Jane M. Yett                           Bank of America
Donald and Pamela Urfer               J.A. and E.N. Weinberger               Takashi and Carol L. Yogi              Banyan Wines & The Hobo Wine
Lee Vadnais                           Chris Weinress                         Elaine S. Young                          Company
Grace Valdez                          Natalie Weiss and Aaron Willis         Katherine Young and David Leibowitz    Barclays Global Investor
Michael R. and Linda K. Valencia      Robert and Penny Weiss                 Linda Young                            Bargetto Winery
Amanda and Paul Van Loan              Susan Welte                            Peter and Christiane Young             Bark Place
Fari Vandaei                          Joshua Wemberg                         Kamel and Frances Youssef              Barry Swenson Builder
Reed Vander Schaaf                    Martin and Dana Werdmuller             Ming and Lynne Yu                      Bay City Flower Company
Debra and David Van Dommelen          Carol Wescott                          Jean Yuan                              Bay Federal Credit Union
Lawrence G. VanVelzer                 Bennie Weston                          Debra J. Zalmana                       Bay Photo Lab
Dino and Mary Vendetti                Heather Weston                         Douglas and Karen Zanter               Bayview Hotel Bed and Breakfast
Judy and Lane Verlenden               Don and Aldine Weygandt                Stephen J. Zaslaw                      BC Tech
Thomas J. and Donna J. Verna          John and Elizabeth Whitaker            Robert and Antonette Zeiss             Bear, Stearns Securities Corporation
Erica and Anthony Vickers             Cathy White                            Karen and Robert Zelnick               Bechtel Foundation
Deborah and Richard Vieille           Dan White                              Larry and Barbara Zemansky             Beckman Coulter
Ronald Vieira                         Dorrie E. Whitlock                     Michelle Zenda                         Bed and Biscuits/Groomingdales
June and Hector Villarreal            James E. Whittaker                     Judy and James Ziegler                 Bed and Breakfast Inns of Santa Cruz
Gary and Elaine Vittori               Laura F. Whitten                       Adrienne L. Zihlman and Jerold           County
Joe Vles                              Craig Whyte                              Lowenstein                           Bend Research
Fred and Barbara Voltmer              Brigitta and John Wiebe                Robert and Muriel Zimmer               Berry & Berry
Christine von Wrangel and Michael     Robbert Wijtman and Jeanne Bertolino   Anna Marie and Lloyd L. Zion           Best Western Seacliff Inn
   Tyler                              Sara Wilbourne and John Bakalis        Caroline P. Zlotnick                   Beverly’s Fabrics
Eric and Jennifer Vuillermet          Carol Wilhelmy                         Richard and Judith Zscheile            BHP Billiton
Joel Wade                             Jim Wilkening                          John Zucca and Marina Chiarappa-       Big Creek Lumber
Walter Wadlow and Alison Russell      Allen and Alisen S. Wilkinson            Zucca                                Biggam, Christensen and Minsloff
Cristina and Lawrence Wagner          Carolyn Williams                       Marissa and Dan Zwelling               Blind Pilot Jewelers
Earl Wagner                           Cindy and Douglas Williams             Dean Zweng                             Blue Water Kayaking
Kathryn Wagstaff                      David Williams and Hilary Benton                                              Body Works
Matthew Walden
James and Katharyne Waldon
                                      Susan and Thomas Williams
                                      George Willison
                                                                             Business, Foundation,                  Boeing Company
                                                                                                                    Bogard Construction
Larry and Stephanie Waldrip           Christopher and Lisa Wilmoth           and Organization                       Bonny Doon Vineyard and Winery
Alan Walfield and J. Louise Spangle   Charles and Esther Wilson                                                     Bookshop Santa Cruz
Elizabeth Walker                      George H. Wilson                       Contributors                           Boone/Low Architects & Planners
Melissa Walker                        Frank Windt                                                                   Borders Books
Dianne Elizabeth Wallace              Jill Winegardner                       Gifts Totaling $100 or more            Bridal Veil Fashions
J. Matt Wallace and Adela Feran       Eugene Wing and Lin Ishihara           Businesses                             Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Frank and Jackie Walley               Elissa and Jeff Wingate                Abbott Laboratories Fund               Brooks Properties
Harrison Walls                        Greg and Melissa Winslow               Ackerman Galleries                     Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting
Karen Walls and William Smith         Alan and Edith R. Wirtanen             Adobe Systems                          Burroughs Wellcome Company
Mary Jo Walsh                         Nancy Wirtes                           Advanced Micro Devices                 Business Wire
Lee A. Walters                        Jennifer M. and Kurt C. Wittkow        Aeris Communications                   Buttery
Crispen and Barry L. Walton           Jonathan and Susan Wittwer             Affymetrix                             By the Beach Productions
Jennifer and Steven Walton            Richard Wohlfeiler and Christine       Agami Systems                          Byington Winery
Robert and Phyllis Walton                Bunting                             Agilent Technologies                   Cadillac Buick Pontiac GMC,
Dorothy and David Walworth            Jane Wohlhueter                        Akri Hydrotesting                        Watsonville
David Walzer                          Dan L. and Elly Wolf                   Albert’s Organics                      Cakebread Cellars
Andy Wang and Yuan-Yuan Tien          Michael B. Wolfe                       Allanson Insurance Agency              California Pacific Designs
Lisa and Jih-Jong Wang                Judy Wollowitz                         Aloha Island Grille                    California Pajarosa
Mei Wang                              Roger and Janet Wolverton              Altera Corporation                     California Strawberry Commission
Michael and Leslie Wang               John and Joanne Wondolowski            Alto Corralitos Ranch                  Calmar Optcom
Sherry Wang                           Georgina Wong                          AMD                                    Canandaigua Wine Company
Bob Warfield                          Rosemary Wong                          American Jewish Committee              Capital Group Companies
Michael Warfield and Deborah Jewell   Thiang Wong                            American Jewish Congress               El Capitan Canyon
Robert and Natalie Warren             Lorette M. Wood                        Amgen                                  CapRock Geology
Christina Waters and Frank Galuszka   Barbara J. Worl                        Anadarko Petroleum                     Carnegie Corporation of New York
Edward Watson                         Thomas and Frances Wortham             Andersen & Associates                  Carried Away
Kim and Donte Watson                  Zach Worthington                       Cody Anderson Wasney Architects        Caruso’s Tuscan Cuisine
Vera Mae Watson                       Erika Wright                           Anheuser-Busch Foundation              La Casa De Espiritus Alegres
Christine and Stephen Watt            William Wright and Ellen Fox           AnnieGlass                             Catalyst Soccer Club
Wayne and Sharon Watts                Margaret Alice Wrigley-Larson          AOL Time Warner                        Celulosa Arauco y Constitucion S.A.
Jeff Way and Pamela A. Silver         Chen Pou Wu                            Applera Corporation, Applied           Cenozoic Geoscience
Chris and Julie Weare                 Chun Wu                                 Biosystems Group                      Central Coast Running
                                                                             Argonaut Insurance Company

Chaminade                                Five Point L P                            Kayak Connection                       Network for Good
Chardonnay II Sailing Charters           Five Stars Yacht                          King’s Village Shopping Center         Network Mortgage Company
ChevronTexaco                            Fluor Foundation                          KPAN 76                                New Leaf Community Markets
Chicago Zoological Society               Fong Brothers Printing                    KPL Enterprises                        New Natives
Chronicle Books                          Food Bin / Herb Room                      KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation           New York Times
Cinnabar Vineyards & Winery              Four Directions Computing                 Kuumbwa Jazz Center                    Newman’s Own Foundation
Citrix Systems                           4Charity Foundation                       La Cava Wine Bar                       Newman’s Own Organics/Newman’s
Clorox Company Foundation                Freeline Design Surfboards                Laguna Seca Golf                         Own
Clouds Downtown                          FreshStart Solutions                      Laika                                  Nexus Geosciences
Coast Commercial Bank                    Furlong Glass Studio                      LAMV Pony Baseball                     Nissan North America
Bill Cody LLC                            FV Kyrabunga                              Frans Lanting Gallery                  Nolan Zinn and Associates
Coffeetopia                              Gabriella Cafe                            Larcheid, Buchanan & Zeff              Northrop Grumman Litton Foundation
Coliseum Lexus of Oakland                Garden Company                            Lasting Impressions Photography        Novellus Systems
Colombini Construction                   Gayle’s Bakery and Rosticceria            Ledyard Company                        Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Community Newspaper Group                Genentech                                 Sara Lee Coffee & Tea Foodservice      Olsen Wine Consulting
Community Printers                       General Electric Foundation               Left Coast Digital                     O’Neill Sea Odyssey
Compagnie Generale De Geophysique        Gensler                                   Leggett’s Landing                      Orion Telescope and Binocular Center
Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C.          Geophysical Development Corporation       Liberty Bank                           Thomas Ortiz for Hair
CONCUR                                   Geotrace Technologies                     Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe                 Outbound Travel
ConocoPhillips Company                   Geraniaceae                               Lipson & Berlin                        PACCAR Foundation
Cordon Creek Cellars                     G H Specialties                           Literary Guillotine                    Pacific Coast Companies
Costanoa                                 Gilead Sciences                           Local E Pages.Com                      Pacific Cookie Company
Country Court Tea Room                   Gillette Company                          Lockheed Scholarship Foundation        Pacific Crest Engineering
Covello and Covello Photography          Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architecture         Logos Books and Records                Pacific Edge
Crepe Place                              Global Development Associates             Lombardo and Gilles                    Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Cropp Co-Op/OV Pacific Northwest         GluMetrics                                LSI Logic Corporation                  Pacific Publishing
Crow’s Nest Restaurant                   Golden State Planning and                 Lumbermens Garden Center               Pacific Rim Planning Group
Cruz Carwash                                Environmental Consulting               Lundberg Family Farms                  Pacific Sun Properties
Cultural Heritage Imaging                Goldman Sachs Foundation                  Lundberg Studios                       Palace Art and Office Supply
The Darling House                        Jim Gonzalez & Associates                 MacClavey Photography                  Palomar Ballroom
Data Domain                              Good Source Solutions                     Macy’s West                            Panarex Electronics
Davenport Roadhouse at the Cash Store    Google                                    Madera Contractors                     Par Builders
Deane Construction Consultants           Granite Construction                      Madera Framing                         Paradigm Geophysical Corporation
DeLaveaga Golf Shop                      GraniteRock Company                       Many Hands Gallery                     Paradise Surf Shop
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity               Grantz and Van Ruler                      Margaritaville                         Passionate for Paris
DeVine Consultants                       Greater Bay Bank                          Marini’s at the Beach                  Dave Parra Construction
Diamond Organics                         Grunsky, Ebey, Farrar & Howell            Maureen Wruck Planning Consultants     Patagonia
Digi Sense                               Harrington Winery                         May Department Stores Company          Peaceful Valley
Walt Disney Company                      Hartford Insurance Group                    Foundation                           Pelican Ranch Winery
DMV Clinic                               Haselton and Haselton Attorneys           McCrone and Company Certified Public   Pepsico Foundation
R. H. Donnelly Chocolates                Hawaii Polo Inn                             Accountants                          Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge
Dow Jones & Company                      Headstrong Services                       McEvoy of Marin                        PFF Landscaping
Driscoll Strawberry Associates           Heather Glass                             McFarlane Investment Group             Pfizer Foundation
Dura Fence Corporation                   Hetherton Agency                          McGraw-Hill Companies                  Plantronics
E3 Playhouse                             Hewlett-Packard                           Mendocino Software                     Plaza Lane Optometry
Earthbound Farm                          Hill Associates Landscape Architecture/   MetLife Foundation                     Poppleton’s
Eastside Yoga Studio                        Planning                               Michael Mote Fine Art                  Pottery Planet
EasyMatch                                Hilton Santa Cruz Scotts Valley           Michael’s on Main                      R D Prater Construction
eBay Foundation                          Hitachi Global Storage Technologies       Microelectronics Advanced Research     Precious Moments Photography
Eco Goods                                Hotline Wetsuits                            Corporation                          Preferred Artists
Edison International                     HSBC                                      Microsoft                              Pricewaterhouse Coopers
El Chino’s Mexican Restaurant            IBM                                       Milrod Construction                    Primary Eyecare
Cafe El Palomar                          Independent Energy Systems                Minorsan Self Defense & Fitness        Prism Photographics
Electric Sierra Cycles                   ING                                       Montalvo Presents                      Profitime
Emile’s Restaurant                       Intel                                     Monterey Bay Horsemanship and          Proteus Farm
Enterprise Rent-A-Car of San Francisco   InterMune                                   Therapy Center                       Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort
Enviro International                     International Micro Design                Monterey Bay Horticulture                and Spa
Erik’s Deli Cafe                         J. S. T. Enterprise Corp.                 Monterey Bay Nursery                   Quest Diagnostics
Espresso Metro                           Jacobs Farm                               Monterey Plaza Hotel                   Radcliffe Cellars
Evans Hotels                             Jalama Vineyard                           Morgan Stanley                         Radiological Associates of Sacramento
Express Type & Graphics                  Joni L. Janecki and Associates            Morgani the Accordionist                 Medical Group
Exxon Mobil                              JFQ Baskets                               Morrison & Foerster                    Rainbow City Limit
Falcon Trading Company                   JK Group                                  Mosaic Elements                        Raytheon Company
Far West Design & Landscaping            Johnny’s Selected Seeds                   MultiGiG                               Red Restaurant and Bar
Federated Department Stores              Johnson & Johnson                         Nanoconduction                         Redinger and Assocates
  Foundation                             Journeyworks Publishing                   National Marine Fisheries Service      Repsol YPF
Fifth Third Bank                         Justin Vineyard and Winery                National Marine Sanctuary Foundation   Reynolds, Casas & Riley
Fireweed Lodge                           Karon Properties                          National Semiconductor                 RGK Foundation
First Home Brokers                       Kat Pizza                                 NCR Foundation                         Rigel
Firstwave Events                         Katherine’s Restaurant                    Netversity                             Ristorante Avanti

Roche Palo Alto                         Sunnyside Organic Seedlings
Rockwell Collins                        Sunset Nurseries
Rogers E. Johnson and Associates        Swiss Re
                                                                                 “As more and more high school students achieve
Roll Giving                             Symantec Corporation                     eligibility for college, it’s important for donors to help
Royalty Tours                           Tavares Media                            provide educational resources. These students are the
S. Escapade                             Franklin Templeton Bank and Trust
Safeway                                 Tenant and Tenant                        next generation of leaders who will move the state
SageTel International                   Tenet Healthcare Foundation              forward economically as well as environmentally.”
Saintsbury                              Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping
Salamandre Wine Cellars                 That’s My Dog                            Odessa Johnson, UC Regent
David P. Salazar Glass                  Theo’s Restaurant
Sanctuary Day Spa                       Theravance
Sandler Sales Institute                 Tiedemann Nursery
Santa Cruz Community Credit Union       Tiffany Transportation Services       Brush Family Foundation                Henry Luce Foundation
Santa Cruz County Aquatics              Jeff Traugott Guitars                 Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation            Marshall Family Charitable Foundation
Santa Cruz County Bank                  Treasure Islands of Santa Cruz        Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for   Milton Meyer Foundation
Santa Cruz Medical Foundation           Trout Gulch Vineyards                    Medical Research                    Michels Family Foundation
Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes               Unilever Foodsolutions                Christensen Fund                       Milligan Family Foundation
Santa Cruz Seaside Company              Union Bank of California Foundation   John Coltrane Foundation               MLB Foundation
Santa Cruz Sentinel                     United Technologies Corporation       Community Foundation for Monterey      Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation
Sausalito Alta Mira Bed & Breakfast     Universal Audio                          County                              Monterey Peninsula Foundation
Sausalito Art Festival Foundation       University of Minnesota Press         S. H. Cowell Foundation                Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Savannah Chanelle Vineyards             Upper Crust Pizza and Pasta           Arie and Ida Crown Memorial            Morgan Family Foundation
Schneck and Schneck                     Vantage Transports                    Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation       New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East   Daniells Phillips Vaughan & Bock      Dharma-Grace Foundation                Organic Farming Research Foundation
Charles Schwab Foundation                 Accountancy Corporation             Drexler Foundation                     Bernard Osher Foundation
Screen Imaging Technology               Vault Gallery                         Finkelman Family Charitable            Pacific Vision Foundation
Seagate Technology                      Veritable Vegetable                      Foundation                          David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Sea World Adventure Park                Verizon Foundation                    Flora Family Foundation                Karen and Christopher Payne
Seascape Golf Club                      Vinocruz                              Ford Foundation                          Foundation
Seeds of Change                         Visual Coordinations                  Sidney E. Frank Foundation             Pew Charitable Trust
SelectFone                              Wachovia Foundation                   Lloyd A. Fry Foundation                Daniel & Mary Reeves Foundation
Larry H. Selman Ltd.                    Walker’s Shoe Center                  Full Circle Fund                       Resources Legacy Fund Foundation
Semiconductor Research Corporation      Walls Painting                        Gaia Fund                              Rockefeller Foundation
Sentinel Triathlon                      Walther/Plevka                        Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation        Rosenbaum Foundation
Sessions Architecture                   Warren Lemmon Insurance               Gibson Family Foundation               Santa Cruz Hillel Foundation
Shadowbrook Restaurant                  Washington Mutual Foundation          Glaser Family Foundation               Porter Sesnon Foundation
Sharp Laboratories of America           Wellness & Rehabilitation Physical    David B. Gold Foundation               Sikh Foundation
Shell                                     Therapy                             The Isidore Grossman Foundation        The Robert N. and Florence Slinger
Shepherd’s Garden Seeds                 Wells Fargo                           Bill Hannon Foundation                   Fund
Shoe Faire Properties Trust             West Coast Weather Vanes              Clarence E. Heller Charitable          Stephen M. Silberstein Foundation
Shreyatech International                West End Fitness                         Foundation                          SIMA Environmental Fund
Sign Wave                               West Gentry                           J. H. Herz Family Foundation           Walter and Judith Sleeth Foundation
Silva-Santella Gardening                West Marine                           William and Flora Hewlett Foundation   Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Silver Mountain Vineyards               Western Geco                          Hierarchical Systems Research          Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
Silver Spur                             Westside Animal Hospital                 Foundation                          Spencer Foundation
SJ Craig Financial                      Weyerhaeuser Company                  Howard Hughes Medical Institute        George B. Storer Foundation
SJWC Employee’s Community Fund          White Craine Winery                   James Irvine Foundation                Morris Stulsaft Foundation
Ski Shop Santa Cruz                     Wilcoxen, Callahan, Montgomery &      Islands Fund                           Stupski Family Foundation
Slade Gorton & Co.                        Deacon                              Rajen & Kalpana Jaswa Charitable       Sunlight Foundation
D.H. Smith Company                      Dell Williams Jewelers                   Foundation                          Surfrider Foundation
Rick Smith, D.D.S.                      Wylie Properties                      Jewish Community Foundation            TOSA Foundation
Society for Art and Cultural Heritage   Xilinx                                Robert Wood Johnson Foundation         Trimberger Familiy Foundation
  of India                              Yahoo                                 Joyce Foundation                       True North Foundation
Soif Wine Bar and Merchants             Yellow Chair Foundation               Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell            Wadhwani Foundation
Solexant Corporation                    Y.Y. Labs                                Foundation                          Wallis Foundation
Sony USA                                ZMOS Technology                       Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation       Westcliff Foundation
Soquel Lock & Key Corp.                 Zoccoli’s Delicatessen                Kearney Foundation of Soil Science     Whitehall Foundation
Southbridge Incorporated                                                      Robert T. Keeler Foundation            Helen Hay Whitney Foundation
Southwest Airlines                      Foundations                           W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Spa Fitness Center                      Anonymous Foundation                  Ada Howe Kent Foundation               Campus Organizations
Spex Xtraordinary Eyewear               Ahmanson Foundation                   Rose F. and Alice M. Koffend           UCSC Alumni Association
St. Supery Vineyards and Winery         Anderson Family Foundation               Foundation                          UCSC Alumni Association-Los Angeles
ST2 Foundation                          ARCS Foundation                       Koret Foundation                        Regional Chapter
Stockton Management & Development       Myrtle L. Atkinson Foundation         Jean and E. Floyd Kvamme Foundation    UCSC Firefighters Association
  Corporation                           AVI CHAI                              John S. and Florence G. Lawrence       UCSC Women’s Club
Strini Art Glass                        Barkley Fund                             Foundation
Sun Microsystems Foundation             S. D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation          L. S. B. Leakey Foundation
Sun Microsystems                        Bhandari Foundation                   Gloria and Ken Levy Foundation
Suncrest Nurseries                      Booth Ferris Foundation               J. M. Long Foundation

Other Organizations                       Trusts                                   The Wax Trust
American Chemical Society                 Ames/Blanton Family Trust                Rachel Wedeen Trust
Astrophysical Research Consortium         Barbara J. Austin Family Trust           Robert and Penny Weiss Revocable
Central Coast Wine Classic                Bartelt Family Trust                      Trust
Claremont Colleges                        Ruth Bittman Estate                      Mary Elizabeth Woolpert Survivors
Aaron Copland Fund for Music              John C. Bost Family Trust                 Trust
Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County     Bouye Inter-Vivos Trust                  Samuel L. Wright Jr. Family Trust
Delta Kappa Gamma, Theta Chapter          Brown Family Trust                       Wu Family Living Trust
Dobbs Education Account                   Hugh Stuart Center Charitable Trust      Zalmana Family Trust
Duke University                           Mark B. Chesebro & Caroline Mitchell
Expanding Your Horizons Network             Trust
Glad Fellowship                           Clark Family Trust
Global Impact                             Robert W. Dodge Trust
Hokkaido Information University, Japan    Laurel M. Doud Trust
Inner Light Ministries                    Leah B. Dowty Living Trust
Institute for Advanced Study              Dunmire 1986 Trust
Island Conservation and Ecology Group     Estate of Miriam Patchen
Jewish Communal Fund                      Estate of Robert Strand
Los Alamos National Security              Farmer Family Trust
Lussier Family Partnership                Cameron and Karen Farrier Living Trust
Marine Mammal Conservation Through        Marjorie L. Fasman Living Trust
  the Arts                                Gisko Family Trust
National Council for Soviet and East      Greenfield Trust
  European Research                       The Grether Marion Trust
Nature Conservancy                        Wanda L. Hamming Revocable Living
Packard Humanities Institute                Trust
Pelagic Shark Research Institute          Harkness Family Trust
Philharmonica Baroque Orchestra           Lou Harrison Estate
Play Faire Productions                    Robert and Virginia Heinlein Trust
Princeton University                      Michael and Grace Jacobs Family Trust
Rural Sociological Society                Jones Family Marital Trust
San Jose Repertory Theatre                Richard Josephson Trust
Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers          Mark and Martha Junge Living Trust
  Association                             Kolluri Living Trust
Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce       Leff Family Trust
Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group           Gary Licker Trust
Santa Cruz County Schools                 Lipkin Family Trust
Santa Cruz Masters Aquatics               Dean and Jane McHenry Trust
Santa Cruz Track Club                     Alice P. Mead Trust
SBC Employee Giving/United Way            William E. Molloy Family Trust
  Campaign                                Mulholand Family Trust
Skyline Garden Club                       Nagyszalanczy Family Trust
Society for Marine Mammalogy              Newsom Family Trust
Soroptimist International of Santa Cruz   Bart C. O’Brien Trust
Stanford Humanities Center                Nan Tunison Ogawa Revocable Living
United Way Silicon Valley                   Trust
University of Michigan                    Robert M. Pacholik Family Trust
University of Redlands                    Papanikolas Fallenbaum Family Trust
University of Puget Sound                 Virginia H. Porter Revocable Trust
Valley Women’s Club                       Russell Family Trust
Whitelaw Chiropractic and Wellness        Frances Tracy Schilling Living Trust
  Center                                  Roberta Schnittger Trust
Whitman College                           H. Boyd Seymour Jr. Trust
Wings World Quest                         S. R. Shender Separate Property Trust
                                          Shires Family Trust
                                          Sims Living Trust
                                          Winifred J. Steiner Trust
                                          R. Michael Tanner Trust
                                          Tate Family Trust
                                          Carolyn Roberts Family Trust
                                          Verna Family Trust
                                          Mary E. Thush Estate
                                          Eugene B. Walsh Family Trust
                                          Estate of Donald P. Warto
                                          Wasserstrom Family Trust


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