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FX and MM trading

MarketsLink FX and MM trading is a multi-asset class electronic trading solution from
Lloyds Banking group. it gives you the ability to trade Foreign exchange and Money
Market products in a real-time, secure and easy to use online environment.
Our electronic trading solution seeks to provide you with the tools you need to maximise
the return on your cash by providing access to the expertise of our global trading centres
and the ability to leverage Lloyds Banking group’s depth of liquidity, power and size in
the global markets.
MarketsLink FX and MM trading is part of our commitment to helping you manage cash
more effectively by reducing administrative pressures and trade execution times and also
compliments our range of cash management solutions. it also provides an extensive,
transparent and competitive trading environment in one integrated solution – everything
you would expect from your trusted online partner.
Products available include Foreign exchange spot, Forward Outrights, swaps, time-
Options (Window Forwards) and Block trades in over 50 currencies and Money Market
deposits, Fixed term LiBOr Loans and roll-overs in over 19 currencies, all with immediate
online trade confirmations.
all of this, complemented by a dedicated specialist support team to help you at every
step of the way makes MarketsLink FX and MM trading an essential tool for any business.
key FeatureS
Free – no charge for using MarketsLink FX                           adaptable – We can easily configure and
and MM trading and no limit on the                                  tailor our trading solution to suit your
number of registered users                                          requirements
Flexible – accessible from any location                             Straight thrOugh prOceSSing (Stp)
due to web-based structure                                          – settles trades using internal Lloyds or
Quick – Prompt account opening: FX                                  external non-Lloyds settlement instructions
trading within 48 hours*, MM trading                                advanced trading – single-click
within 24 hours                                                     express FX trading with configurable
Secure – Latest security technology, with                           streaming rate desktops and detachable
128-bit encryption and optional iP address                          currency rate panels
configuration                                                       extenSive SuppOrt – dedicated
cOmpetitive – executable market-                                    MarketsLink FX and MM trading support
leading, real-time Foreign exchange and                             desk situated directly on our trading floors
Money Market pricing                                                interactive SuppOrt – Full suite of
pOSt trade management – Up to 13                                    interactive online content and support
months trade history can be viewed or                               including manuals, tutorials and
exported using the online trade blotter                             edemonstrations
with immediate trade confirmations                                  multi-entity trading – trade on behalf
eFFicient & Flexible – execution of FX                              of multiple entities quickly and easily
and MM trades in just one or two clicks                             tranSparency and chOice – Our
with market-leading speed and accuracy                              competitive pricing is also available via third
                                                                    party multi-bank eCn trading platforms
                                                                    including 360t, FXall and Currenex

Foreign exchange and Money Market trading using MarketsLink or any third party eCn
trading platforms is available between 7am and 6:30pm (gMt) depending on the currency
and value date required.
regiStering FOr marketSlink
to register for MarketsLink FX & MM trading simply complete the online registration form
on our website: alternatively, complete a company
registration form and accompanying personal information form which can be found in
your client information pack and return to us in the enclosed envelope.
cOntact inFOrmatiOn
if you require any further information about our electronic trading solutions please
contact your Lloyd’s tsB or Bank of scotland relationship Manager or sales
representative. alternatively, you can contact our eBusiness support desk on
Uk: 0845 300 3008 or international: +44 (0) 207 158 1712, or email us at
the eBusiness support desk is currently available from 7am to 6.30pm (gMt).
*subject to successfully obtaining sanctioned Foreign exchange trading limits from your relationship Manager.
Lloyds tsB Bank plc’s registered office is at 25 gresham street, London eC2V 7Hn and it is registered in england and Wales under
no. 2065. Lloyds tsB Bank is authorised and regulated by the Financial services authority. Bank of scotland plc’s registered office
is at the Mound, edinburgh eH1 1YZ and it is registered in scotland under no. sC327000. Bank of scotland is authorised and
regulated by the Financial services authority. Lloyds tsB Bank and Bank of scotland are both part of Lloyds Banking group plc.
Lloyds Banking group’s registered office is at the Mound edinburgh eH1 1YZ. registered in scotland, under no. 95000.

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