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									                                        suCCess sTorIes

                                        oraCle ImPlemenTs neTworK
                                        aPPlIanCe ™ sTorage for ITs gloBal
                                        IT InfrasTruCTure
                                       “We’ve got literally thousands of servers and hundreds of terabytes of
                                        NetApp storage. The Austin Data Center is the single largest NetApp
                                        installation on the planet.”
                                        MITCHELL MCGOVERN               Vice President, Global Data Center Operations, Oracle

 KeY hIghlIghTs                         The CusTomer                                       These challenges have been amplified
 location Redwood Shores, California    oracle Corporation                                 by the introduction of new products and
                                        Oracle ( is the world’s             new services such as Oracle E-Business
 Industry Enterprise software                                                              Suite On Demand (OEBSOD). With
                                        largest enterprise software company,
 The Challenge                          specializing in database, middleware, and          OEBSOD, Oracle hosts its industry-
· Maximize asset utilization            business applications for managing and             leading E-Business Suite software for
                                        automating processes and other critical            hundreds of customers from its data
· Increase storage availability
                                        business infrastructure software. The              center in Austin, Texas. Rapid deployment
· Decrease management overhead                                                             for new customers and the ability to
                                        company delivers software, consulting,
· Improve storage TCO                   outsourcing, and other services to help            adapt quickly to the changing needs of
                                        enterprises solve their most critical              existing OEBSOD customers are critical to
 The solution
                                        information management problems. A                 continued success.
· Storage consolidation
                                        Fortune 500 company, Oracle has annual             Oracle must simultaneously meet the
· Backup and recovery
                                        revenues in excess of $9 billion and over          storage needs of its internal business
· Database and business applications    40,000 employees worldwide. Because                operations, provide a flexible and
· Product development                   of the breadth and data-intensive nature           scalable storage environment for its
                                        of Oracle’s business operations, it faces          Oracle E-Business Suite On Demand
                                        extreme storage management challenges.             business, and provision development
· Business flexibility
· High storage availability             The Challenge                                      environments with thousands of instances
                                                                                           of Oracle products running on a multitude
· Exceptional support                   Provisioning storage for a Complex
                                                                                           of different system platforms. Given this
                                        and rapidly evolving Business
· Simplified storage management                                                            complexity, improving the manageability
                                        In recent years Oracle has experienced
                                                                                           of storage systems, simplifying and
                                        tremendous growth, resulting in significant
                                                                                           accelerating backup, and reducing total
                                        IT challenges. Foremost among these
                                                                                           cost of ownership have all become
                                        is the need to maximize asset utilization
                                                                                           important priorities.
                                        for its existing investments in servers,
                                        storage, and networks. In addition,                The introduction of Oracle Database 10g™
                                        there is a strong need for high reliability        in the fall of 2003 offered tremendous
                                        and availability in critical storage               new capabilities for Oracle to meet its
                                        infrastructure to ensure that business             internal business needs as well as the
                                        data is always accessible. Scalability             needs of its customers. However, the
                                        and performance are also vital to                  flexible, distributed grid computing
                                        accommodate continued growth.
“We chose Network Appliance as a storage vendor for our mission-critical
 business solutions because NetApp products deliver high availability with
 solid, consistent performance and a much lower total cost of ownership.
 NetApp has reduced the overhead necessary to perform storage-related
 management activities by 50%.”
BILL WEILS       Senior Director, Oracle Global IT Services Command Center

environment enabled by Oracle Database              management overhead, giving us a much           needs,” points out Craig Yappert, senior
10g puts greater demands on its storage             lower total cost of ownership,” says Bill       director of IT Operations for Platform
infrastructure to work in new and                   Weils, senior director of the Oracle Global     Engineering. “We use NetApp high-speed
flexible ways.                                      IT Services Command Center. “NetApp             primary storage for our high-transaction
                                                    has reduced the overhead necessary to           environment, NetApp NearStore® products
The soluTIon
                                                    perform storage-related management              for things such as Oracle E-Business Suite
adoption of network appliance                       activities by 50%, making our overall           testing, and NetCache® for sharing code
storage solutions                                   environment more available to meet              from one development center to another
Recognizing the limitations of its existing         business needs while freeing critical IT        efficiently and transparently.
storage configurations, four years ago              staff for other important tasks.”
Oracle began adopting a network storage                                                             “NetApp gives us the ability to centralize
model using NetApp storage solutions.               NetApp solutions also proved to be a            mass storage,” continues Yappert, “so
At the time, some people in the industry            great match for OEBSOD, which uses              that it’s easy to parcel out storage to
questioned whether networked storage                clustered NetApp storage systems for            a particular development environment
could deliver the performance required by           fault tolerance while supporting hundreds       when it needs it. Now we can provision
demanding Oracle Database applications,             of On Demand customers running 1,600            systems much more quickly, dramatically
but Oracle—and thousands of Oracle                  independent database environments and           reducing the time it takes to prepare an
customers—discovered that NetApp                    application stacks. According to Mitchell       environment for our development and
yields the same or better performance               McGovern, vice president of Global Data         engineering staff. That translates directly
while improving availability, simplifying           Center Operations, “Oracle chose NetApp         into increased productivity in the QA
management, and reducing storage total              to run OEBSOD because it’s very simple          cycle and therefore much faster time
cost of ownership (TCO).                            to manage. It integrates well with our          to market.”
                                                    platform, and it’s very, very scalable, which
Today, Oracle has one of the largest                                                                BusIness BenefITs
                                                    allows us to continue to grow. NetApp has
deployments of NetApp storage in the                allowed the OEBSOD architecture to scale        flexibility, simplified Backup and
world and relies on NetApp to support               by more than threefold while dramatically       recovery, massive scalability
internal operations, OEBSOD, multiple               decreasing our costs for storage                NetApp storage solutions have
product development organizations, and              acquisition and management.”                    allowed Oracle to pioneer new ways
other functions.                                                                                    of working. For instance, Oracle
                                                    The Oracle Platform Engineering group           E-Business Suite demonstrations
“We chose Network Appliance as a                    is the product build and release factory        used to be a time-consuming manual
storage vendor for our mission-critical             for all Oracle products and services            process. Now Oracle hosts its
business solutions because NetApp                   on the multiple platforms that Oracle           Applications Demonstration Services
products deliver high availability with             supports. “We leverage each of the              (ADS) from the Austin Data Center
solid, consistent performance and low               NetApp technologies to meet our storage         using NetApp storage. A salesperson
oraCle grouP                                 funCTIons

global IT                                    Internal business operations
                                             Oracle On Demand
                                             Oracle ERP
                                             Oracle education services
                                             Web services

applications development                     Development and QA for Oracle E-Business Suite

applications demonstration service           Global Web-based Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database demonstration

oracle Collaboration suite files online      Oracle Collaboration Suite Files Online corporate infrastructure, serving over
                                             40,000 employees

Platform engineering                         Product build and release factory for all Oracle products and services on multiple platforms

simply enters a request, and the team        replayed, and the application can be              PowerIng grId ComPuTIng
configures a complete demonstration          restarted in minutes versus the hours or          storage when and where It’s needed
environment to the salesperson’s             days it might take for tape recovery.             For Oracle, one of the greatest benefits
specifications. The presentation can be                                                        of the adoption of NetApp technology
                                             The breadth and complexity of Oracle
accessed through the Oracle E-Business                                                         comes from the vision the two companies
                                             E-Business Suite software development
Suite Web-based interfaces from                                                                share. Oracle is a leader in enterprise grid
                                             efforts create significant data management
anywhere in the world.                                                                         computing, which pools large numbers
                                             complexities. “NetApp products really
Oracle also depends on NetApp storage        help us streamline our development                of servers and storage into a flexible
solutions to support Oracle Collaboration    environment. With SnapMirror®, we reliably        resource to meet enterprise-computing
Suite Files Online—a document manage-        replicate complete E-Business Suite               needs. With unified storage solutions
ment and collaboration tool available to     environments between systems to meet              capable of delivering data regardless of
all 40,000 Oracle employees. In fact,        our ongoing development and testing               access method (NFS, FCP, iSCSI), NetApp
Files Online supports a single database      needs. Previously, we had to do this by           is well positioned to meet the storage
instance on NetApp today of over 5TB         hand or through scripts, which was time-          needs of emerging enterprise grids.
and growing.                                 consuming and unreliable,” says Jerome            “The Oracle vision of grid computing
                                             Labat, vice president of Operations               is about virtualization and dynamic
Backup and recovery are no simple
                                             and Infrastructure for E-Business Suite           provisioning of resources. Network
matters when you’re managing hundreds
                                             Development.                                      Appliance has always in my mind had
of terabytes of mission-critical data for
                                                                                               this same notion of virtualizing storage
important customers. OEBSOD uses             With engineers in multiple locations
                                                                                               and then dynamically provisioning it
NetApp Snapshot™ and SnapRestore®            spread across the United States, the UK,
                                                                                               as needed,” says Benny Souder, vice
software to meet these needs. Regular        and India, Platform Engineering found it
                                                                                               president of Distributed Database
Snapshot copies of all user data protect     challenging to store files in a productive
                                                                                               Development. “In my opinion, Network
against application and user errors. Since   way. “One of the key technologies that
                                                                                               Appliance and Oracle are in direct
a Snapshot copy takes only seconds,          NetApp gives us is the ability to distribute
and hundreds of simultaneous Snapshot        our NFS infrastructure across those
copies can be maintained per volume,         development centers,” explains Yappert.           As Oracle moved to a grid architecture
there is no impact to ongoing operations.    “With DNFS and NetCache, file location is         for its On Demand operations, the
If a problem occurs with a running           completely transparent to the engineering         advantages of NetApp for the grid
application, the most recent Snapshot        staff. That’s a significant benefit.”             became clear. “Our grid architecture
copy can be brought back, logs can be                                                          is literally stacks and stacks of Linux®
“Service has been a critical element of the partnership between NetApp and
 Oracle. We have systems engineers from NetApp working side by side with
 our engineers to ensure that we achieve the highest possible availability and
 scalability without sacrificing manageability. They’re just part of the family.”
MITCHELL MCGOVERN                      Vice President, Global Data Center Operations, Oracle

boxes utilizing Oracle Applications and                            to ensure that we achieve the highest
Oracle Database technology combined                                possible availability and scalability without                                          For more information on how Oracle uses NetApp
                                                                                                                                                          technology, please see a companion white paper
with Network Appliance storage. NetApp                             sacrificing manageability. They’re just part
                                                                                                                                                          titled “Network Appliance Technology Deployment
is a perfect fit for Linux,” points out                            of the family,” says McGovern.
                                                                                                                                                          at Oracle.” This paper is available at
McGovern. “The OEBSOD grid has scaled                                                                                                           
                                                                   “Because of our tight partnership, we’ve
fantastically. We’ve got literally thousands
                                                                   been able to take full advantage of
of servers and hundreds of terabytes of
                                                                   NetApp storage and service innovations to
NetApp storage. The Austin Data Center
                                                                   transform our development infrastructure
is the single largest NetApp installation on
                                                                   and become a more efficient, leaner
the planet.”
                                                                   machine,” concludes Jerome Labat,
neTaPP: a ParTner for                                              speaking of the Oracle E-Business Suite
sTorage suCCess                                                    development environment.
Great hardware and software are nothing                            aBouT neTworK aPPlIanCe
without the right people standing behind
                                                                   Network Appliance is a world leader in
them. Oracle has been extremely pleased
                                                                   unified storage solutions for today’s data-
with the support that NetApp provides
                                                                   intensive enterprise. Since its inception in
throughout the company to help ensure
                                                                   1992, Network Appliance has delivered
continued success.
                                                                   technology, product, and partner firsts that
“Service has been a critical element of the                        simplify data management. Information
partnership between NetApp and Oracle.                             about Network Appliance™ solutions and
We have systems engineers from NetApp                              services is available at
working side by side with our engineers

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