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					                    Dear Wilbur-Ellis employees,

                           Each year, I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible during
                    my travels but as we grow, it is a challenge to get to each location in a timely
                    way. Communication is critical to our success and a positioning study we
                    commissioned last fall revealed, among other things, that it was important to
                    you to hear more often about significant developments taking place through-
                    out the company. So I will be sending out these notes at least quarterly to
                    keep you updated on our business.
                           Regarding the study, you may well ask what it is and why it was
                    conducted. With our expansion, effectively articulating who Wilbur-Ellis
                    is, what we stand for, and what we excel at becomes increasingly important.
                    Accordingly, we asked a number of you, as well as our customers and
                    suppliers for input and here is what we heard:
                           1. Wilbur-Ellis is a private, family-owned, financially
                               stable business with a long history of integrity & service.
                           2. Wilbur-Ellis has strong management and an
                               entrepreneurial spirit.
                           3. Wilbur-Ellis is dedicated to building strong
                               relationships that advance the business.
                           4. Wilbur-Ellis is forward thinking and innovative.
                           5. Wilbur-Ellis has a global footprint and local feet on
                               the ground.
                           While not necessarily surprising, these are powerful statements that
                    define us. What’s more, they were consistent across our three distinctly
                    different divisions and among customers and suppliers. Given this broad
                    survey base, it is impressive that you and those we serve view Wilbur-Ellis
                    in not only similar, but in such positive ways.
                            Based on the feedback received, we’ve summarized these statements
                    into a brief description of our company:
                              At Wilbur-Ellis, we’re proud of our history but never stop
                              looking ahead. Backed by strong leadership at all levels of
                              the Company, our global network of local experts has the
                              technical know-how and ingenuity to deliver innovative
                              solutions to our customers.

                                                             WI LBU R - ELLIS COMPANY
345 California St   •   27th Floor   •   San Francisco   •   CA • 94104 • USA • T 415.772.4000   •   F 415.772.4011   •   www.wilburellis.com

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                           Last year marked our 86th year of existence and our 86th year of
                    profitability. Not many companies can lay claim to that kind of record and
                    you, the people of Wilbur-Ellis, are the single biggest reason for our
                    achievements. You and the employees who came before you have shared
                    a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit along with a keen sense of responsibility
                    and integrity that have led to our success.
                           Global economic conditions notwithstanding, we expect to continue
                    growing in 2008. As we add new markets and new customers, we’ll be
                    increasingly challenged to preserve the values that have made Wilbur-Ellis
                    the distributor of choice for so many. At the same time, we need to adopt
                    new ideas and new ways of doing things to keep pace with market conditions
                    and to ensure that we meet the evolving needs of those we serve.
                           All of this spotlights the need for a comprehensive approach to
                    developing, advancing and retaining a strong Wilbur-Ellis workforce.
                    Before we undertook the positioning study, the division heads and corporate
                    HR had begun to work together on such an approach, but the study confirms
                    just how important it is that we begin this process now. Accordingly, a task
                    force was formed that includes the heads of all three divisions, their selected
                    representatives, and Anne Cleary who was recently promoted to Director of
                    Human Resources.
                            Together they will create a multi-year strategy aimed at ensuring
                    Wilbur-Ellis keeps and attracts the best and the brightest workforce. Some
                    of the areas the taskforce will be focusing on are recruitment and retention,
                    training and development, and compensation. As they proceed, you can
                    expect them to seek your input and to keep you posted on their progress.
                           For more than 86 years, the people of Wilbur-Ellis have acted
                    together to create a rewarding, challenging and fulfilling workplace.With the
                    investment we’ll continue to make in human development, communications
                    and other areas, I think you can expect an even stronger Wilbur-Ellis in the
                    years to come.


                                                                                John P. Thatcher
                                                                                President and CEO

                                                             WI LBU R - ELLIS COMPANY
345 California St   •   27th Floor   •   San Francisco   •   CA • 94104 • USA • T 415.772.4000   •   F 415.772.4011   •   www.wilburellis.com

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