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Soundgarden: With their melodic riffs derived from Led Zeppelin and Black ... Though leaning towards a more heavy metal sound, their menacing lyrics and their ...

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									                  Central Times
                                                                                                              Volume 2 No. 11
 Tangley Baumgarten
                            CTO STAFF CTO STAFF CTO STAFF

   Brandon Cramer                                           Spring Fever?
    Manfred David
                                                            A humorous look at actual school excuses compiled by Sam Marshall.
   Jackie Dimitrief
     Brandon Dopp
       Zach Heil
     Nic Landgraf
                                                            Parents’ Excuses
     Sam Marshall
    Jack O’Dwyer                                            These are actual excuse notes from parents with the
     Matt Sladnick
    Frank Sripada                                           original spelling. These were acquired from the Office of
       Ryan Ting                                            Educational Assessment at the University of Washington.
    Eric Van Wart
Hannah Weinberg-Wolf                                         * My son is under a doctor's care and should not take P.E.
     Emmi Benton
   Benny Blackman
                                                            today. Please execute him.
      Emilie Bold
    Chanel Cadette                                          * Please excuse Lisa for being absent. She was sick and I had
    Chris Gluckman
                                                            her shot.
      Ellen Green
   Mitchell Hammes
     Chloe Isaacs                                           * John has been absent because he had two teeth taken out
    Shayna Levine                                           of his face.
      Ben Mandel
    Jeremy Meyers
     Lexa Peterson                                          * Please excuse Jennifer for missing school yesterday. We
   Will Rosenbloom                                          forgot to get the Sunday paper off the porch, and when we
    Danny Salzman                                           found it Monday, we thought it was Sunday.
   Jessica Serrino
     Alex Sharrin
     Jordan Stern                                           * Sally won't be in school a week from Friday. We have to
    Peter Sudhoff                                           attend her funeral.
     Dan Wolinsky
Mrs. Dalleska, faculty advisor
In With The Old, Out With The New

 Vacations a bore? Sick of the same old hot beach
 and skyscraper hotel? Try Europe, and bring a
 whole new meaning to retro. Europe is full of
 history, huge stone castles, beautiful cathedrals,
 foreign languages and much more. Sound horrible?
 Twelfth century buildings not your thing? What
 about sitting out in the 80 degree weather on the
 Mediterranean? How about riding a gondola through
 the waterways of Venice? Europe is the new “old
 thing” and you’re about to get a sneak peak about
 where to go and what to do.

SPAIN- Love tapas? How about bullfights? Like to flamenco? Spain is the hottest place for
Spanish lovers around the world. Don’t be mistaken, Spain is no Mexico, there are NO burritos and
fajitas. Instead try some datales and iberian jamon. Looking for a great tour? Start in the
mountains, ski down to the coast to Catalan speaking Barcelona and work your way down to the
capital, Madrid. From there head to Salamanca and Toledo, two great walled cities. Prefer warmer
weather? Start towards Cordoba, Seville, and Granada, for lovely shops and gardens aplenty. From
here go to Malanga and spend some time on the Costa del Sol famous for it’s beautiful Mediterranean
                            Don’t like Spanish? What about Portuguese?

PORTUGAL- Have a thing for seafood? Love wandering the streets of a coastal town? If so,
Portugal is the perfect place for you. Because Portugal borders Spain, there is a lot of Spanish
influence on the culture near the Spanish border. Don’t be fooled, Portugal is no Spain. Portugal is a
coastal country and you can see the ocean from almost everywhere. The people are incredibly
friendly and the art is overwhelming. Because Portugal is on the Atlantic you can find fresh seafood
wherever you go. There are nine regions of Portugal and each one is more amazing than the last. My
best advice is just to start at Minho at the Costa Verde and zigzag your way down to Algarve and
the Golfo de Cadiz. In-between you will find beautiful beaches, lovely coastal towns, great food, and
much, much more.

                              Don’t like fish? Meatballs a must?

                                                                     ~ article continued on next page

ITALY- Love pasta? Vineyards galore? From gladiators and volcanoes to quiet coastal towns, for
great shopping, and much much more choose Italy. If you love Italy, you’re not alone. Due to the
recent Winter Olympics, everyone knows Turino’s name. Great skiing, snow boarding and other snow
related activities are abundant in this area due the mountains. Venice- some people call it the city of
love, others call it the sinking city. Whichever way you look at it, Venice is full of great people,
wonderful history, beautiful art and so much more. Venice is a city built on a river; people use boats
to get around. Cars don’t play much of a role in Venice, so take a gondola instead. The Florence area
is teaming with orchards, vineyards, and beautiful villas too. Florence is beautiful and a must see on
any tour of Italy. Note-like salami? Be sure to visit Genoa! Now, on to Rome. Most people consider
the Roman Empire to be the strongest and longest ever to exist. This evidence is still present today
as you wander the streets of Rome... on one side of the street, a huge modern building... on the other?
The Colosseum! Rome is the capital of Italy and is politically very important. You CANNOT take a
tour of Italy without stopping in Rome. Before you come home, make sure to see the ruins from the
great volcanic eruptions over Pompeii and make a stop in Sicily. If Italy is for you, don’t hesitate.
Remember, tomatoes always taste better when they are home grown!

                        Italy not for you? Love sun and fun and more?

GREECE- Greece is probably most famous for its yummy food, beautiful islands, unique culture, and
its wonderful history. Everyone has studied enough Greek history to realize what an influential and
advanced culture it is. Even when Greece was taken over by the Roman Empire, Roman royalty and
other nobles used Greeks to tutor their children. The Romans copied their gods and a lot of the Roman
culture was based on the Greek culture. Enough history. Sports fans, the first Olympics ever took
place in Athens and Greece is still recognized for the creation of the Olympics. The Greek islands are
full of beautiful beaches, lovely towns, warm weather, resorts, and sun, sun, sun. Travel around Greece
and try their great food wherever you go.

                What? You don’t like taramasalata? Gyros not your thing? Love duck?

FRANCE- Art galore, wonderful food, famous fashion, history, and dogs, dogs, dogs. France’s rich
culture attracts artists and aspiring writers from around the world. It’s no mystery why- France’s
beautiful landscapes and gorgeous cities are enough to attract anyone. From amazing mountains to
quaint street cafes, France has it all. Prefer the quiet life? Rent a chalet in the mountains and spend
the winter in the snow. Like bright lights, great art, wonderful food, and fashion, fashion, fashion?
Paris is by far the most famous city in all of France, perhaps in all of Europe. Everyone knows the
Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Museum d’Orsay. Paris is a beautiful city and mother to the worlds
newest and hottest fashion. Fashion starts in Paris. But Paris is about much more than fashion. It’s
about love, food, art, and much, much more. If France sounds like you, don’t hesitate to hitch a plane
ride to Paris and spend the week!

There you have it. I have just reviewed some of the major countries in Europe. There are many other
countries in Europe, all worth visiting, but if I were to list them all then this article would go on
forever. Europe is an amazing continent and ALWAYS a worthy place to visit. No matter what you’re
looking for, it can be found in Europe.                                          Hannah Weinberg-Wolf

Grunge Rock Bands: Where are they now ?
Nirvana: Credited with bringing the music of grunge to mainstream audiences, Nirvana’s 1991 album
“Nevermind” signaled the rise of grunge and eventually alternative rock. Started in 1987, for several
years it was the most popular indie/college rock band in the country and eventually attracted the
interest of the record companies. Their hits on their four original albums include the anthemic
“Smells Like Teen Spirit” and the also well known “Come As You Are,” “Lithium,” “Heart Shaped Box,”
“All Apologies,” “About A Girl” and “In Bloom.” The band abruptly ended in 1994 after
singer/guitarist/band leader Kurt Cobain committed suicide in his Seattle Home. Drummer Dave Grohl
went on to form the group The Foo Fighters and their bassist Christ Novesselic has been more
concerned with political activism working alongside Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys and
Soundgarden’s Kim Thayll in the musicians rights organization JAMPAC.

Soundgarden: With their melodic riffs derived from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Soundgarden
made a place for heavy metal in Grunge while retaining the ideals of punk. Before their chart topping
1994 album Superunknown, Soundgarden had made several albums and singles on the legendary indie
label “Sub Pop”. The chart topping albums Superunknown and the later Down on the Upside spawned
such singles as “Spoonman,” “Black Hole Sun,” “Pretty Noose,” “Burden In My Hand,” and “Blow Up The
Outside World.” In 1997, after 12 years together, Soundgarden broke up. Their singer Chris Cornell
formed the supergroup Audioslave. Recently, an early song, “Rusty Cage,” was featured in the
videogame “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”

Pearl Jam: After their #1 album Ten outsold Nirvana’s Nevermind in 1992, for most of the nineties
Pearl Jam was the most popular grunge rock band, blending the sound of 70s hard rock with the
message of Grunge. Formed from the remains of the band “Mother Love Bone,” Pearl Jam started in
1990. Ten, along with their later albums Vs., Vitalogy, No Code and Yield have garnered the band
numerous hits the biggest being: “Jeremy,” “Alive,” “Even Flow,” “Go,” “Daughter/Yellow Ledbetter,”
“Black,” “Dissident,” “Daughter,” “Better Man,” “Who Are You,” “Given To Fly” and “Last Kiss.” Since
then the band has continued to have commercial success and is currently embarking on a world tour.

Alice in Chains: Though leaning towards a more heavy metal sound, their menacing lyrics and their
Seattle origins brought them to the forefront of the Grunge Rock movement. Though they only
released a few albums and rarely toured, several of Alice in Chains’ albums went to the top of the
charts. Their hit singles include: “Rooster,” “No Excuses,” “I stay away,” “Grind,” “Get Me Wrong,”
“Heaven beside You,” and ”Over Now”. In 2002, lead vocalist Layne Staley was found dead of a drug

Stone Temple Pilots: Started in 1990 in San Diego, California. Though they were originally penned by
critics as a rip-off of the Seattle grunge bands, their 1992 debut album Core was a commercial
success. Their 1994 followup Purple was an even greater success. Though their 1995 album Tiny
Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop received better reviews, it did not sell as many copies as
Purple. Their well known songs include, “Plush,” “Vaseline,” “Interstate Love Song (featured in Grand
Theft Auto: San Andreas),” “Trippin’ on A Hole in a paper Heart,” “Big Bang Baby,” and ” Lady Picture
Show,” all of which were #1 hits. Since 2004, singer Scott Weiland has gone on to join Slash, Duff
McKagan and Matt Sorum all of Guns N’Roses in the rock Supergroup Velvet Revolver.
       Steps to Fashion Success this Spring
                              ACCESSORIES EDITION
                            Tangley Baumgarten and Jackie Dimitrief

  1. You know what shoe is all the rave this spring? Platform high shoes. Wear them
                 anywhere and everywhere. Look stylish and fun.

2. The number two Spring must have accessory is a Sidekick cell phone. Whether you
want to text message on a keypad or just look stylish, the Sidekick is the phone for you.

3. The final must-have to complete your Spring look is an oversized handbag. You can
                    carry it as a book bag, purse, or overnight bag.

                               MOCK NBA DRAFT
              By: Will Rosenbloom, Alex Sharrin, Mitchell Hammes, and Chris Gluckman

If the draft was held today these would be our picks for the first round:

Portland: Tyrus Thomas

Chicago: LaMarcus Aldridge

Charolette: Adam Morrison

Atlanta: Andrea Bargnani

Toranto: Rudy Gay

Minnesota: Randy Foye

Boston: Brandon Roy

Houston: Marcus Williams

Golden State: Rodney Carney                             New York: Richard Roby

Seattle: Shelden Williams                               Phoenix: Tiago Splintter

Orlando: JJ Redick                                      New Jersey: Aaron Gray

NO/OK City: Patrick O’Bryant                            New Jersey: Rajon Rondo

Philadelphia: Mardy Collins                             Memphis: Rudy Fermandez

Utah: Cedric Simmons                                    Cleveland: Josh Boone

NO/OK City: Hilton Armstrong                            LA Lakers: Shawne Williams

Chicago: Ronny Brewer                                   Phoenix: Maruice Ager

Indiana: Jordan Farmar                                  Dallas: Quincy Douby

Washington: Oleksiy Pecherov                            New York: Saer Sene

Sacramento: Kyle Lowery                                 Portland: Paul Millsap

The Rally for Darfur                                Immigration Rally
             CTO Staff                                     By: Peter Sudhoff

                                               Last week over 400,000 immigrants and
                                               second generation citizens marched all
       Recently in Chicago, people             through Chicago. At one point more than
gathered to rally against the genocide         ten people per second for almost an hour.
in Darfur. Darfur is the western               The crowd was made up of many latinos
region in Sudan where thousands of             but      also   included;     Palestinians,
people are being killed in a genocide          Jordanians, Irish and Arab immigrants.
that is being called the second                The big shock of this rally was that it did
Holocaust. Presently, Darfur is the            not turn violent with so many people. The
most dangerous place in the world.             Chicago police have been preparing for a
Congress is trying to pass a bill giving       rally this size for months. The
173 million dollars to the Sudaniese           preparations included fifty foot tall video
government to support them in their            surveillance cameras, special vehicles and
current civil war, and a few million is        riot gear. This rally had members from
going to Darfur. In Chicago, many              every age group, including kids who cut
speakers voiced their opinion about            school to go to the rally. Overall, the
Darfur; speakers included a student            march was very peaceful and the only
from Deerfield High School.                    harmful side affect was businesses
       In addition, there was also rally       closing and backed up traffic. For some a
in Washington D.C. that 40,000 people          rally from the 1960s was remembered
attended in support for Darfur. Many           where there was a violent clash between
people made signs encouraging senators         protesters and police. This year’s
to write bills pledging money to helping       immigration rally broke up quickly and
Darfur. Students from New Trier                peacefully. Some are saying that if there
High School went to Washington to              are more rallies this size there will be
attend the rally. Elie Wiesel, George          some violence and possibly riots.
Clooney, Barack Obama, and Olympic
speed skating champion Joey Cheek all
spoke at the rally. Darfur is a place
that desperately needs our help.

Fun and Games
        1        CIRCLES:                                                             2        GOLFBALLS:

 Using six contiguous straight lines, connect all of the                       Rearrange three golfballs so that
sixteen circles shown below.                                                  the triangular pattern points down
                                                                              instead of up.

             3        TEN MATCHES:

      Remove six matches to make ten.

Stop!!! If you dont want to see the answers Do not scroll       Stop!!! If you dont want to see the answers Do not scroll
down!!!                                                         down!!!

                  Most Popular Music Video
                  Fall Out Boy “Dance Dance” 27 votes

            Avenged Sevenfold “Bat Country” 24 votes

               My Chemical Romance “Helena” 12 votes

                                      Nintendo News
       The Nintendo Revolution now has a name, the Nintendo Wii. The price for their new gaming
system is expected to be about only $150. Nintendo had a news conference on May 9th and it
focused on getting people who rarely play or don't play into the video game world. So far, they
are the only video game company of at the E3 video game expo in Los Angeles to address efforts
to bring in the non-gaming audience. Nintendo's new Wii console has an inclusive strategy that
aims at attracting new games to try their new console, which will be released in the fourth
quarter. (An exact date was not given by Nintendo.)
The unusual Wii name is intended to sound inclusive and sound like "we."
The two small i's are supposed to represent people playing. The Wii’s wireless controller Wii
controller, has two pieces and is intended to be held separately, one in each hand. Both have
motion sensors and will allow gamers to play by waving the remote-control shaped device around in
the air. It can be used in things like swinging a tennis racket in a video game, he said. Most
importantly, the Wii remote has rumble feedback, which the recently announced PlayStation 3
forfeited, opting for motion sensor capability instead. Nintendo is currently showing 27 playable
Wii games on show floor, which is a lot this far ahead of Wii's launch. One game, "The Legend of
Zelda: Twilight Princess" will have two versions, this fall, one for the Gamecube and one for the
Wii. Both will be released on Wii's launch day, which Fils-Aime would only say would be in the
fourth quarter. He said it would be priced less than it's competitors, but he did not say a price.

                                                                        sailing/water sports

                                   # of votes

         What is Your Favorite Summer Sport to Play/Watch

                PC Games                                        Eye Can’t Believe it!
PC games, what’s so different about them, and why have their
sales been dropping? PC games have not been doing so well in
the video game market for many reasons this year. With a PC
game, you normally need to have more than one disc and you
have to install the game which takes (on average) about 10
minutes depending on the computer. With some of the console
games able to play over the internet, there is no big rush
anymore for internet games for the PC. With the soon-to-be-
released new consoles, people are saving up their money so
that they can buy a new console when it comes out. Also,
many of the PC games are available for a console and the
graphics are mainly better than the PC. Apple computer
                                                                  Do you see that the green
games have never done very well because their prices are
                                                                triangles are the same color?!
higher for a game disc and it is harder to find an Apple
computer game than it is to find a PC game. I predict that in
a few years, PC gaming will completely change.

Picture Scramble!
                       This edition of Picture
                     Scramble was written and
                    scrambled by Jessie Serrino

                      Guess which two 7th
                      grade students are
                      being scrambled and
                      win an awesome prize!
                      Submit answers to Mrs.
                      Dalleska’s mailbox.

                      Clue 1: One of the
                      students has Mrs.
                      Meyer as an advisor.

                      Clue 2: One of the
                      students’ favorite color
                      is blue.

                      Clue 3: They both are
                      editors of this edition
                      of Central Times Online.


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