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    Vol. 3, # 10                TO INFORM AND AMUSE ~ TO PROVOKE THINKING AND ACTIVISM                                                       May 10, 2006

Madrona students Lily Robinthal and
Rody Farr         Madrona School Photo
 Madrona School                                                                                                                  Julia Ward Howe

Family Activity Day                                                                                                             Be Part of the
    By Kim Thal
    The Madrona School invites
the Vashon Community to a day
                                                                                                                                Mother’s Day
of fun: Family Activity Day! Free
fun for the whole family. There
                                             A sea star at low tide                                                            Parade, Festival
will be Tractor Rides, Bagel                      Low Tide Festival Coming                                                      By Lesley Reed and Stacy Carkonen
                                                                                                                                 “Arise, arise, all women who
Baking, Acrobalance fun, Crafts
                                                                                                                             have hearts!” begins the original
Table, Games, and Live Music
with Shy Sundays. Come and play
                                                     Saturday May 27
                                                 By Rayna Holtz
                                                                                                                             Mother’s Day Proclamation,
                                                                                                                             written by Julia Ward Howe in
on Saturday, May 20, 1 to 4 p.m.,                When the tide goes out to minus three feet on Saturday, May 27, there’ll    1870. Far from sending mothers to
at the school. Story on page 5, as           be a party at Pt. Robinson to greet the crabs and blennies, from 10 a.m. to     bed for breakfast, Howe went on
well as information about The                2 p.m. Beach naturalists, a geologist, birding guides, artists, scuba divers,   to call for a day of counsel of
Madrona School’s new CD release,             native plant experts, and others will be on hand to welcome families and        women in the pursuit of “the
Water Songs.                                 show them who is living along the shoreline. For some it may be the first       means whereby the great human
                                             opportunity to peer under rocks with knowledgeable guides, but this party       family can live in peace.”
                                             is based on a long-time Vashon tradition of low tide beach walks started            For the last four years, women
                                             by Sandy Noel 23 years ago.                                                     on Vashon and all over the
                                                 Sandy had just moved to the Island after earning her BA in Marine           country have been answering the
                                             Biology at Western Washington University. She led the first of about 20         call. This year, Mother’s Day
                                                                                                       Continued on page 2   parades and festivals are being
                                                                                                                             held in cities as varied as
                                                                                                                             Nashville, the Bronx and Vashon
                                                 Vashon Blogs:                                                               Island, and anyone who has ever
                                                                                                                             had a mother is invited to

                                             Welcome to CyberIsland
                                                 By Heidi Witherspoon
                                                                                                                                 Vashon’s event begins at 12:30
                                                                                                                             p.m. on Mother’s Day, May 14,
                                                                                                                             with a lively parade from the
Dylan Creedon, Simon Perrin, and Haven
Chamberlain (left to right) having a great        There’s a parallel universe of                                             Village Green to Ober Park.
summer day at Dockton. Photo courtesy of     Vashonites just waiting to be discovered                                        Islanders are invited to dress up
YMCA..                                                                                                                       and march or just watch the
                                             online. I have discovered this universe, and
                                                                                                                             exuberant event (past years have
 YMCA Provides                               it’s been a joyride through cyberspace ever
                                             since. Just two years into Island residency,
                                                                                                                             seen kids on stilts, outlandish
                                                                                                                             costumes, wild hats, giant puppets
Summer Activities                            I’ve done well developing a solid network
                                             of Island friends, my “rock mafia,” as I call
                                                                                                                             and signs expressing hopes for the
                                                                                                                             children of the world).
  for Children                               it. But it’s tough to socialize when working
                                             full time and raising two boys. To that end,
                                                                                                                                              Continued on page 15
    By Lindsay Aikin, Program Director
                                             I recently took Vashon networking to the
    As the lazy, hazy days of                                                                                                    We are mothers, sisters,
                                             fast lane by a means I had no idea would                                        family; wrapped in different
summer approach, so does the                 result so fruitfully, by blogging.            Heidi Witherspoon
question of what activities to choose                                                                                        cloth, standing under the same
                                                  Blog. Say it with me: Blah-guh.                                            wide sky. And we’ve come to the
for the kids. The YMCA Summer
                                                  The word is odd, but a blog is a “web log.” In simplest terms,             very end of our silence. Together
Enrichment program provides nine
weeks of camps filled with hands-            think of an online diary that anyone can read on the World Wide Web,            we’ve found our voice and it is
on activities, learning, play, and field     with little sidebar links to all of your favorite fellow bloggers and           loud and it is beautiful and it
trips. Each week focuses on a new            Web sites of your preference. You can post pictures and images, stream          sings a love song for our
                                             in sound, and of course whine, amuse, enlighten or pontificate like             children.
                                             there’s no tomorrow.                                                                — Mothers Acting Up, 2006
                    Continued on page 14                                                               Continued on page 8
The Vashon Loop, p. 2                                                                                                                                                       May 10, 06
                                                                                              Low Tide Festival
                                                                                                  Continued from page 1

           Get in The Loop                                                                    annual beach walks on the north
                                                                                              end near the ferry dock in 1983.
                                                                                              Within a few years, Wally Fox joined
                                                                                              her, having been a volunteer at
                                                                                              Seattle Aquarium. In the first years
                                                                                              there were 10 to 20 people, but then
                                                                                              attendance swelled to about 100 and
                                                                                              other biologists began to help. Even
                                                                                              after Wally Fox passed away, the
                                                                                              walk continued — as “The Wally
                                                                                              Fox Memorial Beach Walk.”
                                                                                                  The walks stopped just a few
                                                                                              years ago, but local interest is greater
                                                                                              than ever, especially since the
                                                                                              Washington Department of Natural
                                                                                              Resources                 designated
                                                                                              Quartermaster Harbor and the
                                                                                              Maury Island shoreline as an
                                                                                                                                                 Adopt-A-Cat Day
                                                                                                                                                  Vashon Island Pet Protectors will
                                                                                              Aquatic Reserve. So this year Sandy
                                                                                                                                             host an Adopt-A-Cat Day Saturday,
                                                                                              Noel will be back, along with Ann              May 13 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at
                                                                                              Spiers, Barbara and Rick Gustafson,            Pandora’s Box. This is the last Adopt-
                                                                                              Pam Weiss, and Beth Lolley to lead             A-Cat Day in May. If it is not convenient
                                                                                              beach walks at Pt. Robinson. People            for you to come & meet the cats awaiting
                                                                                              for Puget Sound will have a booth              adoption on the 13th, please email VIPP
                                                                                              with touch tanks for parents and               at or call 463-1979 and a
                                                                                              children to make close acquaintance            VIPP volunteer will schedule an
                                                                                              with hermit crabs, starfish and other          appointment for you.
                                                                                              salty critters. DNR will provide                2007 VIPP Calendar
    Master Gardener                               VMICC Discusses                             information about Aquatic Reserves                 Be part of Vashon Island Pet
                                                                                              and marine life at their booth.
     Clinics in May                              Land Use Priorities                          Keepers of Pt. Robinson will lead
                                                                                                                                             Protectors 2007 Pet Calendar and make
    Gardeners seeking information to              The VMICC Land Use and Natural                                                             your pet a star. All are welcome — cats,
                                               Resources Committee will meet
                                                                                              tours of the lighthouse. Boy Scouts            dogs, pigs, goats! Don’t delay! Photos
resolve plant related problems will find
WSU trained Vashon Island Master               Wednesday, May 17, at 7:00 p.m. at the         will sell hot dogs. Vashon Audubon             must be received by July 15th! For more
Gardeners available to answer your             McMurray Library. The discussion will          will lead bird walks and provide               information please call Kathy 463-9203.
garden questions, diagnose plant               center on establishing priorities for          information about Quartermaster
problems and provide horticultural             committee projects for the rest of the year.   Harbor’s status as an Important Bird           Health Care Conversation
information at the Master Gardener Clinic                                                     Area. The first trip will start at 7:30            Please come to the first public meeting
every Friday and Saturday through the                                                         a.m., the best time for birding. To            to discuss health care on the Island on
month of May. The Clinic is located in                                                        register for this one, call trip leader        Wednesday, May 24, at 7 p.m. at Court
the breezeway between True Value and                                                          Sue Trevathan at 463-1484.                     House Square.
Thriftway. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 2                                                                                                           The Hospital District Levy failed, but
                                                                                                  Darsie Beck’s Nature Journaling
p.m. Bring cuttings or plant samples to                                                                                                      a good conversation was started about
                                                                                              Workshop also offers advance                   Health Care for Islanders. Do we have
assist with identification of specific plant
problems.                                                                                     registration. He will begin with “the          access to health care? Are health
    Help is available outside of Vashon                                                       zen of seeing/drawing.” According              insurance rates too high? Are we not able
Master Gardener Clinic hours through a                                                        to Darsie, “essentially we will be             to get health insurance? Are health care
master gardener help-line from 10 a.m. to                                                     creating a nature journal with                 professionals on this Island providing
4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays at 296-                                                        drawings and notations of our                  services that they can not get paid for?
3440 or online at                                                          discoveries.” Register in advance              These are just some of the questions that
    The clinic is part of the Washington                                                      with Rayna Holtz at 463-3153, and              were touched upon during the
State University King County Extension                                                        buy your materials kit at Essentials           candidates’ open forums.
Program serving gardeners in Western                                                                                                             The group that put the levy on the
                                                                                              4 for $15.
Washington with science based                                                                                                                ballot has disbanded. Now is the time for
horticultural information.                                                                                                                   the discussion of where we go from here.
                                                                                                       Deadline                              Hillary Emmer has volunteered to
                                                                                                                                             moderate this meeting.
   Loving Your Child                           Farah and Aaron Dixon, and their
     We spend a lot of time supporting our     beautiful baby. Photo courtesy of the              for the next issue of
children’s cognitive and physical              Aaron Dixon Campaign                                                                                     The Vashon Loop
development, but what about love? Isn’t
                                                                                                The Loop: May 19                             Writers: Kathy Abascal, Deborah Anderson, Rachel
love what makes the difference? How do
                                               Dixon Visits Vashon                                                                           Bard, Becky Bumgarner, Marie Browne, Eric
you express your love for your child?               Vashon-Maury Islanders are invited            Psychotherapist                            Francis, Fran Gordon, Jeff Hoyt, Troy Kindred,
How does your child recognize and live         to a House Party with Aaron Dixon, the                                                        Melissa McCann, Orca Annie, Kevin Pottinger, Rex
to receive love? What’s love got to do with    Green Party Candidate for United States              Offers Free                              Morris, Peter Ray, Jonathan Shipley, Ed Swan,
guiding children into adulthood? Is the        Senate, on Thursday, May 18, at 6:30 p.m.                                                     Mary L. Tuel, Marj Watkins
connection between loving yourself and         He will be accompanied by his wife,
                                                                                                   Presentation                              Guest writers this issue: Rayna Holtz
loving your child a deal breaker? A class      Farah, and members of his staff. Dixon               Nan Joy, MA, of SoulWork                 Photographers: T Kindred, Peter Ray, Jc Kindred,
for garden variety, special needs, or highly   will speak at 7:30 p.m., and then will         Counseling, is pleased to announce that        Alex Kindred, Mary L. Tuel
capable children, from birth through           answer questions from those attending.         she is making available a free                 Original art, comics, cartoons: Ed Frohning, Rick
young adulthood will be offered Saturday                                                      presentation on the subject of Emotional       Tuel, Jeff Hawley, Jeremy Gregory, Maggie
                                               Dixon believes incumbent Maria
                                                                                              Intelligence.                                  Bumgarner
May 20, from 1 to 4 p.m. The presenter is      Cantwell’s positions and votes on crucial
                                                                                                                                             Ad sales and design: Troy Kindred and Marie
Deborah Anderson. Deborah has                  issues do not represent the majority of              Joy, a psychotherapist and public
                                                                                                                                             Browne; Email:;
parented birth, foster and adoptive            Washington State residents and should          speaker, is offering to speak for any school
                                                                                                                                             (206) 463-9207
children under a variety of circumstances.     be challenged.                                 or organization on this important topic
                                                                                                                                             Editor: Mary Litchfield Tuel
Her graduate degree specializes in the              Who should attend: Aaron Dixon            at no charge. She has already done a
                                                                                                                                             Email:; (206) 463-3327
connection       between        emotional      supporters; undecided voters; Maria            presentation for Vashon Rotary.
                                                                                                                                             Publishers: Marie Browne and Troy Kindred
development and spiritual development.         Cantwell, Mike McGavick, and Mark                     Emotional Intelligence is the way we
                                                                                                                                             PO Box 253, Vashon, WA 98070
Teaching experience includes many years        Wilson supporters. You are especially          interact in the world of people. If you have
                                                                                                                                             Paid advertisements in The Vashon Loop in no way
as a teacher through North Seattle Co-op       invited to come and ask the hard               a high score on your Emotional
                                                                                                                                             express the opinions of the publisher, editor, or
Program at Ingraham High School and            questions. This event will take place at       Intelligence, then you are good at
                                                                                                                                             staff. We reserve the right to edit or not even print
an equal number of years in youth              the home of Melvin and Margaret                listening, negotiating, and being
                                                                                                                                             stuff. Deal with it.
ministry. Call 463-4630 for registration       Mackey, 24430 Old Mill Road SW. RSVP/          assertive. If not, you may struggle when
                                                                                                                                                     Published every two weeks
information. The cost is $75 but no one        Directions/Questions: (206) 463-3468.          communicating with the people in your
                                                                                                                                                      by Paradise Valley Press
should be deterred because of tuition               Please bring hors d’ oeuvres (finger      life.
                                                                                                                                                © May 10, 2006 ~ Volume III, Issue 10
needs.                                         food) or beverage of your choice. Non-               The good news is that Emotional                    Subscribe to The Loop!
                                               alcoholic punch provided. Contributions        Intelligence can be learned. Joy presents      $50 a year gets The Loop delivered to your
 Gentlemen may prefer blondes                  to “Aaron Dixon for U.S. Senate”               five steps you can take to begin to learn      mailbox every two weeks. Call (463-3327,
 - but who says that blondes                   welcome. For more information about the        communication skill. For information or        463-9207) or write (PO Box 253, Vashon) or
                                               Aaron      Dixon      campaign,       see      to schedule her presentation, you can
 prefer gentlemen? —Mae West                                                                                                                 email and sign up!
                                                                 reach her at 206-579-6494.
May 10, 06                                                                                                                                               The Vashon Loop, p. 3

                                                       Troy and Marie Hire a Contractor
                                                   We are frequently asked to recommend contractors for various jobs. The
                                                   reasons vary: sometimes home sellers need to fix something before putting
                                                   their house on the market, sometimes buyers purchase a house with a known
                                                   problem that they want to fix, sometimes homeowners just want something
                                                   spruced up. Regardless of the reasons, there are some steps you can take to
                                                   make sure your job is smooth sailing and that you stay out of court!
                                                                                                                                                  Seattle Metro West

  Troy:      Marie, I found some good tips in Realtor Magazine that our readers might     Troy:   And maybe even a lawsuit. And speaking of lawsuits, the article suggested
             find useful when hiring a contractor.                                                that you ask the contractor – in writing - to indemnify you if the work
                                                                                                  does not meet building code, and that the contractor agrees to clean up
  Marie: I knew leaving that magazine in the bathroom was a good idea. Let’s hear
                                                                                                  after the job, and that he or she take responsibility for any damage. You
                                                                                                  should also be sure the contractor has the necessary permits, licenses
  Troy:      Some are common sense, and pretty basic. For example, you should                     and insurance to legally do the job.
             get three written estimates before hiring someone, especially for a major
                                                                                          Marie: Fair enough. What about paying for the job?
             job. Also, you should check with the Better Business Bureau, and also
             check past client references on anyone you are considering hiring.           Troy:   The article suggested making as small a downpayment as possible, so
                                                                                                  that in the unlikely case the contractor fails to do the job, you are not out
  Marie: It’s amazing how many people feel that checking references is somehow
                                                                                                  a lot of money. Also, don’t make final payment until you are satisfied
         insulting to the contractor. But if you think about it, any contractor who is
                                                                                                  that the work has been completed.
         reputable and capable will be proud of his or her references – and proud of
         his or her work! So go ahead and ask to see some examples                        Marie: But what if the job has changed since you started? It does not seem fair
                                                                                                 to hold back payment if your job started with replacing a kitchen sink but
  Troy:      Exactly. Less obvious, but equally important, is to get a written contract
                                                                                                 then grew to a complete kitchen remodel.
             that states exactly what the scope of work is that needs to be done,
             when it should be completed, what materials will be used, and whether        Troy: You are so subtle. I know you still think we need to remodel our kitchen.
             subcontractors will be doing any of the work.                                       But if we wait long enough, gold flecked Formica will be back in style!
  Marie: Good point. You may think it goes without saying that the deck you want          Marie: I await the day with bated breath. Anyway, it seems to me that it would
         built should be made of recycled barn siding, should include a wrought                  be fair to pay the contractor for the original job, then hold back the money
         iron railing, and should be completed in time for your Fourth of July party,            until the rest of it is completed.
         but the contractor might have a different idea. A detailed written contract
                                                                                          Troy:   I agree. But you should get the modified agreement in writing. And a
         eliminates misunderstandings and hard feelings.
                                                                                                  handshake never hurts. Whether choosing a contractor – or any other
                                                                                                  person you will be hiring - you’re always better off doing business with
                                                                                                  people you know, like, and trust.

                   If you have suggestions for topics to cover in Tips For Homeowners, or if you want to receive your copy via email, please write
          And if you need real estate services, please give us a call at (206) 463-LIST.We would love to work for you.

                  On Island Properties
  Your Home Team Realty                                                                                                              (206) 463-LIST (5478)

  Cottage Charmer!           View Home! 9225 SW 274th Street13513 SW 170th Street
                                                                                                                      Come home to a completely
                                                                                                                      remodeled spacious and serene home
  Darling updated Beulah Park
                                                                                                                      with a stunning view of that famous
  cottage at a very affordable price!
                                                                                                                      mountain and an easy-to-care-for
  Hardwood and Pergo flooring
                                                                                                                      landscaped yard.
  throughout, stainless appliances,
                                                                                                                      Everything is updated and fresh
  stacking W/D, jetted tub, newer
                                                                                                                      throughout, with your comfort and
  roof, and a mature and charming
                                                                                                                      easy living in mind - Viking stove,
  garden complete the very
                                                                                                                      Bosch dishwasher, new refrigerator
  functional two level floorplan.
                                                                                                                      and trash compactor, new cabinets,
                                                            MLS 26044175                       !    1946 Sq Ft        new bathroom fixtures, tiled floors
   !       2 BR                          !        On sewer                                                            with in-floor heating in the bath, fully
                                                                                               !    3 bedrooms        wired for cable and home
   !       1 bath                        !        Beulah Pk Water
                                                                                               !    3.75 bath         networking, whisper quiet automatic
   !       840 sq ft                     !        Two Level
   !       Built in 1926                 !        Taxes $1,999                                 !    Breathtaking View garage door, propane fireplace insert,
                                                                                                                      and much, much more. $610,000
                                                        Check out the virtual tours of these        properties at                MLS 26034820
    Waterfront!                                                                                                            Fairy Tale Charm
    22908 Vashon Hwy SW                                                                                                          17921 Westside Hwy SW
       This retro chic house calls for clambakes,
  cocktails, and cabin cruisers!                                                            Fairy tale charm abounds in this Tudor-
       It’s 3200 square feet of living space on 75                                          style home on a shy three acres of Vashon’s
  feet of low bank inner Quartermaster Harbor                                               highly desirable sunny Westside with a
  waterfront. It’s picture windows from the floor                                           view of Colvos Passage. Inside, the well-
  to the high ceiling to take full advantage of the                                         thought out floor plan allows for plenty
  light and the view of the busy harbor. It’s a
                                                                                            of private and communal space in beamed
  home for entertaining guests and family, with
  two large decks practically over the water, plenty                                        high ceiling rooms that blend outdoor
  of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a separate                                                 and indoor spaces with French doors and
  guest cabin. $999,000.
                                                            MLS 26015188                    balconies. The grounds include a willow-
                                                                                                          surrounded pond, cottage
                                                                                                          garden flower beds, a fenced
  !       3240 Sq Ft                                                                                      vegetable garden, paddocks,
  !       3 bedrooms                                                                                      and a separate garage and
  !       2.5 bath                                                                                         workshop with guest
                                                                                                           quarters. $689,000
  !       75 feet of low bank waterfront                                                                                                            MLS 26047640
The Vashon Loop, p. 4                                                                                                                                                  May 10, 06
                                                Editorials and Letters to the

      LoOpEd                                    Editor: We welcome your
                                                contributions! Submit them by
                                                email to:

                            The Village Gray
     By Seven Dunsmore
     I am trying to think of how the           where guards keep the un-rich from
homeless folk at The Village Green have        despoiling the pretend-hygienic world of
harmed me and my luxurious Vashon              the piggy rich — where people who don’t
lifestyle. Is it their wardrobe? Is it their   have enough are kept away from the
seeming disregard for the trappings of         people who have too much. These people
modern consumer culture?                       SHOULD hide behind iron gates (I like to
     Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for the       think of it as a kind of jail), because they
sacred institution of one’s right to           should be ashamed of themselves for their
citizenship being commensurate with            excessive hoarding and OCD-driven                                      The Lone Protestor
one’s ability to purchase product and to       lawn practices. I don’t expect this kind             By Mark Goldman
work in indentured servitude to the robber     of phony construct to appear in beautiful,           Last week my picture was on the front page of this newspaper. I am the lone
barons of our currently collapsing             wild-child Vashon Island, a community           protestor. At least I was that morning. Standing on the corner with my “PROTEST”
industrial age. For what purpose do we         defined by freaks, hippies, farmers, good                                   sign, people gave me this quizzical look as if to say, “Duh,
serve here, if not to work and to let others   folk and outsider artists. I remember                                       don’t you think it would make more sense to say what it is
earn money off of our labor? If no one can     when this pernicious trend started on                                       you’re protesting?” Others came right out and asked.
manipulate us, WHAT REASON DO WE               Capitol Hill nearly twenty years ago, and                                   Finally, I was able to shorten my answer to one word:
HAVE TO EVEN EXIST, much less to walk          it seems to be a particular phenomenon                                      “Apathy.” In other words, I was protesting you…on Easter
around where we want and to hang out           of unplanned urban sprawl. The                                              Sunday and during Passover.
in public areas? THERE OUGHTA BE A             outsiders — the gays, alternatypes,                                              “Well, what can I do?” doesn’t cut it anymore. Silence
LAW...oh. They just made one in Vashon,        radicals, people who are victimized by                                      is not an excuse. Silence is not neutral. Silence is betrayal.
at the Village Green. And to show they         various -isms, are pushed into a faubourg                                   I was protesting because you aren’t; because you don’t feel
mean business, our Einsteinian overlords       of the city, which they then turn into a                                    responsible for the injustice…enough to care.
took out the Sanikan.                          gorgeous and cleverly-designed                                                   “Oh, but I do care!”
     The homeless should get their shit        community. The creeping catfish of the                                           Oh, but you don’t care!
together and get HOMES. Why? Because           middle class seize upon it — what is it                                          Last year I tried to have the Vashon-Maury Island
without their homes they can’t pay taxes,      they hope to capture? Something of                                          Community Council endorse a resolution demanding the
                                                                                               Mark Goldman
which in turn will pay for all of the          creative originality, or soulfulness — and                                  impeachment of Bush and his Bush league players. I was
glamorous and useful things to which we        then these lamprey spread into the                                          denied the right even to have the resolution put up for a
have become accustomed — things like           community like Ivy or zombies, viewing          vote ( I was given reasons why it was inappropriate
cement for the roadways which sing us          the earth as an investment vehicle,             for the VMICC to allow it. I was told that the VMICC has no authority; is here only to
happily to our jobs in our beautiful SUVs      gobbling up all the cute little houses and      make recommendations; is missing the by-laws. Cute. Where were you?
— so we can pay taxes. But of course it        buildings and raising the rents. As the              Recently two state legislatures (not city, not county), submitted resolutions to
also pays for the infrastructure which         poor move out, the SUVs move in — and           the U.S. House of Representatives demanding Bush’s impeachment. And on Vashon
frames our little polis, including our         what made the community so desirable            Island there is still silence. Are you waiting for me to offer up the resolution again?
sheriff, who can then pull us over and         and walkable and interesting is gone.                Me? What about you (
give us a $200 ticket for going 38 in a 25     “What happened to that dear little part              This is not just about war. It is about injustice, though, and the destruction of the
— the same sheriff who has no moral            of town?” Visitors ask, and then go             rule of law. It’s about negligence, incompetence, and malfeasance, the destruction
compunction about racing through my            elsewhere...                                    and disintegration of a way of life…a disintegration that has already found its way
neighborhood at close to 50 mph on a                But again, I digress. What I have          into your life even if you can’t see it…yet.
Sunday morning in his Jeep Cherokee.           loved about Vashon is that the people are            The truth is I don’t want you to protest on a street corner. I want you to protest
     And of course the sheriff has other       friendly. The people are open and               in your heart. I want you to open the space for other people to protest. I want you to
duties as well, including the policing of      accepting. The art is exceptional, even         want people to protest. I want you to want ideas about what you can do…enough to
people who are standing in a park              when it’s bad. Artists can live in little       become honestly informed. I want you to acknowledge the hypocrisy and the injustice
talking, hanging out, and chilling. I          yurts or trailers here and make art, and        and I want the hypocrisy and injustice to disturb your life. What hypocrisy and
wonder how the homeless folk might             that makes the town appealing and               injustice? Look at the pictures…read the commentary…the hypocrisy and injustice
avoid this unprovoked scrutiny —               beautiful, and that brings the tourists here.   you refuse to know about or acknowledge because you’re afraid to look for it—or at
perhaps if they had cars, elegant watches      Without the farmers and the awesome             it—even though people are screaming in your ear to look.
and ironed pants, if they were pushing a       alternatype service people and the artists,          One young person said to me as I was standing on the corner, “It’s hopeless.” It
pram instead of a shopping cart — what         Vashon would be Federal Way. And we             was an intelligent and honest thing he said to me. He felt the hopelessness, and he
are the criteria, exactly, for having fewer    don’t really know the current homeless          acknowledged the despair…because he was coming awake. It takes courage. One
rights than others? I sincerely want to        folk and what their lives are about, do         woman came up to tell me she was afraid…Why should these beautiful people have
know. I might dress a little sloppily one      we? We don’t know what they might               to experience that kind of hopelessness or fear—in America?
day, or have some just-picked lavender         contribute or what they might inspire.               Well, is it hopeless? It’s your call. Think of yourself as an American Indian in
in an old paper bag on my arm, my              But if we let people who think like robots      the early days. It was hopeless…and all the fighting and the sorrow and the tears
grandpa’s hat on, or some clown shoes I        make decisions about the kind of people         could not hold back the tide. Or think of yourself as an African recently caught in a
just picked up at Granny’s Attic — I swing     who are “allowed” in Vashon, we begin           net, now tied and bound for shipment in the belly of a boat. If you think that the
that way, I’m an artist and I might just be    social eugenics, we begin to mimic the          bitterness and tears that followed in the footsteps of that Indian or that African has
out lazing around! — and I could be            Nazi ideal of the beautiful. And let’s be       wiped out the scourge of hypocrisy and injustice in your homeland…well, just you
mistaken for a homeless person and             frank, lets be Anne Frank, in fact — that       wait. What goes around, comes around. What are you going to say when your child
kicked out of the park for good. How could     may lead to a very grim trend indeed.           or grandchild gets his or her notice that they want to put a gun in those hands to be
I explain this to visiting guests? “Uh, I’m         P.S. I believe I have come up with a       sent off to kill? You will worry and the tears will come.
sorry but I can’t go to The Village Green      solution for the sheriff and for the dogs of         The tears will come.
for arugula. You’ll have to go                 Vashon which will please everyone, and               Mark A. Goldman has written several books of political commentary. You can visit him
yourselves...can you pick me up some, but      no, I can’t accept money for this, I’m just     at
not tell anyone who you’re buying it for?      a conduit or a channel if you will...Why
I mean it! It sounds crazy, but last week I    not rescind the No Pets policy at the
                                                                                                                      Speaker at VMICC:
had my cowgirl outfit on and there were        Village Greenback, and put the sheriff on                        What to Do When We Get the Flu
some sticks in my hair because I had been      poop patrol? He can tiptoe between trees             On Monday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m. the Vashon Maury Island Community Council
climbing a tree — I’m a taxpayer! This         (I am thinking of Huckleberry Hound, but        (VMICC) will welcome Caren Adams as the featured speaker. Caren is the regional
shouldn’t have happened!!! — but the           many readers will be too young to get this      Health Educator for South King County for Community Based Public Health.
sheriff mistook me for a homeless person       reference) videotape irresponsible dog               Her presentation, titled How to Prepare for the Avian Influenza Pandemic will cover
and I, I...” and here is where I look at the   owners walking away from their dog’s            the history of pandemics, the current Avian Influenza outbreak, the potential impact
ground, “I have been banned for life from      poop without picking it up — and then           of a pandemic here and preparedness strategies. There will be ample time for questions.
frequenting the park. I have to walk           he can write them a ticket. This will allow     Caren is an excellent and knowledgeable speaker who can separate fact from fiction.
around back behind Thriftway now to get        animals to be a part of the Village Grab-       Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. The VMICC meeting will be held at
my groceries.”                                 bag activities, and all animals won’t be        Courthouse Square on the Vashon Highway.
     Enough already. Surely I digress.         penalized for the bad behavior of a few              For more information, contact board member May Gerstle at 463-0974.
Because I don’t actually believe that the      dog-owners.
homeless folk should be barred from                 In service to my community, over and        Senior Center Spring Tea and Style Show
hanging out on The Village Green even          out.                                                 The Senior Center’s annual Tea and Style Show at will begin at
though I do pay taxes and they might not                                                       1 p.m. on Thursday, May 18, and will feature some very elegant men
— I don’t believe they have to do anything                                                     and women modeling fashions from Luna Bella, Wendy’s Weathered
to earn this privilege.                          Enough paper is recycled in                   Wear and Granny’s Attic, according to Diana Spalding, who is in
     I expect this kind of ridiculous            the USA every day, that a 15                  charge of the models.
nonsense in places like the gated                mile long train of boxcars could                   Very fancy tea sandwiches will be served, with assorted fruit,
community of Broadmoor in Seattle,               be filled up with it.                         tea and homemade cookies. Tickets cost $7 and may be purchased
                                                                                               ahead at the SC. All proceeds benefit the Senior Center.
May 10, 06                                                                                                                                             The Vashon Loop, p. 5
Family Activity Day at The Madrona School
     By Lynann Politte
     The Madrona School invites Vashon families to a day
of kid fun. All activities are free and appropriate for
children of all ages. Family Activity Day is Saturday, May
20 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the school, 12130 SW Wesleyan
Way, 1.8 miles south of Burton off Vashon Highway.
     Activities include tractor trailer rides, storytelling,
craft, bagel baking, kids yoga and Acrobalance classes,
games, live music and much more.
     Tractor trailer rides were a big hit at last year’s event,
so they are back again for rockin’ rollicking rides. Our
captivating story-teller, Steve Jones, is known to enchant
local children with wonderful original tales. The children
first must search the forest to find him, and once they do Lily and Rody welcome you
they will be delighted with a whimsical magical story of to The Madrona School
lore. Lynelle Sjoberg will lead little ones (ages 2-5) in some outdoor yoga, and then
another yoga class for older children to warm-up for “Acrobalancing” with aerial
artist and UMO member Esther Edelman.
     Our Bagel Baking Chefs will guide children in baking bagels, a favorite edible
                          “craft.” Yummy batches of hot steamy bagels will be shared
                          by all. A season craft table will also be there for parents and
                          children alike. No fun day would be complete without music
                          in the air. Come hear great folk music from “Shy Sundays” as
                          the kids make monstrous bubbles or play parachute games.
                               The Madrona School is an alternative school and
                          community where emotional growth and well-being are
                          valued as much as intellectual achievement. Its nurturing
                          teaching style helps children choose and follow their own
                          pathways to learning, with plenty of support to expand
                          academic and social skills. Call (206) 463-7899 for information
  Forest Dempsey          and details about Activity Day or next year school enrollment.

 The Madrona School Releases Second CD
    By Kim Thal
             Water Songs!
    The public is invited to celebrate
the release of The Madrona School’s
new CD, Water Songs, on Thursday,
May 11, 6:15 to 8:00 p.m. at The
Homegrown Café. Join this exciting
                         of months
                         o           f
                         b o t h
                         singing and                                                          Read The Loop Online:
                         about the
                         various             a selection of songs from the                  Metke, the kids sing songs including
                         forms and           recording. Appetizers and drinks will          “Erie Canal,” “Shenandoah,” “Rolling
                         functions of        be served.                                     Home,” and “The Merman.” It’ll be
                         water. The              The CD makes a great gift for kids         a music and fun-filled evening. Hope
 Madrona teacher, CD     free event          and adults, and is just in time for            to see you there!                      Students rehearsing for their CD recording
 music director and      will feature        Mother’s Day. Water Songs pays tribute             The CDs are $20 each, with         session Front row: Isabella Eliiot, Dixon Politte,
 accompanist, Maren      the children        to water with traditional songs that           proceeds benefiting Madrona School     Alex True Koriath, Gabie Freeman-Sheehan.
 Metke                   singing live        are fun to sing along — lyrics are             academic programs. For more
                                                                                                                                   Second row: Amelia Prince, Audrey Szala, Forest
                                                                                                                                   Dempsey, Lily Robinthal, Sequoia Perpetua-
                                             included. Featuring the keyboard               information, call The Madrona School   Lowry Back row: Ross Wheeler, Genevieve
                                             talents of Madrona teacher Maren               at 206-463-7899.                       Payne,
The Vashon Loop, p. 6                                                                                                                               May 10, 06

      Vashon Disaster Preparedness
      Coalition Needs Volunteers
                                 Emergency shelter and food workers who
                             will help out during a disaster are being sought.
                             Sign up immediately and receive training from
                             the Island Red Cross. We are looking for persons
                             who have the ability to fit into an existing team
                             of high energy passionate volunteers; who have
                             a methodical approach to following procedures,
                             with a friendly, helpful, and calm demeanor in
                             a crisis.
     If you fit this description and want to get involved,
  call Mary, 463-3545 or Kate, 463-5117 for an interview
  or check our website:

                            Spiritual Smart
                                             Welcome to the
                                            End of My Rope,
                            by Mary Litchfield Tuel
                                                    Part 2

     Beloved, I have spent the last few             Another Seattle Laptop employee
weeks in Computer Heck. My trusty old          pointed me toward a store farther up
Dell laptop developed an internal              Aurora that could custom build a
electrical short, and it is                                screamer (translation for
still in the shop.                                         Luddites: “really powerful fast
Unfortunately, my Loop                                     computer”) desktop for around
address book is inside the                                 $1200.
Dell, so I’m hoping that                                       I went shopping at a
the Loop contributors send                                 couple of big box stores at
their columns in out of                                    Southcenter: CompUSA was
habit, because I was                                       noisy and I could feel the
unable to send a deadline                                  energy draining out of me as
reminder (Note: they did.                                  soon as I walked in the door.
Whew).                                                     The sales kid was nice,
     In my last column I                                   though, a tall longhaired
asked for suggestions on                                   young man named Leroy. I
what sort of computer to                                   didn’t know anyone named
buy. A couple of Loop                                      kids Leroy anymore.
writers responded.                                  From there I went over to Office Depot,
     Here is what I heard, from “We Have       which was quiet and air conditioned,
a Lot of Kids” columnist Kevin Pottinger:      and no sales person showed up while I
“You could try the Dell laptops, they’re       strolled the computer aisle. I almost
cheap and pretty good, I think they have       bought an HP desktop and a flat monitor,
one for as low as 5 bills on (note:   but the hands-off sales style extended all
upon checking Dell, the lowest priced laptop   the way to no one having time to bring
runs around six hundred dollars, which isn’t   the product out of the back room, so I
so bad), or Fry’s has good deals on            reconsidered and came home to think
Toshibas and Fujitsus, etc., also. They’re     about it some more.
in Renton. I’m sure you’ve seen their               Then Loop publisher Troy Kindred
circulars in the Sunday paper.”                called and said, “I found a computer for
     “The Macs are usually pretty pricey,      you!” Wow! Where? “On craigslist.”
but as you say, they may be a little better         Now, I am not the sort of person who      We do passport photos
for layout and graphics, but I think the       can find deals online, but Troy is, and a
gap has narrowed over the years, where         few phone calls, a ferry trip, and less than
PCs can pretty much hold their own in
that regard. Macs are pretty bulletproof,
                                               $500 later I had a PC desktop with a 250G
                                               hard drive, 19-inch flat monitor, and more
                                                                                                                        Tom Wallace
maybe a used one?”                             bells and whistles than I’ll ever use or
     Yes, Macs are wonderful. Rex Morris,      even know exist. It was built by the guy
Loop contributor, wrote in, “I am a Mac        selling it, and so far it works fine.                                              Farrier
junkie, so that’s what I’d recommend.”              JWade Michaelis (User Friendly                                  Licensed Massage Therapist
     I used Macs for years, and still have a   Tech), who keeps my computers running,                               Practicing on both humans and equines
                                                                                                                         Because there was a crooked rider
functional G3 iBook. Mostly my grand           recommends that if you buy a used                                             who rode a crooked horse
daughter uses it to play games at              computer you wipe the hard drive first Loop publisher Marie              thing. I didn’t do that because I didn’t                              Gift Certificates Available
Browne gave me the word, though: “No           know, but am soldiering womanfully on. | Tel: 206.463.9689
Macs! We don’t want to deal with cross-             This is not my familiar laptop, and it
platform issues.” Then I remembered that       does have its tricks and manners and it
I started using a PC in order to write for     doesn’t have all my files or my address
The Ticket and then The Loop, which were       book and it won’t until my laptop comes
and are PC-centric. So I stopped looking       home. Laptop, come home! What is it,
at the G5 desktop, wiped the drool off         Laptop? Has Timmy fallen in the well?
my chin, and went back to PC perusal.          Show us, Laptop!
     An employee at Seattle Laptop                  OK, now I’m just riffing and I haven’t
recommended IBM Laptops. Apparently            even had breakfast yet. That’s it for
IBMs don’t break as easily as Dells. Good      computer news, I hope. Now I can get
to know, because I tend to drop them. I’ve     back to saving the world, one smart aleck
also heard somewhere, some time, that          remark at a time.
Panasonic laptops are built to take blows.                                          oo o
                                                                                   o oo
May 10, 06                                                                                                                                       The Vashon Loop, p. 7

Don’t Forget the Birds
   Wilson’s Warbler                           By Ed Swan
                                             23, Wilson’s Warbler April 26 and
                                             Western Tanager April 28. In
                                             Paradise Valley, Sue Trevathan
                                             heard Warbling Vireos May 4 and
                                             Yellow Warbler on May 1. The
                                             Birding By Ear class heard the first
                                             Common Yellowthroat May 20. Ron
                                             Simons racked up another record for
                                             the rare Townsend’s Solitaire on
Wilson’s Warbler photo by Jim Russo
                                             April 28 south of Wax Orchards.
    The season with all of the little        Karen Fevold found a flock of Least
yellow-green birds continues to              Sandpipers and a Dunlin, rare for
grow with the arrival of Wilson’s            Vashon, at Dockton May 4. If you
Warblers on April 26. Brenda                 have an interesting sighting or
Sestrap noticed the first Wilson’s           question about local birds call me
Warbler for the Island this spring in        463-7976        or      email      at
a typical setting for the species: her If you
large water feature/bird bath.               haven’t bought a copy of my book,
Warblers in general tend to be hard          The Birds of Vashon Island, May or
to attract because their diet consists       possibly June will be your last
almost entirely of small bugs of             chance. There are less than 50 copies
various kinds. Putting out bird seed         left in my personal supply or stores
or suet won’t do the trick. However,         around the island. I’m unlikely to
bird baths and water features with           reprint this year and may not get to
running or dripping water provide            it next year.
a favorite location for many                      Audubon Speaker: The local
warblers, especially Wilson’s.               Audubon chapter succeeded in
    Wilson’s Warblers inhabit any            inviting In the Company of Crows and
forested area with brushy edges or
significant small clearings with
thickets. They also utilize forests
where the canopy remains open
enough to allow a varied
understory. The best way to entice
these birds to your property involves
leaving as many trees on your land
as possible and growing a brushy
border on the edge of the trees.
    Male Wilson’s Warblers are one
of the easier yellow-green warblers           Raven photo by Jim Russo
to tell apart. While their back is a          Come to the Audubon program on Ravens      Ober Park park and ride at 8 a.m.        9:30 a.m. May 21 along the road
rather non-descript olive, their              presented by John Marzluff, at the Fire    and going until 10 a.m. A Yakima         between the Methodist Church and
underparts show a brighter yellow             Fighters Association Building.             River birding/rafting trip for the       the funeral home. Teams will pick
than other warblers and they have                                                        same day is full but check your          up litter between there and Sound
a conspicuous round black cap at             Ravens author John Marzluff to              calendars for September 30. Sherry       Food. You never know what we’ll
the top of their head. Females are           come talk May 24 at 7 p.m. at the           Bottoms, the Audubon field trip          find. One year we found a bird nest
similar without the black cap.               Fire Fighters Association Building,         chair, organized a pelagic birding       of chestnut-colored horse hair and
    Besides Wilson’s Warbler, spring         across the street from the usual            trip to find birds out in the Pacific,   I found two great CDs in perfect
brought in another whole batch of            Land Trust building location.               leaving out of Westport. Call            condition that I still play. Call Ellen
birds in late April. I spotted the           Marzluff is known around the world          Sherry at 463-1312 for more              Kritzmann at 567-4837 for more
spring wave of Least Sandpipers              as an expert on corvids. He                 information and to sign up.              information or just show up. o oo oo o
arriving and the second record for           currently teaches at the University         September is the best time to see
Vashon of a Black-bellied Plover at                                                      birds that never come in sight of              For more opportunities to learn
                                             of Washington.
KVI beach. Don Norman and                                                                land except to nest on islands far        about birds, join the next monthly
                                                 Other Audubon events include                                                      Audubon on-Island field trip
Sherry Hudson saw a number of first          the monthly on-island field trip on         across the ocean.
                                                                                                                                   meeting Saturday May 13 at 8 a.m.
of season birds on their research            Saturday, May 13 meeting at the                 Last but not least, the Audubon
                                                                                                                                   at the Ober Park park and ride.
surveys: a Northern Harrier April                                                        Spring Road Clean-up meets at
 ACROSS                               26   Court                    50   Boat
  1 Airport abbr.                     27   Told                     51   Mayan language
  4 Pine                              29   Sub’s weapon             52   Buddy
  8 Brews                             32   Football assoc.          53   Dada
 12 Goof                              33   Makes hot cereal         55   Repent
 13 Put down                          34   Really messy room        58   Lozenge
 14 Broken bone coverings             38   City New___              60   Math term for in the same plane
 16 Super Bowl trophy name            40   Green olive inside       63   Seat
 18 Bright                            41   Gives a lift             64   Opp. of early
 20 Step                              42   Spray weapon             65   Caesar's three
 21 Go                                43   Compass point            66   Skillfully
 23 Palter                            44   Science field            67   Extremely long time periods
 24 Dull                              46   Plural                   68   Lager
 25 Water closet                      47   Asian nation

DOWN                                        17   Jay                           39 Sports channel
 1 Snaky fish                               19   Ball holder                   40 Bundle
 2 Ride a horse                             22   Skip                          42 What prayers often
 3 Mammal with armor-like plate             25   Tons                          seek
covering                                    26   Former magistrate of Venice   45 Tree gum
 4 Wing shaped                              27   Stuck up person               46 Input
 5 Cab                                      28   Hairdo                        47 Choose
 6 Lurked                                   29   Bitter herb                   48 Artist Chagall
 7 Newspaper revisers                       30   Tales                         49 Hawaiian 'hello'
 8 American Civil Liberties Union (abbr.)   31   Ten cents                     51 Men
 9 Extol                                    33   Curse                         53 Mr. Donahue              59 Fare's ride
10 Escudo                                   35   Lung disease                  54 Airy
11 Inscribed pillar                         36   Volcano                       56 Finger part
                                                                                                           61 Rowing device
                                                                                                           62 School group
                                                                                                                                       Solution on Page 17      g
15 Vexation                                 37   Carol                         57 Canal
The Vashon Loop, p. 8                                                                                                                              May 10, 06

             F r
       OFt orde           Organic Produce Delivery
   1/2r firs
     u                          Fresh, certified organically grown fruits and
                                 vegetables delivered to your home or office                    What’s new at Pandora’s? An ark full of animals, and gutters
                                   Organic produce is now                                   getting fixed...hmmmm...does Marge know something we don’t?
                                                                                                As May marches on, so do the fleas. Stop in for the treatment of
                                  available at the Roasterie,                               your choice; BioSpot, Advantage, Frontline Plus, Flea Away and
                                     the new Minglement                                     Natur-Vet.

   463-4764                                 location
                                                                                                                     Horus’ pick of the week:
                                                                                                  The pulled pork burrito at Thriftway. Oh, and he
     Visit our website at         19529 Vashon Hwy SW                                         likes the Nature’s Variety frozen chicken medallions.                                                                    Yum.

Vashon Blogs
    Continued from page 1

    It’s free to blog (as long as
you’ve      got     an      Internet
connection), simple to set up with
many ready-to-go templates, and
it’s fun if you love to share
    In this writer’s case, my blog
is comprised equally of capsules
on what Island life is like, being a
copywriter in public relations, fun
with my boys, silly confessionals
and moments of “keyboard
catharsis” following a painful
                                                Some Vashon Blogs to check out:
divorce (boy I’m not alone, I          (Steve
found!). You can set up a blog to               Allen’s community forum blog)
receive comments and email, or         (Carl’s
be as anonymous as you like.                     blog of Island life and politics)
    Islander Darryl Caldwell got
                                                (Artist Dog Boy’s strange facts and
me going on blogs after he, non-                observations)
profit expert Patricia Birgen-        
Redwolf, and I conducted a Non                  (Armen Yousoufian’s blog)
Profit Toolbox seminar last           
                                                (About VIGA)
summer in Bellevue. Caldwell
combined his tech talent with his               Monkey’s Blog)
passion for helping non-profits       
communicate in the wired world,                 (Your local Alpaca folks)
and blogs, he says, are an essential
                                                Getting started:
part of that.
    “Any group, organization,         
etc., that hopes to gain support      
and a dedicated audience should
be blogging,” Caldwell says.                    Learning curve:
                                                Some good listening related to
“School administrators, religious
leaders, heads of non-profits,        
parks and recreation, should be                 shows/detail847.html
blogging, creating a report with                What other pundits are saying about
their communities.”                             blogging:
    Steve Allen is the man behind
Vashon Pages, the online Web
cache of pretty much everything                  About Heidi Witherspoon: Heidi is
you need on the rock. He’s taken             a mom, prolific copywriter, and
that approach interactive now, by            Vashonite living on the Westside. If
fostering a community forum in               you’re feeling spunky, read her blog:
which any resident can simply      
chime in, comment, post an
activity, or give other Islanders a             Master Gardener                              Help is available outside of
heads up (such as a ferry fare                   Clinics in May                          Vashon Master Gardener Clinic
                                                                                         hours through a master gardener
                                                                                                                                      Black Dog
increase, again!) on http://                                  Gardeners seeking information
                                             to resolve plant related problems
                                                                                         help-line from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                                                         Mondays through Fridays at 296-
    Log on and start checking                                                            3440       or     online      at
around. Whether the interest is              will find WSU trained Vashon
music, fine arts, athletics, cooking,
                                             Island Master Gardeners available                                         
                                             to answer your garden questions,                The clinic is part of the
wine, fashion, our ferry future, hot
button politics, family or steamy
                                             diagnose plant problems and
                                             provide horticultural information at
                                                                                         Washington State University King
                                                                                         County Extension Program serving
                                                                                                                                (206) 567-4542
topics, baby, it lives online, and           the Master Gardener Clinic every            gardeners in Western Washington         Look for Black Dog Plants
somebody on Vashon has an                    Friday and Saturday through the             with science based horticultural                  at the
opinion to share in his or her blog.         month of May. Hours are from 10             information.                            Saturday Farmer’s Market!
The more the merrier, so what are            a.m. to 2 p.m. The Clinic is located
                                             between True Value and Thriftway.                        Cliches Revisited:
you waiting for?                                                                                                                      Read The Loop online:
                                             Bring cuttings or plant samples to                   If you lie down with
 Politicians: people who, before election,                                                        dogs, you’ll stink in      
                                             assist with identification of specific
 promise a car to every garage and, after                                                                                          Email:
 election, get busy putting up parking       plant problems.                                      the morning.
May 10, 06                                                                                                                                                The Vashon Loop, p. 9

   The WormFarm Garden Patch Program
                     Have your own garden, greenhouse and
                    rototiller with soil amendments with The
                         Worm Guy for $10 per month!
              - 8' x 20' plot size
              - 4' x 4' greenhouse space (additional space available)
              - Rototilling
              - Worm Castings and compost (2 buckets per bed/month)
              - Access to water and hoses
              - Festive events
              - Organic gardening educational opportunities

                                                                                                                                            Now Open Saturdays!

 Garden                                       and tastes a whole lot better. The
                                                                                            Mattress Makers
  the                                         environmental benefits of growing some
                                                                                                Quality mattresses made to

                                              of your own food are staggering. The
                                              Organic Consumers Association is               order in our factory; half the
                                              developing a new campaign to help turn           price of department stores,
    By MEarth                                 every thumb into a Green thumb.                     guaranteed comfort.
                                                   Superweeds         Spreading       in          We make standard sized
      Organic Bytes                           Genetically Engineered Cotton Fields
                                                                                                  mattresses, including
     A Mouthful of Money: The                      Pesticide resistant weeds are
Corporate Takeover of Organic Foods           introducing a new problem to cotton           pillowtops, latex, memory foam
     Kraft Foods bought small natural         farmers. Traditionally, herbicide                     by Thermopedic,
cereals producer Back to Nature in 2004.      resistance is dealt with by simply                    and adjustable beds.
The company is a subsidiary of Altria         changing the herbicide. But according to            We specialize in custom
Group, which also owns Phillip Morris         North Carolina State weed scientist Alan
                                                                                                sizes for RVs, boats, and
Companies Inc., one of the largest            York, farmers are running out of options:
cigarette makers in the world. Kraft also     there are no more effective pesticides to               antique beds.
owns Boca Burger Inc.                         switch to. The majority of farmers in the         Come see us at 8208 Tacoma
     Odwalla Inc., which produces             Cotton Belt are now growing Monsanto’s          Mall Boulevard South, just a
natural and organic fruit juices, was         genetically engineered Roundup Ready           few blocks south of the mall.
purchased by Coca-Cola in 2001.               cotton, which is resistant to glyphosate
     Dean Foods Co., the largest dairy        pesticides. As a result of the heavy use of
company in the U.S., bought out Horizon       glyphosate in the area, varieties of
Organic in 2003, in addition to Silk          pigweed have developed an immunity to
soymilk and White Wave tofu.                  it. Tests at the University of Georgia        engineered ingredients under highly
     Kellogg’s has acquired several           showed that the pigweed Palmer                regulated conditions.
natural and organic brands: Kashi Cereal      Amaranth has developed amazing                    The Institute for Agriculture and
and Morningstar Farms.                        resistance to glyphosate. Scientists          Trade Policy has released a new study
     General Mills purchased Cascadian        doused the weeds three times with a           revealing arsenic is present in most non-
Farm, in 2000. The brand consists of items    quadruple concentrated dose of                organic chicken products. Testing of 155
such as frozen fruit, vegetables, granola     glyphosate, but the pigweed continued to      samples from supermarket chicken
bars and fruit spreads. General Mills also    grow and multiply.                            products found 55 percent carried
                                                                                            detectable levels of arsenic, a highly toxic   Late Breaking Arts Extra:
bought out Muir Glen, which produces               “If you grow cotton in the Southeast,
ketchup, tomato sauce, and salsa.             and you have Palmer amaranth in your          carcinogen. All 90 fast food chicken
     Unilever bought out Ben & Jerry’s for    fields, looking at side-by-side               products contained arsenic. The toxin
$326 million.                                 comparisons of resistant and non-             levels are due to the industry practice of
     Colgate-Palmolive Co. is purchasing      resistant pigweed should scare you to         adding arsenic to chicken feed with the
Tom’s of Maine, which specializes in          death,” York says.                            goal of killing parasites and promoting
natural oral and personal care products.           European Leader says Biotech             growth. Arsenic is not allowed in organic
     How To Be an Environmental:              Corporations Provide Biased Research          chicken feed.
Gotta Get A Green Thumb                            Europe’s environment chief has               Quebec has passed the toughest
     If you don’t have one already, there’s   announced that more studies on long           rules in North America regarding
no better time than the present to start      term impacts of genetically engineered        common gardening pesticides. In a move
your own vegetable garden, whether it’s       (GE) crops must be implemented before         that has thrilled environmentalists and
on your own land or in a local community      any new GE crops can be approved.             health advocates, the provincial
plot. According to the latest data from the   Environment Commissioner Stavros              government has asked its citizens to go
US Department of Agriculture, the level       Dimas said that too many of the current       back to the traditional ways of gardening      Chuck Roehm
of home food production is at its lowest      GE regulatory decisions are based on          and has banned 210 lawn and chemical
point in US history. With the average food    biased data provided by the biotech           products from store shelves. “This bold        Roehm Brings Cosmic
traveling more than 1500 miles from farm      industry, which put GE crops in a biased      action sets a standard for excellence that
                                              positive light. “Applications for             other governments ignore at their peril,”
                                                                                                                                               Folk to Luna
to fork, the environmental impact of big
agribusiness foods is at an all time high.    cultivation of GMO products raise a           said Warren Bell, an association board              Chuck Roehm will provide a solo
Concerned about global warming and            whole new series of possible risks to the     member of the Canadian Association of          performance at Café Luna, Friday, May
peak oil? Consider the fact that it takes     environment, notably potential longer-        Physicians for the Environment.                19, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Chuck calls
400 calories of fossil fuels to transport a   term effects that could impact on                                                  oo o
                                                                                                                                o oo       his music and song writing style
single 5 calorie strawberry from              biodiversity,” he said.                                                                      “Cosmic Folk.”
California to East Coast supermarkets.             All of Poland’s 16 agricultural           A couple with their four-year-old son              Chuck has played old-time
What’s more, that flavorless non-organic      regions, representing over two million         was dining at one of San Francisco’s          country, rock, and blues. His own songs
strawberry was grown with methyl              family farmers, have officially declared       sophisticated restaurants. “What do           incorporate inspiration from spirit and
bromide, a carcinogenic and ozone             themselves free of genetically engineered      you suggest for a little boy who likes        nature. This performance will feature
depleting pesticide. In contrast, a           crops. The Polish government recently          nothing but hamburgers, hot dogs, and         songs he has written during the past
perennial patch of strawberries in your       said that it is opposed to the production      tacos?” asked the mother.                     year, plus some popular requests from
yard grows back on its own every year,        of genetically modified crops and would        “Los Angeles or San Diego,” sniffed           his CD Spirit’s Call, and a few of his
requires no fossil fuels and no pesticides,   only allow food with genetically               the waiter.                                   favorite songs by the Moody Blues, Tom
                                                                                                                                           Dundee, and Neil Hagberg.
The Vashon Loop, p. 10                                                                                                                                              May 10, 06

       The Dorsal Spin:
    by Orca Annie Stateler

 Green Around the Gills
     On Earth Day, I was sickly like our        influence on marine life. Warmer water
planet. I had a butt-kicking cold that          affects the distribution of species
sidelined me for the last half of April. My     throughout the North Pacific. If climate
sinus misery darkened my mood. Even             impacts cannot be mitigated, the outlook
though I read green news daily, I found         is dim for wild salmon and, by extension,
the Earth Week torrent of articles and          Resident killer whales who rely on
programs about global warming and the           salmon.
sixth extinction dispiriting.                        Global warming was mentioned in
     The World Conservation Union, or           passing at the Southern Resident Killer
IUCN, recently announced that 16,000            Whale Symposium. The same week as the
species may disappear because of climate        orca symposium, local oceanographers
change, poaching, unsustainable fishing         reported that the North Pacific is

                                                                                                                               Serving Vashon
methods, and other human threats.               becoming more acidic due to increased
Global warming could wipe out polar             carbon dioxide concentrations from the
bears in our lifetime because their critical    burning of fossil fuels. The change in
habitat is melting. Polar bears are already     ocean chemistry is harmful to the

                                                                                                                              and West Seattle
drowning in attempts to swim                    plankton that salmon eat. The Pacific
insurmountable distances between ice            Northwest without wild salmon is
floes. A world without polar bears is a         inconceivable.
depressing prospect.                                 Some Earth Day commentaries
     With my half-drained glass of glacial      expressed hope, since America’s air and
meltwater,        I   watched        HBO’s      water generally became cleaner during the
documentary, Too Hot Not to Handle, in          past thirty years and rivers are no longer
which scientists and researchers from           aflame. A few species, like the bald eagle,
various academic disciplines describe           have rebounded. Certainly, we have made
current and impending effects of global         progress, but I think Iron Eyes Cody          Stacey Hinden Offers Somatic
warming. This program should be shown           would still shed a tear over our habitual          Movement Classes
in classrooms. Climate change is                trashing of Mother Earth. We lapse into            Experience yourself - one cell at a
occurring now, but future generations           denial and complacency at our peril.          time! Somatic movement classes focus on
must endure the brunt of its consequences.      Earth Day cannot be the only time we               releasing tension, awakening
      Speaking of the next generation,          highlight environmental issues with the       sensation, and cultivating deeper body-
Odin and I attended a lecture at the            attention they deserve.                       mind integration for greater spontaneous
Vashon High School about climate                     Don’t miss the free ACS/PS talk on       creative expression. Wednesday morning
change in the Pacific Northwest. Lara           Fireproof Killer Whales, May 17 at the        classes are 10 to 11:30 a.m., until June
Whitely Binder of the UW’s Climate              Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center,            28th. $18/single class; speak to
Impacts Group explained the                     6532 Phinney Ave. North, Seattle.             instructor for series prices. Work/trade
implications of rising temperatures in our      Toxicologist Peter Ross is an excellent       options are available. This series is an
region. Forests will be more vulnerable to      speaker. Check          introduction to each of our systems:
drought and pine beetle infestations.           or call 206-734-4737 for more information.    skeletal; organ; ligamentous; nervous;
Salmon will be stressed by lower stream              OK, the glum conservationist has         endocrine; fluid; muscular; fascial; fat;
flows in summer and flooding in winter          spoken. On a completely different,            skin; and cellular foundations. All
that will scour out their redds (redds are      frivolous note, my little angel Stogarita,    classes are facilitated by Stacey Hinden
the nests salmon build out of stream            who does not poop in Vashon’s parks or        who has over 20 years experience.
gravel for their eggs. It’s impressive to see   menace livestock, was “interviewed,” via      Classes will meet at the Havurat Building
the mounds that the females dig and             her daddy Odin, for the summer issue of       at 15401 Westside Highway SW. For more
shape with their tails).                        City Dog magazine. We can hardly wait         information and to register call Stacey at
     Several talking points really struck       to see it in June.                            227-5534.
me, such as: “…a broad reorganization                Please support the eco-friendly work
of systems has been observed with subtle
changes in natural variability.” One
                                                of the Vashon Hydrophone Project (VHP)
                                                by reporting local whale sightings ASAP
                                                                                                LifeSense: Living
degree of warming in the water may not          to 463-9041. Contact Orca Annie at             Green on Vashon –
sound like much, but it has a profound
                                                                                                   Maury Island
                                                members to get to know each other while
  Green Party events                            discussing progressive book selections.
                                                                                                  By Laura Worth

     in May, 2006                               Green Party membership is not a
                                                requirement. This month’s selection is An
                                                                                                   The nonprofit incorporation of
                                                                                              LifeSense Institute has been announced
    Progressive Film Series
    Thursday, May 11, at 6:30 p.m. at           Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire by          by founders Robert Bornn and Laura
Café Luna — free admission                      Indian essayist and novelist Arundhati        Worth. LifeSense Institute has launched
    Rabbit Proof Fence PG-13 (93 minutes)       Roy. Through a series of essays and           two projects: Vashon Energy Project (with
    At a time when it was Australian            speeches, Roy defines “Empire” and            its Project Solar Harvest) and
government policy to train aboriginal           draws       the    parallels     between      BuildingCircles community development.
children as domestic workers, young             globalization in India, the devastation in         “Project Solar Harvest, “explained
Molly Craig decides to lead her little sister   Iraq, and the structural racism faced by      Bornn, “will demonstrate an innovation
and cousin in a daring escape from their        many African Americans in the United          in solar energy use that has shown                 Said Bornn, “Some people may want
internment camp. Molly and the girls            States. Although critical of the American     success in several northern latitude          to collaborate with each other on more
must then elude the authorities on a            government in its quest for Empire, she       countries. Simply put, we will collect the    ambitious structural improvements like
dangerous 1,500-mile adventure along            congratulates Americans for standing up       heat from this summer’s sun and store it      access ramps or raised beds for
the rabbit-proof fence that bisects the         to their government and suggests non-         in the ground for use next winter.”           gardening.The goal is communities for
continent and will lead them home. A            violent solutions—boycotts, protests and           “If this solar technology is as useful   independent living that are ultra-energy
true story.                                     open discussion. Ordinary Person’s Guide      as we think it will be, we would like to      efficient, low-maintenance, affordable,
    Meet Aaron Dixon                            to Empire is available at Vashon              see Vashon play a leading role in             and integrated into nature in a way that
    Thursday, May 18, 6:30 p.m. at              bookstores and a discount is offered to       introducing it in the Pacific Northwest.”     preserves our Island’s rural character. It
Melvin and Margaret Mackey’s home.              book club participants. For more                   The BuildingCircles Project will         just takes motivated people and
    Aaron Dixon, Green Party candidate          information, call Maryrose Asher at 567-      facilitate the emergence of adult co-         community support.”
for US Senator, will be on Vashon Island        0593 or e-mail           housing communities that are affordable,           LifeSense Institute is available for
to tell us about his campaign for US                We had our monthly meeting a week         ultra-green, and nature-integrated.           consultation. It is also building an
senate. Come and find out what he is            early this month. Please contact Ivy Sacks,        “A good number of people I’ve talked     advisory board, fundraising, and
standing for (and what he is against).          463-9579 for June’s meeting date and          with on Vashon like the idea of               developing collaborative relationships
Please call 463-3468 for directions.            place. For further information regarding      developing          intentional      adult    with other Island groups and individuals.
    Progressive Book Club                       the Green Party or any of these events,       communities for support as they get           Contact              them              at
    Sunday, May 28, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at        please contact Ivy Sacks, 463-9579 or         older,” says Laura Worth. “Our role is to, and send CVs
the Vashon Tea Shop                                             facilitate people coming together to define   and              resumes               to
    The Vashon-Maury Island Green                                                             goals and act on them cooperatively. A             or
Party’s Progressive Book Club meeting is           It’s always darkest before                 few neighbors may just wish to create
                                                                                              small mutual support systems for things                 Read The Loop Online:
a social event designed for book club            Daylight Saving Time.
                                                                                              like cooperative grocery shopping.”           
May 10, 06                                                                                                                                                       The Vashon Loop, p. 11

     Happy Birthday Taurus!                     life,    and     make     your      choices
     The arrival of Mercury in your sign        appropriately. The world is offering you
so close to your birthday says that you         significant support right now, and if
are finding yourself in some unusual and        there’s an Achilles heel to the whole
meaningful way. It’s as if you’ve been          situation, it’s simply the fact that you
struggling to find the words for how you        might fail to use your judgment exactly
feel, what you think and what you want          when you need it the very most.
— and this has been slowing you down.           Remember, it’s never too late to change
You have not been lacking for ideas, but        your mind, but then, it’s never too early
ideas are not enough. Words are not             to be proactive. Know where everyone                Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22): Loved
enough. What you need — and what you            stands in your life. Remember history.         ones or close partners may seem to be
are getting — is a clear sense of who you       Seek to understand what is motivating          saying one thing and doing another. As
are, which will give you the focus and          the people around you, and use that            the week goes on, the contradiction may
clarity to express that in the world.           information                                    deepen. It’s always frustrating when
     Aries (March 20-April 19): There are            Leo (July 22-Aug. 23): For such a         people get like this — or when you
some moments when you can get a sense           passionate person, you’re wise to prefer       perceive them like this. You need to be
of your true direction. It’s as if you look     solid accomplishments and tangible             careful that you don’t decide something
at the cosmic compass and discover what         goals rather than quick successes that         exists that does not exist; it’s crucial that
way you’re headed, and find your                don’t really last. You know that most real     you not make up stories about what you
location on the map. When you do that,          genuine successes grow like trees: slowly,     think is motivating others. Hunches
you’ll see that you are in a truly              and by investing as much energy into           usually count, particularly for a Scorpio,
challenging situation, and you may not          pushing upwards toward the sky as they         but at the moment, your intuition
know exactly what to do. You may not            do reaching downwards toward the               demands not just second-guessing but
understand this strange, intense mission        center of the Earth. The news you receive      tangible facts that don’t contradict. When
you seem to be on. It may seem too intense      this week pertaining to some kind of           in doubt, don’t judge — ask.
or uncertain for you to handle — but I          success or accomplishment is actually a             Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22): News
assure you, you can. Remember, nothing          clue that something deeper and stronger        about a health issue should ease your
can stop you from doing what you need           is taking root in your life. You can           mind, but then, be prepared for a few
to do.                                          welcome the news, but remember to              days of low energy as the Sun makes a
     Taurus (April 19-May 20): There are        welcome what it signifies for you.             series of challenging aspects. Actually,
two potent influences working in your                Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22): You’re not a     you don’t have so much to do that you
solar chart this week. One is giving you        person who likes to live your life on hopes    need to stay busy every moment of your
a profound sense of certainty; the other,       and wishes. You’re more the type who           day, and I assure you there’s an easy
a troubling sense of doubt. You may             would prefer to invest in solid real estate,   solution to any task or puzzle you may
wonder how these two factors can                or stick to buying stock in the old stalwart   face. Therefore, take the easy way rather
coexist. You may wonder which to listen         companies rather than the new and              than the hard one; the more energy you
to; indeed, which is the truth. But I           unusual ones. On the other hand, you,          exert, the more likely you are to get caught
suggest you not rush or push for an             yourself, are the source of many new           in a bog. Let as many things take care of
answer. You need to look at the                 ideas in the world — and you have some         themselves as possible. This week, they         then use them. This is a week when logic
alternatives you face, but moreover, you        astonishing ones now yearning for              really will.                                    may fail, but the power of persuasion will
need to understand the source of your           expression. Let me be blunt: your ideas             Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20): It could      win the day. At this point, you should
doubts about yourself. When you catch           are worth money; they serve the function       be worse, right? Well that’s not exactly        have clear ideas about what is right and
a glimpse of that factor, a lot of things       of making life easier; they are worth the      optimistic, but it does sometimes help to       wrong for you, and you need to remember
will make a lot more sense.                     time and effort you’re putting into them.      look at all the things that didn’t go wrong,    those morning, noon and night.
     Gemini (May 20-June 21): What is           Remember that.                                 because after all, so many can. Is it any             Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): You need
normally intangible, lacking form or a               Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23): So who are       surprise that what has saved you, once          to fall back on some old talents, skills and
clear idea to define its reality, is suddenly   you, really? And who is this other person,     again, is a creative solution to a problem      resources this week. You have plenty of
taking shape even as you sit here reading.      really? What do you have in common and         that nobody else noticed? Is it stunning        those, it’s just that you tend to forget about
Remember that this “something” is               what are you saying to one another? Why        that an old idea worked better than a new       them on a regular basis. While you’re at
subject to change, and you’d be wise to         does everything seem so fated, and like        one? Now, see if you can take things a          it, remember all the times where you did,
consider any plans, ambitions or ideas          you have so little choice? Could you be        step further: from solving a problem to         in fact, define the terms of your own
to be works in progress rather than             experiencing the unfolding of a plan you       creating a lasting method, process or           reality. This is a moment in your life
representing a fixed goal or necessity.         created long ago, or living out an             system that will save work and prevent          when, astrologically, you’re crossing a
You’re starting to get a picture, and at        agreement you made in another lifetime?        things from going wrong in the future.          stream. There are rocks that go all the way
the same time, there’s a great deal yet to      Even if the past is involved, you need to           Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19): Your           across, and you can walk on them. But
be revealed. You’re also starting to            address the present moment exactly as it       mind may be going from light to dark to         you need to use the ones that are not
understand something deeply personal            is, and with the awareness that                gray to light again this week, but I suggest    slippery, and remember, it’s always
about yourself, and as you express it, this     relationships change us. This encounter        you remember that the weather changes,          better to get your feet wet than it is to fall
will change. That’s the whole point.            is changing you, and if you want, it can       the world turns, and your life goes on.         into the water.
     Cancer (June 21-July 22): Trust your       help you set yourself free of an old idea      Take it all in stride. You have certain               Eric Francis has more of your
friends and use your allies. Pay attention      about yourself that you’ve been trying to      definite strengths working for you, and         astrology for you at
to who has a reputation for what in your        let go of for many moons.                      you need to notice what they are — and
                                                                                                                                                                                     oo o
                                                                                                                                                                                    o oo
The Vashon Loop, p. 12                                                                                                                   May 10, 06

                                    Text and drawings by Kathy Abascal (AHG)

                                          the liver. Gallstones are formed in
                                          the gallbladder not in the liver. And,
                                          gallstones have to move through a
                                          very narrow duct in order to get into
                                          the intestines. This is an extremely
                                          painful process. The simple fact that
                                          some 99% of flush stones — even
                                          very large ones — pass painlessly
                                          suggests that they are not gallstones.
                                          The “stones” are emulsified blobs of
                                          oil. The contractions of the stomach
                                          and intestines shake the olive oil into
                                          gobs surrounded by the water of the
                                          lemon juice and stomach fluids. The
                                          gobs form because oil and the water
                                          do not mix. They are tough blobs
                                                                                                 NEW SPRING HOURS!
                                          that are strong enough to survive the
                                          passage through the intestines and
                                                                                           Open Every Day 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
     A Good Spring
                                          into a strainer in the toilet bowl but                  Seven days a week
        Cleanse                           they are not gallstones.
     The last few days have felt so
much like summer that it feels out
                                              I take a much friendlier approach
                                          to the body. We are actually 99%
                                                                                              Early Bird Speical 7:00am
of synch to write about spring
cleanses. Nonetheless, it is the time
                                          bacteria, if you take into account the
                                          bacteria in the intestines and on the                   tilll 9:00am 10% off
of year when a lot of people check        skin. The right intestinal bacteria
in with their bodies, and decide to       help us digest and assimilate food,
do a cleanse. Some get rather drastic     and promote good health. To me, a
about their cleanses in the belief that   spring cleanse is a process where
their intestinal tract is filled with     you eliminate the wrong foods, and
stagnant waste that needs to be           eat a lot of good foods. Sometimes,
forcibly removed.
     One of the most popular cleanses
is the gallbladder flush. There are
                                          you go on a vegetable juice and
                                          herbal tea fast, and then go off the
                                          fast by only eating foods that feed              Kathy
                                                                                                     !Abascal      is    a
literally hundreds of websites            the right strains of intestinal              professional member of the
dedicated to cleansing flushes, and       bacteria. This ends up starving the          American Herbalists Guild and is
many have pictures of large stones        “bad” flora that has successfully            certified by Michael Moore of the
shaken loose by the flush. Usually,       colonized your body because they             Southwest School of Botanical
the flush consists of ½ cup of olive      like the sugars, fats, meats, and other      Medicine. She co-authored the
oil, the juice and pulp of 1 large or 2   foods you have been overindulging            book Clinical Botanical Medicine.
small grapefruits or 3                                             in.        The          You can email her at
lemons,        and       4                                         “ g o o d ” if you
tablespoons of Epsom                                               f l o r a ,         have questions about herbs, call
salts dissolved in                                                 invigorated         her to schedule a private
water.       Over the                                              by the right        consultation (463-9211) or stop by
course of an evening,                                              foods, has          The Roasterie to purchase her
the person drinks the                                              a              n    tinctures.
i n g r e d i e n t s                                              opportunity
separately: A little                                               to grow and        bupleurum contain those helpful
olive oil, a little citrus                                         re-colonize        polysaccharides mentioned above.
juice, a lot of Epsom                                              the gut.                My recommendation is to spend
salt water.           The                                               I also like   a week eating a very good diet: Eat
person does not eat                                                to add some        whole grains and fresh vegetables
during the flush, and                                              herbs to help      foregoing sugar, coffee, animal
remains lying down                                                 stimulate the      products and processed food. Each
as much as possible.                                               l i v e r .        day, you drink 2-4 cups of the
There are some                                                     Cleanse            dandelion tea, and as much water
interesting variations on the flush       herbs are also usually rich in              as you can. At the end of the week,
recipe including one that uses            polysaccharides that feed the right         you slowly add back in different
Classic coca cola to wash down the        gut flora. I make a Gentle Dandelion        foods: Tofu, fish, wheat, and soy
oil and citrus juice.                     Cleanse that combines dandelion,            products. Watch closely to see if any
     Judging from the pictures, the       sarsaparilla,        burdock        and     of them disagree with your body.
flush produces some impressive            bupleurum roots with a little               At the end of the week, your body
stone-like objects. A pathologist,        cinnamon, ginger and orange peel.           will feel refreshed and strengthened.
however, assures us that they are         Dandelion is a fabulous liver herb.         Imagine, all that without gulping
not gallstones because: Gallstones        It gives it a gentle nudge that             down olive oil, salt water, and clay.
have a polyhedral shape while the         increases bile secretion a tad.             It’s just amazing!             o oo
                                                                                                                      oo o    Now Open Saturdays!
flush stones are round. Gallstones        Burdock is used to help with skin
sink in water while the flush stones      issues that often are due to the
float. Gallstones are yellowish-          wrong intestinal flora and a slightly
white although some may be black;         overwhelmed liver. Traditional
flush stones come in a rainbow            wisdom says that the body will
assortment of colors. Gallstones are      move things out through the skin
hard, and when you cut them in            when the liver cannot keep up with
half, you will find round rings of        the body’s waste. Sarsaparilla
colors varying from pale yellow           stimulates lymph removal and is a
through black. The flush stones           good, short term strengthening herb
disintegrate when you cut them.           – although there is no research to
     Fans of the flush say that the       confirm its benefit. Bupleurum has
stones are formed in the liver and        a long history of use in Chinese
roll into the gallbladder. The            medicine as a liver herb, and
pathologist says that stones              research to show that it protects the
absolutely do not roll down out of        liver. Burdock, dandelion, and
May 10, 06                                                                                                                                     The Vashon Loop, p. 13

         Book Review
      By guest reviewer Richard Bard
      Rachel Bard is busy preparing a book
for publication and has asked her son to
fill in for her.

 An Opportunity for
 Brain Enhancement
    If you had a teaspoon full of the
stuff that’s in the middle of a
collapsed neutron star, it would
weigh 200 billion pounds (not
counting the spoon).
    If you’re thinking, “Wow, that’s
heavy,” well, so are a lot of the other
facts found in A Short History of
Nearly Everything. At 478 pages (not
counting the footnotes) it’ll take up
a fair chunk of this month’s bedside
reading, but it’ll be worth it. Take
notes, and you’ll be able to impress
your family and friends with your
smarts for the rest of the year.
    Atoms alone might last you into
July. We’re generally aware that in
outer space, there’s a lot of nothing
in between the interesting stuff, but
who knew the same thing is true
inside the atom? If the outer electron
band of an atom was as far across
as, say, McMurray, the nucleus
would be way in at the center of the
school, about the size of a potato
bug. But wait, there’s more: a
molecule is made of multiple atoms,
right, and in just one cubic
centimeter of air (size of a sugar
cube), you’ll find 45 billion billion
molecules. Or maybe someone with
more sensitive equipment will…the
point is, there’s a lot of these little
guys around, and when Bryson’s
scientists consider that they exist
almost forever, they calculate that
what with recycling and all, we
might each be using a billion of the
same atoms that once filled out
William Shakespeare (I had a feeling
about this), and the same from any
other historical personality you can
think of.
    As for personalities, A Short
History is long on them, for sure. In
a way, the book reads like a mystery         taste what he was working with;                 This long term carbon cycle isn’t
in which we learn as much about
                                             consequently at age 43 he “…was            perfectly regular, but overall it
the many detectives — astronomers,                                                                                                dates
                                             found dead at his workbench                works pretty well as a temperature
chemists, geologists, and a whole            surrounded by an array of toxic            buffer. Compared to natural
                                                                                                                                  filling up
raft of other “ists” who are tracking        chemicals, any one of which could          releases of carbon from volcanic          call us
down clues as to the nature of life          have accounted for the stunned and         action and plant decay, the human         206-794-
and the universe — as we do about            terminal look on his face.”                contribution is just a fraction. But      9451
their findings. And what we learn                                                       what appears to be happening now
goes      beyond        dates      and           A Short History of Nearly              is our factory and auto emissions are
accomplishments into human                    Everything, by Bill Bryson.               adding just enough to the normal
character. Marie Curie, we find,              Paperback, Broadway Books,                levels to unbalance the system. If we
despite winning two Nobel Prizes              2003, $15.95.                             keep up all this industrial farting
for her early work on radiation, was                                                    and temperatures continue to rise,
never elected to the Academy of                  But enough of the Dr. Phil             it’s possible a lot of trees and other
Sciences by her scandal-sensitive            approach; let’s look at the big            plants will begin to die off, releasing
peers because she’d been getting it          picture. Want to feel better about         even more carbon and accelerating
on indiscreetly with another                 global warming? Ordinarily, what           the process.
married physicist. She was as                keeps the planet from turning into              The good news is that
unaware as everyone else then was            a big hothouse with no snow or ice         catastrophic swings have happened
of how dangerous were the                    and your basement full of water are        before, and it’s probable the earth
materials she worked with                    huge numbers of little sea critters        will return to a stable state,
(radioactive thorium was commonly            that take the carbon out of                although, as the book points out, it
used in toothpaste and even                  atmospheric carbon dioxide (the            could take sixty thousand
laxatives) and died of leukemia —            notorious greenhouse gas) when it’s        years…whoa, that’s a long time,
eighty years later, her papers are still     transported to the ocean’s surface         maybe I’d better buy that Sportster
dangerously contaminated. And                in rain, and lock it up in their shells.   and enjoy life while I’ve got the
what about Karl Scheele, the                 Eventually, these shells aggregate         chance…but           then        again,
Swedish pharmacist who identified            and form limestone, which in turn          motorcycles have notoriously high
nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine, and a            gets vaporized in volcanoes and            emissions…what time is Dr. Phil on
bunch of other useful elements and           blasted back into the air as carbon        again?
compounds? His approach was to               dioxide.
                                                                                                                        oo o
                                                                                                                       o oo
The Vashon Loop, p. 14                                                                                                                                                May 10, 06
                                               YMCA Summer
                                                   Continued from page 1
                                               theme providing the creativity and
                                               structure to keep children engaged.
                                                    In June, kids explore the richness
                                               and diversity of ancient civilizations
                                               through games, music, food, and
                                               art. The following week you can
                                               choose to immerse your child in the
                                               world of music and sound through
                                               song, and unique instrument
                                               making. There is an art week
                                               devoted to creating with different
                                               mediums, and one dedicated to
                                               pirates, kings and castles. Whether                Strawberry Festival week                 convenient and flexible options for
                                               it’s Pacific Coast Native Americans,           includes festival rides with your Y          parents. Children must be entering
                                               outer space, or animals from around            friends, as well as making a colorful,       first grade through sixth grade. The
                                               the world, each week takes the kids            energetic splash in the Kid’s Parade.        YMCA strives to make this
                                               on an adventure making their                   On- and off-Island field trips, daily        opportunity affordable at $160/
                                               summer a memorable one.                        outside activities, biking, and              week for full time enrollment, with
                                                                                              swimming ensure full use of the              part time and daily options as well.
                                                                                              summer sun and warmth.                       Financial aid is available, to the
                                                                                                  After four years of working              extent possible. Brochures and
                                                                                              together, Dalinda Vivero, program            registration forms can be picked up
                                                                                              supervisor, and Jean Murphy, lead            at the Vashon YMCA on Gorsuch
                                                                                              teacher, have created a happy, well          Road, or at the YMCA School Age
                                                                                              organized, creative context for all          Childcare at Chautauqua. After
                              Island Epicure                                                  kids. Their capacity to welcome new
                                                                                              kids, enlist veteran campers’ help,
                                                                                                                                           reading the brochure, you can
                                                                                                                                           register at the Y, or online at
                                                                                              and create a community of learning  If
                                               by Marj Watkins                                and play is a hallmark of their              you have questions, call Dalinda
                                         Salad Days                                           teamwork. Each year returning and            Vivero at 930-2592.
                                                                                              new summer staff enhance the                      For an Island-grown, active, and
     Hooray! It’s May! A month when our        dandelion petals; pale lavender violet or      program. This summer Island artist           engaging camp experience, the
lovely Island basks in more sunshine           viola blossoms; white clusters of              Donna Romero will be assisting in            YMCA Summer Enrichment
than we’ve had all winter. We usually get      watercress blossom, mustard blossoms;          implementing the creative projects.          program is sure to be a highlight of
a mini-heat wave right about now. Oven         sweet pickle slices or sticks.                     The home base of the camps is            your child’s summer. Just look at
meals — forget them; heating up the                 Arrange a salad mandala thus:             Chautauqua Elementary with                   those smiles!
kitchen with an oven isn’t on our want-             Cretan Salata Horiataki — 4 servings      regular and extended hours
to-do list. Get out the barbecue grill and          4 large dark green leaves of romaine      Monday through Friday, providing
enjoy a salad on the side.                          or green leaf lettuce
     This is also the month when we think           1/2 English cucumber
seriously about fitting into our swimsuits          2 red ripe tomatoes, well washed and                                                        Chere Mlle. Bride,
and looking good in shorts. Maybe you’re            diced                                                                                       Bien sur, the wedding kiss, it is being
already counting calories and carbs and             1 shallot or 1 or 2 slices red onion,                                                  the exceedingly important business. You
checking the glycemic index.                        chopped                                                                                will be in front of the crowd of people all
                                                                                                                                           watching critically and judging your
     Think main dish salads, cool and
easy to make, low on the glycemic index,
and imminently satisfying on a warm day
or evening.
                                                    1/2 bell pepper, any color, chopped,
                                                    1/4 lb. feta, diced
                                                    Kalimata olives or black California
                                                                                                                     Madame                performance on the basis of the style, the
                                                                                                                                           creativity and the conviction. Everybody
                                                                                                                                           is noticing the slightest awkwardness
     Vegetables and fruits bursting with
vitamins, minerals, and refreshing
flavors combine well with no-carb cooked
                                                    2 eggs, boiled, small-diced, optional
                                                    Wash the lettuce leaves well. Pat dry
                                                                                                                     Toujours              and shaking the heads with the
                                                                                                                                                Fortunately, this is being the very little
meats, low-carb beans and cheeses. Think       with clean dishtowel or paper towels. Cut                                                   matter to overcome. First, it is mostly not
about contrasting colors and textures, too.    in 1/2-inch wide shreds. Arrange a layer                                                    mattering what kind of the kiss you are
Eye-appeal contributes to eating pleasure;     on a plate or platter. Make a ring of                                                       selecting. The chaste peck, it is tasteful
when you enjoy seeing and eating your          cucumber slices. Inside that, pile or make                                                  and elegant, and it is not offending even
food, you actually get more nourishment        a circle of diced tomato. In the center, put                                                the most prudish of the old grannies. This
from it.                                       the diced feta. If using boiled egg, put the                                                was being very popular when everybody
     My basic formula for late spring and      feta around the outside of the tomato ring                                                  was liking to pretend that the bride, she
summer salads: Choose something from           and the egg in the center.                                                                  was very romantic and virginal and that
each group as desired.                              Garnish with olives and/or bell                                                        the babies were mostly being left by the
     Greens: dark green or red leaf lettuce,   pepper. Pass a dressing of olive oil and                                                    fairies under the cabbage leaves like the
arugala, baby spinach, bok choy leaves,        lemon vinaigrette.                                   Wedding Kiss                                The slow, soft romantic kiss is being
watercress, red chard, tiny wild plantain
leaves or chickweed or tender dandelion            Lemon Vinaigrette                              Dear Madame Toujours,                    very popular now that generally
leaves (zero glycemic load — read ‘no              1/3 cup virgin olive oil                       I am getting married in two weeks to     everybody is supposing that even if you
fattening carbohydrates’), torn, shredded          2 tablespoons fresh-squeezed lemon         my boyfriend Elwood. I have been             were not having the sex before, you will
or chopped.                                        juice                                      planning this wedding for two years. I       almost certainly be doing it now that you
     Red or yellow vegetables — halved,            1/2 teaspoon garlic salt                   had to quit my job as a teller at the bank   are married to each other.
cherry or grape tomatoes, slivered or              Black pepper to taste                      three months ago because the wedding              Whatever kiss you are selecting, the
chopped red or yellow bell peppers,                Place all ingredients in a small glass     was taking up so much of my time, and        important thing is that you and M.
julienned carrots, sliced or slivered red          bowl or jar. Add a spoon. Let each         you wouldn’t believe how expensive           Elwood are selecting the same one. You
onions or red cabbage; shredded raw                diner stir well before spooning over       everything is, although I am saving          are not wanting to be going for the
beets, carrots.                                    individual serving.                        almost five hundred dollars on flowers       discreet peck while M. Elwood, he is
     White vegetables: daikon, sliced                                                         by buying a vacant lot and planting a        coming for you with the tongue dangling.
cucumber, sliced red radishes.                     Spinach and Strawberry Salad — 4           flower garden in it.                              Also, the practice, she is very
     Fruits: diced fresh oranges, apples, or       servings                                       Anyway, I thought I had everything       important. You are not wanting to risk
pears; pineapple, mango, kiwifruit.                1 package pre-washed baby spinach          under control until my aunt Gerta asked      M. Elwood becoming nervous and
     Protein: shredded, shaved, or                 1 cup sliced strawberries                  me, “Now honey, what are you doing           forgetting which kiss he is supposed to
crumbled cheese (fresh parmesan,                   2 Tablespoons pine nuts, sliced            about the kiss?”                             be performing. If you are practicing before
gorgonzola, blue cheese or feta; drained           almonds, or roasted pumpkin or                 The kiss? I thought at least we had      the ceremony, you can be smacking him
canned red kidney beans, great northern            sunflower seeds, or glazed walnuts         that covered. I mean, Elwood and I have      very firmly on the head every time he is
beans, or black beans; julienned thinly            or pecans                                  been kissing regularly now for almost        doing it wrong until he is thoroughly
sliced ham, chicken or turkey; sliced              Arrange spinach on salad plate or          three years. Is there some kind of special   conditioned.
grilled chicken breast; white tuna, or red         plates. Top with strawberries and          wedding kiss we’re supposed to know               Bon Chance, Mlle. Bride, and
salmon mixed with mayonnaise and                   nuts or seeds.                             about? Is it supposed to be open-mouth?      remember: the only kiss which is entirely
pickle relish; boiled egg, sliced, wedge-          Serve with raspberry balsamic              Closed mouth? Wet? Dry? What do you          inappropriate is involving the lustful
cut, or small-diced; or sliced or chopped          vinaigrette.                               advise?                                      gropings and slobberings. What are you
nuts. Garnishes: olives, whole or sliced;                                                         Sincerely,                               thinking? There are the children
drained capers; chopped cilantro; yellow                                          o oo
                                                                                   oo o           Frazzled Bride                           watching you.                         oo o
                                                                                                                                                                                o oo
May 10, 06                                                                                                                                                      The Vashon Loop, p. 15

          When you wake up one day
          And your spine’s out of whack
          Come see Dr. Basile
          And he’ll put it back!

     Positively Speaking
    By Deborah Anderson

        $16.5 Million
          or Bust!
     Please know that I am completely           needs more important that the
aware of how enormously political               environment.
incorrect it is for me to do a column on              Hospitality means that grandkids
this subject. And that’s my point.              and their friends can slide down that
     I have been trying, for the last two       wonderful banister. A person could have
days, to figure out how I feel about
knowing that there is a house that could
                                                endless barbecues and parties in the
                                                summer to share that 900 feet of
                                                                                                          Mother’s Day Parade, Festival
                                                                                                    Continued from page 1
be on the market for 16.5 million dollars.      waterfront. You could bring all your
                                                                                                    The festival begins at 1:00 pm at Ober   crossing the street—it means
My first reaction is a desire to own it. See,   friends who have to live in too small
                                                                                               Park with music and activities for young      recognizing that our children’s lives are
I have these all these kids in our family,      places for overnights and pamper them
                                                                                               and old. We’ll have a visit from our very     interconnected with children all over the
and they’re going to be having kids soon.       silly.
                                                                                               own 21st century Julia Ward Howe, Janet       world. It means reaching out to Mothers
We’ve lived in too small places for too               There’s a lot of conversation about
                                                                                               McAlpin on her mighty stilts. The third       Beyond Borders, the theme of this year’s
long. I mean, somebody always sleeping          housing on Vashon right now. I think it’s
                                                                                               annual Julia Ward Howe award will be          events.
on a couch if we are all home at once.          important to discuss affordable housing.
                                                                                               presented to an Island mover and shaker.          Individually and collectively we
     We downsized. The last house we            Certainly I am working hard on owning
                                                                                               There will a number of political actions      must begin to measure the true impact
lived in before moving to Vashon was a          my own place someday. But I have
                                                                                               people can take, kids’ activities,            of our actions—our consumption,
3500 square foot craftsman wonder in the        discovered through being a renter that
                                                                                               including a crafts table, face painting       health, energy and trade policies, and
Wallingford district. It was purchased in       what is equally important, or perhaps
                                                                                               and balloon twisting with Michael and         national security strategies—not only by
1989 for $119,000 . The last time we drove      more important, is what goes on inside
                                                                                               Miriam FitzPatrick and pie, cookies and       how they affect our children, but
by I took a looky loo sheet it was going for    those houses. How is the house used?
                                                                                               other snacks.                                 children everywhere.
$385,000. Not bad for the old investment        Does it offer shelter and comfort and
                                                                                                    The event is sponsored by Global             The responsibility implicit in this
program. We’ve been trying to offload the       encouragement? Does it bring joy to the
                                                                                               Links (a subgroup of Vashon Islanders         can seem overwhelming. But when we
extra stuff ever since.                         inhabitants? Are the relationships with
                                                                                               for Peace) in collaboration with Mothers      each start reaching out—through our
     Owning a house is the only way to          the people more important than the
                                                                                               Acting Up, an organization dedicated to       daily choices and political voices, what
achieve financial independence in               relationships with the lawn and gardens?
                                                                                               mobilizing the gigantic political strength    we buy, how we vote, what programs
America. We don’t own on Vashon. The                  I support the philosophy, “live
                                                                                               of women, and CAPE, Community Arts            we support—together we weave a fabric
kids know if we ever do, they are never         simply so others may simply live.”
                                                                                               and Political Expression.                     strong enough to sustain our children’s
ever ever ever ever to let it pass out of the   Nonetheless, if I had a chance to grab that
                                                                                                    Mother’s Day was originally              future.
family. My aunt and I are forever               house I would because of what you could
                                                                                               envisioned by Julia Ward Howe (who                Join mothers and others all over the
regretting that the family cottage on Twin      do for others with it.
                                                                                               also wrote the Battle Hymn of the             world this Mother’s Day: inspiring each
Lakes in Muskegon Michigan was sold                   My wish for you is that your house is
                                                                                               Republic) as a day for mothers to unite       other in our daily lives, educating
out of the family.                              a home. I hope when you walk in the
                                                                                               to protect the lives of children. Modern      ourselves about how to engaging our
     The       new       project        that    doors you feel loved and cared for and
                                                                                               Mother’s Day events are celebrations of       communities in taking action to benefit
VashonHousehold is doing is going to            excited about loving and caring for others.
                                                                                               the desire and ability of mothers (and all    our children and children everywhere.
help some people own their own home.            Whatever size or style, I hope your home
                                                                                               who care for children) to protect our most        For more information, call Stacy
The idea of sweat equity is definitely a        is filled with heart. If not, figure out how
                                                                                               vulnerable children. This doesn’t simply      Carkonen at 463-9946 or visit the
bonding issue. There is no sweeter joy          to make it live in new ways. What will
                                                                                               mean making sure our children eat a           Mothers Acting Up Web site at
than puttering around on the old                keep Vashon, Vashon is homes with
                                                                                               healthy lunch and look both ways before
Ponderosa. I had an interesting                 heart. Let us encourage each other in that.
conversation with a theologian named                                                oo o
                                                                                   o oo
Leonard Sweet one time, in which he                                                            this vacancy due to funding limitations.
                                                Robyn Stover Leaves
                                                                                                                                              Sarah Browne

expounded that most people had a better                                                        Vashon-Maury Senior Center is hoping
relationship with their lawns than they                                                        to find one or more volunteers willing to
did with the people who lived in their             Senior Center                               facilitate quarterly support group
houses.                                              Editor, The Loop:                         meetings for Parkinson’s, diabetes and
     Most of us are constantly working               Robyn Stover, MSW, has over the past      stroke groups. Experience in facilitating
towards improving the places in which           13 years worn many hats while working          support groups and a social work
we live. One of my true moments of              for Vashon-Maury Social Services at the        background are highly desirable.
personal victory was putting together two       Senior Center. As our social worker,           Program coordination has been handled
wall mounted cabinets, one for each             Robyn was highly engaged with “Time            by Mary Ellen Trout, SC board member.
bathroom, in the place in which our             Out” (adult day care) and later added               Over the years as our social worker,
family lives. Every time I open and close       social work hours with Senior Services         Robyn has assisted individuals and
those doors I rejoice in having taken the       here, facilitating programs such as            families facing transitional issues. Susan
time to make the incremental adjustments        “Living a Healthy Life with Chronic            Nyman, SC administrative assistant, and
to the hinges that made it possible.            Conditions” and, more recently,                I will direct people toward resources
     I guess with a 14,000 square foot          “Enhanced Wellness.” Robyn also took           when feasible. Senior Services                         Buyer’s Specialist
house you’re going to have to have some         on program coordination for the SC             Information and Assistance or Senior
help...or more children. That nine              during the past six years.                     Services Senior Rights Assistance staff in              (206) 550-8975
hundred feet of waterfront will need to be           As growth and change are inevitable,      Seattle can also help with transportation,
mowed. The lovely banister in that spiral       Robyn has decided it is time to move on.       housing, legal issues or other needs; call
staircase will have to be polished.             She      has     accepted     increased        448-3110 or check out the Senior Services
     I suppose some people will be              responsibilities with Providence               website at
grossed out by a house that large and           Hospice. The island will be fortunate to            Abbie Nielsen
expensive on Vashon. But you know why           benefit from her wealth of experience and           Director
I think it’s great?                             professionalism, gained from a career of            Vashon-Maury Senior Center
     Hospitality. I was just telling            working with adults 50 and better. Please
                                                                                                                                                             Seattle Metro West
someone about learning the difference           join me in bidding Robyn a fulfilling life         Laugh and the whole
between hospitality and entertainment.          as she reaches for new horizons!                world laughs with you cry                        Your Home Team Realty
Entertainment is about showing off.                   Senior Services, a private agency                                                            (206) 463-LIST (5478)
                                                                                                and you have to blow your
Hospitality is about making the guest’s         which funded her position, will not fill
The Vashon Loop, p. 16                                                                                                     May 10, 06

                                                                                                   New At
  Loop ~ Sports

Shadow puppets took over the VHS Theater last Friday; now they have metamorphosed
                                                                                                17705 Vashon Hwy SW   206-463-2838
into three dimensions, taken to the streets, and control our population.
    Sporting News: Ernest is out of town
so I’m covering this section for the
Vashon Island community. I’m nervous
but Ernie said I don’t need to say much.
He just wanted me to send a few pictures
and to tell you that the Vashon High
Soccer and Baseball Team will soon be
playing for the district playoffs. The
baseball team is fresh off a swisher
shweet win over Steilacoom in Nisqually
League play. Check out these pictures
and enhance your mind, man.
    Just Keepin’ it real,                         Incurable romantics. Now that Zach and
    Josh Wojcikowski (Ernie’s oh so              Dave have seen the Pirates play baseball,
capable replacement)                             they can’t stop writing love paeans to
                                                 those of fields of green.

Wrestling Coach Per-Lars Blooooomgren
spends off season bonding time with his good
buddy, OJ Simpson, the bald, white ref from
Belfair. They went for coffee and discussed
various subjects such as the novel The
Brothers Karamazov and how the movie
“Shopgirl” differed from its source, Steve
Martin’s master novella. Who says that refs
can’t wax philosophic? Not me, said the little
flea hiding on the top left corner of PL
Blomgren’s huge back.

   At one Army base, the annual trip
   to the rifle range had been canceled
   for the second year in a row, but
   the semi-annual physical fitness test
   was still on, as planned. One soldier
   mused, “Does it bother anyone else
   that the Army doesn’t seem to care            Hoops season over, Aubrey can now
   how well we can shoot, but they               concentrate on her art. Here she shows off a
                                                 piece inspired by Liam Rockwell’s
   are extremely interested in how fast
                                                 unstoppable pursuit of freedom on the
   we can run?”                                  racetrack.
May 10, 06                                                                                                                                             The Vashon Loop, p. 17
                                     A gephyrophobic is someone who is afraid of
Lo py Laffs                          crossing bridges over water ( could
                                     you say we are an Island of gephyrophobics?)

                                            Q: - What’s the difference
One (or more) Liners                        between God and a doctor?
Every morning is the dawn of a new error. A: - God doesn’t think he is a
Make God laugh—tell Him your plans.         doctor.
                                                           There is no sadder
If your pushing 60 that’s exercise enough!                 sight than a young
A woman’s place is in the House—or the Senate.             pessimist. — Mark
Lawyers’ job is to make used car salesmen look good.       Twain
Dyslexia means never having to say that you’re yrros.
I know you are nobody’s fool, but maybe somebody will adopt you.
Some people practice what they preach, others just practice preaching.
I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me.

A priest was preparing a man for his long day’s journey into night. Whispering firmly,
the priest said, “Renounce the devil! Let him know how little you think of his evil!”
The dying man said nothing. The priest repeated his order. Still the dying man said
nothing. The priest asked, “Why do you refuse to renounce the devil and his evil?”
The dying man said, “Until I know where I’m heading, I don’t think I ought to aggravate
                                           Yet another clergy joke: There was a preacher whose wife
                                      was expecting a baby so he went before the Congregation and
                                      asked for a raise. After much discussion, they passed a rule
          A British company           that whenever the preacher’s family expanded, so would his
                                                                                                          Vacation Stories:
           is developing              salary.                                                             1. On vacation in Hawaii, my step mom Sandy called a café to make
       computer chips that                 After six children, this started to get expensive and the      reservations for 7 p.m. Checking her book, the cheery hostess said,
           store music in             Congregation decided to hold another meeting to discuss the         “I’m sorry, but all we have is 6:45. Would you like that?” “That’s
          women’s breast              preacher’s salary. There was much yelling and bickering about       fine,” Sandy said. “Okay,” the woman confirmed. Then she added,
                                      how much the clergyman’s additional children were costing the
        implants. This is a                                                                               “Just be advised that you may have to wait 15 minutes for your
                                      church. Finally, the Preacher got up and spoke to the crowd,
       major breakthrough.            “Children are a gift from God,” he said. Silence fell on the        table.”
        Women are always              congregation.                                                       2. A man and his wife went to a Dude Ranch in Texas. The cowboy
        complaining about                  In the back pew, a little old lady stood up and in her frail   preparing the horses asked the woman if she wanted a Western or
       men staring at their           voice said, “Rain is also a gift from God, but when we get too      English saddle, and she asked what the difference was. He told her
          breasts and not             much of it, we wear rubbers.”
                                           And the Congregation said, “Amen.”
                                                                                                          one had a horn and one didn’t, she replied, “The one without the
        listening to them.
                                                                                                          horn is fine. I don’t expect we’ll run into too much traffic.”

                                                                          This is a “classic” Logjam from about a year ago. Jeff Hawley, please email me! -
The Vashon Loop, p. 18                                                                                                                                                  May 10, 06

    Loop Arts                                                                                                                              Blackberry Bear
                                                                                                                                               and the
                                                                                                                                               Hollow Tales
                                                                                                                                                St. Patrick’s Day at Tooley’s Part 3
                                                                                                                                                When Blackberry got a little ways out
                                                                                                                                           into the woods, he sat down by a tree and
                                                                                                                                                “Ho sharee! Ho sharoo! Leprechaun,
                                                                                                                                           Leprechaun, I’ll catch you!”
                                                                                                                                                For that was what all good Leprechaun
                                                                                                                                           Hunters were supposed to say as they
                                                                                                                                           waited. Blackberry began to snooze off and
                                                                                                                                           in a moment he heard something rustling
                                                                                                                                           in his gunny sack. He snatched it up quickly
                                                                                                                                           and yelled out, “Now I’ve got you, you little
                                                                                                                                                Needless to say there was quite a
                                                                                                                                           commotion in the bag, and Blackberry was
                                                                                                                                           most amazed when he herad his name yelled
                                                                                                                                           out from inside the bag.
                                                                                                                                                “Blackberry! Blackberry! Put me down!
                                                                                                                                           It’s me, Ratty!”
Lee Tyler Post Courtesy Photo
                                                                                                                                                “Ratty? Whatever were you doing in
    Lee Tyler Post w/                                                                                                                      my gunny sack?”
                                                                                                                                                “Your gunny sack? Oops…I just smelled
      Angela Reed                                                                                                                          the cookies and started to eat them. They
                                                                                                                                           sure are good, too!” said Ratty as he licked
    Lee Tyler Post and his special guest                                                                                                   his paws. “Got anymore?”
Angela Reed will be performing at Cafe                                                                                                          “Ratty, they were supposed to be the
Luna on Saturday, May 13, 7:30 to 10 p.m.                                                                                                  bait for the Leprechaun! Now get out of my
    Post is a singer/songwriter whose                                                                                                      sack so I can refill it!”
style ranges from Acoustic Soul, to Roots                                                                                                       Ratty looked thoughtful. “Hey,
Rock, to Folk Blues, with a splash of Adult                                                                                                Blackberry, don’t you think the Leprechaun
Alternative. His lyrics convey stories of                                                                                                  might see you and figure it out?” Then quick
everyday people. He calls it Rock ‘N’ Soul.   Five Elements by Ann Leda Shapiro                                                            as quick Ratty stood up straight and said,
                                                                                                                                           “Well, anyway, good luck! I’m going back
“Post’s sound is as much Springsteen
and Van Morrison as it is Otis Redding
                                                 Ann Leda Shapiro’s Visual Case Studies                                                    to the party for more of these cookies.”
                                                                                                                                                “You know, he’s right,” thought
and Al Green: blue-collar heartland grit         Exhibit at Two Wall Gallery This Month                                                    Blackberry as Ratty slipped away through
mixed with Motor City soul...” The San            Visual Case Studies is an exhibit of systemically anatomical paintings and drawings      the forest. “The Leprechaun will see
Diego Troubadour                              by Vashon artist and acupuncturist Ann Leda. Leda’s paintings come from a deep               me…hum…but what if I put on Wizzy’s
                                              knowledge of the physical and spiritual body. If you look at a person as an                  magic bracelet?”
                                              interconnected system of energetic, structural, emotional, and fluid processes, a whole           So Blackberry put on the bracelet, and
        American                              person, instead of the appearance of a person, they look different. Her fluid drawings       POOF! disappeared! He sat down and
                                              float and pulse across her compositions. The figures occupy ornate spaces decorated
         Dreamz                               with her impressions of traditional Chinese design and atmospheric anomalies.
                                                                                                                                                Not far away, “Begorrah, but I do smell
                                                                                                                                           something delightful in the air,” said
                                                  Ann’s exhibit at the Two Wall Gallery will be defined in two bodies of work. The         Shamus the Leprechaun as he walked along
               May 10 & 11                    Five Elements are shaped paintings on cut paper that depict the distilled elements of        the woodland path. “Where is it comin’
                                              the human body. Visual Case Studies are large paintings and small drawings that deal         from, I wonder?”
        Poseidon                              more with the person and the therapeutic process.
                                                  Leda Shapiro’s exhibit will float around the walls of the Two Wall Gallery from
                                                                                                                                                Now, Leprechauns have very good
                                                                                                                                           noses and it didn’t take him long to start
        Adventure                             May 4 through May 28. If you have any questions about art or acupuncture, call Ann
                                              Leda Shapiro, L.Ac. at (206) 463-3967.1
                                                                                                                                           eating those delicious peanut butter cookies.
                                                                                                                                           Blackberry had been patiently watching the
                                                                                                                                           whole thing, and once Shamus was
            May 12 -- May 25
                                                                                                                                           completely inside the gunny sack,
                                                                                                                                           Blackberry snatched it up!
              Tsoti                           Robbie Fulks and Danny Barnes at Bishop’s                                                         “Ah hah! Now I’ve got you!” shouted
                                                                                                                                           Blackberry. “That wasn’t so hard! Don’t
            May 16, 17, 18                      Powerhouse Show by Two Local Stars                                                         know what everyone’s fuss was about…just
                                                                    Fans of high-octane American music, rejoice!                                                             set out a few
                                                                                                                                                                             peanut butter
     Friends with                                  Robbie Fulks and Danny Barnes are
                                              returning to Bishop’s Cafe and Lounge,
                                                                                             a friendship of many years based largely,
                                                                                             at least from my own vantage point, on
                                                                                                                                                                             cookies, and,
                                                                                                                                                                             hey presto!
        Money                                 on Tuesday, May 16, at 8 p.m. to treat
                                              islanders to a rollicking night of mind-
                                                                                             the grounds that his erudition and
                                                                                             breadth and freakish musical ability
                                                                                                                                                                             You have a
             May 23, 24, 25
                                              boggling musical prowess.                      make him useful company to have                                                 in your bag!”
                                                   “Barnes and Fulks are both beloved        around.”                                                                             The bag
                                              visitors on Vashon Island, having                   Fulks, an imposing 6 foot 5 inch stage                                     was dangling
                                              performed here separately on several           presence who hails from Chicago, is                                             this way and
                                              notable occasions,” says Liz Shepherd,                                                                                         that, and you
                                                                                             known for his elegant, sophisticated
                                                                                                                                                                             can be sure
                                              an Islander who is organizing the              songwriting, masterful crooning and flat-
                                                                                                                                           old Shamus was doing quite a jig in that
                                              concert. “Last July, Danny joined              pick guitar wizardry. Fulks has released      sack trying to figure out just who had him
                                              Robbie’s band at Bishop’s and played           seven critically acclaimed albums             and how to get out of there.
                                              several songs, to the delight of a sold-out,   including Georgia Hard, which made                 “Hey, who are you and what gives? Let
                                              cheering crowd. I’m just thrilled that they    many of last year’s top ten country music     me out to have a peek!” yelled Shamus from
                                              are coming back now to do an entire show       lists. Robbie has appeared on the Grand       inside the sack.
                                              together. This will be a real double dose      Ole Opry, Austin City Limits, and                  “OK, but only half way,” said
                                              of tour-de-force musicianship.”                countless honkytonks across the United        Blackberry, as he loosened the end of the
                                                   Danny Barnes, singer, songwriter          States. He is the host of Robbie’s Secret     sack.
                                              and multi-instrumentalist, has been                                                               “So just where are you?” called out
                                                                                             Country, a radio program (broadcast on
  Call 463-3232 or check                      thrilling Northwest music lovers since he      XM Radio) on which he has hosted and
                                                                                                                                           Shamus, “And who are you?”
                                                                                                                                                “I’m Blackberry Bear and I live in the woods
                                              relocated to Port Townsend from Austin,        performed with such iconic guests as Ray                       Texas in 1997. He was the driving force        Price, Connie Smith, Billy Joe Shaver,
                                                                                                                                           over there,” Blackberry sang. “I’ve got fuzzy
         for times                            behind the genre-hopping band Bad              Marty Stuart, Otis Clay, Bill Frisell,             “Give me another clue!” interrupted
                                              Livers. Recently he has released several       Wayne Hancock, Al Anderson, Buddy             Shamus.
                                              critically acclaimed albums, including Get     Miller, Guy Clark, Terry Allen, Bill               “...cheeks, and I’m ever so debonair…”
  A woman was telling her                     Myself Together and Dirt on the Angel. In      Kirchen, Phil Lee, Redd Volkaert, Dallas      continued Blackberry. “I’m Blackberry, ever
                                              his solo work and with such bands as           Wayne, and others.                            so debonairly, Blackberry Bear! Nice to make
  friend, “It is I who made my                                                                                                             your acquaintance.”
                                              Thee Old Codgers and MyLab, he has                  On May 16 at Bishops, Barnes and
  husband a millionaire.” “And                collaborated with such artists as Wayne                                                           “This isn’t funny!” said Shamus. “You
                                                                                             Fulks can be expected to whip it out in
  what was he before you                      Horvitz, Bill Frisell, Robin Holcomb,          bluegrass, power-pop, southern rock,
                                                                                                                                           can see me but I can’t see you!”
                                                                                                                                                “Yep, that’s about it,” chuckled
  married him?” asked the                     Robert Earl Keen and Tim O’Brien.              country, jazz, or whatever other musical      Blackberry.
  friend. The woman replied,                       Robbie Fulks says of his collaboration    genre strikes their ample whimsy at the            “And I certainly don’t see any bear!”
  “A billionaire.”                            with Barnes, “Danny and I have enjoyed         time.                                         said Shamus. “Now who are you, really?”
                                                                                                                                                To Be Continued
May 10, 06                                                                                                                                                     The Vashon Loop, p. 19

                                                                                                                Two women at the corner of Bank and Highway…
                                                                                                                “So...where should we go?”
                                                                                                                “How ‘bout the Bookshop! Kronos is right there,
                                                                                                                and then we can go to the Tea Shop!
                                                                                                                (Are all the smart women on Vashon?)

                                                                  Photo by Hawk Jones                         Open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
                                                                                                                 Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (206) 463-2616
                                                as if I had slipped into an alternative
                                                universe where things only seemed the
                                                same on the surface.
                                                      I’ll miss Elaine’s asking people to zip
                                                her up, Susan’s quiet smile, Phyllis’
                                                                                                 What’s Happening at Vashon Bookshop?
                                                chuckle, Megan’s hair mascara, Vassa’s              By Devon Atkins
                         Photos by Hawk Jones youthful complements, Joan’s genius at                Summer begins almost opening a window --
                                                portraying different characters and the             my daughter leaves to catch a bus at six,
  The Making of Annie:                          orphan’s grins and ragged dusters. I’ll
             Wrap-Up                            remember the stifled hysterical laughter            the neighbor dog whines for company. I
                                                                                                    pull on shoes and sweats, walk to the corner
      By Susan Wolf                             backstage at our valiant band’s
      The theater is dark now, the stage has occasional horn squeaks and off-key
                                                                                                    where a man in a big hat shrugs and trusts
been struck. Gone are the props, the New strings (who knew the music was printed
                                                                                                    unruly cars to crash into his flat ferned yard.
York City mansion backdrop, bunks and wrong?). The friendly support from every
drapes. The dressing rooms, which had man, woman and child was so prevalent
                                                                             that any cast          I head down 156th to the tom that strolls the street
been stuffed for weeks with hats, dresses,
                                                                             member who             tail high to greet me. (Sometimes it seems like hunger,
feather dusters and character shoes, are
bare and silent. The bathrooms have been                                     dared to be
                                                                             c r a n k y ,          sometimes like spilt milk.) At first I stop, then take a left
scrubbed and the carpet vacuumed.
                                                                             competitive or         around the Point where a goat, a rooster and a pig, I think,
Desks shoved to one wall are now neatly
lined up in rows. The students that pour                                     critical was
                                                                             q u i c k l y          remind me of a picture book, of reading in the Bookshop,
into the school on Monday will never
                                                                             shunned.               of listening next door to women drinking Tea, to delight
know we were there at all.
      No more songs rehearsals at the                                            I finally
                                                                             reached my bed         stacked high in Kronos. Tomorrow I’ll open the window, decide
Burton church hall, no more dances at the
                                                                             that last night        to believe in fairy tales, and remember it’s a goat, a sheep, and a pig
Blue Heron. The strike party, which was
filled with people, food, laughter,                                          exhausted and
                                                                             happy to have          like promises made in every children’s book, or lost poems I feel
animated chatter and kids playing on the
                                                    Photo by Hawk Jones been a part of              but don’t remember, like the sky when the moon is missing.
lawn, is over. I quietly collect my
souvenirs, wait for photos, and plan my                                      such a wildly
                                                successful Drama Dock production (8 out             (Which only goes to prove, once again, that there is more to Vashon Bookshop
scrapbook pages.
                                                                                                than just books.)
      During the rehearsals and of 9 sold-out houses). I said to my                                                                                                        oo o
                                                                                                                                                                          o oo
performances                                    husband, “It was great, but I’m sure glad
of Annie, I                                     it’s over.”
missed my                                             To my                                     Anna Rose Steps Up
mother-in-                                      surprise, he                                         The first weekend of Annie’s the
law’s        80th                               said, “Well,                                    show’s Annie, Megan Hackett, became
birthday; my                                    m a y b e                                       ill and was unable to do the Sunday
granddaughter’s                                 you’ll get a                                    matinee. Anna Rose Warren was called
sixth birthday;                                 chance to                                       to fill in, and she did. Photographer
and            my                               d             o                                 Hawk Jones photographed the morning’s
estranged                                       something                                       rehearsal and preparation and the show,
s o n ’ s                                       like that                                       and sent some photos with his remarks.
                        Photo by Hawk Jones a g a i n                                                “I have never seen a group of people
visit home before leaving for his new sometime.”                                                band together like this to help a young
civilian job in Iraq (Young men, take note:           S t i l l                                 actor prepare for a performance, “Hawk
if you really want to see a relative, PLEASE    worn out,                                       begins. “I have also never seen an actor
call first!). Bags of recycling have collected, my         feet                                 assume a role as quickly as Anna Rose. It
                                                smarting, I            Photo by Hawk Jones      was a magic day that truly demonstrated
bathrooms are unscrubbed, and my desk
cluttered. The family has eaten more than b l u n t l y                                         the spirit of community theater.”
its fair share of frozen dinners.               asked, “Why?” only half joking.                                                 “In this
      The memories are vivid now of my                “Because,” he said quietly, “you                                      photo Anna
                                                became a better person.”                                                    Rose is getting                       Photo by Hawk Jones
one-legged hop out of the way of the
                                                                                                                            her hair cut by    was fully prepared to have Henna
opening dressing room door while my
                                                                                                                            her Mom an         applied to her hair, thus turning it red
pantyhose were looped around one ankle
                                                                                                                            hour before        until it grows out. Since time would not
in the mad scramble into my next costume
                                                                                                                            the     show.      permit the Henna application red hair
change. I can still see Marita’s smiling
                                                                                                                            Talk about         mascara was used instead…you just have
                              eyes and quick
                                                                                                                            dedication,        to see the back stage scramble to get the
                              hands coaxing
                                                                                                                            how many           hair mascara applied.
                              the correct notes
                              from our throats,                                                                             people would
                              Kathy Bonner’s                                                                                be willing to
                                                                                                    Photo by Hawk Jones get an orphan
                              playful figure
                              joining      the                                                                              haircut for
                              French Maids’                                                     what will probably amount to only one
                              leggy dance and                                                                                performance?
                              L i b b i e                                                                                        The first
                              Anthony’s                                                                                      photo is from
                              unconventional                                                                                 the rehearsal
                              humor directing                                                                                just hours
                                                                                                                             before the
   Photo by Hawk Jones our acting. I
                              wasn’t prepared                                                                                show and the
for the overwhelming love.                                                                                                   second was
                                                                       Photo by Hawk Jones
      Coming from the stress of work with                                                                                    from       the
its varying attitudes and deadlines into a                                                                                   performance.
group of strange people with friendly                   Look for an Annie                                                    By the way
smiles happily learning something new,            retrospective book, published                      Photo by Hawk Jones r e h e a r s a l s
it was impossible to miss the joy with                                                                                       started at 9
                                                  by Kota Press and featuring the               am as cast members streamed in to help
which each approached the task. To be a           photography of Hawk Jones,
part of a group so excited to be there, so                                                      Anna Rose learn her lines, songs, and
focused on succeeding at their work, felt
                                                  coming soon!                                  dance routines. As a side note, Anna Rose                     Photo by Hawk Jones
The Vashon Loop, p. 20                                                                                                                                        May 10, 06

    NW Design Meets Affordability!
                                                              !     1.06 Acres                                                      SEATTLE METRO WEST

                                                              !     2 bedrooms
                                                              !     2 bath
                                                              !     1622 SQFT
                                                                     MLS # 26066959                        206-463-SOLD                      Independent Member Broker
                                                                                                                                          An An Independent Member Broker
    Northwest Interior Design Meets Affordability! Westside Home on an Acre. Serene View of
    Sound and Amazing Sunsets from the Atrium Room, Deck, and Hot Tub. Lots of Plantings and
    an Area of Natural Trees. Plenty of Land for Your Garden. This Home is Move-In Condition. All
    New Windows. Interior with Designer Earthtone Colors. Living Room with Custom Warm Wood
    Flooring. Kitchen with New Stainless Appliances and Slate Floors. Oversized Garage has Lots
    of Space for Your Hobbies. New 50 Year Roof.

         Serenity is Yours
    $362,000                                                                                                             Fred and Carolyn Steen
      !    .17 Acres                                                                                        “We are passionate, focused, and real. Together we have 20
                                                                                                            years of real estate experience on Vashon Island. We’d love to
      !    3 bedrooms                                                                                       help you realize your home owning dreams.”
           2.5 bath
           2040 SQFT
                                                                                                               Keller Williams Realty
                                                                                                                            Local Expertise With a National Presence
          MLS # 26044309
                 25815 176th Pl SE, Covington, WA 98042                                                       ~ Vashon’s only National Real Estate Office
   Amazing Opportunity for a Designer Influenced Home to be Your Own. This Artist’s Home has                  ~ 4th Largest Real Estate Network in the US
   Warm Tuscany Rustic Ambience. Beautiful Dura Ceramic and Hardwood Floors. Wake Up to                       ~ Over 60,000 Agents in 560 Offices
   the Mt. Rainier View from Your Master Suite. Serenity is Yours in This Quiet Neighborhood.
   Have a BBQ with Your Friends on the Patio. Enjoy the Tree Lined Summer Sunsets. At the End                 ~ Recognized and Respected for Excellence
   of the Day, Relax in Your Soaking Tub. Living is Easy in this Low Maintenance Home. Landscaping
   with Sprinkler System. Central AirConditioning                                                               
                                                                                                               -Local Listings
 206-463-SOLD (7653)                                 17637 Vashon Highway SW                                    -National Listings

                                               RR Ties $5.00 - $22.50
                                                       ea Vashon p/u
                                               4 Grades 463 5161
                                                 Build Your Own Home!

                                                                           Equal Opportunity
                                                                           Housing Provider
                                                                                                        Farming                                         Driveway repair
                                                    You can help build your first                        Fencing                                          Rototilling
                                                 home for as little as $170,000 for                  Front end loader       Doug York                    Brush cutting
                                                 a Craftsman-Style, 3 BR,2BA.
                                                 Call Vashon HouseHold at 206-
                                                                                                      Small backhoe      ( 206 ) 567-4776                    etc.
                                                 463-4880 for more info.
    Sea Kayaks for Sale
 Two like-new Kevlar Easy Rider Sea                                                                                                       Read The Loop Online:
   Kayaks with all the gear and car
   rack: one 16 foot Kevlar Eskimo
    Easy Rider kayak, and one 15              Summer
       Kevlar Easy Rider Kayak.
   $3,000 for the pair, including the         dates                                                                                         For sale: Two folding
  Yakima kayak car rack (a $6,000+            filling up                                                                                 walkup benches. In good
          value). Email Jeff at or call
                                              call us                                                                                    shape. $65 each
                                              206-794-                                                                                      Rex 463-3009
            253 862 6579.
      Lovely, furnished one
                                                                                                      Plants, garden and pet care
       bedroom apartment
    with deck, yard, and cable
                                                 Work Wanted                                             Excellent references
                                                                                                 Marie Schlick 567-4030
  television. Children welcome.                New to Vashon, happy to be in
       No Smoking or pets.                     paradise, longing to break the Seattle-
                                               wage-slave link. I’m eager to find
         $700 per month.
                                               part-time work on the island in any of            PDQ Transparent
        Weekly/monthly/                        the following areas: phlebotomy, arts             Moss Removal Specialists
   short term leases available.                administration, writing/editing, or             Full Pressure Washing Service
       Security deposit and                    tutoring English/Spanish. Lots of                      Roof, Gutter, and
       references required.                    experience, give me a call - Brenda at          Impeccable Window Cleaning
  Reservations (206) 463 3009
                                                     463-4080                                              463-2648

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