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									6 Best Social Media Marketing Tips
by Blog Tips on July 1, 2010

                                      Social media is not only a free marketing tool, it is a very
popular one. Many companies are taking advantage of social marketing these days and using it to
drive customers to their websites. Here are a few of the best social media marketing tips to help
you get started strong with your online marketing.

Share Your Knowledge

Before you begin your marketing pitch, it is important that you give your followers something to
keep them coming back. For instance, share your knowledge of the industry and give links to
other resources about your industry. Make your followers feel like privileged insiders so that
they will invite their friends.

Drive Followers to Your Website

Your end goal is to make the sale. Use your social media site to invite people to your website
where they can make a purchase. Some companies have begun to sell directly from sites like
Facebook, and although this is not done all the time, in some cases it may work.

Advertise Your Social Media Involvement

Place widgets and PCC ads on your website. You can encourage your followers to retweet or to
vote for your page. The more they get involved, the better.

Monitor Competitors’ Social Media Practices

Some companies have already mastered the art of marketing on social media sites. Find out
which ones they are on and how they use them. Look at how they market and what promotions
work for them.

Look for Your Niche
Facebook has an older audience where MySpace has a mostly younger crowd. Find out where
you fit by looking at who is on what sites. After all, targeted marketing is the most effective
kind. You can find smaller, even more targeted social media sites that will fit your company even
better. Often times, a smaller site will eventually bring you to a larger site with a better

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Start small and start well. Pick one social networking site and set up a great page. Keep up-to-
date material on your page and check in regularly to interact with your followers. Once you have
one marketing task mastered, go for another. Do not worry about trying to get thousands of
followers overnight. Social media marketing will take time, but it is definitely one marketing tool
you do not want to skip.

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