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									               WELCOME TO THE                                Portland
                                                              Business HandBook

       . . . a comprehensive collection of helpful information targeted to business owners looking
       to start or expand a business in Portland.
       Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned business veteran, this guide can
       assist you in navigating the regulatory and financial challenges of setting up or growing
       your business. The City of Portland’s economic development agency, the Portland Develop-
       ment Commission (PDC), worked with local public and private organizations to compile
       this information, which is presented in two parts:
             1) A Checklist for New and Expanding Businesses, and
             2) A Directory of Business Resources.
       The Checklist offers both basic advice (e.g., tips on writing a business plan) and guidance
       on specific regulatory or legal requirements (permits, taxes, etc.) that may affect your busi-
       ness. The Directory lists organizations and programs that can provide you with assistance
       ranging from market data, management or employee training, financial help (loans or tax
       exemption programs) – even recycling opportunities.
       You are also welcome to visit or contact us:
             • PDC online at or by e-mailing
             • at PDC’s offices at 222 NW 5th Avenue, 503-823-3200.
             • City of Portland online at
             • Portland Business Hotline, 503.865.4biz (4249)
             • Business Portland,
       For questions about Portland permits or regulations, you can contact the city’s Small
       Business Liaison (Bureau of Development Services), 503-823-7542.
       Ultimately, we hope this information helps you find answers or connect with resources that
                                                                                                  Investing in
       will help your business grow and prosper.                                                  Portland’s Future

                          Note: PDC does its best to keep this Handbook up to date.
                    Please help us to update information by contacting
Table of ConTenTs
          C heCklisT for new and expanding businesses
Checklist Overview                                               A-4
Before You Begin A Business                                      A-5
   Tips on researching your business, developing a business plan, seeking professional
   advice and identifying financing.
Creating Your Business                                    A-8
   Selecting your business name and structure, protecting your idea (patents/copyrights),
   and state and local licensing requirements.
Locating and Setting Up Your Business                   A-11
   Identifying your zoning and building requirements, and utility and insurance needs.
Tax Requirements for Businesses with Employees            A-15
   Understanding and filing federal, state and local taxes that may apply to your business.
Other Regulatory Requirements                                   A-17
   Other rules and regulations that may apply to your business, such as safety and health
   standards, disability accommodation requirements, affirmative action rules, etc.

                        direCTory of business resourCes
General Information                                          3
   City, state and federal agencies and other organizations providing general business
   information and assistance.
Employment Services                                     11
   Programs for employers and employees related to job placement, employee training,
    child care and compliance with employment regulations.
Environmental Services                                      19
   Contacts for street and sewer maintenance, pollution control, fire and crime prevention,
   and other services affecting the physical and social environment.
Facilities for Events                                        27
   Public facilities available for meetings, conventions and promotional events.
Financial Assistance                                             31
   Programs offering direct loans, loan guarantees, tax credits and other forms of
   financial assistance.
International Trade (Import/Export)                          39
    Agencies, services and resources available to help businesses involved in
    trading overseas, or seeking to expand into international markets.
Management Assistance                                            45
   Services and training available to improve skills of business owners, managers
   and employees.
Planning Assistance                                        51
   Public agencies providing information and help with permits and code regulations for
   business, industrial and housing construction or expansion.
Public Contracting Opportunities                         57
   Information on selling goods and services to governmental agencies.
Transportation Assistance                                 61
   Public agencies providing information and help with parking and traffic control,
   employee transportation alternatives and shipment of goods.

                              2010 New Business Checklist A-3
C h E C k L I S T                 F O R         n E w           A n d          E x P A n d I n G                    B U S I n E S S

CheCklisT overview
The following pages cover many of the issues you will need to address if you are starting, relocating or expanding your business in Portland.
Included is both general and Portland-specific information – from defining your business structure and writing a basic business plan, to
obtaining necessary licenses and permits and complying with federal, state and local tax obligations. Also included are references to appropri-
ate agencies and organizations for additional information.

                                 Please note that this checklist is not a substitute for
                               legal counsel and information is subject to change due
                                    to revisions in law and administrative policies.

       BEfORE YOu BEGiN A BusiNEss                                                  TAxEs REquiREmENTs
       n Determine what business is right for you.                                  fOR ALL BusiNEss T YPEs
       n Do your homework                                                           n Obtain a federal tax ID number.
           (recommended research).                                                  n Prepare income tax and personal
       n Develop a business plan.                                                       property tax information.
       n Seek professional advice.                                                  n Check other potential tax
       n Identify financing.
                                                                                    fOR BusiNEssEs wiTh EmPLOYEEs
       CREATiNG YOuR BusiNEss
                                                                                    n File required federal forms.
       n Select your business structure.
                                                                                    n File required state forms.
       n Create and register a business name.
                                                                                    n Check other employer requirements
       n Protect your idea (patents/copyrights).                                        under federal and state law.
       n Check state and local license requirements.
       n Other considerations.                                                      OThER REGuL ATORY
       LOCATiNG AND sETTiNG uP                                                      n Check other regulations that
       YOuR BusiNEss                                                                    may apply.
       n Check zoning, building and safety                                          n Other employer requirements.
       n Make necessary utility and other service

                                                     A-4 Portland Business Handbook 2010
C h E C k L I S T                    F O R        n E w             A n d          E x P A n d I n G                   B U S I n E S S

                                                               before you begin a business
n DETERmiNE whAT BusiNEss is RiGhT fOR YOu.                                                                     ful
                                                                                                           cess g reat
                                                                                                       suc es a
Ask yourself these questions:
                                                                                               in  g a    uir        .
        • What do I like to do with my time?                                          S t a r t e s s re q ra t i o n i d e r
                                                                                              in         pa         ns
        • What technical skills have I learned or developed?                           bus of pre m, co ons
                                                                                               l          u           i
        • What do others say I am good at?                                               dea minim ive act n.
                                                                                                           f           o
        • How much time do I have to run a successful business?                            At a g the s secti
                                                                                                 i n         i
        • Do I have any hobbies or interests that are marketable?                           tak d in th
n DO YOuR hOmEwORk.
Research your business idea to answer the following questions:
        • What services or products will I sell? Is there or can I create a demand for my business?
        • What or who is my competition? What is my business advantage over them? Can I deliver a better quality of service?
        • What will be the name and legal structure (i.e., assumed business name, corporation, etc.) of my business?
        • What skills and experience do I bring to the business?

      Note: If you don’t have experience, consider working in the industry or with a successful
      owner/operator for at least one year.
        • Do I have experience with managing people, bookkeeping or accounting? If not, what resources can I tap into?
        • Am I eligible for certification under the state Disadvantaged, Minority, Women and Emerging Small
          Business Enterprise Program?
        • Where will I be located?
        • What equipment or supplies will I need?
        • What financing will I need?
        • What are my resources (financial, collateral, human, etc.)?
        • Do I need a specially trained work force? If so, what local programs can help me?
        • What insurance coverage will be needed?
        • How will I compensate myself? What will I live on while my business grows so that I am adequately compensated?
        • What are my legal requirements in terms of zoning, permits, licenses and taxes?
Some resources to help with this research include:
        • The City of Portland’s web site: (click on the “business” tab).
        • City of Portland agencies, such as the Revenue Bureau (for information about the city business license fee and Multnomah County busi-
          ness income tax), 503-823-5157,; Bureau of Development Services (for permits and zoning informa-
          tion, etc.), 503-823-7300,; and Portland Development Commission (PDC – for financial assistance and
          other resources, including an online data center offering demographic, community and other information), 503-823-3200,
        • State of Oregon agencies, including the Secretary of State’s Office (Corporation Division) and the Business Wizard on its web site,
, and the Department of Consumer and Business Services, (The Office of Minority,
          Women and Emerging Small Business web site is at The Oregon Business Guide, accessible
          online at, is also very helpful.
        • MercyCorps Northwest’s online Entrepreneur’s Center, accessible on its Portland Small Business Community web site,

                                                2010 New Business Checklist A-5
        • The U.S. Small Business Administration and its programs (SCORE, Small Business Development Centers, etc.), which provide assistance
          with general start-up and financing issues to specific legal and regulatory challenges.
        •, which offers comprehensive information about properties within the city, including current zoning and
          improvements, taxes, urban renewal district (if applicable), business district, proximity of public transportation and more.
        • Business related groups and trade associations. (See the Directory of Business Resources.)
        • Your banker, who knows a great deal about the area including average income, level of competition, real estate and rental values.
          Developing a sound relationship with your banker is important in establishing a credit line.
        • Insurance brokers, who can provide information about the coverage needed for your proposed business activity and approximate
          premiums. Be sure to obtain multiple quotes.
        • Your local library, via online access or a call or visit to the librarian.
Your thorough research is a critical first step in starting a business. You’re now ready to put ideas on paper, which will serve as a blueprint for your
business plan, detailing how the business will be operated, managed and capitalized.

Why go to the trouble of creating a business plan? There are several reasons:
        • The process of putting together a business plan, including the thought involved before writing it, forces you to take an objective, critical,
          unemotional look at the business project in its entirety. A major reason for new business failures is lack of planning.
        • A business plan is a road map and operating tool that can help you manage the business and work effectively toward its success.
        • Lenders and other financing resources require one. A completed business plan communicates ideas to others and provides the basis for a
          financial proposal.
A properly prepared business plan includes an analysis of the business or industry marketplace, detailed resumes of your management team, even if
it is just you, and a financial plan with profit and loss and cash flow forecasts. Below is a suggested plan outline covering key elements:
        1. Executive Summary. Provide an overview of the business plan. Because many people will not read past the summary, this section
           needs to be clear and convey excitement.
        2. General Description. Explain the type of company. If this is an existing business, give its history. If it is a new start-up business,
           note some of the qualifications to start this business. Why is this business needed and what is its chance for success?
        3. Products and Services. Describe the product and/or service. What are its unique features? Why will customers come to your
        4. Marketing. Identify your target market – consumers who will need your products or services and be willing to pay for them. Outline
           your marketing strategy and your competitive edge – what will draw customers to you rather than your competition? List your primary
           competitors and provide an honest appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses and how you will compete successfully against them.
        5. Competition. Identify and list businesses/products that your customers might patronize/purchase instead of yours and why your prod-
           uct is different or better.
        6. Management. Identify the people who will be active in this business. Describe their skills and experiences.
        7. Legal. Describe the legal organization of your business – sole proprietorship, partnership, “S” corporation, limited liability company,
           corporation. Are patents or trademarks involved?
        8. Finances. State your financial requirements and where you will get these funds. Project revenues, costs and profits. Your efforts in
           developing the financial statements will help you understand the cash flow of your business: your break-even point (when your revenues
           equal your expenses); the sensitivity of your business to fluctuations in business levels; and what happens if your revenues are below
           what you think they should be and how that affects your profits and need for working capital (money to pay for periods where expenses
           are greater than revenues).
        9. Operations. Explain any systems or processes that will be used. What facilities will be used? What equipment and supplies will be needed
           and where can they be obtained? Who will provide the labor and how will it be accessed? What will be the hours of operation?
The length of the plan will vary depending on the complexity of your business, but the more comprehensive, the better. However, an executive sum-
mary should not exceed four pages.

                                                           A-6 Portland Business Handbook 2010
Several brochures and books are available at libraries and bookstores for assistance in writing business plans, and most large accounting firms
have manuals available. Another resource is the U.S. Small Business Association web site, which covers business plan writing in detail at Classes on and/or assistance with writing business plans are regularly offered through local
Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) and SCORE. Additionally the Oregon Entrepreneur Network provides a service to review your business
plan for a modest fee. These and other local resources are listed in the Directory of Business Resources Management Assistance chapter.

At a minimum, consult with two professional people:
        • An attorney. Consider having an attorney examine the papers you sign. Get advice on any legal questions pertinent to your business
          such as labor laws if you plan to hire employees or landlord-tenant laws if you plan to lease your place of business. If you do not have an
          attorney, you may call the Oregon State Bar toll-free at 800-452-7636 for referrals or visit their web site at
          Also, the Lewis & Clark Law School offers legal services to low-income and emerging businesses from its Small Business Legal Clinic in
          northwest Portland, 503-768-6940,
        • An accountant. A licensed tax consultant can review your business plan, help you with tax forms and provide other specific advice if
          you are buying or starting a business. If you do not have an accountant, ask around to get a referral from a business owner you know or
          call the Oregon Association of Independent Accountants at 503-282-7247, the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants at
          503-641-7200, or the Oregon Association of Tax Consultants at 503-771-9313.

Key to successful business start-up or expansion is your ability to secure appropriate financing. New business owners often underestimate the
amount of money it takes to get a business started. An entrepreneur needs to identify both the start-up capital costs and the cash-flow requirements
for a business. The total of the two, plus an additional cash reserve, is the capital recommended for starting a business.
There are several resources to consider when looking for financing. It is important to explore all of your options before making a decision.
        • Personal savings. The primary source of capital for most new businesses comes from savings and other forms of personal resources.
                                                                                                           While credit cards are often used to
         ChECk “BLuE skY” L Aws GOvERNiNG sECuRiT Y sALEs                                                  finance business needs, there may be
                                                                                                           better options available, even for very
    If you plan to finance your business with funds other than your own, you may be
                                                                                                           small loans (such as micro enterprise
    involved in the offer and sale of securities. The most common types of securities                      lenders).
    are stocks, bonds and limited partnership interests; however, any type of agree-
                                                                                                           • Friends and relatives. Many
    ment that obligates you or your business to pay another person part of your                            entrepreneurs look to private sources
    profits or to make interest payments probably involves a security. You should                          such as friends and family when starting
    contact the Corporate Securities Section of the Oregon Department of Con-                              out in a business venture. Often, money
    sumer and Business Services, 503-378-4100, before you talk to anyone about                             is loaned interest free or at a low interest
    helping to finance your business. The staff can explain Oregon Securities Law,                         rate, which can be beneficial when get-
                                                                                                           ting started.
    potential exemptions, and forms required for registration. You can also find this
    information at the Corporate Securities web site at                                • Banks and credit unions. Banks
                                                                                                           and credit unions will provide a loan
          if you can show that your business proposal is sound. To be successful in obtaining a loan, you must be prepared, organized and know
          exactly how much money you need, why you need it and how you will pay it back. You must be able to convince your lender that you are
          a good credit risk. While many banks require that a business be in operation for years before they will consider extending a loan, some
          banks, governmental agencies, trade associations and non-profit institutions have financial assistance programs for new businesses,
          such as those offered through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Keep in mind that each bank participating in the SBA
          program may have different requirements.
        • Venture capital firm and angel investors. These firms generally help fast-growth businesses in exchange for equity or partial
See the Business Resource Directory Financing Assistance chapter for a list of funding resources, including tax credit programs,
available in the City of Portland and Oregon.

                                                2010 New Business Checklist A-7
C h E C k L I S T                    F O R          n E w           A n d           E x P A n d I n G                     B U S I n E S S

CreaTing your business
A business may be conducted under one of several organizational structures. You may choose to operate the business yourself (sole proprietorship),
with another person (general partnership) or as a separate legal entity (corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, or
limited partnership). Each business structure has advantages and disadvantages and is generally chosen for liability and/or tax reasons.
The most common business structures are briefly described below. For more complete descriptions, access the Oregon Business Guide online at or the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) web page on business structures,
        • Sole Proprietor. One person operating a business as an individual, with complete control but also unlimited liability for its debts. All
          income is included on the individual’s personal tax return.
        • General Partnership. An association of two or more persons doing business. Each partner is liable for all debts of the business. All
          profits are taxed as income to the partners based on their percentage of ownership.
        • Limited Partnership. Consisting of at least one general partner and one limited partner. General partners control the business and are
          liable for all debts; limited partners are liable only for the amount they’ve invested in the business.
        • Corporation. A legal entity created under Oregon laws by fil-
          ing articles of incorporation with the state’s Business Registry.
          It is owned by its shareholders, sometimes referred to as equity            ChECk LiABiLiTiEs whEN BuYiNG
          owners, whose personal assets are shielded from business                        AN ExisTiNG BusiNEss
          debts and liabilities. Corporation exists separately from its
                                                                                   If you are purchasing an existing corporation, you
          owners and must file its own tax returns. Managed by a board
          of directors.                                                            need to be aware of hidden liabilities. You may
                                                                                   be held responsible for a previous owner’s liabili-
        • Limited Liability Company (LLC). An unincorporated as-
          sociation having one or more members. An LLC can be man-                 ties, regardless of any contractual language to the
          aged by managers or members. Managers can be compared                    contrary. Make sure the seller of the business pro-
          to the board of directors, and members to shareholders of a              vides proof that there are no hidden liabilities. It
          corporation. The internal affairs of the LLC are governed by             is wise to obtain a copy of a Tax Clearance letter,
          operating agreements.                                                    which must be requested by the seller, prior to the
A qualified tax consultant or attorney can best advise you about the               closing date or signing any purchase agreements.
appropriate business entity to form. An SBA-sponsored Small Business               The seller may request a Tax Clearance Letter by
Development Center (SBDC) or local SCORE chapter may also offer                    sending a written request to the Oregon Depart-
literature, classes or other assistance to help you compare different orga-
                                                                                   ment of Revenue, P.O. Box 14999, Salem, OR
nizational options. If you are a construction or landscape contractor, the
state Construction and Landscape Contractors Boards can provide some               97309-0990.
information on the advantages and disadvantages of different business
structures for those business activities.

Every business must have a legal name. Depending on the type of business and name chosen, the name may need to be registered with the state
Corporation Division. As a general rule:
        • A business name that lists all owners’ full legal names may be registered, but registration is optional. For example, a sole proprietor
          choosing to conduct business under his/her own name (“John Smith, CPA”) does not need to register with the state.
        • Operating under an assumed business name requires registration.
When you are ready to select a business name or assumed business name, you can check the Business Registry Database for name availability on-
line at or by calling the Oregon Secretary of State’s Business Registry office at 503-986-2200. To register, you must submit
an application and a nonrefundable processing fee to the Business Registry. Application forms are available at

                                                        A-8 Portland Business Handbook 2010
If your business depends on a new service or product, you may want to protect it by applying for a patent or copyright. Similarly, if you use a trade
or service mark to identify your goods or services, you may want to register the trade or service mark. Below are brief descriptions of patent, copy-
right and trademark options.
       • U.S. Patents. A patent is an exclusive property right to an invention and is issued by the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, U.S.
          Department of Commerce. If you decide to apply for a patent, you should seek professional assistance from a patent attorney or patent
          agent because patent procedures are detailed and technical. You might also consider performing a preliminary patent search to deter-
                                                                              mine if your invention qualifies for a patent. The Boley Law Library
                  whAT is AN “AssumED”                                        of the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College in
                       BusiNEss NAmE?                                         Portland, a designated Oregon Patent & Trademark Depository
                                                                              Library, can help you with this search. Call ahead for library hours
   A business name must be registered with the state Busi-                    at 503-768-6786 or visit its web site at
   ness Registry as an assumed business name if the legal                     search/patents_tms.php.
   name of each person involved with the business is not                      U.S. Patent information is also available online at
   “conspicuously disclosed” to the public in the business          ; by calling the U.S. Commissioner of Patents and
   name. A person’s legal name includes both the first and                    Trademarks in Washington, DC, at 800-786-9199.
   last names. Nicknames are not legal names and must                         • U.S. Copyrights. A copyright protects literary, dramatic, musical,
   be registered as assumed business names. If there are                      artistic, or other intellectual creations from unauthorized copying or
   words that suggest additional owners, such as “compa-                      exploitation. Items such as written materials, works of art, musical
   ny” or “associates,” the name must also be registered.                     compositions, and computer programs are protected by copyright.
   It is important to note that if you fail to register your as-              No registration or other action in the copyright office is required
                                                                              to secure a copyright; the copyright is secured automatically when
   sumed name, you may be prevented from carrying on
                                                                              the work is created. However, there are advantages to registering a
   a lawsuit for the benefit of your business.
                                                                              copyright with the U.S. Library of Congress. For more information
                                                                              and copyright application forms, visit the web site or call 202-707-3000 or 202-707-5959.
        • Trademarks and Service Marks. A trade or service mark identifies a source of goods or services. It can consist of letters, words, pic-
          tures, designs or any combination of these. The mark must be in use before it can be registered, but registration is optional. Registration
          prevents the registration or use of an identical or similar mark, and helps prove the date of first use. It’s a good idea to check for conflicts
          with federally registered trade and service marks before registering your own.
          The booklet Basic Facts about Trademarks is available from the U.S. Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks by calling
          800-786-9199; accessing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s web site at Forms to register
          a federal trade or service mark can be downloaded from or by calling the patent commissioner’s number above. You can
          obtain the Oregon Trade and Service Marks registration form by calling the Corporate Division at 503-986-2200 or downloading it from
 There is a nonrefundable processing fee in Oregon.

        • State License Requirements. The state of Oregon does not have a general business license. However, many occupations and business
          activities require special licenses, permits, or certifications from state agencies or boards. These licenses, permits or certifications may
          regulate an industry’s rates or determine how individuals and businesses in those industries operate. In addition, certain industries
          require continuing education or training. For more information visit
          You can also refer to Oregon Licensed Occupations, a publication of the Oregon Employment Department, which provides descriptions
          of occupations requiring a license in Oregon including requirements, fees, examinations and licensing agencies. A free copy can be
          downloaded at (click on “Publications”).
        • City of Portland License Requirements.* Anyone doing business in the City of Portland and grossing more than $25,000 annually is
          required to have a City of Portland business license. Insurance agents and individuals and associate brokers whose only activity is real
          estate sales are exempt. The license cost is a percentage of net income from business activity performed within the city, or a minimum
          annual fee. Applications are available by calling the Revenue Bureau at 503-823-5157 or can be downloaded at

                                                 2010 New Business Checklist A-9
    * At the time of printing, adjustments to the Portland License fees were under consideration by the Portland City Council. Please contact
     the City of Portland Business Licenses, 503-823-5157, for current information.
   Note: The City of Portland also administers the Multnomah County Business Income Tax (BIT) program, collecting both city license
   fees and BIT payments using a combined form. BIT is discussed more fully in the Tax Requirements section of this Checklist.
   • City of Portland Temporary (seasonal/limited) Licenses. Temporary business licenses are issued by the Revenue Bureau for vendors
     and promoters operating within the City of Portland for a limited duration or on a seasonal basis. Vendors conducting limited, seasonal
     sales (including but not limited to Christmas trees or fireworks) in temporary locations are required to obtain a temporary license. Cer-
     tain exceptions apply. For additional information or to get a temporary licenses, contact the bureau or visit its web site, www.portlandon-
   Note: If you are locating in another municipality, be sure to check local licensing requirements.

   • Insurance. Contact an insurance agent to determine the types of insurance the business should purchase or may be required to
     purchase. Consider not only property loss coverage but general liability insurance, as appropriate. Shop around because insurance rates
     and type of coverage vary greatly among insurance carriers.
   • Employee Health Coverage. Businesses are not required to provide health insurance to employees. However, several resources exist to
     encourage businesses to do so. For example, the state Office of Private Health Partnerships (OPHP) helps self-employed and small em-
     ployers (with up to 50 workers) sort out available private, small-group insurance programs. A trained health insurance agent can review
     your options. Additionally, OPHP administers the state Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP), which helps uninsured,
     lower-income employees pay their share of the monthly premium of employer-sponsored insurance. For more information on small
     employer health insurance plans and the FHIAP, visit the web site or call 800-542-3104 (toll-free).
   • Restaurant Licenses. Multnomah County’s Health Department requires all food service facilities to obtain a license and be inspected.
     For more information, call 503-988-3400 or visit the department’s web site at More detailed information
     about starting up a restaurant can be found on the Oregon Restaurant Association’s web site, (click on “Running Your
   • Street Vendors. Businesses operating from vending carts in city rights-of-way must obtain a permit from the City of Portland Office of
     Transportation and meet certain requirements. For more information, visit the office’s web site at
     tion/ (click on “permits”) or call 503-823-7002. In addition, street vendors selling food must be approved, licensed and inspected by the
     Multnomah County Health Department. Contact the health department at 503-988-3400.

                                                  A-10 Portland Business Handbook 2010
C h E C k L I S T                     F O R          n E w            A n d         E x P A n d I n G                     B U S I n E S S

loCaTing and seTTing up your business
Be sure the location you choose for your business is properly zoned for your business activity. If you are considering acquiring a building or piece of
property for your business, relocating your existing business, making an addition on your existing business, or opening an additional outlet, there
are several factors you should take into consideration. If you are thinking about operating your business out of your home you should refer to the
City of Portland’s Bureau of Development Services (BDS) Small Business Guide to Development Services (referenced below) or contact the BDS
directly for information on home occupations (see box on this page for contact information and box on next page about home occupations).
n ZONiNG issuEs
When determining your business site, be sure to research the following:
        • How is the property zoned?
        • How is the building use classified?
        • What uses are legally allowed within the guidelines of the city’s zoning code?
        • Will I be required to make code improvements?
        • Is the site within a special district or part of an approved neighborhood plan?
        • What are parking and landscaping requirements?
The BDS Planning and Zoning staff can help you determine the existing zoning of any piece of property or building in the city. (You can also find
zoning information at They can also tell you the permitted uses within that zone, or help determine where your particu-
lar business may locate. BDS also publishes the Small Business Guide to Development Services to help you understand some of these issues. The
guide is available online at or by calling 503-823-7300.
n BuiLDiNG issuEs
Besides zoning issues, you need to consider the following building issues when choosing a business location:
        • Will a change of occupancy be necessary?
        • Will I need a permit to make improvements?              PORTL AND’s DEvELOPmENT sERviCEs CENTER:
          To remodel?                                               YOuR ONE-sTOP iNfORmATiON REsOuRCE
        • Will I need to bring the building up to code?
                                                                    The City of Portland Development Services Center, located on
              • Will I need to make changes to comply
                                                                    the ground floor at 1900 SW 4th Avenue, houses the Bureau
                with the Americans with Disabilities
                                                                    of Development Services (BDS). BDS is responsible for ensuring
                Act (ADA)? (See Other Regulatory
                Requirements on page A-17)                          all buildings are used properly and for reviewing and issuing
                                                                    building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sign permits. This
              • Will I need to make seismic improve-
                ments?                                              includes making sure all buildings are brought up to code prior
                                                                    to occupancy. You can contact BDS staff by visiting the center
              • Can I put up a new sign or awning? (A
                permit is required for all signs in the             between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, and 5:00 p.m
                city. In addition, any business locating a          to 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays; calling 503-823-7300 or the BDS Small
                sign visible from a state highway must              Business Liaison at 503-823-7542; or accessing the center’s web site
                get a permit from the Oregon State                  at
                Highway Division.)
        • Will I need to pay a System Development
          Charge (SDC)?
Contact the Development Services Center for assistance with these issues as well.

                                                 2010 New Business Checklist A-11
        • Fire Safety. Fire inspectors from Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) can help you assess a building’s fire safety prior to purchase or lease.
          In addition, PF&R inspectors can provide information about purchasing and maintaining fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems.
          Contact PF&R at 503-823-3700 or visit its web site at
        • Hazardous Materials.
          Any business that stores or                           DOiNG BusiNEss iN YOuR hOmE
          uses substances classified as
                                              If you plan to operate a business from your home, you first need to determine
          hazardous materials must
                                              if there are restrictions on home-based businesses in your area. Portland has
          meet specific requirements
          regarding their storage. Stor-      defined two categories of home-based businesses: Type A, in which a resident
          age of hazardous materials is       uses his/her home as a place of work but has no employees or customers that
          subject to review by the Bureau     come to the site; and Type B, in which an employee or a few customers come to
          of Planning and Sustainability      the home. Type A does not require a permit. Type B requires obtaining a Home
          and PF&R. In addition, compa-       Occupation Permit and completing a Neighborhood Notice of Home Occupa-
          nies must notify the State Fire
                                              tion, which is distributed to adjacent property owners. Contact the city’s Devel-
          Marshal’s office by calling the
          Hazardous Substance Informa-        opment Services Center for more information (see box on previous page).
          tion Hotline at 503-378-6835
          and file a Hazardous Substanc-
          es Survey Form downloadable from
 If you are not sure if the materials you are using are considered
          hazardous, contact PF&R at 503-823-3712.
        • Public Safety Inspections for Food Handlers. As noted earlier, Multnomah County’s Health Department requires all food service
          facilities – restaurants, bed and breakfast establishments, street vendors, etc. – to obtain a license and be inspected. Contact the depart-
          ment at 503-988-5257 or visit its web site at
        • Utility Service. Check with the utility companies to ensure prompt delivery of service, including gas, electricity, garbage, recycling,
          telephone and internet, and to obtain the cost of service, the amounts of any required deposits, and written price and supply agreements.

n TAx REquiREmENTs: fOR ALL BusiNEssEs
It’s a fact of life: Operating a business and earning income means paying taxes. When you start a business, it is important to determine your tax
obligations and keep on top of them. This section offers brief discussions of basic business tax obligations, but should not be considered compre-
hensive. Unless you are a tax whiz, you are advised to use the services of a tax advisor or accountant to help you understand your obligations and/
                                                                                                                        or prepare your returns.

            BusiNEss iNCuBATORs OffER “NuRTuRiNG” OPTiON
    Depending on the type of business you are establishing, you may want to consider
    locating in an incubator. Business incubators are facilities designed to help start-
    up businesses become established and profitable, usually by offering economically
    priced “flex” space for offices, shared administrative staff and other resources. In
    Portland there are several incubators catering to high-technology businesses, food
    product development, and minority- and women-owned or emerging small business-
    es. See the Directory of Business Resources General Information chapter for a listing
    of local incubators.

                                                       A-12 Portland Business Handbook 2010
All employers, except sole proprietorships with no employees, must apply for a federal tax identification number, also called an employer identifica-
tion number (EIN). Most banks and other companies will require an EIN before opening a business account.
If you become the new owner of a business, you cannot use the EIN of the previous owner. An existing business adding, opening or acquiring a
second operation may use its current EIN for both the existing and the new operations unless the new establishment is an entirely different line of
business (the latter requires a separate and new EIN).
To obtain an EIN, you must complete and submit an SS-4 Form. The form can be obtained by calling 800-829-Form (3676) or downloading from
the IRS web site at SS-4 Forms are also available from local IRS and Social Security Administration Offices, and
often at banks. Submittal instructions (via fax or mail) are included on the form.

        • Federal Taxes. All businesses are required to pay taxes to the federal government. The legal structure and type of business determine
          what taxes apply and when tax payments are due. Most businesses are required to make regular payments of estimated tax throughout
          the year. Information and tax forms for businesses can be found on the IRS web site,, or by calling the IRS at
          800-829-1040 or its Forms Distribution Center at 800-829-3676. The IRS web site also offers a variety of helpful online tools, including
          A Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop (downloadable or available to order on DVD, Publication 1066C) and The Small Business
          Resource Guide (downloadable or available on CD, Publication 3207).
        • State of Oregon Taxes. Similar to federal taxes, the type of return is dependent on the structure of the business. For information on
          Oregon taxes, call the Oregon Department of Revenue at 800-356-4222 or visit them online at
        • Self–Employment Tax. Everyone is responsible for paying federal Social Security Tax. When working for someone other than yourself,
          you pay half of your Social Security Tax and your employer pays the other half. When you are self-employed you pay both portions of
          your Social Security Tax through the Self-Employment Tax. Based on net earnings, Self-Employment Tax payments may need to be
          made throughout the year. For more information, call the IRS, 800-829-1040, or visit its web site at
        • Multnomah County Business Income Tax (BIT). The business income tax is assessed on persons doing business in Multnomah
          County and grossing more than $25,000 per year (there are a few exemptions). If you conduct business in multiple counties, you pay
          an apportioned tax based on your percentage of revenue earned in the county. The City of Portland Revenue Bureau collects both BIT
          and City of Portland business license fees. More information and forms are available from the bureau’s web site at www.portlandonline.
          com/licenses or by calling 503-823-5157.
        • Multnomah County Personal Property Tax. Business personal property (including equipment, furniture and supplies) exceeding
          $12,500 in value is subject to property tax in the State of Oregon. Persons doing business in Multnomah County on January 1, each year
          must prepare a personal property return and submit it to the county assessor’s office no later than March 1. Personal property filing
          forms are available by calling the Multnomah County Division of Assessment and Taxation at 503-988-3326 or visiting its web site at
 (If your business has personal property in more than one county, you must submit a
          separate return in each county.)
        • Personal Income Tax. If you are a sole proprietor or general partner, you must pay taxes on the income from your business on a
          personal income tax return with the state and federal governments. You will also file a schedule that identifies income and expenses
          of the business. Partners file an additional partnership return that distributes profits and losses between the partners according to the
          partnership agreement. Corporations pay taxes on the business income at corporate tax rates. Shareholder and employees (including
          paid corporate officers) pay individual income tax on any salary and dividends received from the corporation.
        • Transit District Taxes. All employers that pay wages for services performed in the Tri-Met transit district, and self-employed persons
          performing services within the Tri-Met district, must pay an excise tax on those wages earned within the district. These taxes are collected
          by the Oregon Department of Revenue. Self-employed persons pay the tax annually using Form TM. Employers pay the tax through the
          Combined Employer’s Registration Report described in the next section, Taxes Requirements: For Businesses with Employees. For more
          information, contact the Oregon Department of Revenue at 800-356-4222 or visit its web site at

                                                2010 New Business Checklist A-13
Some federal taxes apply to specific commodities, products or services. To determine if there are other federal taxes that apply to your business
activity, visit the IRS web site at or call toll free at 800-829-1040.
There are also other state taxes that may affect you. Research the Oregon Department of Revenue’s web site at
othertaxes.shtml or call 800-356-4222 for information on:
        • Amusement device tax: paid by owners of establishments with Oregon Lottery video poker machines.
        • Cigarette tax and tobacco products tax: paid by distributors, manufacturers, and consumers of cigarettes and tobacco products
          in Oregon.
        • Dry cleaning fee: paid by owners of dry cleaning businesses and “dry” stores.
        • Dry cleaning solvent tax: paid by owners of dry cleaning businesses and distributors of dry cleaning solvents.
        • Emergency communications (911) tax: paid by customers of telephone and cellular companies providing telecommunication
          access to the Oregon 911 Emergency Reporting System.
        • Forest products harvest tax: paid on timber cut from any land in Oregon.
        • Hazardous substance fee: paid by possessors of non-petroleum hazardous substance.
        • Petroleum load fee: paid by petroleum suppliers and importers to Oregon.

                                                         whEN quARTERLY TAx PAYmENTs ARE REquiRED
                                                  The amount of your business revenues will determine whether you or your busi-
                                                  ness are required to make estimated quarterly tax payments for state or federal
                                                  income taxes and self-employment tax. In most cases, if you expect to owe
                                                  $1,000 in federal taxes for the year after subtracting any withholding and tax
                                                  credits, you must file Form 1040 ES each quarter with the IRS. Generally, if you
                                                  expect to owe $1,000 or more in the “tax to pay” line on your Oregon tax return,
                                                  you are required to file Form 40 ES each quarter with the Oregon Department
                                                  of Revenue. If you have questions, call the Oregon Department of Revenue at
                                                  800-356-4222 or visit its web site at

For taxes related to alcoholic beverages, contact the Oregon Liquor Control Commission at 800-452-6522 (toll free in Oregon) or 503-872-5166.
For information on gasoline taxes paid by persons licensed to operate as motor vehicle fuel dealers in Oregon, contact the Oregon Department of
Transportation (ODOT) Fuels Tax Group at 503-378-8150 or visit its web site at The ODOT Motor Carrier Trans-
portation Division can provide information on weight-mile taxes paid by for-hire and private motor carriers operating into, within, and through
the state of Oregon if you call 503-378-6699 or visit the ODOT web site

                                                       A-14 Portland Business Handbook 2010
C h E C k L I S T                  F O R         n E w           A n d           E x P A n d I n G                     B U S I n E S S

Tax requiremenTs for
businesses wiTh employees
Any employer of one or more persons must withhold federal and state income taxes from the wages paid to employees. (If the business is a corpora-
tion, anyone who performs services for the corporation or receives compensation, including an “owner,” is considered an employee.) Employers
are also responsible for paying into the Social Security and Medicare systems, as well as withholding a matching amount from employees’ wages.
State and federal unemployment insurance payments must be paid entirely by the employer. No deduction is allowed from an employee’s wages.
Here are some of the tax, insurance and regulatory requirements you should be aware of as an employer.

n fiLE REquiRED fEDERAL fORms.
       • Federal Income Tax Withholding, Social Security Contributions and Medicare Taxes. Most employers are required to withhold
         both federal taxes and Social Security contributions from each employee’s paycheck, although certain organizations such as religious,
         educational, charitable and governmental bodies may be exempt. Employers base these withholdings on information provided by
         each employee on IRS Form W-4, employee earnings, and federal withholding tax tables. For more information, call the IRS at (800)
         823-1040 or visit its web site at To order
         a supply of W-4 forms, call 800-829-3676.                                OREGON’s miNimum wAGE
       Note: Obtain or download a copy of the IRS Em-                Oregon has a legal minimum wage, which is adjusted annu-
       ployer’s Supplemental Tax Guide for information on            ally for inflation by the state Bureau of Labor and Industries
       how to determine if an individual providing services
                                                                     (BOLI). To reach BOLI’s Technical Assistance for Employers Pro-
       is an independent contractor or an employee. Pay-
                                                                     gram, call 971-673-0761 or go to
       ments to independent contractors do not require tax
       withholdings, but do require reporting to the IRS.            TA/index.shtml.

       • Federal Unemployment Tax. Employers are re-
         quired to pay a percentage of each employee’s wages as a federal unemployment tax. Once you have filed for an EIN, you will automati-
         cally be sent unemployment tax reporting forms. For more information, call the IRS or visit its web site,
       • Immigration and Naturalization Form I-9. Employers must require each employee to fill out Form I-9 supplied by U.S. Citizenship
         and Immigration Services (USCIS). Employees must also show their employer their birth certificate, Social Security card or other iden-
         tification proving they are a U.S. citizen or have permission to work in the United States. Forms and a booklet explaining Form I-9 rules
         and regulations can be downloaded from the USCIS web site at employerinfo/index.htm. For questions
         or to request a form, call 800-357-2099.

n fiLE REquiRED sTATE fORms.
       • Combined Employer’s Registration Form. The Oregon Department of Revenue requires all Oregon employers to file a Combined
         Employer’s Registration Form which consolidates reporting and payment of state income tax, unemployment tax, Workers’ Compensa-
         tion assessments and Tri-Met taxes. When an employer first files the form, his/her business is issued a Business Identification Number
         (BIN) that is then used to track state reports and payments. Combined Employer’s Registration Forms are available by calling the
         Oregon Department of Revenue at 800-356-4222 or visiting forms.shtml.
       • State Income Tax Withholding. Employers are required to withhold a portion of each employee’s paycheck for state taxes. Upon filing
         your Combined Employer’s Registration Form you will receive “wage bracket” withholding tax tables prepared by the Oregon Depart-
         ment of Revenue to help you determine each employee’s withholding. You are then required to report the amount of taxes withheld
         and total taxable wages paid to the Department of Revenue on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. For more information, including
         exemptions from withholding, call or visit the Department of Revenue’s web site at
       Note: Oregon requires some employers to withhold state taxes even if they do not have to withhold federal taxes.
       • State Unemployment Tax. Employers are required to pay quarterly unemployment taxes which finance unemployment insurance
         and payment of benefits to unemployed workers. Each employer is assigned a tax rate based on the amount of unemployment claims
         charged to their account (fewer claims = lower tax rate). New employers begin with the same rate, which is later adjusted as required.
         For more information, visit the Oregon Employment Department’s Unemployment Insurance Tax web site at www.employment.oregon.
         gov/EMPLOY/TAX/index.shtml or call 503-731-4276 (downtown Portland).

                                              2010 New Business Checklist A-15
       • Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Most employers doing business in Oregon must obtain Worker’s Compensation Insurance before
         they hire employees. (Sole proprietors are not required to have Worker’s Comp coverage. There are other exceptions.) This insurance
         covers all medical expenses incurred by workers injured on the job, including payments to workers who become temporarily or perma-
         nently disabled. It also provides payments to dependents if a worker dies as a result of an occupational injury or disease.
Employers may acquire insurance from the State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF), any commercial insurance company qualified to write Workers’
Compensation Insurance, or by self-insuring. For more information, including exemptions from this requirement, call the Oregon Worker’s
Compensation Division at 800-452-0288, or visit its web site at emp_info.html. You may also contact the
Small Business Ombudsman for Workers’ Compensation, an independent advocate for small businesses, at 503-378-4209, or visit the ombudsman
web site at

                                                   A-16 Portland Business Handbook 2010
C h E C k L I S T                  F O R          n E w            A n d           E x P A n d I n G                      B U S I n E S S

oTher regulaTory requiremenTs
       • Environmental Permits. Certain business activities require Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) permits such as:
         discharge of materials into waters of the state; discharge of storm water associated with industrial activity; discharge of emissions into
         the air; owning an underground storage tank; storage, use or transportation of waste tires; disturbing five or more acres of land with
         clearing, grading, excavation and/or construction activities; and building a parking lot. The DEQ provides a DEQ Permits Handbook
         available online at or by calling 503-229-5696 in Portland or toll-free at 800-452-4011.
       • Job Safety and Health Regulations. The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (OR-OSHA) sets and enforces job safety
         and health regulations for business and industry. Call 800-922-2689 or 503-378-3272 or visit OR-OSHA’s web site at to
         determine your compliance requirements.
       • Disability Accommodations. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that prohibits discrimination against disabled
         persons in employment, public accommodation and public services. Most businesses are considered public accommodations, meaning
         their facilities and services must be accessible to disabled customers. Businesses with more than 15 employees must also ensure they
         accommodate the needs of “any qualified individual with a disability” in all aspects of employment, including needed modifications of
         work stations. (Businesses with more than six employees are subject to Oregon’s disability laws.)
For more information about the federal law, call the U.S. Department of Justice, 800-514-0301, or visit these web sites: or For information on state disability laws, contact the state Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) 971-673-0824,
or visit this web page,

       • Discrimination in the Workplace. It is illegal for employers to make decisions regarding employees based on gender, race, age (if the
         employee is over 40 years old), national origin, or religion. As an employer, you are advised to familiarize yourself with the many state
         and federal discrimination laws. For more information, call BOLI at 971-673-0761 or visit its Civil Rights Division web site at
       • Affirmative Action. Companies contracting with the federal government may be required to have an affirmative action plan. There are
         two thresholds to determine an employer’s responsibility:
             • If the contract is in excess of $10,000 per year, companies are required to promote equal employment opportunities within their
             • Companies with contracts of more than $50,000 and that employ more than 50 employees must develop and maintain a written
               affirmative action plan.
For more information, call the U.S. Department of Labor at 503-731-4070 or 866-487-2365, or visit its web site at

                                               2010 New Business Checklist A-17
A-18 Portland Business Handbook 2010
Portland Directory of

                                                    r e s o u r C e s
  Business Resources

                                                    b u s i n e s s
                                                    o f
                                                    d i r e C T o r y
                                                    p o r T l a n d

 2010 Portland Director y of Business Resources 1
2 Portland Business Handbook 2010
P O R T L A n d              d I R E C T O R Y           O F      B U S I n E S S          R E S O U R C E S

                                                             1. general informaTion
  City, county, state and federal agencies and other organizations providing general business
  information and assistance.

                          AGENCiEs LisTED BY JuRisDiCTiON

                                                                                                               i n f o r m a T i o n
CITY OF PORTLAnd                                              S TAT E O F O R E G O n
Bureau of Development Services                                Oregon department of Consumer and
   Development Services Center                                Business Services:
   1900 SW 4th Ave., Suite 5000
                                                              • Department of Consumer and Business Services
   Portland, OR 97201
                                                                 350 Winter St., NE
                                                                 Salem, OR 97301-3881
                                                                 P.O. Box 14480
   Small Business Liaison:
                                                                 Salem, OR 97309
                                                                 General Information Line:

                                                                                                               g e n e r a l
City/County Information Center
    1221 SW 4th Ave., Room 110                                • Division of Finance and Corporate Securities
    Portland, OR 97204                                           350 Winter St., NE, Room 410
    General Information and Referral                             Salem, OR 97301-3881
    503.823.4000                                                 503.378.4140                                       Secure fax line: 503.947.7862
Portland development Commission (PdC)

                                                                                                               1 .
   222 NW 5th Ave.                                            • Occupational Safety and Health Division
   Portland, OR 97209                                            (OR-OShA)
   503.823.3200                                                  Fremont Place, Building I                                                    1750 NW Naito Pkwy., Suite 112
                                                                 Portland, OR 97209-2533
Revenue Bureau                                                   800.922.2689 (Salem)
division of Licenses                                             503.229.5910 (Portland)
   111 SW Columbia St., #600                           
   Portland, OR 97201
   503.823.5157                                               • Office of Minority, Women & Emerging                              Small Business (OMwESB)
                                                                 775 Summer St., NE, Suite 200
MULTnOMAh COUnTY                                                 P.O. Box 14480
                                                                 Salem, OR 97301-1280
   City/County Information Center                                503.986.0075
   1221 SW 4th Avenue                                  
   Portland, OR 97204
   General Information and Referral                           Oregon department of Revenue
   503.823.4000                                                  955 Center St., NE                                        Salem, OR 97301-2555
division of Assessment and Taxation                              1.800.356.4222 (toll-free in Oregon)
   P.O. Box 2716                                       
   Portland, OR 97208-2716
   503.988.3326 (property tax information line)

                                2010 Portland Director y of Business Resources 3
Oregon Business development department                      U.S. Small Business Administration
   775 Summer St., Suite 200                                   601 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 950
   Salem, OR 97301-1280                                        Portland, OR 97204-3192
   503.986.0123                                                503.326.2682                                          Fax: 503.326.2808
Oregon Secretary of State/Corporate division
Business Information Center & Business Registry             U.S. Social Security Administration
   Public Service Building, Suite 151                          1538 SW Yamhill St.
   255 Capitol St., NE                                         Portland, OR 97205
   Salem, OR 97310-1327                                        1.800.772.1213
   503.986.2200                                                TTY: 1.800.325.0778
   Fax: 503.378.4381                                  (business registration

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    1220 SW 3rd Ave.
    Portland, OR 97204
    (telephone assistance for businesses)

U.S. department of Commerce
Patent and Trademark Office
   For USPS Delivery:
   Commissioner for Patents
   P.O. Box 1450
   Alexandria, VA 22313-1450

For other delivery services:
U.S. department of Commerce
Customer Service window
    Randolph Building
    401 Dulany St.
    Alexandria, VA 22314

U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office
   101 Independence Ave., SE
   Washington, DC 20559-6000
   202.707.3000 (general)
   202.707.5959 (information specialist)

                                              4 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                             PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                              1 . g e n e ral in fo rmaTio n

                AGENCiEs/ORGANiZ ATiONs LisTED BY suBJECT
                      (T YPE Of AssisTANCE OffERED)
Largest Employers of the Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan Area
   Directory lists some 300 local companies with 200 or more employees,             Portland Business Alliance
   as well as area-located Fortune 1000 firms and the region’s largest              200 SW Market St., Suite L150
   manufacturers. Updated each fall, it includes mail and e-mail                    Portland, OR 97201
   addresses, phone and fax numbers, web sites, top executives,                     503.224.8684
   products and services.                                                 

northwest Green directory
  Free, online directory connects regional building industry professionals
  and consumers with environmentally-responsible products and services.

Oregon Manufacturers Register
   Directory lists nearly 7,500 Oregon manufacturing and high tech                  Portland Business Alliance
   companies that produce 95 percent of products manufactured in Oregon.            200 SW Market St., Suite L150
   Listing is by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes        Portland, OR 97201
   as well as alphabetically and geographically. Includes key decision-makers’      503.224.8684
   names and titles, mail addresses, phone and fax numbers, products and  
   services, annual sales and more. Verified annually.

Oregon Minority Business directory
   Lists minority-owned and operated businesses throughout the state (OAME          Oregon Association of Minority
   membership not required), including businesses certified by Oregon as            Entrepreneurs (OAME)
   MBE, WBE, ESB, DBE. Updated annually.                                            4134 N. Vancouver, Suite 100
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97217
Resource Guide: Oregon high Technology
   Directory lists more than 2,000 company profiles within 300 business             Portland Business Alliance
   classifications in 116 Pacific Northwest cities. Updated annually in the         200 SW Market St., Suite L150
   spring, this directory also offers information on Oregon’s higher education      Portland, OR 97201
   institutions, transportation, demographics, livability and more.                 503.224.8684

B U S I n E S S I n C U B AT O R S
Business incubators are facilities designed to help start-up businesses become established and profitable, usually by
offering economically priced “flex” space for offices, shared administrative staff and other resources. Here are
incubators in Portland:
• Food Innovation Center, targeting international                                   Food Innovation Center
   food products and equipment industries. Facility offers kitchen space and        1207 NW Naito Parkway, #154
   testing facilities. Services include technical assistance with developing        Portland, OR 97209-2834
   business or marketing plans, product packaging, product testing, food            503.872.6657 or 503.872.6680
   product equipment and certification. Partners/sponsors: Oregon         
   Department of Agriculture (ODA); Oregon State University (OSU).

• Portland Business Accelerator, targeting high-tech/ bioscience industries.        Portland Business Accelerator
   Facility offers flex space, technical assistance and mentoring services.         2828 SW Corbett Ave., Suite 100
   Partners/sponsors: Portland State University (PSU), Portland Development         Portland, OR 97201
   Commission (PDC).                                                                503.725.2312

                                 2010 Portland Director y of Business Resources 5
• Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME) incubator space,          OAME
   targeting minority- and women-owned businesses and emerging small            4134 N. Vancouver, Suite 100
   businesses. Facility offers flex space and a commercial kitchen, as well     Portland, OR 97217
   as technical assistance through the PSU Business Outreach program.           503.249.7744
   Partner: PSU.                                                      

• Open Technology Business Center, offering flex space and technical            Open Technology Business Center
   assistance to high-tech start-up firms. Partners/sponsors: Oregon            12725 AQ Millikan Way, Suite 101
   Entrepreneurs Network (OEN), the Software Association of Oregon (SAO),       Beaverton, OR 97005
   Small Business Development Centers (SBDC).                                   971.223.4660

• SmartForest Ventures, offering flex space, financing and mentoring to high-   SmartForest Ventures
   tech start-up firms. Licensed as a Small Business Investment Corp. (SBIC).   Portland Office
   Partners/ sponsors: a mix of public and private investors with high-tech     319 SW Washington St., Suite 720
   development experience.                                                      Portland, OR 97204

• Oregon Nanoscience & Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI), offering            ONAMI
   shared facilities and labs and advanced measurement and fabrication          P.O. Box 2041
   services to nanoscience academic and industry researchers. Partners: most    Corvallis, OR 97339
   Oregon universities, many federal agencies.                                  541.713.1348

D E M O g R a P H I C , E C O n O M I C A n d M A R k E T d ATA
Data Resource Center – Metro
   Metro maintains a database of economic and demographic information           Metro Data Resource Center
   for the Portland-Vancouver area through its Data Resource Center, a U.S.     600 NE Grand Ave.
   Census Bureau affiliate. Data available includes population and household    Portland, OR 97232
   characteristics, housing units, building permits and employment. Medium-     503.797.1742
   and long-range forecasts can be obtained, along with customized    
   reports covering user-defined areas. Data can be displayed as maps and
   complemented by aerial photographs and other spatial imagery.

Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS)
   Online database gives employers, analysts and others business                State of Oregon
   professionals access to a variety of economic information, including         Employment Department OLMIS
   current local and regional economic indicators, industry and occupational    875 Union St., NE
   data and contacts. (part of Work Source)                                     Salem, OR 97311

Population Research Center (PRC)
   “Official” source for all State of Oregon population information, the PRC    Urban Research Center
    is responsible for producing the annual population estimates for the        Portland State University Urban
    state, its counties and cities. The PRC also provides U.S. Census           506 SW Mill St.
    Bureau data to Oregonians.                                                  Portland, OR 97207
                                                                                Mail: Population Research Center
                                                                                PO Box 751
                                                                                Portland, OR 97207-0751

                                                6 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                               PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                                1 . g e n e ral in fo rmaTio n
Portland Business Alliance (PBA)
   Born of a merger between the Portland Metropolitan Chamber of                     Portland Business Alliance
   Commerce and the Association for Portland Progress, the Portland                  200 SW Market St., Suite L150
   Business Alliance offers market research information focused on downtown          Portland, OR 97201
   Portland. It conducts an annual business census & survey of all businesses,       503.224.8684
   governmental entities & non-profit agencies located in the I-5/I-405    
   loop, and provides custom demographic site analyses. It publishes
   an annual report of development & redevelopment projects recently
   completed, under construction or planned in the Central City as well
   as an inventory of available downtown commercial properties and more.

Portland Development Commission (PDC)
   The Portland Development Commission’s research staff maintains current            PDC Economic Development Dept.
   metropolitan and regional market data valuable to new or expanding firms          222 NW 5th Ave.
   considering Portland as a location. Available information covers economic         Portland, OR 97209
   diversity, transportation, labor force, taxes, real estate and other aspects of   503.823.3200
   the business climate. PDC also provides a host of other services, from  
   general information to technical briefings.
   (publication: Economic Development Overview)

College and University Libraries
   Several local colleges maintain libraries that are open to the public and         Lewis & Clark College Library
   which offer current business periodicals, newspapers, trade journals and          0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd.
    books on business. In most cases, only registered students can check out         Portland, OR 97219
   materials although guest patron cards may be available for a fee.                 503.768.7285

                                                                                     Branford P. Millar Library (PSU)
                                                                                     1875 SW Park Ave.
                                                                                     Portland, OR 97201
                                                                                     503.725.4617 (information)

                                                                                     Reed College Library
                                                                                     3203 SE Woodstock
                                                                                     Portland, OR 97202
                                                                                     503.777.7702 (circulation)
                                                                                     503.777.7554 (reference)

                                                                                     University of Portland Library
                                                                                     5000 N. Willamette Blvd.
                                                                                     Portland, OR 97203
Patent & Trademark Library
   The Boley Law Library of the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis &                Boley Law Library
   Clark College is a designated U.S. Patent & Trademark Depository Library.         Lewis & Clark College
   As such, the library has databases of patent and trademark information            10015 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
   as well as full copies of most U.S. patents from1870 to1912 and from              Portland, OR 97219
   1940 to present. It also has full copies of federally registered trademarks,      503.768.6676 (information)
   but does not provide information on state trademarks. Information on a            503.768.6688 (reference)
   specific patent number can be photocopied and mailed at cost, but       
   individual searches will not be performed by library staff.

                                  2010 Portland Director y of Business Resources 7
Multnomah County Library System
  Multnomah County operates the Central Library (downtown Portland),                Multnomah County Library
  16 branch libraries and an outreach library service. The Central Library          Central Branch
  maintains current and past issues of periodicals, technical journals,             801 SW 10th Ave.
  directories and trade magazines. Most services are free to county residents,      Portland, OR 97205
  but a library checkout card is required to take circulating materials from        503.988.5402
  the library.                                                            

Port of Portland Library
   The Port maintains a library of periodicals and reference materials on           Port of Portland Library
   transportation and Port research studies.                                        121 NW Everett St.
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97209

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Maps
   descriptor of maps Use search engine, upper right, and type in maps    

City of Portland
    The City of Portland maintains an online database,,
    which provides access to a wide variety of data, including:
    • Assessor/tax lot info • Aerial photography • Elevation • Schools
    • Parks • Zoning maps • Water/sewer • Natural Hazards
    In addition, the city’s Office of Transportation maintains a web site that
    provides area walking and bicycle maps, including a citywide bike               (click on maps}
    commuter map.

Multnomah County
  County road maps, recorded surveys in Multnomah County, subdivision,              Multnomah County
  condominium and partition plats and assessor’s maps of all areas in the           Surveyor’s Office
  county are available from the surveyor’s office. Topographic maps are             1600 SE 190th Ave.
  available for some areas. Documents will be duplicated for a fee.                 Portland, OR 97233
  Frequently asked questions:                  503.988.3600
  images/MC-GIS-FAQ.pdf                                                   ;

Portland Area Map & Guide (relocation information and general area maps)
   The Portland Business Alliance distributes a map of the greater Portland area,   Portland Business Alliance
   covering Vancouver/Portland and extending to cities to the east (Gresham),       200 SW Market St., Suite 150
   west (Beaverton) and south (Oregon City). Quantity pricing available.            Portland, OR 97201
Portland Vicinity (Central City) Map
   PDC publishes a Central City map that provides detailed building information     Portland Development Commission
   and current urban renewal areas. This map is particularly useful for detailed    (PDC) Public Affairs
   navigation of the Central City and is available on PDC’s website.                222 NW 5th Ave.
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97209

                                                8 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                               PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                                1 . g e n e ral in fo rmaTio n
Regional Maps
   Maps available through Metro’s Regional Map Service include census areas,         Metro Regional Map Service
   zip codes, streets, bike routes, urban growth boundaries, aerial photographs      600 NE Grand Ave.
   and others. In addition, customized color computer-generated maps                 Portland, OR 97232
   showing zoning, underdeveloped lands, land use plans, flood plains and            503.797.1742
   garbage hauler areas are available through the Regional Land Information
   System (RLIS). Computer-generated maps are available printed or in
   electronic format. A free map list is available. A full-color Data Resource
   Center Catalog is available for a fee. (publication: access Walk There!)

n E I G h B O R h O O d I n F O R M AT I O n
Neighborhood Associations
   The city’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) provides information          City of Portland Office of
   about recognized neighborhood associations and assistance with                    Neighborhood Involvement
   organizing such groups. The Neighborhood Involvement Directory provides           1221 SW 4th Ave., Room 110
   contact information for the 550-plus volunteer neighborhood and business          Portland, OR 97204
   association officers, neighborhood coalition and office staff, community          503.823.4519
   festivals and events and neighborhood grants.                           

Assessment/Tax Information
   Information on individual tax lots can be obtained with either an address         Multnomah County
   or tax account number of the property. Telephone requests for information         Division of Assessment & Taxation
   are limited to three per call. For more than three properties, you are            501 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 175
   encouraged to visit the county’s tax information center and use its microfiche    Portland, OR 97214
   readers. Staff is available to assist you. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.             503.988.3326
   Monday through Friday.                                                  

Building Plans
    Microfilm records of existing buildings are available at the city’s Bureau       City of Portland
    of Development Services.                                                         Bureau of Development Services
                                                                                     1900 SW 4th Ave., Suite 5000
                                                                                     Portland, OR 97201
Property Records
   County property records are kept alphabetically by year of recording.             Multnomah County
   Although county staff members do not perform real property title or lien          Division of Assessment & Taxation
   searches, they are available to instruct the public on how to do so using         Recording/Records Management
   microfiche readers. Online, search for records management.                        501 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 175
                                                                                     Portland, OR 97214
TA x E S A n d L I C E n S E S
Business Licenses in Portland
   Information about business licenses and forms for obtaining them are available    City of Portland Revenue Bureau
   from the city’s Revenue Bureau or can be downloaded from its web site.            111 SW Columbia St., #600
   Information about Multnomah County’s Business Income Tax, collected               Portland, OR 97201
   jointly with the city license fee, is also available here.                        503.823.5157

                                  2010 Portland Director y of Business Resources 9
State of Oregon Business Taxes
    Information on corporate taxes, payroll taxes, transit district taxes and          Oregon Dept. of Revenue
    more can be found on the Oregon Department of Revenue web site.                    955 Center St., NE
                                                                                       Salem, OR 97301-2555
                                                                                       1.800.356.4222 (toll-free in OR)
U.S. Government (Federal Small Business and Self-Employment) Taxes
   The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) maintains a web site with information            IRS
   geared to business owners, from small, self-employed entrepreneurs to               1220 SW 3rd Ave.
   large corporations.                                                                 Portland, OR 97204

T R a n S L aT I O n & I n T E R P R E TaT I O n S E R v I C E S
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)/International                        IRCO/ILB
   Language Bank (ILB) This non-profit group’s extensive International Language        10301 NE Glisan St.
   Bank offers professional translation services (for written documents) and           Portland, OR 97220
   24-hour phone or on-site interpretation (speaking) services in both common          503.234.0068
   and obscure languages and dialects.                                       

CTS LanguageLink provides businesses foreign language lessons and services,            CTS LanguageLink
   including cultural awareness seminars, telephonic and live video interpretation,    World Trade Center Portland
   full pre-press and graphic design services specializing in Asian and other          121 SW Salmon St., Suite 200
   non-Roman font output, and foreign language voice talent for recording              503.790.2200
   and audio projects.                                                       

v I S I T O R / T O U R I S M I n f O R M aT I O n & P R O M O T I O n
Local Conventions/Trade Shows
   The Portland Oregon Visitors Association (POVA) actively solicits conventions,      Travel Portland
   trade shows and meetings to the Portland area. POVA helps companies                 701 SW 6th Ave., Suite 1
   with convention services, including advance publicity, attendance promotion,        Portland, OR 97204
   housing and registration. Particular emphasis is given to the Oregon                503.275.9750
   Convention Center. Travel Portland also promotes individual and group travel
   to the greater Portland area and provides free maps and information on
   planned and self-guided tours, mileage, events, resorts, attractions and Oregon’s
   scenic opportunities.

Sporting Events
   The Oregon Sports Authority promotes Oregon as a preferred location                 Oregon Sports Authority
   for select amateur and professional sports events and related activities.           1888 SW Madison St., 2nd floor
   It produces the Oregon Sports Directory, Youth Sports Directory and                 Portland, OR 97205
   comprehensive Sports Calendar, all found on its web site.                           503.234.4500
Statewide Tourism
    The Oregon Tourism Commission markets Oregon as a year-round                       Oregon Tourism Commission
    vacation destination, providing travel information to prospective visitors and     670 Hawthorne Ave., NE, Suite 240
    travel professionals and helping Oregon communities and promotional                Salem, OR 97301
    organizations market their areas and attractions. Commission activities            1.800.547.7842
    include comprehensive media, advertising and public relations programs,  
    publishing travel literature, and providing information to visitors at eight
    State Welcome Centers.

                                                  10 Portland Business Handbook 2010
 P O R T L A n d               d I R E C T O R Y                O F      B U S I n E S S     R E S O U R C E S

                                                                      2. employmenT serviCes
    Programs to help employers and employees related to job placement, employee training,
    child care, compliance with employment regulations and health, unemployment and
    workers’ compensation insurance.

                                                                                                                          s e r v i C e s
Apprenticeship & Training Programs: Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI)
  Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) promotes the development        State of Oregon
  of a highly-skilled, competitive workforce in Oregon through apprenticeship    Bureau of Labor & Industries
  and training programs in partnership with government, labor, business and      800 NE Oregon St., Suite 1045
  educational institutions. It also offers education to employers through its    Portland, OR 97232
  technical assistance services.                                                 971.673.0761 (Opt. 4)

                                                                                                                          e m p l o y m e n T
College-Based Employment Services
   These local colleges and universities offer at least one of the following     Clackamas Community College
   services: on-campus recruitment, internship opportunities and posting         Career and Employer Resource Center
   of job notices.                                                               19600 S. Molalla Ave.
                                                                                 Oregon City, OR 97045
                                                                                 503.657.6958, ext. 2409

                                                                                 Concordia University
                                                                                 Career Resource Center
                                                                                 2811 NE Holman St.

                                                                                                                          2 .
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97211

                                                                                 Lewis & Clark College
                                                                                 Office of Career Advising
                                                                                 0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd.
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97215

                                                                                 Mt. Hood Community College
                                                                                 26000 SE Stark St.
                                                                                 Gresham, OR 97030
                                                                                 Career Planning & Counseling Center
                                                                                 Center for Community & Workforce
                                                                                 Development (employer)
                                                                                 Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT)
                                                                                 Career Services
                                                                                 3201 Campus Dr.
                                                                                 Klamath Falls, OR 97601

                                 2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 11
College-Based Employment Services (continued)                                    Portland Community College (PCC)
                                                                                 Office of Student & Graduate
                                                                                 Cascade Campus
                                                                                 705 N. Killingsworth St.
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97217
                                                                                 Rock Creek Campus
                                                                                 17705 NW Springville Rd.
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97219
                                                                                 Sylvania Campus
                                                                                 12000 SW 49th Ave.
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97219

                                                                                 Portland State University (PSU)
                                                                                 Career Center
                                                                                 402 University Services Bldg.
                                                                                 617 SW Montgomery
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97207-0751

                                                                                 University of Portland
                                                                                 Office of Career Services
                                                                                 Orrico Hall – Lower Level
                                                                                 5000 N. Willamette Blvd.
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97203

                                                                                 Warner Pacific College
                                                                                 Career & Life Planning Office
                                                                                 2219 SE 68th Ave.
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97215
Worksource Oregon
  Worksource Oregon is a statewide public-private network that stimulates job    Worksource Portland Metro Old Town
  growth by connecting businesses and workers with the resources they need       30 N Webster St., Suite E
  to succeed. Whether you need to fill a job or open a factory, Worksource       Portland, OR 97217
  Oregon can help, from connecting you with skilled workers to meet your         503.280.6046
  needs to providing training and business incentives. To list a job or find a
  worker, you can start with iMatchSkills® (through Worksource’s partner, the
  Oregon Employment Department) or contact one of Worksource’s more              New Columbia Opportunity Center
  than 40 One-Stop Centers located around the state (several in Multnomah        4610 N. Trenton St.
  County are listed at right). You can also find the best economic and labor     Portland, OR 97230
  market data available from the state research web site:   503.943.5600
  Also, takes you to the web site
  which has Worksource links. (More information is available in Labor Market     Main menu: Worksource Centers
  Info listing later in this section).                                           Portland: Work Source Metro
                                                                                 Columbia Express, 503.943.5642
                                              12 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                              PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                                2 . e m pl oy m e nT serviCes

Worksource Portland                                                                   Metro East
  Worksource’s 15 Workforce Response Teams (WRTs) throughout Oregon                   19421 SE Stark St.
  offer comprehensive and customized solutions for workforce needs. In the            Gresham OR 97030
  Portland metro area, the WRT is coordinated through Worksystems, Inc.               503.669.7112
  (see next entry). Note: free language assistance services are available,  
  upon request, at all one-stop centers. (Centers: Worksource Portland Metro          locations/Gresham.aspx
  Central, North Portland; Columbia Express, North Portland; Southeast
  Portland; East Portland; Hillsboro; Tualatin; Clackamas)

                                                                                      SE Works
                                                                                      6927 SE Foster Rd.
                                                                                      Portland, OR 97206

                                                                                      PCC Workforce Network:
                                                                                      Metropolitan Workforce Center
                                                                                      5600 NE 42nd Ave.
                                                                                      Portland, OR 97218

Worksystems, Inc.
  The nonprofit Worksystems, Inc. provides much of the same services as               Worksystems, Inc.
  Worksource Oregon (above), but is focused on the Portland metro area                711 SW Alder, Suite 200
  (Multnomah and Washington counties). Through its network of partners,               Portland, OR 97205
  which include local community colleges and city and state agencies,                 503.478.7300
  worksystems can help businesses stay competitive through targeted training,
  access to qualified employees, and assistance during lay-offs and closures.
  Staff is located at Worksource One-Stop Centers in the two metro counties,
  or can be contacted at Worksystems, Inc. headquarters in downtown Portland.

Metro Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R)
  Metro CCR&R offers comprehensive child care assistance in Multnomah,                Metro CCR&R
  Clackamas & Washington counties. In partnership with Work/Life Systems              123 E. Powell, Suite 211
  (the nation’s leading online dependent care program), it links parents with         Gresham, OR 97030
  child care (and adult/elder care) providers and gives employers access to           503.253.5000
  child care resources, information and incentive programs. It also offers  
  parent education on many topics.
                                                                                      Work/Life Oregon
                                                                                      805 Liberty Street, NE, Suite 2
                                                                                      Salem, OR 97301
Oregon Child Care Resource & Referral Network (OCCRRN)
   OCCRRN is a statewide network of 17 community-based child care resource            OCCRRN
   and referral agencies that work to improve the quality, accessibility, and         805 Liberty St. NE, Suite 2
   affordability of child care for all Oregon families. It offers online child care   Salem, OR 97301
   referrals, tips on finding and choosing quality child care, information on         1.800.342.6712
   building a child care business, and links to other resources. It will work
   directly with employers to provide a customized child care resource and
   referral program, offer work-life effectiveness training, parenting classes
   and other educational sessions or materials for employees, and consult on
   company work-life strategies to boost recruitment, retention and productivity.

                                 2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 13
Small Employer Health Plan Information
  The state Office of Private Health Partnerships (OPHP) provides information         Office of Private Health Partnerships
  about health insurance to small employers and designs and markets                   250 Church St. SE, Suite 200
  affordable health insurance plans, including two certified plans that serve         Salem, OR 97301
  uninsured small businesses that employ at least two but no more than                1.800.542.3104
  50 eligible employees. These plans are:                                   

• The Alternative Group Plan, which covers essential services and is designed         Search Engines:
   to provide a low-cost alternative to the basic and catastrophic plans already
   on the market. Employees working an average of at least 17.5 hours per             Small Employer Health Plan Information
   week and their spouses or other adult dependents may be covered under
   this plan. No children may be covered under this plan.                             Analysis of State-Designed Small

• The Children’s Group Plan, which is a comprehensive health benefit plan             Employer Health Plans
   covering children up to age 23. It may be purchased along with the
   Alternative Group Plan or as a stand-alone product covering just the               Health Insurance Learning Center
   children of employees. No adult coverage is provided under this plan.

   Employers must contribute at least $50 per employee but may contribute
   up to 100 percent of the cost of coverage, regardless of what combination
   of plans you select. Your employees contribute the rest. As an added benefit
   to purchasing the Children’s Group Plan, the state’s Family Health Insurance
    Assistance Program may be able to help your lower-income families pay
   their share of the premium.

Information about Federal Discrimination Laws
    Title VII of the 1968 federal Civil Rights Act prohibits employment               U.S. Equal Employment
    discrimination based on race, religion, gender, national origin, or an            Opportunity Commission
    employee’s opposition to unsafe employment practices (applies to                  Seattle District Office
    businesses with 15 or more employees). In addition, the Age Discrimination        Federal Office Building
    in Employment Act provides discrimination protection to workers age 40            909 First Ave., Suite 400
    and older, in companies of 20 or more employees, while the Americans              Seattle, WA 98104
    with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 protects disabled workers in companies        206.220.6883 or
    with 15 or more employees. For information on these and other employment          1.800.669.4000 (toll-free)
    discrimination laws, contact the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity      
Information about State Discrimination Laws
    Oregon Civil Rights Law (ORS 659.030) goes beyond federal law to make             State of Oregon
    it unlawful for any employer with one or more employees to refuse to hire,        Bureau of Labor & Industries
    or to fire, or to otherwise discriminate against an individual in compensation,   Civil Rights Division
    terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of that individual’s       800 NE Oregon St., Suite 1045
    race, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, age (where the           Portland, OR 97232
    individual is 18 or older), family relationship, opposition to safety and         Seattle, WA 98104
    health hazards, and smoking habit. A more comprehensive list can be               971.673.0761 (Opt. 3)
    found at (Enforcing Civil      
    Rights Laws at Civil Rights: Fact Sheets). Additional regarding disabilities
    and injured workers apply to employers with six or more employees.

                                                 14 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                            PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                              2 . e m pl oy m e nT serviCes
L A B O R M A R k E T I n F O R M AT I O n
Oregon Labor Market Information
   The Oregon Employment Department’s OLMIS system provides data on the           State of Oregon
   labor force, including occupational supply/demand analysis, demographic        Employment Department
   statistics, unemployment estimates and more. (OLMIS is part of Worksource).    Oregon Labor Market Information
                                                                                  System (OLMIS)
                                                                                  875 Union Street, NE
                                                                                  Salem, OR 97311

L AY O F F A S S I S T A n C E
Dislocated Worker Program
    Oregon’s Dislocated Worker Program (DWP) can help manage a layoff             Oregon Dislocated Worker Unit
    and find workers new jobs. The DWP Rapid Response Team, a partnership         Hot-line (also for employers)
    between employers, community colleges, state and local workforce              1.800.282.6514
    development agencies and organized labor, provides a variety of no-cost       DWP contact numbers for Portland/
    services to companies throughout the Portland metro area that are             Multnomah County
    experiencing layoffs and closures. This team can help reduce the stress of    503.943.2248
    a layoff and continue to make your employees feel valued. Services include:   503.252.0758
   • Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act: discussion of             503.943.2010
      employer responsibilities and worker rights.                                503.252.0758
   • Company visits: to review and discuss layoff assistance services
      and to customize an action plan that meets business needs.
   • Information sessions: to discuss services available to dislocated
      workers at One Stop Centers, as well as other benefits including
      unemployment insurance, training resources, federal assistance resources.
   • Workshops: to provide information on labor market conditions,
      identifying transferable skills, resume writing and interviewing.
   • Career counseling: to help impacted workers develop or modify
      career plans and locate appropriate training resources.
   To contact the DWP program, call any of the numbers at right or drop
   in any Worksource One-Stop Center listed earlier in this section.

U n E M P L O Y M E n T A S S I S TA n C E
Oregon Unemployment Insurance
   The Oregon Employment Department administers the state’s Unemployment          Metro Unemployment Insurance Center
   Insurance Benefits Program, which is funded by Oregon employers who            PO Box 14135
   are either subject to unemployment insurance payroll taxes or who              Salem, OR 97309
   reimburse the program for the benefits paid to ex-employees. Payments          1.877.877.1781
   are made to qualifying workers who are temporarily unemployed through
   no fault of their own.                                                         index.shtml

Oregon Work Share Compensation
   As an alternative to laying off employees, Oregon’s Work Share program         State of Oregon
   allows an employer to decrease an employee’s hours between 20 and              Employment Department
   40 percent while the Oregon Employment Department provides a                   Work Share Plan
   corresponding percentage of unemployment insurance benefits. At least          1.800.436.6191, ext. 7-1337
   three employees must participate. Interested employers must submit a 
   Work Share Plan Application (                 workshare

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 15
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  Oregon’s Workers’ Compensation Division administers the state’s workers’            State of Oregon
  compensation (Workers’ Comp.) system, which ensures timely and                      Workers’ Compensation Division
  appropriate medical treatment and provides time-loss benefits and return-           350 Winter St., NE
  to-work incentives for injured workers. By law, Oregon employers must               Salem OR 97309
  carry Workers’ Comp. insurance or be self-insured. Workers’ Comp. protects          503.947.7810
  employers by shielding them from liability lawsuits that might result from
  work-related injuries or illnesses. An Ombudsman for Small Business is               index.html
  available to answer employers’ questions about Workers’ Comp. and assist
  with claims processing.                                                             Oregon Ombudsman
                                                                                      for Small Business
                                                                                      350 Winter Street, NE
                                                                                      PO Box 14480
                                                                                      Salem, OR 97309-0405
                                                                                      SBO/index. shtml

Portland Public Schools
   The Portland Public Schools District offers career and technical programs          Portland Public Schools
   that enable students to see the practical applications of academics, often         Professional/Technical Education
   partnering with local businesses to provide student internships, job-shadow        501 N. Dixon St.
   opportunities and work experience.                                                 Portland, OR 97227
Worksource Oregon, Employment Department
  Worksource Oregon, Employment Department provides recruiting services               Worksource Oregon,
  for businesses as the state’s labor exchange. Worksource Oregon links               Employment Department
  businesses to skilled workers through an online database, drawing from              30 N Webster, Suite E
  the largest pool of skilled workers in Oregon. Businesses benefit through           Portland, OR 97217
  fast, easy, flexible services provided from our 24/7 iMatchSkills® system.          503.280.6009
                                                                                      fax: 503.280.6794

                                                                                      Worksource Oregon,
                                                                                      Employment Department
                                                                                      30 N Webster, Suite E
                                                                                      Portland, OR 97217
                                                                                      503.280.6064 ext. 236
Worksystems, Inc.
  Businesses interested in hiring a young person ages 14-21 can contact a             Worksystems, Inc.
  worksystems’ Youth Business Services Specialist and ask about the Youth             711 SW Alder St., Suite 200
  Services Network. Worksystems administers federal funding to help various           Portland, OR 97205
  school districts and youth organizations prepare youth to enter the workforce       503.478.7340
  with the skills employers need. Hiring a young person from this network does
  more than bring you a worker; it provides valuable, real-life, career experience.   youthopportunities/tabid/94/

                                               16 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                          PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                            2 . e m pl oy m e nT serviCes
Among organizations participating in the Youth Services Network:
  • Youth Employability Support Services (YESS) Operated by Mt. Hood          Mt. Hood Community College
    Community College, Project YESS is a comprehensive youth employment,      Project YESS
    training and education program serving 16-21 year olds who have           26000 SE Stark St.
    dropped out of high school, are living in Multnomah County and meet       Portland, OR 97030
    income guidelines. Services include GED preparation, pre-employment       503.491.7641
    testing, job placement and other support services.              

  • Youth Employment Institute (YEI) YEI is a nonprofit organization that     Youth Employment Institute
    provides education, employment, and personal development programs         1704 NE 26th Ave.
    for youth in Portland. YEI’s Employment Services Department coordinates   Portland, OR 97212
    year-round employment training, job development services and work         503.280.1058
    experience placements for youth ages 16-21.                     

                              2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 17
18 Portland Business Handbook 2010
 P O R T L A n d               d I R E C T O R Y              O F       B U S I n E S S        R E S O U R C E S

                                                           3. environmenTal serviCes
   Contacts for street and sewer maintenance, pollution control, crime and fire prevention,
   and other services related to the physical and social environment.


                                                                                                                           s e r v i C e s
Business Assistance Program (BAP)
   The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) offers assistance          State of Oregon
   to small businesses with questions about air quality regulations and related    Department of Environmental Quality
   issues. The DEQ regulates air pollution from business and industry, motor       (DEQ)
   vehicles, open burning and many other sources. A permit is required to          811 SW 6th Ave.
   build and operate most types of commercial and industrial facilities emitting   Portland, OR 97204
   air pollutants. Permits are also required for parking facilities with over      503.229.6147
   1,000 spaces. The DEQ will assist any business in reviewing its plans prior

                                                                                                                           e n v i r o n m e n T a l
   to construction to ensure compliance with applicable pollution control laws.    index.htm

Indoor Air Quality
   Portland offers free, comprehensive technical assistance                        Best Business Center
   to residents, developers, architects and designers pursuing commercial          721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350
   and residential development projects in Portland. Resources are available       Portland, OR 97209
   to help assess and improve indoor air quality.                                  503.823.3919
Community Policing
  The Portland Police Bureau can provide information on community policing,        City of Portland Police Bureau
  neighborhood crime statistics, and police-community partnership agreements       1111 SW 2nd Ave.
  and can also answer questions about the Portland Emergency Notification          Portland, OR 97204
  System (PENS), Block Captain Program, Disability Accommodation Registry          503.823.0283 (planning & support)

                                                                                                                           3 .
  and Chief’s Forum. It also offers a development site plan review service to      503.823.4636 (information line)
  help builders put crime prevention and security measures into building plans.

E n E R G Y C O n S E R VA T I O n
Energy Programs – State
   The Oregon Department of Energy (ODE) offers services and information,          State of Oregon
   including education, training and technical assistance, to help businesses      Department of Energy
   reduce energy costs. Financing and tax credits for energy-saving improve-       625 Marion St., NE, Suite 1
   ments are also available. (See the Financial Assistance chapter.) ODE can       Salem, OR 97301-3742
   help arrange energy audits through local utilities.                             503.378.4040
                                                                                   800.221.8035 (toll-free)
Energy Programs – City of Portland
   The city’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability operates various programs      Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
   for new or existing businesses within the city and in some                      721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350
   cases statewide. Programs offer information on efficient products and           Portland, OR 97209
   services, cash incentives, tax credits and loans that can cut energy costs      503.823.758.7222
   and help businesses save money. If your business is considering making
   improvements to the building shell or interior spaces, staff can assist you     index.cfm
   with information and advice.

Northwest Green Directory
  OSD (see previous entry) also sponsors this self-populated web database
  that provides contact and resource information for green building and
  energy efficiency material and service providers.

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 19
Fire Prevention Unit
    Prevention services are available to all Portland businesses including safety        Portland Fire and Rescue
    inspections, fire and arson investigation, liquid and waste material inventory,      55 SW Ash
    statistical records, building plan examination and training of plant emergency       Portland, OR 97204
    teams.                                                                               503.823.3700

h A z A R d O U S wA S T E
Asbestos Removal
   The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) administers state                       State of Oregon
   regulations pertaining to asbestos abatement. The DEQ also certifies                  Department of Environmental Quality
   and licenses contractors for asbestos removal.                                        811 SW 6th Ave.
                                                                                         Portland, OR 97204
                                                                                         503.229.8414 (asbestos)
Environmental Cleanup
   Businesses that have questions about hazardous waste management practices,            State of Oregon
   waste minimization options or other hazardous waste issues can receive free           Department of Environmental Quality
   technical assistance from DEQ. Based on the business’ location, this general          811 SW 6th Ave.
   contact number will direct the call to the staff resource closest to your location.   Portland, OR 97204
   (Also see Sustainability. The best way to reduce waste pollution is to avoid          503.229.6258 (cleanup)
   producing it in the first place. More information is available at                                                            sustainability/10ways-businesses.htm
   Businesses that generate or store hazardous wastes are required by law to             State of Oregon
   obtain a permit from the DEQ. In some cases, up to 90 days may be                     Department of Environmental Quality
   required to process the necessary applications. Staff recommends that                 811 SW 6th Ave.
   applicants start the application process at the earliest date possible.               Portland, OR 97204
   Technical assistance is available to help businesses reduce their hazardous           503.229.5913
   waste, which can also reduce fees and regulatory requirements.                        1.800.452.4011 (toll free)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publishes a handbook entitled                   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
   The Hazardous Waste Permitting Process: A Citizen’s Guide. The DEQ                    (EPA) U.S. EPA Region 10
   web site above provides a link to this guide, or you can find it at the EPA’s         1200 6th Ave., Suite 900
   web site at right.                                                                    Seattle, WA 98101

Food Handlers Certification
   All food service workers in Oregon must be certified. Multnomah County                Multnomah County Health Dept.
   Environmental Health provides a manual and administers a written exam that            Environmental Health Services
   all food handlers must pass to become certified.                                      3653 SE 34th Ave.
                                                                                         Portland, OR 97202

                                                   20 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                                  PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                                 3 . e n v iron m e n Tal serviCes
Health & Safety Consultation Services
  Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Division (OR-OSHA) offers Oregon             OR-OSHA
  employers free health and safety consultation services, including review of          Consultation Services
  plans and blueprints for new or expanding businesses and written safety              Portland Field Office
  programs, identification of ergonomic risk factors, and evaluation of industrial     1750 NW Naito Pkwy, Suite 112
  health hazards. Consultation includes assistance with developing health and          Portland, OR 97209
  safety programs to control or eliminate hazards.                                     503.229.6193
    Multnomah County Environmental Health Services is responsible for                  Multnomah County
    inspecting all restaurants, temporary food facilities, schools, care facilities,   Environmental Health Services
    swimming pools, hotels and motels.                                                 SE Health Center
                                                                                       3653 SE 34th Ave.
                                                                                       Portland, OR 97202

Abandoned Autos
  The Abandoned Auto Section of the Office of Transportation’s Parking                 City of Portland
  Patrol Division enforces codes relating to abandoned autos.                          Office of Transportation
                                                                                       Abandoned Auto Section
                                                                                       1120 SW 5th, Room 800
                                                                                       Portland, OR 97204
                                                                                       503.823.7309 (24-hour hotline)
                                                                                       503.823.6814 (M-F, 8-4:30)
Insects and Rodents
    Multnomah County’s Vector and Nuisance Control Section can provide                 Multnomah County Health Dept.
    advice on rat prevention in private residences, apartment buildings and            Vector and Nuisance Control
    businesses. Control of mosquito sources and provision of Gambusia                  5235 N. Columbia Blvd.
    (mosquito fish) to public and private ponds is made upon request.                  Portland, OR 97203
Noise Control
  The City of Portland’s noise ordinance establishes permitted levels of noise         City of Portland
  using both audibility standards and actual decibel readings. The Noise               Noise Control
  Control Office fields noise complaints, including enforcement of the                 1900 SW 4th Ave.
  7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday permitted hours of construction.            503.823.7350 (noise control hotline)
                                                                                       (click on “enforcement”)
Nuisance Control
   The city’s Neighborhood Inspections program enforces codes related to               City of Portland
   housing maintenance, including responding to complaints of high grass,              Neighborhood Inspections
   weeds and trash. Compliance Services staff also enforce codes related               1900 SW 4th Ave., Suite 5000
   to dangerous buildings, zoning (e.g., zone violations), construction codes          Portland, OR 97201
   and more.                                                                           503.823.7305; 503.823.7306
                                                                                       (nuisance reports)
                                                                                       (click on “enforcement”)

                                   2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 21
Nuisance Control - County
   Multnomah County enforces the county’s nuisance ordinance and responds to           Multnomah County Health Dept.
   complaints regarding solid waste, inoperable vehicles, uncontrolled growth,         Vector and Nuisance Control
   certain noxious weeds, and other situations affecting the health and welfare        5235 N. Columbia Blvd.
   of residents in unincorporated Multnomah County.                                    Portland, OR 97212

PA R k S A n d R E C R E AT I O n
General Information
  Portland Parks & Recreation publishes maps of the park system as well as             City of Portland
  recreation guides to classes, and information on open gym times, golf                Parks & Recreation
  courses, swimming pool schedules and park concerts. It operates 13                   1120 SW 5th Ave., Suite 1302
  community centers, 13 swimming pools, indoor and outdoor tennis courts,              Portland, OR 97204
  the Community Music Center and Multnomah Arts Center, and numerous                   503.823.PLAY
  other locations. Its web site can be used to search for any park or particular

Organized Recreation
   Portland Parks & Recreation will assist in organizing company leagues and           City of Portland
   tournaments in basketball, softball, touch football and golf.                       Parks & Recreation
                                                                                       Customer Service Center
                                                                                       1120 SW 5th Ave., Lobby
                                                                                       Portland, OR 97204
                                                                                       503.823.2525 (reservation center)

S O L I d wA S T E A n d R E C Y C L I n G
Business Recycling: The BlueWorks Program
   The City of Portland’s BlueWorks Program helps businesses with garbage,             City of Portland
   recycling, waste prevention and buying recycled products. Free resources            Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
   and on-site assistance are available. Staff provide information on local policies   BlueWorks Program
   and procedures related to collection, transportation and disposal or recycling      721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350
   of all solid wastes. BlueWorks businesses also earn awards and recognition          Portland, OR 97209
   from the city.                                                                      503.823.7037
Community Environmental Services
  Community Environmental Services (CES) is a research unit within the Center          Portland State University
  for Urban Studies at Portland State University (PSU). CES conducts research          Center for Urban Studies
  and service projects in the areas of solid waste, recycling, and waste               Community Environmental Services
  prevention with an emphasis on data collection, program evaluation, and              506 SW Mill St., 3rd Floor
  large institution program design and implementation.                                 Portland, OR 97201
Construction Waste Reduction & Recycling
  The city’s Green Building program, provides resources for recycling                  City of Portland
  construction materials, as well as finding and incorporating                         Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
  salvaged materials and deconstructing existing structures for reuse.                 721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350
                                                                                       Portland, OR 97209

                                                 22 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                               PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                              3 . e n v iron m e n Tal serviCes
   Metro operates the Metro Central Transfer Station in northwest Portland,           Metro Central Station
   the Metro South Transfer Station in Oregon City.                                   6161 NW 61st Ave.
                                                                                      (Northwest Portland)
                                                                                      Metro South Station
                                                                                      2001 Washington St.
                                                                                      (Oregon City)
General Information
  Metro operates Metro Recycling Information to provide information on what,          Metro Recycling Information Hotline
  how and where to recycle in the region. Metro provides recycling, waste             503.234.3000
  reduction and education programs throughout the metropolitan region.      

Portland Composts!
   Businesses in the City of Portland can contract with waste haulers to collect      City of Portland
   food waste and food-soiled paper for composting. The city provides                 Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
   technical assistance, training for employees, marketing materials, collection      Portland Composts! Program
   containers and more.                                                               721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350
                                                                                      Portland, OR 97209
                                                                                      503.823.7202 (solid waste and
                                                                                      503.823.1376 (Portland Composts!)
The Rebuilding Center
   The ReBuilding Center is the largest non-profit used building materials resource   The Rebuilding Center
   in North America. You can donate or purchase a wide variety of quality             3625 N. Mississippi Ave.
   used building and remodeling materials here, or tap into their Deconstruction      Portland, OR 97227
   Services – a cost-effective way to remove structures while maximizing              503.331.1877
   material recovery.                                                       

   Businesses that plan to own or operate a site where garbage, demolition            State of Oregon
   waste, industrial waste, land clearing debris or sludge is stored or land-filled   Department of Environmental Quality
   need to apply for a solid waste disposal permit from the state of Oregon           Solid Waste Program
   prior to operation.                                                                811 SW 6th Ave.
                                                                                      Portland, OR 97204
                                                                                      1.800.452.4011 (toll-free DEQ info.)

24-Hour Emergency Operation
   The city’s Bureau of Maintenance responds to sewer and stormwater                  City of Portland
   emergencies, such as backed up sewers and drains.                                  Office of Transportation
                                                                                      Bureau of Maintenance and Repairs
                                                                                      2929 N. Kerby
                                                                                      Portland, OR 97227

                                 2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 23
Industrial Discharge Management
   Industries that produce wastewater or stormwater runoff that contains large            City of Portland
   amounts of conventional organic wastes, or any amount of toxic substances              Bureau of Environmental Services
   or prohibited substances such as flammable, explosive or corrosive materials,          1120 SW 5th Ave., Rm.1000
   may be required to pretreat their wastewater before discharging it into the            Portland, OR 97204
   sewers or storm drainage system. This requirement is administered through              503.823.5320
   the city’s Bureau of Environmental Services Pollution Prevention Program,    
   which issues permits as required. The permit establishes standards for the             index.cfm?c=31844
   discharged wastewater/stormwater and allows the city and the business to               Industrial Stormwater Program:
   plan appropriate pretreatment technique.                                     

Sewer Availability
   The Bureau of Environmental Services can provide information about                     City of Portland
   storm and sanitary sewer availability; design and permit requirements;                 Bureau of Environmental Services
   sewer cost information, etc.                                                           1120 SW 5th Ave. Rm. 1000
                                                                                          Portland, OR 97204
Sewer Cleaning
   Maintenance Bureau personnel are available to assist or advise in solving              City of Portland
   sewer-related problems, including cleaning, inspection and repair.                     Office of Transportation
                                                                                          Bureau of Maintenance and Repairs
                                                                                          2929 N Kerby
                                                                                          Portland, OR 97227
Sewer Rates and Connection Fees
   The city’s Bureau of Environmental Services provides information and cost              City of Portland
   quotations on connecting to the city’s sewage system, monthly sewer rates              Bureau of Environmental Services
   and user fees, cost of increasing sewage discharge and general                         1120 SW 5th Ave. Rm. 1000
   sewer information.                                                                     Portland, OR 97204
24-Hour Emergency Operations
   The city’s Bureau of Maintenance responds to emergency requests to clear               City of Portland
   streets of snow, ice, or high water or to address wind damage or signal                Office of Transportation
   malfunctions, etc.                                                                     Emergency Services
                                                                                          2929 N. Kerby
                                                                                          Portland, OR 97227

   Cleaning & Maintenance
   The Bureau of Maintenance has crews to respond to problems with dirt,                  Portland Transportation Safety &
   glass, brush or other litter in the streets. The bureau also maintains streets         Neighborhood Livability Hot Line
   constructed to county or city specifications by patching, sealing or resurfacing,      503.823.SAFE (7233) (to report
   and is responsible for maintenance of facilities within the street, including curbs,   non-emergency traffic safety issues)
   corners, signs, retaining walls, traffic control devices and pavement markings.

                                                  24 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                               PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                              3 . e n v iron m e n Tal serviCes
Bike Lane Maintenance
   The city Office of Transportation offers a hotline                               503.823.CYCL (2925)
   and online form for small-scale maintenance requests.                  
County Streets
  Streets outside the city limits but within Multnomah County are the               Multnomah County
  responsibility of the county’s Land Use & Transportation Program. If your         Department of Community Services
  business is located in unincorporated Multnomah County, contact the               Land Use & Transportation
  county for planning, maintenance, or emergency service requests.                  1600 SE 190th Ave.
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97233-5910
   Adjacent property owners or developers are usually responsible for the           City of Portland
   cost of construction of local streets. Neighbors in an area to be benefited      Office of Transportation
   by the street may form a “Local Improvement District” to share in the cost       Bureau of Transportation Engineering
   of the improvements. They may also take advantage of installment financing       and Development
   through the city.                                                                1120 SW 5th Ave., Rm. 800
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97204
    The city’s Bureau of Transportation System Management provides and              City of Portland
    maintains street lights for public streets, and covers energy costs.            Bureau of Transportation
                                                                                    Management System
                                                                                    1120 SW 5th Ave., Rm. 800
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97204
Sidewalks, Driveways and Curbs
   Property owners are responsible for the installation and repair of sidewalks,    City of Portland
   driveways and curbs. To ensure safety and neighborhood livability, the           Office of Transportation
   Bureau of Maintenance makes inspections and notifies property owners of          Bureau of Maintenance
   the need to repair.                                                              2929 N. Kerby
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97227
                                                                                    503.823.1711 (Sidewalk Handbook)
Traffic Signals
    Emergency service is available through the Bureau of Maintenance to             503.823.5381 or 5382 (Traffic
    ensure 24-hour operation of signals. Information is also available on           Signal Section)
    obtaining new signals.                                                

Planting, Pruning and Removal
   Permits are required on new developments and renovations and on private          City of Portland
   property when planting, pruning, removing or spraying trees located in the       Parks & Recreation
   city right-of-way. The permit is free and a certified arborist is available to   Urban Forestry Commission
   offer advice on tree planting, pruning, removal and spraying.                    1120 SW 5th Ave., Suite 1302
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97204
                                                                                    (click on “Nature” and then
                                                                                    “Urban Forest”)

                                 2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 25
wA T E R S E R V I C E / q U A L I T Y
Customer Service
   The city’s Bureau of Water Works can assist developers and businesses          City of Portland
   with design and construction of new water systems, leak detection, water       Water Bureau
   conservation (see next page), groundwater protection and more. The city’s      1120 SW 5th Ave.
   Utilities Customer Service Division can set up and close accounts, provide     Portland, OR 97204
   information on rates and services, assist with payment arrangements and        503.823.7368 (permits)
   offer the most recent water quality analysis.                                  503.823.4874 (leaks – 24-hour)
                                                                                  503.287.8686 (technical assistance
                                                                                  for regulated business)
                                                                                  503.823.7770 (customer
                                                                                  service – bills, rates.)

Erosion Control
   The city’s Site Development Program issues site development permits and        City of Portland
   oversees plan review and inspections related to stormwater, sanitation,        Bureau of Development Services
   erosion control, tree preservation and environmental soils.                    Site Development
                                                                                  1900 SW 4th Ave.
                                                                                  Portland, OR 97201
                                                                                  503.823.0900 (erosion control

Water Conservation Assistance
  The Bureau of Water Works’ BIG (Business, Industry and Government)              City of Portland
  water conservation program can help improve the water use efficiency of         Water Bureau
  landscapes and new or remodeled buildings by reviewing project concepts.        BIG Program
  The program also offers technical information on water-efficient technologies   1120 SW 5th Ave.
  and equipment.                                                                  Portland, OR 97204

Water Quality Permits
  Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is responsible for           State of Oregon
  protecting Oregon’s surface waters and groundwater. DEQ issues permits          Department of Environmental Quality
  as needed to regulate the discharge of water pollution from industrial,         811 SW 6th Ave.
  commercial and agricultural facilities, as well as municipal sewage             503.229.5696
  treatment plants and subsurface sewage disposal systems such as septic tanks.

                                               26 Portland Business Handbook 2010
 P O R T L A n d              d I R E C T O R Y               O F      B U S I n E S S         R E S O U R C E S

                                                                     4. faCiliTies for evenTs
   Public facilities available for meetings, conventions, promotional and sports events

M E E T I n g S , C O n v E n T I O n S & P R O M O T I O n a L E v E n T fa C I L I T I E S

                                                                                                                         e v e n T s
   Several schools offer the use of their space for community gatherings when     Lewis & Clark College
   not needed for classes. Catering is available. Facilities should be reserved   Office of Campus Events
   well in advance.                                                               503.768.7235

                                                                                  Mount Hood Community College

                                                                                                                         f o r
                                                                                  Community Services Office

                                                                                                                         f a C i l i T i e s
                                                                                  Portland Community College (PCC)
                                                                                  Public Affairs Department

                                                                                  Portland Public Schools
                                                                                  Civic Use of Buildings

                                                                                  University of Portland

                                                                                                                         4 .
                                                                                  University Events
                                                                                  (Click on “Facilities”)

Community Centers
  Fourteen community centers located throughout the city are available            City of Portland
  for indoor events. Facilities can be reserved by contacting the center          Portland Parks and Recreation
  nearest you (listing follows). For general information, contact                 503.823.PLAY (7529)
  the city Parks and Recreation Bureau or visit its web site.           
                                                                                  (Click on “Recreation” – “Recreation
                                                                                  Facilities” – “Community Centers”
Portland-area Community Centers:
   East Portland           740 SE 106th Ave, Portland, OR 97216                    503.823.3450
   Fulton Park                 68 SW Miles, Portland, OR 97219                     503.823.3180
   Hillside                    653 NW Culpepper Terr., Portland, OR 97210          503.823.3181
   Laurelhurst Dance Studio 3756 SE Oak, Portland, OR 97214                        503.823.4101 (Laurelhurst Club)
   Matt Dishman                77 NE Knott, Portland, OR 97212                     503.823.3673
   Montavilla                  8219 NE Glisan, Portland, OR 97220                  503.823.4101
   Mt. Scott                   5530 SE 72nd, Portland, OR 97206                    503.823.3183
   Overlook House              3839 N. Melrose, Portland, OR 97227                 503.823.3188
   Peninsula Park              700 N. Portland Blvd., Portland, OR 97217           503.823.3620

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 27
Portland-area Community Centers (continued from prior page):
   St. Johns               8427 N. Central, Portland, OR 97203                         503.823.3192
   Sellwood                1436 SE Spokane, Portland, OR 97202                         503.823.3195
   SW Comm. Center         6820 SW 45th, Portland, OR 97219                            503.823.2840
   University Park         9009 N. Foss, Portland, OR 97203                            503.823.3631
   Woodstock               5905 SE 43rd, Portland, OR 97206                            503.823.3633

Other Area Event Venues:

   Leach Botanical Garden and Manor House
                        6704 SE 122nd, Portland, OR 97236                              503.823.9503

   Old Pioneer Church      455 SE Spokane, Portland, OR 97202                          503.234.3570
   Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden (outdoor events)
                        4201 SE Franklin (at Woodstock), Portland, OR 97202            503.256.2483
   Columbia Cottage        4339 N Lombard, Portland, OR 97203                          503.735.1537
   Multnomah Center        7688 SW Capitol Highway, Portland, OR 97219                 503.823.2787
Oregon Convention Center
   The Oregon Convention Center, the largest in the Pacific Northwest, offers          Oregon Convention Center
   more than 1 million square feet and features high-speed internet connections        777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
   throughout, as well as on-site covered parking. MAX, Portland’s light rail          Portland, OR 97232
   system, stops directly at the front door, providing easy access to major hotels     503.235.7575
   and shopping districts.                                                   

Pioneer Courthouse Square
   This full-block open plaza in the heart of downtown is Portland’s premier           Pioneer Courthouse Square
   activity center. Available to rent for exhibits, promotions and community events,   701 SW 6th Ave.
   it is the home of Oregon’s largest visitor information center housing Tri-Met,      Portland, OR 97205
   the Portland Oregon Visitor’s Association (POVA), and Ticket Central for            503.223.1613 (admin. office
   purchasing Ticket-Master, Fastixx and Artistix event and theater tickets.           715 SW Morrison St., Suite 702)

Pittock Mansion
    During non-viewing hours, the mansion is available to organized community          Pittock Mansion
    groups - both nonprofit and commercial - for social functions such as              3229 NW Pittock Dr.
    banquets and receptions. The mansion is limited in seating capacity to             Portland, OR 97210
    50 persons; however for large functions such as receptions, the mansion            503.823.1652
    will accommodate a maximum of 250 people.                                

Portland Center for the Performing Arts
   The “Center” consists of three main buildings housing five theaters: Keller         Portland Center for the
   Auditorium, the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, and the New Theater                  Performing Arts
   Building, which houses the Newmark, the Dolores Winningstad Theater,                1111 SW Broadway
   and the new Brunish Hall.                                                           Portland, OR 97205
   • Keller Auditorium, formerly the Civic Auditorium, seats 3,000 on a
     main floor and two balconies. Known for its excellent acoustics and sight
     lines, easily accommodates Broadway shows, ballet and grand opera.
   • Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall seats 2,776 on a main floor and single
     balcony. Home to Oregon Symphony, it is perfect for musical performances.

                                                 28 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                             PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                                4 . faCil iTie s fo r evenTs

   • New Theater Building houses the Newmark and Dolores Winningstad
     theaters, a large and multi-purpose space, small restaurant, box office and
     administrative offices for the Center, costume workshop, and offices for
     Portland Center Stage, the resident company in the Newmark Theater.
   • Newmark Theater was designed primarily for drama productions, but is
     also suitable for medium and small scale dance, chamber orchestra and
     recitals. The Edwardian-style theater seats 880 on a main floor and two
   Portland Center for the Performing Arts (continued)
   • Dolores Winningstad Theater was designed to be a multipurpose room,
     providing maximum flexibility for presentation of performing arts, meetings,
     dances and receptions. Maximum seating is 288.
   • Virginia Brunish Hall seats 200.
   Lobby spaces in all three buildings are available for rent when the theaters
   are not in use. Rental use ranges from wedding receptions and high school
   proms, to corporate dinners and gala fund-raisers.
   When ornamental gates are lowered closing Main Street between the Arlene
   Schnitzer Concert Hall and the New Theater Building, a landscaped Main
   Street Plaza with public art becomes an attractive site for outdoor events.

Portland Exposition Center
   The Expo center offers more than 330,000 square feet of flat floor space         Portland Metropolitan
   under one roof as well as seven halls of varying sizes. It features 3,000        Exposition Center
   on-site parking spaces and is served by light rail. Food and beverage            2060 N. Marine Dr.
   service is available.                                                            Portland, OR 97217
Portland Spirit Cruises
   Private rental of three yachts is available for Willamette River cruises         Portland Spirit
   accommodating up to 540 passengers. Cruises are available for breakfast          110 SE Caruthers
   or lunch meetings, employee celebrations and holiday parties. An event           Portland, OR 97214
   planner is available with every private rental.                                  503.224.3900
Rose Quarter
   The Rose Quarter features three facilities on its campus: the Rose Garden,       PMC the Rose Quarter
   Memorial Coliseum and the Rose Quarter Commons. From hosting major               Oregon Arena Corp.
   concerts, NBA games, WHL games, circuses, conventions and festivals to           1N Center Court, #150
   trade shows and meeting room banquets, the Rose Quarter accommodates             Portland, OR 97227
   events of all sizes with a variety of specific needs. With a total of 11         503.797.9990
   meeting rooms on campus, the Rose Quarter can host any breakfast,      
   luncheon or dinner banquet.
   • The Rose Garden is a 20,000-plus seat, state-of-the-art arena with
     restaurants and four meeting rooms.
   • The Memorial Coliseum features a 40,000-square-foot exhibit hall,
     seven meeting rooms that can accommodate groups up to 500 people
     and a 12,000-plus seat arena.
   • The Rose Quarter Commons, Portland’s largest outdoor public plaza,
     can accommodate 5,000 people. The paved plaza connects the Rose
     Garden and the Memorial Coliseum.

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 29
World Trade Center Portland Conference Center
  The Conference Center is located at Two World Trade Center, between              World Trade Center Portland
  Southwest Front and First avenues and Taylor and Salmon streets.                 Conference Center
  World-class amenities and a staff committed to service and hospitality are       121 SW Salmon St., 2WTC
  available for your meetings, conferences, banquets, promotional events,          Portland, OR 97204
  receptions and private parties. Gourmet catering services feature an             503.464.8688 (event coordinators)
  international menu. The facility includes 20,000 square feet of flexible
  meeting space, a state-of-the-art auditorium and 10,000 square feet of
  covered outdoor plaza for summer evening events.

S P O R T S E V E n T FA C I L I T I E S – O U T d O O R R E C R E AT I O n
Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) Sports Arenas
   A complete outdoor stadium, the area’s largest aquatic complex, eight           Mt. Hood Community College
   lighted tennis courts, and a domed gymnasium are all available for use          26000 SE Stark St.
   for sporting and entertainment events or recreation.                            503.491.7107

Parks - City
   A business planning a company or group picnic for 50 or more can reserve        City of Portland
   a park area to assure a memorable day. Special events, such as concerts,        Portland Parks & Recreation
   festivals, weddings, or any other organized events using city athletic fields   503.823.2223
   require a permit. Additional information is available by contacting Portland    503.823.2525 (permit information)
   Parks and Recreation.                                                 

Parks - County
   Metro Regional Parks, Trails and Greenspaces manages about 8,500 acres          Metro
   of regional parks, marine and natural area facilities, and open spaces.         Parks, Trails & Greenspaces
   Metro regional parks include Blue Lake Regional Park, Oxbow Regional            600 NE Grand Ave.
   Park, Glendoveer Golf Course and Howell Territorial Park. Metro manages         Portland, OR 97232-2736
   four marine parks that include Sauvie Island Boat Ramp and Oregon’s largest     503.797.1850
   public marina: Chinook Landing on the Columbia River. Metro also manages, also
   natural areas such as Smith and Bybee Lakes and Beggers-tick Wildlife Refuge.

Sports Information
   The Oregon Sports Authority promotes the state of Oregon for select amateur     Oregon Sports Authority
   and professional sports events and related activities. It produces Oregon       1888 SW Madison, 2nd Floor
   Sports Directory, Youth Sports Directory and a comprehensive Sports             Portland, OR 97205
   Calendar, all found on the its web site.                                        503.234.4500

                                                30 Portland Business Handbook 2010
 P O R T L A n d              d I R E C T O R Y             O F      B U S I n E S S          R E S O U R C E S

                                                                 5. finanCial assisTanCe
   Programs offering direct loans, loan guarantees, tax credits and other forms of financial
   assistance. (Note: See the Checklist for New and Expanding Businesses located in the

                                                                                                                      a s s i s T a n C e
   front of this directory for detailed information about how best to research and organize
   a business plan to ensure success with potential lenders – pages 3-5.)

Business Capital Resource Centers (BCRC)
   The U.S. Small Business Administration has partnered with the Oregon           Portland BCRC
   Economic & Community Development Department, Oregon Small Business             Oregon Association of Minority
   Development Center Network, SCORE and local community organizations            Entrepreneurs (OAME)
   to create several BCRCs throughout Oregon. BCRCs provide “one-stop”            4134 N. Vancouver Ave.

                                                                                                                      f i n a n C i a l
   access to information on local capital resources and assistance with           Portland, OR 97217
   writing loan proposals. Each BCRC offers an extensive small business           503.249.7744
   library and computer resources.                                      

Portland State University Business Outreach Program
   The Business Outreach Program provides long-term mentoring relationships to    Portland State University
   start-up and emerging business. The program offers businesses assistance by    School of Business Administration
   providing product cost analysis, accounting system set-ups and training, and   Business Outreach Program
   business assessments using measurements such as financial health and           4314 N. Vancouver, Suite 309
   profit potential.                                                              Portland, OR 97217

                                                                                                                      5 .

  SCORE, sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), provides      Portland SCORE
  volunteer counselors to prospective and current business owners desiring        601 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 950
  advice and training on management and financial issues.                         Portland, OR 97204

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)
  Staffed with experienced business instructors and counselors, the centers       Portland Community College
  offer workshops, classes, one-on-one counseling, and a variety of tools to      Small Business Development Center
  help individuals start and grow a business. Classes are taught by business      2025 Lloyd Center Mall
  professionals and cover all phases of a business from start-up to development   Portland, OR 97232
  and growth. Topics include: Business Operations, Marketing, Writing a           503.978.5080
  Business Plan, and Financing Your Business.                           
                                                                                  (For other locations, visit:

                               2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 31
Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDRB)
   The state will issue tax-exempt bonds on behalf of qualified businesses to      State of Oregon
   provide long-term financing for land, buildings and equipment at rates          Oregon Business Development
   below the prime rate. Generally, projects need to be for at least $1 million.   775 Summer St., Suite 200
   Other issuers of industrial development revenue bonds include Oregon’s          Salem, OR 97301-1280
   port districts and the Portland Development Commission (for projects within     503.986.0123
   the districts or city limits, respectively).                          

                                                                                   Portland Development Commission
                                                                                   222 NW 5th Ave.
                                                                                   Portland, OR 97209

                                                                                   Port of Portland
                                                                                   121 NW Everett Street
                                                                                   Portland, OR 97209-4049

Housing Development Loans/Incentives
  The Portland Housing Bureau offers direct financial assistance through Housing   Portland
  Development Subordinate Loana, Direct Financed Acquisition Loana and Equity      Housing Bureau
  Gap Contribution programs, among others. These usually serve as gap              421 SW 6th Ave., Suite 500
  financing on projects that further city housing goals for affordable housing,    Portland, OR 97204
  mixed-income and mixed-use housing, rental or ownership housing, family          503.823.2375
  housing, senior and special-needs housing.                             
Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund (EDLF)
    The EDLF fund provides initial loans of up to $25,000 and follow-up loans of   State of Oregon
    $15,000 to businesses meeting two of the following criteria: 1) in operation   Oregon Business Development
    for less than 24 months; 2) revenues of $100,000 or less in the last           775 Summer St., Suite 200
    12 months; or 3) run by a severely disabled person. The applicant must also    Salem, OR 97301-1280
    be enrolled in or have completed a Small Business Development Center           503.986.0123
    (SBDC) counseling program and have a business plan reviewed by an SBDC.
Mercy Corps Northwest Loan Program
  Mercy Corps Northwest assists individuals from the Portland–Vancouver            Mercy Corps NW
  metro region, including minorities, women, refugees, immigrants, and the         43 SW Naito Parkway
  previously incarcerated, by increasing their economic self-sufficiency through   Portland, OR 97204
  micro-enterprise development and self-employment. The Mercy Corps                503.896.5070
  Northwest Loan program exists to provide financing to entrepreneurs who, also
  have viable business ideas. Loans range from $500 to $50,000 based on  
  capability and capacity. Terms are for up to 60 months and are at
  competitive rates.

Micro-Enterprise Loan Fund
   Targeted to small, emerging, women-owned and minority businesses, this          Albina Community Bank - MLK Branch
   program provides loans and lines of credit from $5,000 to $50,000.              2002 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
   A grant from the State of Oregon Economic and Community Development             Portland, OR 97212
   Department allows Albina Community Bank to provide this service.                503.287.7537

                                                32 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                             PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                               5 . f in an Cial assisTanCe
Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs Credit Corp. (OAMECC)
   This subsidiary of OAME provides direct financial aid to business owners         OAMECC
   through a micro-plan program ($500 to $15,000 loans) or through a                4134 N. Vancouver
   Small Business Administration MicroLoan Program (loans up to $35,000).           Portland, OR 97217
Oregon Business Development Fund (OBDF)
   The “regular” OBDF program offers longer-term gap financing for basic-           State of Oregon
   sector businesses of up to $500,000 or 40 percent of a project’s cost.           Oregon Business Development
   The “targeted” OBDF provides incentives that encourage companies                 775 Summer St., Suite 200
   to locate or expand in distressed areas of the state, offering below-market      Salem, OR 97301-1280
   interest rates (prime minus four points) with a floor of four percent.           503.986.0123
Oregon Capital Access Program
   This program is designed to increase bank financing to Oregon small              State of Oregon
   businesses by providing loan portfolio insurance to cover higher risk            Oregon Business Development
   loans. Borrowers pay a fee of between 3 and 7 percent of the loan                775 Summer St., Suite 200
   amount, which is matched by the state and contributed to a loan loss             Salem, OR 97301-1280
   reserve account.                                                                 503.986.0123
Oregon Credit Enhancement Fund (CEF)
   Like the Capital Access Program, the CEF fund provides guarantees to             State of Oregon
   enrolled banks, enabling them to increase capital available to small Oregon      Economic & Community
   businesses. However, greater restrictions apply as to the type, size and         Development Dept. (OECDD)
   location of businesses that qualify. The state charges a one-time, up front      775 Summer St., Suite 200
   insurance premium for the program.                                               Salem, OR 97301-1280
Portland Development Commission (PDC)
   Portland companies able to obtain some financing from private sources or         Portland Development Commission
   lenders, but not enough to achieve their objectives, are potential candidates    222 NW 5th Ave.
   for PDC business finance tools. Each program has unique service areas            Portland, OR 97209
   and terms and comes with job retention and creation requirements.                503.823.3321
   A copy of the Quick Guide to PDC Business Finance Programs may be      
   downloaded from PDC’s web site or picked up at PDC’s headquarters.
   Full descriptions of each loan program are available on the web site.

ShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia
   This non-profit, community development financial institution provides loans      ShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia
   and one-on-one business counseling to underserved entrepreneurs and small        1101 SW Washington St.
   businesses, particularly low-income individuals, minorities and women.           Portland, OR 97205
                                                                                    503.916.1552 ext. 129
Small Business Administration Loan Guarantee Programs
The U.S. Small Business Administration offers a variety of loan programs.
   Among them:
• The 504 Loan Program provides long-term subordinate financing for the             U.S. Small Business Administration
   acquisition or renovation of land, buildings, or major equipment by businesses   Portland District Office
   that create jobs, improve the local economy or meet other SBA goals.             601 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 950
   The borrower puts 10 percent down, obtains 50 percent financing and the          Portland, OR 97204-3154
   SBA program provides the remaining 40 percent. Loans are provided through        503.326.2682
   Certified Development Companies. (Local CDCs are listed on the SBA web site.)

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 33
Small Business Administration Loan Guarantee Programs (continued from prior page)

   • The 7 (a) Loan Guaranty Program can be used to obtain a third-party loan          SBA 504 Loan CDCs:
     to expand or renovate facilities, purchase machinery and major equipment,         CCD Business Development Corp.;
     augment working capital, purchase land or buildings or construct commercial       Portland Office
     buildings, and refinance existing debt. The SBA can guarantee as much as          6312 SW Capitol Hwy., Suite 441
     85 percent of loans up to $150,000 and 75 percent of loans over that              Portland, OR 97239
     amount. Beyond the regular 7(a) program, there are several specialized            503.245.1175
     7(a) loan guaranty programs, including:                                 
   • CAPlines, an umbrella loan program helping small businesses meet their            Evergreen Business Capital
      short-term and cyclical working capital needs through five different programs.   1618 SW 1st Ave., Suite 401
   • The LowDoc Loan Program, offering a simple, one-page SBA application              Portland, OR 97201
      form and rapid turn-around on qualifying loans.                                  503.222.7496 or 1091
   • The Export Express Loan Program, helping to secure loans of up to                 1.800. 878.6613 (toll free)
      $250,000 for either short-term working capital or longer term fixed    
       asset financing.
   • The Export Working Capital Program, providing companies with loan                 U.S. Small Business Administration
      guarantees of up to $2 million specifically for export sales and contracts.      Portland District Office
   • The International Trade Loan Program, offers long-term financing to               601 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 950
      growing export businesses and those adversely affected by import                 Portland, OR 97204-3154
      competition.                                                                     503.326.2682
   • SBAExpress, authorizing SBA preferred lenders a streamlined process     
      for loans of up to $350,000 (SBA guarantees 50 percent).
   • The 7(m) Microloan Program provides between $500 and $35,000                      SBA 7(m) Microloan Provider:
     loans through nonprofit intermediaries. Proceeds may be used for typical          OAMECC
     business purposes such as working capital, machinery and equipment, etc.          4134 N. Vancouver
                                                                                       Portland, OR 97217
   • The Small Business Investment Company Program (SBIC) brings together              SBA SBIC Providers (list):
    privately owned and managed investment (“venture capital”) firms interested /aboutsba/sbaprograms/
     in investing or making loans to small businesses in the manufacturing and         inv/index.html
     service industries. Investments and/or loans may involve the SBIC’s own
     funds or funds obtained at favorable rates with SBA guarantees.
State Energy Loan Program (SELP)
    SELP finances qualifying energy conservation projects and renewable energy         Oregon Dept. of Energy
    resource development in Oregon, including projects that use recycled               625 Marion St. NE
    materials to create products or use or promote the use of alternative fuels.       Salem, OR 97301-3742
    Projects can be a retrofit of existing facilities or new construction. Loans       503.378.4040
    are fixed rate, long term and at competitive rates.                                1.800.221.8035 (toll-free)

Surety Bond Guarantee Program
   This SBA program provides assistance to qualified small business                    Supervisory Surety Bond Specialist
   contractors of good character and reputation who are required to have a             Thomas Ewbank
   bid, performance or payment bond in order to obtain a contract, providing           2401 4th Ave., Suite 450
   a bond is not obtainable without SBA’s assistance.                                  Seattle, WA 98121
                                                                                       wha tis.html (general info)
                                                                                       (local agents)

                                                34 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                            PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                              5 . f in an Cial assisTanCe
M AT C h I n G G R A n T P R O G R A M S
Asset Builder Individual Development Account (IDA)
   Mercy Corps Northwest offers a matched savings account to help low-             Mercy Corps Northwest
   income entrepreneurs save money to invest in their own micro-enterprise.        43 SW Naito Parkway
   Over several months, eligible participants make regular deposits into an        Portland, OR 97204
   account at a partner bank to reach a savings goal, and attend money             503.896.5070
   management and business planning workshops. Upon successful completion,
   savers access a matched investment to purchase business-related assets.
Development Opportunity Services (DOS)
   PDC’s Development Opportunity Services Program provides business                Portland Development Commission
   and property owners with technical assistance and resources to assess the       Development Dept.
   feasibility of redeveloping property along commercial main streets. The DOS     222 NW 5th Ave.
   program provides seed money to hire real estate development consultants         Portland, OR 97209-3859
   who help evaluate possible uses and improvements for underutilized or           503.823.3200
   vacant properties.                                                    
Green Investment Fund (GIF)
   The Green Investment Fund is a competitive grant program that supports          City of Portland
   innovative green building projects in Portland. Industrial, residential,        Office of Sustainable Development
   commercial, and mixed-use public and private organizations may apply            721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350
   through the city’s Office of Sustainable Development.                           Portland, OR 97209

   Multifamily Energy Assistance Program
   The city provides free assistance to multifamily property owners to             City of Portland
   achieve energy efficiency and financial savings through weatherization.         Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
   Customer service specialists educate and help property owners and               721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350
   managers apply for valuable incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc.,   Portland, OR 97209
   and the Oregon Department of Energy.                                            503.823.0532

Storefront Improvement Program
   The Storefront Improvement Program provides matching grants and technical       Portland Development Commission
   assistance to business and property owners in eligible neighborhoods.           Economic Development Department
   Recipients can use the support for a variety of building façade improvements,   222 NW 5th Ave.
   ranging from repainting to purchase of new windows and awnings.                 Portland, OR 97209
The Sustainable Business Assistance Program
   The Zero Waste Alliance (ZWA) manages the Sustainable Business Assistance       Zero Waste Alliance
   Program that provides matching funds to companies for an identified project     The Sustainable Business
   to reduce waste, identify alternative processing solutions, and/or review a     Assistance Program
   building design for increased energy efficiencies. The program is available     One World Trade center
   to companies that are located in urban renewal areas with available funds.      121 SW Salmon Street
                                                                                   Portland, OR 97204

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 35
Ta x a B aT E M E n T S , C R E D I T S , & E x E M P T I O n S
Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC)
   BETC is an incentive for businesses to invest in energy conservation, recycling,   State of Oregon
   renewable energy resources and less-polluting transportation modes and fuels.      Department of Energy
   The tax credit is 35 percent of eligible project costs and is taken over five      625 Marion St., NE, Suite 1
   years: 10 percent in the first and second years and 5 percent each year            Salem, OR 97301
   thereafter. Unused credits can be carried forward up to eight years. Those         1.800.221.8035 (toll free)
   with eligible project costs of $20,000 or less may take the tax credit in
   one year.                                                                          BUS/BETC.shtml

Construction-In-Process Exemption
  Most projects to erect or enlarge a building or structure may be exempt             Multnomah County
  from property taxes for up to two years anywhere in Oregon, while under             Division of Assessment and Taxation
  construction and not in use or occupied – or otherwise not ready for any            P.O. Box 2716
  commercially intended purpose – on Jan. 1 of the tax assessment year.               Portland, OR 97208-2716
  This exemption applies also to on-site machinery or equipment being                 503.988.3326
  installed as real property.                                               

Enterprise & E-Commerce Zone Tax Benefits
   The North/Northeast Portland Enterprise and Electronic Commerce Zone               Portland Development Commission
   is a public/private partnership program managed by the PDC that provides           Economic Development Department
   a five-year property tax abatement on new investment and, for eligible             222 NW 5th Ave.
   E-commerce businesses, a 25 percent state income/excise tax credit, in             Portland, OR 97209
   exchange for meeting job creation and other requirements aimed at business         503.823.3200
   creation within the zone.                                                

Environmental Tax Credits
   Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality can help Oregon business              State of Oregon
   owners determine which of several Oregon tax credits they may be eligible          Dept. of Environmental Quality
   for, such as pollution control tax credits and truck engine tax credits.           811 SW 6th Ave
                                                                                      Portland, OR 97204-1390
Green Building Tax Credits
   G/Rated, the city’s green building program, maintains a comprehensive              City of Portland
   list of current financial incentives for commercial green building projects.       Office of Sustainable Development
   Visit G/Rated’s web site for an up-to-date list.                                   721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350
                                                                                      Portland, OR 97209
                                                                                      503.823.5431 (Green Buildin Hotline)
                                                                                      (pdf document: Green Building Incentives
                                                                                      That Work)
Historic Property Tax Benefits
    The Oregon SHPO has two tax incentive programs to encourage the                   State Historic Preservation Office
    appropriate rehabilitation and maintenance of historic properties listed on the   (SHPO)
    National Register of Historic Places. The Federal Tax Credit program is for       725 Summer St., NE, Suite E
    income-producing buildings only (commercial and residential rental). It saves     Salem, OR 97301
    the property owner 20 percent of the cost of rehabilitation through a federal     503.378.4168, ext. 260
    income tax credit. Oregon´s Special Assessment of Historic Properties    HCD/
    program offers a 15-year “freeze” of a property’s assessed value for buildings    SHPO/index.shtml
    that will be significantly but appropriately rehabilitated and maintained.

                                                 36 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                                PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                                  5 . f in an Cial assisTanCe
Historic Preservation Easements
    As a tool to protect historic properties, this program allows owners of a listed    Historic Preservation League of Oregon
    historic place to donate an easement to the non-profit Historic Preservation        24 NW 1st Ave., Suite 274
    League of Oregon (HPLO), thereby restricting future use or development.             Portland, OR 97209
    Tax benefits to the donor include write-offs for charitable deductions on federal   503.243.1923
    tax returns, which carry through on state returns. Property and estate taxes
    may also be reduced if true cash value of the property is lessened.
Housing Development Tax Benefits
  PDC offers several tax abatement and exemption programs to housing                    Portland Housing
  developers building specific types of housing and/or in particular areas              Bureau
  of the city. These include tax breaks for qualifying transit-oriented                 421 SW 6th Ave., Suite 500
  development (TOD), new multiple-unit housing (NMUH) in urban renewal                  Portland, OR 97204
  areas or the Central City, single-family new construction within the                  503.823.2375
  “Homebuyer Opportunity Area,” rental property rehabilitation and certain    
  fee exemptions for affordable housing.                                                and_developers/default.asp
Miscellaneous Business Tax Credits
   The Oregon Department of Revenue has information and online forms for                State of Oregon
   various tax credits for corporations, including those for employer-provided          Department of Revenue
   dependent care assistance, donations of computers for research, even fish            955 Center St., NE
   habitat improvements.                                                                Salem, OR 97301-2555
                                                                                        1.800.356.4222 (toll-free)
Research Tax Credits
   Offered to corporate taxpayers, Oregon’s Research Tax Credit applies to              State of Oregon
   research activity or investments and usually equals 5 percent of the increase        Department of Revenue
   in qualified research expenses over a base amount for the taxable year.              503.945.8290; 503.378.4988
   The annual maximum credit allowed is $2 million per claimant.                        1.800.356.4222 (toll-free)
Strategic Investment Program (SIP)
    The Strategic Investment Program (SIP) offers property tax relief for qualifying    State of Oregon
    large capital projects. Properties developed under this program are exempt          Business Development Deptartment
    from local property taxes for 15 years on assessed value in excess of                775 Summer St., Suite 200
    $25 million ($100 million in a large, urban area).                                  Salem, OR 97301-1280

Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)
   OEN manages the operations of two investment groups that help entrepreneurs          OEN
   fund the growth of their enterprise. The Women’s Investment Network (WIN)            309 SW 6th Ave., Suite 212
   and the Portland Angel Network (PAN) meet regularly to discuss investment            Portland, OR 97204
   opportunities in emerging companies in the region, and looks particularly at         503.222.2270
   opportunities with good growth and profit potential. Companies looking to  
   receive angel funding should be seeking capital within the range of
   $250,000 to $2 million. Interested companies are strongly encouraged to
   participate in OEN.

                                  2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 37
Active Capital
   This private, non-profit listing service, previously known as the Angel Capital   Active Capital
   Electronic Network (ACE-Net), is the only low-cost Internet-based option to, Inc.
   register securities for sale, up to $5 million/year. Small business owners may    Office of Technology and
   vate investors can search for equity financing projects that interest them.       Commercialization
                                                                                     CA State University San Bernadino
                                                                                     5500 University Parkway
                                                                                     San Bernadino, CA 92407
                                                                                     Oregon State Regulator:
                                                                                     Department of Consumer and
                                                                                     Business Services Division of Finance
                                                                                     and Corporate Securities
                                                                                     350 Winter St., NE, Room 410
                                                                                     Salem, OR 97301-3881
                                                                                     503.378.4387 (district admin.)

                                                 38 Portland Business Handbook 2010
 P O R T L A n d               d I R E C T O R Y              O F       B U S I n E S S            R E S O U R C E S

                         6. inTernaTional Trade (imporT/exporT)
   Agencies, services and resources available to help businesses involved in
   trading overseas, or seeking to expand into international markets.

Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

                                                                                                                              ( i m p o r T / e x p o r T )
   CIBERs assist U.S. companies with exporting and are located at 31universities       University of Washington
   around the U.S. (University of Washington in the Pacific Northwest) Each            Center for International Business
   center serves as a regional resource to business, students, and academics,          Education and Research (Ciber)
   offering current information on the business and political climates in197           The Business School
   countries, market potential indicators, and more.                                   Seattle, WA 98195-3200
                                                                                       206.685.3432 (Global Business Cntr.)
                                                                                       Email: brings together resources from across the U.S. Government to   
   assist American businesses in planning their international sales strategies and     1.800.USA.TRADE (872.8723)
   succeed in today’s global marketplace. From market research and trade     
   leads to export finance information to agricultural export assistance,   Email:
   helps American exporters navigate the international sales process and avoid
   pitfalls such as non-payment and intellectual property misappropriation.

                                                                                                                              T r a d e
   Learn how to export in its Export Basics section or register to access market
   research and trade leads. Contact the Trade Information Center to receive
   immediate answers to exporting questions. Or call trade specialists to receive
   top-notch export solutions, international trade guidance and referrals to key
   contacts in the U.S. Government.
   Among specific services/resources accessible through (or at

                                                                                                                              i n T e r n a T i o n a l
   separate phone numbers and web sites as listed):
• Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS).
   BISNIS is the U.S. Government’s primary market information center for U.S.          U.S. Dept. of Commerce
   companies exploring export and investment opportunities in Russia and               USA Trade Center
   Eurasia. BISNIS provides U.S. companies with the latest market reports and          1401 Constitution Ave, NW
   tips on developments, export and investment leads, and strategies for doing         Washington, DC 20230
   business in Russia and Eurasia.                                                     Stop R*BISNIS
                                                                                       1.800.USA.TRADE (872.8723)
• Export-Import Bank of the United States. (See page 40 in this section.)
• Foreign Agriculture Service. Part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture
   (USDA), the FAS works to improve foreign market access for U.S. products,           U.S. Department of Agriculture         6 .
   build new markets, improve the competitive position of U.S. agriculture in          Market Access and Compliance
   the global marketplace, and provide food aid and technical assistance               International Trade Administration
   to foreign countries. Staffing offices in more than 90 countries around the         1401 Constitution Ave, NW
   world, FAS has primary responsibility for USDA’s international activities –         Washington, D.C. 20230
   market development, trade agreements and negotiations, and the                      1.800.USA.TRADE (872.8723)
   collection and analysis of statistics and market information. It also     
   administers USDA’s export credit guarantee.                                         or
• Overseas Private Investment Corporation. (See page 41 in this section.)

                                 2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 39
• Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (TAAC). Sponsored by the U.S.                      U.S. Department of Commerce
   Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, TAAC                     Economic Development Administration
   is often referred to as a government “grant” program, although it is actually        Northwest Trade Adjustment
   a matching funds program designed to help manufacturing and production               Assistance Center (TAAC)
   firms that have lost domestic sales and employment due to increased imports          1200 Westlake Ave., N., Suite 802
   of similar or competitive goods. To help a firm improve its competitive position,    Seattle, WA 98109
   TAAC covers outside consulting services, which can include engineers,                1.800.667.8087
   designers or other industry-specific experts.                              
• Trade Compliance Center (TCC). Part of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s              U.S. Department of Commerce
   International Trade Administration, the TCC is the U.S. Government’s focal           Trade Compliance Center (TCC)
   point for monitoring foreign compliance with trade agreements to see that            Market Access and Compliance
   U.S. firms and workers get maximum benefits from these agreements. Contact           International Trade Administration
   the TCC for assistance in resolving trade barriers or unfair situations you          1401 Constitution Ave., NW
   encounter in foreign markets. The TCC’s web site offers a trade agreement            Washington, D.C. 20230
   database, market access reports, up-to-date news on changes affecting                1.800.USA.TRADE (872.8723)
   market access and a trade complaint hotline for businesses experiencing    
   foreign trade barriers.                                                              or
• U.S. Export Assistance Center (EAC) – Portland. Trade professionals at                U.S. Department of Commerce
   this center provide counseling and a variety of products and services to help        U.S. Export Assistance Center –
   small and midsized U.S. businesses export their products and services.               Portland
   Designed to be a comprehensive, “one-stop” source of trade information               One World Trade Center
   and help, Portland’s EAC is staffed by the U.S. Commercial Service. The              121 SW Salmon St., Suite 242
   Economic Development Administration is also located within the EAC. All              Portland, OR 97204
   are agencies within the U.S. Department of Commerce. Center staff can                503.326.3001 or 5498
   help companies determine their market potential, provide detailed information
   about business and economic conditions of markets they are considering,              (export financing)
   assist in finding international partners, and help create market entry strategies.
    The U.S. Small Business Administration representative located in the center         (listing of international trade resources
   provides export finance counseling and assistance about programs that exist          and assistance:
   to help exporters leverage their financial resources.                                localresources/district/or/or_
• U.S. Small Business Administration Office of International Trade.
   (See page 41in this section.)
• U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). This agency offers technical               U.S. Trade and Development Agency
   assistance, investment analysis, training, orientation visits and business           1000 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1600
   workshops that support development of export opportunities in developing             Arlington, VA 22209
   and middle-income countries. Details on how to work with USTDA, current              703.875.4357
   competitive opportunities, upcoming events, and information on how to      
   obtain copies of USTDA-funded studies are available on its web site.
Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank)
   Through its main office in Washington, D.C., and its regional offices, the           Export-Import Bank of the United States
   Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) offers export (not import)      811 Vermont Ave., NW
   counseling and financial assistance to U.S. businesses unable to obtain trade        Washington, DC 20571
   financing through the private sector. Ex-Im has three main programs: the             800.565.3946 (Select Option #2
   Working Capital Guarantee Program, the Export Credit Insurance                       to reach nearest regional office)
   Program and the Direct Loans and Guarantees Program. Ex-Im also                      800.565.EXIM (3946)
   helps to level the playing field for U.S. exporters by matching the financing
   that other governments provide to their exporters.

                                                  40 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                             PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                6 . in Te rn aTion al Trad e (im por T/exp o rT)
Foreign Trade Zones
   Oregon has four foreign trade zones (FTZs), including No. 45 in Portland,          Port of Portland
   administered by the Port of Portland. An FTZ is an area under U.S.                 121 NW Everett St.
   Customs’ supervision where foreign products may be brought into the                Portland, OR 97209
   country, deferring payment of duties until these goods leave the zone and          503.944.7000
   enter the U.S. stream of commerce. The advantage is that imports may be  
   stored, exhibited, processed or assembled without duties being paid until
   the goods physically move out of the zone. Moreover, if imported goods
   are later exported from the FTZ to a foreign destination, no customs duties
   are required.
Oregon Agricultural Development & Marketing Division (ADMD)
   Oregon’s ADMD offers international and domestic marketing assistance for           Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
   agricultural and aquatic (seafood) products, opening and developing export         Agricultural Development and
   markets for Oregon producers. It organizes and leads overseas agricultural         Marketing Division
   trade missions and hosts incoming foreign business delegates. It works closely     Food Innovation Center
   with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and is a member of the            1207 NW Naito Parkway, Suite 104
   Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA), which administrates          Portland, OR 97209-2832
   the Market Access Program (MAP) a grant program funded by the USDA.                503.872.6600
Oregon Economic & Community Development Department (OECDD)
   OECDD’s International Trade Team helps identify prospects for Oregon               Business Development Department
   products in key international markets and helps Oregon companies capitalize        Portland Office–
   on these opportunities. Overseas representatives in Japan, China, Korea,           One World Trade Center
   and elsewhere in Southeast Asia and in Europe help Oregon companies by             121 SW Salmon St., Suite 205
   combining their market knowledge of Oregon products, companies and                 Portland, OR 97204
   culture with years of home-grown private sector experience. The International      503.229.5625 (Internat’l Trade Team)
   Trade Team is guided by an International Trade Commission composed of              1.800.233.3306 (toll-free in Oregon)
   experienced business people representing leading firms in the international
   business community. OECDD also hosts on online International Trade                 Business/Business-Services/
   Directory listing Oregon companies exporting products and/or services.             Export-assistance
                                                                                      Oregon Trade Promotion Plan (OTPP)
Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
  OPIC is a government agency that provides insurance and other forms                 Overseas Private Investment Corp.
  of financing to U.S. businesses overseas. OPIC programs are available               Information Officer,
  for new and expanding business enterprises in approximately 150 countries.          Office of External Affairs
  OPIC provides medium- to long- term financing through loans guarantees              1100 New York Ave., NW
  (generally from $10 million to $200 million) and direct loans (generally            Washington, D.C. 20527
  from $2 million to $30 million).                                                    202.336.8799
Pacific Northwest International Trade Association (PNITA)
   PNITA is a private, non-profit trade association committed to promoting            PNITA
   international trade throughout the Pacific Northwest. It represents leading        Portland Business Alliance
   corporations and small businesses located in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington.        200 SW Market St., Suite 1770
   Members are exporters and importers in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing,   Portland OR 97201
   and the service sectors.                                                           503.260.3235
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) International Trade Counseling               Small Business Development Center
  The SBDC offers classes, workshops, and counseling services to assist               2025 Lloyd Center Mall
  small businesses that are looking to become active in international trade.          Portland, OR 97232
   International trade training class topics can be found at             503.978.5080
  schedule (click on non-credit classes and Small Business Development Center).

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 41
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
   This web site provides Information on a variety of import and export topics,          U.S. Customs and Border Protection
   including declaration procedures and requirements. An online Automated                Portland Field Operations Office
   Export System (AES) provides simple procedures for paperless filing for the           8337 NE Alderwood Rd., Room 200
   Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) and Ocean Manifests, with instructions             Portland, OR 97220
   that offer quick tips on filing a letter of intent and other pertinent information.   503.326.2865

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) – Export Financing Programs
   The U.S. Small Business Administration offers a variety of export financing           U.S. Small Business Administration
   programs. The most popular are described below. For more information,                 Portland District Office
   contact the SBA export loan specialist at the U.S. Export Assistance Center,          601 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 950
   or the SBA’s Portland office.                                                         Portland, OR 97204-3154

• Export Working Capital Program (EWCP) – provides companies with loan                   U.S. Export Assistance Center –
   guarantees of up to $2 million specifically for export sales and contracts.           Portland
   The EWCP is a combined effort of the SBA and the Export-Import Bank, and              One World Trade Center
   can finance single export transactions or multiple export sales (i.e., revolving      121 SW Salmon St., Suite 242
   line of credit), providing either pre-shipment or post-shipment working capital,      Portland, OR 97204
   or both.                                                                              503.326.5498

• Export Express – helps companies secure loans of up to $250,000 for either   
   short-term working capital or longer term fixed-asset financing. You can use          SERV_EXPRESS.html
   Export Express to participate in a foreign trade show, translate product
   brochures or catalogs for use in overseas markets; provide a general line of
   credit for export purposes or transaction-specific financing associated with
   completing actual export orders; or to purchase real estate and equipment
   to be used in production of goods or services that will be exported. Loan
   maturities are generally 5 to 10 years for working capital and 10 to 15
   years for machinery and equipment.
• International Trade Loan Program (ITL) – offers medium to long-term financing
    to growing export businesses and those adversely affected by import                  SERV_INTLLOAN.html
    competition. ITL loans can be uses for fixed assets, such as building
    construction and equipment. SBA can guarantee up to $1.25 million
    ($1.75 million if combined with an Export Working Capital Program loan).

                                                    42 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                       PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                          6 . in Te rn aTion al Trad e (im por T/exp o rT)
Web Sites Offering Overseas Market Information
  These web sites have been identified by the Oregon Economic & Community   Canada – Industry Canada
  Development Department’s International Division as providing excellent
  coverage of Oregon’s primary markets. These are markets where Oregon
  companies are already succeeding and where opportunities are high and     Germany – Germany Online
  risks relatively low.                                           

                                                                            Japan – Japan External Trade

                                                                            South Korea – Korea Ministry of
                                                                            Foreign Affairs and Trade
                                                                   (Click “English”), or

                                                                            Taiwan – China External Trade
                                                                            Development Council

                                                                            United Kingdom – United Kingdom
                                                                            Department Business Innovation and
                                                                            Skills (BIS)

                             2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 43
44 Portland Business Handbook 2010
 P O R T L A n d               d I R E C T O R Y              O F       B U S I n E S S            R E S O U R C E S

                                                           7. managemenT assisTanCe
   Services and training available to improve skills of business owners, managers,
   and employees.

E d U C AT I O n A L P R O G R A M S

                                                                                                                             a s s i s T a n C e
Clackamas Community College
   Clackamas Community College offers a variety of day and evening classes             Clackamas Community College
   and telecourses in business management, financial accounting and other               7736 SE Harmony Rd.
   business topics. The college also has a Small Business Development Center           Milwaukie, OR 97222
   offering additional management assistance. (See Small Business Development          503.594.0738 (Milwaukie Biz Center)
   Centers under Technical Assistance later in this section.)                
                                                                                       Email: biz
Lewis & Clark College
   The undergraduate program at Lewis & Clark College offers 26 majors                 Lewis & Clark College
   and 24 minors to prepare students for civic and professional leadership. Its        0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd.

                                                                                                                             m a n a g e m e n T
   rigorous curriculum requires international studies. Lewis & Clark also includes     Portland, OR 97219
   a graduate school of education and a law school. Its law school includes            503.768.7000
   strong offerings in business law, commercial transactions, intellectual   
   property, taxation, and international law. In addition, the law school
   publishes the nation’s first journal focusing on small and emerging business law.
Marylhurst University
  The Business and Management Program at Marylhurst University offers                  Marylhurst University
  both bachelor of science and master of business administration degrees.              Business and Management Program
  The Graduate Studies program is designed for working adults and offers               17600 Pacific Highway
  classes on weekends and evenings.                                                    Marylhurst, OR 97036-0261

                                                                                                                             7 .
Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC)
   MHCC offers a full range of business courses. Specialty areas include               Mt. Hood Community College
   Accounting, eBusiness, Business Technology, and Entrepreneurship.                   26000 SE Stark St.
   Weekend classes in computer applications are also available. Credit for             Gresham, OR 97030
   on-the-job experience is also available through internship                          503.491.6422
   programs. MHCC also has a Small Business Development Center.              
Oregon Health Science University’s OGI School of Science & Engineering
   OHSU’s OGI School of Science and Engineering provides premier                       OHSU’s OGI School of Science
   high-technology graduate education with a unique focus on human and                 and Engineering
   environmental health. Degrees are currently offered in five academic                20000 NW Walker Rd.
   areas: biochemistry & molecular biology, computer science & engineering,            Beaverton, OR 97006
   electrical & computer engineering, environmental science & engineering,             503.748.1121
   and management in science and technology. In addition, OGI responds       
   to industry needs by offering certificates in healthcare management as well
   as non-credit classes and seminars through the Center for Professional
Oregon Executive MBA Program (OEMBA)
   Cooperatively offered in Portland by the University of Oregon, Oregon State         OEMBA
   University and Portland State University, the Oregon Executive MBA Program          200 SW Market St., Suite L101
   is a two-year program for high potential working managers. The program              Portland, OR 97201
   focuses on the knowledge, skills and perspective needed by managers and             503.276.3622
   executives who must make operational and strategic decisions in a dynamic 
   environment. Classes meet all day on Friday of one week, and Saturday of            Email:
   the next. Corporate endorsement and management experience are required.
   Successful completion results in an MBA degree from the University of Oregon.

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 45
Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT)
   OIT, based in Klamath Falls, serves the metropolitan area at two locations,       OIT Portland East
   the Metro Center (East) near the Clackamas Town Center and the Capital            Metro Center
   Center (West) in Beaverton. OIT’s bachelor’s degree programs offer applied        7726 SE Harmony Rd.
   learning in a “hands-on” tradition. Coursework is based on technology and         Portland, OR 97222
   its application, rather than scientific theory alone. The programs are            503.786.5040
   designed for working adults and are offered evenings and weekends.      
   OIT Portland currently offers bachelor’s degree programs in electronics
   engineering technology, software engineering technology, mechanical
   engineering technology, renewable energy systems, and operations
Portland Community College (PCC)
   PCC offers a variety of day and evening management classes. The Institute         Portland Community College
   for Management and Professional Development provides individual classes           Management/Supervisory
   and complete training programs to enhance specific skills for managers,           Development Program
   supervisors and professionals in various industries. Courses allow                Central Portland Workforce
   participants to interact with practicing managers and supervisors. Specific       Training Center
   programs include the management development program, professional                 1626 SE Water Ave.
   development workshops, and productivity and operations management.                Portland, OR 97214
   Certificates and associate degrees are awarded.                                   503.731.6600
Portland State University (PSU)
   The School of Business Administration at PSU offers bachelor of arts and          Portland State University
   bachelor of science degrees in business administration, international             School of Business Administration
   business studies certificates, post-baccalaureate certificates in accounting,     Undergraduate Program Office
   masters of business administration (MBA), masters of science in financial         631 SW Harrison St.
   analysis, and masters of international management. All programs are               Portland, OR 97201
   available to both day and evening students. Options available within the          503.725.3712
   undergraduate business administration major are designed to prepare     
   students for positions in accounting, finance, general management,
   marketing, supply and logistics management, human resource management,
   advertising, international business, and the information systems.
PSU Professional Development Center
   The Professional Development Center offers programs developed to meet the         Portland State University
   needs of the business and professional community. The center serves over          Professional Development Center
   5,000 clients from more than 3,000 organizations and offers 250                   Main Office
   individual courses to private, public, non-profit, and profit entities. Courses   1515 SW 5th Ave., Suite1050
   and seminars are taught from a practical perspective and scheduled during         Portland, OR 97201
   times convenient for most working professionals. Offerings include certificate    503.725.4832
   programs, evening courses, and daytime seminars. All offerings can also           1.800.547.8887 ext. 4832
   be customized and brought in-house for any organization.                
University of Oregon Portland Center
   The UO Portland Center offers a variety of programs, including two-year           University of Oregon (UO)
   master of architecture degrees that focus on urban architecture and design;       Portland Center
   a Career Center that connects employers to UO’s pool of employee                  70 NW Couch St.
   candidates; the Labor Education and Research Center that provides                 Portland, OR 97209
   educational programs and research in the field of labor relations; and            503.412.3696
   non-credit education for the professional community.                    

                                                 46 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                             PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                            7 . m an ag e m e n T assisTanCe
University of Portland
   The University of Portland offers business undergraduate and graduate         University of Portland
   programs in addition to a full range of business courses that can be taken    Pamplin School of Business
   for college credit. A management accounting review course is offered for      Administration
   those wishing to take the CMA. The undergraduate program emphasizes           5000 N. Willamette Blvd.
   four areas of study: accounting, finance, marketing/management and            Portland, OR 97203
   global business.                                                              503.943.7224
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
   The SBA is the only independent agency of the federal government with         U.S. Small Business Administration
   the sole purpose of assisting small businesses to start, grow, and prosper.   Portland District Office
   Through an extensive network of SBA resources and partnerships with other     601 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 950
   public and private organizations, SBA provides comprehensive assistance       Portland, OR 97204-3192
   (i.e. SBDC, SCORE). It also publishes an annual Small Business Resource       503.326.2682
   reference guide.                                                    

African American Chamber of Commerce
    The African American Chamber of Commerce offers start up and existing        African American
    businesses with education and training assistance, one-on-one counseling,    Chamber of Commerce
    and business television advertising.                                         4300 NE Fremont St.
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97207
                                                                                 PO Box 751 (mailing)
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97207
                                                                                 503.796.0777; 503.244.5794

Portland State University Business Outreach Program
   The Business Outreach Program provides long-term mentoring relationships      Portland State University
   with start-up and emerging businesses, including technical assistance on      School of Business Administration
   specific projects. Help is available to develop business plans, conduct       Business Outreach Program
   market research, set up accounting and business information systems,          631 SW Harrison St.
   develop personnel policies and compensation systems and training modules,     Portland, OR 97217
   and access capital, including loans. A full-time staff with 30 years of       503.725.9820
   experience, supplemented with teams of students and student interns, work
   with companies on specific projects. The assistance is provided at no cost
   and is tailored to the needs of the individual company.

Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber
   The non-profit Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (Hispanic Chamber) is            Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber
   a local chapter of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The Hispanic        PO Box 1837
   Chamber publishes a monthly newsletter, Business Matters; holds monthly       Portland, OR 97207
   luncheons/networking sessions featuring business and civic leaders to         503.222.0280
   address community and business issues; conducts workshops; provides 
   technical assistance; provides scholarships to Hispanic students throughout
   Oregon; and conducts leadership and construction career trainings.
Mercy Corps Northwest (MCNW)
  Mercy Corps Northwest offers Business Development Services that include        Mercy Corps NW
  one-on-one work with staff for the development and refinement of business      43 SW Naito Parkway
  plans, preparation of loan application documents, and ongoing assistance       Portland, OR 97204
  in daily business operations. MCNW also offers training and development        503.896.5070
  programs, classes, and seminars including the CORE 4 program. The    
  CORE 4 is a 6 week workshop series that provides an overview of the
  major issues involved in starting a small business including business plan
  development, marketing, basic business financial literacy, operations, and
  credit management.
                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 47
Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME)
   The non-profit OAME provides technical assistance to minority entrepreneurs     OAME
   and serves as an information clearinghouse, providing a variety of services     4134 N. Vancouver Ave., Suite 100
   and resources to its members. It also runs a 40,000-square-foot “incubator”     Portland, OR 97217
   providing business space at below-market rates.                                 503.249.7744
Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)
   Among its many services, OEN offers the Private Panel Review which allows       OEN
   an entrepreneur to present his/her business plan to a panel of experts for      309 SW 6th Ave., Suite 212
   review and industry-specific advice. The non-profit organization helps          Portland, OR 97204
   connect companies to expertise and other resources they need to grow their      503.222.2270
   business through its business development programs (“Startup Services”) and
   its many educational and networking events.
Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP)
   OMEP assists Oregon manufacturers reduce costs, increase sales, and             Oregon Manufacturing Extension
   create jobs by becoming more competitive and productive in the global           Partnership (OMEP)
   marketplace. Interested businesses are provided with a no-charge,               20175 NW Amberglen Ct., Suite 100
   no-obligation on-site assessment for appropriate services that include lean     Beaverton, OR 97006
   manufacturing/process improvement, project management, and energy               503.821.1300
Oregon Microenterprise Network (OMEN)
   OMEN is a statewide association of microenterprise development programs         OMEN
   and supporters offering training, lending, marketing, and other enterprise      1220 SW Morrison St., Suite 805
   opportunities to entrepreneurs with limited access to economic resources.       Portland, OR 97205
Oregon Native American Business Entrepreneurs Network (ONABEN)
   This non-profit strives to increase the success of businesses owned by Native   ONABEN
   Americans. It focuses on training and business management and it provides       11825 SW Greenburg Rd., Suite B-3
   resources and referrals for capital access.                                     Tigard, OR 97223
Portland Business Alliance (PBA)
   The PBA offers programs that help its members sharpen their business skills,    Portland Business Alliance (PBA)
   raise awareness of community issues and network with other business leaders.    200 SW Market St., Suite 150
   One example is Cornerstones for Success, a monthly forum designed to help       Portland, OR 97201
   CEOs and owners of small to medium-sized companies grow their business          503.323.8684
   through strong educational programs and peer networking.              

  SCORE is a volunteer organization whose members help small business              U.S. Small Business Administration
  owners, managers and potential owners solve their operating problems with        Portland SCORE
  one-on-one counseling and classroom training. Counseling is not limited to       601 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 950
  businesses that have problems, but is also available to managers of              Portland, OR 97204-3192
  successful firms who want to renew their objectives and long-range plans for     503.326.3441
  expansion or diversification.                                          

                                                48 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                             PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                            7 . m an ag e m e n T assisTanCe

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)
  There are three SBDCs in the Portland area (see locations at right). Staffed   Portland Community College
  with experienced business instructors and counselors, the centers offer        Small Business Development Center
  workshops, one-on-one counseling and a variety of tools to help individuals    2025 Lloyd Center Mall
  start and grow a business. Highlighted courses include a Start Your Own        Portland, OR 97232
  Business Mini Series (three workshops on Basics, Planning and Financing),      503.978.5080
  bookkeeping workshops, a year-long management program that includes  
  once-a-month classroom time and 30 hours of one-on-one counseling, and
  International Trade Workshops.                                                 Clackamas Community College
                                                                                 Small Business Development Center
                                                                                 7736 SE Harmony Rd.
                                                                                 OIT Building, Room 172
                                                                                 Milwaukie, OR 97222

                                                                                 Mt. Hood Community College
                                                                                 Small Business Development Center
                                                                                 323 NE Roberts Ave.
                                                                                 Gresham, OR 97030
                                                                                 503. 491.7658
Technical Assistance for Community Services (TACS)
   TACS provides training, consultations and referrals for non-profit            Technical Assistance for Community
   organizations. Programs available include workshops, networks, and            Services (TACS)
   consultations on financial management, board development, strategic           1001 SE Water Ave., Suite 409
   planning, building diversity, interim director services, organizational       Portland, OR 97214
   development, and leadership issues.                                           503.239.4001
Portland Business Assistance Guide
   More listings of technical assistance organizations with programs in          Portland Development Commission
   targeted industries can be found in the Portland Business Assistance          222 NW 5th Ave.
   Guide published by the Portland Development Commission.                       Portland, OR 97209

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 49
50 Portland Business Handbook 2010
 P O R T L A n d              d I R E C T O R Y               O F      B U S I n E S S        R E S O U R C E S

                                                                   8. planning assisTanCe
   Public agencies providing information and help with permits and code regulations for
   business, industrial and housing construction or expansion.


                                                                                                                           a s s i s T a n C e
Bureau of Development Services (BDS)
   BDS manages Development Services Center operations and is responsible          City of Portland
   for reviewing and issuing building, zoning, site development, electrical,      Bureau of Development Services (BDS)
   plumbing, mechanical, and sign permits. BDS staff applies zoning and           1900 SW 4th Ave.
   land use regulations and also processes land use reviews. Development          Portland, OR 97201
   Services Center hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays,         503.823.7300
   with evening hours most Thursdays between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.       
Bureau of Environmental Services (BES)
   BES reviews land use actions and building permits for disposal of sanitary     City of Portland
   sewage, storm water and ground water. BES staff is also responsible for        Bureau of Environmental Services (BES)
   reviewing industrial waste disposal and development in flood hazard areas.     1120 SW 5th Ave., Suite 4100

                                                                                                                           p l a n n i n g
                                                                                  Portland, OR 97204-3713
                                                                                  Email: beswebmaster@
Portland Housing Bureau (PHB)
   The Portland Housing Bureau mission is to make Portland a more liveable        Portland
   city for all by bringing low-income people and community resources             Housing Bureau
   together.                                                                      421 SW 6th Ave., Suite 500

                                                                                                                           8 .
                                                                                  Portland, OR 97204

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
   The Bureau of Planning is responsible for long-range and comprehensive         City of Portland
   land use planning, and housing planning, including coordination with           Bureau of Planning (BPS South)
   other city and regional housing agencies.                                      1900 SW 4th Ave., Room 7100
                                                                                  Portland, OR 97201
                                                                                  503.823.7700; 503.823.7800
Office of Transportation
   The Office of Transportation is divided into the Bureau of Maintenance, the    City of Portland
   Bureau of Transportation Engineering & Development and the Bureau of           Office of Transportation
   Transportation System Management. These bureaus are responsible for the        Bureau of Transportation
   construction and use of public rights-of-way, maintenance of streets, street   Engineering & Development
   improvements and all traffic issues. If unsure about where to call, the        1120 SW 5th Ave., Rm. 800
   City Information Line (503.823.4000) can assist.                               Portland, OR 97204
                                                                                  Bureau of Maintenance
                                                                                  Stanton Yard
                                                                                  2929 N. Kerby
                                                                                  Portland, OR 97227

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 51
Portland Development Commission (PDC)
   PDC works with various city agencies and public and private organizations to        Portland Development Commission
   stimulate development, build a mix of housing options, deliver improvements         222 NW 5th Ave.
   and provide business development assistance within the City of Portland.            Portland, OR 97209
Portland Fire & Rescue
   Portland Fire & Rescue reviews and issues permits for the installation of fire      Portland Fire and Rescue
   detection, sprinkler and other fire extinguishing systems, the storage and          Columbia Square
   use of flammable, combustible and other hazardous materials, and public             111 SW Columbia St., 6th floor
   gatherings in buildings and tents.                                                  Portland, OR 97204

Portland Water Bureau
   The Portland Water Bureau is responsible for new water service applications         City of Portland
   and fire hydrant permits, also provide assistance on how to reduce water            Portland Water Bureau
   usage.                                                                              1120 SW 5th Ave., Rm. 600
                                                                                       Portland, OR 97204
                                                                                       503.823.7404 (general information)
                                                                                       503.823.7368 (design review/permits)
                                                                                       503.823.7400 (land use review)
                                                                                       503.823.7525 (water quality)
                                                                                       503.823.1526 (new/upsize service)

E x PA n S I O n / R E L O C AT I O n A S S I S TA n C E
Portland Development Commission (PDC) Economic Development Department
   PDC’s Economic Development Department provides a variety of services                Portland Development Commission
   to businesses looking to start or expand within the Portland metropolitan           Business and Industry Division
   area.                                                                               222 NW 5th Ave.
                                                                                       Portland, OR 97209
   • Market data. Staff maintains current market data important to the site            503.823.3200
      selection and decision-making process. Information on the area’s economic
      diversity, transportation system, labor force, taxes, land and building costs,
      and other important aspects of the business climate is available. Staff can
      also provide general information and technical briefings for companies
      interested in locating in the metropolitan area.
   • Site location services (industrial, commercial and retail real estate). PDC
      subscribes to a comprehensive database of available sites and buildings for
      sale or for lease in the greater Portland metropolitan area. Custom reports
      will be prepared based on specific company space requirements.
   • Regulatory assistance. Staff is available to assist companies with the process of
      acquiring permits, licenses and regulatory approval for expansion or relocation.
   • Identification of financial assistance programs. Staff can provide information
       on suitable financial assistance programs offered by public agencies.
   • Information and referral. Staff can refer businesses to additional resources
       within the community.

                                                  52 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                              PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                                8 . pl an n in g assisTanCe
Oregon Downtown Development Association (ODDA)
   ODDA is a statewide non-profit that provides an array of services to Oregon    Oregon Downtown
   downtowns. Whether it is on-site technical assistance, questions answered      Development Association
   over the phone, training, workshops, advocacy, or a publication loaned         161 High St. SE, #236
   from its resource library, ODDA provides tools and resources to enable         Salem, OR 97301
   communities to successfully move forward with downtown revitalization.         503.587.0574

LAnd USE And zOnInG - CITY
Code Amendments, Conditional Uses, Partitions, Pre-application,
  Conferences, Adjustments, Subdivisions, Zone Changes
  Planning staff is available in the Development Services Center to answer        City of Portland
  questions and accept and process applications for permits and land use          Bureau of Development Services
  reviews. For specific information on forms, fees, filing deadlines and length   1900 SW 4th Ave.
  of time for approval, visit the DSC or call the numbers at right. Development   Portland, OR 97201
  Services Center hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays,          503.823.7310 or 7526
  with evening hours most Thursdays between 5 and 7:30 p.m.                       503.823.1456 (building code
Community Planning
  The Bureau of Planning provides information on neighborhood plans and           City of Portland
  the county-to-city rezoning process.                                            Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
                                                                                  1900 SW 4th Ave., Suite 4100
                                                                                  Portland, OR 97201
Flood Plains Regulations
   The Bureau of Environmental Services provides information about                City of Portland
   construction in flood plains, including flood elevations and compliance        Bureau of Environmental Services
   with federal flood plain regulations.                                          1120 SW 5th Ave., Room 1000
                                                                                  Portland, OR 97204
Landmarks/Downtown Design Requirements
   The Bureau of Planning provides information on preservation programs,          City of Portland
   historic districts and downtown design requirements.                           Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Building and Land Use Permits
    The City of Portland and Multnomah County have consolidated building          City of Portland
    permit services. The city’s Development Services Center is responsible for    Bureau of Development Services
    processing all building permits within Portland and in the unincorporated     Development Services Center
    areas of western Multnomah County. Other permits may also be obtained         1900 SW 4th Ave., 1st Floor
    at the center. All city bureaus involved in the construction permit process   Portland, OR 97201
    are represented in the Development Services Center. Staff can answer          503.823.7310
    questions to assist the permit applicant.                                     503.823.7526 (planning and zoning)

                                 2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 53
Signs - City
   Signs, awnings, banners and strobe lights located on private property             City of Portland
   within the city and portable signs anywhere within the city are regulated by      Bureau of Development Services
   Portland’s sign code. The Bureau of Development Services administers the          1900 SW 4th Ave., Suite 5000
   sign code. The city’s Department of Transportation regulates signs located        Portland, OR 97201
   in street rights-of-way.                                                          503.823.7315 (sign/awning permits)
                                                                                     City of Portland
                                                                                     Office of Transportation
                                                                                     Bureau of Transportation
                                                                                     Engineering & Development
                                                                                     1120 SW 5th Ave., Rm. 800
                                                                                     Portland, OR 97204
Signs - County
   Permits for signs in the unincorporated county are administered through the       Multnomah County
   county Land Use Planning office, which is open Tuesday through Friday             Department of Community Services
   from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.                                                             Land Use and Transportation Planning
                                                                                     1600 SE 190th Ave., Suite 224
                                                                                     Portland, OR 97233
                                                                                     503.988.3582; 503.988.5000
Signs Near Highways
   Any business placing a sign away from their place of business and visible         State of Oregon
   from a state highway must get a permit from the Oregon State Highway              Department of Transportation
   Division. Contact the local Highway Division office for additional information.   Region 1
                                                                                     123 NW Flanders
                                                                                     Portland, OR 97209
                                                                                     355 Capitol St., NE
                                                                                     Salem, OR 97103-3871
                                                                                     503.731.8256 (Highway Division)
                                                                                     503.731.8263 (Portland)

Street Use
    Permits for installing driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls and the like        City of Portland
    in or across public rights-of-way, and permits to operate a vending cart or      Bureau of Transportation
    sidewalk café, hold a block party or for other street uses can be obtained       Enginerring and Development
    from the City of Portland Office of Transportation and the Multnomah             1120 SW 5th Ave., Room 800
    County Transportation Division.                                                  Portland, OR 97204
                                                                                     Multnomah County
                                                                                     Department of Community Services
                                                                                     Land Use/Transportation Division
                                                                                     1600 SE 190th Ave., Suite 224
                                                                                     Portland, OR 97233
                                                                                     503.988.5050; 503.988.5000

                                                 54 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                              PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                                8 . pl an n in g assisTanCe

P E R M I T- R E L AT E d I n F O R M AT I O n
Plans of Existing Buildings
   Microfilm records of many existing commercial building plans dating back as      City of Portland
   far as 1891 are available for review at the Development Services Resource/       Bureau of Development Services (BDS)
   Records counter. Copies of plumbing inspection records on almost every           Resource/Records Counter
   building in the city are also available for purchase. The Resource/Records       1900 SW 4th Ave.
   counter also offers access to the Portland GIS system, showing user, zoning,     Portland, OR 97201
   street, topography, orthophotography and some utility information. Visit the     503.823.7660
   Resource/Records counter Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Water Supply & Locates
  The Engineering Section of the city’s Water Bureau will discuss proposals and     City of Portland
  give formal estimates for water installations. Information and data on water      Portland Water Bureau
  availability, water pressure, hydrant flow and maps of the existing water         1120 SW 5th Ave., Room 600
  system are available. Also, underground water facilities will be located          Portland, OR 97204
  and marked, upon request, through the OUNC Call Center One Call                   503.823.7368
  System, to minimize damage and disruption to the water system during              (maps, hydrant/water permits)
  construction.                                                                     503.823.4874 (emergency line)

Zoning, Land Use, and Comprehensive Plan Information
   Land use planners are available in the county’s Department of Community          Multnomah County
   Services to answer land use questions and accept and process permits for         Department of Community Services
   properties in the rural areas of West and East Multnomah County, including       Land Use/Transportation Division
   the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. (The City of Portland             1600 SE 190th Ave., Suite 116
   administers land use permits for the county in the urban unincorporated          Portland, OR 97233
   areas of Portland’s urban service boundary.) County Land Use office hours        503.988.3043
   are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.                           
                                                                                    (click on “planning”)

T R A n S P O R TAT I O n P L A n n I n G
Improvements - City
   Adjacent property owners or developers are usually responsible for the cost      City of Portland
   of construction of local streets. Neighbors in an area to be benefited by the    Office of Transportation
   street may form a “Local Improvement District” to share in the cost of the       Planning Division
   improvements. They may also take advantage of installment financing              1120 SW 5th Ave., Room 800
   through the city.                                                                Portland, OR 97204
Improvements - County
   Streets outside the city limits but within Multnomah County and the six          Multnomah County
   Willamette River bridges are the responsibility of the county’s Transportation   Land Use & Transportation Program
   Planning Division, which handles planning of capital improvement                 1600 SE 190th Ave.
   projects (street intersections, bridges and other street-related improvements)   Portland, OR 97233
   and administration of the street standards ordinance.                            503.988.5050

                                 2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 55
Policies and Future Plans
    Information is available on current city, county and state transportation    City of Portland
    policies and future projects and plans.                                      Planning Division
                                                                                 Multnomah County
                                                                                 Land Use & Transportation Program
                                                                                 1600 SE 190th Ave., Suite 116
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97233
                                                                                 State of Oregon
                                                                                 Department of Transportation
                                                                                 123 NW Flanders St.
                                                                                 Portland, OR 97209

                                                  56 Portland Business Handbook 2010
 P O R T L A n d              d I R E C T O R Y               O F      B U S I n E S S          R E S O U R C E S

                                9. publiC ConTraCTing opporTuniTies
   Information on selling goods and services to government agencies and obtaining certification.

C E R T I F I C AT I O n
Certificate of Competency

                                                                                                                               o p p o r T u n i T i e s
   The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is authorized by Congress to       U.S. Small Business Administration
   certify a small company’s “capability, competency, credit, integrity,           COC Specialist – Area 6 (includes
   perseverance and tenacity” to perform a specific government contract at the     Oregon)
   federal level. If a contracting officer proposes to reject the bid of a small   2401 4th Ave., Suite 400
   business firm that is a low bidder because he questions the firm’s ability to   Seattle, WA 98121
   perform the contract on any of the above grounds, the case is referred to       206.553.8546
   the SBA. SBA offers the company the opportunity to apply for a Certificate
   of Competency, which, if granted, would require award of the contract to
   the firm.
Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
   The City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission require Equal      City of Portland
   Employment Opportunity (EEO) certification of all vendors and contractors       Office of Management and Finance
   doing business in excess of $2,500 with the city or PDC annually, and of        Bureau of Purchases
   all construction project subcontractors.                                        1120 SW 5th Ave., Rm. 750

                                                                                                                               C o n T r a C T i n g
                                                                                   Portland, OR 97204
                                                                                   (click on “Bureaus” and then “Purchases”)
Minority, Women and Emerging Small Businesses
   The state Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Businesses               State of Oregon
   (OMWESB) is responsible for certification of women and minority-owned           Office of Minority, Women & Emerging
   small businesses and emerging small businesses. State and local governments     Small Business (OMWESB)
   rely on the OMWESB’s directory of minority, women and emerging small            775 Summer St., NE, Suite 200
   businesses for their procurement needs. The internet directory is updated       Salem, OR 97301-1280
   on a daily basis and is available to federal agencies, state and local          503.986.0075 (Portland field office)
   governments and corporations interested in doing business with these firms.

                                                                                                                               p u b l i C
Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) Certification
  Under the SDB program, firms that are certified by the U.S. Small Business       U.S. Small Business Administration
  Administration as SDBs are eligible to receive preferences under new             Office of Small Disadvantaged
  federal procurement regulations – primarily a “price evaluation adjustment”      Business
  of up to 10 percent for SBDs bidding as prime contractors to the federal         409 Third Street, SW 8th floor
  government. The rules also provide a system of preferences for large             Washington D.C. 20416
  businesses contracting with the federal government that use certified SDBs       1.800-U-ASK-SBA (1.800.827.5722

                                                                                                                               9 .
  as subcontractors.                                                               or 503.326.2682 (Portland office)

                                2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 57
P U R C h A S I n G A S S I S TA n C E
Government Contract Assistance Program (GCAP)
  GCAP helps small businesses learn about government markets that fit existing     GCAP
  product lines and complete necessary paperwork for bidding on and                P.O. Box 1364
  procuring a contract. The program also maintains a comprehensive library         Lake Oswego, OR 97035
  of specifications and standards and other procurement resources. In addition,    503.635.392
  a computer-matching system can identify potential buying centers.                1.800.803.7175
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Purchasing Assistance Programs
   The SBA works closely with federal agencies and the nation’s leading large      U.S. Small Business Administration
   contractors to ensure that small businesses obtain a fair share of government   Portland Office
   contracts and subcontracts.                                                     601 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 950
                                                                                   Portland, OR 97204-3192
                                                                                   (local contact for all programs)
   Among program offered by the SBA:                                     

   • Central Contractor Registry (CCR) & Dynamic Small Business Search.            CCR/PRO-Net
     This is the SBA’s web site for buyers and sellers of small business goods
     and services. A merger of the CCR and former Pro-Net program, this
     online, interactive, electronic gateway of procurement information makes
     small business profiles available to federal, state and local government
     contracting officers, as well as to private-sector businesses looking for
     contractors, subcontractors, teaming arrangements or partnerships.
   • HUBZone Empowerment Contracting Program, designed to stimulate                HUBZone Program
     economic development in selected urban and rural areas. A HUBZone             503.326.2586 or 503.326.5221
     is a “historically underutilized business zone,” as defined by the SBA.       202.205.8885
     The program will provide contracting benefits to small businesses located
     in these zones (at least 35 percent of a company’s employees must also        Email:
     live in the zone).
   • Minority Enterprise Development Program (8(a)/BD), which uses the             (8(a)/BD) Program
     SBA’s Section 8(a) contracting authority to provide business development
     assistance to minority and other socially or economically disadvantaged
   • Prime Contract and Subcontract Programs, which provide federal                  Prime Contracts/Subcontracts Programs
     procurement specialists in SBA offices throughout the country to counsel
     small businesses on how to prepare bids and obtain prime contracts and
     subcontracts, help get their names placed on bidders’ lists, and assist in
     obtaining drawings and specifications for proposed purchases. SBA
     procurement experts also offer related services including leads on research
     and development projects, new technology and assistance in technology transfer.
   • Procurement Workshops offered by the SCORE Experts walk                       Portland SCORE
     participants through the procedures and forms, furnish all materials and      503.326.3441 or 503.326.5211
     a manual, and introduce contractors who can answer individual questions.
     To pre-register for the next “Selling to the Government” workshop, contact
     the Portland SCORE office.
   • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), which helps small businesses       Small Business Innovation Research
     participate in meeting national innovation needs and increases the small
     business share of federal research and development (R&D) funds. The 
     program requires federal agencies with sizeable R&D funds to set aside a      (Office of Technology - SBIR/STTR)
     fixed minimum percentage of funds for small businesses. Ten different
     agencies publish SBIR solicitations that describe the research and/or
     development needs of the agency.

                                                58 Portland Business Handbook 2010
                                                             PORTLAnd dIRECTORY OF BUSInESS RESOURCES
                                                                  9 . publ iC Con TraCTin g oppo rTu niTies

P U R C h A S I n G C O n TA C T S
City of Portland
    The city’s Bureau of Purchases annually processes nearly 600 contracts for       City of Portland
    construction, goods, services and equipment, with a value averaging over         Office of Management and Finance
    $170 million. These services and products are obtained through a variety         Bureau of Purchases
    of methods, including formal and informal Invitations to Bid, Request for        1120 SW 5th Ave., Rm. 750
    Proposals and Request for Standard Services. These opportunities are             Portland, OR 97204
    offered through the Bureau’s web site.                                           503.823.6855
   The city also has a Sheltered Market Program (SMP), which is designed to          (click on “Bureaus” – “Purchases”)
   improve opportunities and build capacity of state-certified disadvantaged         City of Portland
   businesses (DBE), minority-owned businesses (MBE), woman-owned businesses         Office of Management and Finance
   (WBE), and emerging small businesses (ESB) (collectively, “D/M/W/ESBs”)           Sheltered Market Program (SMP)
   in the regional construction industry. The SMP allows participating D/M/W/ESB     503.823.9166
   firms to compete among themselves as prime contractors for approximately
   half of the city’s construction projects that are less than $200,000.             (click on “Programs” – “Fair Contracting
                                                                                     and Small Business” and then
   “Fair Contracting Strategy”)
Multnomah County
  The Multnomah County Central Procurement and Contract Administration               Multnomah County
  Section (CPCA) purchases supplies, equipment and services (including public        Central Procurement and
  works and professional services) necessary to operate jails, health clinics,       Contract Admin. (CPCA)
  office buildings, libraries, animal control and law enforcement. For               501 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 400
  purchases under $2,500, county agencies are authorized to issue a limited          Portland, OR 97214
  purchase order. For purchases between $2,500 and $50,000, competitive              503.988.5111
  quotes are solicited from at least three vendors. Depending on the purchase,
  at least one quote is solicited from M/W/ESB firms, other purchases may
  require all quote solicitations from the state listing of M/W/ESB vendors.
  Professional service contracts less than $50,000 may be issued directly
  by a county department. If the purchase exceeds $50,000, a formal
  solicitation is issued and advertised and formal bidding requirements are
  applied. The County publishes a brochure, How To Do Business With
  Multnomah County, which contains specific information on how to be
  included on the County’s vendor list and providing goods and services to
  the county.

Portland Development Commission (PDC)
   The Portland Development Commission awards contracts and makes purchases          Portland Development Commission
   according to adopted commission contract rules and solicitation procedures.       Professional Services Dept.
   Purchases of goods or services in the amount of $25,000 or more require           222 NW 5th Ave.
   a formal bidding or solicitation process. For purchases less than $25,000,        Portland, OR 97209
   an informal solicitation (three competitive quotes) is required. In most cases,   503.823.3261 (professional services)
   purchasing decisions are decentralized. No formal vendor list is maintained.
   Businesses interested in selling goods and services to PDC should contact         Contracting and Development
   PDC for a referral to the appropriate project manager. PDC does have an           Opportunities with PDC:
   established program for promoting the utilization of M/W/ESBs in its    
   contracts and purchases.

Port of Portland
   Most purchases made by the Port of Portland are made through the Contracts        Port of Portland
   and Procurement Department of the Finance and Administration Division.            Contracts and Procurement Dept.
   The Contracts and Procurement Department publishes A Vendor ‘s Guide to           121 NW Everett St.
   Doing Business With The Port of Portland, which is designed to help vendors       Portland, OR 97209
   increase their contract opportunities with the Port of Portland.                  503.944.7000
                                                                                     503.944.7604 (finance and admin.)
                                  2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 59
Portland Public Schools
   The Portland Public School District administers over 200 formal bids and            Portland Public Schools
   14,700 purchase orders annually for various goods and services. All                 Procurement & Distribution
   purchases over $25,000 require a formal bid procedure. The school                   501 N. Dixon St.
   district does not have a certification process. Businesses interested in selling    Portland, OR 97227
   to the school district should contact the office to be placed on a bidders’ list.   503.916.3305
State of Oregon
    Most purchases made by the State of Oregon are made through the                    State of Oregon
    Statewide Procurement Office of the Department of Administrative Services,         Dept. of Administrative Services
    which operates the online Oregon Procurement Information Network                   Statewide Procurement Office
    (ORPIN). Oregon law also permits the Procurement Office to delegate                1225 Ferry St., SE
    purchasing authority to other state agencies. The Department of Administrative     Salem, OR 97310
    Services publishes Doing Business With The State of Oregon, A Suppliers            503.378.4642
    Guide, designed to help suppliers increase their contract opportunities  
    with the state.
U.S. Government
   Purchases by federal agencies are made by individual agencies in most               U.S. Small Business Administration
   cases. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is the best source of           Portland Office
   information on selling to the U.S. Government.                                      601 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 950
                                                                                       Portland, OR 97204-3192

                                                  60 Portland Business Handbook 2010
 P O R T L A n d               d I R E C T O R Y               O F      B U S I n E S S         R E S O U R C E S

                                                       10. TransporTaTion serviCes
   Public agencies providing information and help with parking and traffic control, employee
   transportation alternatives, and the distribution of goods.

                                                                                                                            s e r v i C e s
PA R k I n G
Parking Control – City
   To aid industrial and commercial areas, controls may be used to establish        City of Portland
   and enforce parking restrictions such as limited time, truck loading, mail,      Bureau of Transportation
    bus, taxi, hotel, theater, and construction zones.                              Systems Management –
                                                                                    Parking Control Section
                                                                                    1120 SW 5th Ave., Room. 800
                                                                                    Portland, OR 9720

                                                                                                                            1 0 . T r a n s p o r T a T i o n
Parking Control – County
   Parking restrictions such as loading, bus, taxi, and construction zones may be   Multnomah County
   used in commercial or industrial districts located in the county. Requests for   Dept. of Community Services
   addition and modification of these zones are evaluated by the Multnomah          Land Use/Transportation Div.
   County Transportation Division.                                                  1600 SE 190th Ave., Suite 224
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97233

   The Transportation Planning Division is responsible for overseeing current       City of Portland
   and proposed plans for moving traffic in the City of Portland. Staff can         Office of Transportation
   answer questions regarding current city policy and future transportation         Planning Division
   projects or plans.                                                               1120 SW 5th Ave., Rm. 800
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97204
   Information is available on current policies and future Multnomah County         Multnomah County
   transportation projects or plans from Multnomah County’s Transportation          Dept. of Community Services
   Division.                                                                        Land Use/Transportation Div.
   Oregon’s Department of Transportation (ODOT) maintains a metropolitan            State of Oregon
   branch in Portland that is responsible for transportation planning, traffic      Dept. of Transportation Region 1
   analysis, and design engineering construction and maintenance of the             123 NW Flanders
   state highway system in the Portland metropolitan area.                          Portland, OR 97209
For additional transportation planning information, see Chapter 8.

                                 2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 61
P U B L I C T R A n S P O R TAT I O n
Bus, Light Rail, and Streetcar
   TriMet is the Portland area’s public transit system, operating 91 bus routes          TriMet Ticket Office
   and the 44-mile MAX light rail line that connect Gresham, Beaverton,                  Pioneer Courthouse Square
   Hillsboro and North Portland with downtown and the Portland International   
   Airport. Door-to-door LIFT paratransit service provides transportation for the
   elderly and for people with disabilities who are unable to use buses or MAX.
   In addition, the Portland Streetcar runs on a 3.5-mile route from Legacy              Customer Service/Trip Planning
   Good Samaritan Hospital at NW 23rd Ave. on Lovejoy and Northrup                       503.238.RIDE (7433)
   through the Pearl District, Portland State University and RiverPlace to a    (online trip planner)
   terminus at SW Moody and Gibb streets; the location of the new Portland
   Aerial Tram and the entrance to the newly emerging South Waterfront District.
   Call 503.238.7433 (RIDE) for 24-hour alerts. Trip planning assistance                 Portland Streetcar
   is available Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.                         

                                                                                         City of Portland
                                                                                         Bureau of Transportation
                                                                                         1120 SW 5th Ave., Room 800
                                                                                         Portland, OR 97204

Employer Transportation Systems
  TriMet staff can provide assistance to businesses wishing to help their                TriMet Employer Transportation
  employees explore transit and other commuting options. TriMet staff can                Programs
  assist with:                                                                           4012 SE 17th Ave.
  • The development of company-wide transportation programs involving bus,               Portland, OR 97202
  • Information about other helpful transportation resources and programs.               503.962.7670
  • Review of area transit service.                                            
                                                                                         Email: employer
Alternative Transportation Options
    Information about and maps of bicycle commuter and walking routes in                 City of Portland
    the city can be found on the city’s Bureau of Transportation web site.               Bureau of Transportation

Air Freight
    The Port of Portland keeps current information on passenger and all-cargo            Port of Portland
    carriers and freight consolidators. A complete list of carriers is available         121 NW Everett St.
    upon request.                                                                        Portland, OR 97209
Aviation Facilities
   The Port of Portland owns and operates a system of four airports, including           Portland International Airport (PDX)
   the Portland International Airport. For information on aircraft tie-down or rental,   7000 NE Airport Way
   hanger space, or other questions concerning local facilities, contact the Port.       Portland, OR 97218
                                                                                         PDX Conference Center:

                                                  62 Portland Business Handbook 2010
Marine Facilities and Freight
  For information on available facilities for loading and unloading freight and     Port of Portland – Marine
  a list of customs brokers, contact the Port of Portland. The Port keeps current   503.944.7231
  information on freight forwarders, steamship lines, and freight consolidators
  for businesses who want to ship by water. Information includes carriers,
  loading locations, tonnage requirements and current rates.

T R A F F I C I n F O R M AT I O n
  Traffic flow maps showing average daily traffic volumes are available at the      City of Portland
  city’s Development Services Center. Maps of off-street parking facilities in      Bureau of Development Services
  downtown, travel time contours, traffic control locations, and one-way grid       Development Services Center
  systems are available for review or purchase through the city’s Office of         1900 SW 4th Ave.
  Transportation.                                                                   Portland, OR 97201
                                                                                    503.823.7526 (planning and zoning)
                                                                                    (Click “Information Center” –
                                                                                    “Development Service Center”

                                                                                    City of Portland
                                                                                    Bureau of Transportation
                                                                                    1120 SW 5th Ave., Room 800
                                                                                    Portland, OR 97204
Road Conditions
   The state Department of Transportation maintains an up-to-date recording         State of Oregon
   of highway conditions throughout the state.                                      Department of Transportation
                                                                                    1.800.977.ODOT (6368)
Traffic Counts
    Information on existing and projected traffic counts on most city and county    City of Portland
    streets can be obtained at city and county offices.                             Bureau of Transportation
                                                                                    Multnomah County
                                                                                    Land Use/Transportation Div.
                                                                                    Email: land.use.planning@

                                 2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 63
P O R T L A n d                     d I R E C T O R Y             O F       B U S I n E S S                    R E S O U R C E S

A                                                                       Department of Energy, State of Oregon 19, 36
Abandoned Autos 21                                                      Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ),
                                                                        State of Oregon A-17, 19, 20, 23, 26
Advertising 46, 47
                                                                        Department of Revenue, State of Oregon 4, 10, 37, 38
Affirmative Action A-17, 14
                                                                        Development Services Bureau, City of Portland A-11, 51
Air Quality 19
                                                                        Discrimination Laws, State and Fedral 14
Albina Community Bank 33
                                                                        Dislocated Worker Program (DWP), State of Oregon 15
Americans with Disabilities (ADA) A-17
Apprenticeships 11
Asbestos 20
Assessment & Taxation Division, Multnomah County 9                      Economic & Community Development Department,
                                                                        State of Oregon 4, 31, 32, 41
                                                                        Economic Data 6
B                                                                       Economic Development Department,
Banks and Credit Unions A-7                                             Portland Development Commission 36, 52
Building Plans 9                                                        Employment Discrimination 14, 15
Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) A-15, A-17, 11                    Educational and Training Programs 17, 45
Business Accelerator/Incubator, Portland 5                              Employee Recruitment 11
Business Capital Resource Centers (BCRC) 31                             Employee Training 45, 46
Business Directories 5                                                  Employment Department, State of Oregon 6, 13, 15, 16, 17
Business Energy Resources, State of Oregon 19                           Employment Services 11, 12, 17
Business Expansion Assistance 52                                        Energy Conservation 19
Business Licenses, City of Portland A- 9, A-10, 9, 10                   Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund 32
Business Relocation Assistance 52                                       Environmental Health Services, Multnomah County 21
Business Taxes, Federal A-13, A- 14 9, 10                               Environmental Permits A-17
Business Taxes, Multnomah County A-13, A- 14, 9, 10                     Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Federal 20
Business Taxes, State of Oregon A-13, A-14, 9, 10                       Environmental Services Bureau, City of Portland 18, 24,
                                                                        Equal Employment Opportunity 14, 57
C                                                                       Event Facilities – Indoor & Outdoor 27, 28, 30
Child Care Resources & Referrals 13, 14
City Government A-5, 3                                                  F
City [of Portland] Bureaus 51                                           Federal Government 4
Civil Rights 14,15                                                      Finance & Corporate Securities Division, State of Oregon 3
Clackamas Community College (CCC) 11, 45, 49                            Financial Planning Assistance A-7, 31
Colleges & Universities 11                                              Fire and Rescue, City of Portland 20, 52
Community Centers 22, 27                                                Fire Prevention 20
Community Environmental Services (CES) 22                               Fire Safety A-12
Community Services Department, Multnomah County 25, 55, 61              Flood Plains 53
Concordia University 11                                                 Food Handlers Certification A-12, 21
Copyright Office, U.S. Library of Congress, Federal, A-9, 4             Food Innovation Center 5, 41
County Government 3, 4                                                  Foreign Trade Zones 41
Crime Prevention 19                                                     Forms, Federal and State A-15
CTS LanguageLink 10
Customs, U.S. 42                                                        GH
                                                                        Grant Programs 35
D                                                                       Green Directory, NW 19
Data Resource Center 6                                                  Hazardous Materials A-12
Demographic Data 6                                                      Hazardous Waste 20
Department of Commerce, U.S. Federal 4, 40                              Health Inspections, Multnomah County A-10, 21

                                                        64 Portland Business Handbook 2010
    P O R T L A n d                    d I R E C T O R Y            O F      B U S I n E S S                     R E S O U R C E S

Health Insurance A-10, 14                                              N
Health Safety A-12, 21                                                 Neighborhood Associations 9
Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber 48                                       Noise Control 21
Historic Preservation Office, State of Oregon 37                       Northwest Green Directory, State of Oregon 5, 20

                                                                                                                                                          i n d e x
Housing Development 32, 37, 53                                         Nuisances 21,22

I                                                                      O
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) 10                   Occupational Safety & Health Division (OR-OSHA), State of Oregon A-17
Industrial Development Revenue Bond Program (IDRB) 32
                                                                       Office of Minority, Women & Emerging Small Business (OMWESB),
Industrial Waste Water 24                                              State of Oregon 3, 5, 34, 57-59
Injured Worker (Workers’ Compensation Insurance) 16                    Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), City of Portland 9
Insects & Rodents, Multnomah County 21                                 Office of Private Health Partnerships (OPHP), State of Oregon 14
International Language Bank (ILB) 10                                   Office of Sustainable Development (OSD), City of Portland 19, 22, 23, 35, 36, 37
International Trade 34, 39 – 43, 49                                    Office of Transportation, City of Portland 8, 21, 24, 25, 51, 54-56, 61-63
Interpretation Services 10                                             Open Technology Business Center 6
                                                                       Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME) 6, 33, 48
JKL                                                                    Oregon Business Development Fund 33
Labor & Industries Bureau (BOLI), State of Oregon 6                    Oregon Business Guide A-8
Labor Market Data 6, 15                                                Oregon Capital Access Program 33
Labor Market Information System, State of Oregon 6, 15                 Oregon Child Care Resources & Referral Network (OCCRRN) 14
Land Use & Transportation Department,                                  Oregon Convention Center 28
Multnomah County 24, 53-56, 61, 63                                     Oregon Credit Enhancement Fund 33
Land Use, City of Portland (See Zoning)                                Oregon Downtown Development Association (ODDA) 53
Language Services 10                                                   Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) 37, 48
Layoff Assistance 15                                                   Oregon Executive MBA Program (OEMBA) 45
Lewis & Clark College A-9, 7, 11, 27, 45                               Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) 45
Libraries, Public & Law A-9, 7, 8                                      Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) 11, 46
Licenses, Business A-9, A-10, 9, 10                                    Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS), State of Oregon 6
Loan Programs 32
                                                                       Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP),
                                                                       U.S. Department of Commerce, Federal 48
M                                                                      Oregon Microenterprise Network (OMEN) 48
Maintenance Bureau, City of Portland 24, 25, 51                        Oregon Nanoscience & Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) 6
Management Assistance 45, 47, 49                                       Oregon Native American Business Entrepreneurs Network (ONABEN) 48
Manufacturers Directory/Register 5                                     Oregon Ombudsman for Small Business, State of Oregon 16
Maps 8, 9, 63                                                          Oregon Sports Authority 10, 30
Market Data 6                                                          Oregon State Agencies A-5, 3
Marine Facilities and Freight 63                                       Oregon Tourism Commission 10
Marylhurst University 45
Mercy Corps Northwest A-5, 32, 35, 38, 48                              PQ
Metro Child Care Resources & Referral (CCR&R) 13                       Parking 21, 61
Metro Data Resource Center 6
                                                                       Parks & Recreation 22, 26, 27, 30,
Micro-Enterprise Loan Fund 32
                                                                       Patent & Trademark Library, Boley Law Library 7
Mt. Hood Community College 11, 17, 30, 45, 49
                                                                       Patent & Trademark Office, U.S. Department of Commerce, Federal A-9
MWESB (See Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business)
                                                                       Permits 19, 20, 26, 54, 55
                                                                       Permitting Bureau, City of Portland (see Bureau of Development Services)
                                                                       Pioneer Courthouse Square 28, 62
                                                                       Pittock Mansion 28

                                         2010 Portland Directory of Business Resources 65
P O R T L A n d                     d I R E C T O R Y                 O F      B U S I n E S S                   R E S O U R C E S

Planning Assistance 31, 51, 53, 55, 61                                    Sporting Events 10
Police Bureau, City of Portland 19                                        Street Vendors A-10, 55
Pollution Prevention Program, City of Portland 24                         Streets/Sidewalks 24, 25, 55
Population Research Center (PRC), State of Oregon 6                       State of Oregon Agencies (See Oregon State Agencies)
Port of Portland 8, 32, 41, 59, 62, 63                                    Surety Bonds Guarantee Program 35
Portland Business Alliance (PBA) 5, 7, 8, 41, 49                          Surveyor’s Office, Multnomah County
Portland Center for the Performing Arts 28, 29                            Sustainable Development, City of Portland 35, 37
Portland Community College (PCC) 12, 27, 31, 46, 49
Portland Development Commission (PDC) 3, 7, 8, 32, 33, 35-37, 49,         T
52, 53, 57, 59                                                            Tax Abatements 36
Portland Exposition Center 29                                             Tax Credits 37, 38
Portland Housing Bureau 51                                                Tax Exemptions 36
Portland Oregon Visitors Association (POVA) 10                            Tax ID Number (EIN), federal A-13
Portland SCORE 31, 48, 58                                                 Tax Requirements A-14
Portland Small Business Loan Fund 34                                      Taxes A-13 - A-16
Portland Spirit Cruises 29                                                Technical Assistance for Community Services (TACS) 49
Portland State University (PSU) 5-7, 12, 22, 31, 34, 46, 47               Tourism 10 63                                                       Trademarks A-9
Procurement 58-60                                                         Traffic Information 63
Professional/Technical Education, Portland Public School 16               Translation Services 10
Property Records, Multnomah County 9
                                                                          Transportation Engineering & Development Bureau,
Public Records, Multnomah County 9                                        City of Portland 51, 54-56
Public Safety A-12                                                        Tree Maintenance 25
Public Transportation 62
Purchasing 58-60                                                          UV
                                                                          Unemployment Insurance, State of Oregon A 16, 16
R                                                                         University of Oregon (UO) 46
Recycling 22, 23                                                          University of Portland (UP) 7, 12, 27, 47
Relocation/Expansion, Business 52                                         Utility Services A-12
Revenue Bureau, Multnomah County 9                                        Vendors, Street A-10, 55
Road Conditions 63                                                        Visitor Information 10
Rose Quarter 29
S                                                                         Warner Pacific College 12
SE Works 13                                                               Waste 20, 22, 23
Secretary of State/Corporate Division Business Information                Water Bureau, City of Portland 26, 52, 55
Center & Business Registry, State of Oregon A-5
                                                                          Water Quality 26
Seismic 24
                                                                          Water Supply 55
Service Marks A-9
                                                                          Work Share Compensation, State of Oregon 15
Sewers 23, 24
                                                                          Workforce 11, 13, 46
Signs 54
                                                                          Work/Life Oregon 14
Site Location Services 52
                                                                          Workers’ Compensation, State of Oregon A-16, 16
Small Business Administration (SBA), U.S. Federal 4, 31, 33-35, 42,
47, 49, 57, 58, 60                                                        Worksource Oregon 12
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) 31, 32, 41, 45, 49               Worksystems, Inc. 13, 17
Small Business Investment Capital (SBIC) 35                               World Trade Center Portland Conference Center 30
Social Security Administration (SSA), U.S. Federal 4                      Youth Employment Services 16
Solid Waste 22, 23                                                        Zero Waste Alliance 35

                                                            66 Portland Business Handbook 2010

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