FEE & METHOD                                                                     COURSE
             OF PAYMENT                                                                   INSTRUCTORS

                                                                                                                                                   FIVE-DAY COURSE

                                                                                                                                                   AN INTENSIVE
Course fee RM 1800 per participant                                            Muhammad Zamir Abdul Rashid
(Includes Lunch, Refreshment, Course Materials &                                                                                                                     ANALYSIS
                                                                              Muhammad Zamir Abdul Rashid graduated with his BEng in
Attendance Certificate )
                                                                              Mechanical Engineering from UMIST, Manchester in 2003 where                            USING ANSYS
Please kindly complete and return the registration form                       he majored in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Due to his
together with cheque/ bank draft which are made                               interest in fluid mechanics and CFD, he did his MSc in Thermal
                                                                              Power and Fluids Engineering and graduated in the subsequent
payable to UKM PAKARUNDING SDN BHD.                                           year from the same university. He then was accepted to work for
                                                                              the CFD department of Lotus Engineering UK, undergoing a 2
                        REGISTRATION FORM
                                                                              year graduate training programme. There, Zamir was involved in
                                                                              various design projects for various clients, from the US to China,
Name 1 _____________________________________________                          and gained a lot of experience in the world of CAE. Upon
                                                                              completing the graduate training programme, he returned to
Email      _____________________________________________                      Malaysia in October 2006 and shortly after joined the technical
                                                                              support team of CAD-IT Consultants (M) Sdn. Bhd., providing              Course Lecturers:
Job title _____________________________________________                       technical support for the South East Asian region. Zamir has a           Muhammad Zamir Abdul Rashid
                                                                              passion for cars and loves motorsport.                                   CAD-IT Consultants (M) Sdn.Bhd
Name 2 _____________________________________________
                                                                              Dr. Hj. Meor Zainal bin Meor Talib                                       Dr. Hj. Meor Zainal bin Meor Talib
Email      _____________________________________________                                                                                               Department of Chemical & Process Engineering
                                                                              Dr Meor started his carrier in the industry covering areas in            Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Job title _____________________________________________
                                                                              applications, development and marketing of chemicals. However
                                                                              his interest had always been with computing and numerical                Dr. Shahrum Abdullah
                                                                              methods naturally from a strong computing background. So he              Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Company _____________________________________________
                                                                              decided to further his studies in numerical methods in the               Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
                                                                              academic world. He completed his master degree in drying
                                                                              technology majoring in modeling and simulation of cocoa drying.          Course Date:
Address _____________________________________________
                                                                              He wrote his own code using C-language to solve Luikov                   8th - 12th January 2007
                                                                              equations by finite difference method. He continued along the
           _____________________________________________                      same line with modeling and simulation in fuelcell studies for his
                                                                              PhD. He used finite element method using Matlab and Femlab.              Venue:
Town       _____________________________________________                      Since 2003 he has been teaching numerical methods for under-             CAD Lab
                                                                              graduate and post graduate students.                                     Faculty of Engineering
State      _____________________________________________                                                                                               Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
                                                                              Dr. Shahrum Abdullah
Tel __________________            Fax    _______________________                                                                                       Organised By:
                                                                                                                                                       Advanced Engineering Centre       PUSAT
AUTHORISED Signatory (* This registration is invalid without                  Dr.Shahrum Abdullah is currently a lecturer with the Department
signature from an authorized officer)
                                                                                                                                                       Faculty of Engineering, UKM       KEJURUTERAAN TERMAJU
                                                                              of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Universiti Kebangsaan                                             FAKULTI KEJURUTERAAN UKM

                                                                              Malaysia. He has taught in UKM, Loughborough University,
Name       _____________________________________________                      United Kingdom and Sheffield University at undergraduate and             In Collaboration with:
                                                                              graduate levels. His area of research interest includes design           Advanced Semiconductor Packaging
Job Title _____________________________________________                       engineering, applied mechanics and solid mechanics. He is also           Research Group
                                                                              an active member of Board of Engineers Malaysia and Institution          Faculty of Engineering, UKM
Tel _________________            Fax      ______________________              of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

The organizer has the right to make any amendments that they deem to
be the best interest of the course and to cancel the course if insufficient
registrations are received a week before course commencements date.
                                                                            COURSE                                  14.00-15.30            6th Workshop - Post-processing, Misc
                                                                          PROGRAMME                                                        Short Topics
                                                                                                                    15.30-16.00            Coffee/Tea break
ANSYS FEA software product training for first time users:                                                           16.00-17.00            Continue 6th Workshop
                                                            Day 1
This training course covers the basics of how to use
ANSYS; it is intended for all new or occasional ANSYS                                                               Day 4
                                                            08.00-08.45    Registration
users with hands-on exercises and examples of actual
                                                            08.45-09.00    Opening Remarks                          09.00-10.30            7th Workshop–Array Parameters,
ANSYS applications.
                                                            09.00-10.30    1st Workshop- Introduction to FEA &                             Coupling & Constraints Equations
                                                                           ANSYS Basics, General Analysis           10.30-11.00            Coffee/Tea Break
The objectives of the training are :
                                                                           Procedure                                11.00-12.30            Continue 7th Workshop
                                                            10.30-11.00    Coffee/Tea Break                         12.30-14.00            Lunch
     learn how to perform a complete ANSYS analysis
step-by-step:                                               11.00-12.30    Continue 1st Workshop                    14.00-15.30            8th Workshop - Working with Elements,
                                                            12.30-14.00    Lunch                                                           Coupled-field Analysis, Modal Analysis
    learn the basics of ANSYS capabilities, terminology     14.00-15.30    2nd Workshop - Creating The Solid
and the GUI                                                                                                         15.30-16.00            Coffee/Tea break
                                                                           Model                                    16.00-17.00            Continue 8th Workshop
    learn about building solid models & meshing, apply      15.30-16.00    Coffee/Tea break
loads, solving & reviewing results                          16.00-17.00    Continue 2nd Workshop                    Day 5

     learn the basics about the productivity enhancement
                                                            Day 2                                                   09.00-10.30            9th Workshop– Sub-modeling,
tools - select logic, APDL & batch mode.
                                                                                                                                           Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis
                                                            09.00-10.30    3rd Workshop– Creating the Finite        10.30-11.00            Coffee/Tea Break
                                                                           Element Model Procedure                  11.00-12.30            Continue 9th Workshop
   WHO SHOULD ATTEND                                        10.30-11.00    Coffee/Tea Break                         12.30-14.30            Lunch
                                                            11.00-12.30    Continue 3rd Workshop                    14.30-15.30            10th Workshop - Bonded Contact, Macro
Practicing engineers, professionals and researchers who     12.30-14.00    Lunch                                                           Basics, Custom Topics and Discussion
are involved in simulation and use finite element method.   14.00-15.30    4th Workshop - Defining the Material,    15.30-16.00            Coffee/Tea break
                                                                           Loading, Solution Model                  16.00-17.00            Continue 10th Workshop
                                                            15.30-16.00    Coffee/Tea break
                                                            16.00-17.00    Continue 4th Workshop
                                                            Day 3                                                               ADDRESS

                                                                                                                                      Advanced Engineering Centre
                                                            09.00-10.30    5th Workshop– Stress Analysis, Thermal                        Faculty of Engineering
                                                                           Analysis                                                 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
                                                                                                                                          43600 UKM Bangi
                                                            10.30-11.00    Coffee/Tea Break
                                                                                                                                         Selangor Darul Ehsan
                                                            11.00-12.30    Continue 5th Workshop                            Tel : 03-89216451/6454 Fax: 03-89202314
                                                            12.30-14.00    Lunch                                      Closing date : Please send in your registration form together with your
                                                                                                                                        payment before 8th January 2007

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