Bentleys Meadow Redevelopment by sofiaie


									NEWSLETTER FOR TENANTS OF WEST KENT HOUSING ASSOCIATION                                                  JULY 2004     Issue 27

Bentleys Meadow Redevelopment
The redevelopment at Bentleys Meadow in Seal is making steady progress. In total West Kent will
be building 58 new homes, most of which will be for rent with 14 being available for Shared
Ownership. These range from 1 and 2 bedroom flats, 2, 3 and 4 bed-houses and chalet style
properties. There are also homes specifically designed for the disabled.

The completion of Phase 1 was marked in June when Eric Bangay, Tenant Representative from
Seal, officially opened the site with Councillor Clive Bruce, Sevenoaks District Council’s Chairman.
                                                                         Phase 2 is now underway
                                                                         and keeping very much
                                                                         on programme, with
                                                                         completion expected in
                                                                         Summer 2005.

                                                                        Mark Leader, Development and New Business
                                                                        Director commented "This has been quite a
                                                                        complex project and I thank those involved from
                                                                        the Parish and District Council as well as the staff at
                                                                        West Kent for all their hard work. It’s never easy
                                                                        living in a place with building works going on, no
                                                                        matter how considerate the contractor is, and
                                                                        so I also thank the residents for their patience and

                                                                        If you would like more information on our Shared
                                                                        Ownership schemes then please call us on
                                                                        01732 749400 for details.

Calendar Art Competition                                                                                 What’s Inside
Would you like to see your artwork in West Kent’s calendar for 2005?
If so, this is for you!                                                                                ➤ Possession orders and
                                                                                                                the Right to Buy
Now in it’s third year, the West Kent art competition is an opportunity to share
your creativity.                                                                                           ➤ How We’re Doing
Both adults and children are welcome                                                                          ➤ Summer Trips
to enter – the winning artworks will                                                                   ➤ A Day in the Life of a
be used for next year’s calendar, plus                                                                         Scheme Manager
there will be some great prizes up for
grabs.                                                                                                             ➤ Useful tips
For more details and an entry form,                                                                               ➤ Your Tenant
please contact Nicola Morrell on                                                                                 Representatives
01732 749400 or by e-mail at:                                                                                 ➤ Skatboard Park
                                                                                                                   Dunton Green
                                                                                                                 ➤ Things to do
                                                                                           How We’re
    Generation Games
    For the last five years the
    Sheltered Housing Scheme at                                                            Rent
    Montgomery Road, South                                                                 At the 31 December 2003 West Kent
    Darenth has been playing host                                                          owned 5307 general needs properties
    to the boys from Furness                                                               with a total average rent of £64.53.
    School.                                                                                Detailed below is a breakdown of the
                                                                                           properties by size and average weekly rent.
    Every Friday a few of the pupils
    (different ones each week) visit
    Montgomery Road to play                                                                Number of        Property            Average
    pool, darts and board games                                                            units            size                rent
    with the residents in the                                                              14               Bedsit              £50.23
    communal lounge.
                                                                                           1644             1 Bed               £53.71
    This is a social occasion for both the pupils and residents. It also helps the         1522             2 Beds              £64.43
    pupils with social integration and confidence building.
                                                                                           2022             3 Beds              £72.48
    Mr Alan Dean, teacher at Furness School, wanted to show his appreciation to            105              4 or more beds      £83.89
    two of the residents, Mr Jim Betts and Mr Herbie Payne, who have shown great
    dedication over the last five years to make this event such a success.
                                                                                           As at the 31 December rent arrears
    On Friday 26th March 2004 the Mayoress of Swanley, Mrs Kathleen Coates,                stood at 2.67% of the rent roll, which
    and Mr David Coates visited Montgomery Road to present Jim and Herbie with a           compares excellently to other top
    certificate for the great work they are doing.                                         performing associations whose arrears
                                                                                           are on average 3.67%
    Most of the residents came to the lounge for the presentation. Also present
    were Mr Alan Dean, pupils Antonio Lind, Kevin Burden, Andrew Smith and
    Jason Lower, Hazel Campbell, Sheltered Housing Assistant and Linda Emmett,             Vacancies
    Sheltered Housing Officer.                                                             It took on average 28 days to let a
                                                                                           general needs property from the day
                                                                                           the tenancy ended.
    Possession Orders and Right to Buy                                                     At the end of December we had 53
                                                                                           properties that were available to relet to
    If you were previously a tenant of         tenancy with no additional rights. This     new and existing tenants. This is the
    Sevenoaks District Council you may         means no Right to Buy.                      equivalent to 1.00% of our total stock.
    have additional rights such as the
                                               Where a suspended possession order
    "right to buy" and succession rights                                                   Who we housed
    to a member of your family. This is        has been made, if you keep up your
                                               payments each week without fail your        Shown below are details of the way we
    called a "protected" tenancy.                                                          filled our vacancies last year.
                                               "protected" tenancy will continue as
    You can lose these rights if West Kent     before. However, if you miss even one
                                               payment, legally your tenancy with          Transferring tenants                           146
    obtains a possession order against
                                               West Kent comes to an end and you           People/families that were classed
    you in the County Court for rent
                                               become a "tolerated trespasser".            as homeless                                    103
    arrears or nuisance.
                                               This means you have also lost your          People/families that were
    There are two orders that may affect       additional rights under the "protected"     registered on the housing register             168
    these rights:                              tenancy. Even if you are allowed to         People/families who were living
                                               remain in the property, you will not get    in hostel accommodation                        44
    q An outright possession order                                                         Other mobility schemes e.g. HOMES               2
                                               back these additional rights. This
      requiring you to leave the               means you lose your right to buy
      property by a certain date               forever.
    q A suspended order requiring you
      to pay the rent plus an amount           If you think this is unfair you can apply
      each week off the arrears                back to the court for your original                       44
                                               tenancy to be resurrected. However,
    In the case of an outright order, your     unless you have cleared all your                                           146
    "protected" tenancy ends on the day        arrears and costs the court is unlikely
    the court orders you to leave, i.e. 14     to grant this.
    or 28 days from the date of the                                                                168
    hearing. At that point, all additional     If you are already in breach of a
    rights have been lost.                     suspended order, this affects you.                                  103
    Even if you clear all the arrears and      If you have any questions about this
    costs and we offer you a new               you can contact your Housing Officer.
    tenancy, this will be a normal assured
Last year we carried out 18, 302
repairs.                                   What’s on for Summer
q 98% of emergency repairs were            FAMILY TRIPS
  dealt with within the target of 1 day.   Our popular family coach trips are back for the summer. For just £3 per adult
q 95% of urgent repairs were               and £1 per child under 16 you can enjoy a fun day out.
  completed in the target time of 7
  calendar days.                           To give everyone a fair chance each area has it’s own booking date, and
q 94% of routine repairs were              we are unable to take bookings or reserve places before these dates.
  carried out within the target of 1       Look under the pick-up point nearest to where you live and call the number
  calendar month.                          on the date given to book or call into the Swanley office or Furniture Store in
                                           Sevenoaks. The trips are limited to two per family.
During the year West Kent spent on
average £596 per property on               Edenbridge and Westerham – Bookings taken from
maintenance and £461 on                    Friday 16 July
management.                                Pick ups Edenbridge Centre, Leisure Centre and Westerham
                                           Wednesday 28 July                          Drusillas Zoo Park
NB All figures relate to the year 1
                                           Wednesday 4 August                         Dymchurch
January 2003 to 31 December
                                           Wednesday 11 August                        Adventure Island, Southend
                                           To Book: Tel: Linda 01732 749400 ext.315 or Toni ext.329

    National                               Swanley – Bookings taken from Monday 19 July
                                           Pick up St Barts School, Sycamore Drive

    Debtline                               Thursday 29 July
                                           Thursday 5 August
                                           Thursday 12 August
                                                                  Knockhatch Adventure Park
                                           Thursday 19 August     Dymchurch
   National Debtline is a telephone        Thursday 26 August     Adventure
     helpline for people with debt                                Island, Southend
  problems. They give expert advice
                                           To Book-: Tel: Linda 01732 749400 ext.315 or
 over the telephone and send callers
                                           Toni ext. 329
 in debt a self-help information pack
            free of charge.                Sevenoaks – Bookings taken from
 The service is free, confidential and     Tuesday 20 July
             independent.                  Pick ups Sevenoaks, Riverhead and Otford
                                           Tuesday 27 July        Hastings
    Helpline:                              Tuesday 3 August       Knockhatch Adventure
 0808 808 4000                             Tuesday 10 August
             Website:                      Tuesday 17 August      Adventure Island, Southend            Tuesday 24 August      Dymchurch
                                           To Book: Tel: Linda 01732 749400 ext. 315 or Toni ext. 329

FURNITURE                                  Hartley and Horton Kirby – Bookings taken from
                                           Friday 16 July
STORE                                      Pick ups Wellfield Hall and Saxon Place
CLOSING DATES                              Thursday 29 July       Drusillas
                                           Thursday 5 August      Herne Bay
Abacus House Furniture Store
                                           Thursday 12 August     Adventure
will be closed from Thursday
29 July at 2pm and re-opens
on Tuesday 17 August.
                                           Thursday 19 August     Dymchurch
The Furniture Store has lots of
good quality second hand
                                           To Book: Tel: Linda
furniture, including                       01732 749400
re-conditioned electrical
goods. Call Angela on 01732                ext. 315 or
743365 to find out what is
                                           Toni ext. 329
    I started off as a Sheltered Housing Assistant at Hollybush Court, which I enjoyed
                                                                                               Useful Tips
    for 2 years until a position came up for a scheme manager at Queens Court. I
    took a chance and went for the job and I got it!.
    I live on site and my hours are 8.45am to 5.15pm with Invicta Lifeline picking up          To reduce the risk of condensation
    the out of hours calls.                                                                    and mould growing on the walls and
                                                                                               ceiling of your home you should
    My day starts with a call to the lone worker line, to let West Kent know where I           take a few simple precautions.
    will be that day and then I take back the scheme from Invicta Lifeline and check if
    there have been any messages left. If there are I will then deal with those.               q Always ensure that you ventilate
    I then do a call check to all tenants in the 27 flats, visiting those that need a visit.     your home, the trickle vents on
                                                                                                 plastic windows should be open
    Telephone calls are then made for doctors, repairs/head office and I check that              at all times.
    carers have been and the tenants are ready for their bus that collects them to go          q During and after activities like
    to the day centres.                                                                          cooking and bathing, and for at
    Coffee mornings with the tenants are arranged and hopefully the tenants will                 least half an hour afterwards,
    make the tea/coffee.                                                                         always ensure that the kitchen or
                                                                                                 bathroom door is kept shut and
    I then go off site and venture out on my twice weekly visits to my outside                   open a fanlight. If you have
    schemes, which are in the villages near me, checking that each tenant has                    extractor fans fitted use them.
    everything they need and that all is well around the site.                                 q Ensure that you provide
    Returning back to Queen Court, hopefully for a lunch break.                                  background heat and during cold
                                                                                                 spells have the heating on slightly
    I then take back my scheme from Invicta who have looked after it for me whilst I
                                                                                                 lower all the time.
    have been away.
                                                                                               q Avoid drying washing indoors on
    Afternoons can involve any activity from keep fit, a reminiscence group, a quiz or           the radiators, if you have no
    a knitting group. Usually tea and cakes are part of it, which I have baked the night         alternative keep the door to that
    before.                                                                                      room shut and open a window to
    A visiting chiropodist/hairdresser comes periodically and outside clubs such as              ensure that the air in that room is
    KAB/Widows Club/Community Link come in to use our lounge bringing outside                    constantly changing with fresh air
    members with them and residents from Queens Court join in too.                               from outside.
                                                                                               q Keep doors to rooms shut when
    Lots of tenants have been along to see me in the office throughout the day                   not in use, heating systems have
    maybe for a chat or help with a form or to ask to arrange transport for them.                been designed to heat rooms to
    When my day is finished I telephone the lone worker line to say I am safe then I             different temperatures.
    give back the scheme to Invicta and go home.
                                                                                               Gas and Electric Cards
    Sometimes the day does not go to plan as I may start with a tenant on the floor
                                                                                               Many tenants opt to pay for their
    where an ambulance is needed, which will take up quite a bit of time, making all
                                                                                               gas by using top up gas and electric
    my other plans later.
                                                                                               cards. These are a convenient way
    Or perhaps there may be a problem whilst I am on my visits, which needs my                 to control how much you spend,
    attention, someone may need to chat a little longer, or maybe someone needs                although they cost more than other
    help with a form to fill in or to just make a telephone call. Or I have to go to a         payment methods.
    meeting or a course.
                                                                                               The electric keys and gas cards will
    Let me say no day is the same ever, but whatever each day brings, I love it!               only work on the meters where you
    Jeannie Killick                                                                            currently live. You cannot take them
    Scheme Manager at Queens Court, Edenbridge.                                                and use them if you move to a new

                                                                                               If you have credit on your gas or
                                     PCSO Dave O’Neil will be holding a surgery at             electric meters when you move, and
                                     Swanley Tourist Information Centre
                                     London Road, for residents of Swanley                     you wish to be reimbursed for this,
                                     wishing to speak with him.                                then you should contact your gas
                                                                                               and electric suppliers. Credit is not
             Surgery time: 12.30 - 2.30pm                                                      stored on the electric keys or gas
             on the following dates:                                                           cards so please do not take them
                                                                                               with you.
             MONDAY              2nd        AUGUST                   2004
             MONDAY              6th        SEPTEMBER                2004                      Please remember that when you
             MONDAY              4th        OCTOBER                  2004                      leave the property you must return
                                                                                               the gas card and or electric key to
             MONDAY              1st        NOVEMBER                 2004
                                                                                               your local West Kent office along
             MONDAY              6th        DECEMBER                 2004                      with the keys to the property.
                                                                                           88 Old Street
                                                                                           EC1V 9HU
                                                                                           t. 020 7505 2000
                                                                                           Registered charity number 263710

  Kent                                                         Shelter helps over 100,000 people a year fight for their
                                                               rights, get back on their feet, and find and keep a home.
                                                               But we also tackle the root causes of the housing crisis by

  Housing Aid                                                  campaigning for new laws.
                                                               Shelter has launched the million children campaign - the
                                                               biggest in its history - over one million children in Britain
  Provides free, independent and confidential housing          wake up every morning in bad housing. That’s enough to
  advice to anyone who is homeless, badly housed or            fill the cities of Edinburgh, Bath and Manchester.
  who has any other housing problem including rent
  and mortgage arrears, repossession, housing benefit. Bad housing damages children’s health, their education and
  landlord/tenant disputes, harassment and illegal     future. One in 12 children in Britain are more likely to
  eviction.                                            develop diseases such as bronchitis,
                                                       TB or asthma because of bad housing.
  Operates a weekly advice surgery in Swanley at West It is a national scandal that this situation
  Kent Housing Association, 38 Swanley Centre on       is tolerated in the fourth richest
  Mondays between 10am-3pm and Sevenoaks at            economy in the world.
  Moat Housing Society, 96 High Street on Fridays
  between10am-3pm.                                             Do you want to live in a country where
                                                               over one million children suffer in bad
  Also operates a telephone housing advice service on          housing?
  Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between
  10am-1pm and Thursdays between 2pm-4.30pm on                 You can help Shelter fight for
  01732 742399.                                                change by joining the million
                                                               children campaign
  Outside these hours people with housing problems             at
  can call Shelterline, our free national housing              Bad housing wrecks lives.
  helpline on 0800 800 4444, or visit Shelter’s
  housing information website,

R E A D E R S L ET TE R S                                                                  Want to learn
From: Jean Mills, Swanley
                                                                                           Something New?
Dear Linda
I wanted to write to thank you, for giving me the opportunity to attend the AGM for        The new Adult Education brochure
Tenants on the 25 June 04. I found it most interesting to hear the valuable – Voluntary    is now out, with lots of courses
– Dedicated work, elected Tenant Reps have achieved for tenants in their areas.
                                                                                           starting in September. You can get a
       Working alongside the staff of West Kent Housing is important with increasing
tenant – and bought properties. We all want to live side-by-side in harmony –in a          copy from your local Adult
desirable and a safe environment – now and for the future. To be proud of where we         Education Centre or Library or you
live.                                                                                      can see what courses are available
       With the official meeting over it was nice to speak with staff of West Kent,
Tenant Reps and other tenants to talk over issues past and present, over a welcoming       and even enrol online.
delicious BBQ, in the sun drenched gardens of the Farmers, Sevenoaks.                         Many courses are free or at a
I look forward to the next AGM for tenants, and urge other tenants to attend.              reduced rate for people on benefits.
                                                                                           There is also a Learner Support
Thank you once again
Sincerely Jean Mills (Tenant)                                                              Fund if you have difficulty meeting
                                                                                           the cost of your course, you can
We want to hear your views, please write in with your ideas or comments and the
senders of any letters published will receive a £10 Gift voucher.                          seek help with fees, examination
Send your letters to:                                                                      costs, travel or buying essential
                                                                                           books or materials.
Linda Hogan, West Kent, 39 Swanley Centre, Swanley. BR8 7TQ
Or e-mail:                                                                Call 0845 6065606 to enroll or visit
                                                                                           the website:
    Elections for the Tenants Consultative Committee were held in April and the following tenants were nominated to represent
    their areas. Tenant Representatives are there to represent your needs and those of the local community to West Kent Housing.

      AREA AND NAME & ADDRESS                           ROADS REPRESENTED

      2b Swanley St Marys                               Church View, Hart Dyke Crescent, Hart Dyke Road, Hewitt Place,
      Mrs Lesley White, 110 Hart Dyke Road              Lilac Gardens, Lime Road,
      Swanley BR8 7DF 01322 664565

      3 Swanley Birchwood                               Acacia Walk, Elm Drive, Russett Way, Walnut Way, Whiteoak
      Mr Peter Smith, 140 Russet Way, Swanley           Court, Wisteria Gardens
      BR8 8LH. 01322 405984

      3a Swanley, Birchwood                             Aspen Close, Conifer Way, Heath Close
      Ms Bryoni Moore, 106 Conifer Way, Swanley
      BR8 7UL. 01322 401173

      4 Swanley Birchwood                               Alexandra Close, Bonney Way, Garrolds Close, Kettlewell Court,
      Mrs Margaret Halfpenny, 170 Kestrel Court         Northview Flats, , Hollytree Avenue, Sycamore Drive.
      Northview, Swanley BR8 7BH
      01322 668906

      5 Swanley Birchwood                               Alder Way, Juniper Walk, Northview Houses, Pear Tree Close,
      Mrs Carol Theobald, 9 Juniper Walk                Shurlock Avenue, Larch Walk, The Orchard, Sprucedale Close,
      Swanley BR8 7SS, 01322 668805                     Strawberry Fields, The Oaks, The Spinney, Whitecroft.

      6 Swanley (South)                                 Abbotts Close, Beech Avenue, Bevan Place, Kingswood Avenue,
      Mrs Betty Hunter, 223 Lullingstone Avenue         Leechcroft Avenue, Lullingstone Avenue, Moultain Hill, New Road,
      Swanley, BR8 7JB. 01322 660934                    Rogers Court, Swanley Lane, Wadard Terrace, Willow Avenue

      7 Hextable                                        Claremont Road, Durrant Road, Fens Way, Home Hill, Lower Road,
      c/o Ms Bryoni Moore, 106 Conifer Way              Midfield Avenue, Panters, Top Dartford Road
      Swanley BR8 7UL. 01322 401173

      8 Horton Kirby and South Darenth                  Horton Kirby Carleton Place, Forge Lane, Glebe Place, Saxon
      Mr Jim Fisher , 10 Forge Lane , Horton Kirby      Place, School Lane South Darenth East Hill, Montgomery Road,
      Dartford DA4 9DR. 01322 865576                    Shrubbery Road

      11 Eynsford & Farningham                          Eynsford Bower Lane, Church Walk, Fountain Court, Little
      Mrs Betty Shepherd, 11 Saddlers Park              Saddlers, Pollyhaugh, Saddlers Park Farningham Alban Crescent,
      Eynesford, Dartford DA4 0HA 01322 864436          Beesfield Lane, Oliver Crescent, Till Avenue, Valley View Terrace

      13 Sevenoaks (Greatness)                          Chatham Hill Road, Davis Close, Farm Road, Golding Road,
      Ms Sally-Ann Kendall, 7 Watercress Drive          Greatness Lane, Greatness Road, Mill Lane, Orchard Close, Otford
      Sevenoaks TN14 5AJ 01732 742915                   Road, Queens Drive, Seal Road, St James Road, St Johns Road,
                                                        Watercress Close, Watercress Drive, Weavers Lane.

      14 Sevenoaks (Central)                            Betenson Avenue, Bradbourne Park Road, Bradbourne Vale Road,
      Mrs Teresa Hutchings, 85 Hillingdon Rise          Harrison Way, Hillingdon Avenue, Hillingdon Rise, Lambarde Drive,
      Sevenoaksm TN13 3RF 01732 458978                  Little Wood, Nicolson Way, The Crescent, The Green, The Meadway.

      14a Sevenoaks (Central)                           Amherst Road, Garden Road, Bethal Road, Buckhurst Avenue,
      Mrs Lisa Palmer, 10 Garden Road                   Dartford Road Flats, Gordon Road, Hartsland Road, Hitchen Hatch
      Sevenoaks TN13 3RJ                                Lane, Holly Bush Cottages, High Street, Holmesdale Road, Lime
                                                        Tree Walk, Sandy Lane, Seal Hollow Road

      16 Chevening Dunton Green Riverhead               Chevening Bullfinch close, Larkfield Road, Bessels Green,
      Miss Debbie Leighton, 26 Bullfinch Close          Westeham Road Dunton Green Crescent Cottages, Days
      Riverhead, TN13 2BB 07817 871993                  Cottages, Hillfield Road, Kingswood Road, London Road, Mayne
                                                        Flats, Station Road, Ryewood Cottages Riverhead Chipstead Lane,
                                                        Chevening Road, Churchfields

17 Kemsing                                       Barnfield Crescent, Childsbridge Lane, Church Lane, Cleves Road,
Mr Bill Godfrey, 14 Childsbridge Lane, Kemsing   Collet Road, Dynes Road, Hillside Road, Mary Burrows Gardens,
Sevenoaks TN15 6TJ 01732 762343                  Norman Close, Northdown Road, Park Lane, Pilgrims Way,
                                                 Rushymead, West End

18 Seal                                          Bentley’s Bungalows, Bentley’s Meadow, Childsbridge Lane,
Mr Eric Bangay, 12 Bentleys Meadow , Seal        Churchfield Cottages, Church Street, Council Cottages, Stone
Sevenoaks TN15 0DA 01732 763587                  Street, Council cottages Underriver, Knox Cottages, Landway,
                                                 Main Road, Council Cottages Mills Crescent, Sealcroft Cottages,
                                                 Seal House, Wilmar Way, Zambra Way

19 Halstead & Knockholt                          Halstead Beldam Haw, Clarks Lane, Knockholt Road, Meadway,
Miss Pat Turner, 1 Meadway, Halstead             Parkside, Southdene, Yew Tree Cottages, Knockholt Elmtree
Sevenoaks TN14 7HB 01959 533446                  Cottages, The Bungalow, Chevening Lane

20 Sundridge, Brasted & Ide Hill                 Sundridge, Chapman’s Road, Church Road, Main Road, Manor
Mr Roy Smithers, 16 Chapmans Road                Road, New Road, Woodside Road,
Sundridge, Sevenoaks TN14 6DP                    Brasted Brasted Hill Road, Glebe Cottages, Pipers Green Road,
01959 564499          Pym Orchard, St Martins Meadow, Thorns Meadow, West End
                                                 Ide Hill, Camberwell Lane, Great Norman Street, Tally Ho Cottages.

21 Westerham                                     Ash Road, Bucham Thorns Road, Darenth Gardens, Delgrade
Mr Adrian Rutter 6 Madan Close                   Road, Elm Road, Farley Nursery, Granville Road, Hartley Road,
Westerham, TN16 1EQ                              London Road, Madan Road, Market Way, Oak Road, Quebec
01959 561972                                     Avenue, Railway Terrace, Rosslare Close, Rysted Lane, Sandy Lane,
                                                 Streatfield House, The Paddock,Vicarage Hill Flats

                                                 Chiddingstone Camp Hill Cottages, Council Cottages
22 Chiddingstone, Leigh & Weald                  Chiddingstone Hoath, Richards Close, Council Cottages Moorden.
Mr Rowland Pocock , 19 Richards Close            Leigh Barnetts Road, Charlotte Cottages, Collins Bungalows,
Chiddingstone Causeway, Tonbridge TN11 8LF       Kiln Lane, Crandalls, Green lane, Meadow Bank,
01892 870743                                     Old Orchard,Charcott, Saxby Wood, The Forstall Weald Gilchrist
                                                 Cottages, Glebe Road, Knole Close, Mount Pleasant Road,
                                                 Overdale, The Wicketts, Victory Cottages, Morley's Road

                                                 Briar Close, Brook Court, Wayside Drive, Clover Walk, Foxgrove
23 Edenbridge, (North)                           Close, Great Mead, Station Road, Harrow Close, Heron Close,
c/o Steven Barker                                Hopgarden Close, Kestrel Close, Magpie Green, Mallards Way,
                                                 Oxfield, Plough Walk, Plover Close, Rowfield, Smithyfield, Sorrell
                                                 Close, Speedwell Close, Stackfield, Sunnyview, Station
                                                 Road,Stoneyfield, Templar Court, Wainhouse, Woodpecker

                                                 Ash Close, Cedar Drive, Chestnut Close, Church Street, Crouch
24 Edenbridge (Central)                          House Road, Forge Croft, Greenlands, Hawthorn Close, Lingfield
Mr Steven Barker, 12 Park View Close             Road, Manor Road, New Cottage, New House Terrace, Norman
Edenbridge, TN8 5JE 07880 715351                 Court, Oak View, Park Avenue, Park View Close, Pine Grove,
                                                 Queen’s Court, Riverside Court, Skeynes Road, Springfield Road,
                                                 Stanbridge Road, Stangrove Road, The Platt

  We still have vacancies in the following areas, please contact
  Linda on 01322 661315 if you are interested in representing tenants in
  your area:

  q Swanley, St Mary’s q Hextable q Hartley, Fawkham & Ash-Cum-Ridley
  q Crockenhill & West Kingsdown q Shoreham q Otford
  q Sevenoaks (South) q Crockham Hill, Cowden, Fordcombe, Four Elms,
    Hever & Penshurst
Kids Biz
    - We need to know what you want.
                                                                                         Do you want to stay on
                                                                                         at school or college
                                                                                         but can’t afford to?
    There have been several articles in the local press recently about young             Many Year 12 students can now claim
    people who would like a local skateboard park. If you are a skateboarder and         a new allowance of up to £30 per
    want a permanent ramp in the Sevenoaks area then you need to contact John            week to help them stay on at school.
    Lankester, at Dunton Parish Council, who wants to help.                              Application forms are available form
         Putting a ramp in place is very expensive, about £40,000, and he needs to       schools, colleges and Connexions
    know how many people would actually use it and where would be a good place           and must be submitted by 30
    to put it. There are no guarantees that he can make this happen but unless you       September.
    let him know that you are interested it will never happen.                               The allowance must be paid direct
         You or your parents can write to him with your support and ideas on where       into a student’s bank account, so you
    it can be located to: 30 Hillfield Road, Dunton Green, Sevenoaks, TN13 2UH or        need to make sure you open an
    you can e-mail him on:                                       account in time. You will also have to
         There will be a temporary skateboard ramp at Hale Lane in Otford on             provide evidence of the income of
    Thursday 26 August 2004 for those that want to come along and give it a try.         your household.
                                                                                             More information can be found
                             Connexions offer free information and advice to all
                             young people aged 13-19 and young people up to 25
                             with learning difficulties and disabilities. Advisers are   Tell us What You Think
    available in schools and colleges and at sixteen Connexions Access Points,           Are You Aged 12 – 18?
    some of which offer a multi-agency service. For advice on careers and learn-         Why not join our
    ing, volunteering opportunities; health and drugs information and advice about       Youth Bank
    relationships – contact your local Connexions Access Point:
                                                                                         We want to know your views and
         Personal Advisers specialising in personal and life issues can be               every time we ask you about
         found at: Connexions Access Point, Teen & Twenty Club, River Lawn               something we will give you a £5 Gift
         Road, Tonbridge TN9 1EP Tel: 01732 365135 / 365191/ 365357                      Voucher. You can choose how you
         Coordinator: Terri Davidson                                                     want to be involved, by filling in

                                                                                                                                  Designed and produced by Designbox Studio Limited Tel: 01622 749111
         Connexions Access Point, 31-33 Hythe Street, Dartford DA1 1BE                   postal surveys, by telephone, by
         Tel: 01322 281214                                                               e-mail, by coming to meetings or
         Administrator: Karen Page                                                       even by text message – the choice is
                                                                                         yours. There will also be a monthly
         Personal Advisers specialising in careers, employment and training              prize draw of all those who join the
         advice can be found at: Connexions Access Point, Lansdowne Mews,                West Kent Youth Bank.
         196 High Street, Gravesend, TN9 1HQ Tel: 01474 358192
         Connexions Access Point 8-9 Berkley Square, Tonbridge, TN12 2AH                 Interested? – Call Linda or Sheena on
         Tel: 01732 367710.                                                              01732 749400 ext: 315 or 487
                                                                                         Or e-mail:
    For further details please contact: Connexions Kent & Medway
    Woodstock House, 15 Ashford Road, Maidstone ME14 5DA                                 Looking for Things to Do?
    Tel:01622 683155
                                                                                         Why not visit the Sevenoaks District
                                                                                         Council website, there are lots of
      Winners – Easter Wordsearch                                                        activities for young people and also
              The winners of the Easter Wordsearch Competition were:                     ideas on how you can get involved.
                                                                                         Maybe you’d like to do some
                       Sophie Turner, aged 6, from Kemsing
                                                                                         conservation work or join a youth
                       Chloe Smith, aged 11, from Swanley
                                                                                         forum or perhaps you’re just looking
                       Benjamin Seal, aged 8, from Swanley                               for activities in the holidays.
     All three won a £10 gift voucher – well done and keep looking in Tenants                Go to: and
                           News for more competitions.                                   find ‘young people’, where you’ll find
                                                                                         lots of essential information.

8                              'Tenants News is also available on
                       Audio Tape, call Linda on 01322 661315 for a copy'

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