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									                                                                                                          Xoriant QA Practice

                                                     Enabling flawless product releases
                                                     at global client environments
Software and systems companies are continuously forced to achieve a balance between product innovation, quality and
performance, time to market and costs. Competitive pressures force them to focus very heavily on software design and
development functions to attain maximum functionality, performance and usability, while partnering with a product
testing specialist to augment their engineering teams. Xoriant has provided product testing and quality assurance services
to several product engineering teams as their extended arm or in the form of specialized assignments helping our clients
launch superior products ahead of their competition, well within their budgets. Xoriant brings extensive experience in
testing including web services, desktop and client-server applications, and operating systems components, with over
2500 man-hours and over 10 years of experience. Key features and activities of our test services include:

                                                                                                              • Better, faster and cheaper test
                                                         Test Execution                                        automation by following
 Analysis & Planning                                     • Execute effective test runs and release             proper planning and building
 • Analyze components or systems to                        cycles – onsite/offshore
  be tested                                              • Conduct White, Grey and Black Box tests:
                                                                                                               reusability of test scripts
 • Plan the onsite/offshore distribution if needed              o Functionality, UI, usability                • Requirements management
 • Develop and maintain test plans                              o Unit, integration, system, regression
 • Develop and maintain test harness                            o Robustness, reliability, recovery            throughout the project life cycle
 • Research, test and incorporate open source                   o Performance, load, stress                    and tracking changes to the test
  and/or proprietary QA tools.                                  o Compliance, compatibility, security
                                                                o BVT, Smoke and sanity                        cases
                                                                o API and interfaces                          • Multi location and distributed
                                                                                                               testing using easy-to-use and
Test Automation
• Develop/upgrade automation framework to                                                                      intuitive collaboration method
  suit the environment                                   Results Analysis                                     • Managing testing of multiple
• Implement data driven/keyword driven automated         • Summary and detailed test reporting
  testing methodologies where appropriate                • Bug Analysis                                        builds and versions of the product
                                                         • Deviations from test cases and procedures
• Use testing automation tools such as code analyzers,
                                                         • Test logs
                                                                                                              • End-to-end process from
  coverage analyzers, memory analyzers,
  web test tools, documentation management               • Overview of test results                            planning the test automation to
  and configuration management                           • Acceptance analysis
                                                                                                               the tracking of defects

                                                                                  To augment or enhance your
                                                                                  existing product test team or
                                                          infuse test expertise in your product engineering effort,
Xoriant's test management process is firmly rooted in the explore partnering with a software testing and quality
concepts of better organization, collaboration and assurance specialist like Xoriant to achieve high quality,
information sharing. Some of the key success factors for high performance and short time to market for your
Xoriant's test management process are:                    products.

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