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treatments reduce
acne for
all skin types.

                                                                                                                  Make yourself perfectly clear.
                                          8 Weeks Post-6th
                                 Before   Treatment

                                                                                                                       Ask for the CoolTouch Acne Solution.
 Courtesy of Greg Chernoff, MD

                                 Before   After
 Courtesy of Yu-Li Cho, MD

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                                                                      PN 7110-0047 Rev. A
Fast acting                                Visit for detailyou look after treatment?
                                                  How does CoolTouch work? How will
                                                    Unlike other therapies that address bacterial symptoms only,        You may experience mild redness in the treated area for a
   and long lasting.                                CoolTouch targets the source of acne. Your doctor applies           short period of time following the procedure. There's no
                                                                                                                        downtime, so you can resume regular activities immediately
                                                    CoolTouch laser energy in gentle pulses over the treatment
                                                    area. The energy penetrates deep enough to shrink oil glands        after the treatment — and even apply makeup.
    There’s a clear distinction between             and decrease their capacity to produce acne without
                 ®                                  affecting the oils necessary for healthy skin. Your body also       What improvement will you see?
    CoolTouch and lengthy acne treatment
                                                    rebuilds and replenishes your own natural collagen to fill          You will notice significant reduction of acne and improved
    options. This fast laser light procedure        in acne scars.                                                      appearance of acne scars. Results are achieved through a
    effectively targets and shrinks oil glands                                                                          series of treatments, and follow-up visits may be required to
                                                    What is treatment like?                                             prolong your improvements.
    — the source of continued breakouts
                                                    Convenient CoolTouch treatments can be performed on any
    that can lead to self-conscious scars.          area of the skin. It's common to feel a slight tingling sensation   How many treatments will you need?
                                                    during treatment. A cooling mist keeps your skin cool and           Typically, it takes more than one treatment to achieve the
    Cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug               comfortable throughout.                                             optimum level of improvement. On average, patients receive
                                                                                                                        3-6 treatments at monthly intervals.
    Administration, CoolTouch treatments
                                                    How long does a treatment take?
    are long-lasting and safe for all               Treatments take 10-30 minutes, depending on the area to be
    skin types, including tanned and                treated and the severity of the condition.
    dark-skinned patients.

“Our acne patients are delighted
 with the improvements
 they see with as few as two
 CoolTouch treatments.”
    Dr. Jeffrey Dover                                    Figure 1                                                            Figure 2
    SkinCare Physicians of Chestnut Hill                            CoolTouch laser light targets                                       The oil gland shrinks in size
    Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology                     inflamed oil gland.                                                 following treatment to reduce
                                                                                                                                        acne breakouts.
    Yale University School of Medicine

                                                    Clear to see. If you experience moderate to severe acne or
                                                    acne scars, then remarkable CoolTouch laser treatments are
                                                    for you. Make yourself perfectly clear and ask your doctor
                                                    about the CoolTouch acne solution today.                                                    

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