how to install your linux os by johndasay


									How to Install your Linux
  Operating System

           Rich Seymour
         for CSWUG 2007
       Get the DVD.

First take the DVD and place it in the DVD drive.
           Now boot up.
Turn on the computer and let’s get
Did that work?
  Now to boot from the DVD
This would normally be easy, but the
 computer wants to boot from the hard
 drive first, so we have to go into the
 BIOS (Basic Input Output System)
 settings and change the boot order.
        Reboot and Setup
Now hit the reset button on the front of
 your computer (the small one)

Then quickly hit the delete key after the
 keyboard LEDs flash.
       BIOS CMOS utility..?
Ok, so now, just cursor key down to Advanced
 BIOS Features and hit enter.
Now go to Second Boot Device, hit enter and
 change it to CDROM
Then go to Third Boot Device & change it to
  Hard Disk
Hit Esc once, then “Save & Exit Setup” saying
  yes to save.
             First screen
This gives us the option to select different
  ways of installing our OS, or rescuing a
  broken installation.
Just hit enter and off we go.
         Welcome screen?

If you get this far we’re off to a great start.
  Language Selection

English, please, I’m monolingual.
Keyboard Configuration

     English… (next!)
 Installation Type: Custom

We’re going to customize our system.
Disk Partitioning

Automatically partition.
   Partitioning continued…

The defaults work here, the HD is empty
      Are you sure?

Now, please be sure, and hit Yes
         Disk Setup

Let me try to explain this jargon…
   Boot Loader Config

Remember how we couldn’t boot?
     Network Configuration

We have to set this manually based on seating
Firewall, usually, but not here

 We want the network here wide open

Like I said before, Proceed
    Additional Languages

Adding more will make this take a bit longer
              Time Zone

Whether or not you’re on PST yet…
     Set the Root Password

Do this all lowercase: cswug07
 Now for some Customization

Select the following packages
… no Games …
    … Compilers! …

Development tools are the most important thing here!
        This is just about it!

You can’t undo this, make sure you selected the
  right packages
Time to stretch.
Now we can reboot

Keep your fingers crossed

Alright, we’ve got it!
              The GPL

The General Public License, seriously free.
Set the Date and Time
      Set up the Display

Click Configure, Generic LCD > 1280x1024
    Set the resolution

1280x1024 to max out the display
Give yourself a user

No speakers

           Additional CDs

No, Next
That’s it.
   The most important thing!
To open a terminal
Click on the lower left ‘start menu’ and go
  to Applications > System Tools >
Can also add to the Panel menu for ease
  of use.

If that was your first time installing Linux,
   you did great!

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