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									                Ladakh: The Land of Himalayan landscapes and Colorful Monasteries

Ladakh the Land of Passes and the Roof of the World is a region of Jammu and Kashmir located
between altitudes of 2,750 meters to 7,672 meters above sea level. It is the panoramic region of India which
is bounded by two of the world's mightiest mountain ranges the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram
Ranges. Ancient monasteries, picturesque mountain lanes, colorful markets, stunning views of the
Himalayas and beauty of colorful gompas are the known Ladakh attractions which summon scores of
tourists from several parts of the globe. The rough terrain and rocky cliffs of Himalayan region are the
premier drawcard for adventure buffs during their Ladakh Trip. Some of the known attractions in Ladakh

Ladakh is the land of many historical monasteries which are also known as Gompas. These monasteries
belong to the Mahayana or the Hinayana sects of Buddhism where Buddhist monks and nuns live, study
and practice their religion and faith. It is among the famous attractions of this place where scores of tourists
flock in large number to see the rich collection of Buddhist artifacts. The Ladakh monasteries own rich
collection of Buddhist relics like Thangka paintings, murals, sculptures, scriptures and Buddha idols
which gives deep insight into the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. The entire valley is dotted with
monasteries of all kinds which belong to various orders or schools of Buddhism. Some of the world famous
monasteries of Ladakh are Thiksey, Hemis, Lekir, Rizong, Lamayuru and Alchi.

Ladakh is a heaven for trekkers offering many trekking tours ranging from short, daylong, trans-mountain
treks which involves weeks of walking and camping in the wilderness. Some of the preferred trekking
routes are Stok Kangri trek, Nubra Valley Trek, Likir to Temisgam, Trans Zanskar trek and more.
Generally the trekking season begins in early June and lasts till mid October. The Chadar trek over the
frozen Zanskar River in winter is one of the most exciting treks, which can be taken from mid January to
the end of February.

River Rafting:
The fun, thrill and excitement of rafting in the high-rise foaming river summons scores of rafters and
adventure lovers from several parts of the globe. The Indus River, Zaskar and their major tributaries are
major rafting destinations of this place. River rafting is the best way to explore the picturesque Himalayan
landscapes which consist of deep canyons, snow-covered peaks, hilltop monasteries, hillside villages, and
unique wildlife. The best time for river rafting tourism in Ladakh is from June to October.
The scenic views of mighty Himalayas, the well-known Buddhist customs, age-old culture, colorful
Monasteries and availability of adventure activities always attracted number of tourists to Ladakh from
across the globe.
The rough terrain, rocky cliffs, snowcapped peaks, panoramic beauty of Himalayas, colorful monasteries
and age-old Buddhist culture are the known Ladakh attractions which summon tourists from across the
world. Ladakh Adventure Tour is the best way to explore the diverse natural as well as cultural beauty of
this region.

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