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  Ulteig Fire & Explosion Investigation Services
  Fire investigation — sometimes referred to as origin and cause investigation — is the analysis of fire-related
  incidents. After the fire is extinguished, the origin and cause of the fire or explosion must be determined.
  Investigations of such incidents require a systematic approach and knowledge of fire science.
  Ulteig’s fire and explosion investigation team consists of a coordinated group of experienced experts who
  are prepared to investigate fire-related losses. Our experts provide timely and accurate services to meet the
  needs of our clients.
  In litigation, the credibility of the experts is often the deciding factor. In large, complicated losses, multiple
  disciplines are often needed to gather and document evidence. Ulteig’s staff includes registered electrical,
  structural, mechanical, civil, and fire protection engineers, as well as certified fire investigators.
  Whether it is a small loss or a petrochemical plant, Ulteig is at the top of its field in fire sciences. We are
  not owned by or associated with an interested party, such as an adjusting company or a law firm; our
  independence eliminates the potential for bias.
  When requested to conduct a fire scene examination, our investigators follow the same systematic approach
  used for origin and cause investigations. As we gather information concerning the incident, they are mindful
  that any investigation may turn into a full litigated case. Therefore, when we process a scene, we make sure
  that a hypothesis is developed after all the information at the scene is gathered and proper investigative
  techniques have been used.
Cold Case Forensic Science
Ulteig’s trained engineers and investigators can handle an incident scene that has been
sitting abandoned for days, weeks, or months. Our professionals can examine the scene and
rule out damage that occurred due to exposure to the elements and/or through manipulation
of the scene by outside forces.

Fire Litigation Support
The professional engineers and investigators at Ulteig can offer litigation support such as:

  ƒ Case reviews and consultation                    ƒ Fire alarm system performance analysis
  ƒ Reconstruction of fire and explosion incidents   ƒ Forensic laboratory coordination
  ƒ Analysis of opposing reports and testimony       ƒ Expert testimony
  ƒ Building and fire code review and
    equipment examinations

Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Cause and Origin Determination
Ulteig Engineers has a team of engineers and fire investigators that can handle residential,
commercial, and industrial fire investigations of all varieties. Our investigators possess an
array of specialized expertise and experience that enhance their capabilities.

Automobile Cause & Origin Determination
Ulteig’s engineers and fire investigators are experienced in investigating the origin and cause
of vehicle fires on makes and models of all sizes. From a tractor-trailer fire to a motorcycle
fire, we have the experience and expertise necessary to answer the tough questions about
these fires.

WildFire Cause & Origin Determination
Wildfires result in tremendous devastation of public resources and private property. The
increasing frequency of these fires has created a need for specially trained fire investigators.
Ulteig’s team of professionals possesses the expertise necessary to handle investigations of
this magnitude.
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                                                                  About Ulteig
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