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									                      Book Review Information and Format
         HIS 101 and 102 Spring Semester 2007-2008, Ms. Gorham’s Classes

As you were told the first day of class and as your course outline indicates, you must read
a factual book at least 200 pages in length and relevant to the course you are taking and
you must prepare and submit a book review on the material you read. This semester,
each student randomly selected his/her book by drawing the name of an approved book at
the beginning of a designated class period. It is the student’s responsibility to procure a
copy of the book—from a library, through purchase at a bookstore, etc.

Read your book, and take notes on your book. As you read, think about what the book is
about, how the author writes (what you like and do not like in his/her style), whether the
author uses footnotes or endnotes or has a bibliography for the reader who wants to do
extra reading on the topic, what qualifications the author has to write about the topic the
book addresses, what you like most about the book, what you dislike about the book, what
you would change about the book, whether the author is objective or subjective toward
his/her subjects, etc. Back up or substantiate your opinions/assessments with examples
from the book.

Remember that you are writing a review of the book; you should briefly tell what the book
is about in the course of the book review, but you must also review and analyze the book
as if you were a book critic for a newspaper, magazine, or scholarly periodical. Avoid
using the pronouns “I” and “you” in writing your review, and avoid using contractions.
Remember that the book review is to be a well-integrated document, not a series of
choppy paragraphs. Remember also that a book review is not a book report.

Remember that the body of the book review must be at least three typewritten pages in
length (one-inch margins all around, doublespaced, Times New Roman 12-point font,
black print only). Your book review must have a cover sheet containing pertinent
information (the name of the book reviewed and the author or authors of the book, the
student’s full name, the course name, the college’s name, the instructor’s name, and the
date the review is to be submitted). A sample cover sheet is included in this handout.

At the top of the first page of the body of your book review, type this information:

       Title of the Book (Underlined). By Author’s Full Name. Place of publication:
       Publisher. Year. pp. ___ to ____.

Then, skip down a double space and start your book review on that page; continue through
this first page and through at least two additional pages. Do not make your book review
excessively long; you should not submit a book review with more than four pages in the
body of the paper. Remember that you are to staple your book review once in the upper
left-hand corner—do not purchase a folder to put it in—just staple it together! (No
computer disks, no CDs, no emails—I want a hard copy of the book review, period.)

The book review, which constitutes 20% of your course grade, must be submitted to your
instructor at the beginning of your class Monday, 31 March 2008, for the MWF classes
and Tuesday, 1 April 2008, for the Tu/Th classes. Late submissions will not be
accepted, but early submissions are welcome. You know the guidelines; act
accordingly. Graded book reviews will be returned to students for perusal the last class
day of the semester. This class period will be devoted to working with common errors
from the book reviews. Students will return book reviews to the instructor at the end of
the class period.
The instructor will not proof rough drafts of book reviews, but you may get a parent,
friend, fellow student, etc., to proof and “mark up” your rough draft if you like. You
may contact personnel in the NACC Writing Lab for assistance. (Copies of sample
book reviews will be distributed in class at the same time this handout is given out.)

Remember: do not wait until right before the book review is due to type the final draft. If
something can go wrong, it will. Tell yourself the book review is due a week before it is
actually due, if you must, to force yourself not to procrastinate. Late reviews will not be
accepted, so do not procrastinate! Git it done!!

A student who cheats on his/her book review (reworks a book review submitted from last
semester, plagiarizes his/her book review from reviews designed by the publisher to
promote the book or from magazine/newspaper/Internet/book promotional book reviews)
will receive the grade of “O” on his/her book review. If a student submits a book review
that another student submitted a previous semester, the student from the previous semester
will see his/her course grade recalculated, with a “O” included for the book review
assignment, and the student who submitted the “recycled” book review will receive a “O”
for this assignment.

                        (author)      (book title, underlined)


                              Augustus Woodrow McCrae
                                 (student’s full name)

       (name of class)                          Western Civilization II (or I)
       (school)                                 Northeast Alabama Community College
       (instructor)                             Ms. Cheryl Lee Gorham
       (due date)                               31 March 2008 (or 1 April 2008)

(NOTE: The items in parenthesis are just explanations of what is to be put on the cover
sheet. Students should not type these terms on their cover sheets!)

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