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  KJ Denhert
 June 21st, at Le Poisson Rouge JVC Jazz Festival

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Apple Chorus
    Swinging In Their 80’s – Part II
    By Ira Gitler

                                                                          “Raincheck” continued the rhythmic veracity with

                                                    Photo: Eric Nemeyer
                                                                          the singular harmonic outlook of Strayhorn. Then
                                                                          it was back to the blues, this time “Menage A Blue”
                                                                          (or was it “Bleu”?) by Wess, a slow, insinuating line.
                                                                          Frank’s tenor sax has its own voice, informed by Lester
                                                                          Young, Coleman Hawkins and his Southwestern dis-
                                                                          ciples and figurations brought forth by Charlie Parker.
                                                                          If it was a pipe tobacco it would Wess’ Mixture. When       in Malmo during Parker’s tour of Sweden, has four
                                                                          Frank soloed on Benny Carter’s “When Lights Are             tracks by Bird with an all-Swedish group that fea-
                                                                          Low” he artfully wove in a Carteresque phrase.
                                                                                                                                      tures trumpeter Rolf Ericson; and three numbers by
                                                                                 Stafford is a power bopper who incorporates the
                                                                                                                                      alto saxophonist Arne Domnerus with the same sup-
                                                                          ethos of the great horn men of the Swing Era; Lushtak,
                                                                                                                                      porting cast. Both are re-rleased in the U.S. by Naxos
                                                                          a strong accompanist, in solo mixes twangy, chordal
                                                                                                                                      and can be accessed through Naxos.com
                                                                          passages with spry single-line picking. The great vet-
                                                                                                                                            The Shihab date, featuring his compositions
                                                                          eran Reid plays with an authority that matches his
                                                                                                                                      and arrangements, is a real find for this underrated
                                                                          imposing figure; and Harper is a very active, physical
                                                                          performer. Although I knew this, I couldn’t see him         musician, featuring him on his main horn, baritone
                    Frank Wess                                                                                                        sax, but also on flute with contributions from the ex-
                                                                          from where I sat but felt the intensity of his swing
      In January of this year Frank Wess turned 86                        and variety of his fervid accenting, particularly in the    cellent Danish players: tenor saxophonist Bent Jae-
but I think he has found the Fountain of “Yoot” (as                       8-bar exchanges with the others.                            dig; trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg; bassist Niles Hen-
a friend I grew up with years ago in Brooklyn pro-                               On “Menage” Stafford used a Harmon mute,             ning Orsted Pedersen and drummer Alex Riel, plus a
nounced it) and drank a couple of flagons. I’ve been                      with stem in, for some sophisticated growling. He also      formidable and varied ensemble.
listening to Frank, on record and in person, from the                     made use of the same mute in matching the fleet airi-             Speaking of foreign musicians I can drop the
time he first joined Count Basie in 1953, and he has                      ness of Frank’s flute on the leader’s “Something Went       imposing names of Paolo Fresu, Richard Galliano
never been less than good. Maybe it was the hallowed                      Wrong” that was paced by Harper’s dancing brushes.          and Jan Lundgren, the Sardinian trumpeter, Italian
atmosphere of the Village Vanguard, or the four men                              The ballad department was handled in fine            Frenchman accordionist and Swedish pianist who
he had chosen to surround him, but on Wednesday,                          fashion by Stafford, this time on flugelhorn, Lushtak       have a remarkable CD bearing their names in the
April 30, the second night of his week long engage-                       chipping in with a mellow solo as well.                     order mentioned above, on Act. This is thoughtful,
ment at the club, he was not only several cuts above                             The closer, “Estoril Sol,” another blues with        beautiful music, perfect for those times you want to
good but when the situation called for it he was ro-                      a shuffle, was dedicated to the fine Portuguese jazz        be quiet but stimulated to think, dream, reflect or
bust in the best possible way.                                            festival where Wess has performed. The “head” was           just chill.
      The groove was there from the first notes of the                    tossed back and forth between tenor and trumpet.                  Three from Arbors Records that should be of
opener, a minor blues with a semi-shuffle, and the                        In solo, Terell showed his expertise with the plunger       interest to a variety of listeners are multi-instrumen-
quintet was definitely on the same page (although                         and the exchanges by all with Winard were especially        talist Scott Robinson’s Plays the Music of Thad Jones;
they weren’t reading) with an esprit de corps and syn-                    exhilarating to top off a splendid, feel-good set.          Stompin’ the Blues by the Harry Allen-Joe Cohn
chronicity that would be the envy some professional                              By now you know that I receive a plethora of         Quartet with guests John Allred and Scott Hamil-
athletic teams I could mention.                                           CDs (and some DVDs) every week on an almost                 ton; and Blue Too with violinist Aaron Weinstein
      Wess’ frontline mate was trumpeter Terell                           daily basis. There’s no way I can possibly listen to        and guitarist Jon Pizzarelli.
Stafford. These two were complemented by guitarist                        all of them but here are some that I did audit and                Finally, Mosaic, the great compiler of immea-
Ilya Lushtak; bassist Rufus Reid; and drummer Wi-                         thought you should be made aware of.                        surably invaluable boxed sets has come up with two
nard Harper. The way they tore into Billy Strayhorn’s                            First off, Sony-BMG is releasing on June 3, an
                                                                                                                                      more gems. You know how some fans back in the ‘40s
                                                                          amazing retooling of two solo sessions by piano mas-
                                                                                                                                      would make tapes of Charlie Parker solos from all his
                                                                          ter Art Tatum. Four selections are from a session he
                                                                                                                                      different 78s? Well there were fans, and musicians,
                                                                          did for Brunswick in 1933; the other nine tracks are
                                                                                                                                      that would also make tapes for themselves of all
                                                                          from a “Just Jazz” concert he played at the Shrine Au-
                                                                                                                                      the Basie recordings that contained solos by Lester
                                                                          ditorium in LA, 1949. These have been re-mastered,
                                                                                                                                      Young. You don’t have to do that now. Mosaic’s Clas-
                                                                          by a company called Zenph, in a way that makes
                                                                          Tatum a presence in your room. If you listen with           sic Columbia, Okeh and Vocalion Lester Young With
                                                                          earphones, your head is where Art’s head was, you           Count Basie (1936-1940) has got you Young at heart
                                                                          hear his left hand in your left ear and his right in your   people covered. Add to this a new entry in the Mosaic
                                                                          right. Th is was achieved by programming a piano to         30 Select series: Boogie Woogie and Blues Piano with
                                                                          duplicate Tatum’s original performances and then            over 70 tracks featuring such keyboard luminaries as
                                                                          recording that piano. I could mention binaural and          Meade Lux Lewis, Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson,
                                                                          Japanese robotics but if you want to get technical,         Joe Sullivan, Mary Lou Williams, Teddy Wilson,
                                                                          visit Zenph.com. ‘Nuff said.                                Freddie Slack, Jimmy Yancey and Cripple Clarence
                                                                                 From Oktav, a Canadian label, come two blasts        Lofton. Add to these Harry James, Benny Carter,
                                                                          from the past: Charlie Parker & Arne Domnerus in            Will Bradley, Ray McKinley, Henry “Red” Allen,
                                                                          Sweden—November 22, 1950; and Sahib Shihab and              the two-fingered piano-playing of Lionel Hampton
                                                                          the Danish Radio Jazz Group. The first, recorded live       and vocals by Joe Turner. Three discs full of joy.
4                                                                              June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                            To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
Live Performance Reviews
                                                         and trombonist Robin Eubanks achieved a warm and          others’ company and the chance to play together, the
          SFJAZZ Collective                              exuberant front-line sound. Playing under Eubanks’        Collective grooved its way through the tune with the
South Orange Performing Arts Center solo, the horns reached a fullness and richness of tex-                        help of a rousing solo from Harris. With a prodigious
                March 11, 2008                           ture more akin to a big band than the Collective’s        technique and bluesy grit, Harris used not just the
                                                         comparatively smaller octet. The band softened for        mallets but seemingly his entire body to craft an ex-
By Dimitry Ekshtut
                                                         the start of Zenón’s solo, whose playing demonstrated     ceptional solo that garnered an emotional response
                                                         great pacing, development, and a welcome capacity         both on- and off-stage.
      For each of the past five years, SFJAZZ has as-
                                                         for maintaining the rhythm section’s interest. “This,           For his turn as bandleader, Harland introduced
sembled a star-studded group of budding and estab-
                                                         That, and the Other”, a Lovano original, featured the     “The Year 2008”, an adventurous piece combining
lished jazz heavyweights to tour, record, and teach in                                                             live and recorded elements. Beginning with a sam-
                                                         agile veteran on both tenor and soprano saxophones.
residency. This basic concept is by no means a novel                                                               pled recording of a male voice reciting the Declara-
                                                         Lovano’s authoritative tone and a real ownership of
one. However, the results of 2008’s line-up transcend                                                              tion of Independence, light comping appeared over
                                                         his sound proved the unifying elements here. Mean-
the usual “all-star group” mold, elevating this cur-                                                               the words until the band joined in and seamlessly su-
                                                         while, the entire group’s crisp tutti sections spoke to
rent incarnation of the SFJAZZ Collective to a level                                                               perseded the prepared recording. Essentially a vamp
                                                         a substantial level of preparation. The rhythm section
of cohesion, interactivity, and selflessness usually re-                                                           of just several chords in odd time, Harland’s compo-
                                                         of vibraphonist Stefon Harris, pianist Renee Rosnes,
served for the most tight-knit of working groups. It                                                               sition elicited an aggressive solo from Lovano and a
                                                         bassist Matt Penman, and drummer Eric Harland
is no accident then that the Collective’s performance                                                              melodic, heartfelt statement from Harris punctuated
                                                         infused the tune with a lively yet tasteful accompani-
in South Orange was utterly devoid of the prima                                                                    by a call and response between Harris and the horn
                                                         ment. Rosnes in particular, displaying great techni-
donna antics which so often derail other similarly-as-                                                             section. Rosnes’ original composition, a waltz enti-
                                                         cal command and a keen rhythmic sense, took one of
sembled ensembles. In the spirit of cooperation, each                                                              tled “Aurora Borealis” provided a refreshing contrast
                                                         many memorable solos that evening.
member of the SFJAZZ Collective took a turn as the                                                                 to what came before and highlighted the Collective’s
                                                               “The Angel’s Share,” a wonderfully supple com-
bandleader, introducing either an original composi-                                                                deft transitions from the “large group” sound of a
                                                         position by Penman, takes its title from a French ad-
tion or an arrangement of a tune by Wayne Shorter,                                                                 multi-layered big band to the “small group” sound
                                                         age for the portion of wine that evaporates from a
this years’ featured composer.                                                                                     of a trio or quartet. “Secrets of the Code,” Douglas’
                                                         casket. A mysterious repeating motif on the piano set
      Alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón started things                                                                 tribute to Wayne Shorter, included snippets from
                                                         the stage for this darkly dramatic tune. Harris added
off with his arrangement of Shorter’s “Armageddon”.                                                                Shorter’s tunes reshuffled into a searching excursion
                                                         light, aromatic comping on the vibes as the theme
Zenón, along with the imposing presence of tenor                                                                   touching on free time, collective improvisation, and
                                                         floated over from the rhythm section to the horns.
saxophonist Joe Lovano, trumpeter Dave Douglas,                                                                    brave exploratory playing. Eubank’s arrangement of
                                                         After an energetic solo from Dougles, the rhythm
                                                                                                                   Shorter’s perennial classic “Black Nile” veered into
                                                         section again took the fore with a vamp upon which
                                                                                                                   7/8 time for the melody and included a vamp cour-
                                                         the horns built upward, layering parts that inter-
                                                                                                                   tesy of Harris, Rosnes, and Penman for Harland’s
                                                         twined with each other into a knotted and rhythmi-
                                                                                                                   open drum solo. Playing in, out, and around the
                                                         cally diverse harmony. One by one, each instrument
                                                                                                                   vamp, Harland demonstrated why he belonged with
                                                         dropped out until only the saxophones and trumpet
                                                                                                                   the cast of older and more recognizable names.
                                                         were left by themselves, embodying the very sense of
                                                                                                                         The SFJAZZ Collective delivered an engag-
                                                         evaporation to which the song title alludes.
                                                                                                                   ing, inventive program, enabled each member of
                                                               A gentle solo piano introduction opened Wayne
                                                                                                                   the group to receive some face-time, and rose above
                                                         Shorter’s “Diana”, Rosnes’ arranged contribution to       the sum of its parts to create an even greater unified
                                                         the SFJAZZ Collective songbook. At times power-           whole – a rare feat for an outfit already bursting with
                                                         ful and evocative, at times slow and majestic, “Diana”    so much individual star talent. It is hoped that future
                                                         featured Zenón on the melody and the other horns          versions of this trailblazing group will match, if not
                                                         underneath for a big-band-like fullness. Harris’ ar-      exceed, the level of commitment and solidity exem-
                                                         rangement of Shorter’s “Go” was remarkable for the        plified by this outstanding ensemble.
                                                         energy and exuberance it drew from the band. Look-
                                                         ing and sounding like they all genuinely enjoy each
                                                                                                                           Onaje Allan Gumbs
                                                            The Vando Jam is The Hang                                  Cachaça Jazz and Samba Club
                                                                                                                              April 5th, 2008
                                                                 Monday, June 9th at 9pm
                                                                              featuring                            By Zoe Young
                                                                          Mark Gross Trio
                                                                                                                         Cachaca Jazz and Samba Club in the West
                                                                          Iguana Restaurant                        Village was the perfect venue for the raw and soul-
                                                                 240 W 54th Street (bet B’way/8th Avenue)          ful style of the Onaje Allen Gumbs Quartet. As
                                                                                                                   Gumbs began the first tune of the night, a song that
                                                              IT’S FREE & A COOL HANG                              he wrote in his teens entitled “Breath of Fresh Air,”
                                                                          For more information call                it became instantly clear that he was not like other
                                                                               212-399-9457                        pianists. Gumbs attacked the keys with hands that
                                                                                                                   looked restless and ready for ragtime. But the sound
                                                                                                                   that those hands produced was delicate and sensitive
                                                                                                                   to the gentle mood of the tune. Once Gumbs moved
                                                                                                                   from his contemplative solo into the carrying the
6                                                             June 2008    Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                         To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
groove, the rhythm section entered and hooked in perfectly. It was wonderful
to see Wally Gator on drums and Gary Fritz on percussion enjoying riffing each
other. Fritz’s bongo work added a talkative aspect to the sound that interacted
well with Gator’s articulate rhythms on the drum set. Marcus McLaurine’s up-
right style felt too understated in comparison to the rest of the rhythm section,
but as the show continued it came clear that this seeming understatement was
more a reflection of good taste than timidity.
      Next up was a piece from Gumbs’ most recent album, People and Love. The
tune began as a ballad but quickly flowed into a heavy swing. Gumbs’ solo was
littered with slightly discordant intervals that that worked to spice up the grove,
a style which McLaurine echoed in a beautiful, low bass solo.
      For the fourth tune, the classic, “It Had to be You,” Gumbs brought Vocal-
ist M. Nahadr to the stage. Wearing a red velvet dress, Nahadr’s blond, glittered
dreadlocks sparkled in the candlelit club. The quartet at once attacked the stan-
dard with a Jobim twist backing Nahadr with a dynamic samba. The vocalist
stayed just in front of the beat and sang with a full, raspy tone reminiscent of Billy
Holliday and Cassandra Wilson.
      Nahadr hung with the quartet for the next two tunes, “Collage,” with Na-
hadr’s new lyrics, and “Love for Sale.” This standard was the perfect forum for
Gumbs to show his chops, and have a blast trading fours with the two percus-
                                                                                                            Thursdays, 12:15 – 1:45 pm
sionists. Nahadr was lost in the music with a guttural scat solo that spanned the
breadth of her enormous range.
      The quartet ended the set with a song entitled “Watu,” meaning “People,”                                   JUNE 19 David Murray Black Saint
about the slave journey to the New World. Gumbs started the tune with a mourn-                                                      (Tenor Saxophonist)
ful and disturbing solo that eventually broke into a deep African grove. For a
song with such dark subject matter, the feel was quite vigorous. Nahadr sang both                                JUNE 26 Joe Locke “Force of Four”
in English and Swahili as the Gumbs and his quartet created a groove much like                                                      (Vibraphonist)
a ship moving through water.                                                                                        JULY 3 Houston Person
      The Onaje Allen Gumbs quartet explored many difficult themes that night                                                       (Tenor Saxophonist)
and with the help of M. Nahadr, they never let go of their quintessential grove.
                                                                                                                  JULY 10 Cindy Blackman
                       CAUGHT IN THE ACT                                                                          JULY 17 Bobby Sanabria
                          Paula West                                                                                                (Drummer & Percussionist)
               South Orange Performing Arts Center
                                                                                                                  JULY 24 Sean Smith and his Group
                         April 12, 2008                                                                                             (Bassist)
By Joe Lang                                                                                                                          Sponsored by William Paterson University
                                                                                                                                     Summer Jazz Week
      South Orange, NJ was a great place to be on Saturday April 12, especially
                                                                                                                  JULY 31 Catherine Russell
if you caught vocalist Paula West at the South Orange Performing Arts Center.
This intimate concert hall was a perfect setting for West and her band mates,
pianist and arranger George Mesterhazy, guitarist Ed Cherry, bassist Barak Mori                             AUGUST 7 Sean Jones
and drummer Tony Reedus.                                                                                                            (Trumpeter)
                                                                                                                                                                          Media Sponsor
      West has a wonderfully dusky sound, full of expressiveness, and her impres-
sive sense of phrasing is unique and imaginative. Combining her vocal artistry                Co-hosted by: The Newark Museum
with the arranging genius of Mesterhazy, and the musicality of the players sur-               Business & Community Council
rounding her, added up to an evening of song that grabbed the attention of the
audience from the first notes of “Waters of March, and held them to the end of
her encore selection “Pocketful of Miracles.
      Her programming was eclectic ranging from standards like “Bewitched,”
“Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise,” “Lover” and “Isn’t It Romantic,” to Hank Wil-
liam’s “Jambalaya (on the Bayou),” to a couple of tunes from Bob Dylan, “Don’t
Think Twice, It’s All Right” and “Like a Rolling Stone.” She imbued novelty tunes
like Oscar Brown Jr,’s “The Snake,” a Leonard Feather ditty from the Ethel Waters’
songbook, “Man Wanted,” and the Bessie Smith classic “Gimmie a Pigfoot,” writ-
ten by Coot Grant and Wesley Wilson, with appropriate sassiness and humor.                    On-Site Parking Available                               NewarkMuseum.org
      The arrangements of Mesterhazy complemented West’s singing perfectly.
“Nature Boy” was invested with an other worldliness that well suited the mys-                 The Newark Museum, a not-for-profit museum of art, science and education, receives operating support
                                                                                              from the City of Newark, the State of New Jersey, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of
tical lyrics of Eden Ahbez. He put the folk-rock Dylan tunes in a jazz setting,               State – a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, the New Jersey Cultural Trust, the Wallace
                                                                                              Foundation, the Prudential Foundation, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the Victoria Foundation
closing “Like a Rolling Stone” with a deep gospel groove that had everyone in                 and other corporations, foundations and individuals. Funds for acquisitions and activities other than
                                                                                              operations are provided by members and other contributors.
the hall swaying. This arrangement was one of several that ended with an ex-
tended instrumental interlude, unusual in arrangements written for vocalists,                                           o
                                                                                              TTY 973-596-6355
and extremely effective. Mesterhazy remarked after the concert “it is fun writing
To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                 June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY    www.jazzimprov.com                                                                                           7
arrangements for West, as she is a daring performer,                 Greg Bandy so reminded me of Art Blakey,           last a slow-motion interlude that never lost its pulse.
willing to take a chart and run with it.” This was evi-       driving hard on what I thought was the set’s best         Although she apologized in advance for her effron-
dent throughout her performance.                              tune, “Comes Love.” This was the group’s highlight        tery, she sang twice in the concert – once, offering a
      Each of the instrumentalists was given ample            of a very strong set. Gates wailed here. Kindred blew     Waller song cabaret star Steve Ross had found for her,
solo opportunities, and they each displayed fertile           hard, as did Friedman. To paraphrase a Blakey title,      the flirtatious “Come And Get It.” Her second vocal
imaginations. Again, the arrangements played a big            this was the “cooker of the night.”                       found her away from the piano, seated next to Flory
part in setting the players up for their moments in                  Another paean to Eddie Jefferson, the humor-       and Kellso for a girlish “You’re Driving Me Crazy.”
the spotlight.                                                ous “Bennies From Heaven,” tickled the crowd. The         Her vocal range is limited, her approach simple, but
      When you are having a good time, the hours              set concluded with a terrific rendition of “All of Me”    its unaffected earnestness is charming.
pass like minutes, and this full evening of outstand-         in which Gates invited the exciting vocal talent,               When the last notes of the encore, “Honeysuckle
ing music left you with a feeling that you could not re-      Amanda Carr (one of a number of vocalists in the          Rose,” had been played, we had had the pleasure of
ally have been enjoying Paula West and company for            audience) to participate. The impromptu duet was an       hearing unamplified jazz in a perfect setting – an in-
two plus hours. There just had to be time for more.           invigorating finale to a fine set.                        timate, wood-lined room with a beautiful sound and
                                                                     Gates swung heavy, as he always does and made      a well-tuned Steinway grand, the beautiful vistas of
             Giacomo Gates                                    it a very tasteful, enjoyable evening.                    downtown New York City shining against the dark-
                                                                                                                        ness. By being themselves, Carmichael, Kellso, and
          Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola
              April 16, 2008                                         Judy Carmichael Trio                               Flory keep the stirring sounds of the past vividly alive.
By Nick Mondello
                                                                              April 17 2008
                                                                                      ,                                       Ahmad Jamal Quartet
                                                                                                                                           Blue Note
      Dizzy’s is beautiful venue, located in the Time-        By Michael Steinman
Warner Building. The expansive room, which over-
                                                                                                                                          May 7 2008
looks Central Park, is appointed in a modern, yet                   In Bud Freeman’s phrase, the ebullient pianist      By Ariel D. Teitel
comfortable décor; a perfectly elegant setting for            Judy Carmichael doesn’t look like a musician, favor-
what turned out to be an evening of superb, swing-            ing blonde curls, leopard prints, and snazzy shoes. But          A packed house awaited Ahmad Jamal, one
ing jazz.                                                     she is a fine, swinging player of Stride piano, a style   of the last remaining elder statesmen of jazz piano.
      I caught the group’s early set on the second night      perfected by James P. Johnson, Fats Waller, and Wil-      Jamal played songs from his new album, It’s Magic
of a two-night appearance. The room was at capacity           lie “the Lion” Smith. Carmichael’s streamlined ap-        (Birdology-Dreyfus), along with some of his older
and particularly vibrant. Gates performed selections          proach to this demanding style shows she has learned      compositions and standards. Magic is a word that
from his new CD/DVD, Luminosity, as well as other             a great deal from Basie and Teddy Wilson as well as       is easily applied to Mr. Jamal; he notes being able to
tunes meant to showcase his unique singing and scat-          the stride giants – not only about creating sparkling     play the piano fluidly at three without prior instruc-
ting abilities and they did not disappoint.                   solos, but also about the often-ignored art of thought-   tion. His music has a dynamic and wondrous qual-
      “Melodious Funk,” an edgy, very hip selection,          ful accompaniment. She doesn’t have the astonishing       ity, like a bird in perfect flight. His music is unique;
got the evening off to a swinging start. The tune re-         virtuosity of a Dick Hyman, but her understanding         the power of McCoy Tyner, the swinging of Oscar
quires incredible vocal flexibility and intense atten-        of the style and its rhythmic pleasures is deep.          Peterson, held together by his own lush lyrical lines
tion to intonation and lyric nuances. Here, as he did               For this evening’s concert, one of Bargemusic’s     ensconced in scintillating rhythms. His long time
all evening, Gates demonstrated an outstanding,               jazz series, she brought trumpeter Jon-Erik Kellso and    partners James Cammack and Idris Muhammad
make-it-look-easy ability to swing, phrase and shade          guitarist Chris Flory. If Carmichael’s playing evokes     were joined by Manolo Badrena on percussion. Ba-
both melody and lyric. The backup group, consisting           Harlem after hours, Kellso’s absorbed everyone from       drena added another layer of polyrhythms to the pro-
of tenor sax man, Bob Kindred, pianist Don Fried-             George Mitchell to Don Cherry, and he’s long since        ceedings, sang at times, and made the texture of every
man, bassist James King, Jr. and drummer, Greg                found his own voice, a clarion open horn or growly        song more interesting.
Bandy, were terrific and Gates encourage the inter-           side-of-the-mouth mutterings through the mutes he                On “Back to the Island”, Jamal displayed his
play throughout the evening.                                  loves, in the manner of the great Basie and Ellington     virtuosity alternating manic ascending and descend-
      Giacomo Gates is not bashful about reaching             horn soloists. Flory (who played with Benny Good-         ing chord runs and then peeking out with a quiet re-
back and plucking lesser-known tunes and bringing             man’s last bands) has an easy, varied rhythmic pulse;     iteration of the theme from time to time. The band’s
them out to the forefront, especially selections whose        his bluesy solo work harks back to Charlie Christian.     take of “It’s Magic” (by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne)
lyrical component is rich and whose harmonic struc-           They reach back into the jazz past to create soulful,     was exquisite. How can you go wrong when inspired
ture challenges the scatter. Bobby Troup’s “Hungry            original music. Their impromptu duet, “If Dreams          by such lyrics: “The stars desert the skies and rush to
Man,” showed Troup’s unique way to turn a witty               Come True,” evoked two friends chatting on the            nestle in your eyes, it’s magic….”. Jamal took pleasure
lyric – and Gates’ smooth way to deliver it. Elder            porch – gratifying chamber jazz.                          in reciting: “How else can I explain those rainbows
statesman of the keyboard, Don Friedman, was me-                    Carmichael chooses swing classics that reflect      when there isn’t rain? It’s magic….”
ticulous both here and throughout the evening,                the great small-band swing combos of the Thir-                   “I Can’t Get Started” was treated like royalty,
swinging so...nudging harmonically. First Class.              ties and Forties, so the evening was energetic. She       Jamal ringing out each sequence of embellished
King was just that - majestic, driving, technically           opened with a foot-tapping “I Found A New Baby,”          chords like chimes. He deftly darted in and out of
awesome along with creative arc bowing. Drummer               visited the riffing “Christopher Columbus,” echo-         the traditional melody and chord sequence.
Bandy made full use of his rig sounding robust, yet           ing Waller’s recording, and offered properly racing              Anything this group touched was enriched
never overbearing.                                            versions of Claude Hopkins’s theme, “I Would Do           by their sophistication. All the musicians were out-
      Emanating from the pedigree of and making               Anything For You” and “Lady Be Good.” Her affec-          standing. Muhammad meshed especially well with
no apologies for his adoration of the great scatter and       tion for these tunes and tempos was infectious, but       Jamal and Badrena; layers upon layers of intricacy
vocalese artist, Eddie Jefferson, Giacomo also shined         the best moments were more pensive. A surprisingly        and sparkle were appropriately added to each tune.
bright on Gershwin’s war-horse, “Lady Be Good.”               tender “Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now,” a bluesy “A         Mr. Jamal took note of the 50th anniversary of his
This was a special treat as the “scat chef ” cooked and       Smooth One” that encapsulated the 1940-41 Benny           sentinel record: At the Pershing: But Not For Me, by
flittered across the Jeffersonian lyrics set to the classic   Goodman Sextet perfectly, and a meditative, Basie-        playing “Poinciana”. It never gets old. Not him, and
Bird solo that Yard would have dug.                           inflected “I Ain’t Got Nobody” were delightful, the       not this band.
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  Around Town
                   Louis Armstrong House
                    Museum Seeks Artist
      The Louis Armstrong House Museum is creating a Visitors Center across
the street from the museum and is seeking an artist to create a new work of art
for its Visitors Center. The project to design and construct the Visitors Center
is being administered by the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
(DASNY) and by the City University of New York (CUNY). The design team
wishes to bring an artist into the design process and to enrich the Visitors Center
with the installation of new art. The art may be any form of visual art conceived
in any medium, material, or combination thereof like a sound or video instal-
lation. The art must relate in a meaningful way to the life and artistry of Louis
Armstrong and should enhance the visitor experience to the Visitor’s Center. The
design team will select an artist in June or July 2008. Artists who wish to be con-
sidered for the Visitors Center project should e-mail (1) a brief statement about
their art and (2) their contact information (name, address, telephone, and e-mail)
to Deslyn Dyer, Assistant Director of the Louis Armstrong House Museum, at

        MoMA Celebrates the Best Original
           Jazz ScoresFor Film from
           The 1950s To The Present
      The Museum of Modern Art presents an extensive, multifaceted exhibition
that celebrates jazz scores composed for films from the 1950s to the present, with
a particular emphasis on the rich and largely unexplored relationship between
postwar filmmakers and jazz composers, arrangers, and musicians. The elements
in Jazz Score, presented April 16–September 15, 2008, in The Roy and Niuta Ti-
tus 1 and 2 lobbies and theaters, include an international retrospective of approxi-
mately 50 feature films and a selection of shorts, a multimedia gallery exhibition,
live music concerts, and a panel discussion. For details about films and times, see
our Calendar of Events section in this issue.
      Museum Admission: $20 adults; $16 seniors, 65 years and over with I.D.;
$12 full-time students with current I.D. Free, members and children 16 and under.
(Includes admittance to Museum galleries and film programs). Target Free Friday
Nights 4:00-8:00 p.m. Film Admission: $10 adults; $8 seniors, 65 years and over
with I.D. $6 full-time students with current I.D. (For admittance to film programs
only). The Museum of Modern Art is located at 11 West 53 Street, New York. Call
212-708-9400 for detailed Museum information or visit www.moma.org.

    11th Annual ORIS Spirit of Jazz Concert
   Series in Tourneau Time Machine Atrium
                                         For eleven years, Oris Watches and
                                   Tourneau, have partnered with WBGO - Jazz
                                   88.3 FM, to bring some of the greatest jazz
                                   acts to busy midtown Manhattan. Starting on
                                   June 3 and every Tuesday during the month,
                                   neighboring employees, business owners, and
                                   jazz fans from all over can ditch the lunch-
                                   time rush, and enjoy live jazz at the Oris Spirit
                                   of Jazz Concert Series, located in the atrium of
                                   the Tourneau TimeMachine on 57th & Madi-
                                   son Avenue in New York. The free concerts are
                                   from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM, with two 45- min-
                                   ute sets at noon and 1PM. Blues guitarist Lu-
                                   ther “Guitar Junior” kicks off this year’s series
                                   on June 3. Soulful saxophonist Houston Per-
          Steve Turre              son brings his quartet on June 10, pianist Eric

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                               June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com   9
                              Reed and his quartet are on June 17, and the series wraps with trombonist Steve
                              Turre and his quintet on June 24.
                                    Visit the Tourneau TimeMachine Exhibit Hall, where you can view an
                              exhibit simply titled The Blues which features rare and never-before-seen blues
                              memorabilia, photos and more. The exhibit will be on display the entire month
                              of June. Exhibit hall viewing hours are 10:00 AM-6:00 PM on Mon – Wed; Fri
                              and Sat. 10:00 AM-7:00 PM on Thursdays and from 11:30 AM-5:30 PM on Sun-
                              days. As part of the jazz concert series, Oris Watches will be giving away an Oris
                              Artelier Date Timepiece. Visit the Tourneau TimeMachine Exhibit Hall and
                              enter to win.

                                   Westchester Jazz Orchestra To Perform
                                     Works Of Antonio Carlos Jobim
                                    The Westchester Jazz Orchestra has been called a “local” orchestra “in
                              about the same way as, say, the New York or Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras
                              are local.” On June 7, this world-class big band will welcome summer with the
                              works of Antonio Carlos Jobim, who first captivated Americans with his early-
                              1960s mega-hits The Girl from Ipanema and Desafinado, and was a key force in
                              creating the international bossa nova craze of the early 1960s. His many musical
                              contributions include movie soundtracks and hundreds of songs. The WJO will
                              premiere newly-commissioned arrangements of his more famous tunes like De-
                              safinado and How Insensitive and of lesser known contributions including Sabia
                              and Look to the Sky.
                                    Led by Artistic Director Mike Holober, WJO musicians will include trum-
                              peters Craig Johnson, Tony Kadleck, Chris Rogers and Jim Rotondi; saxophonists
                              Kenny Berger, Jay Brandford, David Brandom, Ralph Lalama and Jason Rigby;
                              trombonists Bruce Eidem, Larry Farrell, George Flynn, and Keith O’Quinn; pia-
                              nist Ted Rosenthal; bassist Harvie S and drummer Andy Watson. WJO will be
                              joined by Brazilian percussionist Rogerio Boccato and guitarist Keith Ganz.
                                    The concert will be held at 8:00pm at the Seven Bridges School, 222 Seven
                              Bridges Road, Chappaqua, NY. WBGO’s Gary Walker is set to host the concert.
                              Reserved seating is $30/$25 for seniors/ $5 for students. WJO, 914-861-9100.
                              www.westjazzorch.org. Fans are encouraged to purchase tickets early as WJO’s
                              April performance was a sellout. Reserved seating tickets are $30 for adults, $25
                              for seniors and only $5 for students. Call WJO at 914-861-9100 or order online
                              at www.westjazzorch.org.

                                               Jazz at Lincoln Center
                                            Announces 2008-2009 Season
                                    Subscribe to the new season and enjoy the best seats at the best price, unlim-
                              ited ticket exchanges, advance access to single tickets to sell-out shows, discounts
                              on additional tickets to your subscribed performances, exclusive Subscriber Only
                              discounts to area merchants, and so much more! The new line-up includes jazz
                              greats such as McCoy Tyner and Ravi Coltrane, Ahmad Jamal, Wynton Marsalis
                              and the JALC Orchestra, SF Jazz Collective Paquito d’Rivera amongst others.
                              Visit online: www.jalc.org/subs or call 212-258-9999 for more info.

                                                     “In the end it is important to
                                            remember that we cannot become what we need
                                                  to be by remaining what we are.”

                                   — Max Dupree

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   A Festival At Sea
  Jazz Cruises LLC
  By Jamie Cosnowsky

      As we enter the Summer Jazz Festival season,           add to the overall quality experience. The “interest-
excitement builds as we start to plan out which festi-       ing and varied ports-of-call” allows the passenger
vals to attend. What if you could take a week off and        to visit the hottest islands in the Caribbean. There’s
literally hang out at a festival for an entire week while    enough routine throughout the day, like pool parties,
wining and dining with other fans? Not only could            conversations with the artists, jam sessions, dancing,
you see your favorite artists perform, but also enjoy        afternoon performances as well as the evening events
Q&A sessions and really get to know what makes               to keep the cruiser’s musical appetites happily sated.
these great artist’s tick? Let’s throw in one more           “We have a full staff and we’re in charge of every as-
enticement...you’re in the Caribbean visiting exotic         pect of the cruise which includes programming,” said

                                                                                                                                                                                   Photos: © Jazz Cruises, LLC
ports of call and refreshing your soul with soothing         Lazaroff. “We try to have as much interactive pro-
panoramic views of the ocean while on board one of           gramming as humanly possible. The passengers really
Holland America’s great cruise ships, the Westerdam.         get to meet the artists. There are afternoon question
A jazz experience of a lifetime is what Jazz Cruises,        and answer sessions, like “Mojito’s with Jeff Golub”
LLC has created for the most discerning and pas-             or “Champagne with Dianne Reeves”. This is a great
sionate jazz fan—literally, a jazz festival at sea.          opportunity for the artists to interact with the pas-
      What began as a passion has led to one of the          sengers other than to just play and entertain them
largest and most successful companies in the world           from the stage” There’s plenty of that too!”                  Kirk Whalum and Dave Koz jamming on the
of jazz. In the mid-80’s, the Norwegian Cruise Lines,              Building the business has been a humbling                    Dave Koz Cruise; (below) poolside
(NCL), started a jazz cruise on the SS Norway. It was        experience for Michael Lazaroff. It hasn’t been as
not a full ship charter, but rather a large group that       smooth as some of the Smooth Jazz Cruises, but it                 Out of the four Jazz Cruises, two are contem-
averaged 1,000 people. Travel agent Anita Berry’s hus-       had him focus on what he knew he could do best.             porary, one is straight ahead and the Playboy Jazz
band was a jazz fan. Year after year, Anita sold the most    Last year, Lazaroff added two diverse cruises in 2007,      Cruise is a star-studded jazz extravaganza. When
cabins on the jazz cruise and eventually the cruise line     the North Sea Jazz Cruise and The Elvis Cruise, but         asked about how he picked the themes for the cruises,
started to consult with her about line-up and itinerary.     acknowledged that he took on a bit too much: “We            Lazaroff’s sharp marketing instincts shone brightly.
This went on for a number of years until the Summer          started a Latin Jazz Cruise, but last year was way too
                                                                                                                         “I don’t pick them—I just sort of follow the market.
of 1999, when NCL announced that they were termi-            much and I wound up selling the Elvis cruise to a for-
                                                                                                                         Smooth jazz has a certain caché market to it and that
nating their jazz cruise program. Berry, who was 70          mer partner and some guys from Memphis. I really
                                                                                                                         has seemed to work. We’ve had a straight ahead jazz
at the time, realized that she had enough people and         needed to concentrate on the jazz cruises. We just
                                                                                                                         cruise forever and I saw that we didn’t have a cruise
she could do a full-ship charter. Along with her son,        took on too much. Currently, we have the four jazz
                                                             cruises and we have the opportunity to do Playboy,          in the largest jazz market and that was contemporary,
Michael Lazaroff, started a new cruise company.                                                                          so I wanted to do it, but I wanted to do it right. The
      In 1999, Berry went to the Holland America             so I would rather concentrate on that cruise. Mar-
                                                             cus was our host for the North Sea Jazz Cruise and I        Smooth Jazz Cruise has a little bit of R&B in it, like
cruise line and chartered their smallest ship, the Maas-                                                                 Chaka Khan. Tower of Power is our special guest for
dam, which held 1245 passengers. “We did a mimeo-            learned a couple of things by that. First, there’s a real
                                                             market for contemporary jazz. Secondly, it should be        the Dave Koz Cruise this year.”
graphed mailing,” reflected Lazaroff, “and it was sold                                                                         Each cruise lasts seven days and two of the
out within 90 days. The first sailing —the first full        in the Carribean and I was looking for a name that
                                                             would catapult it and that was Playboy. So I went to        cruises are booked back-to-back. Next up is the Dave
ship charter was in November 2000. In 2001, we did
                                                             the mansion and I met with the Playboy Jazz people          Koz Cruise on November 2 - 9, 2008, followed by
have a sailing right after 9/11 and that went fine. Just
                                                             and they were extremely enthusiastic because it co-         The Jazz Cruise from November 9 - 16th, 2008. The
like Jaws, we kept on getting bigger boats.”
                                                             incided with the 30th Anniversary of their festival.        Dave Koz Cruise features a line up of leading Smooth
      Michael Lazaroff helped Berry from the begin-
                                                             They’ve been wonderful and are the most amazing             and Contemporary artists such as Eric Benet, Alonzo
ning, but really didn’t come into the picture full time
                                                             partners ever. They are doing a fantastic job assisting     Bodden, Rick Bruan, Jonathan Butler, George Duke,
until 2003–2004. “I started off doing golf and spa
                                                             us in promoting the cruise.”                                Candy Dulfer, Jeff Golub, Euge Groove, Arlington
charters,” said Lazaroff. “I came in and took over the
Smooth Jazz Cruise from Peter D’Attoma, who was do-                The Playboy Jazz Cruise is the newest addition        Jones, Najee, Brian Simpson and more. The Jazz
ing a back-to-back groups on Costa Cruise Lines, with        to Jazz Cruises, LLC, that has Lazaroff beaming like        Cruise boasts the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orches-
the proviso that if I liked it that I could buy it. I also   a new daddy. The Playboy Jazz Cruise boasts a “Who’s        tra with John Clayton, Jeff Clayton, Jeff Hamilton,
was responsible for setting up the Dave Koz cruise.”         Who” in jazz and offers a heavy hitting line-up of          Rickey Woodard, Denise Thimes, Heath Brothers
In 2004—2005, he formed Jazz Cruises, LLC, which             jazz luminaries. Joining host Marcus Miller, is 2008        Quartet, Neena Frelon, Tierney Sutton, Andy Bey,
is the holding company for all the difference cruises.       Grammy Award Winner, Herbie Hancock, James                  Tom Scott and Shelly Berg, Benny Green, Regina
“January of 2005 was our first full ship charter of the      Moody, Dianne Reeves, Roy Hargrove, Roberta Gam-            Carter, Jeremy Pelt, Judy Roberts, Trio da Paz, Hous-
                                                             barini, Latin Jazz Great, Poncho Sanchez, Keb’ Mo’,         ton Person, Ben Riley’s Monk Legacy Septet, Johnny
Smooth Jazz Cruise, so we’ve now had four of them;
                                                             James Carter, Eldar and the New Birth Brass Band.           O’Neal Trio, Ken Peplowski, Houston Person, Dena
we’ve had three Dave Koz Cruises and seven of The
Jazz Cruise, which is our straight ahead cruise.”                                                                        DeRose, Wycliffe Gordon, Jay Leonhart, to name
      Lazaroff’s formula for success is simple: Provide                                                                  a few. Kicking off the new year is the Smooth Jazz
his audience of cruisers an abundance of world-class                                                                     Cruise from January 18 - 25, 2009, and the Playboy
artists and talent in their given genre, put them on a                                                                   Jazz Cruise from January 25 - Feb. 1st, 2009. There’s
fully chartered, first class cruise ship, schedule events                                                                a Jazz Cruise for every jazz taste. Enjoy a festival at
throughout the day in which the fan not only gets to                                                                     sea with your favorite artists. “Some people book
hear the artist, but often gets to interact with them                                                                    cruises back to back and just stay on the ship,” said
personally. This creates in intimate bond that is often                                                                  Lazaroff enthusiastically. “We get a lot of people who
not found at jazz festivals since the artists are usu-                                                                   are returning year after year. It’s become a must at-
ally cordoned off behind a rope. Beautiful venues,                                                                       tend event.” Visit www.jazzcruisesllc.com for a com-
and state of the art sound and music production                                                                          plete line up of artists, information and pricing.
To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                   June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                                                           11
JUNE: Local & Regional                                         Jazz-a-ma-Tazz; Jonathan Batiste 3; Andrea Tierra; Jun 29:           (SEC) 8pm; E.S.T. Aetherial Bass (LPR)
                                                               The O’Jays; Boney James & Jonathan Butler; Dianne Reeves;            7:30PM; Simone, KJ Denhert (LPR)
Central Pennsylvania Jazz Festival: May 29 – June 1            Charles Lloyd New Quartet w/Jason Moran, Reuben Rogers &             11pm; Jun 22: João Gilberto (CH) 8pm;
Harrisburgh, PA                                                Eric Harland; Terence Blanchard; Rachel Price; The Brubeck           Brad Mehldau 3 (ZH) 8:30pm; Tribute
Notable: Kevin Mahogany, Dave Liebman, Terell Stafford,        Brothers; Aaron Goldberg 3; Rachael Price; 3D.spac.org               to Carlos “Patato” Valdez w/The Conga
Hendrick Meurkens, Randy Weston. www.pajazz.org                                                                                     Kings feat. Giovanni Hidalgo, Candido
                                                               Hot Steamed Jazz Festival: June 27 – 29                              Camero, Francisco Aguabella (SEC)
DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival: June 15 – 22              Essex, CT                                                            8pm; Jun 23: Herbie Hancock w/Dave      Brad Mehldau
Wilmington, DE                                                 Galvanized Jazz Band w/ Jane Campedelli, Bob Seeley,                 Holland, Vinnie Colaiuta, Chris Potter,  JVC Jazz NY
                                                               Palomar 4 w/Dan Levinson, Olivier Lancelot, Jeff Hughes &            Sonya Kitchell Lionel Loueke Trio (CH)     June 22
Notable: David Sanborn, Bonerama, Mingus Big Band, Trio 3
                                                               Festival All Stars, Buffalo Ridge Jazz Band, New York Stompers,      8pm; Dick Hyman, Ken Peplowski,
w/Reggie Workman, Oliver Lake, Andrew Cyrill; Hiromi’s Sonic
                                                               Rialto Rhythm Revellers, Wolverine Jazz                              Wycliffe Gordon, Randy Sandke,
Bloom. www.cliffordbrownjazzfest.com
                                                               Band w/Jimmy Mazzy, Sugarfoot Youth                                  Howard Alden, Jay Leonhart & Eddie
                                                               Band, Jazz Jesters Novelty Orchestra                                 Locke Zankel Hall (ZH) 8:30pm; JVC
Freihofer’s Jazz Festival: June 28 – 29
                                                               w/ Jeff Hughes, Dan Levinson’s Summa                                 Salutes Art D’Lugoff, Poncho Sanchez
Saratoga Springs, NY
                                                               Cum Laude. www.hotsteamedjazz.com                                    (LPR) 7:30pm; Jun 24: Chris Botti (CH)
Jun 28: Return to Forever w/Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al
                                                                                                                                    8pm; Tierney Sutton (ZH) 8:30pm; Bad
DiMeola & Lenny White; Dee Dee Bridgewater, Chris Botti;
                                                               JVC Jazz Festival – New York: June                                   Plus 1 w/Kurt Rosenwinkel (SEC) 8pm;
Saxophone Summit w/Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman & Ravi                                                                                  Jun 25: Anat Cohen 4, Esperanza         Sergio Mendes
                                                               15 – 28
Coltrane; Ryan Shaw; Conrad Herwig; Johnathan Batiste 3;                                                                            Spalding 4 (SEC) 8pm; Aaron Goldberg     JVC Jazz NY
                                                               New York, NY (See End of Listing for
Jenny Scheinman; Maurice Brown Effect; Hayes Greenfield &                                                        Anat Cohen         3 (RMA) 7pm; Jun 26: Soulive w/Joshua      June 21
                                                               Key to Venues)
                                                                                                                 JVC Jazz NY        Redman (LPR) 7:30pm; Billy Harper
                                                               Jun 15: Kenny Barron 3 (SC) 3pm; Jun
                                                                                                                   June 25
                                                               17: Tribute to Alice Coltrane w/Ravi                                 5 (SMH) 7:30pm; New School Jazz
                                                               Coltrane, Geri Allen, Charlie Haden, Jack                            Ensemble (USP) 5:30pm Jun 27: Al
                                                               Dejohnette, Brandee Younger (SEC)                                    Green, Dianne Reeves (CH) 8pm; Dee
                                                               8pm; Jun 18: 35 Years of Highlights                                  Dee Bridgewater(SEC) 8pm; Soulive
                                                               in Jazz w/Jack Kleinsinger Billy Taylor,                             w/Joshua Redman (LPR) 7:30pm; Tim
                                                               Bucky Pizzarelli, Ken Peplowski, Byron                               Berne, Craig Taborn (RMA) 7pm; Jun
                                                               Stripling, Ted Rosenthal, Wycliffe                                   28: Mos Def Big Band w/Gil Scott-Heron
                                                                                                                                                                            Dianne Reeves
                                                               Gordon, Gene Bertoncini, Jay Leonhart                                (CH) 8pm; Richard Galliano, Tangaria
                                                                                                                                                                             JVC Jazz NY
                                                               and Lewis Nash (SEC) 8pm; Charlie                 Joao Gilberto      4tet (ZH) 8:30pm; Charles Lloyd w/         June 27
                                                               Haden 4 West , (LPR) 7:30pm & 10pm;               JVC Jazz NY        Jason Moran, Reuben Rogers, Eric
                                                               Maceo Parker, Lettuce (BMT) 8pm; Jun                 June 22         Harland (SEC) 8pm. www.festivalnetwork.com
                                                               19: Lila Downs, Raul Midon (SEC) 8pm;
                                                               Medeski, Martin & Wood Marc Ribot’s                                  Kingston Jazz Festival: June 27 – 29
                                                               Ceramic Dog Taylor McFerrin (PPB)                                    Kingston, NY
                                                               7pm; Bill Frisell 3 (LPR) 7:30pm & 10pm;                             Jun 27: Karl Berger’s Creative Music
                                                               University Jazz Combos (USP) 12:30pm;                                Studio Orchestra; Jun 28: Jazz Knights
                                                               Jun 20: Jill Scott (CH) 8pm; Cecil Taylor,                           of West Point; Jun 29: Cyrus Chestnut 3;
                                                               George Cables (SEC) 8pm; Billy Hart                                  The Kingston HS Jazz Ensemble; Claire
                                                               Academy w/Theo Croker (RMA) 7pm;                Herbie Hancock       Daly’s “Rah Rah” Band; The Jeff “Siege”
                                                               Jun 21: Sergio Mendes, Zap Mama                  JVC Jazz NY         Siegel 4; Frank Wess 5; Jon Faddis Jazz       Jon Faddis
                                                               (CH) 8pm; Hank Jones Celebration                   June 23           Orchestra. www.kingstonjazzfestival.         Kingston Jazz
                                                                                                                                    com                                            Festival
                                                                JVC Key To Venues:                                                                                                  June 29
                                                                (BMT) Brooklyn Masonic Temple, 317 Claremont Ave (Bklyn)            Newark Museum - Jazz in the Garden:
                                                                (CH) Carnegie Hall, W 57th St & 7th Ave.                            June 19 - Aug 7
                                                                (SEC) New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 W 64th St & Central   Newark, NJ
                                                                Park West                                                           David Murray Black Saint; Joe Locke;
                                                                (LPR) Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St.
                                                                                                                                    Houston Person; Cindy Blackman;
                                                                (PPB) Prospect Park Bandshell, 9th St & Prospect Park West, Park
                                                                                                                                    Bobby Sanabria; Sean Smith; Catherine
                                                                Slope, (Bklyn)
                                                                (RMA) Rubin Museum of Art, 150 W 17th St.                           Russell; Sean Jones
                                                                (SC) Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 515            www.newarkmuseum.org
                                                                Malcolm X Blvd & W 135th St.                                                                                      Claire Daly
                                                                (SM) Studio Museum in Harlem 144 W 125th St                         New Languages Festival:                    Kingston Jazz Fest
                                                                (USP) Union Square Park – South Plaza 14th Street (bet B’way &                                                     - June 29
                                                                                                                                    June 12 – 14
                                                                Union Square West)                                                                                             Litchfield - Aug 3
                                                                                                                                    New York, NY
                                                                (ZH) Zankel Hall W 57th St & 7th Ave.                               Jun 12: The Color Now; Miles Okazaki; Tyshawn Sorey: Wu-Wei;

12                                                                  June 2008      Jazz Improv® NY     www.jazzimprov.com                                  To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
Jun 13: Jackson Moore 3; Tony Malaby 3; Darcy James Argue’s          Moutin Reunion 4; Oz Noy; West Coast / East Coast Dream                7:45, 8:45, 9:15, 10:15; Lewis Barnes’ Hampton Roads, 6; Roy
Secret Society Saturday; Jun 14: Shaikh, Formanek, & Peterson;       Band. www.syracusejazzfest.com                                         Nathanson’s Sotto Voce, 7; Abdoulaye Alhassane Toure’s Deep
TOTEM>; Chris Speed & Friends. www.newlanguages.org                                                                                         Sahara, 8; William Parker’s Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield Plus
                                                                     Vision Festival XIII: June 10 – 15                                     Children’s Choir, 9. www.visionfestival.org
Red Bank Jazz & Blue Festival:                                       Clemente SoloVelez Cultural Center,
May 30 – June 1                                                      107 Suffolk Street, NYC 10002 Jun 10:                                  West Oak Lane Jazz & Arts Festival: June 20 – 22
Red Bank, NJ                                                         Opening Invocation w/Hamid Drake,                                      Philadelphia, PA
www.redbankfestival.com                                              Patricia Nicholson & William Parker, 7;                                Notable: Benny Golson Quartet, Kevin Eubanks, Pieces of a
                                                                     Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet, 7:30; Milagro,                                 Dream. www.westoaklanefestival.com
Rochester Int’l Jazz Festival: June 13 – 21                          8:15; Dave Douglas & Magic Circle
Rochester, NY                                                        Keys, 8:30; Milagro, K.J. Holmes & David                               JUNE: National & Canada
                                                                                                                        Dave Douglas
Notable: Ben Riley’s MONK Legacy Septet, Al Foster, Rachel Z,        Moss, 9:15; The Nu Band 9:30; Milagro,             Vision Festival
Frank Sinatra, Jr., Amina Figarova 6, Bad Plus, Dave Samuels,        10:15; Mark Dresser Duo, 10:30; Jun                    June 10         Capital Jazz Fest: June 6 – 8
Dee Dee Bridgewater, Eddie Daniels, John Scofield, Bob               11: Lifetime Achievement Celebration                                   Upper Marlboro MD
Sneider, Cindy Blackman, Dave Liebman,Sachal Vasandani,              of Edward “Kidd” Jordan: Milagro, 5:30,                                www.capitaljazz.com
Miguel Zenon, Tierney Sutton, Joe Lock, Taylor Eigsti & Julian       7:30 8:15, 10; in Stage, Jordan/Bluiett/
Lage. www.rochesterjazz.com                                          Burrell, 7:00; Bang/Jordan/Parker/Drake,                               Festival International de Jazz de Montreal: June 26 – July 6
                                                                     7:45; Milagro, 8:15; Jordan/Fielder                                    Montreal, Canada
SanofiAventis Jazz Fest: June 6 – 8                                  Quartet, 8:30; New Orleans Pays Tribute                                Jun 26: Michel Portal & Jacky Terrasson; Rémi Bolduc Jazz
Drew University, Madison NJ                                          to Kidd Jordan, 9:15; Anderson/Jordan/                                 Ensemble; Dee Dee Bridgewater; Erik Mongrain; Robben Ford;
Jun 6: Winners of HS Band competition; Jun 7: The Bucky              Parker/Drake, 10:15; Jun 12: Oliver                                    Katie Melua; That 1 Guy; Nikki Yanofsky; Michel Haumont
Pizzarelli, Nicki Parrott & Rossano Sportiello Trio, Ed Metz & the   Lake’s New Quintet Project, 7:30; Milagro,        Matthew Shipp        - Jean-Félix Lalanne; Salif Keita - Vieux Farka Touré; Harry
Bob Crosby Bobcats, James Dean Big Band, Cynthia Sayer &             8:15, 9:15, 10:15; James Spaulding’s               Vision Festival     Manx; Iro Haarla 5; Gilberto Gil; Hank Jones &Oliver Jones;
Sparks Fly; Tony DeSare Trio; Jerry Vezza Trio w/ Frank Noviello;    Swing Expressions, 8:30Main Stage,                     June 14         Jordan Officer; David Murray Black Saint 4; Vive La Fête; Jun
Jun 8: Earl May Tribute Band feat. Larry Ham, Benny Powell,          Hamiet Bluiett 4, 9:30; Stage, Ensemble                                27: Buffy Sainte-Marie; Christine Jensen Ingrid Jensen Nordic
Bob Crenshaw, Eddie Locke & Dave Glasser; Eric Comstock              of Possibilities, 10:30; Jun 13: Ullmann/Swell 4, 7:30; Milagro,       Connect; Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman, Ravi Coltrane; Antoine
Trio, Swingadelic, Jazz Lobsters Big Band, Carrie Jackson &          8:15, 9:15, 10:15; Simmons/Few, 8:30; Connie Crothers, 9:30;           Dufour; Return To Forever w/Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke,
Her Swinging All-Stars, Joe Temperley 5. www.njjs.org                Sabir Mateen/Henry Grimes 4, 10:30; Wadada Leo Smith’s                 Al Di Meola & Lenny White; Intakto Todavia; Houdini, The
                                                                     Golden 4, 11:30; Jun 14: Emerging Artists spotlight, 1-6pm;            Musical; That 1 Guy; John Jorgenson; Marcus Miller; Harry
Syracuse Jazz Festival: June 27 – 28                                 Milagro, 1, 3, 4, 5, 8:15, 9:15, 10:15; Jeff Arnal 3, 2pm; Celestial   Manx; Duo Baars – Henneman; Yael Naim & David Donatien;
Syracuse, NY                                                         Moon Beams Funk, 7:30, Matthew Shipp Trio, 8:30; Dunmall/              Hank Jones & Joe Lovano; Jake Shimabukuro; Brad Mehldau
Randy Brecker; Chaka Khan; Sergio Mendes & Brazil 2008;              Ali/Grimes, 9:30; George Lewis/Joëlle Léandre, 10:30; Marraffa/        Solo; Alice Russell; Jun 28: Stacey Kent; Brad Mehldau 3;
The Steelheads; Bill Evans; Mike Stern Band; Ivan Lins Band;         Braida/Borghini/Spera, 11:30; Jun 15: Milagro, Milagro, 3, 6:45,       Guy Nadon; Andy McKee; Sarah Slean; Houdini, The Musical;

                                FRIDAY, AUGUST 1                                SATURDAY AUGUST 2 - A L L                     DAY                  SUNDAY, AUGUST 3
                                Spanish Courtyard at 8:00pm                     Venetian Theater                                                   Venetian Theater
                                Tickets: $35.00, $25.00                         Tickets: $65.00, $50.00, $35.00                                    Tickets: $45.00, $35.00

                                Ahmad Jamal, piano                              3:00pm         Cuban Piano Summit                                  3:00pm Aaron Diehl, piano
                                James Cammack                                                   Elio Villafranca & Chuchito Valdes                 4:15 pm Jimmy Heath Big Band
                                Idris Muhammad
                                                                                4:15 pm Mulgrew Miller’s Wingspan                                  5:30 pm Michel Camilo Trio
                                                                                5:30 pm 50 Years of Bossa Nova                                                    Charles Flores & Dafnis Prieto
                                                                                               Ricardo Peixoto & Claudia Villela
                                                                                                  Dinner Break                                            JAZZ FESTIVAL PACKAGE
                                                                                8:00 pm         Wynton Marsalis                                     Purchase tickets for all three shows
                                                                                                                                                  and receive 10% off each performance.
                                                                                This concert is sponsored, in part, by generous
                                                                                support from Wachovia Wealth Management.

                                                                                                                                                               It’s Easy To Get There!
                                                                              Caramoor’s beautiful gardens and acoustically perfect open-air theaters are easy to
                                                                             reach from New York City. JUST FOR JAZZ: Exclusive caterer, Great Performances will
                                                                                                   grill chicken, ribs, burgers and hot dogs on the picnic grounds.

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                            June 2008     Jazz Improv® NY     www.jazzimprov.com                                                                          13
Al Green; Lizz Wright; That 1 Guy; Coral Egan; Don Ross;         Fraser; Lewis Furey; Keb’ Mo’ Solo - Taj Mahal; Dave Brubeck       5; Vinny Valentino; Chrissi Poland
De La Soul - Ghislain Poirier Live; Harry Manx; Steamboat        4 & 8; Christian Scott 6; Jul 5: Gino Vannelli; James Carter 5;    4; Bob Mover Emilie Mover 5; Victor
Switzerland; Gonzalo Rubalcaba 5; Dominick Farinacci 5;          Bettye Lavette; Billy Bang, Ranee Lee, Coral Egan, Yannick         Jones; George Garzone, Joe Lovano,
Hank Jones & Brad Mehldau; Martin Taylor; Belly Of A Drunken     Rieu, Chet Doxas, Lorraine Klaasen, Dawn Tyler Watson Et           Judi Silvano & Kenny Werner; Jerry
Piano: A Show Celebrating Tom Waits, w/Stewart D’arrietta;       Paul Deslauriers, Bryan Lee & The Blues Power Band, Oliver         Bergonzi, Bruce Gertz 4; Ray Greene,
Yaron Herman 3; Misteur Valaire; Jun 29: Roberto Fonseca,        Jones; Yoav; Melingo; Ima; Lee Scratch Perry - The Wailers;        Mark Greel 5; Ron Reid, Dick Johnson,
François Richard Nouvel Orchestra; Croisière Jazz w/Dorothée     Martin Sexton; Torngat; Joe Piscopo; Dave Brubeck 3; Jean          Lou Columbo Salute; Brian Walkley; KJ
Berryman; Gareth Pearson; Omara Portuondo, Gracias Mayra         Vanasse - Miroslav Vitous; Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts;          Denhert; Dane Vannatter, Greg Hopkins         Roy Haynes
Andrade; Ayo; Woody Allen & His New Orleans Jazz Band;           Jul 6: Glenn Miller & Tommy Dorsey Orchestras; James Taylor.       Big Band. www.capecodjazzfestival.com        Norwalk Jazz
That 1 Guy; Coral Egan; We Are Wolves; Vinicio Capossela;        www.montrealjazzfest.com                                                                                          Festival
Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamura Duo; Harry Manx; Hommage                                                                                                                              July 12
À Léo Ferré w/Roberto Cipelli, Gianmaria Testa, Paolo Fresu,                                                                        Norwalk Jazz Festival: July 12
                                                                 Park City Jazz Festival: June 12 – 22                              Norwalk, CT
Attilio Zanchi & Philippe Garcia; Hank Jones & Charlie Haden;    Park City, UT
Pierre Bensusan; Belly Of A Drunken Piano; Hilario Duran Trio,                                                                      Jun 28: Roy Haynes, Damon Grant,
Socalled; Jun 30: Dianne Reeves; E.S.T.; Jazzlab; Croisière                                                                         Sherry Winston, Tyrha Lindsey. www.
Jazz w/Dorothée Berryman; Strunz & Farah; Woody Allen & His                                                                         norwalkjazzfestival.com
                                                                 TD Canada Trust Toronto Downtown: June 18 – 29
New Orleans Jazz Band; Melody Gardot; That 1 Guy; Public
                                                                 Downtown Toronto, Canada
Enemy; Vinicio Capossela; Corkestra; Charlie Haden Quartet                                                                          Bethel Woods: July 17 – Aug 17
                                                                 Notable: Michel Legrand Trio w/Phil Woods, Dave Brubeck 4, Joe
West; Anat Cohen 4; Belly Of A Drunken Piano; Marc Cary Trio                                                                        Bethel, NY
                                                                 LaBarbera & Pat LaBarbera, Gary Morgan Big Band Latin Jazz,
Focus; Love Trio In Dub With U-Roy; Jul 1: Croisière Jazz w/                                                                        Jul 17: Klezmataics; Jul 19: Tony            John Pizzarelli
                                                                 Cyrus Chestnut, Dr. John, e.s.t., Esbjorn Svensson, Bill Charlap
Dorothée Berryman; McCoy Tyner 3 w/Ravi Coltrane; Steely                                                                            Bennett, Jul 31: John Pizzarelli Quartet;      Litchfield
Dan; Catherine Russell; TV On The Radio; Daniel Lanois; Jul      & Sandy Stewart / Renee Rosnes; Geri Allen, Maceo Parker,
                                                                 Lizz Wright, Marcus Miller, Gene Bertoncini, David Binney, Bill    Aug 17: Preservation Hall Jazz Band.             Aug 3
2: Abbey Lincoln; Richard Galliano Tangaria; Matt Herskowitz                                                                        www.bethelwoodscenter.org
& Guests Mad Gershwin; Orchestra Baobab; Steely Dan;             Mays, Marvin Stamm & Alisa Horn. www.torontojazz.com
Catherine Russell; Yoav; Melody Gardot; Ladytron; Datarock;
                                                                 Telluride Jazz Celebration: June 5 – 8                             Columbia Gas 2008 Summer Jazz
Daniel Lanois; The Blind Boys Of Alabama - The Dirty Dozen
                                                                 Telluride, CO                                                      Celebration: July 26
Brass Band; McCoy Tyner Solo; Renaud-Garcia Fons 3; Jul
                                                                 www.telluridejazz.org                                              Bellefonte, PA
3: Richard Thompson; Steven Bernstein; Claude Lamothe;
Daniel Lanois; Aretha Franklin; Yoav; Melody Gardot; Brooke                                                                         Byron Stripling, Tom Malone, Russ
Fraser; Lewis Furey; Rodrigo Y Gabriela; McCoy Tyner Big         JULY: Local & Regional                                             Kassoff, Jay Anderson, Dennis Mackrel,
Band w/ Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra & Christian Scott;                                                                           Catherine Dupuis, Phil Haynes, Greg         Catherine Dupuis
Miguel Zenon 4; Jul 4: Cassandra Wilson; Vic Vogel; Trio         Cape Cod Jazz Festival: July 3– Aug 29                             Johnson, Billy Test, Charlie Heim, State     Columbia Gas
Michel Donato w/Marin Nasturica & Jon Gearey; Joseph Arthur;     Chatham, MA                                                        College HS Jazz Band. www.JazzPA.           Jazz Celebration
Aretha Franklin; Melingo; Yoav; Ima; Daniel Lanois; Brooke       Mercedes Hall; Pat Ryan; Burton Greene 3; Dave Schnitter           com                                              July 26

                                                 tickets online at norwalkjazzfestival.com

14                                                                    June 2008     Jazz Improv® NY    www.jazzimprov.com                                   To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
     Connecticut Jazz Festival: July 25 – 27                           Jul 31: Lush Life: Billy Strayhorn w/Bill CharlapCarol Sloane,
     Moodus, CT                                                        Frank Wess, Terell Stafford, Mulgrew Miller, Russell Malone,
     Blue Street; Cornet Chop Suey; Igor’s Jazz Cowboys; Midiri        Peter Washington, Willie Jones III. www.92y.org
     Brothers 6; Galvanized Jazz Band; Swing ‘39; Heartbeat Jazz
     Band; Bearcats Jazz Band; Jeff Barnhart’s Coast to Coast All      Syracuse Jazz Fest: July 27– 28
     Stars; Ivory and Gold; Jazz’M; Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic      Syracuse, NY
     Band; Sugarfoot Jazz Band; Washboard Slim & The Blue              Oz Noy Ivan Lins; Moutin Reunion 4; Mike Stern Band &
     Lights. www.ctjazz.org                                            An All Star Trib. to Michael Brecker; Chaka Khan. www.
     Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz: July 18 – 20
     Hartford, CT                                                      JULY – National
     Mike Arroyo; Nick Colionne; Four 80 East; Jeff Lorber; Giacomo
     Gates; Ray Blue; Kendrick Oliver & New Life Jazz Orchestra.       Satchmo Summer Fest: July 31– August 3
                                                                       New Orleans, LA
                                                                       This Summer, join New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, as they
     Jazz in July at 92nd St. Y: July 22– 31
                                                                       celebrate the legacy of hometown legend Louis “Satchmo”
     New York, NY
                                                                       Armstrong. Enjoy traditional & contemporty jazz, brass bands,
     Jul 22: Somewhere: The Songs of
                                                                       a jazz Mass, world-famous New Orleans cuisine, second-line
     Leonard Bernstein w/Bill Charlap, Kurt
                                                                       parades, “edutaining” siminars and discussions, Satchmo Club
     Elling, Jon Gordon, Jimmy Greene, Brian
     LynchTed Rosenthal, Peter Washington,                             Strut & more! Info & hotel rates call 504-522-5730. www.fqfi.org
     Kenny Washington; Jul 23: Piano Jam
     w/Bill Charlap, Dr. Billy Taylor, Cedar                           Catalina Island Jazztrax Festival: June 20 – 22
                                                 Bill Charlap
     Walton, Bill Mays, Warren Vaché, Sandy        92nd St Y           Avalon, CA
     Stewart, Peter Washington, Eddie             Jazz in July         www.jazztrax.com
     Locke; Jul 24: Vanguard Jazz Orchestra:
     42 Years of Swing, Bill Charlap; Jul 28: Jazz Piano Master        Cathedral Park Jazz Festival: July 18– 20
     Class w/Bill Charlap, Ted Rosenthal, Sean Smith; Jul 29:          Portland, OR
     Jazz Samba! w/Bill Charlap, Vera Mara, Claudio Roditi, Harry      www.cpjazz.com
     Allen, Dario Eskenazi, David Finck, Sandro Albert, Adriano
     Santos, Mauro Refosco; Jul 30: Tribute to George Shearing         Centrum’s Jazz Port Townsend: July 24 – 26
     w/Bill Charlap, Fred Hersch, Freddy Cole, Joe Locke, Peter        Port Townsend, WA
     Bernstein, Sean Smith, Kenny Washington, Daniel Sadownick;        www.centrum.org

         Closer to New York City
         Than You Think...

          Bebe Neuwirth
          Dave Brubeck
          Paquito D’Rivera
          Cyrus Chestnut                                              LITCHFIELDJAZZFEST.COM
          John Pizzarelli
          Dear Mr. Sinatra with orchestra        13TH ANNUAL

                                                 Litchfield Jazz Festival
          Wayne Shorter
          Tribute Big Band                                                                                         1, 2 & 3
          led by David Weiss
          Conrad Herwig’s Latin
          Side of Miles & ‘Trane
          Cyrus Chestnut
          Kenny Werner
          Winard Harper
          Jimmy Greene
          Peter Madsen
          Claire Daly
          Nicole Zuraitis
          and much more
          Photos courtesy of Stuart Feldman
          & Steven Sussman

16        June 2008        Jazz Improv® NY    www.jazzimprov.com                               To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
                                                 Fillmore Jazz Festival: July 5 – 6                           AUGUST – Local & Regional
                                                 San Francisco, CA
                                                 www.fillmorejazzfestival.com                                 Caramoor Jazz Festival: August 1 – 3
                                                                                                              Katonah, NY
                                                 Iowa City Jazz Festival: July 4 – 6                          Aug. 1: Ahmad Jamal; Aug 2: Elio
                                                 Iowa City, IA                                                Villafranca, Chuchito Valdes; Mulgrew
                                                 www.icjazzfest.com                                           Miller’s Wingspan; Ricardo Peixoto and
                                                                                                              Claudia Villela; Wynton Marsalis; Aug.
                                                 Jazz in July: July 7 – 18                                    3: Aaron Diehl, Jimmy Heath Big Band;

                                                 Amhearst, MA                                                 Michel Camilo Trio w/Charles Flores &
                                                                                                                                                           Wynton Marsalis
                                                 www.jazzinjuly.com                                           Dafnis Prieto. www.caramoor.org                Caramoor
                                                                                                                                                               Aug 2
     Down by the river in Kingston, New York     Jazz in the Valley: July 25 – 27                             Litchfield Jazz Festival: August 1 – 3
                                                 Ellensburg, WA                                               Goshen, CT
        JUNE 27, 28 & 29                         www.jazzinthevalley.com                                      Aug 1: Friends of the Festival Gala; Paquito D’Rivera w/Zaccai
                                                                                                              Curtis 3; Bebe Neuwirth; Aug 2: Dave Brubeck; Winard Harper
                                                                                                              6; Nicole Zuraitis 4; Kenny Werner 3; Wayne Shorter Tribute Big
       ALL EVENTS ARE FREE                       KoSA Int’l Percussion Workshops & Festival: Jul 30 – Aug 3
                                                                                                              Band; Dave Brubeck 4; Conrad Herwig’s Latin Side of Miles &
                                                 Castleton, VT
          RAIN OR SHINE                          www.kosamusic.com                                            ‘Trane; Aug 3: John Pizzarelli; Claire Daly’s “Rah! Rah!” Band;
                                                                                                              Peter Madsen 3; Jimmy Greene 4; Chestnut 3; John Pizzarelli
       Friday, June 27 at 7:30 PM                Mammoth Lakes Jubilee: July 9 – 13                           & Dear Mr. Sinatra w/Orchestra. www.litchfieldjazzfest.com

              In the council chamber of
                                                 Mammoth Lakes, CA
            the historic Kingston City Hall                                                                   Belleayre Music Festival: Aug 8 – 16
                                                                                                              Highmount, NY
          Karl Berger’s                                                                                       Aug 8: KJ Denhert 5; Aug 9: Ramsey Lewis; Aug 15: Ken
 Creative Music Studio Orchestra                 Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival: July 18 – 19
                                                 Sioux Falls, SD                                              Peplowski 4; Aug 16: Two Jazz Diamonds 75th Birthday All
                                                                                                              Star Celebration for David “Fathead” Newman & Curtis Fuller
     Saturday, June 28 at 6:00 PM                www.jazzfestsiouxfalls.com
                                                                                                              with Cedar Walton, Rufus Reid, Jimmy Cobb, plus surprise
       At the Kingston High School Field House
                                                                                                              guests. www.belleayremusic.org
                                                 JULY – International
         Saturday Night Swing
                                                                                                              JVC Newport Jazz Festival: August 8 – 10
                  with                           Århus International Jazz Festival: July 12 – 19
                                                                                                              Newport, RI
     The Jazz Knights of West Point              Århus, Denmark
                                                                                                              Aug 8: Chris Botti; Ledisi; Aug 9: Chris Botti; Wayne Shorter 4;
 Music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie and more   www.jazzfest.dk
                                                                                                              Dave Holland-Gonzalo Rubalcaba-Chris Potter-Eric Harland;
                                                                                                              Ledisi; Lettuce w/Fred Wesley; Charlie Hayden-Ethan Iverson-
        Sunday. June 29 at Noon                  Atlantic Jazz Festival: July 11– 19
                                                                                                              Paul Motian; Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey; Christian Scott;
                down in the Rondout              Halifax, Nova Scotia
                                                                                                              Warren Vache 5; Aaron Goldberg 3; Aug 10: Sonny Rollins;
         The Cyrus Chestnut Trio                                                                              Herbie Hancock; Anthony Hamilton; Guillermo Klein Y Los
                                                                                                              Gauchos; Soulive w/Fred Wesley, Lionel Loueke 3; Chris
                                                 Estoril Jazz/Jazz On a Summer Day: July 4– 15
 The Kingston HS Jazz Ensemble                                                                                Potter’s Underground; George Wein & Newport All-Stars w/
          (under the direction of Bob Shaut)     Cascais, Portugal
                                                                                                              Anat Cohen-Howard Alden; Marco Benevento 3 w/Chris Potter;
                                                 www.projazz.pt                                               Mark Rapp Band. www.festivalnetwork.com
     Claire Daly’s “Rah Rah” Band
           Tribute to Rahsaan Roland Kirk        Keitelejazz Festivsal: July 23 – 26                          Long Island Jazz Festival: August 9 & 10
                                                 Äänekoski, Finland                                           Oyster Bay, NY
     The Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet             www.aanekoski.fi/keitelejazz                                 Aug 9: Dave Koz, Lizz Wright; Aug 10: Jonathan Butler, Boney
         The Frank Wess Quintet                                                                               James. www.fotapresents.org
                                                 Kongsberg Jazz Festival: July 2 – 5
     The Jon Faddis Jazz Orchestra               Kongsberg, Norway                                            Sackets Harbor Jazz Festival: August 9
                                                 www.kongsberg-jazzfestival.no                                Sackets Harbor, NY
              INFORMATION:                                                                                    Speakeasy Jazz Babies; Russ Kassoff Trio, w/Martin Wind,
 (800) 331.1518 or (845) 331.7517                Montreux Jazz Festival: July 4 – 19                          Dennis Mackrel, Catherine Dupuis. www.jazzinsackets.org
  www.kingstonjazzfestival.com                   Montreux, Switzerland
                                                 www.montreuxjazz.com                                         Historic Lewiston Jazz Festival: August 22 – 24
         Produced by Planet Arts                                                                              Lewiston, NY
                                                 North Sea Jazz Festival: July 11 – 13                        www.lewistonjazz.com
           www.PlanetArts.org                    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
                                                 www.northseajazz.com                                         Charlie Parker Festival: August 23– 24
       Sponsored by ENTERGY                                                                                   New York, NY
                                                 Stockholm Jazz Festival: July 16– 19                         Aug 23: Hank Jones, Vanessa Rubin, Rashied Ali,
                                                 Stockholm, Sweden                                            Robert Glasper; Aug 24: Randy Weston, Jerry Gonzalez
                                                 www.stockholmjazz.com                                        and Fort Apache, Eric Lewis, Gretchen Parlato. www.
                                                 Souillac En Jazz: July 14– 20
                                                 Souillac, France                                             Tanglewood Jazz Festival: August 29 – 31
                                                 www.souillacenjazz.net                                       Lenox, MA
                                                                                                              Aug 29: Colombian harpist, Edmar Castaneda & Trio w/Joe
                                                 Umbria Jazz: July 11– 20                                     Locke; Eliane Elias; Aug 30: Marian McPartland; Donal Fox,
                                                 Perugia, Italy                                               w/Christian Scott; Dianne Reeves; Aug 31: Eddie Daniels 4;
                                                 www.umbriajazz.com                                           Mark O’Connor, w/Jane Monheit; Aug 31: Terence Blanchard

18                                                    June 2008    Jazz Improv® NY     www.jazzimprov.com                             To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
                                                & 30-piece orchestra performing A Tale of God’s Will (A   Red Sea Jazz Festival: August 25 – 28
                                                Requiem for Katrina). www.bso.org                         Eilat, Israel
                                                AUGUST – National
                                                                                                          Rimouski Festi Jazz International: August 28 – 31
                                                Anacortes Jazz Festival: August 30 – September 1          Rimouski, Quebec Canada
                                                Anacortes, WA                                             www.festijazzrimouski.com
                                                                                                          Sildajazz: August 6 – 10
                                                Detroit International Jazz Festival: August 29 –          Haugesund, Norway
                                                September 1                                               www.sildajazz.no
                                                Detriot, MI
                                                www.detroitjazzfest.com                                   Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour: August 29 – 30
                                                Grand Hotel Labor Day Jazz Festival: August 29 –          www.zjft.nl
     Belleayre            Ramsey Lewis          September 1
                                                MacKinac Island, MI
     Festival                                   www.grandhotel.com
                                                                                                          SEPTEMBER—Local & Regional

     Orchestra                                                                                            COTA Jazz Festival: Sept 5 – 7
     WITH SPECIAL GUEST   Ken Peplowski         Long Beach Jazz Festival: August 8 – 10
                                                                                                          Delawre Water Gap, PA
                                                Long Beach, CA
     Ronan Tynan                                www.rainbowpromotions.com
                          “TWO JAZZ
                                                                                                          Long Beach Jazz Festival: Sept 4 – 7
                          DIAMONDS”–            Markham Jazz Festival: August 15 – 17
                          75TH BIRTHDAY                                                                   Long Beach, NY (Long Island)
                                                Markham, Ontario Canada
     Brian Wilson         CELEBRATION           www.markhamjazzfestival.com

                          David                                                                           Lake George Jazz Festival: Sept 13 – 14
                                                Mt. Hood Jazz Festival: August 15 – 16
     Bacon                “Fathead”             Gresham, OR
                                                                                                          Lake George, NY
                                                                                                          Sep 13: Ted Firth Trio w/Marilyn Mae; Roswell Rudd & Shout;
                          Newman,               www.mthoodjazz.org
     Brothers                                                                                             Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers; Sep 14: Lee Shaw 3; Cindy
                          Curtis Fuller,                                                                  Blackman 5; The Either/Orchestra. www.lakegeorgearts.org
     Band                                       Orange County Classic Jazz Festival: August 7 – 10
                          Cedar Walton,         Costa Mesa, CA
                          Rufus Reid,           www.oc-classicjazz.org

     Justin Kolb          Jimmy Cobb            Vail Jazz Festival & Party: Aug 29 – Sep 1                Sedona Jazz Festival: September 23 - 28
                          WITH SPECIAL GUESTS                                                             Sedona, AZ
     and Friends                                Vail, CO

                                                                                                          Monterey Jazz Festival: Sep 19 – 21
                          Vince Gill            West Coast Jazz Party & Brunch Cruise: August 28 – 31
     Bebe                                       Irvine, CA                                                Monterey, CA
     Neuwirth                                   www.westcoastjazzparty.com

                          “Kaleidoscope”        August—International                                      Jazz By The Boulevard: Sep 19 – 21
                          A FREE CHILDREN’S                                                               Fort Worth, TX
     Belleayre            CLASSICAL MUSIC       Jazz Festival Willisau: August 27 – 31                    www.fortworthjazz.com
                          EXPERIENCE            Willisau, Switzerland
     Festival                                                                                             Summit Jazz: Sep 26 – 28
     Opera:               The Teaching          www.jazzwillisau.ch
                                                                                                          Denver, CO
     Pagliacci            Artists               Oslo Jazz Festival: August 11 – 16                        www.summitjazz.org
     & OPEN CHORUS        Ensemble              Oslo, Norway
                                                www.oslojazz.no                                           Ziegler Kettle Moraine Jazz Festival: Sep 5 – 6
                          of the                                                                          West Bend WI
                          New York                                                                        www.kmjazz.com
     Kids’ Opera          Philharmonic
                                                                                                          SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER International

                                                                                                          DölaJazz - Lillehammer Jazzfestival: Oct 16 – 19
     KJ Denhert           Chris Isaak                                                                     Lillehammer, Norway

        Summer2008                                                                                        Guelph Jazz Festival: Sep 3 – 7
                                                                                                          Guelph Ontarario, Canada
        BELLEAYRE MUSIC FESTIVAL                                                                          www.guelphjazzfestival.com

                                                                                                          Trinidad & Tobago Steel Pan & Jazz Festival: Oct 24 –
                                                                                                          Nov 1
                                                                                                          Tridad & Tobago, West Indies
                                                                                                          David “Happy” Williams Quintet w/Eddie Henderson & Javon
                                                                                                          Jackson; Etienne Charles; Tinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra;
                                                                                                          Skiffle Bunch Stell Orchestra; EXODUS Steel Orchestra; Oliver
                                                                                                          Lake Steel 4 & more! www.steelpanjazzfestival.com

20                                                   June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY     www.jazzimprov.com                          To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
Calendar of Events
 How to Get Your Gigs and Events Listed in Jazz Improv® NY                                                         Sedric Choukroun Brasserie Julien 7:00pm
                                                                                                                   Duane Eubanks Late Nite Session Sweet Rhythm 11:30
 Submit your listings via e-mail to jazz@jazzimprov.com. Include date, times, location, phone                      Avram Fefer Trio Le Pere Pinard 9:00 pm
 number for additional information and or tickets/reservations. Deadline: 14th of the month                        Gerald Hayes & Qualified Gents Minton’s 9, 10:30 pm 12
 preceding publication (e.g. May 14 for June issue). Listings placed on a first come basis.                         Manhattan Ragtime Orchestra The Cajun 8:00pm
                                                                                                                   Pam Purvis Savoy Grill 5:30–7:30pm
                                                                                                                   Barbara Rosene Times Square Brewery 8:00 pm
Mondays                                                  Yuichi Hirakawa Trio Arthur’s Tavern 7, 8:30 pm           Straight Street Quartet Shutters Café 8:00pm
  Ron Affif Trio Zinc Bar 9:00, 11:00pm, 12:30, 2AM      Annie Ross The Metropolitan Room 7:00 pm                  Will Vinson Bar Next Door 8:00pm
  Dave Allen Group Push Cafe 8:00pm                      Jenny Scheinman; Slavic Soul Party Barbès 7, 9pm
  Gene Bertoncini Le Madeleine Bistro                                                                            Fridays
                                                         Grant Stewart, Joe Cohn Quintet Small’s 10:00pm
  Cecil’s Big Band w/ Joe Elefante Cecil’s 9:00pm                                                                   Canal Street Dixieland Jazz/Blues Band Cajun 8:00pm
  Eddy Davis N. Orleans Jazz Band The Carlyle 8:45pm     Greg Tardy Group Fat Cat 10:00 & 11:30pm
                                                                                                                    Sedric Choukroun Brasserie Julien 7:00pm
  John Farnsworth Jazz Jam Smoke 8:00pm                  Hammond B3 Organ Grooves Smoke 9, 11, 12:30am              Mike Davis Quintet St. Nick’s Pub 10 pm
  Harlem Renaissance Orchestra Swing 46 8:30 pm          Julius Tolentino Jam Cleopatra’s Needle 8:00pm             Kelly Friesen Quartet Shelly’s 8:30 pm
  Jack Jeffers Big Band Minton’s 9, 10:30 pm 12 am       Joe Traina & Quintet Sardi’s 9:30 pm                       Don Hanson Quintet Minton’s 9, 10:30 pm 12 am
  JFA Jazz Jam Local 802 7 pm                                                                                       Tommy Igoe’s Birdland Big Band Birdland 5:50–7:30pm
                                                         Mingus Big Band Iridium 8:00 & 10:30pm
  Nathan Lucas Trio Perk’s Restaurant 8 pm                                                                          Ralph Lalama’s Bopjuice w/Clifford Barbaro Smalls 12
  Les Paul & his Trio Iridium 8:00 & 10:30pm             Sweet Rhythm Vocal Series 8:00 & 10:00pm
                                                                                                                    Jan Leder Trio La Prima Donna 8:30 pm
  Patience Higgins Lenox Lounge 9:30pm                   Bruce Williams Jam Session Cecil’s 9:00pm                  Jeremy Manasia 3 Roth’s Westside Steakhse 10:00 pm
  Scott Whitfield Jazz Orchestra Birdland 5:30pm                                                                    Oren Nieman Quartet Roth’s Steakhouse 10:00 pm
  Vanguard Jazz Orchestra V. Vanguard 9:30 & 11:30pm   Wednesdays                                                   Lenore Raphael Strada 57 7:00pm
  Melvin Vines Kortet St. Nick’s Pub 10 pm               Greg Bandy Group St. Nick’s Pub 10:00 pm                   Bill Saxton and Friends Bill’s Place 10:00 pm
                                                                                                                    Donald Smith St. Nick’s Pub 10:00 pm
                                                         Rick Germanson Duo Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse 6:00 pm
  Killer Ray Appleton Sextet Creole 7:30 pm              Patience Higgins Sugar Hill 4 Minton’s 9,10:30pm 12am   Saturdays
  Sedric Choukroun Seppi’s 8:30pm                        Yuichi Hirakawa Trio Arthur’s Tavern 7, 8:30 pm           Brazilian Bossa Jazz Zinc 10:00 & 11:30pm, 1:00am
  Seleno Clarke Trio Perk’s Restaurant 8:00 pm           Jonathan Kreisberg Bar Next Door 8 pm                     Andy Brown/Petra Jensen Osterua Del Sole 1:00pm
  Chris Crocco Duo Mario’s Trattoria 8:00 pm             Arturo O’Farrill Sextet Birdland 9:00 & 11:00 pm          Sedric Choukroun Brasserie Julien 7:00pm
  Duke Ellington Orchestra Birdland 9:00 & 11:00 pm                                                                Ted Hefko Quartet Antique Garage 1:30 pm
                                                         David Ostwald Birdland 5:30pm
  Joel Frahm Bar Next Door 8:00pm                                                                                  Whitney Moulton/Brian Cashwell Perk’s Rest. 7:00 pm
  George Gee Big Band Swing 46 8:30pm–11:30pm            Avi Rothbard Ethiopian Restaurant 7:30 pm                 Alan Jay Palmer & New Soil Band Creole 9:00pm
  Loston Harris Café Carlyle 9:30 pm                     Jerry Weldon Trio Smoke 8:30, 10, 11:30 pm                Iris Ornig/Chuck Jennings Duo Dodo 12 pm
  Ken Hatfield Fetch 8:30 pm–12:00am                     Nathan & Max Lucas Organ Trio Lenox Lounge 6:00pm         Wayne Robert/Joe Cohn City Crab 12 pm

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                            June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                                                            21
     Skye Jazz Trio Jack 9:15, 11 pm                        Bob Kindred, J. Hart, S. LaSpina Café Loup 12:30–3.          Sun 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29: Lapis Luna Trio with Shawn
     Harry Whitaker & Friends Smalls afterhours             Chico O’Farrill Afro-Cuban Jazz Big Band Birdland            Aileen Clark, John Merrill & Chris Pistorino at Bocca.
                                                               9:00 & 11:00 pm                                           7:00pm. No cover. 39 E. 19th St. (Bet. Broadway & Park
Sundays                                                     Satoshi Inoue Trio Sushi Samba 1:00pm                        Ave. S.) www.boccanyc.com. www.lapisluna.com
  Gene Bertoncini Le Madeleine Bistro                       Satoshi Inoue Duo Roth’s Steakhouse 6:00pm                   Sun 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29: Marjorie Eliot with Rudel
  Brazilian Samba Jazz Zinc 10:00 & 11:30pm, 1:00am         Myrna Lake; Spike Wilner Group Smalls 7, 10:30 pm            Drears & Sedric Choukroun at Parlor Entertainment
                                                            Peter Leitch Duo Walker’s 8:00pm                             Studio. 4:00pm. Free. 555 Edgecombe Ave., #3F. (Bet. 159th
  Rick Bogart Trio Seppi’s 3:00 pm
                                                            Peter Mazza Bar Next Door 8:00 pm                            & 160th St.). 212-781-6595. http://ParlorEntertainment.com.
  Anat Cohen & Friends; Ari Hoenig 3 Louis 649 6, 9 pm
                                                            Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra Jazz Standard 2:00pm           www.sedric.net
  David Coss & Trio Garage 7:00pm                           Rudell Drears, Sedric Choukroun & Marjorie Elliot            Mon 6/2, 6/9, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30: Vince Giordano & His
  Toru Dodo Jam Cleopatra’s Needle 8:00pm                      Parlor Entertainment 4:00pm                               Nighthawks Orchestra at Sofia’s Restaurant, Edison
  Eli Fountain’s Organizers Minton’s 9, 10:30 pm 12 am      TC III St. Nick’s Pub 10:30 pm                               Hotel. 3 sets, 8:00pm – 11:00pm. $15 cover, $15 min.
  Ted Hefko Quartet Antique Garage 1:30 pm                  Chris Washburne SYOTOS Band Smoke 9, 11:00pm,                “Dancing to the Music of the 1920’s and 1930’s.” 221 W. 46th
  Ear Regulars w/Jon-Erik Kellso The Ear Inn 8:00pm         12:30am                                                      St. (Bet. Broadway & 8th). 212-719-5799. ww.myspace.com/
                                                          New York City
                                                                                                                         Mon 6/2: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. A Marriage
                         Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn
                                                                                                                         Made in Heaven, 6:30pm. 11 W. 53rd St. 212-708-9400.
                           info@bargemusic.org              Fri 5/2: Tommy Igoe’s “Birdland Big Band” at Birdland.
                                                            Every Friday 5:30-7:30PM. 315 W. 44th St. Visit TommyIgoe.

                               (718) 624-2083                                                                            Mon 6/2: Paul Knopf at St. Peter’s Church. “Chamber
                           www.bargemusic.org               com for surprise special guest line-up.
                                                            Sun 6/1: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores.                  Compositions & Jazz Improvisation.” 7:30pm. 54th & Lexing-
                                                            The Criminal, 2:30pm. Alfie, 5:00pm. 11 W. 53rd St.          ton. 212-935-2200. www.saintpeters.org/jazz.
                                                            212-708-9400. www.moma.org                                   Tue 6/3, 6/10, 6/17, 6/24: Sedric Choukroun Duo at
 JUNE JAZZ CALENDAR: THURSDAYS at 8PM                       Sun 6/1: Sasha Dobson with Neal Miner & Andrew Borger        Seppi’s. 8:30pm. In Parker Meridian Hotel, 123 W. 56th St.
                                                                                                                         212-708-7444. www.sedric.net
          BRAZILIAN JAZZ NIGHT                              at North Square Lounge. 12:30pm & 2:00pm. No cover or
                                                                                                                         Tue 6/3: Ken Hatfield with Hans Glawischnig & Valery
     12     LUIZ SIMAS PIANO AND VOCALS                     min. 103 Waverly Pl. @ Macdougal. 212-254-1200. www.
            ITAIGUARA BASS                                  northsquarejazz.com.                                         Ponomarev at Fetch. 7:30pm. No cover. 1649 Third Ave.
            ADRIANO SANTOS DRUMS                                                                                         (Bet. 92nd & 93rd St.) 212-289-2700. www.kenhatfield.com.
                                                            Sun 6/1: Peter Leitch & Sean Smith at Walker’s. 8:00pm.
          LOGAN RICHARDSON ALTO SAXOPHONE                   No cover. 16 N. Moore St., TriBeCa.                          Tue 6/3: Russ Kassoff Big Band with Catherine Dupuis
                                                            Sun 6/1: Sean Wayland Quintet at St. Peter’s Church.         at NYC Baha’i Center. 8:00pm & 9:30pm. 53 E. 11th St.
                                                            5:00pm. Jazz Mass. Free. 54th & Lexington. 212-935-2200.     (Bet University Place & Broadway) 212-222-5159. www.
          TED KOOSHIAN’S STANDARD ORBIT QUARTET             www.saintpeters.org/jazz.                                    bahainyc.org/jazz.html.
     26     JEFF LEDERER SAXOPHONE AND CLARINETS            Sun 6/1: Adam Birnbaum Trio at Blue Note. 12:30pm &          Tue 6/3: Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson at Tourneau
            TOM HUBBARD BASS                                2:30pm. $24.50 includes brunch, show & 1 drink. 131 W. 3rd   TimeMachine. Noon & 1:00pm. Free. 11th Annual ORIS
                                                            St. 212-475-8592. www.bluenote.net                           Spirit of Jazz Concert Series. 57th & Madison Ave.

22                                                            June 2008    Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                               To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
                                                                                                                                                         JUNE 2008 EVENTS
  973-624-8880, x245.                                                                                                                               JAZZMUSEUMINHARLEM.ORG
  Wed 6/4: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. The
  Criminal (The Concrete Jungle), 6:00pm. Alfie, 8:00pm. 11
  W. 53rd St. 212-708-9400. www.moma.org
                                                                                                                                               THE NATIONAL JAZZ MUSEUM IN HARLEM PRESENTS

                                                                                                                                                 Harlem Speaks
  Wed 6/4: Susan Pereira with Rodrigo Ursaia, Manu
  Koch, Michael LaValle & Vanderlei Pereira at Enzo’s
  Jazz at The Jolly Madison. 8:00pm & 9:30pm. $15, 1 drink
  min. 22 East 38th St. at Madison Ave. 212-802-0600. In the
  Whaler Bar located in the Lobby. www.jollymadison.com/
                                                                                                                                               A SPECIAL SERIES HONORING HARLEM HEROES
  amenities_Enzo.htm. www.susanpereira.com
  Wed 6/4: Pete Robbins at 55 Bar. 10:00pm. 55 Christopher
  St. 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com.                                                                                                             june 12: George Wein                                june 26: Emme Kemp
  Thu 6/5: 55 Bar. Davy Mooney with John Ellis, Greg
  Ritchie & Mark Anderson @ 7:00pm. Adam Rogers with                                                                                            Pianist/Entrepreneur                                                Pianist
  Fima Ephron & Nate Smith @ 10:00pm. 55 Christopher St.
  212-929-9883. www.55bar.com.                                                                                                            T IME : 6:30 -- 8:30 pm        P RICE : Free     F OR R ESERVATIONS : 212-348-8300
  Thu 6/5: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. A Bucket
                                                                                                                                                 LOCATION: Harlem School of the Arts, 645 St. Nicholas Avenue (141st St.)
  of Blood, 6:00pm. Pianissimo, 8:00pm. 11 W. 53rd St.
  212-708-9400. www.moma.org
  Thu 6/5, 6/12, 6/19, 6/26: Sedric Choukroun Duo at                                                                                              Photo courtesy of the estate of William P. Gottlieb, Copyright 1979, www.jazzphotos.com

  Brasserie Julien. 7:00pm. 1422 3rd Ave. (Bet. 80th & 81st St.)
  212-744-6327. www.brasseriejulien.com. www.sedric.net
  Fri 6/6, 6/13, 6/20 & 6/27: Mark Rapp at Carnegie Club.
  9:00pm. 2-drink min. 156 W. 56th St. 212-957-9676. www.
  thecarnegieclub.net. www.markrapp.com
  Fri 6/6: Grassella Oliphant Quintet at Roth’s Westside
  Steakhouse. 9:00pm. No cover. 680 Columbus Ave. @ 93rd
  St. 212-280-4103.
  Fri 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27: Jim West at Café Brama. 157 2nd
  Ave. (At 10th St.) 212-358-7140. www.cafebrama.us.                                                                                              June 6                   Jane Ira Bloom, Saxophonist
  Fri 6/6: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. The
  Pawnbroker, 6:00pm. In Cold Blood, 8:30pm. 11 W. 53rd St.                                                                                       June 13                  Joe Wilder, Trumpeter
  212-708-9400. www.moma.org                                                                                         $18 ADVANCE $20 AT DOOR

  Fri 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27: Sedric Choukroun Duo at
  Brasserie Julien. 7:00pm. 1422 3rd Ave. (Bet. 80th & 81st
  St.) 212-744-6327. brasseriejulien.com. www.sedric.net
  Fri 6/6: Lauren Hooker with Allen Farnham, Bill Moring &
  Tim Horner at Enzo’s Jazz at The Jolly Madison. 8:00pm
  & 9:30pm. $15, 1 drink min. 22 East 38th St. at Madison

                                                                                                                                                                                    Harlem Speaks
  Ave. 212-802-0600. In the Whaler Bar located in the Lobby.
  Fri 6/6: Teodross Avery at Blue Note. Late Night Groove
  Series. 12:30am.131 W. 3rd St. 212-475-8592.                                                                                                                                                          S P E C I A L E V E N T
  Fri 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27: Taeko Fukao with Doug
  Richardson at Ethiopian Restaurant. 8:00pm. 1582 York                                                                                                                          Johnny Colon &
                                                                                                                                                                                                         NY Salsa Jazz
  Ave. 212-717-7311. www.songbirdtaeko.com
  Fri 6/6, 6/13, 6/27: Birdland Big Band directed by Tommy
  Igoe. 5:15pm. 315 W. 44th St. 212-581-3080.
                                                                           Jazz for Curious Listeners
  Fri, Sat & Sun: Junior Mance & Hide Tanaka at Café                            Free classes celebrating Harlem & its legacy                                                                     Interview 2 pm, Dance 3:30 pm              FREE
  Loop. Fri & Sat; 8:00-11PM; Sun 6/8: 6:30-9:30pm. 105 W.
  13th St. 212-255-4746. www.juniormance.com                                Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.                                   THIS MONTH:                                                               The Riverside Theatre
  Sat 6/7: Maritri at Blue Note. Late Night Groove Series.                Location:    Harlem School of the Arts                           Art Tatum                                                              at The Riverside Church
  12:30am.131 W. 3rd St. 212-475-8592.                                                                                                                                                                            91 Claremont Avenue
                                                                            645 St. Nicholas Avenue (141st St.)                                                                                                   New York, NY 10027
  Sat 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, 6/28: Itamar Borochov at Café Brama.
  157 2nd Ave./10th St. 212-358-7140. cafebrama.us                     Attend any individual class, Registration is always open        June 3, June 10
  Sat 6/7: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. The                       call 212-348-8300 or register online                           june 17, june 24                           CALL 212-348-8300 FOR RESERVATIONS
  Wild One, 2:30pm. The Organization, 6:00pm. The
  Taking of Pelham One Two Three, 8:15pm. 11 W. 53rd St.
  212-708-9400. www.moma.org
  Sat 6/7: Gentle Gentlemen of Jazz (Marcus Persiani,                                                                             GRAMERCY PARK BLOCK ASSOCIATION INVITES YOU TO OUR
  Emanuel Harold & Aaron James) with vocalists TC                                                                            14TH ANNUAL FREE SPRING CONCERT

                                                                                                               A Tribute to Duke Ellington
  III, Tony Hewitt, Rome Neal, Dwight West, Ulysses L.
  Slaughter Jr. at The Nuyorican Poets Café. 9:00pm. $15.
  Complimentary banana puddin’ for all. 236 E. Third St.
  (Bet. B & C Ave.) 212-465-3167. www.nuyorican.org. www.                                                                               Thursday, June 5 6:30 - 8:00 pm
  myspace.com/bananapuddinjazz                                                                                               Featuring the National Jazz Museum in Harlem All Star Big Band
  Sat 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, 6/28: Sedric Choukroun Duo at
  Brasserie Julien. 7:00pm. 1422 3rd Ave. (Bet. 80th & 81st
  St.) 212-744-6327. brasseriejulien.com. www.sedric.net                                                                 Location: Calvary Christian Church (Park Ave. S. at 21st St.)
  Sat 6/7: Dwight West at Nuyorican Poet’s Café. 9:00pm.                                                                 Info: Call Arlene S. Harrison at 212-260-3875
  $15. 236 E. 3rd St. (Bet. B & C). www.nuyorican.org. www.                                                                                                                                                          Come and see our new
  Sun 6/8: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                             visitor's center!
  Pawnbroker, 2:30pm. In Cold Blood, 5:00pm. 11 W. 53rd St.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        OPEN M-F 10 AM - 4 PM
                                                                   Smithsonian Institution
  212-708-9400. www.moma.org                                         Affiliations Program      DOCTOROW FAMILY
                                                                                                    FOUNDATION                                                                             104 East 126th Street, #2D, New York, NY 10035
  Sun 6/8: Elin with Leonardo Cioglia, Ricardo Vogt & Rafael

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                        June 2008             Jazz Improv® NY                www.jazzimprov.com                                                                                                     23
     Barata at Blue Note. 12:30pm & 2:30pm. $24.50 includes       Cachaça. 7:00pm & 8:30pm. 35 W. 8th St. 212-388-9099.        Christopher St. 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com. www.
     brunch, show & 1 drink. 131 W. 3rd St. 212-475-8592. www.    www.cachacajazz.com.                                         katiebull.com
     bluenote.net                                                 Mon 6/9: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. A Bucket of      Fri 6/13: Grassella Oliphant Quintet at Roth’s Westside
     Sun 6/8: Peter Leitch & Ugonna Okegwo at Walker’s.           Blood, 6:15pm. 11 W. 53rd St. 212-708-9400. www.moma.org     Steakhouse. 9:00pm. No cover. 680 Columbus Ave. @ 93rd
                                                                  Tue 6/10: Houston Person Quartet at Tourneau Time            St. 212-280-4103.
     8:00pm. No cover. 16 N. Moore St., TriBeCa.
                                                                  Machine. Noon & 1:00pm. Free. 11th Annual ORIS Spirit        Fri 6/13: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. A Bout de
     Sun 6/8: 5:00: Dick Katz Trio at St. Peter’s Church, Jazz
                                                                  of Jazz Concert Series. 57th & Madison Ave. 973-624-8880,    Souffle (Breathless), 6:00pm. 11 W. 53rd St. 212-708-9400.
     Vespers. 7:00pm: Jazz memorial for Patti Brown. Free. 54th                                                                www.moma.org
     & Lexington. 212-935-2200. www.saintpeters.org/jazz.         x245.
                                                                  Tue 6/10: Daoud David Williams & the Spirit of Life          Fri 6/13: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Blue Note. Late
     Sun 6/8: Roz Corral with Ron Affif & Paul Gill at North                                                                   Night Groove Series. 12:30am.131 W. 3rd St. 212-475-8592.
                                                                  Ensemble with Joe Lee Wilson at NYC Baha’i Center.
     Square Lounge. 12:30pm & 2:00pm. No cover or min.                                                                         www.bluenotejazz.com
                                                                  8:00pm & 9:30pm. 53 E. 11th St. (Bet University Place &
     103 Waverly Pl. @ Macdougal. 212-254-1200. www.              Broadway) 212-222-5159. www.bahainyc.org/jazz.html.          Fri 6/13: Vision Festival Main Stage. Ullmann/Swell 4
     northsquarejazz.com.                                         Tue 6/10: Vision Festival Main Stage. Opening invocation     @ 7:30pm. Sonny Simmons & Bobby Few @ 8:30pm.
     Mon 6/9: John Fedchock New York Big Band at                  with Hamid Drake/Patricia Nicholson/William Parker           Wadada Leo Smith Quartet @ 9:30pm. Connie Crothers
                                                                                                                               @ 10:30pm. Saboir Mateen/Henry Grimes Quartet @
                                                                  @ 7:00pm. Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet @ 7:30pm. Dave
                                                                                                                               11:30pm. At Clemente Soto Velez, 107 Suffolk St. (At
                                                                  Douglas & Magic Circle @ 8:30pm. NU Band @ 9:30pm.
                                                                                                                               Rivington St.) 800-838-3006. www.visionfestival.org
                                                                  Mark Dresser Duo @ 10:30pm. At Clemente Soto Velez,
                                                                                                                               Fri 6/13: Tessa Souter Trio at 55 Bar. 6:00pm. 55
                                                                  107 Suffolk St. (At Rivington St.) 800-838-3006. www.
                                                                                                                               Christopher St. 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com. www.
                                                                  Tue 6/10: Sean Nowell with Nir Felder, Adam Klipple,
                                                                                                                               Fri 6/13: Jay Clayton with Peggy Stern, Dean Johnson
                                                                  Janek Gwizdala & Cliff Almond at 55 Bar. 10:00pm. 55
                                                                                                                               & Tony Moreno at Enzo’s Jazz at The Jolly Madison.
                                                                  Christopher St. 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com.                 8:00pm & 9:30pm. $15, 1 drink min. 22 East 38th St. at
                                                                  Tue 6/10: Ken Hatfield with Hans Glawischnig & Rob           Madison Ave. 212-802-0600. In the Whaler Bar located in
                                                                  Thomas at Fetch. 7:30pm. No cover. 1649 Third Ave. (Bet.     the Lobby. www.jollymadison.com/amenities_Enzo.htm.
                                                                  92nd & 93rd St.) 212-289-2700. www.kenhatfield.com.          www.jayclayton.com
                                                                  Tue 6/10: Jack Wilkins & Bucky Pizzarelli at Bella           Fri 6/13: The Neo Bass Ensemble featuring Lisle Atkinson
                                                                  Luna Restaurant. 7:30pm. 584 Columbus Ave. @ 88th St.        at Symphony Space, The Thalia Theater. “A Tribute to
                                                                  212-877-2267. www.jackwilkins.com                            Thelonious Monk.” 8:00pm. $23. 95th & Broadway.
                                                                  Wed 6/11: Brian Villegas with Robert Rodriguez at Enzo’s     Fri 6/13: New Languages 4th Annual Festival, The Living
                                                                  Jazz at The Jolly Madison. 8:00pm & 9:30pm. $15, 1 drink     Theater. $10; $25 for all events. 9:00pm: Jackson Moore
                                                                  min. 22 East 38th St. at Madison Ave. 212-802-0600. In the   with Eivind Opsvik & Eric Mcpherson. 10:00pm: Tony
                                                                  Whaler Bar located in the Lobby. www.jollymadison.com/       Malaby with Matt Brewer & Gerald Cleaver. 11:00pm:
                                                                  amenities_Enzo.htm.                                          Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society. 21 Clinton St.
                                                                  Wed 6/11: Taeko Fukao with Doug Richardson Trio              212-792-8050. www.newlanguages.org.
                                                                  at Mobay Uptown. 7:30pm. No cover. 17 W. 125th St.           Fri 6/13: “Jazz & Tap” at Tribeca Performing Arts Center,
                                                                  212-876-9300. www.songbirdtaeko.com                          Borough of Manhattan Community College. Concert @
                                                                  Wed 6/11: KJ Denhert at Virgin MegaStore Union Square.       8:30pm with Harvie S, Phil Woods, Roxane Butterfly, Jane
                                                                  52 E. 14th St. www.kjdenhert.com                             Goldberg, Tina Pratt & Max Pollak, $25. Free Humanities
                                                                  Wed 6/11: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. The Wild        Program @ 7:00pm with artists who performed at Jazzmania,
                                                                  One, 8:15pm. 11 W. 53rd St. 212-708-9400.                    199 Chambers St. 212-220-1460. www.tribecapac.org.
                                                                  Wed 6/11: Vision Festival Main Stage. Kidd Jordan,           Fri 6/13: Janek Gwizdala with Elliot Mason, Brad Mason,
                                                                  Bluiett & Dave Burrell @ 7:00pm. Billy Bang Quartet @        Justin Vasquez, Tim Miller, Oli Rockberger & Tobias
                                                                  7:45pm. Kidd Jordan Quartet @ 8:30pm. New Orleans            Ralph at 55 Bar. 10:00pm. 55 Christopher St. 212-929-9883.
                                                                  Pays Tribute @ 9:15pm. Fred Anderson Quartet @               www.55bar.com.
                                                                  10:15pm. At Clemente Soto Velez, 107 Suffolk St. (At         Fri, Sat & Sun: Junior Mance & Hide Tanaka at Café
                                                                  Rivington St.) 800-838-3006. www.visionfestival.org          Loop. Fri & Sat; 8:00-11PM; Sun 6/8: 6:30-9:30pm. 105 W.
                                                                  Thu 6/12: Gene Ess Quartet with Tigran Hamasyan at           13th St. 212-255-4746. www.juniormance.com
                                                                  Cachaça. 7:00pm. $15 cover, $15 min. 35 W. 8th St. (Bet.     Sat 6/14: Digg Deep at Blue Note. Late Night Groove
                                                                  5th & 6th). 212-388-9099. www.jazzgenemusic.com              Series. 12:30am.131 W. 3rd St. 212-475-8592.
                                                                  Thu 6/12: Antonio Ciacca with Kengo Nakamura &               Sat 6/14: Martial Solal at the Museum of Modern Art.
                                                                  Rodney Green at Roth’s Westside Steakhouse. 8:00pm.          7:30pm. 11 W. 53rd St. 212-708-9400. www.moma.org
                                                                  680 Columbus Ave. @ 93rd St. 212-280-4103. www.              Sat 6/14: Sweet Plantain at Casa Frela Gallary. 8:00pm.
                                                                  antoniociacca.com                                            $20 cover includes free wine & hors d’oeuvres. 47 W. 119th
                                                                  Thu 6/12: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. The Taking      St. 212-722-8577. www.casafrela.com
                                                                  of Pelham One Two Three, 6:00pm. The Organization,           Sat 6/14: Vision Festival Main Stage. Poetry reading
                                                                  8:15pm. 11 W. 53rd St. 212-708-9400.                         @ 1:00pm. Jeff Arnal Trio @ 2:00pm. Nabaté Isles’
                                                                  Thu 6/12: Vision Festival Main Stage. Oliver Lake New        Imagination @ 3:00pm. Kioku @ 4:00pm. Mazz Swift Trio
                                                                  Quintet @ 7:00pm. James Spaulding Swing Expressions          @ 5:00pm. P. Nicholson Group @ 7:30pm. Matthew Shipp
                                                                  @ 8:30pm. Bluiett’s Bio-Electric @ 9:30pm. Ensemble          Trio @ 8:30pm. Paul Dunmall Trio @ 9:30pm. George
                                                                  of Possibilities @ 10:30pm. At Clemente Soto Velez,          Lewis & Joelle Leandre @ 10:30pm. Edoardo Marraffa
                                                                  107 Suffolk St. (At Rivington St.) 800-838-3006. www.        Quartet @ 11:30pm. At Clemente Soto Velez, 107 Suffolk
                                                                  visionfestival.org                                           St. (At Rivington St.) 800-838-3006. www.visionfestival.org
                                                                  Thu 6/12: New Languages 4th Annual Festival, The             Sat 6/14: KJ Denhert at 55 Bar. 10:00pm, 11:00pm &
                                                                  Living Theater. $10; $25 for all events. 8:00pm: The         1:00am. 55 Christopher St. 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com.
                                                                  Color Now with Ty Cumbie, Daniel Carter, Adam Lane           www.kjdenhert.com
                                                                  & Lukas Ligeti. 9:00pm: Mirror with Miles Okazaki,           Sat 6/14: New Languages 4th Annual Festival, The Living
                                                                  David Binney, Miguel Zenon, Jonathan Flaugher & Dan          Theater. $10; $25 for all events. 9:00pm: Aaron Ali Shaikh,
                                                                  Weiss. 10:00pm: Tyshawn Sorey’s Wu-Wei (Chapter 3).          Michael Formanek & Randy Peterson. 10:00pm: TOTEM
                                                                  21 Clinton St. 212-792-8050. www.newlanguages.org.           with Bruce Eisenbeil, Tom Blancarte & Andrew Drury.
                                                                  Thu 6/12: Willie Martinez La Familia Sextet at FB            11:00pm: Chris Speed, Skuli Sverrison & Jim Black. 21
                                                                  Lounge. 9:00pm. 169 E. 106th St. www.fondaboricua.com,       Clinton St. 212-792-8050. www.newlanguages.org.
                                                                  www.williemartinez.com                                       Sun 6/15: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. A Bout de
                                                                  Thu 6/12: Katie Bull with Frank Kimbrough, Joe Fonda,        Souffle (Breathless), 2:30pm. Échappement Libre, 5:00pm.
                                                                  Harvey Sorgen & Jeff Lederer at 55 Bar. 7:00pm. 55           11 W. 53rd St. 212-708-9400. www.moma.org

24                                                                  June 2008    Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                              To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
  Sun 6/15: Roz Corral with Jonathan Kreisberg & Joe             member. 58 Park Ave. (Bet. 37th & 38th St.) 212-847-9737.     10:00pm. “DJ Meets Jazz.” Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 158
  Martin at North Square Lounge. 12:30pm & 2:00pm. No            www.scandinaviahouse.org                                      Bleecker St. 212-796-0741. www.lepoissonrouge.com
  cover or min. 103 Waverly Pl. @ Macdougal. 212-254-1200.       Thu 6/19: Antonio Ciacca with Kengo Nakamura & Rod-           Fri 6/20: Hilmar Jensson at Scandinavia House. 7:00pm.
  www.northsquarejazz.com.                                       ney Green at Roth’s Westside Steakhouse. 8:00pm. 680          $15; $12 ASF member. 5-concert pass, $60; $45 ASF
  Sun 6/15: 5:00pm: Sarah McLawler & Les Jazz Femmes at          Columbus Ave. @ 93rd St. 212-280-4103. antoniociacca.com      member. 58 Park Ave. (Bet. 37th /38th St.) 212-847-9737.
  St. Peter’s Church, Jazz Vespers. 7:00pm: Jazz memorial        Thu 6/19: Russ Kassoff at Bryant Park, Upper Terrace.         scandinaviahouse.org. www.hilmarjensson.com
  for Buddy Miles. Free. 54th & Lexington. 212-935-2200.         5:00pm. 42nd St. Bet. 5th & 6th Ave. www.bryantpark.org       Fri 6/20: String of Pearls Vocal Trio with Sue Halloran,
  www.saintpeters.org/jazz.                                      Thu 6/19: Raul Midón & Lizz Wright at New York Society        Jeanne O’Connor, Holli Ross, Tony Regusis & Andy
  Sun 6/15: Peter Leitch & Thomson Kneeland at Walker’s.         for Ethical Culture. 8:00pm. “Voices beyond Boundaries.”      Eulau at Enzo’s Jazz at The Jolly Madison. 8:00pm &
  8:00pm. No cover. 16 N. Moore St., TriBeCa.                    Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 2 W. 64th St. & Central Park W.    9:30pm. $15, 1 drink min. 22 East 38th St. at Madison Ave.
  Sun 6/15: Kenny Barron Trio at Schomburg Center for            877-655-4TIX. www.nysec.org                                   212-802-0600. www.stringofpearls.net
  Research in Black Culture. 3:00pm. Part of JVC Jazz            Thu 6/19: Bill Frisell Trio with special guests at (le)       Fri 6/20: Jill Scott at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium/
  Festival. 515 Malcolm X Blvd & W 135th St. 212-491-2200.       poisson rouge. 7:00pm & 9:00pm. Part of JVC Jazz              Perelman Stage. 8:00pm. $35–$95. Part of JVC Jazz
  www.nypl.org/research/sc                                       Festival. 158 Bleecker St. 212-796-0741.                      Festival. 57th St. & 7th Ave. 212-247-7800.
  Sun 6/15: Sony Holland with the Ted Rosenthal Quartet          Thu 6/19: Jazz Ensemble from the University of the Arts,
  at Blue Note. 12:30pm & 2:30pm. $24.50 includes brunch,        The Northern Illinois Unversity Liberace Jazztet, Greater
  show & 1 drink. 131 W. 3rd St. 212-475-8592.                   Hartford Academy Jazz Ensemble at Union Square Park,
  Sun 6/15: Bill Stevens with Rich Russo & Gary Fogel at         South Plaza. 12:30pm. Free. Part of JVC Jazz Festival, 14th
  The Blue Owl. 8:30pm & 10pm. $10 cover. 196 2nd Ave.           St. (Bet. Broadway & Union Sq. West).
  Sun 6/15: Vision Festival Main Stage. Lew Barnes               Thu 6/19: MUSICMUSICMUSIC with Fabian Kallerdahl,
                                                                 Michael Edlund & Josef Kallerdahl at Scandinavia
  Quintet @ 6:00pm. Roy Nathanson Quintet @ 7:00pm.
                                                                 House. 7:00pm. $15; $12 ASF member. 5-concert pass,
  Abdoulaye Alhassane Toure’s Deep Sahara @ 8:00pm.
                                                                 $60; $45 ASF member. 58 Park Ave. (Bet. 37th & 38th St.)
  William Parker Group @ 9:00pm. At Clemente Soto
                                                                 212-847-9737. www.scandinaviahouse.org
  Velez, 107 Suffolk St. (At Rivington St.) 800-838-3006.
                                                                 Fri 6/20: Swingadelic at Swing 46. 9:30pm. 349 W. 46th St.
  Mon 6/16: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. Sait-on
                                                                 Fri 6/20: Grassella Oliphant Quintet at Roth’s Westside
  jamais? (No Sun in Venice), 6:00pm. Échappement Libre,
                                                                 Steakhouse. 9:00pm. No cover. 680 Columbus Ave. @ 93rd
  8:00pm. 11 W. 53rd St. 212-708-9400. www.moma.org
                                                                 St. 212-280-4103.
  Mon 6/16: Iro Haarla Quintet with Verneri Pohjola,
                                                                 Fri 6/20: Billy Hart Academy featuring Theo Croker
  Kari “Sonny” Heinlä, Reino Laine & Uffe Krokfors at
                                                                 at the Rubin Museum of Art. 7:00pm 150 W. 17th St.
  Scandinavia House. 7:00pm. $15; $12 ASF member.
                                                                 212-620-5000. www.rmanyc.org
  5-concert pass, $60; $45 ASF member. 58 Park Ave. (Bet.        Fri 6/20 Chops Horns Band at Blue Note. Late Night
  37th & 38th St.) 212-847-9737. www.scandinaviahouse.org        Groove Series. 12:30am.131 W. 3rd St. 212-475-8592.
  Tue 6/17: Chip White’s Ensemble at NYC Baha’i Center.          Fri 6/20: Carl Craig’s Tribe at (le) poisson rouge.
  8:00pm & 9:30pm. 53 E. 11th St. (Bet University Place &
  Broadway) 212-222-5159. www.bahainyc.org/jazz.html.
  Tue 6/17: Ravi Coltrane, Geri Allen, Charlie Haden, Jack
  DeJohnette & Brandee Younger at New York Society
  for Ethical Culture. 8:00pm. “Tribute to Alice Coltrane.”
  Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 2 W. 64th St. & Central Park W.
  877-655-4TIX. www.nysec.org
  Tue 6/17: Beady Belle with Beate S. Lech, Marius Reksjø
  & Erik Holm at Scandinavia House. 7:00pm. $15; $12
  ASF member. 5-concert pass, $60; $45 ASF member.
  58 Park Ave. (Bet. 37th & 38th St.) 212-847-9737. www.
  Tue 6/17: Eric Reed Quartet at Tourneau TimeMachine.
  Noon & 1:00pm. Free. 11th Annual ORIS Spirit of Jazz
  Concert Series. 57th & Madison Ave. 973-624-8880, x245.
  Tue 6/17: Amy Cervini at 55 Bar. 7:00pm. Free; 1-drink
  min. 55 Christopher St. 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com.
  Tue 6/17: Ken Hatfield with Hans Glawischnig & Valery
  Ponomarev at Fetch. 7:30pm. No cover. 1649 Third Ave.
  (Bet. 92nd & 93rd St.) 212-289-2700. www.kenhatfield.com.
  Wed 6/18: Museum of Modern Art: Jazz Scores. Sait-
  on jamais? (No Sun in Venice), 6:45pm. 11 W. 53rd St.
  212-708-9400. www.moma.org
  Wed 6/18: Billy Taylor, Bucky Pizzarelli, Ken Peplowski,
  Byron Stripling, Ted Rosenthal, Wycliffe Gordon, Gene
  Bertoncini, Jay Leonhart & Lewis Nash at New York
  Society for Ethical Culture. 8:00pm. “Celebration of 35
  Years of Jack Kleinsinger Highlights in Jazz.” Part of JVC
  Jazz Festival. 2 W. 64th St. & Central Park W. 877-655-4TIX.
  Wed 6/18: Charlie Haden Quartet West at (le) poisson
  rouge. 7:30pm & 10:00pm. Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 158
  Bleecker St. 212-796-0741. www.lepoissonrouge.com
  Wed 6/18: Gabriele Tranchina with Joe Vincent Tranchina,
  Santi Debriano, Renato Thoms & Taro Okamoto at
  Enzo’s Jazz at The Jolly Madison. 8:00pm & 9:30pm. $15, 1
  drink min. 22 East 38th St. at Madison Ave. 212-802-0600.
  Wed 6/18: Jacob Anderskov at Scandinavia House.
  7:00pm. $15; $12 ASF member. 5-concert pass, $60; $45 ASF

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                    June 2008    Jazz Improv® NY    www.jazzimprov.com                                                                 25
     Fri 6/20: Cecil Taylor & George Cables at New York             Kozlov & Adam Cruz at 55 Bar. 10:00pm. 55 Christopher
     Society for Ethical Culture. 8:00pm. “The Solo Piano.”         St. 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com.
     Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 2 W. 64th St. & Central Park W.     Tue 6/24: Jack Wilkins & Howard Alden at Bella Luna
     877-655-4TIX. www.nysec.org                                    Restaurant. 8:00pm. 584 Columbus Ave. @ 88th St.
     Fri, Sat & Sun: Junior Mance & Hide Tanaka at Café             212-877-2267. www.jackwilkins.com
     Loop. Fri & Sat; 8:00-11PM; Sun 6/8: 6:30-9:30pm. 105 W.       Tue 6/24: Nabate Isles’ Quartet at NYC Baha’i Center.
     13th St. 212-255-4746. www.juniormance.com                     8:00pm & 9:30pm. 53 E. 11th St. (Bet University Place &
     Sat 6/21: Sarah DeLeo at Tavern on the Green. 1:00pm.          Broadway) 212-222-5159. www.bahainyc.org/jazz.html.
     “Make Music New York Day.” Free. Central Park & W. 67th        Tue 6/24: Steve Turre Quintet at Tourneau TimeMachine.
     St. www.sarahdeleo.com                                         Noon & 1:00pm. Free. 11th Annual ORIS Spirit of Jazz
     Sat 6/21: E.S.T. Aethereal Bace @ 7:30pm. Simone               Concert Series. 57th & Madison Ave. 973-624-8880, x245.
     KJ Denhert @ 11:00pm. Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 158           Tue 6/24: Chris Botti at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium/
     Bleecker St. 212-796-0741. www.lepoissonrouge.com              Perelman Stage. 8:00pm. $35–$85. Part of JVC Jazz
     Sat 6/21: Shelley Nicole & BlakBushe at Blue Note. Late        Festival. 57th St. & 7th Ave. 212-247-7800.
     Night Groove Series. 12:30am.131 W. 3rd St. 212-475-8592.      Tue 6/24: Marco Benevento Trio, DJ Logic Project, Logic,
     www.bluenote.net                                               Mocean Worker at (le) poisson rouge. 8:00pm. “Turntables
     Sat 6/21: Chanda Rule at Casa Frela Gallary. 8:00pm. $20       & Samples Meet Jazz.” Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 158
     cover includes free wine & hors d’oeuvres. 47 W. 119th St.     Bleecker St. 212-796-0741.
     212-722-8577. www.casafrela.com                                Tue 6/24: Ken Hatfield with Gene Torres & Rob Thomas
     Sat 6/21: Hank Jones & Special Guests at New York              at Fetch. 7:30pm. No cover. 1649 Third Ave. (Bet. 92nd &
     Society for Ethical Culture. 8:00pm. “Celebrating 90 Years     93rd St.) 212-289-2700. www.kenhatfield.com.
     of Hank Jones.” Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 2 W. 64th St. &     Tue 6/24: The Bad Plus 1 featuring Kurt Rosenwinkle
     Central Park W. 877-655-4TIX. www.nysec.org                    Empirical at New York Society for Ethical Culture.
     Sat 6/21: Sergio Mendes Zap Mama at Carnegie Hall,             8:00pm. “A JVC New York Exclusive.” Part of JVC Jazz
     Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage. 8:00pm. $35–$90.              Festival. 2 W. 64th St. & Central Park W. 877-655-4TIX.
     Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 57th St. & 7th Ave. 212-247-7800.   Tue 6/24: Tierney Sutton Band at Carnegie Hall, Zankel
     www.carnegiehall.org.                                          Hall. 8:30pm. From $55. Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 57th St.
     Sun 6/22: Bob DeVos at Blue Note. 12:30pm & 2:30pm.            & 7th Ave. 212-247-7800.
     $24.50 includes brunch, show & 1 drink. 131 W. 3rd St.         Wed 6/25: Pamela Luss with John DiMartino, David Mann
     212-475-8592. www.bluenote.net                                 & Chris Higgins at Enzo’s Jazz at The Jolly Madison.
     Sun 6/22: Dave Rivello Ensemble at St. Peter’s Church.         8:00pm & 9:30pm. $15, 1 drink min. 22 East 38th St. at
     5:00pm. Jazz Vespers. Free. 54th & Lexington. 212-935-2200.    Madison Ave. 212-802-0600. www.pamelaluss.com
     www.saintpeters.org/jazz.                                      Wed 6/25: The Aaron Goldbert Trio at the Rubin Museum
     Sun 6/22: Roz Corral with Paul Meyers & Vanderlei              of Art. 7:00pm 150 W. 17th St. 212-620-5000.
     Pereira at North Square Lounge. 12:30pm & 2:00pm. No           Wed 6/25: Ledisi at (le) poisson rouge. 10:00pm.
     cover or min. 103 Waverly Pl. @ Macdougal. 212-254-1200.       “Soulsinger!” Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 158 Bleecker St.
     www.northsquarejazz.com.                                       212-796-0741. www.lepoissonrouge.com
     Sun 6/22: João Gilberto at Carnegie Hall, Stern                Wed 6/25: Anat Cohen Quartet with special guests Yuval
     Auditorium/Perelman Stage. 8:00pm. $35 -$100. Part of          Cohen, Avishai Cohen & Esperanza Spalding at New
     JVC Jazz Festival. 57th St. & 7th Ave. 212-247-7800.           York Society for Ethical Culture. 8:00pm. “Rising Stars.”
     Sun 6/22: Peter Leitch & Charles Davis at Walker’s.            Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 2 W. 64th St. & Central Park W.
     8:00pm. No cover. 16 N. Moore St., TriBeCa.                    877-655-4TIX. www.nysec.org
     Sun 6/22: Bob Kindred Group with co-host Barbara Duffy,        Thu 6/26: Antonio Ciacca with Kengo Nakamura &
     tappers Max Pollak, Maurice Chestnut, Andrew Nemr,             Rodney Green at Roth’s Westside Steakhouse. 8:00pm.
     Brenda Buffalino, Lynn & Claudia Rahardjanoto at Café          680 Columbus Ave. @ 93rd St. 212-280-4103.
     Loup. 12:30pm. “Jazz tap brunch reunion celebration.” 105      Thu 6/26, Fri 6/27, Sat 6/28: Russ Kassoff with Bucky
     W. 13th St. No cover. Brunch, $9.50–$16.50. 212-255-4746.      Pizzarelli & Martin Wind at The Knickerbocker. 9:45pm.
     Sun 6/22: The Conga Kings featuring Giovanni Hidalgo,          University & 9th St. 212-228-8490.
     Candido Camero & Francisco Aguabella at New York               Thu 6/26: Billy Harper Quintet at Studio Museum in
     Society for Ethical Culture. 8:00pm. “A Tribute to Carlos      Harlem. 7:30pm. 144 W. 125th St. (Bet Lenox & 7th Ave.)
     ‘Patato’ Valdez.” Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 2 W. 64th St. &   212-864-4500. www.studiomuseum.org
     Central Park W. 877-655-4TIX. www.nysec.org                    Thu 6/26: The New School Jazz Ensemble at Union
     Sun 6/22: Brad Mehldau with Larry Grenadier & Jeff             Square Park, South Plaza. 5:30pm. Free. Part of JVC Jazz
     Ballard at Carnegie Hall, Zankel Hall. 8:30pm. From $55.       Festival, in association with the Union Square Partnership
     Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 57th St. & 7th Ave. 212-247-7800.   as part of Summer in the Square concert series. 14th St.
     www.carnegiehall.org.                                          (Bet. Broadway & Union Square West).
     Mon 6/23 thru Fri 6/27: Russ Kassoff at Bryant Park,           Thu 6/26 & Fri 6/27: Soulive with special guest Joshua
     Upper Terrace. 1:00pm. 42nd St. Bet. 5th & 6th Ave.            Redman at (le) poisson rouge. 7:30pm. Part of JVC Jazz
     Mon 6/23: Poncho Sanchez at (le) poisson rouge.                Festival. 158 Bleecker St. 212-796-0741.
     7:30pm. “JVC Jazz Festival Salutes Art D’Lugoff & “Salsa       Fri 6/27: Chanda Rule at Blue Note. Late Night Groove
     Meets Jazz.” Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 158 Bleecker St.       Series. 12:30am.131 W. 3rd St. 212-475-8592.
     212-796-0741. www.lepoissonrouge.com                           Fri 6/27 & Sat 6/28: Mercedes Hall at The Metropolitan
     Mon 6/23: Herbie Hancock with Dave Holland, Vinnie             Room. 7:30pm. 34 W. 22nd St. 212-206-0440. www.
     Colaiuta, Chris Potter, Lionel Loueke & Sonya Kitchell         mercedeshall.com
     at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage.             Fri 6/27: Tim Berne & Craig Taborn at the Rubin Museum
     8:00pm. $35 - $95. Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 57th St. & 7th   of Art. 7:00pm 150 W. 17th St. 212-620-5000.
     Ave. 212-247-7800. www.carnegiehall.org.                       Fri 6/27: Al Green & Dianne Reeves at Carnegie Hall,
     Mon 6/23: Dick Hyman with Ken Peplowski, Wycliffe              Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage. 8:00pm. $35 - $95.
     Gordon, Randy Sandke, Howard Alden, Jay Leonhart               JVC Jazz Festival. 57th St. & 7th Ave. 212-247-7800.
     & Eddie Locke at Carnegie Hall, Zankel Hall. 8:30pm.           Fri 6/27: Grassella Oliphant Quintet at Roth’s Westside
     From $55. Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 57th St. & 7th Ave.       Steakhouse. 9:00pm. No cover. 680 Columbus Ave. @ 93rd
     212-247-7800. www.carnegiehall.org.                            St. 212-280-4103.
     Mon 6/23: Donny McCaslin with Ben Monder, Boris                Fri 6/27: Dee Dee Bridgewater Red Earth: A Malian

26     June 2008    Jazz Improv® NY    www.jazzimprov.com                               To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
  Journey at New York Society for Ethical Culture.               Queens
  8:00pm. Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 2 W. 64th St. & Central
  Park W. 877-655-4TIX. www.nysec.org                               Queens Jazz Trail Tour. First Sat. of each month, May
  Fri, Sat & Sun: Junior Mance & Hide Tanaka at Café                3, 1:00–4:00pm. $30/$25 members. Hop aboard the
  Loop. Fri & Sat; 8:00-11PM; Sun 6/8: 6:30-9:30pm. 105 W.          Flushing Town Hall Trolley—a fascinating journey through
  13th St. 212-255-4746. www.juniormance.com                        neighborhoods where Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie,
  Sat 6/28: Mos Def Big Band with Gil Scott-Heron at                Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane
  Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage.                   lived. Includes guided visit to newly restored Louis
  8:00pm. $35 - $95. Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 57th St. & 7th      Armstrong House and Museum. SPECIAL OFFER: Jazz
  Ave. 212-247-7800. www.carnegiehall.org.                          by Night and Day! $40/$35 for members! Experience Friday
  Sat 6/28: Bobby Previte & The New Bump at Blue                    Night Intimate Jazz Concert in Flushing Town Hall Gallery,
  Note. Late Night Groove Series. 12:30am.131 W. 3rd St.            take the Queens Jazz Trail Tour following afternoon, one low
  212-475-8592. www.bluenote.net                                    price. www.flushingtownhall.org/jazztrail.html.
  Sat 6/28: KJ Denhert at 55 Bar. 55 Christopher St.                Louis Armstrong House and Museum. Guided tours
  212-929-9883. www.55bar.com. www.kjdenhert.com                    daily through Louis and Lucille Armstrong’s home. Now a
  Sat 6/28: Charles Lloyd New Quartet featuring Jason
                                                                    museum, the home is in pristine condition and it’s a big time
  Moran, Reuben Rogers & Eric Harland at New York
                                                                    warp, to say the least! Most notable is the kitchen and the
  Society for Ethical Culture. 8:00pm. “70th Birthday Tour
                                                                    mirrored bathroom Louis taped himself in every room and
  Celebrating Life & Music.” Part of JVC Jazz Festival. 2 W.
                                                                    he’ll give you a tour of the man behind the entertainer. This
  64th St. & Central Park W. 877-655-4TIX. www.nysec.org
                                                                    is a revealing look at one of the most influential figures of
  Sat 6/28: Richard Galliano Tangaria 4Tet at Carnegie
                                                                    the 20th century. Info: 718-478-8274 or www.satchmo.org.
  Hall, Zankel Hall. 8:00pm. From $55. Part of JVC Jazz
  Festival. 57th St. & 7th Ave. 212-247-7800.                       Check schedule. A must see.
  Sun 6/29: Peter Leitch & Sean Smith at Walker’s. 8:00pm.          Fri 6/6: Jeb Patton Trio at Flushing Town Hall. 8:00pm.
  No cover. 16 N. Moore St., TriBeCa.                               $20; $16 members; $10 students. Free parking. 137-35
  Sun 6/29: Amy London with Roni Ben-Hur & Santi                    Northern Blvd. 718-463-7700, x222.
  Debriano at North Square Lounge. 12:30pm & 2:00pm. No             www.FlushingTownHall.org
  cover or min. 103 Waverly Pl. @ Macdougal. 212-254-1200.          Fri 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27: Steve Blanco Trio at Domaine
  www.AmyLondonSings.com                                            Wine Bar. 50-04 Vernon Blvd. 718-784-2350. www.
  Sun 6/29: Scott Reeves Quintet at 55 Bar. 9:30pm. 55              steveblanco.com
  Christopher St. 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com. www.                 Sat 6/7: Queens Jazz Trail Tour. 1:00pm. $35;
  creativejazz.com                                                  $25 members. Free parking. Flushing Town Hall.
  Sun 6/29: Gene Bertoncini & Ike Sturm at St. Peter’s              718-463-7700, x222. www.FlushingTownHall.org.
  Church. 5:00pm. Jazz Vespers. Free. 54th & Lexington.             Thu 6/12: Diane Hoffman with Sean Fitzpatrick & Zaid
  212-935-2200. www.saintpeters.org/jazz.                           Shukri at Windsor Park Library. 2:00pm. 79-50 Bell Blvd.,
                                                                    Bayside. 718-468-8300.
Brooklyn                                                            Sat 6/21: Diane Hoffman with Don Militello & Bim
                                                                    Strasberg at Woodhaven Library. 85-41 Forest Park,
  Mon 6/2, 6/9, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30: Sedric & The Brasileiros          Woodhaven. 718-849-1010. www.dianehoffman.org.
  Trio with Freddie Bryant, Nanny Assis & Sedric
  Choukroun at Chez Lola. 7:30pm. 387 Myrtle Ave.                Long Island
  718-858-1484. www.bistrolola.com. www.sedric.net
  Wed 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25: Sedric Choukroun & The                 Sat 6/7: Diane Hoffman with Don Militello, Zeke Martin
  Eccentrics Trio with Adam Rafferty & Paul Beaudry at              at 780 Grill. 8:30pm. 780 Beech St., Long Beach.
  Chez Oskar. 7:00pm. 211 Dekalb Ave., corner of Adelphie           516-432-7262. www.dianehoffman.org.
  St., Fort Green. 718-852-6250. www.chezoskar.com.                 Sat 6/14: Diane Hoffman with Jeremy Bacon at Milk
  Thu 6/5: Lionel Loueke Trio at MetroTech Plaza.                   & Sugar Café. 8:00pm. 49 W. Main St., Bay Shore.
  718-488-8200. www.lionelloueke.com                                631-969-3655. www.dianehoffman.org.
  Thu 6/5, 6/12, 6/19 & 6/26: Adam Iding Trio at The Schnitzel      Fri 6/20: Tribute to the music of Chicago with Beginnings
  Haus. 8:00pm; 10:00pm jam session. Free. 7319 5th Ave.,           at Dix Hills Center for the Performing Arts. 7:30pm. $20.
  Bay Ridge. 718-836-5600. www.schnitzelhausny.com.                 305 N. Service Rd., Dix Hills. 631-656-2148. www.ftc.edu.
  Sat 6/7: Cassandra Wilson at Brooklyn Academy of                  www.dhpac.org.
  Music Harvey Theater. 8:00pm. $56-$100. 651 Fulton St.
  (Bet. Ashland Pl. & Rockwell Pl.) 718-636-4100. tickets@
                                                                   Sat 6/7: Westchester Jazz Orchestra at Seven Bridges
  Thu 6/12: Luiz Simas with Itaiguara & Adriano Santos at
                                                                   School. Jobim tribute. 8:00pm. $30; $25 seniors; $5 students.
  Bargemusic. 8:00pm. $35; $30 for senior; $20 for student.
                                                                   222 Seven Bridges Road, Chappaqua. 914-861-9100. www.
  Fulton Ferry Landing, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  718-624-2083. www.bargemusic.org.
  Wed 6/18: Maceo Parker Lettuce at Brooklyn Masonic               Sat 6/7: Chuck Mangione at Tarrytown Music Hall.
  Temple. 8:00pm. “Make it funky!” Part of JVC Jazz Fest.          8:00pm. 13 Main St., Tarrytown. 877-840-0457. www.
  317 Claremont Ave. @ Lafayette Ave. 866-468-7619. www.           tarrytownmusichall.org.
  Thu 6/19: Jesse Elder at Bargemusic. 8:00pm.                   New Jersey
  Thu 6/19: Medeski, Martin & Wood; Marc Ribot’s Ceramic
  Dog; Taylor McFerrin at Prospect Park Bandshell.                  Sun 6/1: Maurício de Souza Trio at Red Bank Jazz &
  7:00pm. Presented by JVC Jazz Festival & Celebrate                Blues Festival, Marina Stage. Noon. Free. 1 Marine
  Brooklyn! Free ($3 contribution to Celebrate Brooklyn!) 9th       Park, Red Bank. 732-933-1984. redbankfestival.com. www.
  St. & Prospect Park West, Park Slope. 718-855-7882. www.          mauríciodesouzajazz.com
  briconline.org/CB                                                 Tue 6/3: Coleman Mellett at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main St.,
  Thu 6/26: Ted Kooshian with Jeff Lederer, Tom Hubbard             Madison. 973-822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com.
  & Warren Odze at Bargemusic. 8:00pm. Fulton Ferry                 Wed 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25: Betty Liste Trio at Stony Hill
  Landing, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. 718-624-2083.        Inn. 7:30pm. 231 Polifly Rd., Hackensack. 201-342-4085.
  www.bargemusic.org.                                               www.bettyliste.com

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                       June 2008     Jazz Improv® NY    www.jazzimprov.com           27
     Wed 6/4: Joe Morello Trio at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main St.,          Swingadelic, Jazz Lobsters Band, Carrie Jackson, Joe         Madison. 973-822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com.
     Madison. 973-822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com.                      Temperley Quintet, noon-6:00pm. Tickets: $45 per day;        Sat 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, 6/28: NYC Trio with Jim DeAngelis, Tony
     Thu 6/5: Bucky Pizzarelli & Jerry Bruno at Glen Rock              $85 for Saturday & Sunday; $10 for students; free under      Signa, Jake Kukik & Carrie Jackson at 27 Mix Restaurant
     Inn. 7:00pm. 222 Rock Road, Glen Rock. 201-445-2362.              16. 800-303-6557. www.njjs.org                               & Bar. 8:00pm. 27 Halsey St., Newark. 973-648-0643.
     Thu 6/5: Janice Friedman Trio at Shanghai Jazz. 24                Fri 6/6: “Trio Zen” with Reggie Pittman & Loren Daniels      Sat 6/7: Evan Gregor Duo at Lounge Zen. 7:30pm. No
     Main St., Madison. 973-822-2899.                                  at Lounge Zen. 7:30pm. No cover, $10 min each set. 254       cover, $10 min each. 254 Degraw Ave., Teaneck. www.
     Fri 6/6–Sun 6/8: Sanofi-Aventis Jazzfest 2008 at                  Degraw Ave., Teaneck. www.lounge-zen.com                     lounge-zen.com. www.evangregor.com
     Drew University, Madison. Friday: outdoor concert of              Fri 6/6: Oz Noy Trio at Talk of the Town. 9:00pm. No         Sat 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, 6/28: Betty Liste Trio at Stony Hill Inn.
     high school jazz bands, 7:00pm, free. Saturday: Bucky             cover. 213 Rt. 46 W., Elmwood Park.                          8:00pm. 231 Polifly Rd., Hackensack. 201-342-4085. www.
     Pizzarelli/Nicki Parrott/Rossano Sportiello Trio, Ed Metz         Sat 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, 6/28: Bob Wylde, Mike Richmond          bettyliste.com
     & the Bob Crosby Bobcats, Janes Dean Band, Cynthia                & Bob Kindred at The Ho-Ho-Kus Inn. 1 East Franklin          Sun 6/8: Daryl Sherman Trio with Boots Maleson &
     Sayer, Tony DeSare Trio, Jerry Vezza Trio, noon-6:00pm.           Turnpike, Hohokus. 201-445-4115. www.hohokusinn.net          Randy Sandke at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main St., Madison.
     Sunday: Earl May Tribute Band, Eric Comstock Trio,                Sat 6/7: Wycliffe Gordon at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main St.,      973-822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com.
                                                                                                                                    Sun 6/8: Linda Ciofalo at The Priory. 11:00am. 233 Market
                                                                                                                                    St., St. Josephs Plaza, Newark. 973-242-8012. www.
                                                                                                                                    Mon 6/9: Dan Levinson with Nik Payton, Alex Mendham,
                                                                                                                                    Mark Shane, Kevin Dorn & Brian Nalepka at Bickford
                                                                                                                                    Theatre. 8:00pm. $13 in advance; $15 at door. On Columbia
                                                                                                                                    Turnpike @ Normandy Heights Road, east of downtown
                                                                                                                                    Morristown. 973-971-3706. www.njjs.org
                                                                                                                                    Tue 6/10: John Zweig & Steve Freeman at Shanghai
                                                                                                                                    Jazz. 24 Main St., Madison. 973-822-2899.
                                                                                                                                    Wed 6/11: Bucky Pizzarelli at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main
                                                                                                                                    St., Madison. 973-822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com.
                                                                                                                                    Thu 6/12: Vic Cenicola & Charlie DesCarfino at Glen Rock
                                                                                                                                    Inn. 7:00pm. 222 Rock Road, Glen Rock. 201-445-2362.
                                                                                                                                    Thu 6/12: Morris Nanton Trio at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main
                                                                                                                                    St., Madison. 973-822-2899.
                                                                                                                                    Fri 6-13 – Sat 6-14: 37th Annual Jazz Record Collectors’
                                                                                                                                    Bash at Hilton Woodbridge. 78s, LPs, CDs, memorabilia.
                                                                                                                                    120 Wood Ave. S., Iselin. 516-681-7102. zimrecords@

                                                                                                                                      MON JUNE 16
                                                                                                                AMINA FIGAROVA SEXTET
                                                                                                                                       TUE JUNE 17

     “Jazz Venue of the Year” - ALL ABOUT JAZZ   “Best Jazz Club” - NEW YORK MAGAZINE & CITYSEARCH         BILL O’CONNELL TRIPLE PLAY
                                             TUE-SUN MAY 27-JUNE 1
                                                                                                                   DAVE VALENTIN
             TERENCE BLANCHARD                                                                                                   WED JUNE 18
                MON JUNE 2
     J.C. HOPKINS BIGGISH BAND                                                                                       BLAKE TARTARE
                                                                                                                                          THU-SUN JUNE 19-22
                                                     TUE JUNE 3
                                  BEN WOLFE OCTET                                                                          DAFNIS PRIETO SEXTET
                                                                                                                                      MON JUNE 23
                                WED-SUN JUNE 4-8                                                         ANDY MILNE & GREGOIRE MARET ´
      NICHOLAS PAYTON QUINTET                                                                                   TUE & WED JUNE 24 & 25

                                            MON JUNE 9
                                                                                                          KENDRICK SCOTT ORACLE
        AYELET ROSE GOTTLIEB SEXTET                                                                                                THU-SUN JUNE 26-29

                                             TUE & WED JUNE 10 & 11
                                                                                                               GEORGE COLEMAN QUARTET
                    TIM RIES GROUP                                                                                                             MON JUNE 30

                               THU-SUN JUNE 12-15                                                                            EMILIO SOLLA’S
            FREDDY COLE QUARTET                                                                                          NY TANGO JAZZ PROJECT

28                                                                        June 2008    Jazz Improv® NY    www.jazzimprov.com                             To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
  Fri 6/13: Jerry Vezza Trio at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main St.,    …And Beyond
  Madison. 973-822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com.
  Fri 6/13: Dwight West at The Priory. 233 Market St., St.       Sun 6/1: BD Lenz with Jame Rosocha & Don Guinta
  Josephs Plaza, Newark. 973-242-8012. bluearkrecords.com        at Deer Head Inn. 5:00pm. Music charge $5. 5 Main
  Fri 6/13: Joel Perry Trio at Lounge Zen. 7:30pm. No cover,     St., Delaware Water Gap, PA. 570-424-2000. www.
  $10 min each. 254 Degraw Ave., Teaneck.                        deerheadinn.com
  Fri 6/13: Jeanie Bryson Quartet at Watchung Arts               Mon 6/2: David Schnitter with John Hart, Bill Moring,
  Center. 8:00pm. $18; $16 WAC members. 18 Stirling Rd.,         Anthony Pinciotti & John Richmond at Turning Point
  Watchung. 908-753-0190. www.watchungarts.org                   Café. 8:00pm. 468 Piermont Ave., Piermont. 845-359-1089.
  Sat 6/14: Orrin Evans Trio at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main St.,      www.turningpointcafe.com.
  Madison. 973-822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com.                   Wed 6/4: John Donato & Marty Wilson at Deer Head Inn.
  Sat 6/14: WaFoo Chamber Unit at Lounge Zen. 7:30pm.            7:00pm. No music charge.
  No cover, $10 min each. 254 Degraw Ave., Teaneck. www.         Thu 6/5: Jesse Green Jazz Jam at Deer Head Inn.
  lounge-zen.com. http://wafoo.info                              8:00pm. No music charge.
  Sat 6/14: Maurício de Souza Trio at Cask 591. 8:00pm.          Fri 6/6: Nancy & Spencer Reed at Deer Head Inn. 7:00pm.
  No cover. 591 Broadway, Long Branch. 732-571-8848.             Music charge, $10; $5 after 9:30pm.
  www.cask591.com. www.mauriciodesouzajazz.com                   Sat 6/7: Orrin Evans Quartet at Deer Head Inn. 7:00pm.              June 3: The Russ Kassoff Big Band
  Sun 6/15: Jan Findlay & Jay D’Amico Trio at Shanghai           Music charge $12; $6 after 9:30pm.                                    with vocalist Catherine Dupuis
  Jazz. 24 Main St., Madison. 973-822-2899.                      Sun 6/8: Abigail Riccards & Michael Canan at Deer Head
  Tue 6/17: Coleman Mellett at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main St.,       Inn. 5:00pm. Music charge $5.                                 June 10: Percussionist Daoud-David Williams &
  Madison. 973-822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com.                   Mon 6/9: Tim Price with John Richmond, John Hart, Bill              the Spirit of Life Ensemble (SOLE)
  Wes 6/18: Oz Noy Trio at Mexicali Blues. 9:00pm. 1409          Moring & Tim Horner at Turning Point Café. 8:00pm. 5                with guest vocalist Joe Lee WIlson
  Queen Anne Rd., Teaneck. $7 music charge.                      Main St., Delaware Water Gap, PA. 570-424-2000. www.
  Thu 6/19: Vince Giordano Quartet at Shanghai Jazz. 24                                                                          June 17: Drummer Chip White’s Ensemble
  Main St., Madison. 973-822-2899. ww                            Wed 6/11: John Donato & Marty Wilson at Deer Head                June 24: Trumpeter Nabate Isles’ Quartet
  Thu 6/19: Muzzy Trio at Glen Rock Inn. 7:00pm. 222 Rock        Inn. 7:00pm. No music charge.
  Road, Glen Rock. 201-445-2362.                                 Thu 6/12: Blues Jam with Spencer Reed at Deer Head
  Fri 6/20: Tony DeSare Trio at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main St.,      Inn. 8:00pm. No music charge.
  Madison. 973-822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com.                   Fri 6/13: JD Walter with Jim Ridl, Donald Edwards &
  Fri 6/20: Bob Wylde & Mike Richmond at Lounge Zen.
                                                                 Mark Kelley at Deer Head Inn. 7:00pm. Music charge $12;
  7:30pm. No cover, $10 min each. 254 Degraw Ave.,
                                                                 $6 after 9:30pm.
  Teaneck. www.lounge-zen.com
                                                                 Sat 6/14: Bill Goodwin & Mike Melvoin at Deer Head Inn.
  Sat 6/21: Rich Eisenstein Trio at Shanghai Jazz. 24 Main
                                                                 7:00pm. Music charge $12; $6 after 9:30pm.
  St., Madison. 973-822-2899.
                                                                 Sun 6/15: Paul Kendall & Jesse Green at Deer Head Inn.
  Sat 6/21: Justin Derman Trio at Lounge Zen. 7:30pm. No
  cover, $10 min each. 254 Degraw Ave., Teaneck.
                                                                 Mon 6/16: Pete Levin with John Cariddi & Harvey Sorgen
  Sun 6/22: Bossa Brasil at Church Street Music Festival.
                                                                 at Turning Point Café. 8:00pm. 468 Piermont Ave.,
  4:00pm. Free. Corner of Church St. & Bloomfield Ave.,
                                                                 Piermont. 845-359-1089. turningpointcafe.com.
  Montclair. 973-509-3820. www.montclaircenter.com/events.
                                                                 Wed 6/18: John Donato & Marty Wilson at Deer Head
  htm. www.mauriciodesouzajazz.com
                                                                 Inn. 7:00pm. No music charge.
  Sun 6/22: Beacon Hill Jazz Band with Marty Eigen,
                                                                 Thu 6/19: Jazz Jam with Jesse Green at Deer Head Inn.
  Fred Fischer, Bill Ash, Paul Grabow & Verne Whitlock
                                                                 8:00pm. No music charge.
  at Watchung Arts Center. 3:00pm. $16; $13 WAC
  members. 18 Stirling Rd., Watchung. 908-753-0190. www.         Fri 6/20: Michele Bautier with Russ Kassoff at Deer Head
  watchungarts.org                                               Inn. 7:00pm. Music charge $12; $6 after 9:30pm.
  Tue 6/24: John Zweig & Steve Freeman at Shanghai               Sat 6/21: Eric Mintel with Nelson Hill, Dave Antonow &
  Jazz. 24 Main St., Madison. 973-822-2899.                      Dave Mohn at Deer Head Inn. 7:00pm. Music charge $12;
  Wed 6/25: “Boogie Bob” Seeley at Ocean County                  $6 after 9:30pm.
  College, Fine Arts Center. 8:00. $13 in advance; $15 at        Sun 6/22: Bob Lieve & The Wooster Street Trolley Band
  door. Campus Drive, just off Rt. 549. 732-255-0500. www.       at Deer Head Inn. 5:00pm. Music charge $5.
  ocean.edu.                                                     Mon 6/23: Warren Chiasson with John Hart, John
  Thu 6/26: Lyle Atkinson & Joshua Breakstone at                 Richmond, Ralph Hamperia & Steve Johns at Turning
  Glen Rock Inn. 7:00pm. 222 Rock Road, Glen Rock.               Point Café. 8:00pm. 468 Piermont Ave., Piermont.
  201-445-2362.                                                  845-359-1089. www.turningpointcafe.com.
  Fri 6/27: Willie Martinez La Familia Sextet at The Priory.     Wed 6/25: John Donato & Marty Wilson at Deer Head
  233 Market St., St. Josephs Plaza, Newark. 973-242-8012.       Inn. 7:00pm. No music charge. 5 Main St., Delaware Water
  www.williemartinez.com                                         Gap, PA. 570-424-2000. www.deerheadinn.com
  Fri 6/27 & Sat 6/28: Steve Turre Quartet at Shanghai           Thu 6/26: Blues Jam with Spencer Reed at Deer Head
  Jazz. 24 Main St., Madison. 973-822-2899.                      Inn. 8:00pm. No music charge.
  Fri 6/27: Lauren Hooker & Allen Farnham at Lounge              Fri 6/27: Dan Brubeck & Chris Brubeck with Chuck Lamb
  Zen. 7:30pm. No cover, $10 min each. 254 Degraw Ave.,          & Mike DeMicco at Deer Head Inn. 7:00pm. Music charge
  Teaneck. www.lounge-zen.com. www.laurenhooker.com              $15; $8 after 9:30pm.
  Fri 6/27: Sarah Partridge Trio at Watchung Arts Center.        Sat 6/28: Vocalist Nicole Pastnak at Silvermine Tavern w/
  8:00pm. $18; $16 WAC members. 18 Stirling Rd., Watchung.       Harold Zinno, Bill Cofrances, Doug Schlink, John Mobilio,
  908-753-0190. www.watchungarts.org                             Jack Varanelli. 8:00 to 10:30 pm. $8 cover. 194 Perry Ave.,
  Sat 6/28: Matt McCabe Band at Lounge Zen. 7:30pm.              Norwalk, CT. 203-847-4558. nicolepasternak.com.
  No cover, $10 min each. 254 Degraw Ave., Teaneck. www.         Sat 6/28: Sue Matthews at Deer Head Inn. 7:00pm. Music
  myspace.com/mattmccabeband                                     charge $12; $6 after 9:30pm.
  Mon 6/30: Bob Seeley at Bickford Theatre. 8:00pm.              Sun 6/29: Len Mooney & Tim Carbone at Deer Head Inn.
  $13 in advance; $15 at door. On Columbia Turnpike @            5:00pm. Music charge $5.
  Normandy Heights Road, east of downtown Morristown.            Mon 6/30: John Hart Group at Turning Point Café.
  973-971-3706. www.njjs.org                                     8:00pm.

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                    June 2008    Jazz Improv® NY    www.jazzimprov.com                                                          29
                                      Calendar of Events

              Sunday, June 1
         Friday & Sat., June 6 & 7
              Sunday, June 8
            Thursday, June 12
        Friday & Sat., June 13 & 14
             BOB DEVOS
            Thursday, June 19
              Friday, June 20
            KATE BAKER
            Saturday, June 21
          ALMA MICIC
        Friday & Sat., June 27 & 28
        Sundays, June 15, 22, 29
          GOSPEL EVENT
             Mondays in June
             Tuesdays in June
          JAM SESSION
           Wednesdays in June
           VARIETY SHOW
         Thursdays, June 5 & 26

30                                    June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com   To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853   June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com   31
32   June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com   To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
                                                                                     June 1     9:00PM   PIANO TRIOS: SHIMRIT SHOSHAN
                                                                                     June 2     8:30PM   AMRAM & CO
                                                                                                         David Amram, Kevin Twigg, John de Witt,
                                                                                                         Adam Amram, John Ventimiglia
                                                                                     June 4    8:30PM    THE LATE 20TH CENTURY QUARTET
                                                                                                         Joe Giardullo, Frank Kimbrough, Jay Anderson,
                                                                                                         Harvey Sorgen
                                                                                     June 5    6:00PM    ARTISTS’ SALON
                                                                                                         Robin, Angelo, Poul, and David, hosts
                                                                                               8:30PM    GNU VOX: DEADRA HART
                                                                                                         David Devoe, curator; Deadra Hart, Jim Ridl,
                                                                                                         Matt Wigton, Fred Kennedy
                                                                                     June 6     9:00PM   GLOBAL MOTION
                                                                                               10:30PM   Nikolaj Hess, John Hebert, Tony Moreno,
                                                                                                         Marc Mommaas
                                                                                     June 8    8:30PM    PIANO TRIOS: RANDY INGRAM
                                                                                                         Randy Ingram, Matt Clohesy, Jochen Rueckert
                                                                                     June 9    8:30PM    COMPOSERS COLLABORATIVE:
                                                                                                         SERIAL UNDERGROUND
                                                                                                         Joshua Fried, Michael Lowenstern, Regie Cabico,
                                                                                                         Clifton Hyde, Robyn Siwula, Motoko Shimizu
                                                                                     June 11   8:30PM    LUCIAN BAN’S SOUNDSCAPE TRIO
                                                                                                         Lucian Ban, Jeff Carey, Nasheet Waits
                                                                                     June 12   8:30PM    SCOTT DUBOIS QUARTET CD RELEASE CONCERT
                                                                                                         Scott DuBois, Gebhard Ullmann, Thomas Morgan,
                                                                                                         Ted Poor
                                                                                     June 13  9:00PM     BAD TOUCH
                                                                                             10:30PM     Loren Stillman, Gary Versace, Nate Radley, Ted Poor
                                                                                     June 14 9:00PM      TOM RAINEY WITH INGRID LAUBROCK AND
                                                                                             10:30PM     MARK HELIAS
                                                                                                         Tom Rainey, Ingrid Laubrock, Mark Helias
                                                                                     June 15   8:30PM    SKYE STEELE QUINTET
                                                                                                         Skye Steele, Ben Cassorla, Josh Meyers,
                                                                                                         John Hadfield
                                                                                     June 17   8:30PM    JACOB ANDERSKOV PROJECT
                                                                                                         Jacob Anderskov
                                                                                     June 18   8:30PM    THE SONGWRITER’S BEAT
                                                                                                         Valerie Ghent, Vickie Russell, Jenn Adams
                                                                                     June 19   6:00PM    PO’JAZZ
                                                                                                         Golda Solomon, host
                                                                                               8:30PM    JOEL HARRISON ENSEMBLE
                                                                                                         Joel Harrison, Chris Howes; Jakub Trasak;
                                                                                                         Tanya Kalmanovich; Wendy Sutter, Miguel Zenon,
                                                                                                         Jeff Hermanson, Lindsey Horner, Satoshi Takeishi
                                                                                     June 20    9:00PM   TONY MALABY’S PALOMA RECIO
                                                                                               10:30PM   Tony Malaby, Ben Monder, Eivind Opsvik,
                                                                                                         Nasheet Waits
                                                                                     June 21    9:00PM   TONY MALABY’S PALOMA RECIO
                                                                                               10:30PM   Tony Malaby, Ben Monder, Eivind Opsvik,
                                                                                                         Nasheet Waits
                                                                                     June 22   8:30PM    FELIPE SALLES GROUP
                                                                                                         Felipe Salles, Jacam Manricks, Nando Michelin,
                                                                                                         Jorge Roeder, Bertram Lehmann
                                                                                     June 26   8:30PM    GNU VOX: MICHAEL SCHIEFEL
                                                                                                         David Devoe, host; Michael Schiefel
                                                                                     June 27    9:00PM   MARK HELIAS’ PROJECTILE Featuring
                                                                                               10:30PM   ELLERY ESKELIN
                                                                                                         Mark Helias, Ellery Eskelin
                                                                                     June 28  9:00PM     CIRCLE DOWN TRIO
                                                                                             10:30PM     Angelica Sanchez, Chris Lightcap, Chad Taylor
                                                                                     June 29 8:30PM      RICARDO GALLO QUARTET
                                                                                                         Ricardo Gallo, Dan Blake, Jorge Sepúlveda,
                                                                                                         Juan Manuel Toro

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853   June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                                                                        33
              Wednesday, June 4th: Susan Pereira
       Rodrigo Ursaia, Manu Koch, Michael LaValle, Vanderlei Pereira
                 Friday, June 6th: Lauren Hooker
                   Allen Farnham, Bill Moring, Tim Horner
             Wednesday, June 11th: Brian Villegas
                             Robert Rodriguez
                  Friday, June 13th: Jay Clayton
                 Peggy Stern, Dean Johnson, Tony Moreno
          Wednesday, June 18th: Gabriele Tranchina
     Joe Vincent Tranchina, Santi Debriano, Renato Thoms, Taro Okamoto
         Friday, June 20th: String of Pearls Vocal Trio
             Sue Halloran, Jeanne O’Connor, Holli Ross - vocals
                  Tony Regusis, Andy Eulau, Ron Vincent
              Wednesday, June 25th: Pamela Luss
         John DiMartino, David Mann, Chris Higgins, Eric Halvorson

       Enzo’s Jazz will remain closed for the summer
            and will re-open on September 12th

34                                                                       June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com   To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
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1050 Lounge, 735 Tenth Ave., Tel: 212-445-0149, Fax:                   Community Church of NY, 40 E. 35th St. (betw Park & Madison          knittingfactory.com
212-765-4478, 1050restaurant.com/media/flash.html                      Ave.), 212-683-4988, www.ccny.org                                    Kush, 191 Chrystie Street, New York , NY, 212-677-7328
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Anyway Café, 34 E. 2nd St., 212-533-3412 or 212-473-5021,              Downtown Music Gallery, 342 Bowery Ave. (betw E. 2nd & E. 3rd        212-533-7235, www.livingroomny.com
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973-378-2133, www.artsmaplewood.org                                    El Museo Del Barrio, 1230 Fifth Ave (at 104th St.), Tel:             www.makor.org
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718-622-7035, www.freddysbackroom.com                                  Madison Ave. (in the Whaler Bar located in the lobby)                Marriott New York at the Brooklyn Bridge, 333 Adams St.,
BAM Café, 30 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 718-636-4100,               EZ’s Woodshed, 2236 AC Powell Blvd (bet 131st/132nd Sts),            Brooklyn, NY, Tel: 718-246-7000, Fax: 718-246-0563,
www.bam.org                                                            212-283-JAZZ (5299)                                                  marriott.com/property/propertypage/NYCBK
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www.Bar4.net                                                           www.fatcatjazz.com                                                   Broadway & Amsterdam), 212-501-3330, www.ekcc.org/merkin.htm
Barbes, 376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.), Park Slope, Brooklyn,        Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT, 203-785-0468, www.firehouse12.com       Metropolitan Room, 34 West 22nd Street New York City, NY
718-965-9177, www.barbesbrooklyn.com                                   Five Spot, 459 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY, Tel: 718-852-0202, Fax:     10012, 212-206-0440, www.metropolitanroom.com
Barge Music, Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn, 718-624-2083,             718-858-8256, www.fivespotsoulfood.com                               MetroTech Commons, Flatbush & Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, NY,
www.bargemusic.org                                                     Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Blvd., Flushing, NY,             718-488-8200 or 718-636-4100 (BAM)
B.B. King’s Blues Bar, 237 W. 42nd St., 212-997-4144,                                                                                       Minton’s Playhouse, 210 W. 118th St, (at St. Nicholas Ave.), www.
                                                                       718-463-7700 x222, www.flushingtownhall.org
www.bbkingblues.com                                                                                                                         uptownatmintons.com, 212-864-8346
                                                                       Frank’s Cocktail Lounge, 660 Fulton St. (at Lafayette), Brooklyn,
Beacon Theatre, 74th St. & Broadway, 212-496-7070                                                                                           Mirelle’s, 170 Post Ave., Westbury, NY, 516-338-4933
                                                                       NY, 718-625-9339, www.frankscocktaillounge.com
Big Apple Jazz/EZ’s Woodshed, 2236 7th Ave, New York, NY                                                                                    Mixed Notes Café, 333 Elmont Rd., Elmont, NY (Queens area),
                                                                       Freddy’s Backroom, 485 Dean St., Brooklyn, NY 11217, 718-622-7035
10027, 718-606-8442, www.bigapplejazz.com                                                                                                   516-328-2233, www.mixednotescafe.com
                                                                       Galapagos, 70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY, 718-782-5188,
Birdland, 315 W. 44th St., 212-581-3080                                                                                                     Mo-Bay Uptown, 17 W. 125th St., 212-876-9300,
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                                                                       Garage Restaurant and Café, 99 Seventh Ave. (betw 4th and
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                                                                       Gishen Café, 2150 Fifth Ave., 212-283-7699.
718-403-7450, www.bluestonebarngrill.com                                                                                                    www.montaukclub.com
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                                                                       Glen Rock, NJ 07452, 800-400-2362
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Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery (at Bleecker), 212-614-0505,
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BRIC Studio, 647 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY, Tel: 718-855-7882                                                                                Newark Museum, 49 Washington Street, Newark, New Jersey
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                                                                                                                                            07102-3176, 973-596-6550, www.newarkmuseum.org
Brooklyn Exposure, 1401 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216,            www.harlemtearoom.com                                                New Jersey Performing Arts Center, 1 Center St., Newark, NJ,
718-783-8220                                                           Helen’s, 169 Eighth Ave. (betw 18th & 19th St.), 212-206-0609,       07102, 973-642-8989, www.njpac.org
Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza, 2nd Fl, Brooklyn,           www.helensnyc.com                                                    New School Performance Space, 55 W. 13th St., 5th Floor (betw
NY, 718-230-2100, www.brooklynpubliclibrary.org                        Hopewell Valley Bistro, 15 East Broad St, Hopewell, NJ 08525,        5th & 6th Ave.), 212-229-5896, www.newschool.edu.
C-Note, 157 Ave. C (at 10th St.), 212-677-8142,                        609-466-9889, www.hopewellvalleybistro.com                           New School University-Tishman Auditorium, 66 W. 12th St., 1st
www.thecnote.com                                                       Houston’s, 153 E 53rd St, New York, 10022, 212-888-3828              Floor, Room 106, 212-229-5488, www.newschool.edu
Cachaça, 35 West 8th St (bet. 5th/6th Aves), 212-388-9099              Il Campanello Ristorante, 136 W. 31st St. (betw 6th and 7th Ave.),   New York City Baha’i Center, 53 E. 11th St. (betw Broadway &
www.cachacajazz.com                                                    212-695-6111, www.ilcampanelloristorante.com                         University), 212-222-5159, www.bahainyc.org
Café 111, 111 Court St., Brooklyn, NY, 718-858-2806,                   Iridium, 1650 Broadway (below 51st St.), 212-582-2121,               Night & Day, 230 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY (at President St.),
www.cafe111online.com                                                  www.iridiumjazzclub.com                                              718-399-2161, www.nightanddayrestaurant.com
Café Bar, 247 Eldridge (Houston, Stanton), 212-505-0955                Jazz 966, 966 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY, 718-638-6910                 Night of the Cookers, 767 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY, Tel:
Cafe Brama, 157 2nd Ave. (at 10th St.) 212-358-7140                    Jazz at Lincoln Center, 33 W. 60th St., 212-258-9800, www.jalc.org   718-797-1197, Fax: 718-797-0975
www.cafebrama.us                                                            Frederick P. Rose Hall, Broadway at 60th St., 5th Floor         North Square Lounge, 103 Waverly Pl. (at MacDougal St.),
Café Carlyle, 35 E. 76th St., 212-570-7189, www.thecarlyle.com              Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, Reservations: 212-258-9595              212-254-1200, www.northsquarejazz.com
Café Loup, 105 W. 13th St. (West Village) , between Sixth and               Rose Theater, Tickets: 212-721-6500                             Nublu, 62 Ave. C (betw 4th & 5th St.), 212-979-9925, www.nublu.net
Seventh Aves., 212-255-4746                                                 THE ALLEN ROOM, Tickets: 212-721-6500                           Nuyorican Poet’s Café, 236 E. 3rd St. (betw Ave. B & C),
Café St. Bart’s, 109 E. 50th St. (at Park Ave.), 212-888-2664,         Jazz Gallery, 290 Hudson St., Tel: 212-242-1063, Fax:                212-505-8183, www.nuyorican.org
www.cafestbarts.com                                                    212-242-0491, www.jazzgallery.org                                    Oak Room at The Algonquin Hotel, 59 W. 44th St. (betw 5th and
Café Steinhof, 422 Seventh Ave. (14th St., Park Slope S.), Brooklyn,   The Jazz Spot, 375 Kosciuszko St. (enter at 179 Marcus Garvey        6th Ave.), 212-840-6800, www.thealgonquin.net
NY, 718-369-7776, www.cafesteinhof.com                                 Blvd.), Brooklyn, NY, 718-453-7825, www.thejazz.8m.com               Opia, 130 E. 57th St., 212-688-3939, www.opiarestaurant.com
Caffé Buon Gusto, 151 Montague St., Brooklyn, NY, 718-624-3838,        Jazz Standard, 116 E. 27th St., 212-576-2232, www.jazzstandard.net   Orbit, 2257 First Ave. (at 116th St.), 212-348-7818,
www.caffebuongustoonline.com                                           Jimmy’s, 43 East 7th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Ave),               www.orbiteastharlem.com
Cami Hall, 165 W. 57th, 212-978-3726, www.camihall.com                 212-982-3006                                                         Orchid, 765 Sixth Ave. (betw 25th & 26th St.), 212-206-9928
Carnegie Club, 156 W. 56th St., 212-957-9676,                          Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater, 425 Lafayette St & Astor Pl.,       Oro Blue, 333 Hudson St. (at Charlton St.), 212-645-8004
www.hospitalityholdings.com                                            212-539-8778, www.joespub.com                                        Pace Downtown Theatre, 3 Spruce St. (betw Park Row & Gold St.),
Carnegie Hall, 7th Av & 57th, 212-247-7800, www.carnegiehall.org       John Birks Gillespie Auditorium (see Baha’i Center)                  212-346-1715
Cecil’s Jazz Club & Restaurant, 364 Valley Rd, West Orange, NJ,        Johnny’s On The Green, 440 Parsonage Hill Rd., Short Hills,          Parlor Entertainment, 555 Edgecomb Ave., 3rd Floor (betw 159 &
Phone: 973-736-4800, www.cecilsjazzclub.com                            NJ 07078, 973-467-8882, www.foreseasonsrestaurant.com                160 St.), 212-781-6595, www.parlorentertainment.com
Central Park Summerstage, Rumsey Playfield, 72nd St. & 5th Ave.,       Jules Bistro, 65 St. Marks Place, Tel: 212-477-5560, Fax:            Parlor Jazz, 119 Vanderbilt Ave. (betw Myrtle & Park), Brooklyn,
212-360-2777, www.summerstage.org                                      212-420-0998, www.julesbistro.com                                    NY, 718-855-1981, www.parlorjazz.com
Charley O’s, 713 Eighth Ave., 212-626-7300                             Kitano Hotel, 66 Park Ave., 212-885-7000 or 800-548-2666,            Passions Jazz Café (at Cameo Banquet Center), 800 Rahway Ave,
The Church-in-the-Gardens, 50 Ascan Ave., Forest Hills, NY,            www.kitano.com                                                       Woodbridge, NJ, 732-636-2904
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Cleopatra’s Needle, 2485 Broadway (betw 92nd & 93rd),                  Knickerbocker Bar & Grill, 33 University Pl., 212-228-8490,          Peddie School-Jazz Fridays Series, South Main St. Box A,
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Perk’s, 535 Manhattan Ave, New York NY 10027,                         Fax: 212-563-0556, www.thetanknyc.org                              Sam Ash, 160 West 48th St, 212-719-2299, www.samash.com
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Performance Space 122, 150 First Av., 212-477-5829, www.ps122.org     Broooklyn, 718-789-2762, www.tealoungeNY.com                       www.sadowsky.com
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  Noteworthy Performances
                                     Dwight West                          www.bluearkrecords.com           Roy Hargrove                             myspace.com/royhargrove
                                     Cecil’s: Sat 6/1   Nuyorican Poet’s Café: Sat 6/7                     Jazz Gallery: Tue 6/3 & 6/10

                                     West was a lead singer with local R&B groups, but it wasn’t until     Born in Waco, TX, Hargrove was discovered when Wynton
                                     he discovered the rhythmic & harmonic challenge of jazz that he       Marsalis visited his high school, Dallas’s Booker T. Washington
                                     came into his own and became a jazz singer. He has travelled the      High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. He spent one at
                                     world as a vocalist with Amiri and Amina Baraka’s jazz ensemble,      Berklee College of Music, and honed his craft at late nite jams
                                     BLU ARK, performing with some of the hippest musicians &              in NYC. Hargrove is in high demand both as a sideman and
                                     poets. On his latest CD, Tribute To The Masters, West sings is        leader, & has performed with most every jazz luminary. He is
                                     own original lyrics to the works of great jazz tunes.                 playing in June with his Big Band at the Jazz Gallery.

 Joe Locke                                 www.joelocke.com                                                                                      Joey DeFrancesco                  www.joeydefrancesco.com
 Smoke: Fri 6/6 & Sat 6/7     Newark Museum: Thu 6/26                                                                                            JazzStandard: Sat 6/14 – Tue 6/14

 Locke is one of the most in-demand vibraphonists on the scene                                                                                   At only 17 years old, Joey DeFrancesco was asked by Miles Davis
 today. He has released more than 25 recordings as a band                                                                                        to play Hammond organ in his band. Since then he has proved
 leader, and appeared on almost 100 albums as a guest artist.                                                                                    time and time again why he is regarded by organ aficionados
 The past years have been increasingly busy for Locke. He most                                                                                   as the baddest B-3 burner in the business With over 20 solo
 recently formed a new musical collaboration, “Joe Locke - Force                                                                                 releases and historic associations with legends like Miles, Jimmy
 of Four” which will be recording their first album in spring 2008                                                                               Smith, Bobby Hutcherson, Elvin Jones & John McLaughlin,
 on the Origin label for a summer 2008.                                                                                                          DeFrancesco’s place in the idiom’s history is cemented.

                                     Amina Figorova                          www.aminafigorova.com         John Scofield                                www.johnscofield.com
                                     Jazz Standard: Mon 6/16                                               Blue Note: Tue 6/17 – Sun 6/22

                                     In 1998, Figorova was invited to study at the Thelonious Monk         One of the innovators of modern jazz guitar, Scofield has forged
                                     Jazz Colony in Aspen, CO. That same year she released her             a consistent, rock-solid aesthetic identity. An artist with over thirty
                                     second album “Another Me”, a mix of funk, fusion and R&B,             albums to his credit as a leaderhe has embraced the vernacular
                                     influenced by jazz, reggae and latin music, again with all original   of bebop, blues, jazz-funk, organ jazz, acoustic chamber jazz,
                                     compositions. She & her band perform at jazz festivasl world-         electronic groove music and orchestral ensembles with ease
                                     side; their most recent appearance was the New Orleans Jazz           & enthusiasm over the past three decades. His new CD on
                                     Festival. She is a talent who’s name will be well-known.              Emarcy is entitled This Meets That.

 Chip White                               www.chipwhitejazz.com                                                                                  Cynthia Holiday                     www.cynthiaholidaymusic.com
 Baha’i Center: Tue 6/17      Cornelia Street Café: Thu 6/19                                                                                     Trumpets: Sat 6/21
 (Poetry Reading)
                                                                                                                                                 Newark, NJ native Holiday is a vocalist and lyricist who grew
 White began studying percussion & music with his father
                                                                                                                                                 up around jazz, often accompanying her stepfather, trumpeter
 at the age of 9, later studying composing & arranging. White
                                                                                                                                                 Calvin Hughes, on gigs. Ballet dancing solidified Holiday’s desire
 has performed and/or recorded with a variety of jazz artists
 and luminarys including Carman McCrae, Jaki Byard, John                                                                                         as a performer & her vocal training at the Newark School for the
 Abercrombie, & Frank Foster. His latest project, Double                                                                                         Arts started her on the road to mastery in jazz singing. Her latest
 Dedication, is a 2-disc set featuring original compositions written                                                                             release, All The Way, features the Cedar Walton Trio, on Miles
 for famous jazz masters; the 2nd CD features White’s poetry.                                                                                    High Records, appeals to both the jazz & blues audience.

                                     Sonny Fortune                        www.sonnyfortune.com             Michael Carvin                         www.michaelcarvin.com
                                     Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola: Tue 6/26 – Sun 7/1 Sweet Rhythm:              Cecil’s Jazz Club: Fri 6/27 & Sat 6/28
                                     6/23 & 6/24
                                                                                                           Born in Houston, TX, Carvin’s musical training began early with
                                     Not pursuing jazz until age 18, Sonny Fortune has found himself
                                                                                                           his father, one of the top drummers in Houston. Joining Freddie
                                     recording with greats such as Dizzy Gillespie, Elvin Jones, Oliver
                                                                                                           Hubbard’s band in ‘73, Carvin moved to NY where he gained a
                                     Nelson, George Benson and Nat Adderly. His 2005 release of
                                     Trilogy Collection on his own label Sound Reason is a 3-disc          stellar reputation.In addition to leading his own bands, Carvin’s
                                     compilation of his best recordings.Fortune continues to be one        played & recorded with Dizzy Gillespie, Dexter Gordon, Jackie
                                     of the most loved and in-demand voices in jazz. His latest CD is      McLean, Hank Jones, McCoy Tyner, Illinois Jacquet. He is one
                                     You And The Night & The Music.                                        of the world’s most respected drum teachers & clinicians.

 Houston Person                          www.houstonperson.com                                                                                   Mulgrew Miller                           www.mulgrewmiller.com
 Lenox Lounge: Fri 6/27 & Sat 6/28                                                                                                               Kitano: Fri 6/27 & Sat 6/28

 Hailing from Florence, SC, tenorman Houston Person has been                                                                                     Born in the Mississippi delta, Miller’s music is tinged with the
 a staple on the jazz scene for over 50 years. Known for touring                                                                                 blues & gospel flavor of his native environment. He arrived in
 with musical partner Etta Jones, Person crosses jazz genres                                                                                     New York with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, conducted by
 well versed in hard bop, swing & soul jazz. He’s played Person                                                                                  Mercer Ellington, in ‘77, & is a crowd favorite at jazz festivals
 was inducted into SC University’s Hall of Fame is ’99 & he                                                                                      worldwide. Miller recorded his first album as leader in 1985 & has
 received the Eubie Blake Jazz Award in ‘82. His latest CD is                                                                                    continued to lead his Quintet, Wingspan, to wide acclaim. His
 Thinking of You on the High Note label.                                                                                                         most recent release is entitled Live at Yoshi’s Two on MaxJazz.

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                               June 2008      Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                                                                                 37
     KJ Denhert
     By Eric Nemeyer

KJ: Lucky Seven is the seventh CD that I’ve put out        first in Italy and then next fall we’ll be releasing a live
on my label and this is the one where Motéma Re-           record that’s going to have some tracks form Lucky
cords decided they were ready to partner with me           Seven, some older tracks and some new material. So
and I brought in pretty much all the people who have       I’ve been busy.
been part of the band for the last ten years. I’ve been
playing at the 55 Bar every other Saturday night for       JI: KJ, why don’t you talk a little bit about your, how
about the last ten years, since 1998, and I was very       the relationship with Motéma Records developed?
happy to have my bass player, Mamadou Ba, on many
of the tracks. Mamadou Ba has been with me right           KJ: That was — it started with an email from Jana.
since the beginning. He’s from Senegal, Africa, and        She had found the record; I had a live record called
he adds a certain personality to my music that I call      Another Year Gone By that won an independent mu-         And you’re going to do that in the studio. I don’t go
“Urban Folk and Jazz.” It’s really sort of a singer-       sic award for Best Live Record. I had a little cluster of65 times on anything in the studio. You can. I don’t.
songwriter type of music with jazz or jazz improvi-        time where I left my day job I said, “I want to win an   I try to keep it to three takes and keep some of the
sation going on. I feature some other great cats, my       award,” and all of a sudden I won three in a very short  excitement, record as much live as possible, but then
drummer Ray Levier, he’s been with me. He’s earned         period. Jana saw the write up about that record. She     you’re going to clean things up and it’s great to have
cat status. You can call him a cat now. I didn’t want      wrote to me and I went and looked at her website and     the ability to sort of — I feel like I’m orchestrating
to get too “KJ centric,” you know. For me, it’s re-        the thing I remembered is she said on her website she    where I want your ear to be. I want you to listen to
ally about the band, and me. I arrived with a style.       wanted to hire musicians that were capable of chang-     vocals here. But for me it’s not just vocals. It’s vocals,
I came back to New York in 1996 and started this           ing the molecules in a room when they played. So I       its changes, it’s the transition from this mood to that
band. By 1998, we started a residency at the 55 Bar        mean, it can sound a little artsy but it actually really mood and I enjoy creating an entire record. Then I
that’s still continuing. Ray has been with me since        resonated with me and she began coming down to           also make live records and that involves recording it
1998. Pete Vitalone he looks like Jesus and plays like     the 55 to see us and a year ago on her birthday – our    well, having the ability to go back and at least mix,
a saint. He’s been with me as well since ‘98. And then     birthdays are very close– I went to see her band and     and song selection. This last record, if you ask me
I have some great guests, Mr. Etienne Stadwijk from        I said, “Oh, here’s Lucky Seven. I just finished this    these questions I could talk for twelve hours. What
Richard Bona’s band. I do a duet with him. There’s a       record.” And she became very interested in a record      I noticed about myself is that I had every hat on. I
                                                           with a name like Lucky Seven. She said, “I think I       even heard myself. I had a brand new songbook that
gentleman named Bennett Paster who’s been doing
                                                           want that on my label.” And so we wrangled for a         I wrote and I was playing it with Aaron. And we only
Umbria Jazz Festivals with me. We’ve just completed
                                                           few months. I had another deal on the table that I       played it about three times. It was a duet between us.
the next record which is going to be a live record, ac-
                                                           had to get their blessing and permission which I did     I showed it to him in his hotel room. And I knew on
tually. So Lucky Seven is going into stores right now
                                                           before I moved on to Motéma. So we’ve been work-         my third try that I never really felt like I had the end-
on May 27th and we’re going out to the West Coast
                                                           ing together about eight months and they’re putting      ing that I liked, and on the third time that I did it
to support that. Sue Hadjopoulos played percussion
                                                           a lot of resources behind my career. It’s very new and   I practically stopped and added this ending that we
on Lucky Seven. She did some touring in Umbria.
                                                           bringing a lot of great people to the table. So I have anended up abridging onto the version that went there.
And then we’ve got Kevin Jones who’s also on Mo-
                                                           agent and a manager…and I’ve met Michael Jensen          And the engineer, his name is Ben Wisch, Ben was
téma and he’s going to go on this tour to California.
                                                           and I’ve opened for Robben Ford. So all of a sudden      saying, you know, I could almost hear you saying,
And then we’re going back to Umbria Jazz for our
                                                           we’re — there’s a team where a lot of the work really    “Okay, Ben, cut it in right here.” So I was constantly
fifth consecutive appearance. I’m really excited about     was carried by me before.                                producing a record that had tracks that weren’t on a
that. I just have to talk about this because the biggest
                                                                                                                    previous live record and sort of balancing it between
news is I just had a birthday – a big one…                 JI: What kinds of challenges do you find that you featuring Aaron as we were, tunes from the new re-
                                                           run into as an independent artist?                       cord and some tunes from the previous record, sort
JI: You’re 21.
                                                                                                                    of balancing the whole thing. And it’s a lot to think
                                                           KJ: Choices. Choices of material are — I decided not about when you’re on stage and I don’t do set lists.
KJ: Yes. Twenty-five, actually. Twenty-five is the new     to see it as a problem but I do have a little bit of an That’s another quirk.
fifteen and I know I don’t really look a day over fif-     understanding of how business and marketing work
teen. So, two days before my birthday I get the news       and I do understand that you need to be placed some- JI: You mentioned the singer-songwriter connection.
that we’re going to Umbria Jazz for our fifth time and     where. And my heart is in so many different types of Why don’t you talk a little bit about how you bridged
they have offered me a main stage performance to           music that I think I’ve second guessed myself. Is it the gap and how that singer-songwriter element in-
support Alicia Keyes on July 19th. So I’m walking a        okay to do the style of music that I’m doing? The fluences or impacts your artistry?
little higher off the ground. I think that my band is      other challenge also is we’ve become such a dynamic
just going to sound fantastic because we’re so happy       band live in concert. How to bring that to a CD?         KJ: Well, it started actually when I was ten that I
to be there. I’ve seen so many people on that stage                                                                 started playing guitar. And in the late 60’s, very late
over the last two summers. I’ve seen Pat Metheny,          JI: Translate the live feeling into the wax so to speak? 60’s, practically the 80’s already when I was playing
Diana Krall, Eric Clapton, Santana has played that                                                                  guitar, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell were probably
                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo Courtesy Motéma Music

stage although I missed that show so I don’t know a        KJ: Right. And I love well-produced records and I the first people to really influence my playing. There
lot about that, but it’s going to be great. So, getting    think I’m still hearing some combination of James was one great book by James Taylor that had tabla-
back to my band, Aaron Heick is the last guy. This         [Taylor], Joni [Mitchell] and Steely Dan, and to me ture and another book by Joni Mitchell called For
past winter when I was in Orvieto for Umbria Jazz          making a studio record is like making a film. If you’re The Roses that had her modal tunings that I learned.
XV, we featured Aaron Heick on saxophone. We               going to make a film I might come in and say, “How Once I learned them, I could identify them by ear.
recorded those shows and that’s going to come out          are you doing today?” 65 times until we get it right. I could go to one of her concerts and pick out —
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oh, that’s this tuning or this tuning. So, I was sort      a longer route than some people might have taken. I
of rooted in those guys, but I listened to the singer-     didn’t really take any formal lessons but I was work-
songwriters of that time. And at the same time I had       ing with musicians from Ithaca College. One in par-
a great love, since my childhood, for Sergio Mendes.       ticular was a woman named Vicki Gedfan and we
So I always had this other pull. Sergio Mendes really      were just talking yesterday. We were listening to Paul
was my first love. At nine years old I would set my        Winter Consort. We were listening to Keith Jarrett.
dolls up, my G.I. Joe’s, and they would play exclu-        We were listening to Steely Dan and we were playing
sively Sergio Mendes and I would dance. Well, the          guitar and opening — I wrote music by really hunt-
G.I. Joe’s had a trigger finger and that trigger finger    ing for the tensions that I love. Today I know that
could hold a guitar. And my Gumby had a guitar,            I use 6/9 chords. Often I’ll use a 6/9 chord instead
so it was perfect. They could do a bar chord before I      of the major seven. I had a ten-year period where I
could. And I could do…                                     didn’t like any seven chords. And it wasn’t until I
                                                           decided to arrange “Pennies From Heaven” that I
JI: …And you let Gumby be with the G.I. Joe’s?             re-introduced seventh chords to my writing. I was
                                                           very uneducated and very opinionated with regard to
KJ: No, he wasn’t even allowed to be in the band so        what I wanted to play. I think we were a jam band
it is unfortunate. We’re trying to make retributions       before jam bands were called that. I called what I did
now to Gumby and Pokey. They didn’t get any time           Urban Folk and Jazz. Folk music that didn’t come
on the stage. What’s funny is, it’s really true. So from   from Appalachia. Folk music that came really from
there, I went on to my finger-style playing which was      the singer-songwriter movement of the 70’s and I
certainly enhanced by early James Taylor. Mudslide         was from New York City. You know, I’ve never lived
Slim and One Man Dog were two records that I feel          on a farm or a river. I lived in New York City and
like they’re mapped on my DNA. And there’s a part          so I thought, I like the term urban folk but from the
of me that’s always re-creating that sound you get         time we got together it really always about taking the
                                                           sections, opening them up and letting them become
when you work with acoustic guitar, acoustic piano,
drums, percussion, and bass, you know, maybe an-
                                                           what they would. So that’s the best definition and it’s
                                                           actually not such a great definition but it’s the best I
                                                                                                                        Including the Pulse
other guitar player. They say you’re always attached
to the first music that you were attached to. Those
                                                           can give you off the top.                                     of Jazz Percussion
are absolutely my roots, but as time went on, another
                                                           JI: What is for you the connection between music
                                                                                                                                          Roy Haynes
album that I just heard the other day that I was ad-
                                                           and spirituality?

                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Jimmy Katz
dicted to, my mother made me stop playing this
record. She actually said, “I can’t listen to this any
                                                           KJ: The connection for me between music and spiri-
more.” And it was Hubert Law’s Rite of Spring. I just
                                                           tuality is what am I here to do? And I’ve tried to say,
gave that to a friend of mine who plays flute and I sent   “Oh, I’m supposed to be a scientist. I’m supposed to
her an MP3. As she was listening, I noticed we both        be a psychologist, I’m supposed to be a financial ad-
stopped talking on the phone and we were just lis-         visor,” well not that, a financial analyst, but I keep
tening to it again. He does two movements from the         coming back and repeating over and over my high
Brandenburg Concertos and I’m always speechless.           school experience. I put bands together and I keep
To this day I heard it and we couldn’t — two minutes       them together for a long time. Spiritually, at the age
we were on the phone and it’s like you realize we’ve       that I am now I finally accepted that this is what I’m
stopped talking just to listen to that. Then I became      supposed to be doing. I was fairly successful at a lot
a big Steely Dan head. I left college to play guitar in    of other things but it just, it doesn’t hold me. My day      Damon                Sherry
a Top 40 band. One year with a Top 40 band and                                                                          Grant                Winston
                                                           jobs have always been hobbies. I like numbers so do-
then the next year I was more with a rock band. That       ing spreadsheets and looking at numbers was really
band did some Steely Dan and we sort of mixed it           great fun. And sometimes I’ll just build a spread-
up. Another big love of mine was a guy named Bruce         sheet these days just to keep my mind occupied. But
Cockburn. I also rode the fence between singer-song-       apparently I’m supposed to play music so I’m accept-
writer. There was a lot of faith in his music which        ing that and it’s working on my playing and how to
didn’t offend me in any way, and just a lot of great       bring out what’s important to me in my playing. I’m                  Tyrha
guitar playing.                                            very, very fortunate. That much I’ve finally accepted                Lindsey
                                                           as well and I left my day job five years ago. And I came
JI: Talk about improvisation and a little bit about        out and I remember whining and saying, “I want an
your concept…not necessarily notes or melody or            award.” I’d read other people’s bios and my bio was
harmony, I mean all those things certainly, but im-
provisation as it is about the music and about your
                                                           just like, plays at 55, does this, does that, and I said I     New Artists for 2008
                                                           want an award. And it wasn’t even six months later
personality, and your spirit – about how it becomes        that I went to Mountain Stage and I won the contest
                                                                                                                        together on The Sound!
part of your life.                                         there and I got to be on Mountain Stage, followed by               Saturday,
                                                           the Independent Music Award. I went to Kerrville. I              July 12, 2008
KJ: Well it’s – I love changes and I love groove. And      won their songwriting contest and all of a sudden I            Noon Until Sunset
the way that I taught myself to play guitar is probably    had awards to talk about.
                                                                                                                        Veteran's Memorial Park
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     Antonio Ciacca
     By Eric Nemeyer

JI: Could you discuss your new album, Rush Life, on         denying the existence of this music, I would rather
the Motema Music label that will be release on June         talk about things that I know. So I went to check out
24? Tell us about how you developed the repertoire          this concert at the Langston Hughes House. Then I
and your choice of personnel.                               got to meet Jana Herzen, the President of Motéma.
                                                            They had a beautiful Fazioli in the Langston Hughes
AC: Since 2004, I have had Kengo Nakamura in my             House, and I couldn’t resist trying to play it. I played
band. I met him through saxophonist Wess Ander-             a couple of songs and she approached me and asked
son when I played at the Village Vanguard, when             me if I was interested in recording some of the tunes
Wynton was part of the front line. Joe Magnarelli           that I was playing, which were my tunes. I gave her
played on an earlier album of mine in 2002. Ulysses         three of my last CDs – a trio, a quartet and a quin-
Owens is a young, brilliant drummer from Juilliard,         tet. She really liked the quintet sound – the Horace
and he has that kind of vibe of learning through play-      Silver, Benny Golson Jazztet kind of vibe. She said,
ing, rather than through books and transcriptions.          “I want the quintet.” And, I said, “You got it. You’re
He knows how important it is to play with the jazz          in charge, you tell me what you want.” So I started to
masters to get this language together. He plays with        write music for the quintet, and I brought back Joe
Lonnie Smith, and Mulgrew Miller. He’s on the same          [Magnarelli] into the band, and we did it.
wavelength as me. I spent most of my last ten years
with Steve Lacy and Benny Golson, to get a direct           JI: She’s a musician herself, so she has a keen ear and
source of information, not second-hand informa-             a deep understanding.                                      that we are working on ideas and we are trying to
tion. Stacy Dillard is my man from Michigan. I was                                                                     present the whole spectrum of the jazz repertoire and
told about him by Wynton, and I went to check him           AC: The reason why I think the quality of recordings jazz history, so we need people who can implement
out. He’s the kind of real improviser – not the kind        has gone down is because we don’t have people like our concept and ideas. We try to present the largest
of super-polished, clean saxophone player who works         Teo Macero or Orrin Keepnews in the studios any- variety of what this music is all about, since it is over
out at home what they’re going to play on stage. This       more – people who knew about music. Now you’re 100 years old.
man is a real improviser. When we get on stage, he is       dealing with someone who is more concerned with
playing in that moment. He is not going to perform          how nice you look, and how that will enable them to JI: How does your role with Jazz at Lincoln Center,
something that he has worked out. He is not going to        get you on the cover of this or that, instead of listening away from the piano, create support or create chal-
deliver licks that he worked out at home. He’s really       to how you play. I was fortunate because I had Todd lenges for your own artistic pursuits?
a real musician. The repertoire comes from them. I          Barkan in the booth producing this album. He is such
learned from Benny Golson that it is really the musi-       an unbelievable personality. Just to have him there, AC: This role is pure gold for me as a pianist and as
cian who tells you how to write music – the kind of         made me feel so good. The musicians were so happy a jazz musician because I am dealing with music. I’m
harmonic progression they like, the kind of tempos          to have someone who has been at 2,000 recording ses- dealing with the music of Bill Evans, Benny Carter,
and grooves they like. Some people feel comfortable         sions and won four Grammy Awards as a producer. and many others, and I’m dealing with musical scores
playing Latin music. I don’t, because I don’t know          He taped our rehearsals and we would listen and fig- and musicians and jazz masters. Yesterday I was
that music. Some players like mainstream music.             ure out the right tempos, the right arrangements.          speaking with Bob Wilber, and three days ago I went
Some people like odd meters. I adjust my repertoire                                                                    to visit Ahmad Jamal about his performance at the
to try to get the best out of my musicians. That’s why      JI: Talk about your role with Jazz at Lincoln Center. opening of the coming season in October.
I have tunes where Kengo is playing the melody. I
hate the stereotyped roles of instruments, where the    AC: The first six months of my year at Jazz at Lin-            JI: Could you talk about integrity in the music, and
horn is playing the melody all the time, and the bass   coln Center, I tried to explain to musicians that Jazz         show versus substance?
                                                        at Lincoln Center is not a jazz festival where you
is playing 4/4. I like the bass to be in the spotlight on
one tune, and the next tune is maybe going to be a      can bring your band and we give you a stage. We are            AC: I carefully choose the people that I want to be
solo piano, featuring him on intros.                    producers. Our Artistic Director, Wynton Marsalis              with – and the people I want to be with are people
                                                        gives us ideas for us to implement. My job is to find          like Wynton Marsalis, Benny Golson, and Ahmad
JI: How did your relationship with Motéma develop? the right actor who can implement his visions and his               Jamal. These are people with a total devotion to this
                                                        ideas. So, we hire musicians who can work on specific          music. When I meet somebody and I see that they
AC: Part of my role as Director of Programming projects. There is no point for us to present what the                  confuse the word quality with popularity, I stop the
at Jazz at Lincoln Center is to go out and scout tal- JVC Jazz Festival does, or what any other festival               conversation right there. One of my heroes was Her-
ent to present at our three venues. I went to hear a does. What is the point of putting on the stage a trio            bie Nichols. Nobody knew him. Monk was dropped
gentleman from Detroit named Calvin Sholar, who that is playing in every other club in the city? So, I’ll              by Blue Note because he couldn’t sell records. I come
is a brilliant piano player, who happens to know very get calls from people who will say, “I sent you a CD             from a part of Europe, in Italy, where we know the
well the contemporary hip-hop scene. He has played two days ago. Can I get a gig?” So I have to explain                difference between quality and popularity. If you tell
with Wallace Roney, Sonny Rollins and others. I                                                                        me that popularity in itself means something is qual-
                                                                                                                                                                                Photo Courtesy Motéma Music

thought it was worth it for me to go check him out,         Antonio Ciacca’s new CD is entitled Rush Life,             ity, I’m not with you. In some cases, like with Louis
because here’s someone who knows enough about the                                                                      Armstrong and Nat King Cole, they were popular
                                                          on Motema Music, and will be available June 24.
music to be respected in what he does. Since I had no                                                                  and they were quality artists performing quality
idea about what hip-hop and rap is, and since I think       Hear Antonio Ciacca on Thursday evenings at                music. So the musicians have to make a choice. Ei-
that we have to deal with it because it is out there, I                                                                ther they want to be loyal to their art form and have
felt it was important. So instead of criticizing it and
                                                                     Roth’s West Side Steakhouse.                                      Continued on Page 47
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                                                                                                                                  Jana Herzen on …
                                                                                                                                                Roni Ben-Hur: “He is
                                  Motéma Music                                                                                                  very dedicated into giv-
                                                                                                                                                ing back to the commu-

                                  Turns Five                                                                                                    nity. I see him as a bridge
                                                                                                                                                from the older masters.
                                                                                                                                                He came here from Israel
                                  By Annie Simmons                                                                                              to play jazz and learned
                                                                                                                                                with Barry Harris.”
       As the music industry is going through its para-     a label. I sometimes jokingly say I am the label for
digm shift, independent labels are abundantly sprout-       50-year-old artists. They are not all there, but I have     Antonio Ciacca:
ing up and are giving the old guard — the record in-        been finding people who are mid-career artists who          “Antonio represents a
dustry as we knew it — a run for their money. Artist        are really phenomenal players that have never really        true renaissance man—a
owned labels are another genre altogether because           had a team behind him. Truthfully, one of the true          wonderful businessman,
often it’s not about the bottom line. That’s not to         joys of doing this has been watching what happens           fabulous pianist, great
say making a profit wouldn’t be nice, but it’s usually      to an artist when they get a team behind them,” said        composer and quite the
not the first priority. What drives most artist-owned       Herzen with delight.                                        family man.”
labels, in most cases, is to have their artists authenti-          So how does a folk singer wind up running a
cally and fully express themselves, while having their      label filled with jazz artists? In a roundabout way, Ba-
music be heard by the masses. Singer, songwriter and        batunde Lea, brought Herzen into the jazz world due                                 KJ Denhert:
label owner, Jana Herzen, allowed her own musical           to their shared love of African music. “I have always                               “She’s for me, quintes-
journey to take her around the world, eventually            loved some jazz like Ella Fitzgerald and Miles, but I                               sential Motéma in the
culminating in the launching of a label, Motéma Re-         wasn’t a jazzer at all,” said Herzen. “I personally had a                           sense of someone who’s
cords, five years ago.                                      transformation of both musical and life outlook from                                just thoroughly real.
       In her quest to make an album of her own             studying African drumming. It opened up another                                     And singing right from
songs, Herzen took on a sort of musical magical mys-        perspective to me. I had been a folk singer—playing                                 her heart and soul.”
tery tour around the world, landing in such places as       my guitar and focusing on the words. It was hard
Australia, Bali and Japan. Along the way, she devel-        for me to hear these different poly-rhythms working
oped a passion for African drumming. When it came           against each other. Once I heard them and started           Babatundae Lea:
time to start putting the record out, Herzen started        playing them, I discovered this uplift that comes from      “Babatunde is so enter-
asking the questions that most independent artists          playing call and response music. The groove to me is        taining. it’s a show when
do, “How do I do this and how can I get this music          the most magical thing. Musicians get together in a         he puts on a show. He
out to people?” The record eventually was produced          room and it’s quiet. And then everyone starts play-         has actually just started a
by a French African producer. “It was sort of an in-        ing we’re all riding the groove. I don’t know if it’s the   teaching situation in the
ternational project in and of itself, Herzen reflected.     heart beat or where it comes from, but if everybody         South of France”
“I’m a little bit mystical because things happen and        gets into it, it lifts up the whole room. For me, I see
I tend to follow things that happen in my life. You         the roots of jazz and all popular music as having come
go down a trail, and it creates adventure and that is       from as far back in Africa. Jazz started out as popular
                                                                                                                                                Rufus Reid:
the adventure of Motéma Music. The name Motéma              music and it’s actually getting more popular now by
                                                                                                                                                “Rufus just recently won
even comes from singing in that African producer’s          inter-breeding with other forms of popular music. I                                 a Guggenheim fellowship
band for quite awhile and always singing the word           refuse to look at it as this little 2.5% of the market-                             so he gets to exclusively
‘motéma-inguy’, which means ‘I love you’ in Langala,        place. It’s about hooking in—if you can get in front of                             concentrate on writing
a language from Central Africa. Because Motéma              people in a way that’s going to engage their imagina-                               music, which is his big
means heart, or love.”                                      tions, it will make them feel good, or be entertained.                              passion. He has the most
       The beginning wasn’t easy and Herzen didn’t          I came from a theatre background and I need there to                                youthful spirit…”
have experience in the record industry. “I worked for       be an emotional connection going on while the music
a while and frankly I was almost ready to give up. It       is happening, and a connection between the artists.
                                                            For me it’s almost like a sitcom. All the musicians         Ryan Cohan:
just seemed like, ‘wow, I don’t how to get from here                                                                    “Be on the lookout for
to there.’” She hooked up with drummer and per-             on stage — they’re all characters. If they’re really en-
                                                                                                                        some really great things
cussionist, Babatunde Lea, in California. “We were          gaged and really expressing themselves then it will be
                                                                                                                        from this wonderfully
playing music together. He was playing drums in the         a really great show because everyone’s listening really
                                                                                                                        inventive Chicago pia-
band that I was having and we began talking about           well and they’re responding to each other because it’s
the process of launching a label. He had made a cou-        a conversation. That’s what attracts me. People think
ple of records and had a certain amount of success as       of Motéma as a jazz label, but I’m not a jazz artist. I’m
a musician. We talked about what it takes and how           into the tradition of jazz.”
to get into the community, working with publicists;                One of the hallmarks of Motéma Music, is that
                                                            the artists collaborate with each other a lot. Percus-                              Amy London:
working with a team. It really does take a team. We
                                                            sionist Kevin “Bujo” Jones was on Babatunde Lea’s                                   “The reviews for her keep
had a really good opportunity where some money
                                                            record. Then Kevin recorded his own record and he                                   coming in—people are
came to the table that we were able to start making                                                                                             just loving this record
some records. He made a record and then we hooked           sometimes works with Herzen’s band. Bassist Rufus
                                                                                                                                                                                    Photos Courtesy Motéma Music

                                                                                                                                                so her career is really tak-
up with Suzi Reynolds in New York City to produce           Reid works with guitarist Ron Ben-Hur. “It is kind
                                                                                                                                                ing off…”
that record and she helped me hook up with some             of like a repertoire theater company,” muses Herzen.
different people in the industry. I just decided, ‘Well,    “Each person has their own point of view and creates
let’s just do this!’” They signed pianist Lynne Arri-       their own thing, but it is nice to step into some body
ale who had a nice career going in Europe with the          else’s point of view and play together. It is something
idea to help her expand her career here. “We became         that I foster in performances and things like that and                   Continued on Page 47
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     Esperanza Spalding
     By Eric Nemeyer

ES: The new record objective, Esperanza, on Heads           recording different kinds of music. Not — I’m saying
Up records, was to choose songs and arrangements            different kinds of — like he would have experience
that would have the essence of jazz, like improvisa-        recording a different style of music that we were do-
tion and capturing the live interaction that happens        ing that day. So the kind of advice that I was getting
— the harmonic and melodic content and form. It’s           would be like someone like Jamey whose part wasn’t
packaged and arranged in such a way that it might           set in stone yet. So we’d record — we play the track
be more palatable for someone who doesn’t have              a few times — the song a few times. And he’d say,
the type of jazz vocabulary that an avid jazz listener      “Hey, what if I put this at the go-go here. Or I put
might have. So there’s an array of some jazz tunes like     like this the stump down here, like the bongos here.”
“Body and Soul” where we changed the arrangement,           And of course when ever Jamey thinks as long as it
and most of the tunes are my own compositions that          works, I’m totally into it. So, it was more like that. It
I wrote with that intention. They are fused with jazz,      was a lot of input from the musicians just like, “Man
but they have a lot of genres mixed in that maybe the       what if I do this? What if I do that? Like wouldn’t
more average music listener would be familiar with.         it be cooler if I do this?” That’s totally — that’s the
The personnel that I chose were people like Horacio         idea. And once you give them the charts, it’s out of
“El Negro” Hernández, Jamey Haddad, Otis Brown,             your hands. They’re going to play it how they play it
Donald Harrison, Leo Genovese, Ambrose Akin-
                                                            and though I trust those musicians a 100%. So it was
musire and Gretchen Parlato. All of them combined
                                                            really beautiful to have all those different perspec-
cover a huge array of styles and genres. They bring so
                                                            tives on the music, on my music. In your brain you like an instrument, and still being able to deliver the
much to the table — each one of them brings a dif-
                                                            have this concept and then of course they just run melody in the lyrics as a singer. This is much deeper
ferent slice of the musical pie, so together with those
                                                            with it.                                                  than just a chorus, with the intention that you put
guys, we tried to create that sound on the record.
                                                                                                                      behind what you’re saying and how you deliver.
JI: For your compositions, what were some of the            JI: Can you talk a little bit about your singing.
sources of inspiration?                                                                                               JI: Why don’t you talk a little bit about the concept
                                                            ES: The singing thing had kind of evolved into an of improvisation? As jazz players we take the vocabu-
ES: In general, I have this philosophy about music          approach to how I play — it developed in its own lary that we have - creating melodies, creating chords,
being accessible to the average listener and still have     way along with the bass lines. But now, particularly creating rhythms and so on and so forth. That’s one
integrity and truism to it that’s based on your own         when I’m writing, I’m always thinking like, “How aspect of improvisation. Could you talk about your
creative path. So typically, the songs just kind of cre-    do I want to emphasize the counterpoint that exists approach to improvisation musically and how you
ate themselves within this framework — following            between the voice and the bass?” When I’m leading, apply it in life?
what comes next. The big goal is music that has my          it’s really one - I’m already covering the core in a way…
own creative sound and integrity, but it still acces-       the main two roles, the main counterpoint roles, I’m ES: Cool. Well, that’s a great one. I love that topic. I
sible to the average listener. Those two things are al-     already taking. I’m getting more into it the way that love that zone. Actually, I’ll go the other way first. I’ll
ways going on when I’m writing. Outside of that, it’s       a pianist has these two complimentary lines in differ- answer the life way first because practicing the art of
just the songs take on kind of a life of their own, and     ent ranges. Counterpoint is amazing - the things that improvisation — just music in general because really
then I just follow the character of the song and shape      you can create, emotions and the colors and the ten- improvisation happens in every art form all the time.
it into a complete piece.                                   sions and the release. More and more people are sort Really, it does. Even though it may not seam like it.
                                                            of asking me to present the voice which is a totally I’ve played in orchestras for years and years and years.
JI: Have you find yourself writing down little motifs       different vibe, which is like if you’re like second saxo- And it’s even how you — you know, how you dig in.
here and there and then developing them either at           phone player in the band, or it’s a quartet and you’re … this is suppose to be lighter … then right there you
the piano maybe on your bass?                               the leader. You know, there’s more presentation nec- make it more staccato based on the chart. I mean, im-
                                                            essary. You have to deliver this thing in a different provisation is everywhere. It’s in every style of music.
ES: Definitely, yeah, actually most — I don’t know          way. So that’s really been challenging. It’s still very I would be hard pressed — to find a style of music
about other people but definitely for me most songs         new to me and I’m having to study different aspects that it doesn’t happen at least in some point in the
start off as motifs, either a bass line which is a motif    of delivery. I’m actually having to study like a vocal- process.
of course. Or, sometimes you wake from a dream and          ist now and I’ve never did that before. I was thinking
there’s like that last little melody ringing in your head   like how a singer does it because in a way, you’re a line    JI: Well, we’re improvising our conversation here.
and you go like — so you go to the piano and write          in an arrangement. If you’re one line in this density        Neither of us pre-scripted it. And so this is some-
it down. And of course, there’s those times where it’s      of counterpoint, you actually can’t act like a leader        thing that is emerging on the spot and defying any
like magic and for me, I’ll just be sitting practicing      singer. You’ve got to act more like a section player. I’ve   efforts we might have had to pre-script it.
and a baseline comes and a melody comes. You sit at         got to learn how to find that balance - functioning
the piano and the whole thing just, you know, comes                                                                      ES: And check it out. Why would this be a good
                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo Courtesy of Heads Up International

out and there’s your chart. It’ll — yeah, yeah.                                                                          conversation? Are the same qualities that are impor-
                                                               Hear Esperanza Spalding and her quartet as part of
                                                                                                                         tant in good improvisation with music, which is lis-
JI: What kinds of suggestions or direction did you           the JVC Jazz Festival, Wednesday, June 25, at 8:00 PM       tening…I mean really listening…paying attention to
receive in the studio while you were developing              at The Concert Hall at The New York Society for Ethical     what’s coming out of the other person’s mouth. And
the album?                                                         Culture, 2 W 64th St, New York, NY 10023.             being aware of what’s coming out of your mouth. And
                                                                   Visit Esperanza Spalding on the internet at           as the other persons communicating what they’re say-
ES: Well, not a lot. I was the producer and I was                                                                        ing, you’re ready to catch. You’re receptive. And then
working with an engineer who had a lot of experience
                                                                           www.esperanzaspalding.com                     you wait. And you form how you’re going to respond
42                                                               June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                            To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
related to what the person has said to continue on the    peat it if you start talking in the middle. Only when
communication, right? And that’s so important in          they’re done talking, you get to respond. But it has to
any type of improvisation and in anything. But since      relate with what they just said. And it’s funny how
we’re talking about music, the best analogy I like to     that changes how they communicate with me by the
use is kind of like a game that I play sometimes with     next week. That analogy to communicating verbally
students, or in a master class. We’ll have the front      is something that you see with a lot of young play-
row of the audience, and someone just starts with a       ers when they’re improvising musically. There’s not a
phrase and then each person builds a story about a        dialog, not a true dialogue. Its two monologs.
topic - kind of like what we’re doing now. You know
your objective which you want to get to and together      JI: They’re playing their formula or their thing that
we’re building towards that story which will be this      works…but what they are saying or playing doesn’t
interview. It is like having the freedom and the self-    necessarily apply to this tune, or conversation at all.
lessness in a way and also having confidence in your
vocabulary, which the analogy, of course, in jazz         ES: That’s right. It’s funny actually that now it applies
would be the music that you’ve ingested…the skills or     everything like I remember being on a plane recently
the records or technique, whatever, being confident       and having a — you know, start conversations with
with your vocabulary…so that if someone throws            people you don’t know on the plane because it can
you this line you’ll be able to respond with this line.   scary really fast. But I was talking about an article
And of course that happens on every level of the band     in the newspaper. We were talking about and then
between the rhythm section…with the soloist in the        I kind of started to realize that the guy I was talking
rhythm section, with the singer and the soloist. I of-    to, he kind of stopped talking about — at a certain
ten find when I teach the students that are my age        point he wasn’t really responding to me anymore. He
and this is a problem that I’ve noticed…with people       was reiterating his point, his point. And I would say
born in the 80’s. It’s this individualistic, “I know      something like “Yeah, this is interesting, this aspect
everything” kind of attitude. And so sometimes the        of it” and he would go, “Yeah, like” and then refer
first thing I do with my students if they’re studying     back to his point he already made. And that is exactly
with me to be better improvisers, is this assignment:     what happens a lot like what you were just saying.
Every time you talk to somebody, you have to shut         Like when the 251 comes and you might of just said,
up your brain, shut up your mouth and just listen to      “Hey how’s the weather” and he goes like “Oh my
what they say. Really listen and even ask them to re-     shoes untied.” You know, totally unrelated.

         Enzo’s Jazz Club
           Wednesday, June 25
               2 Sets: 8pm & 9:30pm
           Jolly Hotel Madison Towers
      22 East 38th Street at Madison Avenue
      In the Whaler Bar located in the lobby of the hotel
             $15 Cover ♦ 1 Drink Minimum
                  John di Martino, piano
                 David Mann, saxophone
                    Chris Higgins, bass
                  Eric Halvorson, drums

    Pamela will be releasing her 3rd album
    “Magnet” on High Note / Savant Records
    With Special Guests Houston Person & Freddy Cole

       Pre-orders are available now on amazon.com

    To See Pamela perform on live television: YouTube.com

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     John Fedchock
     By Eric Nemeyer

JI: Could you talk about how your relationship with        exclusively in the idiom. It became more apparent to
Woody Herman developed? How did that fortuitous            me once I started my own band. The logistical and
experience impact your performing and arranging            financial aspects are certainly trying, and many times
pursuits?                                                  seem completely daunting, but the tough moments
                                                           have always been balanced out by the good ones.
JF: Working with Woody Herman’s band was some-             My writing and playing have both evolved over the
thing I had wanted to do since I first heard his band      course of the band’s four CDs, and receiving a 2003
perform at my own high school in 1974. I became a          Grammy nomination for arranging has confirmed to
big fan of the band, listening to their recordings, and    me that the work I’ve put into the JFNYBB hasn’t
attending any nearby gigs. By the time I joined the        gone unnoticed. I think the key to my success in the
band at age 22, I was already well versed in it’s his-     genre has been that I’ve never intended the band to
tory, it’s repertoire and it’s unique “sound”, as well     be a project based upon financial goals, only artistic
as the rich legacy of great players that went through      ones. I never pursued a commercial writing career. I
that band since 1936. Once Woody was aware of              think if I had been writing music for dog food com-      tleties. I learned a lot about how to shape a chart from
my passion for the band, I felt that our relationship      mercials or sports TV, some of those commonplace,        my time with Gerry. He wanted the band to reflect
became more than that of just leader and sideman.          commercial sounds would have crept into my music,        the sound exactly as he had envisioned it in his head.
My early playing was inspired by the great trombon-        and taken away from the individual sound I have al-      He did not want any outside input, and when we per-
ists that went through his band over the years, spe-       ways wanted to create. The band has given me an op-      formed at major jazz festivals, would try to discourage
cifically Urbie Green and Carl Fontana. As it turned       portunity to express a variety of musical views          us from hearing other performing groups. He didn’t
out, those two, along with Bill Harris, were Woody’s                                                                want any outside influences to affect his players, pos-
all-time favorites. Because Woody was comfortable          JI: You worked in bands led by Gerry Mulligan,           sibly changing their performance approach in a way
my “voice”, there were no problems when I wanted           Louie Bellson and Woody Herman. Could you com-           that was incongruous to his stylistic concept. Louie
to stretch things melodically or harmonically. I never     pare their leadership styles?                            Bellson had worked with many of the all-time jazz
felt like I was boxed into an overly stylized way of                                                                greats, and it was immediately apparent that he was
playing, so I was able to grow and evolve as a player JF: Three very unique situations and three very               sensitive to the sideman. He was completely comfort-
over the seven years I spent with the band. When      unique men. Woody Herman led very democrati-                  able trusting his players to the job at hand. He had a
I began writing for Woody, I was once again at an     cally, trusting the players would take care of business       beautiful, relaxed vibe about him, and the environ-
advantage in knowing the band’s history. I knew the   from within. The result was that everyone felt as if          ment of the band was a beautiful and relaxing experi-
sound of the band, and it was present in my charts. I it was “their band”. No one was hovering over, yell-          ence. He treated us all like the professionals that we
                                                      ing orders or imposing their will upon the group.
never felt like I had to “try” to get the band’s sound.                                                             were, just assuming we’d all play are asses off for him,
Woody accepted my writing immediately, and never      If Woody didn’t like what we were doing, he would             and we did everything we could to do so. Other than
imposed his infamous editing style on any of my       never say, “Do it this way”, he would say, “Try it an-        “roadmap” type issues with the charts, there was lit-
charts. He trusted my opinion and my knowledge of     other way”, giving us the freedom to interpret things         tle he felt he needed to request of us. The players took
the band, and gave me responsibilities like running   organically, and not forcing an agenda. Unlike Duke           care of business, and Louie dictated the basic concept
recording sessions and overseeing mixes. I was also   Ellington, who crafted his writing around personnel,          of the band through his dynamic drumming. This
able to stretch my writing concept within the context Woody needed to select players that would comple-             was a revelation to me because, outside of an occa-
of the band, bringing in new elements that helped     ment his diverse book, which stylistically spanned            sional two-or-three-week tour, this was not a road
the band evolve during my tenure as chief arranger    over 50 years. The only time Woody would get ada-             band. Many times charts were being read for the first
and musical director. When I first joined the band in mant about something specific would be concerning             time by some of the players, yet Louie was confident
1980, it was still on the heels of experimenting with energy levels. There was always an element of excite-         we’d all take care of business, and we did.
pop music and fusion. I’m proud to say that, by the   ment in Woody’s bands, and he wanted that present
time I left the road, the band was back to more of a  in every chart. This was indicated mostly in his body         JI: How did these experiences guide you in your own
straight-ahead jazz focus with a modern tinge, bring- language, and as long as the band responded ap-               leadership style?
ing Woody full circle with two Grammy-nominated       propriately, regardless of how, Woody was content.
recordings that brought the band quite a bit of noto- Gerry Mulligan was extremely fastidious about how             JF: I think that my style of leadership is an amal-
                                                      he wanted his music interpreted, and would give ex-
riety before the end of his life in 1987. I feel that my                                                            gam of the styles of all three men. Most prevalent
own big band has continued that tradition.            plicit instructions to the smallest nuance. When on           is Woody’s influence. I give my players freedom to
                                                      tour, he would regularly schedule talk-throughs when          interpret things their own way, and many times it
JI: Talk about the John Fedchock New York Big Band a rehearsal space was not available, giving us specific          exceeds the vision I had in my head. As Woody did,
you organized and lead? How has your conception details he wanted fine-tuned, or notes regarding the                I have an aspect of energy in my writing that needs
and the band evolved over the years? What are the previous day’s performance. Because of his detailed               to be addressed, and after almost 20 years, my band
challenges and benefits?                              approach, the band did in fact have a unique sound            members know how to find that energy in their own
                                                      that was strongly based in nuance and phrasing sub-           ways. I chose my soloists based upon how they’d fit
JF: After the great experience I had with Woody, I                                                                  with my writing style, most specifically concerning
                                                           Hear John Fedchock and his New York Big Band on
                                                                                                                                                                               Photo Courtesy of Artist

wanted to continue on. Many of those who wrote for                                                                  harmonic concepts. I write with a lot of upper ex-
that band in the past went on to successful careers      June 9, at Cachaca, 35 West 8th Street, New York, NY       tensions and alterations in my voicings, and prefer
in commercial writing, and while their talents for       10011, Phone: 212-388-9099; www.cachacajazz.com.           to have soloists that can reflect those sounds. With
big band writing were surely a benefit in that, I al-                                                               that said, I give the soloists absolutely no indication
ways wondered why they never continued on more
                                                          Visit John on the internet at www.johnfedchock.com.       as to how to interpret my music when improvising,
44                                                             June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                          To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
and over time have adjusted my writing to showcase          in New York, I was already on the way to becoming          doing so, set new short-term goals. There were things
their special qualities. Gerry Mulligan’s influence         independent as a solo artist. The fact that the studio     I wanted to pursue in my playing, my writing, and
comes in my attention to detail. I’m very meticulous        scene was changing was not a concern of mine. I had        my career, and I was always aware of where I stood in
about what I am looking for when I write, and every         already made the decision to move in my own direc-         relation to those ultimate goals. I’ve never lost sight
voicing, melody and rhythm is seriously scrutinized         tion. It paid off. The changes in the business have        of that, and continue to pursue a developmental pro-
before the music is even put before my players. Then        had no significant effect on me, and I’m doing what        cess in all aspects of my career. In a life of music, it’s
I let them interpret things as they see fit. Like Louie     I’ve always wanted to do. Venues in New York are all       what has helped to keep me driven, positive, focused
Bellson, I am very sensitive to the sidemen in my           pretty small, with the exception of a few, so perfor-      and grounded.
band. Each player is a seasoned pro, and I do every-        mance opportunities for my big band can sometimes
thing I can to treat them as such. I also am cogni-         be select. I’ve opted to only have the band perform in     JI: What have you discovered about human nature
zant of everyone’s abilities as soloists, and go to great   venues where things are comfortable and conducive          in your journey as an improvising artist?
lengths to make sure everyone has an opportunity to         for what we do, and not put my players in awkward
solo, and is offered vehicles that showcase what they       positions that will hinder the music. This somewhat        JF: That true jazz players find a way to reflect their
do best. I believe this has contributed to the loyalty      limits our opportunities, but whenever we do play,         personalities in their playing. I spent a lot of time
I’ve received from all my players over such a long          the band knows it will be a great experience.              soul searching in regards to how I wanted to play,
time. Many times they’ll drop more lucrative work to                                                                   and eventually came to the conclusion that the solo
perform with the band. I truly appreciate that, and  JI: It is said that many people who achieve success in            style that was truest to my heart and my personality
never take it for granted.                           their business, career, personal, and creative lives can          was one that was atypical of the trombone. The gen-
                                                     attribute that to following conscientiously and con-              eral public, as well as a lot of musicians, have come
JI: How have your activities changed over the years tinuously a plan for self-development and growth. If               to expect a very extroverted style from that instru-
given the changing nature of the business and chang- this is relevant for you, could you talk about how that           ment, but it never felt comfortable to me. Not that
ing nature of venues?                                might have been instrumental in your own life?                    I’m introverted, but I’m more of a soft-spoken guy
                                                                                                                       with complex thoughts and ideas that are better ex-
JF: I’ve been very fortunate. Since taking a leap of        JF: At age sixteen, I set my sights on Woody’s band. I     pressed through a more intimate style coming from a
faith to pursue a jazz career, I’m now in the position      set a lot of short-term goals that eventually got me the   place a bit more close to the vest. Once I came to this
of being my own boss. I travel as a soloist, conductor      gig. That band was on a bus most of the day, so I had      realization, making the connection between emo-
and clinician, performing my own music with various         to adopt a very efficient way of practicing my instru-     tional thoughts and musical ideas came very quickly,
groups around the world, as well as performing with         ment, and an organized approach to music and life,         and both personal and critical success in the business
smaller groups in clubs across the U.S. and abroad.         which has served me well to this day. As I went along,     came soon after. The lesson I Iearned was be true to
At about the time that the scene began to change            I continued to readjust my long-term goals, and in         yourself, and the music will take care of itself.

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     Norma Winstone
     By Eric Nemeyer

     Norma Winstone is an English jazz vocalist, well  but about distance – about one particular form of
     known for her five albums that she recorded with  distance, the distance between people in a relation-
       Azimuth, which featured John Taylor and         ship. A lot of people thought that songs were chosen
     Kenny Wheeler. She writes the lyrics to many of   with the title in mind, but they weren’t. There were
                 the songs she performs.               a number of things we recorded that didn’t get onto
                                                       the CD. Manfred [Eicher, the Producer] tends to
JI: Could you talk about your new CD album en- choose things in terms of mood.
titled Distances, on ECM Records?
                                                       JI: What kinds of suggestions did he provide during
AC: The album features Glauco Venier on piano and your recording?                                                   I learned all of Paul Desmond’s solos on that record,
reedsman Klaus Gesing. We got together to decide                                                                    not knowing what they were doing, not knowing
on tunes. Glauco has done folk music before, from AC: Unusually, he doesn’t give any direction. I say               that they were improvising. I just loved it and I loved
his region in Italy. He’s interested in the music and unusually because he normally likes to be at the re-          singing. I didn’t know syllables. If I sang them I made
the culture from his area. One of the pieces we re- cording sessions and take part. This was what hap-              up my own kind of syllables. So, I can’t really say
corded was … he had found this Pasolini poem and pened when we recorded with Azimuth which in-                      that there was any singer who influenced me in that
he realized that it fit another song that he brought cluded John Taylor on piano and Kenny Wheeler                  broader sense of imprrovisation. It was my wish to be
                                                                                                                    involved in a music that I loved; but not in a way that
to us by Erik Satie. He liked the melody and the on flugelhorn. He didn’t tell you what to do, but you
                                                                                                                    I sang a song, and then everyone else did something
chords and he thought it would be nice for us to do know he has an opinion. He might offer some guide-
                                                                                                                    and then I sang a song again. I liked hearing that but I
it. He taught me the poem and that became one of lines, like “Why don’t you do it like this?” or “Why
                                                       don’t you have the voice at the end, or the voice at the     knew wasn’t the approach for the kind of music I was
the pieces. I like to read poetry a lot. There is one
                                                       beginning, and then not again?” It was that kind of          thinking of. It was really when I met a pianist over
poem by a French writer called “Distances” and I was                                                                there named Michael Garrett, when I was working
                                                       input. But on this CD, he was ill when we did the re-
listening to Glauco’s piece of music, which he origi-                                                               with a big band named the New Jazz Orchestra. In
                                                       cording, and he couldn’t make the session. He didn’t
nally called “Yaccapo.” It was about his son. I liked                                                               this band, I was singing songs. Michael Garrett used
                                                       want to cancel the session, so he told us to just go and
the piece but I didn’t want to write words about a                                                                  to write his own songs. He gave some of them to me,
                                                       do what we like. That’s what we did, and we recorded
child. So I started writing words not about distances,                                                              and I went along to one of his gigs one night. He said,
                                                       a lot of material. Then we had a mixing a day later.
                                                       His main input is about the sound. We thought we             “Do you want to sing one of the songs I sent you?” So
                                                       had a great sound on the rough mix. He also has an           I sat in and sang one of the songs, and then he said,
                                                       opinion about the way things are placed – left, right        “Stay on and just join in the next piece.” Well, the
                                                       or center. It made a helluva difference to the over-         next piece had no words. It only had one chord, so it
                                                       all sound. He immediately focused on some pieces.            made it easier for me to sing in this case. Before that I
                                                       There were others he liked, but might have said, “This       had also been asked to join John Stevens, a drummer
                                                       would be better for live performance.” The ones that         who started this spontaneous music ensemble. Free
                                                       are on the CD are the ones that he liked the most.           improvising hit London in the late 1960s. I was just
                                                       He’s looking for an overall mood or feeling, which is        asked if I’d come along. He had heard me sing a song
                                                       what he likes to do on a CD.                                 and he liked what I did. The others were already im-
                                                                                                                    provising. What I did was to write my own words or
                                                        JI: Some of your music has been characterized as being      use someone else’s to “Joy Spring,” for example, and
                                                        experimental, as mentioned at your website, and that        then I would improvise new melodies but using the
                                                        your music has evolved into a wordless form of impro-       words and altering them slightly. That was really how
                                                        visation. This is by comparison to so many other vo-        I started to improvise. I don’t really think about syl-
                                                                                                                    lables. I think about musical lines that I’m trying to
                                                        calists who have taken a more traditional route, with
                                                                                                                    sing. They have to have a shape and you have to use
                                                        influences such as Ella Fitzgerald, and Betty Carter
                                                                                                                    consonants to make the shape and to make the ac-
                                                        and others, and the traditions of scat singing. Could
                                                                                                                    cents. My whole idea as it transpired was to use the
                                                        you talk about some of your influences?
                                                                                                                    voice as a sound, like an instrument – not trying to
                                                                                                                    copy an instrument, or to do what an instrument
                                                        AC: It is really difficult to name vocalists who have
                                                                                                                    does but to try to make the voice as a sound. I wanted
                                                        influenced me in that way. I was influenced very
                                                                                                                    to be involved in the music as a part of it, rather than
                                                        much by vocalists like Sinatra in the beginning, un-
                                                                                                                    as somebody who sings a song and custom-tailors the
                                                        til I heard jazz. I heard Ella Fitzgerald scat singing. I
                                                                                                                    tune. But I love that too. I think there is a great deal
                                                        think her whole spirit, singing syllables…I was very
                                                                                                                    in someone who just can sing a song. Someone like
                                                        taken with that. When I began singing and trying to         Shirley Horn is just wonderful – what she did.
                                                        do it seriously, I was influenced by people like Ella.
                                                        But, it was more instrumentalists. I heard Miles and
                                                                                                                      Hear Norma Winstone, Thursday, June 26, 7:30 pm,
                                                        the Kind of Blue album. When I heard that I realized
                                                        that I would love to be involved with the voice, some-         at Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette Street , New York, NY
                                                        how, with this kind of music. But, I didn’t know how.              10003, 212-539-8770, www.joespub.com.
                                                                                                                                                                                Photo: David Redfern

                                                        But, I was very influenced by Miles Davis, the atmo-         Her latest album on ECM Records is entitled Distances,
                                                        sphere, and the coolness, and the way he improvised.           www.ecmrecords.com. Visit Norma on the internet
                                                        I was also very influenced by the Dave Brubeck Quar-
                                                        tet, Jazz Impressions of the USA. I used to sing along.                   at www.normawinstone.com.

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       Antonio Ciacca Continued from Page 40                    Motéma Records Continued from Page 41
integrity or not…and quality sometimes won’t go to-
gether with popularity. The reason Wynton Marsalis
is Wynton Marsalis is not because he is very popular,
but because of the great artist that he is. Record labels
want to sell records. So they don’t care how you get to
sell a record. They just care about selling the record.
So if that’s the level of the conversation, if you want
to deal with them, you have to sell records. But, if you
want to do music, if you want to talk to me, then you
have to be a great musician – with integrity and not
sell out your art for a few hundred dollars.              I like that family feel of people coming in to pitch in
                                                          on each other’s projects. We are sort of out-of-the-box
JI: Tell us about your background and how you be- thinkers here at Motéma. We’re always looking for
came interested in this music.                            ways to expand the market for jazz and to reach out
                                                          to communities that are maybe not aware that they
AC: I was studying mechanical engineering in Bolo- would love jazz, and to get the jazz in front of those
gna, Italy, studying mathematics and physics. When people and therefore expand its market. There is a lot
I was 20, a friend of mine, Lucio Ferrara, took me of gloom and doom about the music industry, and
to the Bologna Jazz Festival. I had never heard jazz sometimes I fall into it too because it is definitely chal-
before in my entire life. There were about 4,000 to lenging, but my focus is very often on working with
5,000 people, and the Artistic Director was Max the community. Right now, in fact, we are producing
Roach. Wynton Marsalis was playing with Marcus an event with the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa,
Roberts, Wycliffe Gordon, Wess Anderson and that California. This is traditionally a jam band and folk
whole episode turned me upside down and changed and world beat Festival where they focus on health
my whole life. I felt something that I had never in my issues and green living and that sort of thing. It’s a
life felt before. Up until that moment, for me, music 30-year-old festival, actually. We are doing the first
was entertainment. After that, for me, music became ever jazz attraction at this Harmony Festival and it
art. The level of virtuosity, and the feelings, and the is happening June 6th and 7th. We have Roni Ben-Hur
presentation was a shock. So that’s where I got the and KJ Denhert who is our current release which we
virus. Every time after that, when I would see the are very excited about. And also my band will play.
word jazz, my heart connected to the emotion I felt We are bringing Charnet Moffit out and he’s going to
at that performance. As luck would have it, one of the show a variety of different sides to himself.”
greatest saxophone players, Steve Grossman, had just            This sense of community is the essence of Mo-
moved to Bologna. So the second concert I heard after téma, and for label’s artists like Roni Ben-Hur, it’s all
Wynton was Steve Grossman, live in a small club. He about giving back. Roni is involved in a duo project
blew me away like Wynton did. Prior to that, I had with Gene Bertoncini to raise money for the Dizzy
just had some basic piano lessons. I told him I want Gillespie Fund that’s associated with the Jazz Foun-
to play the piano and I want to play this music. And, dation of America. Dae Bennett of Bennett Studios
he said, “Come home. I’ll teach you.” Steve, Wynton, is donating his mixing and recording skills and stu-
Benny Golson and Steve Lacy have been the most
                                                          dio. The photographer, John Abbott, volunteered
generous people I have met in my whole life.
                                                          his photography and Herzen is volunteering Mo-
                                                          téma’s marketing arm. They are all working together
JI: Could you tell us about some of the ideas that
                                                          to raise money for the Dizzy Gillespie Fund over at
some of these artists shared with you.
                                                          Englewood Hospital in New Jersey that is for musi-
                                                          cians that don’t have the means to afford the kind of
AC: At one time I was very concerned about forms in
                                                          healthcare that they need. “We’re calling the album
writing my music. After we had played “Stablemates”
by Benny Golson, we were in the dressing room and Jazz Therapy, Vol. 1,” said Herzen. “So that’s a project
I asked him how he developed that unusual form. He that we’re really excited about because it gives us the
said, “Let the melody tell you the form. Don’t try to opportunity to really put our hearts into something
force the melody into a set form.” After that, every- and create something with the community.”
thing was pure gold. He used to tell me that when               At five years young, Motéma Music has an excit-
he would write assignments for composition class, he      ing roster of artists from different genres of music. “I
would use all sorts of different forms. His teachers consider myself a citizen of the world and I’ve been
would routinely give him “F’s” and mark up his com- to so many places,” shared Herzen. “The one way I’ve
positions in red. He called me a couple of weeks ago been able to communicate was through my music, so
and said, “You know those people who use to fail me my hope is for Motéma to reach out to many different
all the time? They just gave me an honorary degree. cultures—not necessarily in the jazz idiom. Reaching
Steve Lacy was a big influence too. One time I asked out and expanding in ways little by little. For me the
him, “How do I know if I played well on a gig?” He message of the label is about music that comes from
said, “As long as you play something that you’ve never the heart and it comes from the essence of the peo-
played before, it is going to be great.” So, every time I ple. It’s very organic. M artists are the A&R people.
play, I try to play something that I have never played They’re out there and they talk to people and they
before.                                                   send things in. It sort of forms itself.” ’Nuff said.
To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com      47
CD Reviews
                                                         Tito Carrillo, Trumpet, Flugelhorn; James Cam-          including “Double Agent,” a showcase for Sheppard’s
                                                         mack, Acoustic Bass; Lorin Cohen, Acoustic Bass;        flute, and more pyrotechnic Cohen solo work. Jean-
                                                         Kobie Watkins, Drums, Ruben Alvarez, Shekere;           Christophe Leroy joins the fun on congas. “Easy
                                                         Jean-Christophe Leroy, Congas.                          For You to Say” kicks off with a simple-to-complex
                                                                                                                 piano intro in the spirit of Bud Powell. The rest of
                                                        By John Cizik                                            the band comes in when the song turns to swing, and
                                                                                                                 Cohen and Carillo take solos. For “Six Fortunes,”
                                                              Ryan Cohan wears the tri-cornered hat of com- Ruben Alvarez plays the shakere, an African shaker
            RYAN COHAN                                  poser/arranger/pianist well, and shows it off on his instrument, a nice compliment to the band, and Le-
                                                        latest release, One Sky. This is a CD of mostly origi- roy’s congas, in a song with a snake-charmer sound.
ONE SKY – Motéma Music, 584 Castro, #426, San nals, the one cover being a stunning solo piano ar- The rhythmically and tonally intricate “Checkmate”
Francisco, CA. 94114 www.motema.com, www.ry- rangement of Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life.” Cohan gives the horns a workout with some fast unison and
ancohan.com. Double Agent; Easy For You To Say; gives the tune new life, full of chords, runs, and harmony lines.
Six Fortunes; Checkmate; Lush Life; one Sky: Tone Po- arpeggios worthy of Gershwin. Not many of the 88                 Ryan Cohan has assembled a wonderful ensem-
ems For Humanity: I. Into Being [part 1]; I. Into Being keys go untouched during this performance, com- ble to perform these compositions, and shows his ver-
[part 2]; II. Wonder & Response; III. Awe; IV. Hope. bining jazz and classical piano technique.                  satility and talent as a pianist, jazz soloist, writer and
PERSONNEL: Ryan Cohan, Piano; Bob Sheppard,                   The centerpiece of the album is the five-part arranger. I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from
                                                                                                                 and about him in the years to come.
Tenor & Soprano Saxes, Flute, Alto Flute; Geof suite” One Sky: Tone Poems for Humanity.” Inspired
Bradfield, Tenor & Soprano Saxes, Bass Clarinet;        by the writings of Rabbi Abraham J. Heschel, Cohan
                                                        was guided “to examine humanity from a musical
                                                        point of view,” according to the liner notes. The first
                                                        movement, “Into Being,” is divided into two parts.
                                                        Part One begins with the sounds of the band tuning,
                                                        not unlike Toshiko Akiyoshi’s big band chart “Tun-
                                                        ing Up.” The horn section consists of Bob Sheppard’s
                                                        soprano sax, Geof Bradfield’s bass clarinet, and Tito
                                                        Carillo’s trumpet, playing around each other and                      LAINIE COOKE
                                                        Cohan’s piano. Kobie Williams’ drums have a huge
                                                        sound, like the percussion section of an orchestra. IT’S ALWAYS YOU–Harlemwood Records, 253
                                                        Throughout this CD, Cohan’s arranging makes the W 138th Street, New York, NY 10030. It’s Always
                                                        sextet sound like a much bigger ensemble. As this You; Too Close For Comfort; The Very Thought of You;
                                                        movement moves into Part Two, Cohan doubles I Will Wait For You; Tuesdays in Chinatown; An-
                                                        Lorin Cohen’s bass part on piano for a nice effect.      swer Me; Waiter Make Mine Blues; When A Woman
                                                              “Wonder & Response” is the second movement, Loves A Man; I Want To Talk About You; Take Me
                                                        and the ballad begins with piano and bass. Sheppard In Your Arms; Meet Me Where They Play The Blues;
                                                        plays a pretty flute and adds soprano sax, Bradfield After You.
                                                        picks up the tenor in addition to his bass clarinet, PERSONNEL:Lainie Cooke, vocals; Cameron
                                                        and Carillo plays both trumpet and flugelhorn. Co- Brown, bass; Roland Barber, trombone; Tedd Firth,
                                                        han’s piano solo is simple and understated, and his piano; Marvin Horne, guitar; Joel Frahm, sax; Matt
                                                        arrangement mixes the horns well. Particularly in- Wilson, drums.
                                                        teresting is the combination of flute and bass clari-
                                                        net joining on the melody line. There are some film By Bob Gish
                                                        scores on Cohan’s resume, and you can feel that sort
                                                        of emotion in his writing here. The third movement,            Here’s a delightful assembly of musicians hold-
                                                        “Awe” opens with a staccato riff before settling into a ing forth on a cool dozen ditties new and old. It’s a
                                                        more traditional swing. The staccato chorus returns, winning CD all around: Lainie Cooke’s vocals are
                                                        Cohen using his piano as the percussion instrument smooth and comforting, filled with that old heart-
                                                        that it is, then Carillo has a turn as a soloist. He has ache blues feeling (e.g., check out “When A Woman
                                                        an excellent grasp of the improv job here, following Loves a Man” as a kind of epitome of how to sing a
                                                        the groove from swing to a double-time bebop before torch song). This is so whether she sings a ballad or
                                                        giving way to the familiar theme. The final move- swings out on tunes like “It’s Always You.” Cameron
                                                        ment is “Hope,” described in the notes as “Light out Brown supplies just the right pulse and phrasing for
     JULES BISTRO                                       of darkness, possibility, faith, energy.” Notable is the first introductory phrases. After a chorus, Tedd
                                                        Cohen’s acoustic bass solo, a tremendous piece of im- Firth takes over establishing the fulsome jazz creden-
                                                        provisation backed by the rest of the rhythm section. tials of the group with Matt Wilson’s cymbals ring-
                                                        Sheppard also delivers an excellent flute solo as the ing out we’re here to play. Brown ends things appro-
                                                        flavor turns slightly Latin. The suite ends with every- priately enough with a few measures of goodbye.
                                                        one holding a chord, which fades into the darkness.            Take “I Will Wait for You”–there’s plenty of
                                                              The other songs on the CD should not be over- sadness and longing in each and every word, enun-
                                                        looked. James Cammack is the bassist for these four, ciated and held in just the right way to wring out
48                                                            June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                          To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
every metaphorical tear. Even, or especially, Cooke’s     demonstrating the almost universal versatility and          accompaniment to Cooke’s slow and strong singing
intermittent scatting is just right, so natural so fit-   appeal of Noble’s perfect lyrics. Cooke’s voice here is     of “Answer Me,” a tune so worthy of the magical
ting, so beautiful. Every vocalist should be so lucky     so tender, so touching, so heartfelt that you’re con-       talents of this duet (as is the concluding tune, “Af-
to have sidemen like Brown, Firth, and Wilson. Not        vinced she truly knows the meaning of the words she         ter You”). Firth’s solo is simple and beautiful, just
everyone knows the ins and outs of accompaniment,         so mellifluously delivers. Those words are echoed by        the right touch and sensibility for the lyric and for
and vocalists often pay the price–or at times deserve     the loving, longing lines of Joel Frahm on alto sax.        Cook’s compelling plea. Who couldn’t answer this
                                                                 “Too Close For Comfort” has all the right punc-      kind of sweet-sorrow?
a kind of carelessness from the backup personnel.
                                                          tuation and lyricism, again with the bass, drums,                 And…if you want some swingin’, funky trom-
Here, however, there’s more than enough mutual re-
                                                          piano trio backing up Cooke as she struts her stuff,        bone playin’ just order up some Roland Barber when
spect to go around and you can hear it.
                                                          never missing a beat, always hitting her mark, ever         you say “Waiter Make Mine Blues,” a kind of great
      Then there’s a companion “You” lyric, the fa-       strong, typically enunciating each and every word           foot-tappin’, happily melancholy tune that with lesser
miliar but always special “The Very Thought of You,”      as if some kind of advocate for actually pronouncing        talent might go unnoticed. Here, it’s appetizer, entre,
                                                          words. She scats just enough to avoid crossing over         and dessert all in one. The aforementioned “When
                                                          into another mood.                                          a Woman Loves A Man” is a superb confluence of
                                                                 “Tuesdays in Chinatown” begins with the ex-          lyric, vocalist, and musicianship–with Frahm’s alto
                                                          otic strains of Frahm’s soprano sax and sets the mood,      sax ringing forth again, matching the downright
                                                          a la a latter day Grover Washington, for the plangent       strength of Cooke’s voice, and the mindful feeling of
                                                          narrative Cooke tells about Sammy and Billy and             her singing. Eckstine’s “I Want to Talk about You”
                                                          their train ride rendezvous in a dead end but ecstatic      is another fine bluesy ballad, here again with Roland
                                                          escape each Tuesday in China Town. It’s a variant of        Barber’s trombone winning the day with purity and
                                                          tunes like “Frankie and Johnny” or “Me and Mrs.             grace. His solo here is simply flawless: sustained be-
                                                          Jones,” age old archetypes of illicit love. In the story,   yond belief amidst sophisticated tempo changes.
                                                          the couple engages in a slow dance away from exter-               As for the Latin aspect of a love song . . . “Take
                                                          nal responsibilities in a drawn out weekly moment.          Me In YourArms” is so wonderfully alluring that
                                                          Frahm and Cooke do their own kind of slow dance–            the listener merges completely with the music, and
                                                          with Cooke’s forceful, full-ranged vocal lament, an-        is more or less left breathless from the strategic sighs
                                                          swered by Frahm’s obbligato lines, each note resonat-       and rhythmic syncopations, all matching a lover’s flir-
                                                          ing more fully with the sadness of the lyric.               tations and hesitations. The final goodbye of the lyric
                                                                 More musical dancing occurs with Firth’s piano       and long held breath of Cooke is downright erotic!
                                                                                                                            Marvin Horne’s guitar and Barber’s trom-
                                                                                                                      bone take to the fore in “Meet Me Where They Play
                                                                                                                      the Blues”–just as it should be. There’s some New
                                                                                                                      Orleans here with Wilson’s strong back beat and
                                                                                                                      Cooke’s wailing. This lady can sing the blues. And
                                                                                                                      ballads, and . . . well just about anything. So here’s
                                                                                                                      to Lainie Cooke! For this reviewer “It’s always you,
      See The Piers Lawrence Quartet live at                                                                          gal, always you!
                  THE KITANO

                                                                                                                                  LISA HEARNS
                                                                                                                      I GOT IT BAD & THAT AIN’T GOOD–www.
                                                                                                                      LisaHearns.com. I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good;
                                                                                                                      Easy Living; I Heard It Through the Grapevine; Cheek
                                                                                                                      to Cheek; Plus Je T’Embrasse; Love For Sale; Lonely
                                                                                                                      Woman; Wild is Love; On The Street Where You
                                                                                                                      Live; Cry Me A River.
                                                                                                                      PERSONNEL: Lisa Hearns, vocals; Howard Al-
                                                                                                                      den, guitar, Kelly Friesen, bass, Keith Ingham, piano;
                                                                                                                      Arnold Wise, drums.

                                                                                                                      By Bob Gish

                                                                                                                           Like your standards sung in a relaxed yet swing-
                                                                                                                      ing manner? Like a new tune covered in a new way a
50                                                             June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                            To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
bit beyond Motown? Like that mellow guitar played         part because of the great solo by Keith Ingham who       ics are so down, it’s hard to identify with the more
by a master”? Like a jazz quartet that knows its way      performs at a uniformly alluring level throughout, as    sanguine advice of the observer/narrator. Things will
not only around a chart but through the archive of the    does Kelly Friesen who in trading fours with Arnold      get better it is promised. But we can’t really be sure.
great American song book? Well here’s a CD for you!       Wise proves again that the bass can lead with the best         Alden’s guitaristics pick things up with the
      Lisa Hearns has a young but vibrant voice           of them.                                                 Latin rhythms of “Wild Is Love,” a tune so success-
that navigates these oldies (the tunes, that is) and            Hearns slows things down with “Lonely              ful as to confirm the inclination to just skip a track
more contemporary standards such as “Grapevine,”          Woman,” portraying a sad, brooding state– of af-         like “Lonely Woman.” Ah, for more selections like
with a staunch directionality that gets going so it
                                                          fairs–the poor soul described too depressed to cry.      this one–a fresh, imaginative, uplifting arrangement
cal get back. Howard Alden plays guitar on three
                                                          More blue than blue what seems called for here is        more in the mood of affirmation than utter despair.
of the tracks and it’s almost like reviving the sound
track for “Sweet Low Down” where Alden supplies           anti-depressant medication. Here Friesen takes to              Some tunes such as “Cry Me a River are just
the Django-like licks to Sean Penn’s prestidigita-        the bow to underscore the sorrow. For many the lyr-      owned by Julie London, so much so that it’s impos-
tions. The title track, plus “Easy Living,” “Plus Je
T’Embrasse,” and “Wild is Love” are Alden’s contri-
butions. “Plus Je T’Embrasse” is a highpoint for both
Alden and Hearns, leaving one to want more of these
kinds of swingin’, fresh continental tune.
      Hearns’ renditions of “I Got It Bad,” “Easy Liv-
ing,” “Cheek to Cheek,” “Love For Sale,” “On the
Street Where You Live,” and “Cry Me a River” might
at first seem familiar, sharing certain traits with Pa-
tricia Barber, for example. However, there’s a sweet-
ness that carries through to the likes of Stacey Kent.
Notwithstanding such comparisons, Hearns is very
much her own person, unique in her timbre and tone.
“Grapevine” is a swell cover, claimed and marked for
Hears’ ownership.
      “Love for Sale” is another tune recorded so often
as to tempt triteness. Here though it shines forth, in
   Real New York Style Latin Jazz

                                                                                                                                                                        Photo by Kathy Lord©2008
                                                                                                   Available Now!
                                                                                                 The Brand New Release

                                                                                                         Celebrate Spring!
                                                                                             La Familia Sextet
To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                               June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                                                         51
sible to not hear her in and behind any other perfor-     Cheesecake is filled with almost an hour of                                    propels them with assurance and provides tasteful ac-
mance. Hearns comes through though in a daring     straight ahead acoustic jazz by a swinging trio of ac-                                companiment and apropos accents and syncopation.
way, as she does with Lerner’s exuberant “On the   complished players. Upon first listen, I thought this                                       There have been a number of jazz vocalists and
Street Where You Live.” Kelly Friesen’s bass makes was a guitar player led date. For one thing the melo-                                 instrumentalists who have released albums featuring
this tune move and the élan carries over.          dies and the bulk of the solos are played by guitarist                                their baby pictures on the cover. Leto’s Cheesecake is
                                                   Tim Siciliano. Siciliano is a consummate guitarist.
      It’s not an easy thing to choose just the right                                                                                    one such album. It’s a cute picture, and probably is
                                                   His sense of time, rhythm his intonation, and his
tunes for one’s voice, whether it be Frank Sinatra or                                                                                    best appreciated by parents, friends and relatives.
                                                   fluency and abundance of well-articulated ideas at
Jack Jones. And as noble as this play list is, one has                                                                                         Nonetheless, the selection of nine standards
                                                   all tempos lead the way throughout the recording.
the feeling that as promising as Hearns is on this out-                                                                                  and well known jazz tunes are highly enjoyable. They
ing, for her the best is yet to come.              It’s true that this is the drummer’s album, and he’s a                                open with Dexter Gordon’s “Cheesecake,” the title
                                                   fine drummer. However, the fact that Leto is appar-                                   track, at a tempo that is somewhat brighter than the
                                                   ently not a composer (all of the songs are composed                                   original version that Dex recorded for Blue Note in
                                                   by others) and that he does not put himself in the solo                               the 1960s. It’s a spirited opener and sets the delight-
                                                   spotlight often (as can be the case with drummer-led                                  ful and upbeat tone that characterizes the entire
                                                   bands such as Art Blakey’s, Buddy Rich’s…), the al-                                   set. Highlights include a brisk-tempo “Seven Steps
                                                   bum is less musically-identified as his date. Further,                                To Heaven.” Wayne Shorter is represented by two
                                                   guitarist Siciliano is such a strong player, and has such                             tunes, his beautiful ballad “Infant Eyes” and “This Is
                                                   a beautiful sound, bolstered by the array of vocabu-                                  For Albert.” The album concludes with an energetic
                                                   lary and techniques (octaves, block chords, single                                    version of Joe Henderson’s “Inner Urge”, as the com-
                BOB LETO                           lines, incredible swing) that it is difficult not to be                               poser originally played it, and likely intended it. If
                                                   magnetized first and foremost by his contributions.                                   you’re a fan of straight ahead jazz, you will find Leto’s
CHEESECAKE—Consolidated Artists Produc- Leto is nonetheless an accomplished drummer. As                                                  album Cheesecake to be a spirited set of well known
tions. Cheesecake; Question & Answer; Nightwings; is typically the case, especially in a guitar trio of this                             tunes, with which you will easily connect.
Seven Steps To Heaven “For Tony”; Infant Eyes; Six configuration, the drummer’s role is that of accom-
On Four Years; Waltz For Ruth; This Is For Albert; panist. That is pretty much what Leto’s role is here
Inner Urge.                                        – accompanist. He does solo though, and he demon-
PERSONNEL: Bob Leto, drums; Dominic Duval, strates that he has developed the necessary technique
upright and electric bass;                         to create dynamic solos, getting around the drums
                                                   with finesse. And, of course, Leto functions splen-
By Clive Griffin                                   didly as accompanist. He locks in with the trio and

                                                                                                                                         PENNSYLVANI GREY—Produced by MEM3.
                                                                                                                                         Skydral; Tragic Interruption; Pennsylvania Grey; The
                                                                                                                                         Voice; Pending; Cerebrau; Silence the Melting Light;
                                                                  Our cover is $20 this includes a drink Sunday – Thursday
                                                                                                                                         Thankfulness; Mashishi; Abide with Me.
                                                                                   June 2008 Schedule                                    PERSONNEL: Michael Cabe, piano; Mark Lav,
                                                          6/1    Kurt Rosenwinkle Group w. David Tronzo, J. Anthony Granelli,            bass; Ernesto Cervini, drums.
                                                                 Matt Wilson
                                                          6/2    Craig Wuepper “Earsight” Trio / Ari Hoenig with Jean-Michel Pilc
                                                          6/3    Naoki Iwane Group / Grant Stewart w. Joe Cohn                           By Dave Miele
                                                          6/4    Hayes Greenfield Group / Harry Whitaker Group /Ken Fowser Jam
                                                          6/5    Ehud Asherie Duo / Joe Martin Group with John Ellis / Ari Roland Trio
                                                          6/6    Dwayne Clemons Qt / Pete Malinverni w. Tim Hagans & Rich Perry / Jam          Pennsylvania Grey is certainly one of the most
                                                          6/7    Bob Leto / Pete Malinverni w. Tim Hagans & Rich Perry / Jam Session     unusual piano trio CDs I’ve recently received. Not
                                                          6/8    Myrna Lake w. Jon Roche / Spike Wilner Ensemble
                                                          6/9    Issac Ben Ayala Trio / Ari Hoenig “Punkbop” w. Gilad Hekelsman          your usual piano trio; probably not what you might
                                                          6/10   Justin Sorensen “Das Vibenbass” / Ralph Lalama & “Bop Juice”            expect. Perhaps that’s exactly what the art of the jazz
                                                          6/11   Walter Blanding Quartet / Joe Magnarelli Group / Ken Fowser Jam
                                                          6/12   Ehud Asherie Duo / Elliot Zigmund Group / Ari Roland Trio & Jam
                                                                                                                                         piano trio needs right about now—something unex-
                                                          6/13   Doug Munro Group / Spike Wilner Ensemble / Jam Session                  pected. Pianist Michael Cabe, bassist Mark Lav and
                                                          6/14   Andrew Emer Group / Spike Wilner Ensemble / Jam Session                 drummer Ernesto Cervini each bring something
                                                          6/15   Vocalist Myrna Lake w. Jon Roche / Dwayne Clemons Quintet
                                                          6/16   Simona Premazzi Trio / Stephane Wrembel Group                           unique to the band. Each brings original composi-
                                                          6/17   Will Sellenraad Group / Grant Stewart Group w. Joe Cohn                 tions in addition to their musical sensibilities. To-
                                                          6/18   Alan Ferber Group / Joe Magnarelli Group / Ken Fowser Jam
                                                          6/19   Hans Groiner Trio / Larry Goldings Group / Ari Roland Trio & Jam
                                                                                                                                         gether they are MEM3, a piano trio that is perhaps
                                                          6/20   Dwayne Clemons Qt / Jonathan Kreisberg Group w. Will Vinson / Jam       best described as not what you might expect.
                                                          6/21   Nick Bockrath Group / Jonathan Kreisberg Group w. Will Vinson /Jam            Each member of the band contributes three
                                                          6/22   Vocalist Myrna Lake w. Jon Roche / Spike Wilner Ensemble
                                                          6/23   Adam Birnbaum Trio / Ari Hoenig Group w. Gilad Hekelsman                original compositions. Michael Cabe’s include
                                                          6/24   George Dulin Group / Ralph Lalama & “Bop Juice”                         “Skydral”, a vamp-laden poppish piano tune, with a
                                                          6/25   John Escreet Project w. Dave Binney / Joe Magnarelli Group /
                                                                 Ken Fowser
                                                                                                                                         Latin-esque rhythmic vamp at the end of the form.
                                                          6/26   Ehud Asherie Duo / Diego Urcola Quartet w. Manuel Valera /              Each member is featured in extended solos. Cabe
                                                                 Ari Roland                                                              also contributes the title track which is character-
                                                          6/27   Dwayne Clemons Quintet / The Flail (record release) / Jam Session
                                                          6/28   Ryan Oliver Group / The Flail (record release) / Jam Session            ized by a persistent bass drone from the piano. The
                                                          6/29   Vocalist Myrna Lake w. Jon Roche / Spike Wilner Ensemble                band plays in a quasi-Latin style during the middle
                                                          6/30   Roberta Picket Trio / Ari Hoenig Trio w. Jean-Michel Pilc
                                                                                                                                         of the tune, while Cabe plays unaccompanied at the
52                                                               June 2008       Jazz Improv® NY        www.jazzimprov.com                                    To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853
beginning and end. The final tune written by the pia-                        Clear of the Closing Doors; Disheveled Waltz; With
nist is “Silence of the Melting Light”, which features                       You in Mind; Tales from the Head; Waiting; Diatoni-
bassist Mark Lav during the introduction. This tune,                         cus; Naima; By the Way.
with its straight 8th note bassline and the gradual                          PERSONNEL: Russ Nolan, tenor and soprano
crescendo throughout each solo, is one of the most                           saxes; Kenny Werner, piano; Johannes Weidenmuel-
entertaining on the disc.                                                    ler, bass; Ari Hoenig, drums.
      Drummer Ernesto Cervini also contributes
three original songs. “Tragic Interruption” is an up-                        By Mark Lomanno
tempo waltz, which again features all three members
in extended solos. “The Voice” is a feature for MichaelIn his acknowledgements, saxophonist Russ
                                                 Nolan discusses how influential and life-changing his
Cabe, who plays the ballad with grace and elegance.
Finally, “Cerebrau” is a rhythmically captivatingassociation with Kenny Werner has been. Nolan calls                                                                        Featuring: Chip Shelton Lou Volpe
                                                                                                                                                                   Marcus McLaurine Nate Shaw Dwayne Cook Broadnax
tune which mixes funk and swing styles.          Werner’s current group one of the most important
      Mark Lav penned the last three originals ontrios in the last thirty years. One might expect that                                                          Chip Shelton & Peacetime
                                                 introducing a fourth member into a trio known for its                                                                2007 Soul-Patrol Award Winner Best Jazz Release
Pennsylvania Grey. “Pending” begins with a bass in-
                                                                                                                                                                        CD Release Mini Tour Celebrating Release #8
                                                 symbiotic cohesion could create an imbalance. To the
tro. Percussion adds another dimension to this som-                                                                                                              IMBUED WITH MEMORIES “A Masterpiece” – Dr. Nick, XM Radio
                                                 contrary, after listening to this album (over and over
ber ballad. Another ballad written by Lav is “Thank-                                                                                                              June 2 Cool Mondays Barnes & Noble
                                                 again!), I hear a seamless quartet in which Nolan—
fulness”, set in a waltz tempo. His final original is                                                                                                                    1972 Broadway, New York, NY 6 - 6:30PM
                                                 for both his performance and composition—should
the eclectic “Mashishi”, an intensely interactive tune                                                                                                            June 7 Studio 281, 281 Peters St., SW, Atlanta, GA
                                                 earn high marks. The Werner trio, as an accompany-
which has a spirit of collective improvisation about                                                                                                                     Info: 404-524-7274 / Show at 9PM - 12AM
                                                 ing ensemble, is nothing short of remarkable, propel-
it. A funky version of the traditional “Abide With                                                                                                                June 14 Minton’s Playhouse - New York, NY
Me” closes the disc.                             ling Nolan to the heights of artistic achievement.                                                                       3 Shows at 10PM, 11:30PM, & 1AM
      Each member of MEM3 is equally important—        A native of the Chicago area and graduate of the
                                                                                                                                                                  June 28 Creole Jazz Restaurant - 3rd Ave. at E 118th St.
                                                 jazz program at North Texas State, Nolan relocated
equally influential. Each is presented as a composer                                                                                                                      New York, NY / 2 Shows at 8PM & 9:30PM
and a performer; a soloist and an accompanist; a to New York City in 2002. Active as an arranger and
                                                                                                                                                                  July 1   John Birks Gillespie Auditorium / Bahai Center
leader and a supporter. Each role is handled withclinician, Nolan travels around the country, balanc-                                                                      53 E. 11th St. bet. Univ. Pl. & Broadway, NY, NY
                                                 ing his commitment to education with a steady per-
delicacy and intensity; taste, style and a sense of ex-                                                                                                                    Info: 212-222-5159 / 2 Shows at 8PM & 9:30PM
                                                 formance schedule. His debut recording, Two Colors,
ploration. It is the contrasts between their contribu-                                                                                                          www.ChipShelton.com www.SummitRecords.com
                                                 earned rave reviews and garnered critical praise. With
tions as well as the homogenous nature of all that
contrast that makes Pennsylvania Grey such an en-You in Mind not only fulfi lls the promise that those
gaging CD.                                       reviews foresaw, but, moreover, ought to earn Nolan
                                                 a reputation as one of today’s most talented practi-
                                                 tioners on his instrument. This album delights from
                                                 the first note to the final cadence, bestowing on its
                                                 listeners a truly transformative experience rich with
                                                 impassioned, polyphonic organicism.
                                                       With You in Mind opens with “Kilson’s
                                                 Groove” toward the end of the piece, Ari Hoenig an-
                                                 nounces his presence as an improvisational force on
                                                 a solo over an ensemble vamp. There are few percus-
                                  RUSS NOLAN     sionists who can create improvisations as melodically
                                                 sophisticated as Hoenig’s. “Stand Clear of the Clos-
WITH YOU IN MIND—Rhinoceruss Music. ing Doors” is a very satisfying piece of jazz program
Web: www.russnolan.com. 41-42 42nd Street, Suite music, complete with sampled sound from the New
1-0, Sunnyside, NY 11104. Kilson’s Groove; Stand York City subway. Its quick tempo is navigated mas-
 Real NewYork Style Latin Jazz

                                 WillieMartinez                        LaFamiliaSextet
                                                                                                                                     Photo by Kathy Lord©2008

                                                                                                          The Priory
                                   FB LOUNGE

                                               Thursday,June 12th                 Thursday,June 26th
                                               169East106thStreet                 236 E.3rd St.             Friday, June 27th
                                               Shows Start @ 9:00 PM              Shows Start @ 9:30 PM    233 Market St.Newark,NJ
                                               fondaboricua.com                   nuyorican. org            Shows Start @ 8:00 PM

To Advertise CALL: 212.889.0853                                                  June 2008   Jazz Improv® NY   www.jazzimprov.com                                                                                             53
terfully, with Nolan and Werner executing clean and            The title track “With You in Mind” is a finessed        route—before handing the 6/8 groove to Weiden-
well-articulated melodic statements in unison.           ballad, artfully composed by Nolan, in which the              mueller who shines on this track.
      Werner’s sensitive accompanying style is a high-   Trio allows the leader to make a definitive case for                Nolan continues his display of compositional
light of “Disheveled Waltz.” His choice to comple-       his status as one of the jazz world’s premiere saxo-          skill on “Waiting,” where angular and disjunct me-
ment Nolan (here on soprano sax) with interwoven,        phonists. On “Tales from the Head,” Nolan toys                lodic content is framed by the more gentle contours of
imitative lines draws the piano into the compositional   with the audience, suggesting and hinting at—then             the main theme. During the piano improvisation, the
                                                                                                                       Trio shines, needing only the subtlest suggestion from
space, facilitating a sympathetic and rewarding dia-     finally delivering—a postmodern, blues-inflected
                                                                                                                       Werner before changing directions instantaneously,
logue between the musicians. The piano solo that fol-    solo that, for all its anticipation, leaves one very satis-
                                                                                                                       transitioning into and out of a double-time samba-
lows unfolds in a most natural way, driven by rich me-   fied. Werner immediately tears the structure down,
                                                                                                                       esque feel before the restatement of the final melody.
lodic development, and punctuated with empathetic        deconstructing the changes only to restore them                     “Diatonicus” is called a homage to a Monk
contributions from both Weidenmueller and Hoenig.        once again—though, through a completely different             “vibe.” Once again, Nolan performs on soprano sax,
                                                                                                                       while the ensemble projects confidence and great en-
                                                                                                                       ergy through the asymmetrical rhythmic phrases that
                                                                                                                       propel this piece. Johannes Weidenmueller’s solo is of
                                                                                                                       particular note: this is one of the bassist’s finest mo-
                                                                                                                       ments on the album. On “Naima”, the only standard
                                                                                                                       offered here, Nolan acknowledges his avowed debt to
                                                                                                                       Coltrane. However, rather than fi lling his improvi-
                                                                                                                       sation with a catalog of ‘Trane’ figures, by his artful
                                                                                                                       reinterpretation, Nolan shows that he has absorbed
                                                                                                                       the vocabulary and made it his own.
                                                                                                                             With You in Mind is an exceptional album.
                                                                                                                       In its richness of content and artistic excellence,
                                                                                                                       one will continually uncover new elements on each
                                                                                                                       subsequent listen. In his liner notes, Nolan says he
                                                                                                                       moved to New York City in order to pay more dues.
                                                                                                                       With the release of his latest recording, it’s time for
                                                                                                                       him to start cashing in.

     New from
     Blue Bamboo Music!

     Woody Witt
     Fred Hamilton
     Ed Soph

     A Conversation

     A compelling, modern,
     improvisational trio.
     8 original compositions.

     Also available

                                                Chris Cortez

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