London Financial Regulation Seminar by tex60740


									                       London Financial Regulation Seminar

          The Regulatory Response to the Financial
                  Crisis - Northern Rock
                                     30 January 2008, 2-6 pm

                                Derek Willoughby Lecture Theatre
                                      Charterhouse Square EC1

Registration opens at 1:30pm

  2:00–3:00     Proposals for Liquidity Management
                Tim Congdon, Professor Charles Goodhart and Julian Wiseman
  3:00–4:00     Appropriate Structure for Handling Crisis Management
                Professor Harald Benink, Willem Buiter, Professor Rosa Lastra.

   4:00-4:15    Coffee Break

   4:15-6:00    Deposit Insurance Reform and the Need for a Special Bank Insolvency Regime
                (chaired by A. Campbell) Professor George Kaufman, Eva Hükpes, Dr Alistair Milne

                       The organisers of this seminar series are (by alphabetical order):
   Professor E. Philip Davis, Professor of Economics and Finance, Brunel University; Professor Charles
   Goodhart, Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics; Tom Huertas, Financial Services
    Professor Rosa Maria Lastra, Professor in Financial and Monetary Law, Centre for Commercial Law
 Studies, Queen Mary, University of London; Dr Alistair Milne, Senior Lecturer in Banking, Cass Business
School; and, Professor Geoffrey Wood, Professor of Economics, Faculty of Finance, City University Business

 For more information please call 020 7955 6301 at the LSE or 020 7882 5733 (Sandra Baird at CCLS); Email:

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