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Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009   1
              November/December, 2009
                             Vol 4 Issue 7

                          Ashley Holzer                                    FEATURES
                                         28 Karyn Foley Joins Benchmark Farm
                                                                                  By Ann Jamieson
                                 Editor                                       32 Bill Warren Clinic at Lost Island Farm
                          Peter Herman                                            By Ann Jamieson
                                                                              38 Everything Wellington!
                                              By Ashley Holzer

                       Associate Publisher                                    32 A Return to the Outside Course
                                                                                  By Ann Jamieson
                         Barbara Messina
                 631-451-3938 • fax 631-451-3924                              52 Highlights from Indoors

                         Advertising Sales                                 HOLIDAY GIFT SPECIAL!
                     Ann Jamieson, Director                                   42 Great Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers
                860-927-3737 • 203-733-3000 (cell)
                                                                              48 The Roving Reporter Asks:
                                                                                 “What Is the Most Memorable Horsey Gift
                                                                                 You Ever Received?”
                         Patty Messina
                631-761-1884 • 631-431-3368 (cell)
                       L.A. Pomeroy                                           4 From the Publisher’s Desk
                                                                              6 Calendar of Shows & Events
                                                                              12 News Corral
                                                                              18 At the Ingate: All the gossip fit to print!
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                         On the Cover....                                     66 Classifieds
                Christmas Stable by Kathy Goff
              (Courtesy USEF’s Holiday Card Collection)
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2                                                                                                    Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                            Island Hills Stable,                                         LLC
                                      Wishes Everyone
                                A Joyous Holiday Season and
                                  A Happy and Successful
                                         New Year!
                                   Thank You to All our Students and
                                      Boarders for making 2009
                                       A Great and Fun Year!
                                                  Special Thanks to our Trainers:
                                                 Heather Acker • Danielle Hadfield
                                                   Patty Messina • Merry Oswald
                                                  Thank You for a job well done!

                              Island Hills USEF
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                                                    26 Rocky Point Road
                                            Middle Island, Long Island, NY 11953

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                3
    From the Publisher’s Desk..

           he holiday season is upon us, and although it gets a little hectic, it is a wonderful time of year. If you are
           finding the weather a little unbearable, we have an article on all things "Wellington." There is nothing
           like a little warmth in January to bring a smile to your face! We hope to see you there!
        Today's Equestrian would like to congratulate all the champions of 2009 and wish everyone the best of luck
    for 2010. We've had a wonderful time sharing in your victories and watching the promising stars of 2010 begin
    to blossom.
        I hope when you glance back at 2009, you do it with a smile on your face. I would be lying if I said 2009 was
    a completely great year for me. Yes, it had some incredible moments, but my father's passing in September was
    tough. Cancer is an awful disease and to see it take someone you deeply love is, frankly, awful.
        My Dad was a fighter to the very end. As sick as he was, he threw caution to the wind and travelled to
    Hickstead in July to watch me compete in the Masters. So many of my friends, realizing I might need some help,
    also made the journey to England. Dane Rawlins, the organizer of the show and an old friend, gave Dad the best
    VIP treatment. I am indebted forever to him, my friends and my family, for making Dad's last show his most
    memorable. As we left the show grounds, he put his arm around me and said, “That was the best show ever!" In
    September he was still convinced he would get to Devon as he lay deadly ill in the hospital. He astounded all the
    doctors and specialists. Time after time I heard, "Boy, your father is tough." Yet not tough enough to conquer
    that wretched disease for which today there is still no cure.
        The huge outpouring of support I received from the equestrian community was so touching. I had emails
    from old friends remembering how Dad taught them to back up a two-horse trailer. Emails about how wonder-
    fully supportive he was when things went well in the show ring, and even more supportive when they didn't.
    Emails about him helping chase down a loose horse, and laughing when they finally caught it 40 minutes later!
        These countless emails reminded me of how many people’s lives he touched.
        He was my biggest fan and supporter.
        He knew all the ins and outs of dressage. He loved the sport, but if you were one of those judges who didn't
    think I (or any one of my close friends) had a great ride when he thought we did––watch out! You were the talk
    of the dinner table that night!
        He was fiercely protective and realized how much hard work it required to put in a great test.
        I hope all of you reading this issue remember your loved ones at this time of year, and treasure everything
    about them.
        I hope 2010 brings all of us great tidings of joy.
        From everyone at Today's Equestrian, Happy Holidays!

                                                       Ashley Holzer

4                                                                                     Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                                                          AVON VALLEY
                                                          SHOW STABLES
                                                           HUNTERS • JUMPERS • EQUITATION • SALES

                                            Congratulations to all our riders on a
                                                successful 2009 show season!
       All photos by Catherin Cammett

                                          Jessica Katz riding Santander            Adrienne Wilbur riding Briscar - Offered for sale

                                         Sandra Cristelli riding Lancer                 Heather Flynn riding Bandit’s Chance
                                               Offered for sale                                   Offered for sale

                                                                 2010 AVSS Show Dates - USEF Rated
                                                                       July 24 • July 29 • Sept 11
                                                                   Oct. 2 • Oct. 10 • Oct. 17 • Nov. 11

                                        Beat the cold and join us in sunny Ocala - Call for information!
                                                                 Winter stalls now available
                                                      Horses and Ponies available in several price ranges
                                                              Financing available on sale horses
                                                                  Emer Coyne, Owner/Trainer
                                                 Avon Valley Show Stables • 595 Waterville Rd. • Avon, CT 06001
                                                         860-677-5260 •
                                                       Accepting Master Card/Visa • Gift Certificates Available

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                              5
All Shows are USEF recognized unless otherwise indicated* *

new york state                           12/6/2009
                                         HIGH VIEW FARM
                                         PITTSFORD, NY
                                                                                     BOULDER BROOK HORSE SHOW
                                                                                     SCARSDALE, NY
OLD SALEM FARM                           (585) 586-1832                              (914) 772-0995
(914) 669-5610                           12/11/2009 - 12/13/2009                     1/15/2010 - 1/17/2010
                                         GARDNERTOWN FARMS                           GARDNERTOWN FARMS
11/21/2009 - 11/22/2009                  NEWBURGH, NY                                NEWBURGH, NY
OLD SALEM FARM                           (845) 564-6658                              (845) 564-6658
(914) 669-5610                           12/18/2009 - 12/20/2009                     1/15/2010 - 1/17/2010
                                         GARDNERTOWN FARM                            LEHMAN FARMS J
11/27/2009                               NEWBURGH, NY                                PITTSFORD, NY
FOX HILL FARMS                           (845) 564-6658                              (315) 436-1933
(203) 650-3148                           12/23/2009 - 12/27/2009                     1/23/2010 - 1/24/2010
                                         OLD SALEM FARM DEC.                         WHIPSTICK FARM
11/28/2009                               NORTH SALEM, NY                             NORTH SALEM, NY
OLD SALEM FARM                           (845) 566-9048                              (914) 669-5610
(845) 566-9048                           1/8/2010                                    1/29/2010 - 1/31/2010
                                         FOX HILL FARMS                              LEHMAN FARMS FEBRUARY
11/29/2009                               PLEASANTVILLE, NY                           PITTSFORD, NY
TWIN LAKES FARM                          (203) 650-3148                              (315) 436-1933
(203) 650-3148                           1/9/2010                                    1/29/2010 - 1/31/2010
                                         OLD SALEM FARM                              OLD SALEM FARM
12/4/2009 - 12/4/2009                    NORTH SALEM, NY                             NORTH SALEM, NY
HERITAGE FARM                            (914) 669-5610                              (914) 669-5610
(914) 232-2122

                                                                          Come Show with Us!

              Ashley Meadows
            “A” Rated Horse Shows                                            CJL Farms Horse Shows
                 • Dec. 4-5-6 (Judge: Archie Cox)
               • Jan. 15-16-17 • Feb. 19-20-21                         Winter Series at Baymar Farm
              • March 5-6-7 • April 11-12-13                       • Dec. 6 • Jan. 17 • Feb. 6 • March 7 • March 21
                                                                     Featuring Series Awards and Barbeque in April!
                           Featuring                                    Dec. 19-20 at Hunters Crossing Farm
       Marshall & Sterling and NAL Hunter Classics
                                                                     USEF "C" rated • Marshall & Sterling
             You don’t have to go to Florida                            NAL • WIHS • NJPHA • NJHSA
                     for “A” Points!
                                                                         Check our Website for Prize Lists
                   Ashley Meadows Farm                                           and Locations!
             790 Darby Road • Berwyn, PA 19312                      
                                                                            CJL Farm - Monroe Township, NJ
            For Prize List, directions and info:                     Training/Instruction all Levels • Sales • Shipping
                                            Claudine Liberatore, USEF ‘r’ judge
                                      (917) 371-4551 •

6                                                                                     Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009

long island                                 FOLLY FARM
                                            SIMSBURY, CT
11/21/2009                                  (860) 658-9943
MEDFORD, NY                                 11/27/2009 - 11/29/2009
(631) 871-4059                              PINES OPEN
                                            SOUTH GLASTONBURY, CT
11/22/2009                                  (860) 621-6988
MANORVILLE, NY                              12/4/2009 - 12/6/2009
(631) 421-5587                              PINES OPEN
                                            SOUTH GLASTONBURY, CT
11/29/2009                                  (860) 633-5694
MANORVILLE, NY                              12/5/2009 - 12/6/2009
(516) 322-0533                              OX RIDGE DECEMBER
                                            DARIEN, CT
12/6/2009                                   (203) 259-7783
MELVILLE, NY                                12/12/2009
(303) 998-1927                              FAIRFIELD COUNTY HUNT CLUB
                                            WESTPORT, CT
1/22/2010                                   (203) 650-3148
BROOKVILLE, NY                              12/13/2009
(516) 626-9714                              WESTBROOK HUNT CLUB
                                            REINDEER SCHOOLING SERIES * *
1/29/2010                                   WESTBROOK, CT
BROOKVILLE, NY                              (860) 399-6317
(516) 626-9714                              12/31/2009
                                            SWEETWATER HORSE SHOW
                                            CLINTON, CT
                                            (203) 453-0189
connecticut                                 1/3/2010
                                            WESTBROOK HUNT CLUB
                                            REINDEER SCHOOLING SERIES * *
                                            WESTBROOK, CT
(860) 399-6317
                                            (860) 399-6317

         Hunt Club
           Reindeer                                 AA STATUARY &
        Schooling Series                           WEATHERVANE CO.
                                                 • Cupolas • Weather Vanes
   •   December 13                             • Finials • Barn Vents • Parts
   •   January 3rd
   •   February 7th
   •   March 7th
   •   March 28th

                                                  We stock most of what we sell
         For further information:
                                                 and can offer multiple purchase
          or check the website:
                                                Custom orders cheerfully accepted!
                                                      Toll-free (877) 782-8837
        Westbrook Hunt Club               
       319 Pond Meadow Road                       AMEX VISA DISCOVER MASTERCARD
           Westbrook, CT
                                                Located 2 1/2 miles north of I-84 on
                                                   Route 9W in Newburgh, NY

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                              7
                          (917) 371-4551
                          WIT’S END FARM H/J SCHOOLING SHOW **   11/28/2009
                          JACKSON, NJ                            HALCYON
                          (732) 928-1480                         DILLSBURG, PA
                                                                 (717) 432-1367
                          11/27/2009 - 11/29/2009
                          NORTHEAST REGIONAL HORSE SHOWS LTD.    2/4/2009 - 12/6/2009
                          AT SNOWBIRD ACRES FARM                 ASHLEY MEADOWS FARM
                          LONG VALLEY, NJ                        BERWYN, PA
                          (908) 876-4200                         (610) 296-8668

                          12/5/2009 - 12/5/2009                  12/5/2009
                          BAYMAR FARMS, INC.                     HALCYON FARM
                          MORGANVILLE, NJ                        DILLSBURG, PA
                          (732) 591-9600                         (717) 432-1367

                          12/6/2009 - 12/6/2009                  12/6/2009
                          CJL FARM, INC.                         HERITAGE ACRES WINTER I
                          MORGANVILLE, NJ                        DILLSBURG, PA
                          (917) 371-4551                         ( 717) 432-2688

                          12/10/2009 - 12/13/2009                12/12/2009 - 12/12/2009
                          TEWKSBURY FARMS STABLE                 HALCYON FARM LTD.
                          NESHANIC STATION, NJ                   DILLSBURG, PA
                          \(908) 832-7402                        (717) 432-1367

                          12/19/2009                             12/13/2009
                          CJL FARM, INC.                         HERITAGE ACRES WINTER II
                          MORGANVILLE, NJ                        DILLSBURG, PA
                          (917) 371-4551                         (717) 432-2688

                          12/20/2009                             12/19/2009
                          CJL FARM, INC.                         HALCYON FARM, LTD.
                          MORGANVILLE, NJ                        DILLSBURG, PA
                          (917) 371-4551                         (717) 432-1367

                          12/27/2009                             12/19/2009
                          WEST MILFORD EQUESTRIAN CENTER         HOLIDAY I
                          NEWFOUNDLAND, NJ                       NORRISTOWN, PA
                          (973) 697-1149                         (908) 534-8833

                          1/8/2010 - 1/10/2010                   12/26/2009 - 12/28/2009
1/8/2010 - 1/10/2010      SNOWBIRD WINTER J                      YULETIDE HORSE SHOW
PINES OPEN                LONG VALLEY, NJ                        NORRISTOWN, PA
SOUTH GLASTONBURY, CT     (908) 876-4200                         (908) 534-8833
(860) 633-5694
                          1/16/2010                              12/27/2009
1/10/2010 - 1/10/2010     BAYMAR FARMS                           HOLIDAY JUMPERS
OX RIDGE JANUARY          MORGANVILLE, NJ                        LITTLESTOWN, PA
DARIEN, CT                (732) 591-9600                         (717) 359-5357
(203) 259-7783
                          1/17/2010                              12/28/2009 - 12/29/2009
1/15/2010 - 1/17/2010     CJL FARM, INC.                         SWAN LAKE STABLES
GALES FERRY, CT           (917) 371-4551                         (717) 359-5357
(860) 464-7934
                          1/21/2010 - 1/23/2010                  12/29/2009 - 12/31/2009
1/16/2010                 ALL SEASONS                            HOLIDAY III AT OUR FARM
WESTPORT, CT              (908) 534-8833                         (908) 534-8833
(203) 650-3148
1/18/2010                 TEWKSBURY FARM STABLE                  1/1/2010 - 1/4/2010
GALES FERRY, CT           (908) 832-7402                         NORRISTOWN, PA
(860) 464-7934
                                                                 (908) 534-8833
                          1/29/2010 - 1/31/2010
1/22/2010 - 1/24/2010     ALL SEASONS                            1/9/2010
WESTBROOK HUNT CLUB       RINGOES, NJ                            HERITAGE ACRES
WESTBROOK, CT             (908) 534-8833                         DILLSBURG, PA
(860) 399-6317
                                                                 (717) 432-2688

new jersey                1/30/2010 - 1/30/2010
                          PALERMO WINTER HORSE SHOW
                          BEDMINSTER, NJ
                                                                 1/10/2010 - 1/10/2010
                                                                 HALCYON FARM, LTD.
11/14/2009 - 11/15/2009                                          DILLSBURG, PA
TEWKSBURY FARMS STABLE    (210) 860-5688                         (717) 432-1367
(908) 832-7402            1/31/2010 - 1/31/2010                  1/15/2010 - 1/17/2010
                          PALERMO WINTER CLASSIC                 ASHLEY MEADOW FARM
11/21/2009                BEDMINSTER, NJ                         BERWYN, PA
CJL, INC HORSE SHOW       (210) 860-5688                         (610) 296-8668

8                                                                 Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
1/16/2010 - 1/17/2010
                                                                                                 Georgetown Stable Outfitters
                                                          The Little
(717) 359-5357                                                                                    Introduces its new “GSO To Go” Line
                                                           B Barn                                                      The wheeled
                                                                                                                       travel bit box
                                                                                                                       features easy
(717) 432-2688                                              The 1-Stop                                                 access to bits as
                                                                                                                       well as storage for
M.L. KING CLASSIC                                            Shopping                                                  small items.
(610) 584-9198                                            Headquarters
                                                           for Everyone                                                  The travel
                                                                                                                         trunk is light-
(717) 432-1367
                                                              on your                                                    weight plastic; it
                                                                                                                         has a top tray and
1/26/2010 - 1/28/2010                                    Holiday Gift List!                                              pull-out handle
WINTERFEST I                                                                                                             for easy transport.
(717) 359-5357
1/30/2010                                                     Work Boots
WYNDSOR FARM                                                   25% off                                                The folding
ELVERSON, PA                                                                                                          mounting block
(908) 534-8833
                                                                                                                      can be carried with
                                                                   Visit us at                                        one hand.
clinics/misc.                                                 155 Westchester St.
                                                              Colchester, CT 06415
12/5/2009 - 12/6/2009
MCLAIN WARD SHOW JUMPING CLINIC                                860-267-8811
OLD SALEM FARM, Ny                               
(914) 669-5610                                                                                           Call (203) 731-7822
                                                            Extended Holiday Hours:
                                                                                                 or visit
                                                        Tues-Fri 10-6 • Sat 9-4 • Sun 12-4
                                                                                                See additional pictures on Facebook
                                                              CLOSED Jan 10-24

   9 Sundays: Leslie Desmond Series
                 Demonstrations and Q&A...
              Private Students-Special Horses
                      with the author of
        True Horsemanship Through Feel                                Snowflake Series Horse Shows
                                                                             Rated USJHA, Marshall & Sterling, FWPHA 1/2 Points
         and internationally acclaimed colleague
                                                                       • Nov. 28 • Dec. 19 • January 9 • January 30
                 of the late Bill Dorrance
                                                                           • February 20 • March 6 • March 28
                                                                          For show info: Naomi Garuder -203 650 3148
             Dec 6 • Dec 13 • Dec 20 • Dec 27
          Jan 3 • Jan 10 • Jan 17 • Jan 24 • Jan 31
               Mornings: 9-12:30 • Afternoons: 2:30-4
                  Q & A and Discussion: 4-5:30

                       Benewicz Farm
               260 Truax Road • Amsterdam, NY

        One-time or Walk-in Price: Auditors $15
             Pre-register and save $25.00!                               Enjoy our 220 x 110 Indoor with Travel Rite Footing,
               9-Demo Package: $110.00                                           Heated Lounge with Viewing Area!
              Demo Horses available: $150
     All Auditors must sign a release, available at                                 Training • Sales • Boarding or at the door. If you register
         online, please bring proof of payment.
                                                                                    Opening available for trainer
            Payments can be made online at
                                                                              330 Peach Lake Road • Brewster, NY
                                                                        Angelo Danza, Sr. for info: 845-669-9600

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                                    9
10   Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                                            The National PHA
                        Wishes to Congratulate
            Emma Johnson on winning the ���� PHA Medal
         Finals and wishes her success in her future endeavors!

                                                                                                                    Richard Killian

                            Emma Johnson, winner of the National PHA Championship Class, with her trainer Val Renihan,
                                        National PHA President Mary Jane Mitchell, and Cos Napolitano.

                               Congratulations to all of you who participated
                               and we wish you the best of luck this season!

                         The Professional Horseman’s Association is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.


Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                             11
                                                                   believe my wins are due to teamwork. I think this weekend
                                                                   was a true testament to teamwork and it shows things can

                                                                   happen when everyone works together.” Ω

                                                                   Wellington Classic Dressage Masters Symposium
                                                                      The Wellington Classic Dressage Masters Symposium will

                                                                   be featuring ride sessions and lectures by Kyra Kyrklun,
                                                                   international rider and trainer.
                                                                      The Symposium is scheduled for Friday and Saturday,
                                                                   January 29-30 at the Palm Beach County Jim Brandon
                                                                   Equestrian Center in West Palm Beach, FL. For details and
                                                                   more information, call 561-227-1525 or check their website at
      What’s new around our region                        Ω

                                                                   Ashley Meadows to Host “A” Rated Winter Shows
                                                                       Good news for local riders––You don’t have to travel to
2009-2010 Edition of L'Annee Hippique Hits the Presses             Florida to garner “A” points for qualifying for the Indoors next
    The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and BCM          year! Ashley Meadows Farm in Berwyn, PA, as in years past,
  PAARD to announce the newest Island, NY
are pleasedHILL FARMS, Shelter edition of their incredible         has planned a series of horse shows geared to riders of all
  Up-to-Date, a 5-year-old KWPN in the international disci-
handbook for equestrian competitionDutch Warmblood owned           divisions and levels.
  by Paard Hill Farms jumping, three day eventing, driving,
plines of dressage, showand Pieter Ruig, has been having a             The “A” rated series will feature pony hunters, junior
reining and endurance. The beautiful book is your guide to all     hunters, amateur-owner hunters, as well as Marshall &
  banner season in the dressage world. His latest coupe
of the thrilling events of 2009.                                   Sterling and NAL classes for both hunters and jumpers. But
  was his win at Dressage at Equestrian Estates in Florida
    L'Annee Hippique's coverage of the event showcases the         it doesn’t stop there as divisons are also being offered for the
  this past winter, topping a large field of quality young-
memorable rides of World Cup Champions Steffen Peters              professionals for their green working hunters, regular work-
  sters to demonstrate that he has Beerbaum (Jumping)
(Dressage) and Meredith Michaels what it takes to repre-as         ing hunters as well as green conformation hunters.
  sent others.
well asthe United States at the FEI Young Horse                        Trainers will also find that the Ashley Meadow series is
    In addition to in exciting World Cup highlights,
  Championships theVerdun, Canada this summer. L'Annee             also a great place to introduce their newer riders to the show
       With Jan Brons in the on all Up-to-Date has scored
Hippique also features reports irons, major competitions world-    ring in divisions for beginners and short stirrup as well as
  three championships and a High Score Award in Training
wide. Included are highlights of the Show Jumping Super            academy classes for the real newbies.
  Level Driving World Championships, and the at
League, and Open at the competitive DressageFEI European               Horse show manager Dolores Swann, who has been run-
  Equestrian Estates (White Fences) circuit. This was fol-
Championships.                                                     ning shows at Ashley Meadows for over twenty years, is very
     The newest edition of L'Annee Hippique is which the
  lowed by an outstanding previous season in available now,        much aware of what exhibitors want and has put together a
  attractive bay in English and won the It makes an
and is published gelding, then 4,German. Palm Beach excel-         winter series that is guaranteed to be a people pleaser. As
lent gift. Over 44,000 hardcover copies are published annual-
  Dressage Derby First Level Test 1and his Materiale class         Swann said, “It’s all about the people and giving them a good
   and sent to at Devon.
lyat Dressage more than 80 countries all over the globe. Some      show experience that is challenging and fun without having to
         world's best extremely photographers contribute
of theOwner Ruig is equestrian proud of his young horse to         travel great distances.” For prize list and information:
  and supports Brons as his snapshots in every way, any
L'Annee Hippique, providingrider/trainerunmatched by say- or call 610-296-8668.
  ing equestrian publication this year.
other that if Up-to-Date qualifies for the World
   To order L'Annee Hippique at $130 (which includes shipping
  Championships and Brons agrees, “We’re going!”                   Courtney King Loses Top Horse
and handling, as of mid-October), please call Classic
       Up-To-Date is an imported KWPN registered 5-year-               Courtney King's top horse Mythilus had to be put down due
Communications at (508) 698-6810 or email info@classic-com-
  old, 17 hand Dutch Warmblood by Flemmingh, an inter- Discounts for orders of five or more. Ω           to colic on October 9th. About Myth, Courtney said, “I feel
 nationally appreciated dressage stallion with the highest         blessed to have had Myth in my life. We went through many
 dressage index in the Netherlands of 164. Up-To-Date's            struggles and heartbreaks as well as many pinnacles and joy-
Dr. Cesar Parra Stars at Devon
 dam is out ofParra and Olympia wrapped up Dressage at             ous times. I can’t believe I won’t be greeted by his incredibly
    Dr. Cesar Argus and an impressive motherline of
                                                                   enthusiastic, curious, and happy face each time I pass his
 KWPN September with another hat trick– PREF, all
Devon in mares with STER, KEUR, KEUR winningand three
                                                                   stall. He was a treasure. Such a generous, courageous, kind,
 STER PREF designations including one of Best FEI
CDI classes as well as the high score award for the most Rider.
                                                                   warm, and giving horse I never expect to see again. My heart
 famous Olympia, a Dutch stallions of all time, H. Alme
Parra andfoundation jumperWarmblood gelding owned by Dr.
                                                                   is broken.”
Lori Ω
 Z. Washton, won the FEI Prix St. Georges class, the FEI
                                                                       Today’s Equestrian extends heartfelt sympathy to
Intermediaire I and the FEI Intermediaire I Freestyle.
                                                                   Courtney, his owners, and all who loved and knew him. Ω
    Parra’s Dressage at Devon hat trick follows on the heels of
his recent three-for-three victories with Olympia during the
                                                                   Fundraiser to Benefit the USET Foundation
New England Dressage Association Fall Festival CDI. “I was
really excited to win at Devon because winning at Devon is dif-        On December 11-12 in Wellington, FL, the SUCCEED and
ficult,” said Parra. “The standard of judging is high and there    Wellington Classic Dressage will be hosting an exciting
are so many competitors and anything can happen.”                  Holiday Gala Fundraiser which will feature a combination of
    Parra, who recently became a United States citizen, said it    clinics, fun demonstrations, team competitions, and many hol-
was a wonderful experience to hear the National Anthem of          iday surprises.
The United States played three times for him during the week-          Among the many riders participating in the Gala are some
end. “I rode a hat trick another time at Devon but that time I     of the biggest names in the equestrian world such as Courtney
rode as a Columbian,” Parra said.                                  King Dye, David O’Connor, Karen O’Connor, Kate Levy,
    Para and Olympia earned a 72.456 in the Prix St. Georges,      Steffen Peters, Tami Hoag, Monty Roberts, Chester Weber,
a 72.193 in the Intermediaire I and a 73.850 in the                Cathy Wieschhoff, Gina Miles, and many others.
Intermediaire I Freestyle. “I was the only rider in the division       Ticket pricing is $175/night for VIP seating (includes din-
                                                                                         We welcome your news!
                                                                   ner and bar), $275 for both night, and $30 for preferred seating.
to score all rides in the 70s all three days with all judges,”
Parra said, a feat that earned him the high score Best FEI                         Program Rider Profiles, Shopping share
                                                                       For EventHave barn news you’d like to Village and
Rider award at the prestigious show. “I am very happy but I
                                                                                    with everyone? Tell
                                                                   Auction, visit Ω us about it!
12                                                                                        Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
              Emma Johnson Wins 2009 National PHA Medal
                 As the 2009 National PHA Medal Finals came to a close at
              Old Salem Farm on September 18, it found Emma Johnson of
              Somers, New York, leading off the victory gallop as this year’s
              champion. Judges Carol Molony and Todd Karn were delighted
              in awarding Johnson the top prize after her performance.
              Molony and Karn said, “Emma is a very smooth rider and we

                                                                                            20 %
              felt she knew where she was from start to finish. Her mount
              was well trained and the overall picture was very nice.” Of
              course designer’s Danny Fitzsimmons course with its built-in                           off
              tests required by the PHA, the judges felt, “It asked the appro-
                                                                                     * HOLIDAY SALE *
              priate questions of control including a trot jump in front of us,
              and gave the top riders ample time to show their ‘style.’”
                                                         Johnson has been rid-

                                                                                     Nov. 13th thru Nov. 29th
                                                       ing her entire life with
                                                       her first leadline class
                                                       at the ripe age of 19
                                                       months. She currently                            PLUS
                                                       trains     with      Val
                                                       Renihan and credits                   Additional discounts
                                                       her     mother,     Lisa               on clearance and
Richard Killian

                                                       Johnson, with being
                                                       there “every step of the            one-of-a-kind purchases
                                                       way.” She was thrilled
                                                       that her grandfather,
                                                       longtime PHA member
                                                       Norman Bray, got to                Plenty of unique
                                                       share in her victory as
                                                       he watched from the                stocking stuffers
                                                       sidelines.                             and gifts!
                                                          As her junior career
                                                       draws to an end,
                                                       Johnson has had time
              to reflect: “Riding has brought so much into my life…learning
              to win and lose graciously, realizing that there are times when      • Lots of sportswear to keep you cozy!
              my needs are secondary to those of others, and gaining confi-
              dence and an ability to perform well under pressure.” She also            • Blankets by Weatherbeeta
              thanks Barbara Howard of Chase Meadows Farm, North                          and Horseware to keep
              Salem, New York, for providing her with tremendous opportu-
              nities for which she is extremely grateful.
                                                                                         your favorite horse warm!
                 When asked about an achievement in her career that stands
              out, Johnson said, “It is difficult to choose one achievement
              that stands out above the rest because small accomplishments
              at home can be just as rewarding as big wins. I value my                                         Join us for
              young mare’s first blue ribbon almost as much as my blue from                   GIFT            great savings
              Devon. One thing that does mean a lot to me is that I am the
              only person to have won the NEEC Horsemanship Class twice.
                                                                                         CERTIFICATES              and
              This is especially important because it encompasses all aspects             AVAILABLE
              of riding and horse care. It is amazing to be acknowledged as
              a true horseman.”                                                                                  service!
                 Enjoying her daughter’s victory, Lisa Johnson was a very
              proud parent. In watching Emma’s ride she thought she’d per-
              formed well, but as she says, “I was holding my breath as they
              trotted to the last jump. Emma’s horse, Calvin, was a jumper
              before she started riding him and trotting jumps was the hard-        COUNTRY RIDING SHOP
              est test for him to learn. I was so relieved when her trot jump
              was perfect.” In thinking back over the day, Lisa said, “It was
              great to watch Emma’s years of hard work finally pay off.
                                                                                  HOURS                               690 Rte 25A
              Watching the victory gallop was bittersweet because it really
              hit me that her junior career is coming to an end.”                 M-T-W-F-Sat 10-5:30          Setauket, NY 11733
                 Joining Emma in the victory gallop was reserve champion          Thur 10-8:00                    Ph 631-941-9665
              Jacqueline Lubrano, Jillian Celestino, Danielle Cooper, Allison     Sun 1-5:00
              Haupt, Genevieve Zock, Amanda Seelig, Brittany Jurst and
              Emma Schauder. The top six finishers shared in $6,000.00 in
              scholarship money to further their equestrian education. Ω         
              Lynn Peters

          Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                 13
                                                                  Day in the Country Horse Show
     Ramapo Equestrian Center                                        Fun galore was had by all despite a windy, chilly day, at the
                                                                  55th Day in the Country Horse Show held at the Milliken
                  845-354-PONY (7669)                             Estate in Greenwich, CT, in
                                                                  September. The show is run by
                                                                  the Greenwich Riding and
                                                                  Trails Association (GRTA), a
                                                                  non-profit          organization.
                                                                  Numerous fun classes were held
                                                                  including a Costume Class, A
                                                                  Bloody Mary or Coca Cola Class,
                                                                  family Class, and Pairs Classes.
                                                                     Performing a wonderful job
                                                                  as Show Manager was Christina
                                                                  Schauder, who with her hus-
                                                                  band Fred, owns Country Lane
 •   Private or Group Lessons                                     Farm        in       backcountry
 •   Dressage/ Hunter/ Jumper/ Western                               According to the GRTA’s web-
 •   Summer and Winter Camps                                      site, “The mission of the GRTA
 •   Birthday Parties/ Pony Rides                                 is to: Encourage the preserva-
 •   Schooling Shows/ Gymkhanas                                   tion of open spaces and our          Avery Schauder in front of
                                                                  unique     rural     countryside. Nancy Perkins riding Ol’ Blue
 •   Horses & Ponies for Sale and Lease                           Promote all forms of horseback      Eyes in the Costume class.
 •   Miles of Woodland Trails                                     riding. To maintain the nearly
 •   Olympic Size Indoor Ring                                     century-old system of trails throughout Greenwich and the sur-
                                                                  rounding area. This is made possible only through the coopera-
 •   Two Outdoor Rings
                                                                  tion of our generous landowners and conservation land man-
                                                                  agers.” Ω Peter Herman
     1152 Haverstraw Road (Rte 202)       Head Trainer/Manager:
        Suffern, New York, 10901             Bertrand Legriffon   Driving for Surviving Holds Fundraiser at USET                               Headquarters in Gladstone, NJ
                                                                      The children of sharingVillage Survivor Groups’ Driving
                                                                  For Surviving program performed in the Olympic ring of the
                                                                  United States Equestrian Team Foundation Headquarters
                                                         OPEN     in Gladstone on Sunday, October 11, to a crowd of almost
                                                        7 DAYS    350 people. The occasion was the 5th Human Spirit Award
                                                       A WEEK!    luncheon honoring Candi Covino Aversenti, CEO, General
                                                                  Magnaplate Corporation, Board Member and Volunteer
                                                                  Coach of sharingVillage.
                                                                      American Dressage Legend, Robert Dover, was pleased
                                                                  to act as Honorary Chair as he and Candi presented each of
                                                                  the children of sharingVillage with blue ribbons for their
                                                                  expert driving performance. TV star and celebrity Carson
                                                                  Kressley, a lifelong rider and friend of Candi, was in atten-
                                                                  dance to show his support.
                                                                      Guests enjoyed a cocktail reception in the rotunda while
                                                                  bidding on over 100 items in the silent auction. A seated
                                                                                                             luncheon      was
                                                                                                             served in the sta-
                                                                                                               The event raised
                                                                                                             close to $150,000
                                                                                                             for the Driving
                                                                                                             For S u r v iving
                                                                                                             program, part of
                                                                                                             the sharingVillage
                                                                                                             Survivor Groups,
                                                                                                             which works with
                                                                                                             children who have
                                                                                                             survived cancer
                                                                                                             or    other   life-
                                                                                                             threatening ill-
                                                                       Honoree Candi Covino Aversenti and
                                                                                                             nesses. Ω
                                                                   Honorary Chair Robert Dover hand out blue
                                                                         ribbons to Gary and Jasmine.
                                                                             (Photo by Nancy Jaffe)
14                                                                                        Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                                          Barry Bernstein
                                                          Barry Bernstein, Vice
                                                       President of the Long
                                                                                              BENCHMARK FARM
                                                       Island Chapter of the
                                                       National PHA, passed
                                                       away on October 21 after
                                                                                                 Welcomes Karyn Foley
                                                       suffering a stroke. He was              Karyn brings a world of experience with

                                                       75 years old. He had joined            hunters and jumpers. Her reputation on the
                                                       the LIPHA as a profession-
                                                                                             circuit is vast as well as her experience with
                                                       al member many years ago
                                                       and was active on many                 a sales barn. We are excited to have Karyn
                                                       committees throughout the                       join the Benchmark Team!
                                                       years, his favorite being the
                                                       Scholarship Committee.
                                                           Bernstein was founder               Benchmark Farm offers a full service
                                                       and creator of          Mida             program for you and your horses.
                                                       Products, joint      supple-             You can join us for either the West
                                                       ments for horses that are                Palm Beach, Florida, Circuit or the
                    given in the form of horse treats ( The                    Northern Winter Circuit in 2010.
                    innovative products were a direct result of his many years of
                    horse ownership and, like most horse owners, the frustration of                   We Welcome All Levels
                    getting the horse to consume a full dosage of glucosamine,                      From Beginner to Advanced
                    which is often left on the bottom of the bucket.
                       Debby deLeyer, President of the LIPHA, spoke for all who
                    knew him when she said, “We will all miss Barry, not only
                    because of the active part he played within the LIPHA, but          Kip Rosenthal                            Karyn Foley
                    because they don’t come nicer than him. With his sense of           914-276-3335 barn                      845-206-3371 cell
                    humor and constant smile, he was always enjoyable to be
                                                                                        914-588-9714 cell
                    around. As a friend, all you had to do was pick up the phone
                    and Barry would be there for you instantly.”                                      364 Hardscrabble Rd.
                       He is survived by his wife, Mary, and two daughters. Ω                        North Salem, NY 10560
                    Island Hills Stable Hosts Rita Timpanaro Clinic

                                                                                        Far Meadow
                        On Sunday, November 8, Long Island riders had a chance
                    to hone their skills at a clinic given by former AHSA Medal
                    Finals Champion and USEF “A” judge, Rita Timpanaro, of
                    Smithtown, NY.
                        The clinic took place at the newly renovated and state-of-         Farm
                    the art Island Hills Stable in Middle Island, NY and was open
                    to all levels of riders and horses. Each session began in an out-
                    side ring and then moved into the indoor arena. Several topics
                    were covered, one which was adjusting the horse’s stride. In
                    the outside ring, riders practiced adjusting the stride by jump-
                    ing three fences in a circle, 60’ feet apart. Then each rider
                    entered the indoor ring and navigated a horse show course,
                    under Timpanaro’s critique.
                        After the riding part of the clinic, lunch was served in the
                    lounge where riders and parents had the opportunity to ask
                    questions pertaining to judging and horse showing in general.
                                                                                             Boarding and Training
                        All who attended the clinic had a fun and educational day
                    and agreed that Rita Timpanaro had indeed given them some
                                                                                                 at their Best
                    pointers to work on. Ω                                                             in Litchfield, CT
                                                                                             Becca Lynch Theran, Resident Trainer

                                                                                         All new, luxurious facilties: indoor and outdoor
                                                                                              arenas, private trails, club-like lounge.
                                                                                                   On-site, individual attention
                                                                                                    to your horse’s every need.

                                                                                             Rt. 61• Morris, CT 06763

                              Rita Timpanaro with a group of clinic participants

                Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                      15
                                                         Legendary Movie Star Tony Curtis Saves Horses
                    Great Gifts                              Famed Hollywood movie star Tony Curtis hosted a
                                                         reception in Huntington, Long Island, on Friday evening,
                                                         November 7, to raise funds for Shiloh Horse Rescue, a not-
                  For the Horse Enthusiast               for-profit ranch which was founded by his wife, Jill
               at                                        VandenBerg in 2003.
     North Fork Saddlery                                     The reception was held at The Huntington Arts Center
                                                         and attracted dozens of fans who attended to purchase
     ENGLISH & WESTERN RIDING GEAR                       Tony’s latest book, The Making of Some Like It Hot, and
         APPAREL & ACCESSORIES                           have it personally autographed by the star. A showing of
      HORSE HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS                          Some Like It Hot followed the reception and book signing.
                                                         2010 celebrates the film’s 50th anniversary, which also
                  Equestrian Themed:                     starred Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon.
                                                             Tony and his wife Jill also celebrated their 11th wedding
                Jewelry, Gifts & Home Goods              anniversary that night. Jill is a graduate "A" Pony Clubber
              Leather Belts, Boots & Handbags            and a former Three-Day Event rider who has competed
                   Gifts & Toys for Kids!                throughout the United States. She represented Southern
                                                         California in the United States Pony Club Championships
                                                         in Lexington, KY, three times.
                        North Fork Saddlery                  During Tony Curtis’ career, he starred in over 120 films
                          50 Love Lane                   and has two Oscar nominations to his credit. Known for his
                           Mattituck, NY                 strikingly good looks, he was an American heartthrob dur-
                                                         ing the ‘50’s and ‘60’s and probably adorned more magazine
                               We Deliver!               covers than any other star. He is the father of Jamie Lee
                          Appointments Available!        Curtis who was born while he was married to Janet Leigh.
                                                         Among Jamie Lee’s films are Freaky Friday, Halloween,
                                 Lisa Caracciolo         Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and many others.
                                  631-298-7610               Born in New York City 84 years ago, Tony now resides in
                               631-484-2098 (cell)       Nevada with his wife, Jill. Shiloh Horse Rescue is located
                    in Sandy Valley, 30 miles from Las Vegas. The ranch res-
                      cues horses from slaughter auctions and rehabilitates them
                                                         for adoption. Many are off-the-track thoroughbreds as well
                                                         as wild mustangs that are trapped and removed from their

           Bay Horse
                                                         natural habitat by land management officials. Full details
                                                         and video clips of the work that Shiloh is doing can be found
                                                         on their website at
            Gazebos & Barns                                  Besides The Making of Some Like It Hot, Tony has
         Route 199 • Red Hook, NY 12571                  authored two other books, American Prince, A Memoir
        800-380-BARN (2276)                              (2008) and Tony Curtis, The Autobiography (1993). Both are
                                                         available at
            845-758-1054                                     While in New York, Tony was part of the Veteran’s Day
                                                         Parade in NYC on November 11, as a Grand Marshall. As
                                                         a Navy veteran, Tony supports the Stories of Service
                                                         Organization that encourages young people to serve their
                                                         country as he did. Ω Barbara Messina

       Amish-Built Run-In Sheds
           and Horse Barns
             19 years in business
       We deliver throughout the northeast

                                                           Legendary movie star Tony Curtis is traveling the country raising                                   funds for Shiloh Horse Rescue by promoting and selling his latest
                                                               book, The Making of Some Like It Hot. Here he is with
                                                              Today’s Equestrian’s Assoc. Publisher, Barbara Messina.
16                                                                               Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
Equestrian Neightion and Today’s Equestrian Join
Forces to Offer Contest for Kids!
    Equestrian Neightion “Why I Love Horses” contest:                    Holiday Greetings to All!
Starting on November 16th, 2009, EQN in partnership with                      Our shop is stocked to the brim
Today’s Equestrian Magazine will be launching a contest
inviting kids to share “Why I love horses.” The grand prize
                                                                               with a great selection of gifts
winner will be featured on the cover of Today’s Equestrian                              including...
Magazine. Other prizes include a set of people jumps, a toy
horse playset and Equestrian Neightion back packs and t-
    In February of 2008, Equestrian Neightion evolved from a
notion to a brand. The idea for Equestrian Neightion was born
out of the insight that kids in general, but girls in particular,
have a great affinity toward horses.           Both partners of
Equestrian Neightion saw this come to life in their own chil-
dren and realized the opportunity to create an experience like
no other: where kids can explore a world that is authentic,
fun, entertaining and relatable, regardless of actual experi-
ence on or around horses.
    As life long equestrians and parents of young horse enthu-
siasts, the founders of Equestrian Neightion understand that
for every child who is able to experience the joy of connecting
                                                                          Handcrafted Wood Tack Trunk
live with a horse or pony, there are millions who never will              Lid has insert for polo wraps, bandages, etc.
but who, nontheless share a passion for horses.                               Removable Grooming Tote and Tray
    For truly passionate kids, riding is not only a sport or a                         Beautiful! $595
lifestyle; it is a state of mind. And now, it has a “neightion” of
like-minded individuals who can call it their own. Equestrian                   Rider’s Choice Saddlery
Neightion is, “One Neightion Under Saddle.”                                      3333-B Veterans Memorial Highway
    You are invited to explore the world of Equestrian                                   Ronkonkoma, NY
Neightion by logging into Play games,                                631-471-5050
watch how-to videos, and share your world with others.
    The new blog is just the beginning. Equestrian Neightion
will be growing and evolving with their users. Coming soon is
the Equestrian Neightion Riding Academy, a virtual world,
where kids can create horses and ponies who will become their
guides into the equestrian world, and give kids that language
and sense of belonging to a real barn.
    Do you speak horse? Ω
                                                                     Come in out of the cold!
Finn Casperson
    Finn Casperson, 67, died of an apparent suicide on                 • Huge Heated Indoor
September 9, 2009. The financier was a strong supporter and          • Hunter/Jumper Training
contributor to the United States Equestrian Team. Casperson
                                                                          • Turnout • Trails
was an international competitor in driving. An estimated 900
people attended his memorial service in Morristown, a week                  • Winter Polo
later. Ω                                                                  • Stalls Available
                                                                         We offer the best!

                                                                                             ESI Photos

                                                                                                          Bold Venture
                                                                                                           At Cogi Farm
                                                                                                          15 Kirby Hill Rd.
                                                                                                           Pawling, N.Y.

                                                                                Cell Heather - (203) 947-8959
        (L) Finn Casperson with Prince Phillip (center) at a
         driving competiition in the United Kingdom. Prince            Email: •
          Philip, husband of H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth, lent                        Pick-up at train available!
               Casperson horses for the competition.

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                     17
                                   At the In Gate
                                         with Stella Grand

                                                                     Equestrian getaways are all the rage, and Washington
                                                                 has noticed. The U.S. Senate passed the Travel Promotion Act
                                                                 of 2009 (S.1023) introduced by Senator Byron Dorgan to
                                                                 benefit tourism involving horses. “Equine tourism, because it
                                                                 encompasses recreation, showing and racing, is beneficial to
                                                                 the entire industry,” says AHC President, Jay Hickey. “We
                                                                 believe this bill has the potential to increase the number of
                                                                 international visitors to the U.S. who participate in equestri-

      tella says, sshh, can't you hear it in the distance? The   an events and activities.”
      huntsman's horn? It was certainly a-blowin' for New            The purpose of the bill is to market the U.S. as a tourist
      Jersey riders at the big indoor circuits this fall at      destination, create a non-profit Corporation for Travel
Harrisburg and Washington... Colt's Neck darling Jessica         Promotion responsible for correcting misconceptions regard-
Springsteen rocked the house (and when doesn't she?) with        ing U.S entry policies, and provide information to foreign
two, count 'em two, Junior Hunter Reserve Championships          tourists and others interested in horsing around here. Stamp
with Stone Hill Farm's Tiziano and Sublime. And there was        my passport with a hoofprint. Ω
nothing small about the big performances in Small Junior
Hunters 16 & 17 for Abby O'Mara of Rumson, who won                   We’re soooo proud of the Juniors at the Connecticut
aboard Stephanie Keen's Lyle. In Small Junior Hunters 15 &       Hunter Jumper Association (CHJA) Medal Finals at the
Under, kudos go to Scott Stewart and champion, World             Fairfield County Hunt Club in Westport, who took time out of
Time, with V-as-in-victorious Vicki Colvin in the irons. Ω       their busy schedules to raise funds for The EQUUS
                                                                 Foundation. Annie Eick of Fairfield, Katie Swindler of
     Seems we’re not the only lovers of fine equestrian art.     Norwalk, Leal Morehouse, Lena Smart, Tori Stewart,
Cazenovia College busy bee, Christina Baker, has been            and Lauren Wessan of Westport participated in the
rounding up artists for the I Love NY Horses art contest at      Foundation's "carrots4acause" program by baking and selling
the Syracuse International. "What better way to celebrate our    horse treats at the show, and raising $1,000. "carrots4acause"
love for horses and how they continue to be an integral part     raises involvement and investment in programs that use the
of the American fabric," said Olympic Gold medalist and          horse to benefit the public, and promote horse welfare and
Cazenovia resident Beezie Madden. "This show will involve        equestrian sport. The initial focus is on stimulating volun-
students and adults of all ages, furthering the goal of the      teerism among youth in the equestrian community.
Invitational to enhance development of equestrian sports and         Katie, Leal, Tori and Lauren ride at Larkspur Farm in
impact our industry locally." Ω                                  Wilton and are trained by Leslie Kogos and Michele West.
                                                                 Leslie's daughter, Lena Reeb, and Grace Peck also volun-
     The 63rd annual Buffalo International has shuffled off      teered. Annie and Lena Smart organized the pre-show
with a slew of winners from our neighborhood. Kudos to           baking of more than 1,000 horse treats in between riding at
first-time competitor, Penelope Ayres, of Bernardsville, NJ,     Tashua Farm in Darien, and training with Suzanne Fisher. Ω
and Colani, reserve champions in the Amateur-Owner Hunter
division, and generous sponsor of the "Full Monty" Pony              Course designer and Puissance record-holder Anthony
Hunter, "Full Monty" Adult Hunter, and "Shogun" Children's       D'Ambrosio and his wife have launched
Hunter Classics. Pen gave hotly-contested custom-made            touting all things D’Ambrosio––from building barns and put-
stuffed animals as gifts for her classes. Ω                      ting in footing, to finding the perfect horse and training the
                                                                 rider. Ω
     Old Salem Farm is “walking tall” with Brian Walker on
its team. The hunter/jumper champ’s junior career began              And for those heading to sunny Florida this winter for
with Missy Clark at North Run, winning the 2001 ASPCA            the HITS Horse Shows in the Sun circuit, here’s an offer
Maclay Finals. “I have been fortunate to work with some of       you won’t want to miss! A limited number of Equestrian
our leading trainers and look forward to using what I have       Memberships are being offered, by invitation only, at Golden
learned with Old Salem’s clientele." Following his Maclay        Ocala from December through March. The family member-
win, Brian worked for Todd Minikus, then for Peter Leone         ships include full service spa, swimming pool, clubhouse,
and Lionshare Farm before taking a job overseas, with Dutch      social, dining and catering with banquet privileges. Lucky
Olympian Jan Tops. In 2006, he returned to oversee training      members will also be invited to all member events during the
at Woodside Farm in New Jersey until the move to Old             term of membership.
Salem. "Brian will be a wonderful addition," said OSF                So if you want not only to horse show in style, but enjoy
President Scott Hakim. "His ability to develop horses and        private club amenities when you leave the showgrounds,
riders is respected by all and his expertise, dedication and     Stella says this might be just the ticket for you.
work ethic will play a major role in our goal of bringing Old        There’s only a limited number of these memberships
Salem back as a training facility and year-round show            available, so call Mary Harris at Golden Ocala at 352-402-
venue." Like hosting the 2009 ASPCA Maclay Region 2              4343. Or to take a closer look at this equestrian paradise,
Finals. Ω                                                        check out their website at: Ω

18                                                                                      Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
           One of New York's Premier Equestrian Facilities on over 240 Acres
                            Now accepting applications for trainers and boarders
                                    Putnam County, New York - 60 miles north of NYC

                                                                            Our facility offers:
                                                                            • Fifty12x12 bright stalls, matted and many with windows
                                                                            • Heated/ AC viewing room with a kitchen enabling us to
                                                                              host events, gatherings and parties all year long
                                                                            • Beautiful balcony attached to the viewing room over-
                                                                              looking the jump ring and giving us a spectacular view of
                                                                              the main polo field and one of our two half-mile tracks
                                                                            • Trails that follow a peaceful stream back into the wooded
                                                                              areas that surround Haviland Hollow Farm
                                                                            • There are several trails containing cross country jumps
                                                                              with excellent natural footing.
                                                                            • Spacious and bright indoor ring. Windows that line the
                                                                              upper quarter of our ring allow for abundance of natural
                                                                              light and warmth.

                                                                            • Outdoor ring complete with show ring jump course
                                                                            • Our facility boasts two half-mile tracks surrounding our
                                                                              two polo fields with fabulous sand footing, which is also
                                                                              dragged and maintained on a daily basis along with our
                                                                               riding rings.
                                                                            • Two half baths downstairs in the stable, and two full bath
                                                                              rooms/showers upstairs for customer use, making it
                                                                              possible to ride and then quickly clean up and get to work
                                                                              for that important meeting (without smelling horsey!)
                                                                            • Heated and air-conditioned tack rooms
                                                                            • Fully enclosed feed room
                                                                            • Commercial washer and dryer for horse laundry
                                                                            • Four indoor wash stalls
                                                                            • Four indoor grooming stalls with central vacuum hook-ups

                                                                              Care and safety of our horses is top priority!
                                                                              Horses need to be comfortable and happy to
                                                                                         perform at their best.

                                Our footing and facility grounds are meticulously maintained on a daily
                                        basis to help keep our equine partners in top condition.
                                            - Full security system monitoring horses and stable 24/7.
                                    - We offer overnight accommodations located on the property for those
                              coming out from the city to ride for a long weekend, or those traveling from a
                                   distance to try horses for sale. We offer reasonable nightly rates.

                                  Interested parties may send information to:

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                                 19
20   Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009   21
           Elite Equine Imports, Inc.
           158 North Street, Mattapoisett, Mass. 02739

     Melissa M. Bilodeau            Kathy A. Gallagher
        508-294-2790                    617-610-7688

                        1•888•Van Adel
                           – Photo Credit –
                        Melissa M. Bilodeau
              USDF Silver Medalist and Comcord
22                                             Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                                             do not "hog" these lines. Always keep a       improve your skill of warming up at a

Ask Ashley                                   safe distance from other riders. If there
                                             is a stallion in the ring, try to give him
                                             a bit more room.
                                                                                           show. Remember, warming up well is a
                                                                                           skill, and to be good at any skill
                                                                                           requires practice, so get out there when
                                                 Remember, if you are nervous I            the ring is busy!
                                             would always recommend that you
                                             begin your warm-up tracking to the left.      In Conclusion:
Question                                     That way you have the right of way and            My last piece of advice has to do
    At a horse show, I get more nervous      that can give you some time to get            with being organized and aware. If you
in the warm-up ring when there are so        accustomed to the other riders and            know the warm-up makes you nervous,
many horses going in different direc-        horses. Think of "going to the left" as a     go to the show secretary and ask if
tions. What can I do to overcome this        safe haven where you can gather your-         there are any other places to warm-up.
stress?                                      self and relax.                               Check them out before you get on to see
                                                                                           which one is less busy.
                                             Second Tip: Look where you are going!             Also allow yourself some extra
Answer                                           You would never drive your car on a       "breathing" time. If you feel your emo-
    This brings up a very good topic that    highway without looking where you             tions get out of hand, come off the track
many riders overlook: how to ensure a        were going, so please don't try it in the     and walk. Take some deep breaths.
good warm-up! When you enter the             warm-up ring! By looking up at the            Look around and get a feel of who is in
show ring after having a great warm-         other riders’ faces, you can also often       the ring and start up again. Having the
up, your performance is typically            tell where they are going just by where       extra time to do this will help you get
enhanced. You enter the ring with the        they are looking. Other riders will be        better and better at warming up "stress
confidence that you are as prepared as       able to do the same with you. If you are      free."
possible for your next task, the dressage    not looking, it is likely that a crash will                 Ashley Holzer
test.                                        occur, whether in the warm-up ring or
    If you are stressed by the warm-up,      on the highway! LOOK UP!
the opposite happens. Stress has an
actual physical effect on your body. It      Third Tip: Know your test and make
increases blood pressure, heart rate,        sure the other riders are warming up for

                                                                                                                                       Cealy Tetley
perspiration and creates those annoying      the same test.
and distracting stomach butterflies.             This isn't always possible but having
That is no way to begin your perform-        an idea of the patterns that riders will
ance.                                        want to practice is beneficial to predict-
    So, how do we fix it? Here are a few     ing where the horse traffic will be trav-
suggestions:                                 elling. For instance, if the test calls for
                                             two pirouettes in a row on the diagonal,
First Tip: Know the rules of the warm-       and you see a rider execute one pirou-        About Ashley Holzer:
up ring.                                     ette, it would be safe to assume he may         Ashley Holzer has ridden internationally
    The first and most important rule is     try the second and you should stay off        for over 20 years and is currently ranked 8th
that you always pass left to left. This      the diagonal for a while!                     in the world in dressage. She competed on
rule must be adhered to! Never halt on                                                     the 2008 Canadian Olympic Dressage Team
the rail unless there are no horses                                                        in China which was her third Olympics. She
                                             Fourth Tip: Practice riding with other
                                                                                           is an Olympic Bronze Team Medalist and
around you, and call it out to announce      horses at home.                               Pan Am Gold and Silver Medalist. She also
to other riders your intentions.                 I often hear of people riding early so    competed in the 2006 World Equestrian
    Never cut directly in front of anyone.   they can have the ring all to them-           Games in Aachen, Germany. She lives in
Walk off the track. If you need the cen-     selves. While this does make training         NYC with husband Rusty and their two chil-
terline or diagonal, call it out, but        easier as there are no other horses to        dren, Emma and Harry.
remember, you are sharing the ring so        navigate around, it does nothing to

     Where are Your Show Ribbons?
                                                               Diana M. Berthold
                                                                Award Winning
                                                                Quilt Designer
                                                               GIFT CERTIFICATES                            AVAILABLE!

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                                23
                                                   SHOW SHOTS

                                                                                                                                                            Carl Yusna
                                                                                 Betty Spearrin and her horse Moving On and Marty Whittle with Crossing
                                                                                  Jordan after winning the Reserve and Championship at the Magic Fund
     Ashley DeGiorgio and Hootie were champions of Special Beginner at           Dressage series at High Hopes Farm on Sept. 27th. Their median scores
                      HillCrest Schooling on Sept. 13.                                   were 63% and 71% respectively. One picture says it all!

   Kelsey Kaub and La Jolla Sunset's Magical
 Monmouth were champion of the Children's
 Hunter - Older division on June 13, 2009 at the
                                                       Jodie Sipala rode Mighty Mouse to lots of    Erica Bufkins and Designer Choice competed at the North
  Monmouth County Horse Show, Freehold NJ.
                                                         ribbons at the Hampton Classic and            Fork Classic and the Hampton Classic in August to a
                                                        Sagaponack Horse Shows in August in                     bunch of ribbons and great days!
                                                                  Short Stirrup 10-12.

                                                    Sunny and Mitch Green were reserve champions in       Ann Jamieson and Fred Astaire won both the
                                                      the Schooling Hunter division at River Run in      Hunter Under Saddle and Open Equitation on the
                                                               Brewster, NY, on Sept. 26.                 Flat at River Run in Brewster, NY, on Sept. 26.

 Junior, owned by Tammy Hoefer of Brook Run
                                                                  Do you have a Show Shot you’d like to share with us?
  Farm, and shown by Courtney Dulac, were                             E-Mail it to
   reserve champions in the Walk/Trot/Canter                      Be sure to tell us your name, division, what you won,
  equitation division at River Run on Sept. 26.                          horse’s name, date, and name of show.
          It was Junior's very first show!

24                                                                                                         Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                “My daughter wants to
               become a professional.”
 By Kip Rosenthal

 Q.    My daughter is showing very suc-
       cessfully in the big eq and jumper
 divisions. She has decided she wants to
 become a professional but she's not sure
 what is the best way to prepare herself.
 Could you give her some advice?

 A.      I think every young high school
         graduate should take advantage of
 a college education if financially possi-
 ble. I suggest majoring in psychology or
 business. Both will be helpful in their
 equestrian pursuits. It also gives them
 choices in their lives.
     However, if continuing school is nei-
 ther an option nor an avenue to follow,
 then she or he should go to a profession-
 al and see if it's possible to be a working
 student, perhaps minimally paid. No
 matter how successful she was as a jun-
 ior, she will start at the bottom of the
 "food chain." But it is a way to begin to
 understand all that goes into being a
 professional. She can amass a huge                                                          Guard Hill Equestrian Property
 amount of information that she may not
                                                                                                   B e d f o r d , N . Y.
 know. This includes lesson schedules,                                                 Situated in the heart of the Guard Hill
 horse training schedules, feed, medica-                                               Estate area, this 5-bedroom 6.5-bath shin-
 tion, setting up vanning, hotel reserva-                                              gle style home provides over 11.29 acres of
                                                                                       meadow and pastures. Surrounded by 60+
 tions, horse show entries, barn insur-                                                acre Piney Woods Preserve and direct
 ance, payroll, workman's compensation,                                                access to the renown Bedford Riding Lanes.
 employee health benefits and all the                                                  The equestrian facility includes an 11-stall
 other intangibles that go into an opera-                                              barn with a pine paneled heated tack/feed
                                                                                       room,      wash    stall   equipped     with
 tion.                                                                                 washer/dryer, slop sink and generator, full
     Many juniors can ride great but have                                              hayloft with hay drops, Indoor ring with
 no idea what it really takes to become a                                              rubber footing, a 90’X200’ outdoor airy ring
                                                                                       with Travel Rite footing. There are 10 pad-
 professional. It is a 24/7 job. There is                                              docks, one medical paddock a manure
 little time for a "regular" life. It's a lot                                          dumpster and pad. The 3-bedroom
 of hard work yet can be incredibly                                                    Manager’s cottage has kitchen and full
 rewarding if you're willing to dedicate                                               bathroom. Storage shed. Located within 50
                                                                                       minutes of New York City, 20 minutes to Old
 the time, effort and energy.                                                          Salem, and 45 minutes to Fairfield Hunt
     There are no more professionals who                                               Club. Truly a unique opportunity. Price upon
 just ride. Riders are a "dime a dozen."                                               request!!!
 Even top jumper grand prix riders and              Maintaining an 80 year tradition of distinctive service and integrity.
 our best hunter riders have to be able to
 teach or have such a large business that
 they have additional staff to do some of it.      The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List!
      It's not easy to get into the system,
 especially on either coast, other than
                                                For the Love of the Horse
 the way I've mentioned. It might be a            A Magical Collection of True Stories by USEF Judge Ann Jamieson
 little easier to get your foot in the door
                                                                                         Rave reviews from readers:
 in the midwest or southwest where the
                                                                                         Georgina Bloomberg says, "I loved this
 areas are not so populated. Both coasts
                                                                                         book, it really blew me away. It was touching
 are so competitive it's hard to get into a                                              and well written and had some truly amazing
 well-known establishment. But again, I                                                  stories in it."
 don't want to discourage her from try-                                                  Lendon Gray: "I love this book!"
 ing. Just know it will require hard                                                     Liza Towell: "I love the book, my grand-
 work, many hours and the determina-                                                     mother loves it, my whole family loves it. It
 tion to succeed. Ω                                 To order: (860) 927-3737             was so well-written."
                                                      1 volume $17.95 - Buy the set for only $45
Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                                25
                                                                                 SHOW SHOTS
Fabiana Sabato

                                                                                           At the Long Island Classic Horse Show in September, pony riders joined together as
                                                                                                     The Pony Posse and helped to award ribbons to class winners.
                        Alan Schmerzler, Sydney Schmerzler, and
                       Michelle Schmerzler after winning the family
                       Class at Day in the Country Horse Show in
                              Greenwich, CT, in September.

                                                                               Jennifer Libbey rode Ardfield Rover
                                                                               at the Kent School Horse Trials on
                                                                                                                       The gang at Kelsey Farm are all geared up ready to rock the Haunted
                                                                                   October 4th where they won
                                                                                                                                    Hayride at River Ridge Stables on Oct. 23.
                                                                               Training “A”. Jennifer, of Northport,
                                                                                NY, had only owned him a week,
                                                                                     and they scored a 29.5.

                                   Blaine Ferraro rode My White Knight to
                                   the Championship of the Pre-Children’s
                                     Equitation division at the Long Island
                                               Classic Sept. 5-6.

                                                                                                                                            Lola Consuelo was the High Point Short
                                                                                                                                             Stirrup Hunter Champion at the Long
                                                                                                                                                    Island Classic Sept. 5-6.
                                    Aurelie Guss was the Mini Short Stirrup              Bonnie Ascher and Chance Encounter
                                   Champion at Hunters Isle on October 25th.             were champions of the Adult Amateur
                                                                                        Hunters 18-35 at the Zone 2 Hunter Finals
                                                                                             on Oct. 18th at Harrisburg, PA.

         26                                                                                                                              Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
      Winners Circle                                                    Hunters Isle
                   Horse Show                                                  Horse Show
    Congratulates its 2009 Series GRAND CHAMPIONS!                Congratulates its 2009 Series GRAND CHAMPIONS!
     Adequan Hunter CH: Ramses, o/r Andre deLeyer                Children's Hunter Horse CH: Cara Mia, Kelly McGuinness
     Children’s Hunter Horse (Younger) CH: Oaks, Gabby               RES: Worth The Wait, Sarah Brandow
        Stephenson                                               Pre-Mini Equitation CH: Mallory Slack
     Pre-Mini Equitation CH: Miranda Bottachiari                 Mini Equitation CH: Nikki Friedman
     Mini Equitation CH: Cori Fredrickson                            RES: Heather Spagnoli
        RES: Brittany Diaz                                       Pre-Children's Hunter Horse CH: Speak Unto Me,
     Pre-Children’s Hunter Horse CH: Connor, o/Andrea                Geraldine Bagshaw
        Misuraca, r/Kendall Sarna                                    RES: Juno. Elizabeth Cromack
        RES: Touch of Finesse, o/Robin Gibbs, r/Nicole Smith     Pre-Children’s Hunter Pony CH: Good & Plenty, Emma
     Children’s Hunter Horse Older CH: Renaissance, Rebecca          Brandow
        Weissbard                                                    RES: Barney, o/Olivia Graham, r/Lily Barnard
        RES: Man of the Hour, Alexis Asch                        Adult Amateur Hunter (Older) CH: Stonewall Jackson,
     Pre-Children’s Hunter Pony CH: Good & Plenty, Emma              Denise Gumbs
        Brandow                                                  Adult Amateur Hunter (Younger) CH: Alamo, Carol Volk-
        RES: Dandy Lion, o/Chris deLeyer, r/Katherine Wallace        Hurnyak
     Special Hunter CH: Neptuno, o/Island Hills Stable,              RES: Truly Tempted, o/Alora Corr, r/Jessica Scher
        r/Heather Acker                                              Short Stirrup Hunter CH: Keep It Simple, o/Topping
        RES: Captain Chino, o/Christina Clark, r/Andre deLeyer       Riding Club, r/Scarlett Alysworth
     Adult Amateur Hunter CH: Alama, CarolVolk Hurnyak               RES: Clovercroft Cinnabunny, o/Karin Torsiello,
     Short Stirrup Hunter CH: Clovercroft Cinnabunny,                r/Amber Lynn Alysworth
        o/Karin Torsiello, r/Amber Lynn Alysworth                Pre-Children Equitation CH: Samantha Sapienza
        RES: Keep It Simple, o/Topping Riding Club,                  RES: Allison Bagshaw
        r/Scarlett Alysworth                                     Baby Jumper CH: New Moon Zip, Alexandra Denby
     Pre-Children’s Equitation CH: Kendall Sarna                     RES: Just Kevin, Laura Sloey
        RES: Kimberly Bulmer                                     Low Jumper CH: Just Kevin, Laura Sloey
     Child/Adult Jumper CH: Santa’s Rocket, Avery Marks              RES: Top O' The Morning, Karen Halby
        RES: Verdron, o/Patrick Rice, r/Julia Kunsnick           LIHSAA Jumper CH: Scandalous, Holly Reece
     Baby Jumper CH: Little Bit of Luck, Merrill Harvey              RES: Life's A Breeze, o/Jane Meisse, r/Connie
        RES: Dare to Dream, Alison Condon                            Giamanco
     Low Jumper CH: Shimmer, o/Robin Gibbs, r/Rhyan Serres       ChildrensHunter Pony (S/M) CH: Field Mouse, Deanna
        RES: Ties That Bind, o/Paula Petrone, r/Melissa Barber       Speranza
     LIHSAA Jumper CH: Mission Control, o/R. Kaplan,                 RES: In The Game, Liana Cohen
        r/Sarah Ach                                              Pre-Adult Hunter CH: Center Ice, Kim Montana
     Children’s Hunter Pony S/M CH: Playwright, Cloe Hymowitz    Baby Green Hunter (Amateur) CH: Great Expectations,
        RES: Pretty Boy Floyd, Cloe Hymowitz                           Steven Gordon
     Open Equitation CH: Kimberly Sarrica                        Low Hunter CH: Got To Be, Olivia Graham
        RES: Jennifer Dorfman                                         RES: Truly Tempted, Alora Corr
     Pre-Adult Equitation CH: Kim Montana                        Childrens Hunter Pony (Lg) CH: China, Sarah Brandow
     Pre-Adult Hunter CH: Center Ice, Kim Montana                Mini Short Stirrup CH: Kathryn Pizzuti
        RES: Starry Knight, Wendy Schoenfield                    Adult Equitation CH: Nancy Panarese
     Baby Green Hunter (Amateur): Great Expectations, Steven         RES: Lisa Anatra
        Gordon                                                   Short Stirrup Equitation (A) CH: Scarlett Alysworth
        RES: Halo, o/Pine Tree Farm, r/Marty deLeyer                 RES: Cameron Glassman
     Baby Green Hunter (Pro) CH: Round Trip, o/Sheila            Short Stirrup Equitation (B) CH: Vivian Zetterstrom
        Rogers, r/Pamela Marsden                                     RES: Clementine Talmage
        RES: Shennandoah Sweet Dreams, o/Island Hills
        Stable, r/Heather Acker
     Low Hunter CH: Riamos, o/Lisa D’urso, r/Brenna Doherty
        RES: Ice Princess, Nicole Sottilo
     Children’s Hunter Pony (Lg) CH: Baccardi, Morgan Wilsberg
        RES: China, Sarah Brandow
     Mini Short Stirrup CH: Skyler Graebner
     Adult Equitation CH: Susan Homan
                                                                  Many Thanks to All for Your Support!
         RES: Kelly Ayers
     Short Stirrup Equitation (A) CH: Amber Alysworth
        RES: Scarlett Alysworth                                         Happy Holidays and
     Short Stirrup Equitation (B) CH: Madeline Flocks
        RES: Megan Romeo
                                                                        Good Luck in 2010!
Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                 27
 Karyn Foley Joins Benchmark Farm
 By Ann Jamieson                                                       When she discovered how much she liked catch riding,
                                                                  she decided to take two years off from college to experience

         ip Rosenthal and Benchmark Farm are delighted to         riding many different horses, of different types. It was at
         welcome Karyn Foley to the farm. Karyn joined            that point that she headed to Virginia to work at the sales
         Benchmark in mid-September. Kips says Karyn will         barn. She says, “It was a terrific learning experience.”
 “bring another dimension to the business.” The farm will         Karyn rode around a dozen horses a day. In addition to train-
 expand their sales horse program, with people sending horses     ing the barn's sale horses, she also sold a few of her own
 to Karyn to make up and get them sold, as well as the farm       while she was there. She had the opportunity to ride a great
 doing some sales horses of their own. Karyn will be teaching     many horses, meet a lot of people, and learn about all aspects
 and training as well.                                            of a sales barn.
      Karyn comes to the farm with years of sales experience.          Karyn spent two years in Virginia and on the Florida cir-
 She worked for a sales barn in Virginia where they imported      cuit, expanding her knowledge. As all horses are different,
 European horses. The horses generally had some experience        she thoroughly enjoyed discovering what worked for each
 from competing in Europe but needed to be “Americanized.”        youngster that she trained.
 Karyn also worked at Lionshare for a while with their sales           As far as training riders, Karyn says “I really enjoy
 program, showing hunters and helping train the equitation        teaching the student how to communicate with a horse. As
 kids while Bill Cooney was there.                                each horse is different, I believe that we as riders and train-
      Karyn enjoys the sales aspect of the business. “I love      ers need to communicate with them as individuals. Through
 seeing the change in the horses as you work with them. It's      using our aids (legs, seat, hands) we speak to the horse and
 fun!”                                                            see what amount of aids each horse responds best to. I
      Growing up in our area, Karyn rode with Greek and Pat       believe riding is a language, and from the moment we sit on a
 Neff at Twin Lakes Farms in Bronxville, New York. Initially      horse we are communicating with them through our aids.
 Karyn competed in just hunters and equitation, but then she      When they respond it is like a dialog between us. We need to
 moved into the jumper divisions. In the jumpers, she did a       install the basics: forward, straight, turning, and using the
 lot of catch riding and found she enjoyed trying to figure out   hind end correctly.”
 how to ride individual horses so that they would be at their          Through the proper use of this dialog, “we can reach our
 best.                                                            ultimate goal of a horse that is straight, responsive, and self

                                                                                                                              Lili Weik

28                                                                                     Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
carrying which will then produce a better jump and a
smoother ride.”
     Another thing Karyn particularly enjoys about teaching
is “setting a goal with a rider and then being there to see
them achieve it.”
                                                                         PRICES REDUCED!
                                                                    Great opportunity to buy that horse farm you
     She feels that the best part of teaching is “when a stu-
dent realizes what they're doing, and can feel that they're        always wanted but thought you couldn’t afford.
doing it correctly.” Karyn teaches them the skills she would
                                                                 4.8A, Stephentown, NY. 3BR 1.5BA chalet with 8-stall
use to make it happen and then shares in their joy when they
                                                                 horse barn and fenced pastures. Move in condition.
“get it.”
     When training horses, it's “almost becoming one with the
                                                                 SKIERS - take note. Only 6 miles from Jiminy Peak.
animal. There is a certain ride for each horse. They are very                                   Great buy at $259,999.
individual, with their own personalities. When you make a
                                                                 70A, Ft. Edward, NY. 5BD, 2.5BA brick colonial with
connection with one, you know what they need. They tell
                                                                 new kitchen, slate floors, solid cherry cabinets, slate &
you, they let you know if they're ready to jump a bigger jump,
or move on to something more difficult.”
                                                                 hardwood floors, inground pool, oversized stalls and
     When teaching at the farm, Karyn tries to ride every stu-   $34,000 yearly income from hay. Motivated seller.
dent's horse twice a week, so if they are having a problem she                                Best buy in NY at $749,900.
knows what's going on. She stays on top of where every horse     98A, Ancramdale, NY. 6BD, 4.5 BA totally remodeled
is, and where every rider is, so that she can be aware of the    farmhouse. Indoor arena, 17 stalls, outdoor arena +
whole picture and know what needs tweaking.                      50A woods with trails (can be subdivided). Great
     Karyn never went the pony route as a child, but she
                                                                 opportunity for boarding or breeding business.
remembers her first horse very clearly. It was a palomino
named Pal that she competed with in the short stirrup divi-
                                                                                         Great opportunity at $1,100,000.
sions. The 16.1 hand horse was so special that as far as
Karyn was concerned, "It was like he was a Grand Prix horse,          Call now before these great farms are gone!
he was so amazing.”
     Karyn says the customers at Benchmark are “a great          Keller Williams Realty
group of people and horses,” and there are some nice sale
horses available at the barn as well. Karyn is very enthusias-
                                                                 Saratoga Springs
                                                                 3 Maple Dell                          Marsha Himler
tic about her new position and intends to “put in 110 per-       Saratoga Springs, NY 12866        “The Horse Farm Lady”
cent.” There are openings currently available for new clients    518-584-9990                          518-281-6774
and horses. Karyn is excited about the future. “It's going to
be a very productive experience. Come spring and summer
we're going to be out there strong.” Ω

                                                                 Get the hay that horses love to eat!

                                                                                Good                   Bad
                                                                                Hay                    Hay

                                                                                • 1st and 2nd Cut Hay
                                                                                  • Timothy and Alfalfa
                                                                              • Straw • Mulch • Salt Hay
                                                                               • Pine Bagged Shavings
                                                                                  Service second to none.
                                                                      We deliver full trailer loads and stock it neatly
                                                                                and professionally for you.

                                                                   PALEY BROTHERS FARMS, LLC
                                                                                                   PO Box 806 •18 Wilcox Rd.
                                                                  Tom Stepnowski
                                                                                                           Portland CT 06489
                                                                                              (800) 537-2539 • (860) 342-3055
                                                                                                           Fax (860) 342-5071

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                       29
                Polo Power!                                                      This time of year polo is “arena polo,” played indoors
                                                                           with three players instead of four. Intercollegiate games
                                                                           between teams of undergraduates are played in the arena.
                                                                                 The outdoor high goal (players are rated from -2 to 10)
                     By Peter Herman                                       season was dominated by two teams in 2009, White Birch and
                                                                           Great Oaks. At the Greenwich Polo Club in Connecticut,
                                                                           White Birch won all the trophies: the Churchill Cup, the
                                                                           Thomas B. Glynn Cup, the East Coast Open, and the Piaget
                                                                           Fall Classic.
                                                                                 At Bridgehampton in July and August. Great Oaks won

      he annual Harriman Cup fundraiser for the teams of                   both the Mercedes Benz Challenge and the Hampton Cup. In
      Virginia and Yale was held September 19 with Yale                    the final of the Hampton Cup in August, Tomas Garcia del
      emerging victorious, 13-10, in the 25th anniversary                  Rio scored the winning goal in overtime.
game. This year- for the first time in history the game was                   On the team with Tomas Garcia del Rio were: Dillon
held at the Meadowbrook Polo Club on Long Island, NY.                      Bacon, rated 0-goals, Marcos Garcia Del Rio, a 3-goaler, and
      While the game was moved from its longtime site, the                 Sebastian Merlos, one of about one dozen players in the world
Ox Ridge Hunt Club in Darien, CT, the game still had a nice-               to hold the rating of 10-goals.
sized crowd, tailgating while cheering on their favorite school.                 Thus the season that began on Governor’s Island in
      Jim DeAngelis led the scoring for the victorious                     New York City in May (with Prince Harry playing) has come
Bulldogs with seven goals, five of them in the first half help-            to an end and players have scattered, mostly to Argentina,
ing to give the Eli a 9-5 lead at the half. The overall top scor-          where it was spring at press time. Ω
er on the day was Chevy Beh, who scored all but one of
Cavalier’s goals. It was a co-ed game with Liz Brayboy play-
ing position No. 1 for the Bulldogs. Yale leads the series
15-9-1. The one tie was a wild one, 21-21 in 1992.
      Following the post-game awards ceremony there was
music and dancing. Buses ran continuously between the polo
field and the Westbury train station.
      Meadowbrook is the oldest established polo club in the
United States, and was formally incorporated in 1881.
The Harriman Cup is the traditional end to outdoor polo in

                                                                                                                                           Gayle Miller
the region for the year.
                                                            Gayle Miller

  Nacho Figueras (center) with his grooms and Barista, the Best
 Playing Pony at Greenwich on September 6, owned by Figueras.              The White Birch team which won every tournament at Greenwich.
                                                                             L-R: Mariano Aguerre, Peter Brant, Todd Offen, Santi Torres
                                                                                                                  Robin Eden

                           Prince Harry (L) and 10-goaler Mariano Aguerre at the Manhattan Polo Classic in May.
30                                                                                                Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                      North Shore Equestrian Center
                            and Brooke Chasin

                        Wish to Congratulate Their Students
                                On a Fabulous 2009
                                  and Wish Them
                            Continued Success in 2010!

                                        Seasons Greetings
                                         Happy Holidays
                                             to All!

                                                North Shore Equestrian Center
                                                Located at C.W. Post College
                                            700 Northern Blvd. • Old Brookville, NY
                                                       (516) 626-9714

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                             31
Bill Warren Clinic                                                 and not to sit too heavily to the outside. They worked on leg
                                                                   yields so Peter could “get better control of the inner hip and
                                                                   hind leg.”

at Lost Island Farm                                                     It was a very hot, humid day and Bill gave frequent
                                                                   breathers to allow horse and rider to recover.
                                                                        When going straight along the long side. at times Noah
By Ann Jamieson                                                    went sideways because Peter was not applying his legs even-
                                                                   ly. Bill helped correct the problem, and the horse straight-

       ill Warren, an “S” (Senior) dressage judge, held a clinic   ened out nicely. Bill also taught Peter to slow his horse down
       at Corinna Scheller's Lost Island Farm in Falls Village,    merely by stretching up with his upper body.
       CT, on August 4th and 5th. (The Senior designation               Elijah, an eight-year-old warmblood was ridden by
means Bill is able to judge all levels through Grand Prix at       Sharon Curran. Bill instructed her to “challenge the hind
the National Level). Bill worked with a variety of horses and      legs without just getting more speed. But don't change your
riders at different levels. It was clear that he truly loves       posting rhythm. Be clear about asking for more,” he told her,
what he does and enjoys working with everyone to help them         “Don't be cautious.”
improve their horses.                                                   One movement they worked on was a turn on the fore-
     Bill's relaxed attitude, patience and good humor, along       hand. When the horse started to back, Bill encouraged her to
with his kindness to both horse and rider, helped participants     “think more forward.”
relax and focus on being the best they could be. With Bobbi             They also worked on transitions within the gait. Bill
Carleton and Leonardo, an upper level team, he worked on           instructed her not to go too deep in the corners just yet.
pirouettes, passage, half pass and tempi changes. He encour-       “We're after the quality of the trot, so don't go so deep in the
aged Bobbi to “go forward into the changes. Be brave even if       corners, then you lose the trot.” He asked Sharon to tap the
you make a mistake. It doesn't matter.” To get the bigger          horse's hind legs, but not to allow more speed, just more
canter he said, “Don't kick him, hold him with your spur until     impulsion.
he melts into the bigger canter. When he goes there, the spur           Another exercise they worked on was walking, followed
fades away.”                                                       by a turn on the haunches, trot, walk, turn on haunches, trot.
     Bill said, “If you want the 8 or the 9, you have to get out   Then they halted on a circle, backed, and walked on. Both
of what feels comfortable. Then you start making lots of little    exercises encouraged the horse to rock back on its hindquar-
mistakes, but that's OK, this is where to do it, at home.”         ters and move off from behind. Always, they were to be sure
     He cautioned Bobbi in the pirouettes to, “Pay attention to    to be round as well.
the alignment, not too much bend.” He advised, “Almost                  For the canter, Bill advised, “Use the least amount of
without me seeing it, do a little counterbend.” This resulted      aids.” Then after a short but nice canter, “Let him stretch
in a much better pirouette. “That was a good try at a pirou-       and go back to the walk and have a break.” Many of the
ette, much better. Now go forward and let him stretch.”            horses had worked with Bill before and were continuing in
     To get a good passage he encouraged Bobbi to play             their education with him. Elijah was one of them.
between a medium trot and passage until the “medium is             Previously, he had been tense and resistant. This time the
part of the passage and the passage is part of the medium.”        horse was trying hard and making progress.
Once she got a few good steps of passage, then she went back            “When he's this good,” said Bill, “I'd rather he chill more
to the medium trot. “Get some good steps, then get out and         than work hard.”
give him a break.”                                                      Corinna has been riding with Bill since 2002 and loves
     When Bobbi was working hard to get the passage and            working with him because of "his fun but no nonsense way of
Leonardo wasn't stepping up to the plate, Bill told her, “Don't    teaching and because he is very good with any kind of horse
work hard. Give him one tough correction and then be peace-        and student as long as the student is willing to put in the
ful and quiet.”                                                    work and the horse is sound."
     In the half pass, Bill advised, “Do it almost thinking you         Bill rode Kapriool, Corinna's 17 year-old KWPN gelding
could do medium trot, in order to keep the energy.” He told        for her because she had hurt her back that morning. He
her, “When you're working at home, refuse to struggle. Find        worked on the tempi changes by focusing on straightening
a way you don't have to work for it.”                              Kapriool and keeping the horse in front of the rider's left leg
     The next rider was Peter, a man in his 70's riding a love-    without losing the straightness.
ly Dutch Warmblood, Noah. Bill worked with Peter to devel-              Bill was patient, kind, and always on an even keel. He
op better body control: stiller legs and upper body. Bill          returns frequently to Lost Island Farm for clinics. To partici-
instructed him to open his chest and apply his legs evenly         pate in a clinic yourself, call 860-824-0897. Ω

            Bobbi Carleton and Leonardo of Weatogue Stables.                         Clinician Bill Warren
                  Leonardo is owned by Roxanne Bok.
32                                                                                         Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                                   Sleepy Hollow Riding Academy,
               Westchester's most historic facility, training all levels of horses and riders,
                         conveniently located less than one hour from NYC.

                                  Front view of the stables       The interior of the Logan arena with
                                                                  premier footing for year-round riding

                             Rear view of the stables housing     Our newly completed outdoor arena
                                     up to 44 horses                     with premier footing

                Full Service Boarding, Training, Lessons, Showing, Sales
                         Many horses and ponies available for sale or lease.
                 Call to make an appointment for a tour of this prestigious facility.

                                                    777 Albany Post Road
                                                   Scarborough, NY 10510                          Ashley Woodhouse
         Kristen Bramley
                                                         914-941-6620                                       Trainer

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                             33
              Isabel Ryan on a wonderful 2009!

                                                                                                   James L. Parker
                                       Asgard Mercury

                      Champion                          Reserve Champion
                         HITS III                              Garden State
               HITS Spring Circuit Champion                     Old Salem I
                        Lake Placid                               HITS I
       Lake Placid Grand Children's Hunter Champion          Old Salem Farm
                     Manchester Classic                  WCHR Northeast Region
                       North Fork I                    Zone II USHJA Hunter Finals
                       North Fork II
                North Fork Circuit Champion

     Best of Luck in the Small Pony Hunters with Lands End Eros and Tee Time!

            Congratulations to Samantha Cohen on the purchase of Asgard Mercury!

34                                                           Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                                                       Alison F
                      ter Wylde
                   Pe                            les
                                                                           e Robita
                                    now                        James Bene
                            an da K                                           detto

                    n                                                       Bria
                                              Beezie Madden
         Clea                                                                             alke
                     a     s           Q: What do these riders                  Gr
            ise                             all have in common?                           Be
       El                                                                                      st

               R ay Texe                       Norman Dello Joio             Gary
                                                                                  Z       ook
                                        el la                  Chery
                  F ra n c es c a M a z                                 l Wils
                           Cassie Herman                          hew S
                                               Lauren Hough
             Taylor Land
                                                                 Teddy Demetriou
                           Clare Bronfman               Courtney McKay

                     A:           Peter Leone & Mike Henaghan
                                              You can join this list.

                         Accepting riders and horses for the 2010 WEF season

                                               LIONSHARE FARM
            Peter Leone                           404 Taconic Road            Mike Henaghan
            203-912-4652                        Greenwich, CT 06831             818-402-0008

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                           35
                        BRADLEY W. AMERY, DVM
                           46 Hillendale Drive
                         New Milford, CT 06776

                        Phone: 203-312-3235
                          Fax: 860-210-1537

                          Services Include:
                        Veterinary Acupuncture
                        Veterinary Chiropractic
                           Herbal Therapies
                   Show Day Therapies (FEI Approved)
                         Saddle Fit Evaluations
                      Therapeutic Laser Therapies

     Serving Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess Counties NY, Litchfield &
     Fairfield Counties CT, & also Wellington & Ocala Florida during
                               Winter Season

       We also travel to select Dressage and Hunter/Jumper Shows
                          throughout the season

36                                                    Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                  RIVER’S                                      The
                   EDGE                                   McGuinness

                                                                                                           Trey Talbott
         Wishes to thank its clients and               would like to wish
       friends for a very successful year.                 a very happy
                                                          holiday season
         Happy Holidays to All                         to their horse show
        and Have a Great Season                          friends, trainers
                                                       and barn buddies---
               in 2010!                                                      Kelly McGuinness & Cara Mia

                                                           Thanks for a great year and
                91 Bethway Road • Bethany, CT            hoping for a Lucky New Year!

                                                   Laraway Farm
                            Wishing all our friends and family at
                                 Stonyhill Equestrian Center
                          a holiday season filled with joy and hope
                                      for the New Year!

  Trainer - Dehri Levine                        516-356-9341

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                             37
Everything Wellington!
Everyone knows that Florida is a great place to compete during the frigid winter months.
Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of your visit!
By Ashley Holzer

          any people opt for Ocala, while       Hermes has a beautiful shop with         • Wellington Day Spa
          others Wellington. I have trav-    everything from saddles to scarves and         In the heart of Wellington, this first-
          elled to Wellington for so many    belts.                                      class spa has every service you can
years that I've seen this village turn          I personally love the clothing bou-      imagine. 561-792-4404
from a quiet, swamplike, warm haven          tique, Biba. The owner has great taste
for competitors to what it is today: a       and always has the most in-demand           Shopping
community of beautiful horse stables,        pieces at great prices! It’s like Madison
                                                                                         • The Mall at Wellington Green
facilities, clubs, and competitions.         Avenue in Wellington!
                                                                                            This huge mall, right in the middle
    Competitors now travel from all over     • The Stadium at the Palm Beach             of Wellington, is also the home to major
the world to this destination to compete.    International Equestrian Center             department stores and dining choices.
Back in the 80's (yes, I said 80's!), the       Though early this year, this beautiful
competitions were great but certainly                                                    • City Place and Clematis Street District
                                             stadium is the host of the Thanksgiving
not the top ones offered today. And on                                                      About 25 minutes from Wellington in
                                             Palm Beach steeplechase event which is
your day off, the only options were to go                                                West Palm Beach, City Place is an out-
                                             very exciting. Visit www.palmbeach-
to the pool to relax or drive 30 minutes                                                 door mall brimming with shops, dining
to the beach. (Still a great option, espe-                                               and nightclubs. Clematis Street, just
                                              • The International Polo Club (IPC)        down the road, offers a view of the more
cially in February !)
                                                This is THE destination for the best     historical side of West Palm during the
    Today's Wellington offers so much
                                             polo around. You can enjoy brunch on        day and comes alive at night with its
more. Arguably one of the world's best
                                             Sunday while taking in this exciting        great night clubs and restaurants.
equestrian competition destinations, it
is also alongside the best shopping,                                                     • Worth Avenue in Palm Beach
nightlife, restaurants, golf, playgrounds,                                                  A definite MUST SEE. This beautiful
spas, etc. I don't think there is some-      Tack Shops                                  street, like no other in Florida, offers
thing you COULDN'T find in                      There are great tack shops in the        the best of shopping, art galleries and
Wellington!                                  area, including:                            dining.
    For those of you who have never been     • Tackeria
to Wellington, I hope you are able to           Just minutes from the WEF show           For Kids
take the opportunity to visit and see        grounds, this shop is filled with every-    • Lion Country Safari
worldclass competition at its very best      thing from horse brushes to equestrian         It’s like having Africa in your back
while enjoying the warm weather and          furnishings for your home. 561-793-2012     yard. You are able to drive through
all this area has to offer. I have made a                                                herds of wild animals and it’s just 15
                                             • Euro American Saddlery
list of my favorite things to do and                                                     minutes from Wellington. Enjoy! My
                                                This tack shop specializes in needs of
places to see. I hope you are able to                                                    kids loved it so much we bought the
                                             the dressage rider. Speak to Charlie if
enjoy them, too!                                                                         year pass and went all the time. The
                                             you have any questions about what sad-
                                             dle to buy. He has all the answers.         lions are just great to watch. Their web-
Competition Sites                            1-888-snaffle (762-3353)                    site is very informative and gives infor-
• Jim Brandon Equestrian Center              • Red Barn                                  mation about other fun things in the
   Located in Okeeheelee Park, this             Just outside Wellington, the helpful     area.
facility was built by Palm Beach County      staff at Red Barn make shopping a           • Coldstone Creamery
Parks and Recreation. Many top dres-         delight. 561-790-0004                          If you like ice cream, you will love
sage competitions are held here. For a                                                   this place! 561-798-8737
full calendar, visit
                                             Home Decor                                  • Color Me Mine
                                                If the “equestrian look” is what you        A fun place where kids can pick out
• Palm Beach International Equestrian                                                    ceramics and paint them. 561-784-1451
                                             fancy for your home, Susan Rubin from
Center (PBIEC)
                                             Beyond the Barn is the person you want      • Rapids Water Park
    Most of the hunter/jumper and inter-
                                             to talk to. This interior decorator has a      Not open until March, but a definite
national competition excitement occurs
                                             knack for designing with equestrian         trip worth taking. It’s about 25 minutes
at the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival.
                                             flare. Her beautiful homes can be seen      from Wellington in West Palm Beach.
It is held from January 13-April 4, 2010.
                                             in many books and magazines. For an         The water slides are lots of fun and the
    Visit their website at www.equestri-
                                             appointment, call 561-333-5255.             water is not too cold (I promise!). Here you can find out
everything you need to know from com-
petition dates of upcoming events and        Relaxation                                  • Palm Beach Water Sports
clinics. The showgrounds offer a shop-         If you are in the mood for a little "r       For water skiing and wake boarding,
ping venue with over 60 shops for eques-     and r", here are my favorite spots:         Chip from Palm Beach Water Sports
trians and the non-horsey, too.                                                          gives instruction from sun up to sun
                                             • Anushka Spa and Salon
    Farmvet has a huge trailer parked on                                                 down. Located right by the Palm Beach
                                                Located in City Place and recom-
the grounds with every possible supply                                                   airport, it is very convenient. If you are
                                             mended by Vogue and In Style, you can't
you could ever need for your horse.                                                      as crazed about water skiing as my hus-
                                             go wrong! 561-662-8669
                                                                                         band is, you can book a lesson the

38                                                                                       Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
minute you land and go straight there!
• Fun Depot
   This arcade, go-kart raceway and
laser tag center offers hours of fun        Proudly Offered for Sale
when it gets too hot. I would bring a
hand sanitizer, though. A lot of kids go
through this place. 561-547-2021
• Paint Ball
   Not my scene as I hate getting hit
with anything, let alone painful paint
pellets, but I have friends who can't
wait for their weekly fix! 561-798-4717

                                                                                                   Shawn McMillen
Movie Theatres
• Muvico
   Parisian 20 in City Place
• Silverscreen in Wellington
• Regal in Royal Palm Beach
• Wellington Theatre 8

Beach Outings                                      He’s the One (“Joey”)
   There is a public beach at the most         1995 b/w Pinto Welsh cross, 12.1 5/8
easterly end of Lake Worth Road. I
haven't been there but everyone tells
                                                         Auto Everything!
me it’s a lot of fun. Don't forget that              Very reasonably priced
Miami's South Beach is about an hour           Contact Kalyn Healey 631-428-2189
away. The wide beaches are just out of            email:
this world. Always full of great people           Can be tried in CT this winter
watching, it makes for a fun trip!

How to Get There                                 Congratulations to
    If you book early, Jet Blue, Delta,
AA and Continental all fly from our           Cameron Glassman and He’s the One
area at reasonable prices. Long               for a wonderful year in Short Stirrup.
Islanders will enjoy the convenience of     You and “Joey” were an awe-inspiring pair!
flying out of Islip MacArthur on
Southwest which offers many flights to
West Palm. Try for
great rates!

Where to Stay
• Hampton Inn and Suites
    This hotel is not big, so book early.
It is 10 minutes to the WEF show-
grounds, clean and very reasonable.                  On the Cover...
http:/                          Christmas Stable by Kathy Goff
 • The Breakers Hotel
    Located in Palm Beach, it is worth               The image on our front cover can be your Holiday
the 35 minute trip. This top-notch                   Card this year! For 17 years the United States
famous hotel is right on the beach. It               Equestrian Federation has sold unique equestri-
has a great spa and fun programs for                 an-themed Holiday Cards to their members and
kids.                            other supporters worldwide. The beneficiary of
   I hope you are able to make the trip              card sale proceeds is USEF’s sustaining affiliate,
to Wellington this year, and cheer on                the USA Equestrian Trust whose mission is to
your favorite riders as they gear up for             support equine health research and the advance-
the World Equestrian Games being                     ment of excellence in equestrian sport.
held in Kentucky in September, 2010.                     To view the entire USEF 2009 Holiday Card
   Remember to book some extra time                      collection, visit
to enjoy ALL of what Wellington has to                              or call 1-800-556-5495.
offer! Ω                                                            It’s not too late to order!

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                           39
     Return to the Outside Course

                                                                                                                                     Donna Cloutier
      In some areas of the country, the outside course is making a welcome comeback.
      In other areas, it never left.
By Ann Jamieson

       he northwest corner of                   This fall, several shows featured            courses before and these shows serve as
       Connecticut, along with pockets of   classes that took place outside the ring.        a good introduction before actually
       Dutchess County, still sport won-    Although not USEF recognized, each               attempting to ride in a USHJA hunter
derful outside courses. The Dutchess        show enjoyed enthusiastic attendance             derby.
County Fair show boasts a roomy out-        by riders and trainers who wanted to
side course with natural obstacles;         experience the fun and challenge of              The Washington Horse Show
hunter trials in the county are held over   riding a “real” outside course. Many                 The Washington Horse Show held
beautiful natural courses.                  riders have never navigated such                 at, and as a benefit for, Steep Rock
                                                                                             Preserve in Washington, Connecticut, is
                                                                                             an old-fashioned show that is exhibitor
                                                                                             and horse friendly. This year the show
                                                                                             was held over two days to allow a more
                                                                                             leisurely pace. The first day was for
                                                                                             young riders and green horses; the sec-
                                                                                             ond day was for more experienced com-
                                                                                             petitors. Exhibitors received a genuine
                                                                                             paper prize list with a class list and
                                                                                             explanations for each class, something,
                                                                            Gus Pappaeliou

                                                                                             unfortunately, often missing these days!
                                                                                                 The hunt course is on the side of a

                                                                                             Top Photo: Hunt teams competing on the
                                                                                             outside course at the Washington
                                                                                             (Connecticut) Horse Show.

                                                                                             Left: A competitor tackles the wall at the
                                                                                             Tatra Farm Jumper Derby in Clinton
                                                                                             Corners, New York.

40                                                                                           Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
gently sloping hill, adding to the chal-
lenge as riders must be able to ride
uphill and down, not just on a flat sur-                                 Congratulations
face. The jumps are primarily logs
flanked by mums, with some hay bales
                                                               Gabby Stephenson & Oaks
added to the mix. Jumps form part of                       with guidance from talented trainer
the fence line circling the ring, so part
of the fun of the course is jumping out
                                                                      Jennifer Bowery
of the ring onto the course, or jumping                       for a successful 2009 season
back into it!
    One of the highlights of the show is
                                                         competing in Children’s Hunter Horses!
the hunter teams where three riders
must jump a fence together (there are
three sections of fence so each has a sec-
tion to jump), split up to follow each
other in a line around the course, and
then reassemble at the last fence to
once again jump as a whole. It's an
entirely difference challenge to master,
attempting to perfect one's timing to
jump in perfect unison!
    A beautiful tent housed tables for
exhibitors and spectators to enjoy a
tasty lunch catered by New Milford's
Food for Thought. While inside, they
could check out the fabulous items to be
bid on, which included quality tack, spa
treatments, hot air balloon rides,
Pilates classes, and fine dining. The
Lions Club was also on hand, purveying
their famous fresh cut fries, hot dogs,
                                                             Reserve Champion Zone II Hunter Finals
hamburgers and refreshing drinks.
    Vendors representing horsey                 ALSO….
antiques, clothing, books, face painting        • Grand Circuit Champion North Fork Series
and unique glass plates with photo              • Grand Circuit Champion Winners Circle Series
decoupages attracted the crowd and              • Currently Champion in LIPHA Children's Hunter Younger
gave non-horsey relatives and friends           • Currently 5th Zone II standings Children's Hunter Younger
something to do.                                • Many Champions and top ribbons at Marshall & Sterling Finals,
                                                ...Sagaponack, Hits Ocala, Hampton Classic, HITS on Hudson & more!
Lakeville Open Horse Show
    On September 20, the Lakeville
Open Horse Show took place at Riga                  We are proud of your dedication, attention to detail
Meadow Equestrian Center in                             and talent! A special Thank You to Miles for
Salisbury, Connecticut. This show fea-                        being a supportive and kind brother.
tures one of the nicest hunt courses
around. An expansive grass field deco-                          XO TAMARA and RANDAL STEPHENSON
rated with brush jumps, coops, hay
bales, pumpkins and evergreens begged
to be ridden on. Chris Barnard
designed open, flowing courses that          short and long stirrup, to pleasure        Rivendell Farm hacked over!
invited some to show a brilliant pace        classes, children's hunter, green, pony,       The show offers everything from
and a true hunter ride.                      adult and open working hunters, as well    Itty Bitty Jumpers (under 2') to classics
    In the background, the Berkshire         as jumpers and equitation. The show is     (up to 4') and a Gambler's Choice.
foothills were donning their fall attire,    a great place for green horses and         Tatra's Derby Field has a great assort-
brilliant in reds, oranges and yellows.      novice riders, or for more experienced     ment of natural jumps, from an Irish
The show is a great event to attend          riders to go play on a beautiful outside   bank to stone walls, slopes, logs, an
with the whole family, with its scenic       course.                                    “American” grob (because it's red, white
beauty, easy access to the rings, and                                                   and blue), coops, and ditches. What a
large old maples providing shade for         Tatra Farm Horse Show                      great way to get out of the ring and
spectators. Again a real prize list was          Tatra Farm in Clinton Corners,         have some fun!
provided, listing the classes and their      New York, has held several jumper            With the burst of interest in hunter
requirements, and even giving a back-        derbies this fall, with a couple taking    derbies, these local outside courses are
ground on the officials. Who knew that       place in October. Secretary Joanne         great places to school and get some
judge Karen Manning began her riding         Knapp was happy to see competitors         practice over natural obstacles before
career in Alaska?                            riding down the road as she drove to the   attempting a hunter derby. And they're
    Classes ranged from walk/trot to         show—competitors from nearby               just plain fun to do! Ω
Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                      41
     For Horse Lovers!
                  For the Rider
� Keeping warm this winter, whether at a show, schooling
at home, or riding the trails, will be a cinch with the special-
ly made riding wear from some of our favorite manufactur-
ers. Kerrits has a line of winter breeches that are fleece                         Just for Women
lined, as does Ariat, and are available at your favorite tack
                                                                   � Every woman on your gift list will welcome horse-themed
                                                                   jewelry, and Equus Entries has been putting smiles on
� The savvy equestrian could match her horse this year
                                                                   equestrian faces for many years. One of their most popular
since Horseware has a line of cozy jackets made in the
                                                                   items is a pair of stirrup earrings in yellow 14kt gold for
same fleece as their Rambo Newmarket horse blankets
                                                                   $395. Add diamonds and the pair is $695. Other perrenial
and sheets. The colors are the traditional Whitney
                                                                   favorites are 14kt gold bracelets in snaffle designs, with or
gold/red/black stripe and the full line is available at The
                                                                   without diamonds, either loose or bangles. And then there’s
Country Riding Shop and other fine tack shops.
                                                                   a line of exquisite necklaces....and rings...and (sigh) too
� To keep your hands warm and comfy this winter––and
                                                                   much to cover in a few words. Stop by their website to fulfill
looking great––a gorgeous collection of Signature Gloves
                                                                   the      dreams       of    your      favorite     equestran!
for riding are available at Heart & Soul Tack. Made of
leather with knit palms and velcro straps, they come in lots
                                                                   � Another line of jewelry to die for is by Mark Lexton. His
of colors or you can customize your own. They are perfect for
                                                                   collections encompass 14kt, 18kt gold and sterling silver
either schooling or showing because of their flexible fit. $75
                                                                   and many of the pieces are a combination of both gold and
and up. Gift cards available so your rider can choose her own
                                                                   silver. We loved the pair of snaffle bit huggie earrings
color combination!
                                                                   that come in 18kt yellow gold for $675 or sterling silver for
� For the dressage rider, Lightning G carries a full line of
                                                                   $565. Then there is the wheat chain design in either gold or
Golden Dress dressage breeches which are totally cus-
                                                                   silver that is made into a bracelet or a necklace. The clasps
tomizable. The breeches come in a variety of solid colors and
                                                                   are stirrup and crop toggles, some with diamonds. From
you could choose a coordinating plaid for the waistband.
                                                                   $295 for the silver bracelet all the way up to $6175 for the
                                                                   18kt     gold     necklace.        Feast your eyes at
� Another boon to winter riding are the fleece helmet cov-
ers by Crazy Horse. They go right over your helmet and
                                                                   � For unique fashion jewelry, check out the new Heart &
extend under your chin and around your neck to keep you
                                                                   Soul Tack which proudly offers a hand-crafted line of
toasty on the coldest of days. They are available at
                                                                   Catherine Canino jewelry. The pieces are created from
Equestrian Outfitters in lots of colors and patterns and are
                                                                   mother-of-pearl from the Pacific Seas and enhanced with
priced at $32.50.
                                                                   stirrup hooks, horse shoes, and other equestrian details.
� For those into fox hunting, Horse Leap in Amenia, NY,
                                                                   Bracelets, necklaces and earrings run $100-$300.
specializes in both vintage and new fox hunting riding
                                                                   � For lovely one-of-a-kind handmade bracelets, check out
attire for adults and children. The shop also has new and
                                                                   Lightning G. A favorite is a horseshoe bracelet in sterling
antique whips and other hunt appointments.
                                                                   silver with leather and pearls for $120.
� For traveling to horse shows, would could be better than
                                                                   �..For the gal on your list who loves Indian jewelry,
a four-piece set of luggage designed specifically for riders?
                                                                   Equestrian Outfitters has two huge display cases of silver
The set includes a garment bag, a boot bag, a hat bag and a
                                                                   and turquoise bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces from
kit bag. Only $49.95 for the entire set, it is made by
                                                                   $4 to $200.
Horseware Ireland and can be purchased at Green Valley
                                                                   � A beautiful selection of ladies’ scarves with equestrian
Tack. Also available is a matching set for all your horse gear:
                                                                   themes can be found at North Fork Saddlery. In assorted col-
tote bag, saddlebag, bridle bag and outerbag. Also $49.95
                                                                   ors, they are the perfect fashion accessory. $38.99.
and in the same blue with grey trim.
                                                                   � A full line of gorgeous equestrian handbags by
� Have you seen the new denim breeches from Latigo?
                                                                   Rebecca Ray Designs can be found at Heart & Soul Tack.
This Denver-based company has come up with a breech that
                                                                   The bags have images of horses, dogs, or foxes, and are
is not only super comfy (even the leather has lycra in it!), it
                                                                   equipped with blanket snaps. They are crafted from fabric
is also great looking! The fabric is stain resistant, so that
                                                                   and micro-suede and are totally customizable. $325-$500.
means less washing. The black, beige and blue denim
                                                                   � Another line of equestrian-themed handbags is available
breeches are so attractive that wearers have even had com-
                                                                   at Rider’s Choice and is offered as a close-out special. The
ments while walking in New York City. Super flattering and
                                                                   bags are faux leather with embroidered horses, horse shoes,
really durable, these pants are a hit. See their website for
                                                                   etc. In black/red and tan/brown. From only $22.50.
all Latigo has to offer.
42                                                                                      Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
� Lightning G carries a full line of Amber Hill purses
which are made in the same fabric as the traditional Baker
                                                                                   For Everyone
horse sheets. They come in four different sizes and styles,      � A favorite among outdoorsy people is footwear by
from $228.95.                                                    BOGS for both men and women. These boots are not only
� Leather wallets and pocketbooks in equestrian themes           warm, but waterproof, too, and trainers have said they are
are available at North Fork Saddlery in many colors and          the best things that ever happened to their feet. They also
many styles. With prices ranging from $32.99 to $315.00,         make a very thoughtful gift for your groom or barn help. $85
they’ll fit anyone’s pocketbook!                                 a pair at The Country Riding Shop, and gift certificates are
� Whether you want to keep warm while riding or hanging          available to assure the correct size and fit.
out at the barn or horse shows, a fleece turtleneck shirt        � Regardless of your riding discipline, all horse people love
by Dublin will surely fill the bill. In red or teal, they are    donning a cowboy hat. Little B Barn specializes in cowboy
available at Equestrian Outfitters for $35.95.                   hats and boots and has probably the largest selection in the
� The hottest jeans this year are by Cruel Girl and you can      east for men, women and children from all the leading man-
find them at Little B for $50 a pair.                            ufacturers. To make sure you give the correct size, you can
                                                                 purchase a gift certificate so that your recipient has some-
                                                                 thing to open!
                                                                 � Another shop with a large selection of cowboy hats for
                        For Men                                  everyone is North Fork Saddlery which run in price from
� We know the guy on your list is a true cowboy at heart so      $35-$49. They also carry a great selection of cowboy boots
why not surprise him with the coolest western shirts in the      for everyone from $89.99-$279.99.
east? Lightning G carries the top-of-the-line Cinch collection   � Belts, belts and more belts! One of the nicest selections
of western shirts for casual wear as well as show wear. They     can be found at North Fork Saddlery. In leather with bits,
also have an extensive collection of men’s Ariat boots and       there are sizes for everyone and range in price from $39.99-
Justin boots, $149-$199.                                         $79.99.
� Great looking western leather belts are available at           � Snuggle up with a good read this holiday season with the
Equestrian Outfitters. The selection includes rawhide, tooled    third edition of For the Love of the Horse by our own staff
leather, with braiding or studs. $30-$60.                        member, Ann Jamieson. Acclaimed as “a little gem of a
� A nice selection of men’s ties can be found at North Fork      book” by Practical Horseman, the stories are bound to uplift
Saddlery. Our favorites are the horses over fences and the       your spirit and give a deeper appreciation of the horse.
bits design. $36.99 each.                                        Three volumes are available at $17.95 each or get the set of
� And of course he’ll need a tie rack to hang it on, so why      three books for only $45. Give Ann a call and she will auto-
not treat him to a one-of-a-kind vintage horse head tie rack?    graph them for you!
It’s an estate piece from the ‘50’s and is available at Equus
Entries for $55.

                                                                                     For the most beautiful gifts,
                                                                                        visit our website at....

       223 Wall Street, # 173, Huntington, NY 11743         631-351-8308   800-247-5272

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                  43
                      For Kids                                  books, as well as party invitations and CDs. With most items
                                                                priced under $20, they also make great gifts for kids to
� Breyer Horses and accessories are always on top of the        exchange with their friends.
list for kids and every year a new horse joins the Breyer       � Have you heard about Enchantmints? It is a line of the
herd. This year look for Courtney King’s Idocus at your         cutest boxes with paintings of horses on them. From tiny
favorite tack shop.                                             “tooth fairy boxes” to musical jewelry boxes, your little
 � Keep in mind that Breyer also has a smaller version of       equestrian will be delighted with them. The Hideaway Horse
horses and accessories that have a smaller price tag as well.   Box has secret side compartments for special treasures and
In fact, The Country Riding Shop will put together a cus-       the interior has a horse that spins around when you open it.
tomized gift box of the miniature Breyer models and acces-      Available at Green Valley Tack, they range in price from
sories for under $50.                                           $4.95 for the mini boxes to $28.95 for the larger jewelry box.
� The cutest stocking stuffers can be found at Heart &          � Horsey notepaper and cards are available in boxed sets
Soul Tack: jewelry, puzzles, stock pins and more, from $8       at Green Valley Tack. Made by Eliquus, the patterns vary
and up.                                                         and include a horse design, a great plaid pattern and sever-
� What kid would not welcome a new grooming tote, espe-         al others. $11.95 and up.
cially when it comes in bright sassy colors? Lightning G has
a purple/orange tote that includes six brushes in
purple/orange/lime for $49.95.
� An adorable addition to any horse-crazy kid’s accessory                      For Your Trainer
wardrobe would be a charming bag with a horse riding pat-       �One of the most thoughtful gifts you could give your train-
tern in lavender from The col-         er this year (or any other year) is a horse show photo
lection includes a pencil case, large washbag, shoulder bag,    taken at a favorite show. Contact your local horse show pho-
riding backpack, cosmetic bag, lunch bag and more. From $9-     tographer who will be happy to help you with your selection.
$54.                                                            Next, head out to your favorite tack shop to pick up a deco-
� Most pony kids know the importance of an accurate meas-       rative horsey picture frame to put it in. Then watch your
urement of their pony, and now they can accurately keep         trainer beam!
track of their own height with a Horse Show Growth              � We heard about the most perfect trainer gifts from The
Chart from Made from sturdy            Clothes Horse. They are coolerettes which are smaller-
canvas and adorned with colorful horse show scenes by artist    sized coolers specifically for display purposes at horse shows.
Donna Ingemanson, it is a great addition to every child’s       If you’ve won a cooler as a championship award and it wound
room. $54.                                                      up on your horse or pony, you can now give your trainer a
 � Popular among computer savvy kids (and that means all        replica of it that can be hung on any blanket rack at the
of them) is the Bella Sara collection. Horse Leap has a full    horse shows or the barn. Only about $100 which includes
line of trading cards and a portfolio to put them in, sticker   monogramming, we guarantee your trainer will love it!

                                                                          Happy Holidays to All

                                                                    Richard Killian
                                                                       Providing photographic services
                                                                       to over 100 equestrian events in
                                                                      Westchester, Fairfield, Putnam and
                                                                               Orange Counties


                                                                                54 Smith Ridge Road
                                                                               South Salem, NY 10590
                                                                                (914) 533-7102

44                                                                                    Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                 For Your Horse
� Most horses enjoy being groomed and now you can go one                                           As Dynamic As The Animal...
step further with the Andis Power Deshedder. It removes the
undercoat while giving your horse a nice light massage. He’ll
                                                                                                       As Elegant As The Rider.
love it! It can also be used on dogs. $43.95 at Lightning G.
� A Spa Bucket for your horse can be customized at
Country Riding Shop. Fill it with such goodies as grooming
brushes, massage tools, snacks, mashes and liniments and
your horse will think Santa made the trip from the North
Pole just for him! $20-50, depending on what you put in it.
� Treats, treats and more treats! Lightning G has a huge
assortment of horse treats, many which are homemade by
local residents. Your horse will neigh his thanks!
� Your jumper will look like a fashion plate with fantastic
custom ear bonnets from The Clothes Horse. They are
available in any color combination for $65. If you want him to
look a little more dashing, you can add beads, crystals or                                                 Available in sterling silver, 14k, 18k & platinum
other ornaments from $85 and up.                                                                                                       ©2009 Mark Lexton
�     If you have a horse with high withers, don’t despair.
EcoGold has a new saddle pad which has detachable wither
pads that you can customize by stacking the pads. They vel-
cro in place and stay put. Visit
� Spending a lot of time in the stall over the winter can be
very boring for your horse. Treat him to a Likit Boredom
Breaker, the best toy on the market for reducing boredom              S T E R L I N G – G O L D – P L AT I N U M
and relieving animal stress. It utilizes two Little Likit treats
                                                                              To place an order please call,
and one standard Likit treat (treats not included). Available
at Agway.                                                                            843.662.1971
                                                                         w w w. M a r k L e x t o n . c o m
                                                                                     Visa & Mastercard Accepted.
                    For the Barn                                                    Become a Fan of the Mark Lexton Collection on
� A travel trunk with wheels is perfect for the barn and
then convenient enough to transport to the horse shows.
Made of lightweight plastic, it has easy access to bits and
other small items. By Georgetown Stable Outfitters at
� Having trouble mounting your tall warmblood? The perfect
solution is a folding mounting block by Georgetown Stable
Outfitters. It’s compact, lightweight, and so very well made
                                                                   Unique and personalized gifts for everyone.
that you will wonder how you ever lived without it!                            Great gifts for horse lovers:                                                wall art, stationery, bags, buckets, clipboards
� Do something special for your horses this year by installing
                                                                                       and so much more!
a Stall Safe Disinfectant System in your barn. It is an effec-
tive way to kill and prevent the spread of contagious viruses
and bacteria. It can also be used for trailers to prevent the
spread of harmful germs. Easy to use by just connecting the
sprayer to a hose. $25.95 at Lightning G.
� Spruce up your barn with some new brass accessories
from Equestrian Outfitters. They have a whole line of shiny
bridle hooks, harness hooks and door knockers. $6-$30.
� Show your horse you love him by hanging an Emergency
ID Card on his stall door. The card has space for all impor-
tant contact numbers and the plastic frame has a horse on it.
Hopefully, it will never need to be used, but better safe than
sorry. $9.40 at Little B Barn.
� Hate to chop ice in the buckets during the winter months?
Well, you won’t have to if you invest in the heated buckets
that are available at Agway. They are thermostatically con-
trolled to operate only when necessary and have a heavy-duty                      Enjoy 10% off your order!
bail with reinforced connectors and a table of measurements.
Unique 'Hide-Away' compartment conceals cord for year-             Please use coupon code: HORSE at checkout on our
round use. One year warranty. You’ll love them and so will the      website. Free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                                               45
� Give a decorative touch to your barn this season by               � Another one-of-a-kind decorative accessory is a vintage
installing a horsey weathervane by AA Statuary and                  glass ceiling shade with prancing circus horses. It is spec-
Weathervane Company. They are made of copper and brass or           tacular and would be perfect in a child’s room. Only $52.95,
bronze and can be treated with a Stay Brite Lacquer                 also at Horse Leap.
to keep it looking new for many years. Many different hors-         � If you are not familiar with Elmer, he is a cartoon horse
es to choose from including running horses, mare and foal,          that adorns ceramic pieces for the home. Equestrian
horse and bugle, horse and buggy, and even a flying horse.          Outfitters has the cutest Elmer Cookie Jar for $50 as well
From $240 and up, AA Statuary guarantees that their prices          as an Elmer wine stopper, ceiling fan pulls and other small
are the best around!                                                accessories from $8.
� You could add a whimsical touch to your barn this year            � Keep your home smelling fresh with scented candles
with horsey wind chimes from The Country Riding Shop.               that come in jars with equestrian themes. They make a nice
They can be hung either inside or outside the barn. $32.50.         decorative touch for under $20 at The Country Riding Shop.
� Be prepared this winter by installing the very best snow          � Put a finishing touch on your holiday table this year with
guards on your barn roof! SnoBlox-Snojax snow guards have           hand-painted pottery in equestrian motifs, available at
been designed to prevent snow slides by holding snow evenly         Rider’s Choice. Serving bowls, butter dishes, platters and
over the entire roof thus allowing it to melt gradually and         more are available in fox hunting, dressage and
drain off into gutters and leaders. And best of all, not only are   hunter/jumper patterns, in a variety of colors. In fact, the
they safer for horses and people, but decorative, too! Our          artisan will customize any of the pieces in your choice of col-
favorite is a horse head which comes in 50 colors. Check it out     ors. Prices range $28-$50
in color at                                  � Lightning G has decorative horseshoe accessories hand-
                                                                    crafted by a local blacksmith. There is wine rack for $125, a
                                                                    Christmas tree for $125, and a set of bookends for $40.
                   For the Home                                     � Heart & Soul Tack carries bowls and mugs by Frederique
� For vintage and antique glassware and accessories,                which come in hunter/jumper, fox hunting and dressage pat-
check out Horse Leap. The shop specializes in horsey col-           terns and range in price from $30-$75.
lectibles as far back as the ‘30’s. Right now they have a 36-       � A great collection of art prints can be found at Heart & Soul
piece set of Libby Tally Ho glassware from 1936 for $175.           Tack. The selection includes horses, landscapes, fox hunting
A smaller set of six water glasses from 1931 by Hazel Atlas         scenes, hunters and jumpers. There are small, medium and
can be bought for $55. Other Hazel Atlas pieces are available       large sizes, framed and unframed, $30 and up. Many are from
from $15-$125. These rare one-of-a-kind collectibles go fast,       local artists and photographers.
so if you are interested, call right away!                          � Don’t overlook the bedrooms this season! Rider’s Choice has
                                                                    comforter sets in brown and gold with a free-spirited horse
                                                                    pattern and they are on closeout, 50% off. The set includes
                                                                    comforter, pillow shams and dust ruffle. Twin is $63; full/dou-
                                                                    ble is $75; and queen is $80. And while you’re at it, pick up
                                                                    the matching sheet sets, also 50% off. $36-$48.
                                                                    � You know those bronze statues of horses that are usu-
                                                                    ally museum quality? Now you can own replicas of them rea-
                                                                    sonably priced from $79. They are made by Oklahoma
                                                                    Casting and are available at Green Valley Tack.
                                                                    � Green Valley Tack also has a full line of Arthur Court
                                                                    pewter bowls and serving pieces with a horsehead
                                                                    design, from $24 and up.
                                                                    � So what are you doing with your horse show ribbons? Why
                                                                    not have them turned into a gorgeous quilt or pillow by an
                                                                    award-winning quilt designer? Diana Berthold of Distinctive
                                                                    Designs by Diana will custom design and create for you a wall
                                                                    hanging in any size, according to your price requirements.
                                                                    The pillows or quilts can be made of show ribbons and can
                                                                    also include photos of your horse, giving them even more of a
                                                                    personal touch. Gift certificates are available telling your
                                                                    lucky rider that a cherished keepsake is on the way! By the
                                                                    way, these wall hangings also make beautiful and thoughtful
                                                                    trainer gifts, too!

                                                                                     For the Family
                                                                    � Every horsey family should have a Jack Russell pup, and
                                                                    Foxfield Farm breeds the most adorable pups year after year.
                                                                    What is special about the Foxfield puppies is that their stud,
                                                                    Foxfield’s Simon, has a pedigree that goes back 30 years.
                                                                    Simon is known to produce pups with the very best tempera-
                                                                    ments, very quiet and laid back–not to mention extremely
                                                                    cute and appealing! The puppies have smooth, rough, or bro-
                                                                    ken coats and you’ll have your choice of male or female. Call
                                                                    today and give your family the gift of love this holiday! Ω
46                                                                                        Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                                                  Foxfield Farm
                                  J a c k R u ssel l T erri ers
                                             PUPPIES AVAILABLE!

                                Bred for quality and the best temperaments!!!
                                   We offer stud service to approved females.
                      Located on Long Island. Close to NY, NJ, CT, PA. • Shipping available.
                                                     Sue Sobel
                                            631-445-7897 or 631-563-9220

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                                                                    ng s and 12/24
                                                          (e xcl saddle xpires
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Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                     49
           The Roving Reporter Asks....

           “What is the Most Memorable Horsey Gift You
           Ever Received?
               Anne Kursinski                                                  Marty Whittle
               Grand Prix Rider and Olympic Silver Medalist                    Owner/trainer Top Cat Farm in Killingworth, CT
               Owner/trainer Market Street, Inc.                               Founder of Equi-Yoga, a technique developed by
               Frenchtown, NJ                                                  Marty which combines the benefits of yoga, breath

                                                                               and movement, creating a rider more in tune with
                                                            ne of my most      their own body, and their horse's.
                                                    gifts was when I was
                                                    11 and I got my first
                                                    horse. I started rid-
                                                                               “W      ow, I remember THE BEST Christmas
                                                                                       present was my first REAL saddle. I had a
                                                                               very ancient, basically prehistoric, flat saddle that
                                                    ing in California          I had from when we lived in England that came
                                                    when I was four on         with my fat little 13.2 Connemara and fit quite
                                                    school horses. When        nicely with a sheepskin numna (saddle pad in the
Diana DeRosa

                                                    I was 10, a handsome       Queen's English) according to the British Pony
                                                    liver chestnut gelding     Club.
                                                    named Rice Field               “When
                                                    came to the Flintridge     we moved
                                                    Riding Club as a sales     back to
                                                    horse. He was a very       America
                                                    typey Thoroughbred.        and I took
                                                    I took some lessons        the antique
                                                    on him and really          saddle to
                                                    liked him.                 Kent School
                                                        “I turned 11, and      with me, I
                                                    that Christmas when        basically got
               I unwrapped my gifts I found a bridle and a halter. The         laughed out
               halter had a plate on it that said Rice Field I just            of the
               couldn't believe it! I was just the most excited little girl!   barn––it
                  “We went to the club that day and saw him. The               was awful. It sure wasn't going to fit the assort-
               name plate on his stall said Rice Field with Anne               ment of school beasties that were there, and I
               Kursinski as his owner. I was in tears, it was MY horse,        stood out like a sore thumb with a weird accent.
               my very own horse. I always loved horses, and loved all              “That Christmas, though, under the tree was
               the school horses, but this was MY horse. I still remem-        a big round container with a beautiful new Crosby
               ber the feeling and I still get emotional when I think          Prix De Nations (the good old kind). T'was truly
               about it.                                                       one of the best Christmases ever. I still have that
                  “We went on to win in the junior hunters. He was a           saddle. It's been reflocked a few times, but it still
               great horse and taught me a lot." Ω                             works just fine.” Ω

               Dehri Levine
               Trainer, Stony Hill Equestrian Center, Northport, NY
               Abby Levine
               Amateur Rider, Westbury, NY

               D   ehri: “My most memorable present was my very first saddle that Santa left
                   me on Christmas morning on the front porch, with a big red bow on it. I was
               8 years old. My sister, Abby, and I had just gotten our first pony, Mahoney The
               Pony, and the saddles were a very welcomed gift. I had gotten a Phase IV which
               was an exclusive at The Saddle Shop which was located in Huntington at the
               time. It was flat and hard and uncomfortable but that was what everyone rode
               in back then.”

               A   bby: “That year I had gotten a Stubben Rex and I remember how excited we both were when we saw them
                   waiting for us on the porch. We had sent our Wish List to Santa Claus but never really thought we would both
               get our very own saddles. The first thing we did was condition them and attach the stirrups and then beg to be
               brought to the barn to try them out!” Ω
          50                                                                                     Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
Kira Johnson
Barn Manager for Kate Levy
North Salem, NY, and Wellington, FL                        Nona Garson
                                                           Grand Prix Rider

“P     robably when I got my first saddle. I was eight
       and sooo excited!
It was a Beval Devon
                                                           Owner/trainer The Ridge
                                                           NJ and Wellington, FL

and my parents picked it
out with my pony train-
er. I was showing in the
                                                           “W       hen I was a kid, I got my great pony
                                                                    Bam Bam. I tried the pony, and my
                                                           Dad said it was a little more than they wanted
medium pony division on                                    to spend. But then I got him as a Christmas
an Appaloosa pony                                          gift! It was the best surprise in the world.” Ω
named Connect the Dots.
The saddle was under
the tree on a rocking
horse with a big red
ribbon on it!” Ω

Patty Messina

                                                                                                              Diana DeRosa
Trainer, Rider
First Edition Farm at Island Hills Stables
Middle Island, NY

“I    have had many great Christmas presents includ-
     ing my first pony, but the one that stands out in
my mind the most was a portrait of two of my horses
painted by equine artist, Angelo Calamuso.
   The reason this gift was so special was because it
was such a total surprise. It was back in 1995 and at
the time my mother, Barbara Messina, was publishing
a magazine called HorsePeople. I had two wonderful
horses at the time, Dakota and Snap Decision, that I       Ross Kaplan
would lease out to different students every year and       Trainer
everyone who rode them was very successful at the          Sagamore Hill Stables
horse shows. I literally considered these horses to be     Brookville, NY
my business partners.
   “Well, one November afternoon, my Mom walked
into the ring while I was giving a lesson and handed       “L     ast year one of my students, Sarah Ach,
                                                                  gave me a beautiful album that she had
                                                           put together with photos of all my students.
me the December issue of HorsePeople, which had
just come off the press. I looked at the issue and could   There were pictures of all the kids and all the
not believe my eyes––right on the cover was a painting     different horses that they had ridden over the
of my horses! My mother had secretly arranged for          years. On each page was a note from the rider to
Angelo Calamuso to render a painting of my horses,         me.
which included a photo session of them both braided,         “I just loved it. It was one of the most
and I never suspected a thing.                             thoughtful gifts that I have ever received and I
   “Although both of those horses are no longer with       will always treasure it.” Ω
me (Dakota passed away and Snap is retired in North
Carolina), I treasure the years they gave me and the
portrait of them hanging in my home.” Ω

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                    51
                                                                                                                              October 8-17, 2009
                                                                                                                                Harrisburg, PA

The Pennsylvania National Horse Show
     SBS Farms' Jennifer Alfano Wins Two Tricolors at                                             McLain Ward Jumps to Five Wins at the Penn
     Pennsylvania National Horse Show                                                             National!
        Jennifer Alfano of SBS Farms in Buffalo, NY, had a                                           McLain Ward from Brewster, NY, topped the leader
     prosperous competition. She and The Specialist, owned                                        board for his fifth win of the week aboard Goldika 559 in
     by Meredith Lipke, were champions in the Second Year                                         the North American League $25,000 Open Jumper Speed
     Green Working Hunters. Alfano also rode Bright Star                                          Final. A field of 23 horses started over Steve Stephens’
     158 LLC's South Beach to the reserve championship in                                         14-jumping effort course which demanded perfection in
     the Green Conformation Hunters. Alfano is the rider                                          just one round, for a clean, fast win. Only seven horse
     and trainer along with head trainer Susie Schoellkopf at                                     and rider combinations could keep the rails up as the
     SBS Farms.                                                                                   tricky distances and combinations challenged competi-
       This was The Specialist's second time showing at                                           tors.
     Harrisburg, and he competed with Meredith Lipke in                                                "I got to see a few early, and I got to see a few after
     the Amateur-Owner Hunters as well, both last year and                                        me. I watched the last couple go from the stands. I had
     this year. Alfano said, "He just was really good. He is                                      a nice draw," said Ward, who was 16th in the order and
     just a good horse. He is not fazed by Harrisburg or                                          the fourth clean round of seven.
     Washington. He doesn't get nervous indoors or anything                                            "I had my plan of what I was going to do and I was
     like that; he is just always the same. He felt great, and                                    just hoping it was going to be fast enough. "I was a little
     he was very consistent." Ω Jennifer Wood                                                     lucky that Hillary [Dobbs] knocked a jump down because
                                                                                                  she was very fast. Goldika is a great horse and I thank
                                                                                                  her owners, it's very nice to have her. I always feel good
                                                                                                  with her. She's pretty solid and she normally doesn't let
                                                                                                  you down." Goldika 559 is owned by Ward and Blue
                                                                                                  Chip Bloodstock.
                                                                                                     Earlier in the week Ward and Goldika 559 triumphed
                                                                            Al Cook Photography

                                                                                                  over an original starting field of 33 horse and rider com-
                                                                                                  binations, winning the $25,000 Big Jump competition for
                                                                                                  a record third time at the Pennsylvania National Horse
                                                                                                      Ward also had another mare to contest the $5,000
                                                                                                  Southside Open Jumper Speed class at the Penn
                                                                                                  National, and true to form, left the ring with a blue rib-
                                                                                                  bon. His mount for this class was Esplanade 7, an 11
          Jennifer Alfano and The Specialist were champions in the Second                         year-old chestnut mare owned by Louisburg Farm in
                          Year Green Hunters at Harrisburg.
                                                                                                  Wellington, FL. Nine horse and rider combinations com-
                                                                                                  pleted the round without penalties, but none could beat
                                                                                                  the time turned in by Ward.
     Judy Garofalo Torres and Oliver Win the $7,500                                                   Ward’s third mount of the show was another mare,
     For The Moment Open Jump-Off                                                                 Miss Liberty 7, that sped around two courses to win both
        Handily defeating an international field of 19 horses                                     Open Speed classes. Ω
     and riders, Judy Garofalo Torres and Oliver delivered
     two clear rounds and their jump-off time of 40.519 to
     give them the win in this exciting class.                                                    Nicole Kehrli and Northwind's Opus Win North
        The class is named in honor of For The Moment, a                                          American League Pony Jumper Final
     horse that represented the United States in two                                                 In her first year showing at rated horse shows, 15-
     Olympic Games, 1984 and 1988, winning a team Silver                                          year-old Nicole Kehrli of Glenmoore, PA, galloped away
     Medal in Seoul, Korea. In 1995, "Fred" became the                                            with the victory in the coveted North American League
     oldest horse ever to win a show jumping Grand Prix at                                        (NAL) $5,000 Pony Jumper Finals at the 64th
     the age of 21. Over the course of his career, For The                                        Pennsylvania National Horse Show. Riding her 8-year-old
     Moment became one of the most successful American                                            Welsh pony, Northwind's Opus, the pair captured the
     Thoroughbreds ever to compete.                                                               hotly contested blue ribbon and $1500 prize.
        It is fitting that Garofalo Torres, Dover Plains, NY,                                        "I got 'Opie' four-and-a-half years ago to be a hunter
     should win this class with its oldest entry. Oliver is a                                     pony but he was too crazy to do the hunters so we decided
     19 year-old stallion that has been her mount ever since                                      to do jumpers," explained Kehrli. Her trainer, Linda
     she found him in Norway 10 years ago. He was her                                             Furches, added that when they were trying Opie as a
     first grand prix horse, and the duo has been competing                                       hunter, she asked Nicole to halt at the end of the ring, but
     successfully ever since, including a superlative second                                      the pony jumped out instead, and a pony jumper was
     place finish behind Olympic veteran McLain Ward and                                          made.
     Sapphire in the 2009 $250,000 Grand Prix at the                                                 Kehrli is looking forward to returning to the NAL
     Hampton Classic Horse Show. Ω                                                                Pony Jumper Series next year. Ω

52                                                                                                                     Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
Jessica Springsteen Rocks the Pessoa/USEF Hunt Seat              Schaefer, Westminster, MD. The test included fence number 4
Medal Final at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show              (at a hand gallop), then canter number 5, 6A, 6B, 7, counter
    Seventeen-year-old Jessica Springsteen was the biggest       canter to number 8, canter number 9, halt and canter final
star at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show as her famous       fence number 10 before returning to the line-up at the end of
parents cheered her on. She bested 237 riders over two           the ring where riders stood separated from trainers.
rounds of competition, and a four-rider work-off to win the        Each rider faced challenges. Dilandri seemed uncharacteris-
nation's top equitation prize, the Pessoa/USEF Hunt Seat         tically disorganized while Hoffman and Schaefer both knocked
Medal Final.                                                     down a rail. Springsteen, however, produced a polished solid
    Course designer Steve Stephens, in conjunction with          trip. The ride-off was very effective in determining the clear
judges Ellen Raidt and Leo Conroy, were very specific about      winner.
the distances they required between related fences, mandat-         Springsteen is trained by the Beacon Hill team led by
ing that the riders perform with precision.                      Stacia Madden and Max Amaya, with assistance from Olympic
    After the first round of over 200 starts, 25 riders were     veteran Beezie Madden. Springsteen has one more year left
called back to jump in round 2, which consisted of a series of   to show as a junior rider, but with this win, coupled by her
bending lines and numerous options for the riders. After the     win last year in the Maclay Final, there are not many awards
first three jumps on the left lead, riders faced an option on    left for her to win. "I plan on concentrating more on the
how tight to roll back to fence 4, then continued on to the      jumpers," said Springsteen when asked about her future
natural coup then a vertical to oxer one-stride combination.     plans. Ω
The course bent right to the skinny wingless wall which,
although relocated, continued to haunt riders, before the
course looped left to the fan fence and then right to fence 9
then left to finish over 10, where a few horses had hind rubs
and pulled rails.

                                                                                                                                    Al Cook Photography
  "The second round was really tricky so I planned to stick to
the same strides I did in the first round", commented
Springsteen. "It was a little nerve wracking to watch every-
one else for hours because I went so early in the first round.
I was supposed to be doing homework, but I never quite got
to it."
    After the second round, the judges called back four riders
to jump-off in the following reverse order: Tina Dilandri,
LaJolla, CA, Jessica Springsteen, Colts Neck, NJ, Zazou            Jessica Springsteen aboard Papillon 136 was the winner of the
Hoffman, Santa Monica, CA and top ranked Samantha                   Pessoa/USEF Hunt Seat Medal Finals at the Penn National.

                 Congratulations to Samantha Sapienza
                  and Caspian Knight
        On a Successful 2009 Show Season!
          Winners of the Grand Championship
          at the Hunter Isle Horse Show Series,
         Pre-Childrens Equitation Horse Division

            We want to wish you continued
             success in 2010 and beyond.
          We are all so very proud of you both!

              Dad, Mom, Grandma, Gerard,
                   Grandma & Carly

              And a special congrats from your trainer,
          Lisa Cacoperdo, who told you all your hard work
                   would pay off! Love you both!

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                          53
The Pennsylvania National....
     Jennifer Gurney and The Other Brother Win $10,000                                                Reed Kessler and Ice D'Ancoeur Finish On Top In
     North American League Adult Hunter Finals                                                        the USEF Junior Jumper Championship
          The third time was the charm for Jennifer Gurney                                                 Reed Kessler finished the USEF Junior Jumper
     from Cazenovia, NY, as she guided The Other Brother to                                           Championship in the same manner that she started, in
     the win in the $10,000 North American League Adult                                               the winner’s circle.
     Hunter Final held during the Pennsylvania National                                                     The 15-year-old from Armonk, NY, won the USEF
     Horse Show.                                                                                      Junior Jumper Individual Championship aboard her 11
          Gurney had shown in the final on two other occasions,                                                                               year-old chestnut
     but the third time around was perfection. "Two years ago                                                                                 mare Ice
     Wahoo was 10th in the NAL class," said Gurney. "Last                                                                                     D'Ancoeur by post-
     year The Other Brother was 7th and Wahoo didn't get a                                                                                    ing a clear effort,
     ribbon."                                                                                                                                 her third of four

                                                                                Al Cook Photography
        "I kind of got hooked on the NAL a couple of years ago                                                                                possible clear
     when I did Wahoo," Gurney went on to say. "It seemed                                                                                     rounds, to finish
     like a reasonable goal to set. The show is a blast, so the                                                                               with a penalty
     first time I came here I thought wow, this is where I want                                                                               score of 4 faults
     to be. I don't get to show every weekend, so we had to                                                                                   over the three days
     pick and choose as to where we could rack up enough                                                                                      of competition.
     points to get in. I think I showed nine or ten times, he's                                                                                  "Winning this is
     fifth in Zone 2 and has been champion every time out and                                                                                 great,” said a
     won almost every class. He's been a star. If I get him right                                                                             beaming Kessler. I
     and prep him right and get him in the right frame of                                                                                     feel like I did
     mind, he is just an absolute pleasure. You just sit there                                        everything I came here to do. My horse went beautiful-
     and enjoy the ride."                                                                             ly. Yesterday in the first round, I was not a very strong,
          The NAL qualifying period started September 1, 2008                                         accurate rider, but she was amazing. It is a long four
     and ended August 31, 2009. While riders did not need to                                          rounds, and she was just as good today as she was the
     be members of the NAL to compete in any qualifying class-                                        first day. Ice is very quirky, her style is very different,
     es, only current members earned points toward year-end                                           but it doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it hap-
     finals. Ω                                                                                        pens. I feel like I have mastered her, but she took a
                                                                                                      while to get used to. I've had a lot of really nice and
                                                                                                      easy horses that just go around by themselves, but Ice
                                                                                                      requires riding."
                                                                                                        The Silver Medal in the Individual competition went
                                                          Al Cook Photography

                                                                                                      to Lucy Davis from Los Angeles, CA and her amazing
                                                                                                      True Love. The Bronze Medal went to Saer Coulter, San
                                                                                                      Francisco, CA, with her Chalan. Ω

                                                                                                      Junior Hunters
                                                                                                          In the Small Junior Hunters 15 & Under, Scott
                                                                                                      Stewart’s World Time was champion with Victoria
                                                                                                      Colvin in the irons. Reserve Champion was Don Stewart
     Ponies                                                                                           and Meg O'Mara's Fern Gully, ridden by Taylor Ann
         The Small Pony Hunter Champion was Victoria                                                  Adams.
     Colvin’s Ballou, ridden by 8-year-old Daisy Parish on her                                            The Small Junior Hunter 16-17 Championship was
     first trip to the Pennsylvania National. The Reserve                                             won by Lyle, owned by Stephanie Keen and ridden by
     Champion was Marigot Bay Farms' Made For Me, ridden                                              Abby O'Mara of Rumson, NJ. Reserve champion in the
     by Pearl Theodosakis.                                                                            division was awarded to Stone Hill Farm's Sublime, rid-
         Medium Pony Hunter Champion was Tuscany ridden                                               den by Jessica Springsteen.
     by Meredith Darst, who was also crowned Grand                                                        The Large Junior Hunters 15 & Under
     Champion Pony Hunter. Reserve Champion was                                                       Championship was Garfield ridden by Samantha
     Neverland, owned and ridden by Allison Toffolon.                                                 Schaefer of Westminster, MD. The busy 15-year-old
         Vanity Fair, a legend in the pony world, continued his                                       rider dominated the division and also rode the reserve
     dominance, winning the Large Pony Hunter Champion-                                               champion, Marianna Bishop Wade's flashy bay,
     ship for the third year in a row. Vanity Fair is owned by                                        Bishonen.
     Dr. Betsee Parker, and was ridden to the win by Victoria                                             Riding to the championship of the of Large Junior
     Colvin. The beautiful bay gelding's stable mate, For the                                         Hunter 16-17 was Jennifer Waxman of Chagrin Falls,
     Laughter, was Reserve Champion with Colvin again in the                                          OH on Laura King’s mare, Vida Blue. Reserve
     irons.                                                                                           Champion in the division went to Stone Hill Farms'
           Victoria Colvin was also named Best Junior Pony                                            Tiziano ridden by Jessica Springsteen of Colt's Neck,
     Rider. The winner of the Pennsylvania National Horse                                             NJ, which was her second Junior Hunter Reserve
     Show Pony Rider Sportsmanship Award was Sophie                                                   Championship of the show. Ω
     Michaels of New York, NY. Ω
                                                                                                              For full results, see
54                                                                                                                        Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                                                    O/F: 1.The Rainman; 2. Ironic; 3. Wellington; 4.       O/F: 1. Crackerjack; 2. Brighton’s Sketch; 3.

The USHJA Zone                                        Twelfth Night, Peggy McNeil
                                                    U/S: Clover, Gerry Chasin; 2. The Rainman; 3.
                                                      Wellington; 4. Metronome, Patti Lachmanik
                                                                                                             Silver Lining, Michelle Wolff; 4. Galen
                                                                                                             Raintree, Adriana Savettierre
                                                                                                           O/F: 1. Brighton’s Sketch; 2. Silver Lining; 3.

 2 Hunter Finals
                                                                                                             Chase The Rain, Taylor Willever; 4. Around
                                                    Children’s Hunter 14 & Under                             The World, Annie Stathis
                                                    CH: Enzo, David Oberkirch                              U/S: 1. Brighton’s Sketch; 2. 2. Woodland’s Berry
   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania                         RES: Oaks, o/Redfield Farm LLC, r/Gabby                  Hazy, Kiersten Glynn; 3. Chase The Rain; 4.
                                                      Stephenson                                             Bacardi, Morgan Wilsberg
      October 18, 2009                              O/F: 1. Loretta, David Oberkircher; 2. Enzo; 3.
                                                      Say It Again, Lindsay Schodowsky                     Amateur Owner Hunter
                                                      4. Stonewashed, Abigail Johnson                      CH: Sailaway, Kelly Kaiser
Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35                          O/F: 1. Enzo; 2. Oaks; 3. Handor F, Elizabeth          RES: Coldplay, Jacqueline Wadsworth
CH: Chance Encournter, Bonnie Ascher                  Berman; 4. Opening Night, Daniel Sconzo              O/F: 1. Sailaway; 2. Astoria, Christa Carson; 3.
RES Truly Tempted, o/Alora Corr, r/Jessica Scher      U/S: Oaks; 2. Enzo; 3. Say It Again. 4. Loretta         Atlantis, Greer Luce; 4. Grandstand, Jennifer
O/F: 1. Truly Tempted; 2. Grand Total, Lindsay                                                                Basile
  Frank; 3. Catwalk, Kylie Samuel; 4. Fresco,       Children’s Hunter Horse 15-17                          O/F: 1. Sailaway; 2. Coldlay; 3. Astoria; 4. Le
  Walk The Line                                     CH: Logan, Jared Depermentier                             Blanc Reynard, Christina Wolf
  O/F: 1. Chance Encounter; 2. Tripoli, Dana        RES: Victor, Amanda Zwaan                              U/S: 1. Hullabaloo, Elizabeth Kalaris; 2. Coldplay;
Gattuso; 3. Best Foot Forwrd, Kristen Vetterl; 4.   O/F: 1. Victor; 2. Apartico, Alli Ross; 3. Logan; 4.      3. Le Blanc Reynard; 4. Espresso, Tory
  Grand Total, Lindsay Frank                          Renaissance, Rebecca Weissbard                          Veneziale
US: 1. Chance Encounter; 2. Fresno; 3. Catwalk;     O/F: 1. Logan; 2. Cara Mia, Kelly McGuiness; 3.
  4. Truly Tempted                                    Victor; 4. Man of the Hour, Alexis Asch              Junior Hunter
                                                    U/S: 1. Call Your Bluff, Rose Feldman; 2. Cra Mia;     CH: Elysium, Danielle Franchi
Adult Amateur Hunter 36-50                            3. Renaissance; 4. Shortstop, Jayme Shapiro          RES: Mandella, Meghan Kaupp
CH: Abundance, Cara Garito                                                                                 O/F: 1. Mandella; 2. Viaggio, Kelsey Bernini; 3.
RES: Enticing, Susan K. Kelly                       Children’s Small/Medium Pony Hunter:                     Spanish Accent, Callie Morgan Smith; 4.
O/F: 1. Abundance; 2. Enticing; 3. Carize, Kelly    CH: Misty Blue Paris, Colby Nyland-Elliott               Midnight Rendezvous, Meghan Kaupp
  Champion; 4. What Was I Thinkin, Suzanne          RES: Asgard Mercury, Isabel Ryan                       O/F: 1. Spanish Accent; 2. Elysium; 3. Mandella;
  Atcavage                                          O/F: 1. Proud Hawk, Julie Dettman; 2. Misty              4. Killian’s Red, Carly Fischer
O/F: 1. Abundance; 2. Enticing; 3. Larger Than        Blue Paris; 3. Asgard Mercury; 4. This Buds          U/S: 1. Elysium; 2. Eden, Kristina Sprenkle; 3.
  Life, Dr. Linda Corvani; 4. Why Not Me, Maria       for Me, Anna Feldman                                   Papageno, Alexa Harris; 4. Mandella
  Sgariat                                           O/F: 1 .Asgard Mercury; 2. Silver Icing,
U/S: 1.Abundance; 2. Enticing; 3. Why Not Me; 4.      Samantha Hurley; 3. Browlands Bella Luna,                     Grand Adult Amateur CH
  Larger Than Life                                    Casey Donaghy; 4. Ribbons and Roses, Olivia                    George Patterson Tropy
                                                               Bloch                                                  Abundance, Cara Garito
Adult Amateur Hunter 51 and Over                    U/S: 1. Misty Blue Paris; 2. Silver Icing; 3. The         Best Amateur Rider Award: Cara Garito
CH: The Rainman, Maria D/Anza                         Game, Liana Cohen; 4. Butterfly Kisses, Annie
RES: Ironic, Debbie King                              Stathis                                                    Grand Children’s Hunter Pony CH
O/F: 1. Ironic; 2. The Rainman; 3. Wellington,                                                                        Cordial Image Trophy
  Louise Petz; 4. Resort Casual, Christine          Childrens Large Pony Hunter                                    Brighton’s Sketch, Olivia Bruyn
  Scherrer                                          CH: Brighton’s Sketch, o/Erica Polle, r/Olivia Bruyn           Best Child Rider: Olivia Bruyn
                                                    RES Crackerjack, Anna Feldman

                                                                                                 OLIVIA BRUYN
                                                                                and BRIGHTON'S SKETCH
                                                                            Grand Champion & Best Child Rider at
                                                                              2009 USHJA Zone 2 Hunter Finals!
                                                                                      on all your success this year!!

                                                                       Thank you to Kristina Muse, our outstanding and exceptional trainer!
                                                                             Thank you to John Colon, our amazingly talented trainer!
                                                                                          Thank you to Sergio, our hero.

                                                                                                                      Team work
                                                                                                                    the dream work!

                                                                                                                       Good Luck
                                                                                                                        in 2010!

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                                                55
                                                                                                      October 20 - 25, 2009
                                                                                                        Washington, DC

 The Washington International Horse Show
     Scott Stewart and Way Cool Win the WIHS Hunter Classic
         Every year best horses and riders from the hunter divisions             Junior Hunters
     at the Washington International Horse Show compete for the
                                                                                     The Large Junior Hunter 16-17
     top prize in the $15,000 WIHS Hunter Classic Derby. This year,
                                                                                 Championship was presented to Jennifer
     after two rounds of competition, it was Scott Stewart, of NJ and
                                                                                 Waxman, aboard Vida Blue, owned by Laura
     FL, who dominated the event by finishing first with Way Cool
                                                                                 King of Irvington, NY. Jacqueline Lubrano and
     and second with Declaration.
                                                                                 Charade, owned by Mahala Rummell of
         The champions from each of the hunter divisions were invit-
                                                                                 Jacksonville, FL, were the winners of this year's
     ed to compete in the two-round derby. The six horse and rider
                                                                                 reserve championship.
     combinations receiving the highest scores in the first round
                                                                                     The Large Junior 15 and Under Hunter
     were invited back for a second round over a handy course.
                                                                                 Championship was presented to Samantha
         After the first round, Stewart was in the lead with
                                                                                 Schaefer and Bishonen, owned by Marianna
     Declaration, owned by Fashion Farm of New York, NY, with a
                                                                                 Bishop Wade of Louisa, VA. Reserve went to
     score of 91.3. In the handy round, they had difficulty at the trot
                                                                                 Hasbrouck Donovan for her ride aboard Quality
     jump and received a score of 78.3, for a two-round score of
                                                                                 Time, owned by Scott Stewart.
     169.3, which dropped them into the second place.
                                                                                     The Small Junior Hunter16-17 Champion
         Samantha Schaefer, a junior hunter rider, was in second
                                                                                 was Lyle, owned by Stephanie Keen of Ocala, FL,
     place after the first round with a score of 88.3, and had a costly
                                                                                 for the second year in row, this time with Abby
     rub at the trot jump with Bishonen, owned by Marianna Bishop
                                                                                 O'Mara holding the reins. The reserve champi-
     Wade of Louisa, VA, resulting in a second-round score of 70.6 for
                                                                                 onship ribbon was presented to Kelsey Thatcher,
     a total of 158.9, which dropped them into fifth place.
                                                                                 of Bluffdale, UT and Mirasol.
         Jennifer Alfano and Jersey Boy, owned by SBS Farms of
                                                                                     In the Small Junior Hunters 15 and Under,
     Buffalo, NY, were lying fourth with a score of 84.3 after round
                                                                                 taking home the championship trophy was
     one, but a very strong handy round with inside turns earned
                                                                                 Hasbrouck Donovan and Confidential. The
     them 82.3, for a total of 166.6, which held up for the third place.
                                                                                 reserve championship honors were awarded to
         After the first round, Stewart and Way Cool were ranked
                                                                                 Genuine, owned by the Chansonette Farm LLC
     third with a score of 86.3. Knowing he would have a second
                                                                                 of New York, NY, with Lillie Keenan in the irons.
     chance with Declaration as the first ranked horse, he went all
                                                                                     Hasbrouck Donovan and Confidential were
     out on the handy course with Way Cool. The pair took all the
                                                                                 the winners of this year's Grand Champion
     harder options and the gamble paid off with a score of 84.6 and
                                                                                 Junior Hunter prize, after winning three first
     a two-round total of 170.9, enough to win the class and garner
                                                                                 place ribbons. This was also Confidential's sec-
     Stewart his second victory in two years. Ω
                                                                                 ond Grand Championship of the show after earn-
                                                                                 ing the co-Grand Amateur-Owner Hunter
                                                                                 Championship title with Erin Stewart in the
                                                                                 irons. Ω

                                                                                     The Small Pony Hunter Champion was
                                                                                 Elation, owned by Dr. Betsee Parker and ridden
                                                                                 by Meredith Darst. The team also hailed as
                                                                                 Grand Champion Pony Hunter and Darst was
                                                                                 named Best Child Rider on a Pony. Reserve
                                                                  Diana DeRosa

                                                                                 Championship Small Pony was Rico Suave rid-
                                                                                 den by Aleece Jarman of Pace, FL.
                                                                                     The Medium Pony Hunter Champion was
                                                                                 Tuscany, also ridden by Meredith Darst. The
                                                                                 reserve championship honors went to Victoria
                                                                                 Colvin and Promise Too, owned by Scott Stewart.
                                                                                     The Large Pony Hunter Championship went
                                                                                 to All The Best, owned by Scott Stewart, with
                                                                                 Victoria Colvin in the irons. Reserve went to
                                                                                 Center Field, owned by Grand Central, Inc. of
                                                                                 North Salem, NY, and ridden by Sydney
                                                                                 Shulman. Ω
              Scott Stewart and Way Cool showing the jumping
             style that brought them to the WIHS Hunter Classic
                                                                                   Full Results may be found at

56                                                                                             Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                                                                          Todd Minikus and Alaska Win the $100,000
Samantha Schaefer Wins WIHS Equitation Classic                            President’s Cup Grand Prix
     Samantha Schaefer of Westminster, MD, won the                            In an exciting three horse jump-off, three American
WIHS Equitation Classic finals, a top national competi-                   riders took top honors in the $100,000 President’s Cup
tion for junior riders. The three-phase event is run over                 Grand Prix World Cup qualifier presented by The
two days, with hunter, jumper and a final phase for the                   Boeing Company. Todd Minikus and Alaska were the
top ten riders, who draw to ride another competitor's                     fastest clear round and emerged as winners, while
mount.                                                                    Kate Levy and Lirving du Volsin finished second, and
     Schaefer led                                                         Mario Deslauriers (formerly of Canada) and Vicomte D
from the beginning                                                        were third.
with a top score of                                                           The courses were designed by Guilherme Jorge of
87.92 in the                                                              Brazil, and out of the 29 entries in the class, only three
hunter phase, and                                                         could find the path to the jump-off. Ken Berkley (USA)
added a jumper                                                            and Carlos Boy, owned by Alexa and Krista Weisman,
phase score of                                                            just missed the jump-off by accumulating one time fault
86.92. As the last                                                        in 78.84 seconds to finish fourth. Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA)
to go in the top 10                                                       kicked up his speed after having a rail down to finish
work-off, where                                                           as the fastest four-faulter in 67.17 seconds on Night
the riders                                                                Train, owned by Double H Farm.

                                                           Diana DeRosa
switched horses,                                                              The first to return in the jump-off was Levy and
she was feeling                                                           Lirvin du Volsin, owned by LA Horsepower and Kate
the pressure from                                                         Levy. She went for the safe clear round, but was very
Chase Boggio, of                                                          efficient with her speed. She finished clear in 36.32 sec-
Canton, GA, who                                                           onds and would have to wait and see how the riders
had a high score in                                                       chased her time.
the work-off of                                                               Levy noted, “I was really happy with my jump-off.
89.67. Boggio mas-                                                        This is definitely the biggest grand prix that I have had
terfully rode Molly                                                       to do with that horse. I was not expecting much with
Braswell’s The                                                            these two behind me, so I just really wanted to jump a
General to                                                                clear round and be as neat as possible because my
increase his lead-                                                        horse is so game, but I didn’t want to take too many
ing point total to 261.999.                                               risks and have a rail.”
     Schaefer returned on Lucy Davis’ mount, Patrick.                         Minikus had kind words for Alaska, who won multi-
She had a smooth round and a bold final line. The judges                  ple grand prix events this year including the grand prix
rewarded her with a score of 91.67 for the work-off and a                 qualifier in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. “He has a lot
total of 266.498 for the win. Schaefer trains with Andre                  of quality. He is a careful horse, and he is very good
Dignelli, Kim Stewart, Kirsten Coe, Patricia Griffith and                 with his technique. He doesn’t have enough mileage
Don Stewart.                                                              really at this point, but he always gives it a good effort.
     “It went really well. I thought I stayed pretty consis-              When he guesses, he usually guesses with the right
tent through all three phases, and I got pretty lucky. I                  answer, so he is a very enjoyable horse, and I am very
got a really nice horse to ride in the final phase too,”                  glad I have him to ride.”
Schaefer said of Patrick. “I didn’t know anything about                       It has been 19 years since Minikus last won the
the horse. I have never seen it go, but they told me a lot                President’s Cup Grand Prix, and he was happy to
about it and it rode just like they said. He was really                   receive once again the President of the United States
easy. I think it is a young horse, but he has a really big                Perpetual Cup. “There is history behind the President’s
stride and he doesn’t really move you over the jumps.”                    Cup; it is for sure one of our most prestigious grand
     This was only the third time that Schaefer has                       prix. It starts off the indoor circuit, so any win is a good
shown her original horse, Travino. “I have never shown                    win for sure.”Ω
my horse in the jumper phase,” she remarked. “He is
young. He did the First Years earlier in the week. He is
really sweet to ride, he is easy, and he has a nice
rhythm. He is fun; I like him a lot.”
     For her victory, Schaefer was awarded the WIHS
Equitation Classic Trophy, donated by Mr. and Mrs. G.
Ralph Ours III. Schaefer’s mount Travino, owned by
Heritage Farm, won the Lugano Memorial Trophy donat-
                                                                                                                                   Diana DeRosa

ed by Stone Hill.

WIHS Equitation Classic Finals
1. Samantha Schaefer; 2. Chase Boggio; 3. Tina
Dilandro; 4. Lucy Davis; 5. Reed Kessler; 6. Lillie
Keenan; 7. Alexandra Arute; 8. Zazou Hoffman;
9. Taylor Kain; 10. Molly Braswell

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                                         57
The Washington International...
     McLain Ward and Vancouver Clear 6’7” to Win the WIHS Puissance
        The WIHS Puissance is one of the most exciting equestri-
     an competitions in the country, and it is one of only two
     shows in North America that offer a puissance, or "high
     jump" class. This year’s $25,000 Puissance presented by
     Chevron Corporation saw a very familiar face for the awards
     presentation. Seven-time winner McLain Ward of Brewster,
     NY, was victorious in the class on Vancouver with the winning
     height of 6' 7". David Beisel of Cincinnati, OH, finished sec-
     ond with Patoile, owned by Harlow Investment Enterprises
     Inc. The record height of 7'-71/2" set in 1983 by Anthony

                                                                                                                                        Diana DeRosa
     D'Ambrosio and Sweet 'N Low still holds.
        Amazingly enough, this was Ward's first class showing
     with Vancouver, an 11-year-old New Zealand-bred Dutch
     horse. "We just got the horse about two or three weeks ago.
     He had jumped very successfully in New Zealand and had
     done a few World Cup Leagues. He had a very good record
     before, and we brought him here because we knew he was
     very brave and thought he could go a couple of rounds in the
     Puissance," Ward explained. "It is a great event here at
     Washington and very good prize money, and we wanted to give it a try." Ω

      Ashley Holzer and Pop Art Perform Musical Freestyle
                                                        Once again three-time Olympic dressage rider Ashley Holzer and
                                                  her mount, Pop Art, thrilled the audience as they performed a musical
                                                  freestyle under the lights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as
                                                  well as Sunday when their performance concluded the World of the Horse
                                                  event. It was clear from the the reception they received that the audi-
                                                  ence knew they were witnessing greatness. Each time they performed a
                                                  hush permeated the arena, followed by enthusiastic applause at the con-
                                                        Holzer credited her horse (“Poppy”) saying he loves competition and
        Diana DeRosa

                                                  literally shines in front of a crowd. “He gets bored when he is not compet-
                                                  ing!” she said.
                                                        Holzer and Pop Art competed on the Canadian Dressage Team in
                                                  2008 in Hong Kong, and she also was a member of the Canadian Team in
                                                  2004 and 1988 when she rode to a team bronze medal.
                                                        The road to world-class success is never an easy one and Holzer said
                                                  it takes “a lot of work and some luck” to reach the Olympics, as well as a
                                                  great support team on the sidelines. She is appreciate of the sponsorship
                                                  she receives from Purina and “how good they are in keeping a careful
                                                  watch on my horse.” Ω Diana DeRosa

       Sienna Sumavielle and Lexington Win Children’s Hunter Championship
           The opening day of the 2009 Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) ended
       with an evening session for Children's and Adult Hunters. The two divisions each had a
       two-round $10,000 championship. Sienna Sumavielle rode Lexington to the win in the
       Children's Hunter Championship, while Ainsley Sadlo and Vermilion took first place in
       the Adult Hunter Championship.
                                                                                                                                Diana DeRosa

           In the $10,000 Children's Hunter Championship, Sumavielle and Lexington started
       out the first round with a combined score from three judges of 232. They were consis-
       tent with their scores and were awarded a 237 in the second round for a total of 469 for
       the win. Dani DiPietro and Davenport came in second with a score of 466, while At Last
       and Leigh Anne Kline were third with 451 points. For their win, Sumavielle and
       Lexington were awarded the H. Fenwick Kollock Memorial Perpetual Trophy donated
       by Friends of Fen.
           Lexington, owned by Margaret Horowitz, is a 16-year-old gelding, and Sumavielle
       (14), of Ridgewood, NJ, has been riding him for two years. This was Sumavielle's first
       time showing at the WIHS and it was her goal to qualify for this year. Ω

58                                                                                         Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
                 Good Shepherd
                     Farm                                         Greetings
               and Sheila Rodgers                                  to All !
        Wish Everyone Peace and Happiness
    This Holiday Season and All Through the Year

      20 German Yaphank, NY • 631-924-4670
                Boulevard Yaphank, NY • 631-924-4670
    52 German Boulevard,• Yaphank,NY • 631-924-4670
                                                                     May you have the
                                                                   merriest of seasons and
                       To All My Students, Friends                your New Year be Happy,
                       and Horse Show “Family” ...                  Healthy and Horsey!
                         May Your Holidays be
                         Merry and the New Year                    DUTCH MANOR STABLES
                            Happy, Healthy                           Marty & Debby deLeyer
                            and Successful!                             Smithtown, NY
                            Patty Messina and Family
                      First Edition Farm at Island Hills Stable          631-265-0463

                                         Seasons Greetings
                                          Happy New Year
                                     to all our clients, friends
                                            and family!
                                          Good Luck in 2010!

                                         East End Stables
                              Christine, Andre, Jason and Kyle deLeyer

                               171 Oakview Highway • East Hampton, NY 11937

Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                    59
                                                                                                   Oct. 28 - Nov. 1, 2009
                                                                                                        Syracuse, NY

The National Horse Show
     Zazou Hoffman Wins 2009 ASPCA Maclay Finals                     presentation, and the countdown of the top ten riders,
         When the 2009 ASPCA Maclay National                         before she knew the outcome.
     Championships came to a close, it was 17-year-old Zazou             The judges rewarded Hoffman's style and consistency
     Hoffman of Santa Monica, CA, who prevailed through              with the honor of winning the longest-running and most
     three rounds to win this year's coveted equitation final.       historical of the equitation finals. She said through tears,
         In the first round of competition, 150 riders were test-    "It's unreal. It's nice to see that I've improved that much
     ed on a course designed by the judges, Bill Moroney of          over last year. I was just so excited that I finally did it."
     Middleburg, VA, and Jack Towell of Camden, SC, in co-               Hoffman trains with Missy Clark, John Brennan, and
     operation with course designer Richard Jeffery of Dorset,       Kristy McCormack at North Run and spends much of her
     England. The riders who rode the first course smoothly,         time on the East Coast as a working student. The North
     out-of-stride, and with style were the ones called back in      Run team was in tears when Hoffman was announced as
     the top 30 to test on the flat. Three groups of ten were        the winner. Clark said, "I'm so thrilled for Zazou. She's
     tested, and from there the judges called back the top 24        worked so hard. She's such a great worker and really
     riders for a second round over fences. The top 24 returned      devoted to the whole part of horsemanship. It isn't just
     with Samantha Harrison of La Canada, CA, called back            about riding for her. It's the whole picture, which is really
     on top.                                                         refreshing and unusual. She's in the barn working all day.
         The course for the second round was a unique design,        She really deserves it, and I'm very proud of her."
     with 12 jumps available for riders to make their own                Judge Bill Moroney pointed out that Hoffman made
     nine-fence course. The trot jump was required, as was a         smart decisions that eventually put her to the top of their
     hand gallop to a fence of their choice.                         list. He commented, "She was consistent. In the second
         After the second round, the judges made the decision        round, she created a course that suited her horse. They had
     to call back four riders for a test. The test included a bro-   a shot to show off, and it did change the order a bit. That's
     ken line, two rollbacks to oxers, and a bending line down       what we liked about her. She continued to ride forward.
     the long side of the ring to finish. While the test looked      She didn't get overly conservative and try to play it safe." Ω
     relatively simple, the catch was that the riders had to do
     this without stirrups.                                                                Final Results:
         The first rider called back was Samantha Harrison on        1. Zazou Hoffman; 2. Chase Boggio; 3. Morgan Hale; 4.
     Triple Lutz. Harrison had a smooth round, but had sever-        Samantha Harrison; 5. Laura Pfeiffer; 6. Lucy Davis; 7.
     al rubs at the jumps.                                           Lillie Keenan; 8. Amber Henter; 9. Hasbrouck Donovan;
         Following her was Morgan Hale of Odessa, FL, on             10. Molly Braswell
     Urco. Hale had a very solid test and performed a nice
     slice across the third jump after the first rollback.
         Fifteen-year-old Chase Boggio of Canton, GA, was next
     in on Golou II. While he had some slight rubs, his body
     stayed quiet, his leg was solid, and his pace never

                                                                                                                               © 2009 Jennifer Wood/PMG
          The last to test was Hoffman, who had to feel the
     pressure of being on top. Hoffman placed third in the
     National Championship last year, and this was her last
     competition as a junior rider.
         She and Ivy, the horse she rode last year, performed a
     smooth test and made the work without stirrups look
     very easy. The crowd erupted after she jumped the final
     fence, but she would have to wait for the awards

     Jennifer Alfano Rocks Again in the Professional                     About Rock Star, Alfano said, "I'm happy to have
     Hunter Divisions                                                him, since a little over a year ago he had colic surgery and
         Jennifer Alfano of Buffalo, NY, had another great           it was pretty bad. It's great just to have him back show-
                                                                     ing, and it's really special for me. He's always been a spe-
     indoor show at the National. Starting out, she won the
                                                                     cial horse, but to have him come back and be champion
     Green Working Hunter championship on Kid Rock, owned
                                                                     here is amazing."
     by Bright Star 158 LLC. The reserve champion was
                                                                         Grand Champion Open Hunter and Leading Hunter
     Bengale, ridden by Jeffrey Ayers for Gerald A. Camera.
                                                                     Rider titles went to Francesca, owned by Pony Lane Farm
         Alfano then went on to pick up the Regular Working
                                                                     of Bluffdale, UT, and ridden by Maggie Jayne of Elgin, IL.
     Hunter championship on Kid Rock's "big brother," Rock
                                                                     They were named the Grand Champion Open Hunter after
     Star, who is also owned by Bright Star 158 LLC. The
                                                                     they won two hunter division championships in the Green
     reserve champion was Overseas, ridden by Hunt Tosh for
                                                                     Conformation and Regular Conformation Hunters. Ω
     Laura Wasserman.

60                                                                                            Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
Invincible and Ellen Toon Win A/O Over 35 Hunters             Lillie Keenan and North Country Win Large Junior
    In the Amateur-Owner Over 35 Hunters, Ellen Toon          Hunter 15 & Under Championship
of South Salem, NY, repeated her championship perform-            Lillie Keenan of New York, NY, stepped up to the
ance from last year on Invincible. They won the opening       championship spot on North Country, owned by Blantyre
class, were second in the handy, fifth in the under saddle,   Farm. The reserve champion was Quality Time, ridden by
and finished fourth in the last class for the champi-         Hasbrouck Donovan for Don Stewart Jr.
onship. The reserve champion was Fine Kiss, ridden and            Keenan leases North Country, and this was their last
owned by Betty Oare.                                          show together. "This is my first time showing here. I
    Toon was happy to be showing here after a health          didn't really expect it, and since it's the last indoor show
issue with Invincible before the Capital Challenge Horse      of the year, I was really happy," Keenan expressed.
Show. Although Invincible recovered quickly, Toon was              North Country was the first large junior hunter that
unsure of how he would be. They competed in                   Keenan showed, and the talented gelding taught her a
Harrisburg, and after a few days off, Toon said that          "new way of riding." She explained, "He taught me how
Invincible was "back to his old self."                        to always be ready, to ride forward but be aware of what's
   She described, "You don't have to worry about him.         going on. He's always been a really nice horse, and he's a
He's always on your side. I wasn't perfect, but he was."      good teacher."
  Toon was thrilled to be back in the winner's circle at          The Small Junior Hunter 15 & Under Champion was
the National Horse Show. "They make a huge effort here.       Safari, with Caitlin Ziegler in the irons. The reserve spot
The courses were great, and the jumps were big and full.      went to Genuine, ridden by Lillie Keenan and owned by
My horse jumps great here. The NHS definitely means           Chansonette Farms LLC
something to me," she expressed.                                  In the Large Junior Hunters 16-17 Jennifer Waxman
    Darby Toben and Nijinski have been on a roll this fall    of Chagrin Falls, OH, finished her last show as a junior
and picked up their second Grand Champion title here,         with a championship on Vida Blue. Reserve went to
thanks to their championship in the Amateur-Owner 18-         Positano and Saer Coulter.
35 Hunters, presented in part by Virginia Fout in honor           Jennifer Waxman also rode Red Panda for John
of Paul and Eve Fout. They won the same titles at the PA      Ingram to the championship in the Small Junior Hunters
National Horse Show two weeks earlier. Here at the            16-17. Taking the reserve honors were Amalfi and
NHS they won all three over fences classes and finished       Danielle Cooper. Ω
second under saddle. The reserve champion in the divi-
sion was Londeur, ridden and owned by Elizabeth Perry. Ω
                                                                       For full results, see www.NHS.ORG

                            Happy Holidays and Best Wishes
                         for a Successful and Wonderful 2010!

                                                                 From Everyone at
                                                                 Equestrian Center

                                                               Located at Van Cortlandt Park
                                                               West 254th Street & Broadway
                                                                 Riverdale, New York 10471
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Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                    61
                                     Yummy! A new deworming cookie is now available for your horse!
                                       Your horse will love being dewormed with a new tasty deworming cookie by
                                    Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health! This innovative broad spectrum horse dewormer
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                                    longer will you be struggling to get a full dosage of oral paste into your horse with a
                                    syringe––as VECTIN® chewable cookies are flavored with apple and molasses. Although
                                    most horses will take the cookies from the hand, they also can be crumbled in the feed.
                                    Each tablet contains 22.75 mg of ivermectin as an active substance.
                                        VECTIN® chewable tablets for horses are indicated for the treatment of nemat ode or
                                    arthropod infestations in horses due to large strongyles, small strongyles, lungworms, pin-
                                    worms, ascarids, hairworms, large-mouth stomach worms, neck threadworms and stomach
 bots. For more information about Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health visit: Ω

 Wash, Wear and Win! Machine Washable Jackets Now Available!
                                                                                      Dust Absorber Introduced by
                                  Jackets from the Wellington Collection may be all
                                the rage thanks to their great low prices, but the    GGT–Footing
                                                                                         We all know that sandy and dusty
                                fact that the jackets are machine washable has
                                                                                      arenas limit breathable oxygen and
                                riders from coast to coast shouting, “Wash it, wear
                                                                                      that a lack of oxygen will limit a
                                it and win!” The great fabric, great fit and great
                                                                                      horse’s performance. To cope with that
                                price of The Wellington Collection, combined with     problem, a new product called Dust
                                no dry cleaning bills, make the jackets a winning     Absorber is now available for use with
                                combination.                                          GGT Footing Geo, Dressage and
                                    Youth jackets in The Wellington Collection are    Jumping footing additive.
                                $99 while adult jackets range from $149 to $289.         Dust Absorber will create a cleaner
                                    Cindy Screnci, President of the The Wellington    and healthier training environment by
                                Collection, said she developed the fabrics for her    absorbing 300 times its volume in
                                jackets so that the jackets would look great, be      moisture and will bind dust for a pro-
                                lightweight and feature wicking properties that       longed period. It will also reduce
                                would wick the sweat away from the rider. “The        watering needs significantly.
                                fact that the jackets are machine washable is a big
                                bonus,” Screnci said. “I suggest that the jackets                                GGT-
                                be machine washed and then dried on a light spin,                                Footing is
 then taken out and hung up.”                                                                                    a world
   For a dealer near you and more information about jackets in The Wellington                                    renowned
 Collection, please email Ω
                                                                                                                 that has
     Therapeutic Horse Blankets Improve Performance                                                              been an
       Want to keep your horse toasty                                                                            integral
     warm and improve his perform-                                                                               part of the
     ance? Back on Track horse                                                                                   footing
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     pain associated with sore muscles                                                Equestrian Games 2010 Kentucky,
     and joints.                                                                      Russian President Vladimir Putin,
        Made with a state-of-the-art                                                  German Olympian Ulla Salzgeber,
     fabric which contains polyester                                                  and the outdoor arenas at the Royal
     thread embedded with a fine                                                      Spanish Lipizzaner Riding School in
     ceramic powder, the blankets reflect the horse's own body-warmth,                Vienna.
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                                              Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania      Shows - You name it! We will get you there
ATTORNEYS                                     631-404-8626                               with with care and professionalism.
VALERIE BAUER HOBBS                 
Attorney at Law                                                                          HORSES/PONIES
1600 Islip Avenue • Brentwood, NY 11717       TOP LINE EQUINE SPORTS
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Equine Law, Contracts, Sales Agreements,      Long Island, NY • Wellington, FL           50 Middle Island Avenue
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                                                                                         Deborah Siegel
___________________________________________   TRACIE SHANNON                             Horses in every price range
ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR                           Certified ESMT, Reiki Master               for every discipline
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Animal Communicator, Psychic, Medium
                                                       ELITE EQUINE IMPORTS, INC./
In Person, By Phone, Barn Parties
                                                                                         MATTAPOISETT STABLES, INC.
Gain Insight Into The Physical, Mental,
                                              ________________________________________   Kathy Gallagher, Melissa Bilodeau
Emotional & Spiritual Aspects Of
Your Animal Friends-                          HAY & FEED                                 158 North Street
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516-922 7574 •           BREATHE E-Z
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                                              Dust Free, Nutritious and Convenient
______________________________________        631-656-9587
                                                                                         Performance prospects for the discriminat-
BARN BUILDERS                                                                            ing rider and driver.
                                              EASTERN HAY
BAY HORSE BARNS                                                                          _______________________________________
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Amish-Built Run-In Sheds
and Horse Barns
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Rt 199 • Red Hook, NY 12571                                                              HARBOR CARTING
800-360-BARN • 845-758-1054                                                              We specialize in MANURE REMOVAL and
                                              NORTH SALEM VINEYARD, INC.
                                                                                         are able to accommodate all.
                                              Grower of Horse Hay
PEOPLES BUILDING COMPANY                                                                 “Big enough to service you and small
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Horse Barns and Indoor Riding Arenas                                                     enough to care!”
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Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                       65
RIDING / TACK SHOPS                            TRAILERS                                      VETERINARIANS
COUNTRY RIDING SHOP                            A & D TRAILER SALES                           HOWARD F. FLYNN, D.V.M.
690 Rte. 25A                                   Hewitt, NJ 07421 - 953-4030                   50 Middle Island Avenue
Setauket, NY 11733                             Hawk - Trail-et, BP and GN                    Medford, NY 11763
631- 941-9665                                  Customizing to your special needs             631-654-4693                      Mini to Warmblood models available            Serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties

155 Westchester St.                            2201 Route 17K                                Dr. Brad Amery
Colchestrer, CT 06415                          Montgomery, NY 12549                          New Milford, CT - 203-312-3235
860-267-8811                                   845-361-2246 • Fax 845-361-2141                                    Acupuncture, Veterinary Spinal
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RIDER’S CHOICE SADDLERY                        COTNER TRAILERS, INC.                         Kinesiology & Herbal Therapies
3333-B Vets Highway                            8521 Easton Rd (Rt. 611)
Ronkonkoma, LI                                 Revere, PA 18953                              KARCHER & DARISH LLP
631-471-5050                                   888-856-3138 -         Sarah M. Darish, D.V.M.
                                               Manufacturer & Customizer of Horse            Lance F. Karcher, D.V.M., DACVIM
THE RIDING SHOP                                Trailers                                      Board Certified Specialist - Internal
93 Jackson Avenue                                                                            Medicine • Westbury, NY
Syossett, LI                                   LANCHESTER TRAILER SUPPLY                     516-333-6259 • Cell: 516-729-5631
516-364-3311                                   Atglen, PA 19310                          800-428-8415 • 610-593-4505                   RHINEBECK EQUINE LLP
                                               Sundowner Trailers                            26 Losee Lane
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Glitterarti - 7 yr old Welsh cross gelding,    honest to the jumps and swaps. Perfect        ple and life. A perfect choice for those
14.1h.      Ribbons at HITS Ocala,             in the woods, hunter paces, shows wher-       who want to do the big EQ or hunters
Saugerties, Old Salem, and Ox Ridge in         ever he goes. He is a lovely choice for the   but are on a limited budget. Owner bred
the Children’s Hunters, Green Pony             rider who may be a bit timid or just likes    her in Virginia and wanted a smaller
Hunters and Pony Medals/Equitation.            a quieter horse. Not lazy, just gentle.       horse. Allouette just is too tall for her so
This pony NEVER looks at the jumps             Reasonably priced for a horse of this cal-    she is being sold at 1/2 her market value.
even when competing in his first night         iber. Call Debi 516-398-6378 or Ann 631-      Great opportunity to have a wonderful
class “under the lights” at Ocala. “Roy” is    624-5154 - $4500.00                           sound horse at a fraction! Grouse Ridge
available for sale or lease. He is owned                                                     call Debi 516-398-6378 or trainer Ann
by leading pony hunter trainer Bill            Something’s Gotta Give - Top of the line      Girardi 631-525-1619
Schaub and will be returning to Florida        Warmblood x Pinto large pony mare, 7
if he is not leased or sold shortly. This is   years, 14.1 1/2. Here's a spectacular         CHELSEA - The ultimate PACKER in
a great opportunity to get a top quality       pony that does it all! She does all three     the Children/Amateur Jumpers!
show pony before he leaves town!               rings at the shows from the main ring         Many wins in the High and Low at
Contact Carol Parker 631-367-6388; 631-        equitation and jumpers to the big hunter      Vermont, HITS NY, Garden State and
834-9943;               ring and the pony ring. “Max”i has been       many others. 13 yr. old 16.1, Oldenburg.
Video at            showing all year and has numerous             Easy to show and is always fast and
                                               championships to her name. She can do         careful. Lease considered to approved
STRAIN FAMILY HORSE FARM offers                any discipline and would be fabulous as       progarm or for sale. 845-457-7069 / Cell:
quality, selection, great two-week             a Pony Club pony too! $8500 Grouse            914-443-1156
exchange guarantee. Supplying the East         Ridge call Debi 516-398-6378 / Ann 631-
Coast with family, trail, and show horses      624-5154. She is currently stabled at         The ultimate A/O JR jumper packer or
for 40 years. Fifty horses and ponies to       Sagamore Hill in Brookville, LI.              Equitation horse! Has been curently
choose from. Trade-ins welcomed. Worth         Alternate contact: Ross Kaplan 917-509-       showing in the High Adults on A circuit.
the trip to see so many nice horses.           5590                                          17.2, 12 year old Hanoverian. gelding.
860-653-3275.                                                                                Great x-rays, plenty of scope, fast, care-                  ALLOUETTE: 16.3 WARMBLOOD X TB                ful and very honest and forgiving. 845-
                                               CROSS, 5 years old. Allouette is a big        457-7069     /    Cell:    914-443-1156
CARRICK - Bay Irish Warmblood geld-            beautiful girl who is schooling 3'6 at
ing 9 year 16.1 1/2 - This wonderful           home and is ready to start her show
horse has a heart of gold! The best man-       career. Easy loving temperament, goes         NEED A BIG ATTRACTIVE HORSE
ners and temperament on the planet and         out with the boys, never a marish atti-       FOR ANY DIVISION? Big Equitation/
does it all!Wonderful Children's or Adult      tude. Dead honest to the jumps, can do        Jumper/Hunter prospect, 17.2+, 7 year
hunter. He is very quiet and willing, and      any discipline, does her swaps, loves peo-    old Oldenburg gelding. Easy, quiet,
66                                                                                            Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
jumps right around new jumps with auto                for first year greens in 09' and Small Jr
swaps. 845-457-7069 / Cell: 914-443-                  divisions. Reasonably Priced. Many oth-
1156                            ers available. See photos on our website:
17-hand Oldenberg gelding. Perfect for
2’6” -3 divisions: pre-children, pre-adult,
                                                      Susie Fried, 770-315-0089,
                                                      or                             Computer
adult or children’s hunter. Tons of expe-
rience, super honest, quiet. For sale or
                                                      HORSE WANTED
lease. 631-761-188
                                                      Talented junior needs made horse for the      PC repair
Here at Showtime Horse Sales LLC we                   big eq. (her horse got injured.) 631-761-     PC wireless networks set up
are in the business of assisting in the               1884
buying and selling of horses and ponies.
Whether or not we are assisting you                   Solid citizen type for mature rider. Low
in buying or selling, we charge a 10%                 level dressage/trail. Jump a plus. Safe,
commission on the sale price of the                   sound, sane. Marion 718-468-7563
horse or pony. As per Florida law all                 evening.
commissions paid will be spelled out
in the sales agreement. 352-746-5875                  BOARDING / STALLS AVAILABLE
(Home)      or     352-598-7469           (Cell).     9 Stalls available to trainer w/clients or
Check      out       our       website           at   individuals in Darien, CT. 60’x180’
w w w. S h o w t i m e H o r s e S a l e s . c o m    indoor ring, outdoor exercise track and
                                                      dressage ring. Trails, beautiful quiet set-
Huge Herd Reduction Sale of quality                   ting. Call 203-655-8951 for information.
ponies and horses. Call for info: 631-
513-6159     - Little Ripple Farm,                                                                         Home & Barn
                                                      Kate Levy, LLC, in North Salem, NY
Manorville, NY. Check out our sales list              offers dry stalls from mid-December to          Audio and Entertainment
on                           mid-April. $850 per stall. Amenities                Systems Set Up
                                                      include indoor arena, hot walker, tread-
Carter 22- 6 year old, black, Oldenburg               mill, solarium, heated wash stalls, radi-
gelding, 15.3 hh. Carter has a great can-             ant heat in aisles, industrial laundry for           Christopher
ter and jumping style. Has won many                   blankets and living quarters available              631 909 7315
classes in the pre greens. Champions at               upon negotiation. Please call 914-485-
Tunica, Germantown, Gulfport, Conyers,                1322 for more information.
and ribbons at Capital Challenge. Ready

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Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009                                                                                       67
Come in out of the cold this winter.         REAL ESTATE                                     MISCELLANEOUS
Indoor arena, Stalls available at Top Cat
                                             Suzy Haslup will help you find the ideal        Hay, 300 bale minimum. Green second
Farm, Killingworth, CT We are a small        property in Aiken, SC, home to top show         cut, first cut, straw, and round bales.
trainingstable dedicated to the education    riders, drivers, eventers, and polo play-       315-525-3193.
and care of our horses. Call Marty at        ers. or
860-663-2810.      Check      our    web     803-215-0153 or               Ride in exchange for barn work.                                                                          English, 15.2 QH Gelding, riding ring &
                                             Holtsville, LI: Lovely 3.2 acre horse           park trails. some experience please,
Allentown NJ, Adjacent to 6800 acres         farm. 17 stalls, 3 barns, 5 large turnouts,     Smithtown, call 631-525-3083 or 631-
of trails at Assunpink Wildlife              100x200 sand riding ring, 220x145 grass         334-0802.
Management AND only 5 minutes to             hunt course. Three bedroom ranch house
Horse Park of NJ.                            w/hardwood floors and new kitchen.              BRAIDER AVAILABLE in Suffolk
Full board $550. Training available, all     Much more! $749,000. 631-665-1500 or            County, LI. Call Natalie at 631-696-
levels and disciplines. Come have fun        631-445-7895                                    1372
with your horse! Hickory Ridge Horse
Farm - 609-259-8923 -                        Diamond Condo in Riverhead,                     Available for custom interior work, old or                2 Bdrms, 2.5 Baths, Liv rm/Fplc                 new barns. Ask us about our rodent-
                                             Ceramic Tile & Oak Eat-in Kitchen,              proof feed bins. Colleen 203-731-7822.
EMPLOYMENT                                   Din Rm, Hdwd Flrs thruout, Laundry rm 
Today’s Equestrian is looking for a          Front Porch & Rear Patio, wooded View
friendly, tenacious person for advertising   1+Garage & Full Bsmt, Community Pool            Attention Cell Phone Users! Love to
sales in NJ/PA. If you go to the horse       Club house, Bocce, 55+ comm, $310,000           text? Check out a new application that
shows and would like a fun and lucra-        Pat Kmiotek, LSA, CBR                           will let you text anyone from your com-
tive part-time income, this may be for       Town & Country Homes of LI                      puter to their cell phones. Great for
you! Perfect for a horse show mom or         Office: 631-360-6484 x318                       working moms and businesses, too! And
amateur rider. Will train. Call Barbara      cell: 631-334-0802                              make        extra      money,       too!
for more information: 631-451-3938                                                           www.TheChatConnection .com
Equestrian Staffing Solutions: Let                                                           Horseshoe Guy: Unique lighting, furni-
                                             QUALITY Jack Russell puppies and
HorseWorks LLC take the work out of                                                          ture, decor for home and barn, from our
                                             stud service available. 10”-12” Smooth,
finding reliable, professional help.                                                         horseshoes           or           yours.
                                             Rough and Broken Coats. Sue Sobel -
Affordable broker fees. (508) 494-0763,                                            , Bruce at (603)
                                             631-563-9220,                                                                   781-2596

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68                                                                                            Today’s Equestrian November/December 2009
   would you like to
   live and ride where
   you go to school                                                           ?
The Knox School
Equestrian Program
knox has it all. we have a first
rate college prep program,
stellar studio and performing
arts, three season athletics,
and yes, an excellent
equestrian program.

whether you are a novice,
intermediate, or expert rider, you
can follow your passion while
you get a great middle school
and high school education.

     Open House!
limited spaces still available
for september 2009.
           February 13
             April 24
    Details at
                or at
        631-686-1600 x 414

                                            541 Long Beach Road
                                            St. James NY 11780

                         Knox is a Boarding and Day School for grades 6-12.
                    WRAP UP
        2010 Mercedes-Benz ML

                                       2010 Mercedes-Benz GL

   for our latest specials, lease deals, to view our complete new and

     For more information, please call 631.265.2204

                  The Competition Auto Group
    is a proud supporter of the LIPHA and of Old Field Farm.


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Description: Financing available on sale horses. Jessica Katz riding Santander. Adrienne Wilbur riding ... Jim Brandon. Equestrian Center in West Palm Beach, FL. For details and ...