September, 2009
PRAYER CONCERNS: Our ministry together: that we
may grow as people of prayer; that we might have a
hunger to know God better; that we may be united in
seeking God’s will for the future of our parish; that we
would seek and follow God’s guidance as we conduct
our building programs; Individuals in need: For safety:
those in the military—Lance Corporal Joshua Bauer
(son of Scott & Dawn Bauer), Scott Edwards (Sadie’s
husband, in Iraq), Jason Adams, Ryan Krueger, Terry
Waite, Rick Heiman; For healing—Dorie Williams
(cancer), Donna Rustad, Kasey Buss, Duane Knight
(stroke), Bill Miller, Ruth Kopitzke(cancer), Annelie
Ratzburg (bladder removed /cancer, Pat Zillmer’s
cousin), Sandy Hager, June Demske (Sandy Krause’s
mom, stroke/dementia), Oliver Russell Miller (a cousin to
Peggy Buss, born premature 1#, 3 oz.), Dave (Curly)
                                                                    SEPTEMBER WORSHIP
Krueger, Jack Shauger, Carl Lutzewitz, Marge
Wiessman, Hayden Bock, Sharon Lozier, Emily Hahn,
Ruth Anklam, Diane Arndt, Eugene Nelson, Mary Krohn,                     USHERS-Kelly & Erica Klaeser
Jasmine Hoffman, Clarence Wendler, Karen Baumann,                     DATE    Commun Asst.     Lay Reader
Tammy Sunita, Blaise Campbell, Judy Winkler, Sheila
Barnick, Susan Zimmerman, Ron Zuehl, McKenna
                                                                   September 6           Kay Gray         Angela Steeno
Proctor, Holly Cortwright, Joy Mortensen-Wiebe, Jim
Rustad, Steve Snow, Karen Niemuth, Lonna Miller, Mike
McNinch, Nick LeNoble, Jack Clendenning. For comfort
                                                                         13                   X           Nancy Heiman
in sorrow –Families of: Don Parks, Kyle McKibben,
Jackie Much Community/ nation/ world: Our
missionaries Bob & Carol Musums [Bible translators];
Project HOPE [faith-based counseling service] and                        20              Kay Gray            Kay Gray
counselors Sandra Watson & Ron Pehlke; House of
HOPE [food pantry; building renovation; thrift store]; All
victims and perpetrators of violence, terror and torture;                27                   X            Rosie Wepner
victims of natural disaster and their families and all those
working to serve or help them. For peace in the Middle
East and throughout the world. For our armed forces.
NOTE: If you have a prayer concern you would like
added to our list, please speak to Pastor or fill out
                                                                       OCTOBER WORSHIP
one of the blue PRAYER REQUEST FORMS available
in the welcome area.
                                                                       USHERS- Bill & Amy Huber Family
          FUND-RAISING AT ST. PAUL’S                                  DATE    Commun Asst.    Lay Reader
We will again have a fuel fund challenge @ St.
Paul’s. There is a board in the narthex with envelopes                   4              Kenny Inger         Peggy Buss
for you to put your donation toward fuel for the winter.
Drop your donation in the offering plate or put it in the                11                   X           Louine Malueg
container in the back of church.

              Marion Area Food Pantry                                    18             Kenny Inger         Kris Zillmer
Distribution days for the Food Pantry are the 1 and
3 Thursday of each month. Please collect and bring                       25                   X             Kay Knight
them to St. John’s Lutheran Church, the food pantry
distribution center. The following items are in short
supply at the Marion Area Food Pantry: cereal,
spaghetti, box meals, personal care items & powdered
                                                                                     PRAYER POWER
milk. We are now accepting eggs and fresh vegetables               Prayer Chain: Do you have a concern that you would
and fruit. (Please notify the office at St. John's so the           like a team of prayer warriors to pray for? Would you
items can be refrigerated.)                                        like to be part of a prayer chain? If so, call Faye Miller
                                                                   [715-445-4600]. When a prayer request is received by
                                                                   Faye, it will be recorded and then passed on to prayer
                                                                                        team members.

                                                                                                  September, 2009
                   Hearing Devices
  St. Peter's has Assisted Hearing Devices available for
  members and visitors. They are located on the side of
 the kiosk in the welcome center and should you require
assistance in using them or locating them, please ask an

            New hours at house Resale Shop
 The hours for the House of Hope Resale Shop will be                    WORSHIP LEADERS
                   Wed 10 am- 7 pm
                  Friday 10 am- 2 pm                                       10:30 WORSHIP @ BF
                 Saturday 9 am - noon                                           FALL, 2009
                                                               SEPT 20, 27               Dale Rambo
                                                               OCT 4, 11                 Bill Miller
  SEPTEMBER WORSHIP                                            OCT 18, 25                Sally Miller

      LEADERS-BF                                                               Wish List for St. Peter’s
       USHERS-Bob Miller/Dan Gunn                               We have a bid for a 30 X 40 steel storage building that
                                                                   includes concrete work and overhead and service
    DATE    Commun Asst.    Lay Reader
                                                                entrance doors. $12,800 complete. This will give us a
                                                                great storage building and also can be used for outdoor
 September 6           Patty           Dave Eisele              activities. We have a pledge of $7,000, so the amount
                   Ambacher/Dave                                needed for project completion is approximately $6000.
                    Schmidt/Diane                                            *Step ladder approx. cost $600
                     Opperman                                                    *Padded chairs $6500
       13                X              Lola Zaug              (have a donation of $4500 towards the chairs) We have
                                                                               a sample chair so try it out!

                                                               Help Wanted: Tape Ministry Coordinators
       20               Tom               Diane                Job Description: Ascertain which shut-ins want copies
                    Miller/Diane        Opperman               of services on CD's or DVD's (Lee Rambo will burn
                   Opperman/Dale                               either) and plan a strategy to get these out to the shut-
                      Rambo                                    ins.
       27                 X            Faye Miller              Build (or have built) a display for the tapes in St. Peter's
                                                               and St. Paul's Welcome Centers for members and
                                                               visitors that might want a copy of a sermon or series of
                                                               Salary: Thanks from All for your willingness to assume
     OCTOBER WORSHIP                                           this position and God Thanks you Also.
                                                               Contact: Lola Zaug, Chair of Parish Evangelism
       LEADERS-BF                                              Committee 754-5774
                    Commun Asst.        Lay Reader
                                                                              Activity Bags for children
                                                                St. Peter's has activity bags available in the Welcome
                                                               Center for children. They are hanging to the right of the
       4                Patty         Dale Rambo
                                                                entrance to the worship area. Please take one for your
                                                                child and return it after the service. If you wish to take
                                                                 your child into the nursery, you may take the bag into
                                                               the nursery with them. Thank you to St. Peter's WELCA
      11                  X           Tracey Mengert               for making these bags available. We love having
                                                                children worship with us and this is our way of making
                                                                                   them feel welcome.
      18                 Tom           Pat Ambacher
                    Opperman/Dale                                            Dupont WELCA Schedule
                       Rambo                                        August 12 @ 1pm Hostess-Nellie Heiman
      25                   X           Corrie Ziemer             September 9 @ 1pm Hostess-Beulah Schoneck
                                                                  October 14 @ 1pm Hostess-Bertha Beyersdorf
                                                                  November 11 @ 1pm Hostess-Louine Malueg
                                                                December 9 @ NOON-potluck-St. Peter’s Ladies as

                                                                                                    September, 2009
            Women’s Christian Conference                                     Econofood Fundraiser Receipts
             Saturday September 26 , 2009                          Please save your econo food slips for St. Peters & St.
                   8:30 am-3:30 pm                                     Paul’s. At St. Peter’s you can place them in the
         Cost: $30, includes lunch & beverage                     econofood boxes in the Welcome area kiosk. The slips
                 Child Care provided!                             can be saved from September 1 , 2009 through the end
                    Limited Seating!                               of the school year in June 2010. (July and August slips
   Please contact the church office to reserve your                 DO NOT QUALIFY) Questions, at St. Peters, please
seat 754-2690, or email Watch                      ask Mary Ann Zilz, 445-2448 or email
                    for more details!                       & at St. Paul’s please ask
                                                                                  Louine Malueg, 754-5270.

We have a visitor packet and small gift for visitors to our                        Noisy Sunday @ BF
Parish. After service, meet a member of the Evangelism             Noisy Sunday for September will be held on the third
 team back by the guest book near the coat rack at St.              Sunday, September 20th rather than the usual 2nd
 Peter's and see Louine Malueg at St. Paul's. We are                Sunday the 13th. Proceeds will be given to the '2
always glad to have visitors to our parish and this is our        minute Jesus Video' which is playing to people in other
 way to give you more info about us and make you feel             countries that do not know Jesus. There is a generous
                        welcome.                                     donor who is matching any monies given to this
           Thanks. Parish Evangelism Team                                            worthwhile project.

                                                                                        Blood Drive
                                                                        Red Cross Blood Drive scheduled for Thrusday
     PETER'S NOISY SUNDAY COLLECTION                                              th
                                                                   September 24 , from nnon to 5pm at St. John’s Parish
St. Peter's WELCA started Noisy Sunday the 2nd                    hall in Marion. All types needed. Appts. @ 1-800-GIVE-
Sunday of each month for loose change and/or bills in                                        LIFE.
coffee cans for those in need. The response has been
gratifying and we have assisted families and agencies in
need. However, we may not always know of a specific
need at the time of collection or an emergency need
arises in between collections. Thus, we will be directing
all Noisy Sunday Collections to our Good Shepherd
Fund and applications can be made to that fund for
assistance. Applications are available on a table in the
welcome center. In most cases, the monetary
assistance will be in the form of gas cards, grocery gift
certificates or payment of utility or medical bills.                               Welcome Breakfast
Applications should be directed to Pastor Janice. She                         Saturday September 19th, 2009
and myself as representative of WELCA , will screen                                     9-11:30 am
applications and direct distribution from the Good                       Ascension Lutheran Church of Navarino
Shepherd Fund. Be assured all applications will be                    Chonda Pierce, “Stayin’ Alive…Laughing” Video
treated confidentially. God has blessed us richly and it
is wonderful that we can help others in need. Questions                         Register by calling 715-758-8312
may be directed to Pastor Janice @ 754-2690 or                             -email
myself, Lola Zaug @ 754-5774. Thank You All.                                            Free will offering
                                                                   This breakfast is open to all women in our community.
  ATTENTION MEMBERS OF ST. PETER'S/BF:                            Please feel free to ask your friends & neighbors to join us.
Is 10:30 your preferred time to worship on Sundays?
Starting Sunday, Sept 20th you'll be able to choose
between two worship service times at St. Peter's/ BF!
The schedule will look like this:
8 am Worship @ BF [Pr. Janice will lead worship and
                     preach, LIVE!]
           9 am Joint Sunday School @ DP
  10:30 Worship @ DP [Pr. Janice will lead worship
                   and preach, LIVE!]
 Also--10:30 Worship @ BF [Same lively worship as                 Reminder that Sunday School is from 9:15-10:15am @
    at 8 am, lead by LIVE worship leader; with Pr.                St. Paul’s/DP. It will begin on Sunday September 20 ,

       Janice's taped sermon on the big screen]                    2009. If you have any questions, please contact Kay
                                                                  Knight at 715-754-4925 or the church office at 715-754-
                                                                  2690. There is also a complete listing of events on the
    September, 2009


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