Optimizing Your WordPress RSS Feeds

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					Optimizing Your WordPress RSS Feeds

                                       Most of your focus on optimizing your WordPress sites is
probably on the look and feel of your design and the layout of specific things. Getting that
content to display as perfectly as possible. Given that fact it‟s a shame we spend as close to none
time on optimizing our RSS Feed output. Sure, we hook our feeds up to Feedburner, but most
don‟t even select the „Optimize Feed‟ option. Which is strange considering the ratio of people
that view your content via RSS versus the actual site.

RSS is supposed to deliver your content as clean as possible, but there are however a few things
you can do to optimize the output of your RSS. Here a few plugins that can help you out:

Align RSS Images

Align RSS Images is a simple plugin that scans your RSS feed and ensures that every image has
the correct alignment and margin settings. This is useful if you want the images to appear
correctly aligned not just on your site, but also in your RSS feed. Download Align RSS Images.

RSS Syndication Options

A plugin to let the administrator modify the RSS sy:updateperiod and sy:updatefrequency
parameters in their RSS feed (see http://purl.org/rss/1.0/modules/syndication/). These parameters
tell RSS aggregators how frequently they can expect changes to your blog, and should in theory
affect crawl rates. Download RSS Syndication Options.

Ozh’ Better Feed

Your feed, on steroids : add a custom footer to RSS items with, for example, a copyright notice,
a “Read More (400 words)” links, an “Add to del.icio.us” link, a list of related entries, or
anything really (even custom PHP functions). Compatible with Feedburner or similar services.
Download Ozh‟ Better Feed.

Feed Delay

I think the title pretty much says it all but Feed Delay lets you stop a feed from immediately
being published. Plus, you can also disable individual posts from appearing in feeds. Download
Feed Delay.

Smart Youtube
What‟s a YouTube plugin doing in this list you may ask? This plugin allows you to embed
video‟s in your feed. As explained on the plugin site: Smart Youtube is a WordPress Youtube
Plugin that allows you to easily insert Youtube videos/playlists in your post, comments and in
RSS feed.

The main purpose of the plugin is to correctly embed youtube videos into your blog post. The
video will be shown in full in your RSS feed as well. Download Smart YouTube.

Extra Resources:

If you‟d like to even optimize your feeds more there a dozens of hacks you can have a look at.

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                                                                      Write by : Remkus de Vries

       Source : http://www.cafeblogger.net/optimizing-your-wordpress-rss-feeds/