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Using Facebook as ads source of income and advertisement

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									Facebook Ads Pioneer Disclaimer

Income Disclaimer: It needs to be said that all the advice and tactics given in this guide
may not produce the same results as they did for me. I make no guarantee, expressed or
implied, that by following my guide and advice, you will make any money or any
improvements in your current income as there are just so many factors involved regarding
any business venture. As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk involving
investment or money at your own discretion and potential risk.

Liability Disclaimer: By reading this document, you assume all risks associated with using
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successful or unsuccessful. It is your own responsibility to conduct due diligence regarding
the successful operation of your business.

In summary, we make absolutely no guarantees regarding any of the claims or
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                           FACEBOOK ADS PIONEER
                The Facebook Gold Rush Days Are Here!!!

       Hello and congratulations!

       Ok, so you are setting forth on your new journey. Your mission this time is to discover
great riches that will bring you wealth and abundance. You’ve heard people talking, so
something has been telling you to head for the gold mines…you know more or less where you
are headed, but you’d prefer to stop somewhere where you can pick up a map, and maybe a
few tools and tips for the journey.

       Luckily you’ve fallen upon Mikey’s guide and so you have decided to make a pit stop
here. Yeah - so it cost you a few bucks for parking…big deal! Trust me, your stay here will be
worth every penny! Here, you can equip yourself with hard-hats, shovels and picks. Heck – I’ll
even give you your drilling license, LOL. Ok… I’m not really sure what kind of tools miners need
exactly, but hopefully you are picturing and understanding my metaphor here!

        Once you are all equipped I will point you in the direction of the gold mines, and rest
assured that once you get there you will be amongst the first, leaving you tons and tons of gold
for the taking! You see, there aren’t many guys like me who are providing you with the tools
and maps that you need to successfully dig for gold (in Facebook - and I’m not talking about
Farmville here LOL) – well not yet, anyway. Of course, word will soon spread and thousands of
people will start to flock in and set up shop on these lands, ready and eager to get their piece of
the prize. And soon the mines will become flooded with your competitors! But rest assured that
if you start taking action now, you will be way ahead of the game and I pray you will become
very, very wealthy…

       Ok, that’s pretty much all the fluff you’re going to get in this guide. No hype, no bull. I
am going to show you what works on Facebook right now. I’m not the greatest story teller, but I
honestly want you to get in the right frame of mind here. These truly are the Facebook Gold
Rush days!
       The game is constantly changing, but Facebook is a great way now – better than ever
actually – to setup campaigns that will serve you as an nice little extra income stream. If you
weren’t marketing online a few years ago when it was the “Google Gold Rush” days – you
know…those days when marketers were making millions by putting up low cost Adwords and
direct linking their traffic to their affiliate offers with virtually no competition to worry about?
Well those days are long gone on Google, that’s for sure (or else we’d all be millionaires). The
good news is that now is your chance to take advantage of the power of Facebook to possibly
achieve similar results!!! There are actually a few more advantages than there were on Google,
and some disadvantages of course. Facebook is truly going to be an essential tool in the future
of online advertising, even if it is only used to discover new things out about your market. Don’t
get me wrong – this is not exactly like PPC. For one thing, buyers are not seeking you out.

       Ok so I am not claiming to be making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook
myself. I just don’t put that amount of time into it…I use Facebook as one of my many sources
for making money online. Although, there are a few affiliates and product owners out there
who ARE. And rest assured that no other guide will teach you anything better than what you
can learn in this one for how to make money with Facebook ads, I guarantee it because I HAVE
LOOKED FOR THEM! I wish I could have had someone hand me all the answers I needed to get
started quickly…it would have avoided me wasting a couple hundred bucks and a lot of
frustration as well! Personally, I have been moving around through markets, because certain
smaller niches only have a certain number of people to target and you’d have to wait a couple
of months in my experience for new users to sign up. But there are plenty of markets to target
and Facebook is just constantly growing (at an alarming rate!) anyways, so this is not really a
problem just yet!

       I am not going to tell you that these methods will make you thousands of dollars over
night either – although the potential is here if get really smart about it. All you need is patience,
and creativity (for creating ads). The rest is a piece of cake. Like literally super duper easy!!!

       Get this: Facebook has over 400 MILLION users to date. Wow! Holy smokes - do you
realize that that is almost as big a population as North America??? There are just sooo many
people to target here, more than there are on Google! And the most amazing thing is: the laser
targeting. Your markets are already laser sharp focused FOR you. It’s a marketer’s dream! If
you’ve ever signed up to Facebook you’ll know that they ask you a bazillion questions that
basically tell them everything about you like your age, gender, height, hobbies, favorite movies,
favorite music, favorite quotes, location, etc. etc. Everybody’s profile has an incredible amout of
information and detail about them. If you don’t already see the potential this holds for
marketing and advertising, well then you are in the wrong line of work for sure! LOL just pulling
your leg… this is actually so easy I can teach my 12 year old cousin to do it. Don’t ask me if I’ve
actually taught him though because the truth is he doesn’t seem to care about money all that
much yet. He’s more into having fun and playing with his friends – I know… what’s wrong with
him, right?

       We will be getting into more of the juicy details in a bit. Just understand that Facebook
is an absolute goldmine right now – not to mention that there is so little competition (less than
10% of the competition in Google) and ad costs are very cheap. Now is really the best time to
be getting in on Facebook ads because again there is so little competition, ad costs are so
cheap, the markets are laser targeted, and it is just getting more and more massive! Get in now,
make a small fortune, and ride this next big wave into the future of internet marketing! So once
you’ve blasted through this guide, start taking action!!!!!

   Anyways, to break it down real quick this is what you will find in this guide:

                                    MINI Table of Contents

1. Facebook Is Strict – So Be Cautious!

2. Guidelines You Must Follow

3. Ad-creation strategies

        Title: Grab Attention

        Description: Offer Value & Leave Them Wanting More
         Where to Lead Them

         Image: Match & Grab Attention

4. Setting Up Your Ad Step-By-Step
         Design Your Ad

        Bidding Strategies

    I’ll also include a few screen shots in case Facebook Advertising is brand new and still kind
of foreign to you, so it’ll make this literally as easy as pie. This is really going to be straight-
forward, no fluff kinda stuff. I hope you’re cool with that. Besides, you want to start running
your ads in as little time as possible right?

        Let’s get started, shall we….
                                Facebook Is Strict

       If you don’t follow Facebook’s regulations to the letter, you will only have your account
suspended rather quickly. I know because my ads have been disapproved so many times that I
got very close to being banned permanently – which would have really sucked. Man…
sometimes they can be so strict you’ll feel like it’s this intelligent young woman’s mom who has
the final word on approving your ad or not (click to be taken to YouTube):


…………….LOL, now that is one DEMANDING lady!

       I don’t want you to be intimidated, though. My guidelines will teach you how you can
get Facebook on your side. You really want to get Facebook working for you, rather than against
you. There are too many advantages to Facebook Advertising to pass up.

        I have made many mistakes with Facebook Ads, but fortunately I learn from my
mistakes. My “loss” is definitely your gain here! I will share with you the top most tips to getting
your ads approved while still making them attention-grabbing. And attention-grabbing ads
become key on Facebook because you need to understand that Facebook is a place where
people go to have a social experience, therefore they are not in a buying mode.
       Remember this: Your job is to convert Facebook users
into buyers. Don’t worry, it’s very doable. All you need is a
little persuasion 

                                              The Facebook Team really wants to protect this
                                      space from aggressive marketers and hard-core
                                      advertising. As a user myself, I don’t blame them. Just be
                                      aware that this is a very protected space.

       You have to walk in with a very respectful mind set or you will quickly get your account
banned. So if you follow these general guidelines you will be fine and be able to take advantage
of the massive potential of Facebook Ads. It is really a huge Gold Mine right now. The
competition is just so low, because there are so little marketers on Facebook (only a fraction of
the marketers that are duking it out on Google). My theory is that this is probably because they
don’t want to put up with all the strict rules and such. Most Internet Marketers are not patient
or determined enough to figure it all out for themselves. Up until now there are not many
people teaching the ins and outs of Facebook Advertising, and most people are just waiting for
someone to tell them what to do.

       Lucky you, you can start capitalizing on this, so you are quite ahead of the game already
if you are reading this guide. Facebook gets millions more page hits per month than Google…
this should tell you something about the massive potential here!!
                           Guidelines You Must Follow

                             Don’t Break These Rules!

       Ok so here are some typical mistakes that discourage many marketers from sticking with
Facebook Ads. By understanding and avoiding these common mistakes ahead of time, you’ll be
doing things right from the get go. Facebook gives you a list of the most common ad mistakes,
but sometimes they aren’t as clear as they should be. So I just want to give view these brief
pointers with a few examples to make sure it is crystal clear in your mind. This should save you
time and money, and not to mention a clean reputation on your account. You’ll learn how to
create optimal ads right off the bat. You’re walking in with a winning game plan; all you need to
do is take action!

Rule #1: Grammar

       You need to use impeccable spelling and grammar. You must capitalize all your letters
when appropriate (at the beginning of every sentence – NOT every word), have perfect
punctuation like commas in the right places, etc. You cannot have any words that are all in caps
either, for example “Get your FREE whatever now”. That’s a no-no. Furthermore, your thoughts
need to be complete ones – that means full sentences. You can’t have any cliff hanger endings,
because Facebook will just disapprove your ad.

Rule #2: Deliver What You Promise

       Your ads cannot be misleading in any way. I’m sure you are an ethical marketer, but I’m
telling you FACEBOOK IS STRICT! If you say for example that you’re going to provide an answer
to a common question in your market on the next page, then that answer better be there as
soon as they click through, and it better be obvious. No kidding! I’m only reminding you that
your ads cannot be misleading because sometimes what you may not think is “misleading” may
be misleading to Facebook. So make sure that in your ad it is very clear where you are directing
the user. Of course you don’t need to say that you are taking them to your own webpage, lol,
but it has to be clear what they are going to find on the next webpage once they click on the ad.
This ad got disapproved because I didn’t mention that users have to put in their email address
on the next page in order to get the free mp3 (And I also should have mentioned the company

         You may have guessed that the popular “X product is a scam!” type ad will not work
here either. Even if on the next page you are saying something like “Many people think
blablabla is a scam, but really it’s not….” in order to justify your ad’s claim that it is a scam. That
is still considered misleading. These “shocker-type” ads will not work here in Facebook.
Anyways, you should lean more towards free type CPA offers as I heard they convert much
better overall and I’ve been starting to test these myself. I made the mistake of testing with
Clickbank products for a few months because I was so comfortable with that…and I still saw
some success. You can definitely still see success as well, don’t get me wrong. I just think
though, that the people making big money through Facebook Ads are the ones who’ve
mastered CPA.
Rule #3: Your Ads Cannot be Offensive (in any way!)

       If you’re promoting your own or someone else’s products, your ads cannot be offensive
in any way, shape or form. You obviously can’t say things like “Hey fatty, you need these ab
secrets if you ever want to look good” (that’s just plain cruel). You should never be talking to
people that way in the first place, but that would pass on Google. Now I’m talking about
“Facebook-offensive” here. It’s more about the way you say something – you can’t call people
things like “skinny, nerdy, desperate, etc.” or anything even mildly insulting.

Rule #4: Your Ads Cannot Make Claims

       Unfortunately, your ads cannot make claims like “if you want six pack abs like these in
the picture, click here for the secrets now” or “get your ex back guaranteed”. You can’t use
before and after pictures showing any sorts of results anymore either. Basically, you can’t imply
that people will “get results like this”, even if that only means having a picture of a desired
result. You can’t promise people they’ll win a free product (“Click here to get a free laptop”),
you have to be specific in saying they have the chance to win a free laptop let’s say. What
Facebook is doing is protecting their users from being persuaded or influenced into buying a
product/giving out their personal info based on promises and/or claims. This is too “hardcore
advertising” for them.

        Of course, honest marketers like you and I only promote things that we know are of
value to people, and if you’re like me you would never want to promote fake testimonials or
make irrational promises. But maybe you are used to Google or something where you can say
things like “Get a free Ipod by filling out this form”, so you would accidently structure your
Facebook Ad in a similar manner. Just beware because Facebook is tight about this.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of marketers out there who just don’t give a damn about their
customers or other people in general. They just want to make a buck. I’m sure that this is why
Facebook is so strict on this. The rest of the internet has all types of “before and after”
testimonials or hyped up, unrealistic promises and scams floating around. So in a way you
cannot blame Facebook, but at the same time it makes your job a little less easy. So just make
sure to be aware of and steer yourself clear of committing this “Facebook Offense”.

       I think that just about covers the main traps you need to watch out for while creating
your ads. I’ll update this guide when Facebook comes out with new slaps and rules accordingly.
For now though, having this knowledge will save you time, money, and frustration! Let’s take a
look at the ad creating success strategies now.
                                 Ad Creation Strategies

       If you want to be successful at this, one thing that you will need to always keep in mind
is that on Facebook, you are not going to be targeting buyers. People aren’t on Facebook
looking to buy things. On Google it’s a different story, because people are coming to you. They
are looking for this cure or that solution, meaning they are already one step further into the
buying cycle process. Whereas on Facebook, this is not the case.

       As we discovered earlier, people on Facebook are there for the social experience. For
advertisers, this means: not being too intrusive, and really have an engaging ad. Your ad really
needs to grab the user’s attention, because they will need a very good reason to click on your
offer and leave their Facebook page! Offer value on the next page – this has always been the
best kind of advertising for warming people up, hands down. Be specific about your offer. Is
there a specific question your market may need the answer to? Well be specific and make it
clear to them exactly what it is they’ll find on the next page like “a short 3 minute video with
the answer”. Make sure once they click through, that your short video containing the answer
will be there – and that it doesn’t really take more than 3 minutes! If you are familiar with
clickbank, you’ll find that a lot of the top selling products actually have sales pages that offer
free, but valuable content before pitching the product. Another good example would be “Fill
out this form in 30 seconds to possibly win a free iPad!”.

       I have seen Guru’s and Experts preach the following strategy over and over again, and it
works especially well for online advertising. Offer free content that is of value. Give quality stuff
away for free, and then people will be like “wow then imagine how good the paid stuff must be
like!”. You will significantly increase the trust factor for people buying your stuff.

       Now like I said this is going beyond the scope of simply advertising on Facebook. This is
more like a mini-lesson on buyer psychology and advertising techniques that work. Successful
marketers use these methods in all of their advertising, whether it’s for small ads like Google
PPC and Facebook, or anything.

       You need to grab their attention fast, give them an answer and some value (information
in writing, in video format, whatever) that won’t take more than 4-5 minutes, and then they will
be so into the process that it will now be the right time to present them with a sales letter or
video (whether that’s on the next page or on the same page right below). This is what works for
me promoting clickbank products as an affiliate. I won’t get into CPA stuff too much because
my experience is still limited. Anyways, let’s get into more detail by breaking it up into 4 parts.

1 - Attention Grabbing Titles

       The best title is an attention grabbing title. How do you grab somebody’s attention?
How do you “get into their heads” with your title? Think about it… how can you turn their
attention “inward”, so that they begin their own “internal dialogue”? The answer is: with a
question. Ask a question! Do this and you have captured their attention. I use this technique
when I meet people for the first time, when I want others to feel comfortable around me, just
to let them know I care. If you ask people about themselves, and keep asking them questions
that focus and revolve around their lives (but don’t be intrusive or anything), as well as try to
relate to them as much as possible, they will feel very comfortable with you and love talking
with you. They’ll think you are quite fascinating actually, if you sympathize with them and truly
make the effort to understand where they are coming from. Just listen, truly listen, and you’ll
be amazed by how intimately you can connect with a total stranger.

       Anyways that’s a little secret I learnt many years ago from a communication expert. So
you should be using the “question technique” in your ad titles because this will turn the
reader’s attention inward into their own minds. This will further begin stimulating thought and
internal dialogue. They’ll ask themselves the question and their minds will start answering “Do I
want to lose weight? Why, am I fat? Who’s asking? Etc. etc.” If this grabs their attention,
meaning your question is meaningful to them then they will most likely read your Ad, which is
exactly what you want. How do you make a question meaningful to someone? Well, I’m sure I
don’t have to tell you this but: KNOW YOUR MARKET! Do your research, it’s so easy…just
browse through topic-related forums and you can learn everything about your market! You will
know what it is that they are curious (or maybe even clueless) about, their struggles, their
questions, frustrations and concerns. I know that the best way is to grab attention in a title is by
asking a question, or by making a bold/outrage claim (which you usually don’t have enough
space for in a Facebook Ad title).

2- Ad Description – Offer Value & Leave Them Wanting More

       What’s cool about Facebook as opposed to Google Ads is that you have a lot more space
to write a more compelling ad. You have more characters to work with. What you want your ad
to do now that you have gotten their attention is to arouse the user’s curiosity. Offer them
something for free – like information, a video, or a download. Make this “free something” an
answer to their problem or whatever curiosity you have aroused in them that they can get
simply by clicking on your ad. If you know your market well enough, you’ll be offering them
something they really want to know, and so they will no doubt click on your ad!

       So the market research is imperative, because you need to know what it is that may
grab their attention and spark their curiosity. For example I was running an ad for a “be more
attractive to women” product, and in my ad I promised to give them the answers to the
question of “why being shy + nice will make you unattractive and creepy”… if they just clicked
on the link. Then I would direct the link to a page with the answer and maybe a few other tips.
It’s kind of like an affiliate landing page, really. You want to warm the person up. I didn’t send
them to the sales letter right away, because remember they are not in a buying mode. This
brings us to our next important point, because you want to turn these people into buyers so
where you lead them is crucial.
3- Where to Lead Them

       These are not buyers just yet; we are just pulling them away from their social
experience. Once they are on this landing page (outside of Facebook) and you have given them
a valuable answer to their questions, you can offer them a link to your sales page “to find out
all the secrets they’ll ever need to know” or whatever if you are trying to make a sale. This will
get them deeper into the buying mode. This same technique is also great for capturing leads
and building a list by offering more free tips that you can send to their inbox. Then you can pre-
sell them with your e-mail marketing and sell them over and over again for life! It also works
exactly the same way for similar CPA offers. This works really well once you pull it off!

       Now you don’t have to have your own affiliate landing page. You can send them directly
to the affiliate offer (Facebook is cool with this), as long as you are delivering what you promise.
Remember, Facebook will not approve your ad if you promise to deliver x on the next page and
really they are just being presented with a sales letter! Let me explain…

       A few times I have sent my ads directly to a sales page for an affiliate offer, but only if
the sales page has quality content and good information on it. You don’t want it to look like you
are trying to sell them right away, because they will just hit the back button and get back to
their comfortable and wonderful Facebook fun. For example, back when I was promoting Mike
Geary’s “TruthAboutAbs” as an affiliate, my ad would say “watch this free video now to
discover weird tips to losing belly fat”. The link would then take them to a video on his site that
had exactly that information. Once the video was done, they would be directed to the sales
letter, now much more ready to buy! You’re not only creating a “buyer” by doing this, but you
are also abiding by Facebook policy which is to deliver what you promise in your ad. You should
stay away from the ad style that directly promotes a product. Offer value and free information
first. I know I am being repetitive again, but it is essential that you remember that you want to
warm people up and get them into that buying mode! I want you to get this into your head!
Sending them to a sales page directly after pulling them out of their social experience will not
convert well. It’s already challenging enough to convert Facebook traffic, so do it properly! This
is why you should either focus on providing some value first and then trying to sell, or just focus
on lead capturing (which is awesome and most of the time works better!).

       So to recap AGAIN make sure you are promising them an answer to a question, a free
tip, advice…anything that you know they might need or want…on the next page. Then from
there you can find creative ways to capture their email addresses and/or present them with
your sales letter (or video). Make sure you deliver what you have promised them in your ad on
the next page!!!

4 - Adding an Image or a Picture

       Adding an image will increase the likelihood of grabbing the Facebook user’s attention
and dramatically increases click through rates. You truly want to add an image to your ad –
even if it’s a crappy one! I repeat - any image is better than NO image. When I say any image, I
mean any image related to your topic, of course. This image, just like the content of your ad,
cannot be misguiding in any way. Make sure that it is 100% related to your ad. You can’t have
an ad for low rate mortgage loans with a picture of a happy couple vacationing on the beach
because they can now afford it, for example. Even though a good rate leads to happy people,
do you see how something like that is truly representing “happiness” instead of literally “low
rates”? Speaking of people, the rule of smiling people getting more clicks applies just as much
to Facebook. In fact I believe it is the best kind of ad image because Facebook is all about

       If you see other people advertising this way on Facebook, well they are likely going to be
slapped hard very soon. So don’t take that chance. Also, the picture cannot represent any
“desired result” or “before and after” type of thing.

       For example, you can’t run an ad about getting six pack abs for 50 year old men and put
an image of a 50 year old man’s abs. That was working well for me a while ago where I was
targeting different age groups with the same ad, just with a different age person in each

       What they will accept in this case is a picture of the product you are selling or the logo. I
often find screen captures work well, as long as they are related to the description of your text.
You have to be totally honest and clean about your marketing. If you doubt something, then
you probably shouldn’t do it.

       Some of the best pictures that I have found that work very well besides images with
smiling faces are screen captures. For example, a picture of a paused video with the big play
button right in the middle to accompany your ad that says to watch a 2 minute video with free
tips on the next page works great. You’ll have to be careful with this “play button” thing
though, because Facebook will slap you if you just upload an image of a play button. This might
confuse people into thinking that the video will play right on the page. My ads that have an
image with a play button superimposed (basically a screen capture of a paused video), as well
as an accurate description text have never been disapproved. Will the rules change by next
week? Maybe.

       What I also noticed works well are image with red handwriting in them. For example,
you can get an image from Google, load it up in any image editor like painet.net and just add
some red text in that red “handwriting style” font. This makes it look more personal, and calls
the viewer to take action.

       Other things that cause the viewer to take action are bright, flashy colors! Explanation
marks and fat red arrows (just like opt-in boxes) work well too. You can usually find these
images in Google or anywhere you can think of on the net. Just make sure you spend time
selecting good and appropriate images, because they will make all the difference in the end!

       Ok now I would like to take you through setting up an ad step-by-step….
                                           Setting Up Your Ad


        Ok so for those of you who have never tried Facebook advertising or were too intimated
like most internet marketers are these days for whatever reason (ahem...ahem…laziness…
ahem), all you need to do is login to your account. If you don’t already have a Facebook
account, create one - it only takes like 3 minutes. Ok once you are logged in just scroll to the
very bottom of the page and click on “Advertising”. I have provided a screen shot here to make
this as clear as possible:

        Now this will take you to the setup page. Just follow the next 3 easy steps and you’ll
have your add up in no-time at all. Like I said, don’t be intimated by the lack of familiarity here…
because this really is as easy as pie!!!

        Again I have added screenshots for you newbies, because I know how I like it much
better when things are visual. This way you can just follow along as you create your ad…
Part 1- Designing Your Ad

       It’s just so simple: You can see where you need to add your title, the description and the
URL of the page you want to take them too. Then you can upload your image. It will show you
what your ad will look like on the right side where it says “Example Ad”.

       So now this is where you are putting all your learning to the test. Make sure you create
everything according to my guidelines for best results. If you want, you can even take a look at
Facebook’s list of “common advertising mistakes”, but you’ll only find what it is I told you but
with less detail. Here’s a quick recap 1 last time since it is so important.

Title: Turn the viewer’s attention “inward” by asking a question. This will get your ad into their

Body Text: Offer something of value on the next page (if you are planning on pitching a product
thereafter or capturing emails) or be specific about what they need to fill out and how long it
will take in order for them to have a chance at winning something. Be specific here, use detail.
That’s the key here.

Image: 100% related to your Ad. Colorful images of people, screen captures, personal messages
and symbols such as arrows calling to action work optimally.
Part 2 - Targeting.

        This is where you select the demographics for your ad. I’ll start off by talking about the
most important one, which I believe is keywords. Keywords are matched to the info in a user’s
profile, meaning any words, quotes, names of movies, television shows, role models, cars,
favorite foods, favorite music, hobbies, style, fashion, beliefs, sports, groups they are a part of
or pages they are related to within Facebook, and literally everything that they put in there. Any
keyword you submit here to Facebook will match to what’s in the profile and your ads will be
displayed to that user accordingly. The ads show up on the right hand side of their Facebook
page. This is just so laser targeted, that it’s almost unbelievable. Let’s take a look at a few

        Ok so let’s say I am selling a dog training product. I will target the obvious keywords
such as “dog training” or “new puppy”. The amazing thing about Facebook is that we can target
people who we know are probably interested in dog training, even if they aren’t part of any
groups or write that they are specifically into training in their profiles. For example, if
somebody’s favorite television show is “The dog whisperer”; don’t you think they may be
interested in a dog training secrets eBook? You can be so creative with this that the possibilities
are endless. Also, Facebook will recommend new keywords based on the ones you are typing in
that you have otherwise probably never thought of yourself! For example maybe there is a
famous dog training book out there that you have no idea exists, but thousands of users have it
listed as one of their favorite books in their profiles. You will be reaching a wider audience, and
it’s still incredibly targeted!

        You really have an incredible amount of data to work with here. Do you think someone
who is easily stressed might find meditation CDs or SPA certificates interesting? Do you see how
creative you can get here? Would a person who likes the UFC be interested in a mixed martial
arts secrets book? Or maybe training equipment? Ads for Rocky merchandise, such as shorts
and boxing gloves, are always appearing on my account because I mentioned in my description
how I like the Rocky Balboa movies (Although these marketers didn’t have the slick attention
grabbing ad methods you have learned here)! The men and woman who have “The Art of War”
listed as one of their favorite books are surely entrepreneurs and probably business owners, so
maybe you can find something that would appeal to this crowd? The possibilities are truly
endless; you just need to be creative… but as a Marketer you are already good at doing that,

       Basically we have just discussed keywords. This is only 1 out of 10 ways to target your
market! If you pay attention you will see how you can also target customers by:

Location – Ok this one pretty much speaks for itself. Are you targeting a specific country like
USA, Canada, Jamaica, Aboudabi, the whole world?

Age – Another one that pretty much speaks for itself. How old is your target market?

Birthday – Wow! You can even target people on their actual birthday! Pretty awesome, huh?
But how can this benefit your business? Well, maybe you want to offer people a little
something to make them feel special on their birthday like treating themselves to a famous
new restaurant, or a day at the spa! Maybe you can target single people on their birthdays and
be bold in assuming that they be looking for a romantic partner…just send them on over to a
dating site. Be CREATIVE, brainstorm, test things out.
Sex – Is your ad intended for men or women? Maybe it is targeted to both, but you can grab
more attention by making 1 add that matches more with men and another simple add (maybe
with a picture of a woman this time) that better catches a woman’s attention! Copying an ad
exactly as is and then making necessary adjustments is as easy as pie. All you need to do is click
on the “Create a similar ad” button after your first ad has been created. This avoids having to
re-do all the tedious work of inputing the same information.

Education – Are your ads targetted specifically to high school students? College Students?
College Grads? Maybe you know that most college grads are looking for condos, mortgage
loans for a new house, a new car, I don’t know – be creative! Maybe vampire movies are
suddenly super popular amongst high school students or something.

Workplace – I don’t use this one much in my ads, but again this allows you to be highly targeted
if the right idea pops into your mind.

Relationships – Maybe single men would be interested in your affiliate offer to join a dating
site? Maybe you want to promote a fertility product to females who are married?

Interested In (M/F) – Depending on what you are promoting, this can be helpful for you too!

Languages – Of course you’ll want to target English. Maybe though, you are bilingual and would
like to target the French market and promote bodybuilding products and guides (in French?)

       Do you see how targeted this traffic is? How the possibilities are truly limitless?
       I want to show you a great example of an attention grabbing ad that is very specific in
revealing what’s on the next page. It leaves the user really wanting to learn more, because it
would be cool. If you have seen the movie avatar, then I’m sure you’ve wondered how you
would look as an avatar, or at least how it would feel to be an avatar.

       I thought it was a cool movie and since it’s new I put it in as one of my favourite movies
in Facebook. I actually put in a few movies there to test what kind of ads I’d they would display
on my profile. This shows you exactly how the keyword targeting works. Whoever created the
following ad used the keyword “Avatar” and since I have that word in my profile, facebook
displays the ad on my account! I would even say that this title is just as good as a question
because it automatically leads the reader to an internal discussion, that is “what does that

       The description then says it is possible for me to create my own avatar in less than 2
minutes (specific time frame) if I download something on the next page (notice how they told
us we had to download something. This ad may have been disapproved had they not). I’ll be
honest although I liked the movie, I do’n’t care for having my own avatar. But the title and
image got my attention, and after reading that description I almost couldn’t help but imagine
how I’d look as an avatar. I could not resist clicking the link!

       And no… there is no avatar of me, although if ever I do get one done I’ll be sure to share
it with you so we can have a good laugh, LOL!
Part 3 – Pricing

       Now obviously Facebook will suggest a bid price that is in their favor. Wouldn’t you?
Luckily, you are a clever Internet Marketer who is getting “insider” information by having access
to this guide. I’ll tell you straight up that you can bid much lower than the suggested price range
and still have thousands of impressions with max 2-3 competitors in the more popular niches. If
you have a very specific niche…like men’s slippers or something…you can count on being one of
the only advertiser out there. The key here is to create those attention grabbing ads that move
the Facebook users to action – remember, you want to gently remove them from their
Facebook experience by offering them something of value on the next page.

       So, how much should you bid? I usually start off by bidding about half the average of the
two suggested bids. For example, in this case below I would take the average of the minimum
bid which is $0.36 and the maximum bid which is $0.47. Therefore (0.36 + 0.47)/2= $0.83. Half
of 0.83 = $0.42, which will be my starting bid! Once you start making a few sales, you can
increase your bid to solidify your position. It’s this strategy that works for me.
        I suggest you start off by using CPC (Cost-Per-Click). Why? Because if you go the other
way around and you don’t have an incredibly high click through rate (meaning you’ll be making
less sales for sure), this will get very expensive fast! I have ads that literally get tens of
thousands of impressions per day and when you’re testing this out if your offer isn’t converting
that well…well it will be more expensive for nothing. Cost per impression can have its
advantages though, like if you have an offer with a higher CTR then you’ll be saving more
money for more clicks. I suggest only once you’ve tested out your ads and you have a good
understanding of the click through rate and conversions that you go that way. It can be more
beneficial in the long run.

        I also notice that Facebook does care about click through rate. But I don’t think you have
to worry about getting above 1%...this is not Google here! I saw a trend with my ads that were
hovering anywhere below 1.5-2%, would start to get a lot less impressions after a while. At first
I thought this was because of my CTR rate but then I realized that it’s probably because I kept
displaying the same ads to the same groups for a few months…after a while everyone has seen
the ad, so they just stop clicking! So I am not 100% sure, but I am taking an educated guess
based on my own observations that if your Click Through Rate is anywhere above 0.1% then
you’re good. If you are really low like at 0.005 you’ll want to make some changes to your ad.
Narrow down your target audience, get more specific. Make the necessary adjustments and try
to get that CTR just a little higher.

        Once you’re done creating your ad, click review (to review it) and then submit it and…
you’re done! It could take up to 24 hours to have your ad reviewed and approved by the
Facebook team, depending at what time you are submitting. They have working office hours
from 9-5, so if you want your ad to be approved the same day you are better off submitting in
the morning or early afternoon.

        Now, how EASY was that?!?! Easy peasy, right 
       Ok so you’ve probably realized that this guide is as straight-forward as they get. Short
and sweet, directly to the point! That’s my style. I truly hope you have found the information in
here valuable, and I am confident that if you actually take action, have a bit of patience and a
enough creativity – you can hit gold here on Facebook!

        Now you have a huge advantage over your “soon to be” competitors, because you know
exactly what it is you are doing. You should have a more structured idea in your mind of how to
set up a successful Facebook campaign. This means that you have a game plan, whereas others
are left clueless. Lucky you, you have this time to explore Facebook while the majority of
internet marketers are for some reason still duking it out in Google. You are part of the minority
who now feels confident enough to advertise on Facebook and utilize its power without being
intimidated by the un-familiar interface and strict regulations. In fact – it’s so easy to set up
your ads! Isn’t it?

        This guide has touched on how to write successful and attention grabbing ads, and how
to convert Facebook users into a buying state of mind. This will be key to your success.

        Hopefully you have learned how to effectively use the 10 targeting tools to your
advantage (ESPECIALLY Keywords!). Play with this! Practice on your part will make perfect now
that you know the basic key elements that you need. I am still blown away by how laser
targeted your markets are using these tools, and all you need to do is add in a few keywords
and check a few boxes and Facebook will display your ad directly to your niche market. It’s
incredible! I am sure that you are just as amazed as I am. 

       You may start to see small successes at first, say a few hundred dollars per month for a
certain campaign. Then, just scale it up! Setup multiple campaigns, run multiple ads! Test out
the waters! Get creative! This is what I am doing, so I’m sharing my personal [quite humble]
success with you. You are a pioneer on these grounds, so take full advantage!

       You are ahead of the game already, simply by making it this far – and I truly believe that
A HUGE CHUNK of the future of online advertising is really going to be FACEBOOK! So you are
getting in at the right time now, because by the time this blows up like nitro you’ll already be
established and familiar with the grounds, and you’ll be able to ride the facebook wave to the

       Note that you can use Facebook for any type of marketing such as affiliate marketing,
marketing your own products, building a list, etc. Whatever you can think of is probably

       Enjoy the Gold Rush while it last….

       I hope you become very, very rich my friend……


Your Fellow Warrior!

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