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                                                                                                    Edition 008
                                                                                                     July 2007

                          The FREE companion to your pool card...
                          Llanidloes, Newtown, Welshpool, Oswestry & Surrounding areas

Haunting tales of
local ghosts

Many more businesses
join The Pool Card                                                                     Just how new
                                                                                        is Newtown?

                                                                                     Water buffalos
                                                                                    thrive in Powys

   celtic                                 Come and visit the newest
                                          members of the Pool Card
                                                                          Our New Store! Celtic Company at
                                                                            Moreton Park, Gledrid, Chirk,

 company                               and enjoy browsing round out
                                        extensive range of fine gifts,
                                         jewellery, homeware, cards
                                                                            nr. Oswestry T: 01691 770963
                                                                             A further 10% discount off
                                                                         ‘The offer of the week’ to Pool Card
                                                and giftwrap.
     www.celticcompany.co.uk                                               holders and 10% off at Cards +
 Celtic Company 14 Broad Street, Welshpool T: 01938 556262 • Cards + 11 Hall Street, Welshpool T: 01938 556646

       Summer Time Update...                  We have updated the menu which          Four real ales, over 100 different types

      We are always looking for ways to        ranges from Paninis to Steak and        of wine choice, COSTA coffee, free
      improve the way in which we can        Ale pies, Classic Moules Mariniere to     wireless broadband, outdoor seating,
       serve our customers; by popular       Crispy Duck salad - seasonal dishes       No smoking throughout and lots of
    request we now operate an all day Bar      which are proving very popular!                     atmosphere!
     menu running from 10am until 9pm.
                                               In the evening we also run a full
                                            restaurant menu, recently updated for
                                                       the new season.

       Summer Time Sunday                   Although our Sunday carvery is very              The Royal Oak Hotel
     Lunches at the Royal Oak               popular we have now added all sorts          The Cross • Welshpool • Powys
                                            of other choices like fresh fish dishes               SY21 7DG
      Summer time is well and truly here    and tasty salads for those who don’t
    and Head Chef has changed our menus             want a Sunday roast!                   Telephone: 01938 552217
           to suit the new season!                                                              Fax: 01938 556652
                                               To make your Sunday even better,         e-mail: relax@royaloakhotel.info
                                             during July we are offering Pool Card          www.royaloakhotel.info
                                            holders a special deal of three courses              AA HHH WTB
                                             for the price of two, on presentation
                                                       of their Pool Card

2                          20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
                                                                                                                                   Nigel Lloyd
                                                                                                                                  Traditional Ironwork
                                                                                                      HOUSE SIGNS, SLATE &
                                                                                                     RUSTIC, BRASS PLAQUES,         • Weather vanes
                                                                                                     MACHINE LABELS & MORE!        • Gates & railings
                                                                                                     www.severntrophies.co.uk      • Garden furniture

                                                                                                           01686 624422              • Individually
                                                                                                      10% discount on house         designed for you
                                                                                                      signs during July to Pool      01686 668131
                                                                                                            Card holders             07833 114005

Features                 No More Plastic Bags                                                  4

                         Haunting tales from West Felton to Llanidloes                         8

                         Do you know what Ingredient X is?                                   12

                          Meet your BBC Community Reporters                                  16

                         Join the fun at Llanidloes Carnival                                 17
                                                                                                                                  THE BUTTERY
                         Newtown – a brief history                                           18
                                                                                                             GJF                   Licensed Restaurant
                                                                                                                                  Open 9.30am to 4.30pm
                                                                                                         For all your               Monday to Saturday
                         Newtown Market Hall joins The Pool Card                             21       roofing problems             12pm to 2pm Sunday
                                                                                                        Roofing and Guttering     Discounts for Pool Card
                                                                                                     Chimney Repairs & Repoint        Holders - call in
                         How white knuckle rafting helps Elder Abuse                         23      Tel: 01691 661074 evenings         for details
                                                                                                      or 07905 656137 mobile       8 High St, Welshpool.
                         Support local events                                                14               Free Quote              01938 552658

                                                                                                     The Old Vicarage Dolfor
                         Water buffalo at Cors Dyfi                                          20

                                                                                                            Guest House & Restaurant
                                                                                                     Restaurant open all week lunch* & dinner
Regulars                 Momentum Wines on Cider                                               9
                                                                                                                 At least 24hr notice essential
                                                                                                           Contact Tim & Helen Withers
                                                                                                                 on 01686 629051
                         Book Reviews by Fuze                                                  6          www.theoldvicaragedolfor.co.uk
                                                                                                         Pool card holders – 4th course free!
                                                                                                                    * (minimum 6 persons)
                         Game review by EGO                                                  10

                         Competition results                                                 14

                         Crossword                                                           23
                                                                                                     NEW IN STOCK - DINING SETS & COFFEE TABLES
                         Out and About                                                       24        Plus new stock of Lamps, Rugs, Mirrors,
                                                                                                            Ceramics, Clocks,Original Art,
                         Your Pool Card application form                                     24               Aga Cookware & more…
                                                                                                      20% OFF RUGS TO POOL CARD HOLDERS
                         Pool Card Directory – get up to date with offers                    26           Local Artist Merial Davies Art
                                                                                                              Exhibition Open To All
                                                                                                     10 Church Street, Welshpool 01938 555566
Contact	                 The Pool Card, 20a/21a Berriew Street,
                         Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
                         Tel: 01938 555984
	                        Email: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk                                        •	Open	for	lunch	&	dinner	5	days	a	week	(Tues-Sat)
	                        www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                                     •	Fully	licensed	•	Locally	sourced	produce
                                                                                                     •	Menus	which	follow	the	seasons	not	trends
                                                                                                     •	Romantic	ambience	in	Newtown’s	old	bakery
                                                                                                     •	Parties,	functions	and	al	fresco	dining
                                                                                                     •	10%	discount	for	Pool	card	holders
                                                                                                     17, Parkers Lane, Newtown, Powys, SY16 2LT
                                                                                                     Tel: 01686 621120

The Pool Card Ltd is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses
                                                                                                     THE SEWING DIVA
Statement                                                                                                      Is here to fulfil all your sewing needs
All opinions and views contained within the Update are not necessarily those of The Pool Card                    Dressmaking•Alterations•Fabrics
Ltd owners of the Update. Great care is taken in compiling the Update but The Pool Card Ltd,                      •Soft Furnishings•Upholstery
its employees and its shareholders assume no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury arising   Recovering including Caravans, Mobile Homes & Campervans
from participation in or as a result of any offer, advertisement or information contained in the                     Discounts to Pool Card holders
Update. All advertised Pool Card offers are the responsibility of the individual businesses.
                                                                                                                  Phone 01686 650122
Cover photo: ‘Offering’ by ceramicist Bev Milward who is taking part in Ingredient X: Powys                  Email: thesewingdiva1@yahoo.com
Arts Month 2007

              T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                                                          3
                                                                                                                                               NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS
                                                                                                                                               “Nomoreplasticbags” was inspired by a small town in Devon called
                                                                                                                                               Modbury where a local woman who works with the BBC was so
                                                                                                                                               disgusted and upset by the extent of damage caused by plastic bags in
                                                                                                                                               the environment, she decided to do something about it.
      MIS C E L F Y D DYA U                                                                                                                    I have been awaiting the right thing to do that is possible and acheivable
      POWYS                                                                                                                                    and it struck me that this is the one! Sure there are many things that
                                                                                                                                               need to be changed the world over, but as with charity, surely it all

                                                                                                                                               begins at home. Step by step, people working together can make a big
      Spice up your summer with...                                                                                                             difference.

      ingredient                                                                                                                               With a little help from a friend I have put together the website
                                                                                                                                               nomoreplasticbags.co.uk which has links to other more established
                                                                                                                                               “green” organisations for information on how else to “Green your life”.
                                                                                                                                               The main emphasis is to ask people to sign the petition that is asking
                                                                                                                                               for a stop of the use of plastic bags in the whole of the UK.
      Extraordinary Encounters                                                                                                                 There are so many alternatives such as recycled paper, jute, hemp,
      with Artists in Powys                                                                                                                    parachute material, or any other type of material you care for. On the
                                                                                                                                               website there are links to bag suppliers to find out how to change your
                                                                                                                                               stock away from drastic plastic to something altogether more friendly.
             P more...
      Find out O W Y S A R T S M O N T H                                                                                                       Something I hope to get up a running soon is a bag-making group,

      See Update’s ‘Out & About’ guide                                                                                                         using offcuts and spare material to produce low-cost, reusable bags. I
      Visit www.powysartsforum.org.uk                                                                                                          will be giving them out at Llanfyllin’s Workhouse Festival to promote
                                                                                                                                               the campaign and hope to push the idea forward for people to take
             M S C E from D D
      Pick up aI brochureL F Y local Y A U
                                                                                                                                               their own bag instead of acquiring yet another plastic bag!
             P TICs and
      libraries,O W Y S arts venues -                                                                                                          Please support this campaign by registering on
      or phone 01938 811001                                                                                                                    www.nomoreplasticbags.co.uk, or email Caroline Andrews
      to request a copy                                                                                                                        at: nomoreplastic@hotmail.co.uk

      Powys Arts Month is a Powys Arts Forum initiative, supported by
      European Union Objective 2 Programme and Welsh Assembly
      Government, Powys County Council, Arts Council of Wales, and Academi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            FREE

                                                                                                                                               • Low cost advertising
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        n 006
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  May 2007

                                                                                                                                               • Monthly networking                                                                                                             FREE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              on t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   o yo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ur p
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        & Surro
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ol, Osw
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ool c


         35yr                                                                                                                                  • Monthly magazine
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The                     tow           n, Wels
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      s, New

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               new mil

                                                                                                                                               • Promotional leaflets
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   rd             hits a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pool Ca                               wn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   es to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            BBC com

                                                                                                                                               • A marketing tool that shows proven results
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     get fit       n
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Time toestry Triathlo

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    tor info        es
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             to                                                                             New visi n in Llanidlo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       aged rd                                                                            centre

                                                                                                                                               • A reason for a consumer to walk through
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               encour      l Ca
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Tourists for the Poo

                                       OSWESTRY, WHITCHURCH, WELSHPOOL, NEWTOWN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        sign up                                                                                                                      NING
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        GARDE size,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          TO GET of plants, very
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                TIME stic range ies, all at visit us! 005
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For a fanta alist variet    and April 2007 Pool Card
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Centre many
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        speci        s, come
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             e price           items with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Garden Sho p competitiv undiscounted field SY21 9PH

                                           QUALITY TOURS FOR MAY – JUNE – JULY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Din

                                                                                                                                                 your door and not your competitors
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Farm                       most              Guils
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10% off            Centre,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Derwen 8 553015
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SY21 9JD    Tel: 0193
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The en, Wels
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ries & Gard c
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Nurse                omp
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dingle 8 555145Llanidloes,         anio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              n to

    Please call for our full summer brochure today on 01691 652126. Or call in at any of our Travelmaster Travel Agents or brochure outlets.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tel: 0193                   Newto
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      wn, Welsh        your
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  p          pool, Oswe              ool c
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ard        ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 & Surrou

                                                                                                                                               • All in one design, printing and

                                    *** Minimum 3 star Standard Hotels, ***                                                                                                                                                                          Pool Car

                  Many Tours Have, Door To Door Pickup Feeders, Luggage Handling, Menu Choice,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Now In d Savings                                                                         Use

                                                                                                                                                 distribution service
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Montgom                                                                    Don’t forg your vote -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ery                                                                           et May
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    New Sea                                                                            Over 2700
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Powis Casson At                                                                               Pool Car
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              tle                                                                              and grow d

       All Travel by Modern Executive Air Conditioned Coaches, ALL Tour Day Excursions included in the price.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   An Even                                                                                       every
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In Osw Better Welcom

                                                                                                                                               • Access to Pool Card database through
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         estry          e

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Dingl

                 Sat 4th Aug                                       Isle of Wight – 8 days                                           £420
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Garden                 TIME TO

             urs Mon 6th Aug
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Farm Shop            For a fantasticGET      GARD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   many specialistrange of plants, ENING
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dingle                                                competit          varieties,        any size,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nurserie                                                ive prices,        all at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tel: 01938       s & Garden,                                                come and very

                                                                                                                                                 Pool Card marketing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  10% off

        er To
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        555145            Welshpo                                                    visit us!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ol SY21                      most undiscou
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           9JD                               nted items
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Garden                         with the

                                                                   Paris – 5 days from                                              £225
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tel: 01938          Centre,                        Pool Card
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               553015           Guilsfiel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           d SY21

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ma        n

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           rch 004
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Th                                                                                                                   2007
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   e c

                 Thurs 9th Aug                                     Hampshire’s Hidden Delights – 5 days                             £275

                                                                                                                                               • Fully designed web page on The Pool Card
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    n io
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pe                                                                                                           n to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The rfe
                 Various Dates                                     Edinburgh Tattoo – 3/5 days from                                 £179
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Poo Upd ct
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               and l Ca ate A Part
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Save , Th nd Th ne
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       rd                                                                                                                                                   rd
                                                                                                                                                 website that can link to yours

                                        Sat 11th Aug               Harz Mountains – 9 days                                          £539
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .. .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Yo ey Are e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           u                    Mo   Fr
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ne ee
                                        M on 13th Aug              Devonshire Gardens – 5 days                                      £310                                                                         M rdens

                                                                                                                                               • Door to door leaflet distribution
                                                                                                                                                                                                                A g id W      of
                                        Fri 17th Aug               London – 4 days                                                  £169                                                                         st g to ale
                                                                                                                                                                                                               be uide
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pa a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           rde me
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            4 ns th    o
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   is Spf the

                                        Mon 20th Aug               Yorkshire Houses & Gardens – 5 days                              £285                                                                                                 ring

                                        Sun 26TH Aug               Eastbourne – 6 days                                              £369
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Un     TO
                                                                                                                                                                                                           rry Va R FA
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ke it 1

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ro stre   CT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ad    En ORS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        wt pri LTD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   , Ne ter                                        SA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              DO TU

                                        Thurs 30th Aug             Picture Book Yorkshire – 4 days                                  £235
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ow se
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            n. Park
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              SY                           AL     UBL RDAY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          AN POOL E DISCIS THE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 16 ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 TR CARD OU POOL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A DI         N    CA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SC HOLD T DA    RD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             CA DURI OUNT ERS Y AT ’S

                                        Sat 1st Sept               Monarch of the Glen – 6 days                                     £359
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  LL NG EV WILL RJ
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       01 MARCERY SA RECE S!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           68         TU    IV
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              6 62 H     RD E
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  23       AY

                                        Mon 3rd Sept               Blackpool Illuminations – 5 days                                 £265
                                        Mon 3rd Sept               Gardens of England – 5 days                                      £299
                                        Thurs 6th Sept             East Anglia Experience – 5 days                                  £289
                                        Fri 7th Sept
                                        Sat 8th Sept
                                                                   Delights of Cornwall – 6 days
                                                                   Brittany`s Stunning Coastline – 6 days
                                                                                                                                               •   It’s free
                                        Sun 9th Sept               Bournemouth – 6 days                                             £310       •   It saves you money
                                        Sun 9th Sept               Donegal & the Causeway Coast – 7 days                            £469
                                        Tues 11th Sept             Stylish St Anton & the Cows Return – 8 days                      £489       •   Access to imaginative and promotional offers
                                        Thurs 13th Sept
                                        Fri 14th Sept
                                                                   Dales, Peaks, Wolds, & Coasts of England – 5 days
                                                                   Mystery – 3 days
                                                                                                                                               •   It reminds you to consider spending with your
                                        Fri 14th Sept              Krakow, Zakopane & Tatra Mountains – 11 days                     £749           independent businesses
                                        Mon 17th Sept              Weston–Super–Mare – 5 days                                       £265
                                        Fri 21st Sept              Southport & the Lakes – 4 days                                   £210       •   Save fuel by shopping locally
                                        Sat 22nd Sept              Tenby – 5 days                                                   £259       •   Feel good for supporting your local economy
                                        Sat 22nd Sept              Isle of Wight – 7 days                                           £320
         & NEW YEAR                     Sat 22nd Sept              Jersey by Air – 8 days from                                      £420       •   Monthly Update magazine full of
                                        Sun 23rd Sept              Scarborough – 6 days                                             £325
      BROCHURE DUE OUT                  Sun 23rd Sept              Costa Dorada by Air – 8 days                                     £650           promotional offers and local news
     IN JUNE, PLEASE CALL               Thurs 27th Sept            Discover Loch Lomond – 4 days                                    £255       •   Exclusive offers only to Pool Card holders
        01691 652126                    Fri 28th Sept              Cardiff & the Gardens of Wales – 3 days                          £155
    TO BE PLACED ON OUR                 Fri 28th Sept              Llandudno – 4 days                                               £185       •   Simple to apply – call into any of the
      FREE MAILING LIST.                Sat 29 Sept                Spain – Roses – 10 days                                          £499
                                                                                                                                                   Pool Card businesses or write to The Pool Card office
                         £1 OFF ALL DAY TRIPS TO POOL CARD HOLDERS                                                                             •   New businesses joining all the time bringing you new
                   FREE INSURANCE ON ALL HOLIDAYS TO POOL CARD HOLDERS                                                                             opportunities every month

4                                                                   20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
POOL	CARD                                                                          High quality digital
                                                                                   colour CCTV
At a recent visit to Welshpool I was given the golden opportunity to
discuss the work of The Pool Card with Prince Charles. He singled
out myself and the three people in the office that I could persuade to
wear Pool Card t-shirts in the crowd and asked where we had escaped
from. He then went on to enquire as to what The Pool Card is. He
listened very intently and then told me to ensure that we signed the
rest of the crowd up. I was very impressed by the fact that he must talk
to many people yet he could take time out from his hectic schedule to
take a genuine interest in the stories that are shaping the area that he
was visiting.

Mark Barnes Managing Director

                                                                                  Dependable no-tape systems—
                                                                                  instant access to recordings
                                                                                  View live images from your home
                                                                                  Central station monitoring option
                                                                                  Expert installation, maintenance, repairs, upgrades
                                                                                  Free survey and estimate
                                                   Prince	Charles	
                                                   meeting	the	crowds	
                                                   on	his	visit	to	
                                                   Welshpool.	                                               01743 884765
                                                                                                             · ORP Surveillance Limited · West Bulthy · Welshpool SY21 8ER
                                                   Photo	courtesy	of	
                                                   Pixcellence                             www.orpcctv.com • info@orpcctv.com

                                                                                      W SI N EE S H O P
                                                                                      O    W
                                                                             • Free use of our inhouse beer/wine/spirit glasses
       Large events can be very expensive, we have national supply             when you order from us.
       lines and over 1,000 wines in store, couple that with friendly,       • A huge range of malts and specialist spirits. If we
       knowledgable, local service and you’ve got the best of both worlds.     don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask, we can
       • 3 for 2 on all wines, always!                                         probably get it!
       • 20% off 3 or more on all sparkling wines & champagnes.              • We now stock loose hand rolling and pipe tobacco as
       • 4 for £5 on a large range of traditional bottled ales.                well as quality cigars from all over the world.
                                                                             • A further 5% off all wines, beers and
       • Free delivery within a 10 mile radius on orders of £50
           or more.                                                            spirits to Pool Card holders.
                                                                                                                    OPEN ‘TIL 10PM

      Threshers, 22 Church Street, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 9SP Tel: 01691 657582 Fax: 01691 679926

             T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                                                                        5
                                       JUST DIESEL BOOK REVIEWS
                                   APR CARS LTD.
                                                           4 X 4 PICK UPS & VANS
                                                           04 04 MERC ML AUTO leather, maroon, 59k £17,595
                                                                                                               This month we have selected 2 books written by
                                                                                                               Jamie Owen who recently visited Newtown as part of
                                                                                                               the BBC Wales “Here for You” Roadshow

                                                                                                               Magic	Islands	(Paperback)	by	Jamie	Owen	Island
                                                                                                               life has a special charm which has captured the
    leather                                    £16,995     06 56 NISSAN NAVARA NEW MODEL PICKUP no miles       hearts and imaginations of countless travellers over
    06 06 VW GOLF PLUS 1.9 SE TDi black/silver £12,250                                         £16,995 + VAT   the years. Take a glimpse at life today on some of
    02 02 VOLVO V70 D SE AUTO leather           £9,995     05 05 HYUNDAI SANTA FE CDX CRDT silver £10,995      the islands off the Welsh coast in the company of
    02 02 BMW 525 TDI SE AUTO leather, met silver          01 Y RANGE ROVER 40 HSE silver, 62k       £8,995    popular television celebrity Jamie Owen. Through
                                                £7,995     00 V RANGE ROVER DSE AUTO                 £8,995    storm and sunshine he and his crew sailed on a
    03 03 VW PASSAT 130 TDi ESTATE 5dr, met blue           99 T LAND ROVER DEFENDER 90          £6,995 + VAT
                                                                                                               hundred-year-old Bristol Channel cutter to the
                                                                                                               islands of Lundy, Caldey, Skomer, Ramsey,
                                                £7,895     05 05 RENAULT KANGOO 1.7 DCi+ white, 14k
                                                                                                               Bardsey and Anglesey. The film crew was engaged
    03 53 HONDA CIVIC 1.7 CDTi SE 3dr, met grey                                                 £5,995 + VAT   in preparing a six-part series for the BBC: Magic
                                                £7,595     03 53 PROTON PICK-UP met blue, 24k £4,750 + VAT     Islands. For Jamie, the voyage was certainly done for real, and the
    03 53 RENAULT SCENIC 1.9 DCi met blue, 28k             96 P FORD MAVERICK 2.7 DIESEL 7 seats £3,995        journal he kept has been the basis for a captivating book. This publication
                                                £7,595     PETROLS                                             ties in with the BBC Wales television programme of the same name.
    03 53 SEAT CORDOBA SE 130 TDi met blue, 28k            01 X HONDA ACCORD SE AUTO TIP EXEC SE+ leather
                                                £6,995                                               £4,995    He meets the people of the islands – fishermen, wardens, innkeepers,
    01 Y VW PASSAT TDi 130 blue, 51k            £5,995     02 02 VAUXHALL VECTRA 1.8 LS 5dr, met grey, 63k     monks; he shares some of the notable incidents in the history of the
    97 R MERCEDES 300 E TD AUTO leather         £5,995                                               £3,995
                                                                                                               islands; he interviews artists (among them the utterly charming Sir Kyffin
                                                                                                               Williams); he relishes the range of landscape and atmosphere as he moves
    01 51 MERCEDES A170 DIESEL AUTO silver £5,795          00 X SUBARU FORESTER TURBO S 5dr, silver, leather
                                                                                                               from island to island. Each island is so very unique.
    03 52 MG ZS TD 5dr, met silver, 44k         £4,995                                               £3,995
    02 52 MAZDA 323 GXi DIESEL 5dr, met blue, 44k          99 S RENAULT SCENIC 1.6 AUTO blue, 48k £2,995       This is a book to give pleasure to readers with childhood memories of boat-
                                                £4,995     01 Y CITROEN XANTIA 1.8 LX 5dr, met blue £2,195     trips and seaside holidays
    01 Y SAAB 93 SE TD 5dr, met silver          £4,995     TO CLEAR
    01 51 SKODA FABIA SDi 5dr, met silver       £3,995     FIAT SCUDO VAN                            £1,750    Cost £9.95 Available from Fuze in Broad Strret Newtown. Fuze also have
                                                           M MONDEO DIESEL ESTATE                      £950    a number of copies signed by Jamie Owen available on a first come first
                                                           J VOLVO 240 ESTATE                          £500    served basis.

           • ALL MAKES NEW C ARS, VANS & PICK-UPS, AVAIL ABLE                                                                               Welsh	Journeys	(Hardback)	
                         • PLEASE C ALL FOR DETAILS                                                                                         by	Jamie	Owen
                                                                                                                                            Wales is the subject of broadcaster Jamie
                                • O P E N 7 D AY S
                                                                                                                                            Owen’s daily life, but in the newsroom at
              CALL STEVE DAVENPORT ON 01691 622030 MOB: 07776 173678

                                                                                                                                             the BBC, there is little time to reflect on
                             WELSH FRANKTON, OSWESTRY SY11 4NX                             ust Diesel                                        landscape, the timelessness of vistas, and
                                  www.justdieselcars.co.uk                                 Cars Ltd                                          the history of the people who have shaped
                                  *12 months period 1/3 deposit subject to status                                                             this land. Little wonder that he relished
                                                                                                                                              the opportunity to spend his summer
                                                                                                                                               visiting six special parts pf Wales. In
                                                                                                                                               the true spirit of Victorian travellers,
                                                                                                                                               he shares his tour of Wales with readers
                                                                                                                                 in this sumptuous publication. Places visitied include
                                                                                                               Snowdon, The Wye Valley, Anglesey, The Brecon Beacons, Llangollen,
                                                                                                               Betws-y-Coed, and an unforgettable journey along the Heart of Wales
                                                              Situations Vacant                                railway line.

                                                                                                               An enchanting journey uncovering the delights of Wales. Jamie Owen
                 The success of The Pool Card has led to expansion opportunities and we are now                spent the summer weeks exploring the rich diversity of the Welsh
                 looking to fill the following positions.                                                      landscape. Along the way he shed the label of “the Welshman who hasn’t
                                                                                                               climbed Snowdon”, wandered in the footsteps of Wordsworth and enjoyed
                 Full time company representative                                                              the cultural delights of Llangollen International Eisteddfod. “Wales” is
                 A very special person is required to spread the word and recruit new businesses               the story of Jamie’s journey and the people he met along the way. Places
                 and also offer the highest quality service to ensure that all businesses continue             visited include Snowdon, The Wye Valley, Anglesey, The Brecon Beacons,
                 to get results from their membership. The successful candidate will be innovative             Llangollen, Betws-y-Coed and an unforgettable journey along the Heart of
                 and able to work on their own initiative. Be part of a new and exciting company               Wales railway line.
                 that keeps customers shopping within local independent businesses. A great                    Cost £19.99 Available from Fuze, Newtown. They have a number of signed
                 package awaits the right applicant.                                                           copies available. Fuze are also offering a free book from there 1st floor book
                                                                                                               shop with this title.
                 Door to door leaflet distributors
                 Due to the increase in workload we are looking for more leaflet distributors.                 For further information on welsh and local interest books for adults and children
                 Do you have spare time each month and enjoy walking? Are you reliable and                     please call fuze on 01686 626500 or visit the shop on Broad Street Newtown
                 trustworthy? The Pool Card now offers a guaranteed reliable door to door
                 delivery service and is looking to offer an excellent income to the right people.
                 On a casual basis, working as and when required, we are looking to build a team
                 of people who can between them cover all the needs of our clients. Own car an
                                                                                                                                          The Pool Card can look after all
                 advantage though not essential                                                                                             of your design, advertising &
                                                                                                                                                printing requirements!
                 Exciting trainee position unexpectedly available
                 Also, an excellent opportunity now exists for a young person to train in
                 marketing, office administration and sales. The successful applicant will be under                                     We also offer a printing and leaflet
                 18 and after a trial period will have the opportunity to work towards an NVQ                                            distribution service in a variety
                 which will involve day release to college. Initially the trainee will be managed
                 by Powys Training. This is a wonderfully diverse position that offers an exciting
                                                                                                                                                     of areas.
                 career with an exciting and dynamic new company.
                 Contact Mark Barnes on 01938 555984 for more details
                                                                                                                                         For	more	information	please	call	
                 The Pool Card, 20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool SY21 7SQ                                                                Mark	or	Carol	on	01938	555984

6                                                        20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
parts department

       20% off 15% off 20% off
               ALL FORD                                                       ALL AUDIO       OFF FINAL INVOICE
            MERCHANDISE                                                       EQUIPMENT        when	spending	£50	
            on	display	in	Parts	                                                                or	more	on	parts
           Department	cabinets
 Offer	only	applies	to	retail	sales	and	The	Pool	Card	must	be	displayed	at	time	of	purchase

service department

     FANTASTIC POOL                   O	
                                SELF	T !
                           IN	IT
                        	A	PO

          FREE                                         MOT	with	a	service!

          FREE                                         Air	con	&	summer	check

         £9.99                                         MOT	for	your	car

 All	service	offers	for	Pool	Card	holders	only	and	valid	until	end	July	‘07

Salop Road, Welshpool, Powys 01938 552391
Pool Road, Newtown, Powys 01686 625514                                                                MOTOR GROUP

                                       Factory                  TALES OF BORDER GHOSTS

                                        Shop                    Enjoy a meal or perhaps a cup of coffee at Seeds Restaurant at Llanfyllin then you may be aware of
                                       (Welshpool) Ltd          a ‘presence’. Penybryn Cottages in the High Street date back to 1580 but when Mark and Felicity
    FREE FINANCIAL HEALTHCHECK            20% OFF               Seager opened their restaurant in 1991, they became aware of unexplained creaking sounds on
         Tel: Mal Hughes on            cushion covers           the stairs. In the sitting room upstairs, there still occurs an occasional and sudden cold feeling.
                                                                According to records Napoleonic pris-oners of war lived in the building and it is believed one
           01686 623975                  with the Pool Card     returns today - known as Albèrt.
      PO Box 20, 39 Pool Road,         High Street, Welshpool   At the Wynnstay Hotel in Oswestry a ghost has in the past been active in the kitchen area. Items
          Newtown, Powys.                 01938 55 2265         have been moved overnight and, rather unusually, staff have come early in the morning to find a
                                                                chair standing on the kitchen table.
     ALEXANDERS                                                 Not far away at West Felton stands the attractive house named ‘Pradoe’ which was built in 1785
              of                                                for the Rev Pritchard. He was unable to pay the £5,000 it cost so he never lived there. At least
                                                                not in body - only in spirit. For many years the house has been haunted, presumably by the Rev
                                                                Pritchard, always accompanied by a King Charles spaniel. A subsequent owner’s dog, a black
                                                                labrador, once cowered with fright when a ‘presence’ entered the room and on other occasions
    OUTDOOR • DIY • COOKSHOP                                    furniture has moved by itself. Some time ago electricians twice returned to floorboards they had
                    • GARDENING                                 opened to find them put back into place.
                   5% OFF MOST                                  In the quarries at Llanymynech there are a number of long disused mines. They say that if you
          UNDISCOUNTED ITEMS                                    listen carefully on a still night, you can hear the music of a blind fiddler lost for generations in
           on sales of £10 or more                              the caves. A local legend says he wandered into the old workings and he still fiddles desperately
                                                                to find a way out.
           29, Broad St, Welshpool
                                                                The original Welshpool station, today a Scotch Wool shop, is also said to be haunted by children
                   01938 552329                                 who are heard playing on the old platform late at night.
                                      SILK SCREEN PRINTING      Welshpool’s Powis Castle, today a National Trust property, houses a fine furniture collection,
                                      WORKWEAR                  much of it coming from Clive of India whose son married a daughter of the Earl of Powis in 1784.
                                      LEISUREWEAR               The superb gardens which can be visited were laid out in 17th or early 18th centuries. Yet
                                      T-SHIRTS                  the castle has a ghostly tale from the early 1700s when a young woman was given work and
                                      POLO SHIRTS               accommodation so she could spin home-grown hemp and flax for the household. One evening
                                      FLEECES JACKETS           when the Earl was away she was visited through a locked door by a gentleman in a gold-laced hat
                                      SWEATSHIRTS               and waistcoat. She asked the apparition, ‘Who are you and what do you want?’
         10% discount to Pool Card holders
                                                                The ghost told her to bring her candle and took her to a small room assuring her no harm would
    Unit 5a, Grooms Buildings, Pool Road, Newtown
                                                                come to her. Then he lifted a floor board and bade that a hidden box and key should go to the Earl
    sales@logomotif.ltd.uk www.logomotif.ltd.uk
                                                                in London. The woman agreed and the box was duly delivered. The ghost never re-appeared and
                                                                Lord Powis never revealed the contents of the box.
                                      DAVE’S                    Montgomery’s old jail, built in 1740 and once the County Jail of Montgomeryshire, has today been
                                                                converted to a terrace of three cottages. It was here that in 1821 the celebrated John Davies spent
                                       TAXI                     his last night after being sentenced to death. One account says he was caught stealing sheep,
                                                                another says that he stole a watch and five pence. Whichever is correct, he went to the gallows
                                                                protesting his innocence. His ghost still visits the property today. Recently visitors were awakened
                                                                at 6 am to see an apparition. They left early that morning.

       PLEASE DON’T DRINK & DRIVE                               John Davies’ ‘Robber’s Grave’ can be found by the north gate of St Nicholas’s churchyard. Before
                  ••••                                          he died, Davies swore from the scaffold that God would not let any grass grow on his grave for 100
     GET HOME SAFELY TO YOUR DOOR                               years. It is said the ground remained barren as Davies had promised and today a rose bush and
                  ••••                                          small wooden sign mark the spot.
           USE DAVE’S TAXI ON                                   Finally, in her book Welsh Ghostly Encounters, Jane Pugh wrote of strange happenings at Graig
    MOB: 07919 892171 TEL: 01686 625436                         Wern Farm at Llanidloes. It seems that many years ago a poltergeist kept troubling a young
                                                                servant girl by slapping her in the face or pinching her. Eventually, alarmed by the attacks, she
                                                                left but troubles persisted when another young girl servant received the poltergeist’s attention.
                                                                On other occasions men servants and male members of the farmer’s family were kicked in the
                                                                shins and milk churns were overturned.
                                                                When they could take no more a local vicar, well known for his exorcism, was invited to conduct
                                                                a service at the farmhouse. The Evil Spirit must have known what was happening for any bible
                                                                in the household was hurled about, damaging dishes and ornaments. When the vicar arrived he
                                                                lit a candle and read from the bible. In answer the bible was hurled at the vicar but he did not
                                                                flinch. Finally the spirit appeared in its true form, a young man with his face twisted with evil.
                                                                He dashed out of the room brandishing a blood-stained sword, howling pitifully as he went. At
                                                                last the reign of terror was at
                                                                an end.
                                                                Just one last thought. As
                                                                you go about your daily
                                                                lives, always look over your
                                                                shoulder or be spiritually
                                                                aware, for somebody might
                                                                be trying to contact you…
                                                                Leslie Oppitz

                                                                This young chambermaid
                                                                took her life when jilted but
                                                                still returns to visit this
                                                                room... What do you think?

                                                                Apart from interest in ghostly
                                                                matters and local history,
                                                                Leslie Oppitz is also author of
                                                                Lost Railways of Shropshire
                                                                currently available £9.95.

8                                              20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
COUNTRY	&	WESTERN                                                             IS YOUR DRIVE
FESTIVAL, WELSHPOOL                                                           LOOKING TIRED?
The annual Country & Western Music Festival is taking place on Sunday
July 15th at Powis Castle Showground. As ever there is a fantastic
line-up of artistes, including Susan McCann & The Storytellers, Paul
Challinor, Magill, Palomino and much much more. Also on offer will be
a bar, catering outlets and trade stands. 2007 is the 20th festival, which
goes from strength to strength each year.

The event is a major fund-raiser for The Heulwen Trust. This is a charity
operating two specially-adapted narrowboats on the Montgomery Canal,           100% NATURAL
and these operate from a wharf just outside Welshpool. The boats give          STONE
free trips to groups of people with physical or mental disabilities, of all    Easy Cleaning
ages. The Trust has now expanded its scope to include elderly people,          Hard Wearing
either from residential homes or clubs. The two boats are specifically         Stain Resistant
designed for the use of the disabled and not-so-young, and wheelchairs         Choice of Colours
can be accomodated. There are also facilities to prepare hot meals. To         Self-Draining
book a trip please contact Mrs Nancy Millington on 01938 552563.
Dennis Duggan
                                                                              Give your drive a makeover with STONEBOND,
                                                                              a combination of natural stone and specialised resin, bonded
                                                                              together to create a solid surface which is highly decorative
                                                                              as well as being tough and durable.

                                                                              A nationwide company established in 1991, with over
                                                                              30,000sq metres installed to date.

                                                                              STONEBOND is an overlay that covers concrete or asphalt
                                                                              quickly and is easily installed.

                                                                              Free Quotes Tel: 01686 610580 Mobile: 07960 036124
                                              Last	year	at	the	
                                              festival,	image	
                                                                              Email: darren@dpandg.co.uk www.stonebond.co.uk
                                              courtesy	of	

SUMMER CIDER                                                                                                                                   on
We had a really interesting weekend at The Ellesmere Food and Drink
Festival a week or two ago, where we tasted with around 400 people
                                                                               music • film • books
over 2 days. The star of the show? It wasn’t Sauvignon, Merlot or Cabernet
– it was Cider!                                                                chart cds                              from only £8.99
                                                                               other chart cds in our 2 for £20 deal
Making something of a comeback over the last year or so, people were
amazed at the different styles which we showed them. The TV may be
full of ads about Magners and Bulmers – and these serve a purpose
                                                                               cds and dvds          1/
                                                                                                                           1/2    price
                                                                               many titles up to          2   price
in introducing people back to the category – but these were the
genuine article. From bone-dry Frome Valley, produced in Hereford,
through to applesweet ciders, the range of products on the market is
                                                                               books                buy one get one free
                                                                               big reductions on chart books and get any book for free from
staggering. And they held appeal for a broad cross-section of people,          our 1st floor book shop with every chart book purchase
from “youngsters” in their twenties, to more mature customers in to
their twilight years!
                                                                               booksfiction, classics, children’s, thriller, crime
                                                                               range includes:
                                                                                               for only £2
Organic cider is naturally very popular, and Dunkertons in Hereford
                                                                               & science fiction, cookery, sport, history, tv and comedy,
make a range of super drinks. They are all quite strong – around 7%
                                                                               education and much more...
Alcohol, so need treating with a little respect. They are pricey too at
around £2 a bottle, but then I suppose you get what you pay for.                  cash given                          Cymraeg section
                                                                                      cash given
                                                                                2nd hand items                           a selection of you can always
                                                                                  2nd hand items
                                                                                     wanted                            cds, dvds, books getask us about
So when you next fill the fridge for a BBQ or a night in with friends,                  wanted
                                                                               cds, dvds, videos,         cymraeg section for                 - what
                                                                                                                          in Welsh         you want day
just remember – Cider is the new Chardonnay!                                      vinyl, books,          a	selection	of	cds,	dvds,	 and
                                                                                                                          children             our next
                                                                                  cds	•	dvds	•	books	                                       at fuze	-	
                                                                                                                                             ordering service
Howard Jones, Momentum Wines                                                     games - bring
                                                                                      vinyl	•	games contact books	in	Welsh	for	 next
                                                                                                             details       adults
                                                                               items into store,                                              on thousands
                                                                                                                                      ask	us	about	our	next	
                                                                                                                         day ordering
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                                                                                you	could	be	surprised day	ordering	available day	ordering	service	on	
                                                                                 ask for details                            available             books
                                                                                                                                      thousands	of	cds,	dvds	
                                                                                fuze mail order
                                                                                   what	they	may	be	                    you can always
                                                                                  call or worth!
                                                                                          email,                         get what you       and	books
                                                                                 see below for                           want at fuze
We are always looking for stories to add to the Update. If you have any
events or tales to tell from Oswestry, Welshpool, Newtown, Llanidloes          fuze • broad street • newtown
and all the villages in between or surrounding please give The Pool            t: 01686 626500 e: info@fuzeonline.co.uk
Card a ring on 01938 555984 or email m.barnes@the-pool-card.co.uk

              T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                                                          9
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              Website, SMS, MMS Services              THE	SILVER	SURFER FOR THE
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      Come to Gloversure and see what we
                                                      NINTENDO WII
                                                      THE Fantastic Four are back and ready tackle the might of Norin Radd, the Silver Surfer.
        can do for you! Call 01938 559500             The Rise of the Silver Surfer has been released to coincide with the secondFantatsic Four
              www.gloversure.co.uk                    film and provides some great Wii-mote action. The game allows you to take control of any
                                                      member of the Fantastic Four and use their unique talents to tackle the various enemies
      HERITAGE FURNITURE                              and puzzles thrown at you.
           STRIPPING                                  There are controls especially created for the Wii which allow you to perform special character
          Stripping and finishing of doors,           moves, unleashing devastation with the Thing, fireballs with the Human Torch or long
       furniture, fireplaces, garden furniture,       distance battering with Mr Fantastic.
     radiators, chandeliers. Competitive prices
     Pool Card Offer: Every 10 doors stripped         The character animations are nice and the four player option will provide plenty of enjoyment
               get 1 door stripped free!              and Fantastic Four style action.All in all Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is a fine
         WEST FELTON 01691 611877                     game and one that is all the more enjoyable when played with friends.
                                                      Also Available for PS3, X-Box 360, PS2 and Nintendo DS.
                                                      Review by EGO

                                                       Letter to the editor
                 The Early Bird Special !!             COME ON LLANI...
     2 courses for £10.00 from our A La Carte Menu     As a small business owner and an active member of several local groups I was
     (served strictly between 6pm-7.15pm tues-sat)                                                                                  intrigued to
                                                       learn more about Llanidloes recently.
              Lunchtime 2 course special !!
     2 courses for £12.50 from our lunchtime menu      As I only moved to Newtown last year I had not managed to spend any time in
                 (served 12-2pm Tues-Sat)              So when a meeting was arranged by a business colleague in Llani (we met at the
                                                                                                                                          Great Oak
               Sunday Night super saver !!             Restaurant) I was struck by several things. The first of these was that as a business
         Traditional Sunday Roast with a glass of      who is involved in innovation and customer relations Llanidloes does appear to possess
       house wine £7.95 – served 6.30pm-8.30pm
                                                       There are diverse businesses and groups in Llanidloes and it has a unique
                Wednesday Night Carvery                                                                                                      business
                                                       community as well as a lively community in general. With this obvious distinctio
       A choice of 2 meats with a wide selection of                                                                                          n it was
                                                       sad to see that the town centre for example was not thriving and I was determine
               vegetables & potatoes £7.95                                                                                                   d to find
                                                       out a little more. What was apparent was that the residents of Llani - as well
                                                                                                                                        as the small
                                                       business owners are very creative, community spirited and outspoken!
       Complementary coffee for all
       Pool Card holders when lunch                    The outspoken quality is very apparent at the moment what with the general sense
                                                                                                                                              of Llani
                                                       being the gem cast to the side or by-passed both figuratively and literally. Added
          or dinner is purchased                       the endless series of road and town improvements recently, have it seems had
                                                                                                                                               to that
                                                                                                                                         an obvious
                                                       negative impact on trade in the town. As an interested outsider I have done a little
               Mellington Hall Hotel                                                                                                        ‘mystery
                                                       shopping’ in Llanidloes since my initial business meeting and I have come to the
     Mellington, Churchstoke Powys, SY15 6HX                                                                                              conclusion
                                                       that Llani may benefit from a new and genuinely exciting innovation that is being
      Tel: 01588620456 Fax: 01588620928                by other towns in Powys.
       Web: www.mellingtonhallhotel.com
                                                      This is of course the Co-Operative group that is behind the Update you are reading
                                                      now! Let me reveal a little secret to you. I am an entrepreneur who has done
                                                      into effective and progressive ways of marketing and doing business and has published
                                                      findings. One of the most powerful and successful ways of doing business, is
                                                                                                                                        to network
                                                      with other businesses and work together more. The other is Customer relations.
                                                                                                                                          Of the all
                                                      the groups and innovators that I have studied, the Pool Card is one of the cleverer
                                                                                                                                             I have
                                                      seen because it offers both! Not only that, it brings both local businesses together
                                                                                                                                            and the
                                                      local community. It says we support local business as it belongs to and supports
                                                                                                                                           the local
                                                      community in the long term.
                                                      If you are a small business or retailer, don’t take your customers for granted. They
                                                                                                                                           don’t have
                                                      to use you or shop with you! They can use businesses out of town or shop with
                                                                                                                                        the big boys.
                                                      For goodness sake, take on the big boys who award their customers with loyalty
                                                      and other benefits. If you are customer, give a thought to your local business.
                                                                                                                                         They live in
                                                      the community and care for it. That’s obvious from my ‘mystery shopping’ in recent
                                                      Use them first but do ask them if they are part of the Pool Card. From my own
                                                      experience the Pool Card is an innovator. It is a very professional and committe
                                                                                                                                           d group of
                                                      businesses who are in it for the long term.
                                                      I am a member of the Pool Card and genuinely support the integrity behind it. If
                                                                                                                                           you are not
                                                      part of it, you will not benefit and crucially will not be able to influence it and
                                                                                                                                          that’s really
                                                      what is important.
                                                      I left that business meeting at the Great Oak with its wonderful food, looking
                                                                                                                                        out at the
                                                      street with its fantastically eclectic mix of businesses, arts and craft centres,
                                                      centres and really friendly people thinking that there is so much it has to offer
                                                                                                                                        the wider
                                                      community. I also wondered why one of the towns that has not only so much to
                                                                                                                                     benefit from
                                                      something like the Pool Card but has so much to offer it too, has not embraced
                                                                                                                                      it as a way
                                                      of making it’s mark?
                                                      Stephen Mckeown

10                                    20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
Letter to the editor
We are delighted to report that The Simmering      been able to access practitioners easily. Indeed,
                                                   this was the main aim of the day; to raise the
Cauldron’s Mind, Body, Spirit Fair in Newtown
on 20th May was a huge success. Amongst our        awareness of the availability of alternative               Electrical Contractors
visitors it was fantastic to welcome many Pool     therapies in the immediate area, and in this,
Card holders. These lucky people of course         we feel we have succeeded.                            WHEN YOU THINK OF ELECTRICIANS -
not only got free entrance, but also access to
a number of free taster therapy sessions and       It was great also to work with the Pool Card                  THINK OF EOM
talks. Inevitably, we met some people who          on the event and thanks must go to Mark and

                                                                                                               25% OFF
have not yet heard of the Pool Card and they       Carol for their continuing efforts to promote
were swiftly handed a copy of the Update. A        local businesses. We are glad of the opportunity
few signed up there and then!                      to do our bit in support of the organisation.

                                                   We are now beginning to plan for a similar            A visual Electrical Inspection on domestic
All of the feedback has been positive with
a number of people remarking on the sheer          event in the Autumn, so watch this space!             properties in Newtown and Welshpool for
variety of therapies represented on the day.       Angela Moore, The Simmering Cauldron
                                                                                                                • Insurance Renewal
As well as the better known treatments such
as Reiki and Indian Head Massage there were                                                                     • Buying or selling a house
also practitioners of Craniosacral Therapy and                                                                  •To have peace of mind
Iridology. On hand to answer questions, there
was a medical herbalist and an EFT coach. The
                                                                                                                  (conditions may apply)
tarot readers were very busy throughout the day.
                                                                                                                 Call in any store:-
Retail stalls offered a myriad of exciting
goods. There were beautiful pieces of art work,                                                          Welshpool, Newtown or Aberystwyth
greetings cards, exquisite hand made organic
creams and lotions and some beautiful, unique                                                                 Tel: 01686 625242
                                                                                                         E.J. TILING
hand crafted pieces.

The talks were well received. These were free
to all visitors and the subjects covered were
Auras, Sound Healing, Bowen Technique and                                                              All aspects of tiling undertaken
Craniosacral Therapy.                                                                                          Wall & Floor Tiles
                                                     Some	of	the	many	people	who	
                                                     came	to	support	the	fair	at	the	                          • Kitchens • Bathrooms
 Many of the therapists are practising locally
 and a number of people remarked that they           Elephant	&	Castle,	Newtown                         • No job too small • Friendly Service
 would be booking regular sessions, having                                                               • Free Quotations • No Obligation
                                                                                                       Call: 01686 622741/07817 352929

   Although Dave Gore Tyres                        We offer our customers -
   was established in 2000                         • 24 hours on call service
   Dave Gore himself has been                        covering car, agricultural
   in the trade 22 years.Over                        and commercial vehicles
   the past 5 years the business                   • Free fitting plus valve and balancing
   has grown from strength to                      • 4 wheel laser allignment
   strength. A recent move into                    • Call for the most competitive quote
   new premises has enabled                          for Pool Card holders
   him to take on more staff, we                                                                                         ake
   have 3 fully trained fitters.
                                                   • Waiting room for customers                                     We t our
                                                                                                                       e in    e
                                                                                                                   prid er car
   Suppliers of:                                                                                                  cust

      Unit 3-5 Severn Farm Industrial Estate, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7DF
    Tel: 01938 555689 • Fax: 01938 556537 • www.davegoretyres.co.uk

              T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                                                11
     Make your home safe, choose Paddock Electrical                              INGREDIENT	X - A VERY
           • Domestic • Commercial • Industrial
               • Installations • Maintenance
                                                                                 SPECIAL ARTS EVENT
                                                                                 Ingredient X? What’s that? Read all about it .......!
                   • Testing & Inspection
                                                                                 Powys is a land of rich diversity, stretching from the uplands of the
     1. Six year no quibble guarantee against faulty                             Brecon Beacons in the south, to the valleys, hillsides and lakes of the
                                                                                 north - from the ancient capital of Machynlleth in the west, to the
        workmanship on all work undertaken                                       market towns in the east. And Powys is a county of artists. Painters,
     2. All work undertaken is tested and certified on                           printers, potters, sculptors, poets and playmakers, film-makers, music-
                                                                                 makers, craftsmakers, working in both traditional and new media.
        completion with a certificate issued for compliance                      And for four weeks, from mid-August to mid-September 2007, many
     3. All work carried out by qualified electricians                           of these artists will be sharing their work with audiences and visitors,
        approved by six governing bodies including                               through the extra dimension of Powys Arts Month - Ingredient X.
        Electrical Contractors Association                                       Powys Arts Forum, a charity run by artists for artists, is organising an
     4. We guarantee your property will be left clean                            arts month with a difference, with a wide variety of events taking place
        and tidy on completion of work                                           throughout the whole county.

                                                                                       During the Arts Month, members of the public, locals and visitors alike,
                                                                                       will have many opportunities, not just to view as audience or gallery-
          For a free information pack please call:                                     visitor, but to meet the makers. Artists in many media will open their
     Welshpool 01938 555521 or Newtown 01686 626282 studios, for you to enjoy their work, and talk to them about what they
                                                                                       have created, why, and how. Musicians, film-makers and theatre
                                                                                       directors will invite you to enjoy performances, and talk with them
                       Family run business established 15 years                        about their ideas and approaches. You can share a day with a poet,
                                                                        Testing and Inspection
                        Unit 2W Severn Farm Ind. Estate Appliance Testing ideas and inspiration. And Powys Arts Month also embraces
                                                                      Portable         exploring
                                                                                       our links lighting,
                                                           Full electrical installations, emergencywith other countries, through a celebration of Polish cultural
                        Welshpool • Powys • SY21 fire alarms plus lots more…… Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown, an Indian summer at
                                                                                       links at the
                                                                                       Powis Castle,
                                                                We are only too happy to discuss your Latin American music in Machynlleth. There’ll be a
                                                                                       special a free, of
                                                            requirements and provide you withtour no the sculpture park at Lake Vyrnwy, exhibitions and
        Family run business established 15 years obligationopen studios in and around Llanfyllin, drama events at Welshpool
                                                                                       and Newtown Museums, folk music at Llandinam, Shakespeare at the
          www.paddockelectrical.co.uk                                                  Willow Globe near Rhayader ........... and much, much more throughout
                                                                                       the whole county.

                       Get Ahead Hats
                                                                                 There will be opportunities for families to take part in events, enjoying
                                                                                 the glories of the Powys countryside, with the Ingredient X of an arts
                                                                                 encounter adding to the experience.

                             A special hat for that                              The full brochure is available at local tourist offices and libraries.
                                                                                 This includes all the details, including a map giving a number and
                                 special occasion                                a reference for every venue offering “Ingredient X”, including access
                                                                                 details, dates and times. Or visit the Powys Arts Forum webside,
                                                           To hire               www.powysartsforum.org.uk, for more information.

                                                           To buy                This summer is the time to enjoy Powys and the arts in Powys. Make
                                                                                 this a summer with that added ingredient - X!
                                                        To Design                Ginny Graham, Chair, Powys Arts Forum

                                               The Latest designs
                                             and colours in stock
                                                  Also Jewellery                 MEIFOD	SHOW, DON’T
                                                and Accessories!
                                             10% off hire or buy                 MISS IT!
                                           for Pool Card holders                 Meifod Show is fast approaching on 21st July at the White House,
                                                        Sale hats                Meifod, where there will be donkey harness racing, and anyone over
                                                                                 16 can enter to drive a donke y on the day. Owners of dogs of all
                                                       from £20                  descriptions are invited to enter them for the fun dog show, lurcher
                                                                                 and terrier racing. There is a childrens fun fair, lots of games, stalls,
                                                Rurally located between          car boot sale, pony rides, falconry, ferrets and at tug of war to round
                                                       Montgomery and            off the day.
                                                 Bishops Castle (B4385)
                                                                                 James Jones-Perrott of Montgomeryshire Meats in Llansantffraid will
                                              By appointment preferable          be cooking his own specialities for the show. Do come along and join
                                                   but off chance callers        in the fun!!
                                                        always welcome

     Call Nowella Swanson (01588) 638246 or Mobile 07880 593873                  A	Copy	of	The	Pool	Card	Update	can	
          Visit our website: www.getaheadheats.co.uk
                                                                                 be	viewed	on	www.the-pool-card.co.uk
12                                    20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
                                                                        NOW AT:
                                                                        Unit 31 Vastre Ent. Park, Newtown
                                                                        Over 3,000 sq ft showroom
                                                                        Opposite Laura Ashley - just follow
                                                                        the sign from the roundabout
    Mid Wales Largest                                                   • LCD/Plasma TVs • Appliances
    Discount Showroom                                                   • Quality Kitchens

      £££s off LCD                  Fantastic display                  Superb quality                     Incredible deals on
      & Plasma TVs                   of built in and                   kitchens to suit                Rangemaster & Electrolux
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  ready, digital NOW £649              appliances                                                            display stock
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   • Free delivery                                                                                                                      take you
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   • Friendly and knowledgable staff                                    01686 628700/628777                                           hine aw

Vision Appliances are now at Unit 31, Vastre       If you need to dispose of your old machine we       We have kitchens to suit all budgets so come
Enterprise Park, Newtown. We are easy to           can do that for you when we install your new        down to our showroom and have a browse
find, just follow the signs from the McDonald’s    one completely free of charge.                      through our display studio. Everything is
roundabout taking the Kerry Road and turn          Thinking of changing or upgrading your T.V?         here including sinks, taps, tops, accessories
left onto the Vastre, go straight to the bottom    Then call in, we have an excellent range            and all your appliances. We can supply flat
and we are opposite Laura Ashley.                  of LCD/Plasma T.V.’s, CRT T.V.’s, DVD’s,            packed or rigid, to install yourself or have one
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We have a brand new display showroom, over         and Micro-Systems covering the whole home           for you. We have an amazing choice of kitchen
3,000sq.ft. of LCD/Plasma T.V.’s; built-in         entertainment range.                                finishes and styles to choose from including
and free-standing appliances plus a kitchen                                                            the chilli and black high gloss, elegant, solid
studio.                                            Be ready for the digital switch over and have       French oak. Your kitchen is the heart of your
                                                   a T.V. with built-in Freeview. All T.V’s are        home and reflects your personal touch in
With a large network of distributors, we are       the latest HD Ready technology with HDMI            design, creating a perfect home for appliances
able to offer top brands including Rangemaster,    input, unbelievable picture and sound quality       and storage whilst ensuring this dazzling
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Belling, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Miele, AEG, Sony,
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Hitachi, Philips and so many more at low, low
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prices on all free-standing, built-in appliances
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showroom; if we don’t have it in, then be
                                                   to beat, and, as we say, “Top brands at low         and functional design.
assured we will get it for you.
                                                                                                       Whether a flat or a penthouse; a semi or
When you think of appliances from fridges,         If you need to have your T.V. installed we can      country manor at Vision Appliances your
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We have the largest showroom in mid-Wales          free and arrange for an engineer to install         star service:
and offer a free delivery service.                 your complete package, just call 01686 628777       •Top brands at low prices
                                                   for more details.                                   • 3,000 sq.ft. showroom
You can come and see us Monday to Saturday                                                             • Service & aftersales service second to none
between 9am and 5.30pm or anytime by               It’s Summer and no better time for having           • Free delivery and installation
appointment.                                       that new kitchen you have always wanted.            • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

              T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                                                  13
                                                            SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL	
     caffé milano                                           EVENTS AND JOIN IN...
                                                            Over the last three weeks The Pool Card has thoroughly enjoyed
                                                            participating in three locally organised events. We would like to thank
                                                            the organisers of Newtown Carnival, Welshpool Festival of Transport
                                                            and the Dragon Boat Race (in aid of Severn Hospice) for some fantastic
                                                            fun days. We were lucky enough to come 2nd in our class in the
                                                            Carnival procession (not sure how many were in our class), signed
                                                            up new cardholders after the Carnival and at the Transport Festival
                                                            and capsized the boat on the way to the start line of the Dragon Boat
                                                            Race. Many thanks to all those involved with The Pool Card teams
                                                            especially Sorath Partnership, Scotprint, Jones & Co, Dinky Drama,
     Costa & fairtrade                                      Livewire Sounds, Aces Entertainments, Liberty Carpets, M T S L,
                                                            Pixcellence, Working Lunch Wales, Derwen Garden Centre, Heritage
     coffee at                                              Furniture Stripping, Owens Travelmaster, Storm Communications
                                                            and Pimentos.
     Milano’s prices...

     Find us at      liberty
     Old Chapel Court,
     off English Walls
     and Church Street,                                                                                       Before-	The	Pool	
     Oswestry, Shropshire.                                                                                    Card	team	at	the	
                                                                                                              Dragon	Boat	race

     Tel: 01691 680337

                                                              After	-	Getting	the	
                                                                       hang	of	it!

                                                                                                      The	Pool	Card	stand	at	
                                                                                                      the	Newtown	Carnival

            10%	OFF	SELECTED	BEDS
     ■   Carpets       ■   Blinds        Huge	13,000	sq.	
     ■   Vinyl         ■   Beds           ft.	Showroom
     ■   Rugs          ■   Mattresses     Open	7	days	                   At	the	Festival	
     ■   Curtains      ■   Lighting         a	week                         of	Transport
                                                      TAXI	FOR	POOL	CARD!
             01686	622500
     10	Dyffryn	Enterprise	Park	•	Pool	Road	•	Newtown
                                                            I have been a taxi driver for four years, working for Lyn’s Taxi. I have
                                                            now started my own business and using the Pool Card and magazine to
                    www.libertycarpets.co.uk                promote myself. As a promotional offer I am offering a 10% discount to
                                                            all Pool Card members on airport and long distance journeys.

14                             20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
You will find The Derwen Garden Centre nestling in the                             Garden Centre
beautiful Montgomeryshire countryside just a couple of
miles north of Welshpool. It will be The Derwen’s tenth
birthday next Spring, and this year, as always, there is
                                                                                     Farm Shop
something new to see. A lovely farm shop has been opened
in which can be found an excellent range of organic, local,
fresh and unusual produce.
The centre offers so much to please and inspire the visitor.
You can wander around the delightful themed gardens
where you can relax and enjoy the different atmosphere
that each one has to offer. Why not gather ideas to use in
your own garden then choose from an impressive range of
plants, garden ornaments and furniture.
Next, take time and spoil yourself in the licensed restaurant                     Garden Centre
serving delicious home made food to be enjoyed either inside
or out.                                                                             Farm Shop
If you’re looking for a gift (for yourself or for another) the
shop is an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ with a wonderful collection of
jewellery, pictures, cards & home décor as well as all the
usual practical garden sundries.
A visit to The Derwen Garden Centre is definitely an
experience to be enjoyed again and again!

                                                                                   Garden Centre
                                                                                     Farm Shop
                                                                    The Dingle
                                                                 • Remarkable ranges of: plants, home
                                                                   decorative ware, garden furniture, water
                                                                   features, statuary & pottery.
                                                                 • Licensed restaurant offering excellent home
                                                                   cooked food.
                                                                 • Farm shop stocking quality local produce,
                                                                   organic goods, deli foods & much more.
                                                                 • Display gardens for inspiration or just to explore!
                                                                 • A maze to have fun and get lost in.

                                                                 Open all week! Phone for details.

                                                                     OUTDOOR LIVING WEEKEND!
                                                                       Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July
                                                                                                             get any
                                                                  Buy a wooden or canvas gazebo and
                                                                   set of furniture for half pric e (unless already
                                                                    discounted, not to be used in conjunc
                                                                                with any other offer)

                                                                 Derwen Garden Centre
                                                                 Guilsfield, Welshpool, Powys SY21 9PH
                                                                 Tel: 01938 553015

                                                                 for more info on Derwen and Dingle visit:

            T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                     15
     One stop for all business & industry                                  BBC COMMUNITY
      •	Personalised	&	non	
      	 personalised	workwear                                              REPORTERS HERE FOR
                                                                           YOU - FOREVER
      •	Fast	in	house	printing	&
      	 embroidery	service
      • Head to toe personal
        protective equipment                                               By the time you will be reading this BBC Wales will have held their Here
      • Hi visibility clothing specialists                                 for You! BBC Wales Roadshow. They are here with events, workshops
      • Tools and workshop                                                 and programs about Newtown for most of July; make sure to support
                                                                           these events as it is an excellent opportunity for the area and for you to
                                                                           get involved with BBC Wales. Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance
      • Cleaning & janitorial supplies
                                                                           to attend any of the events or the live broadcasts as yet - there’s plenty
      • Safety footwear
                                                                           more going on in and around the town throughout July!
      • First aid supplies
                                                                            Join Roy Noble on the BBC Wales Bus on Newtown High Street on
        Extra	10%	off	all	                                                 Tuesday 3 July for his radio programme and look out for Kath who’ll
         trade	counter	                                                    be hitting the street in search of the town’s characters. BBC Radio
                                                                           Cymru’s Hywel Gwynfryn has also escaped from the studio and will be
       sales	to	Pool	Card	                                   your logo
                                                                           in Newtown Textile Museum on Thursday 5 July for the Hywel a Nia
             holders                                                       programme.

                                                                  I was privileged to be asked to represent business on the advisory board
          Môn Tool & Safety Ltd, Unit 19 Dyffryn Industrial Estate,
                Pool Road, Newtown, Powys SY16 3BD                for the BBC Wales visit. It was an eye opening experience and I learnt a
              Tel: 01686 622655 Fax: 01686 624894                 lot about how programs are developed. It is the opinion of many on the
     Email: newtown.mtsl@btconnect.com www.montoolandsafety.co.uk advisory board that we keep meeting as BBC Wales has pulled together
                                                                  people from all areas of the community. We would be interested in
                OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 8.30AM TO 5.30PM               hearing from any residents or existing committees that would like
                                                                  to work with us to develop a super committee bringing together the
                                                                  best of Newtown and the surrounding area and highlighting it for the

                                 The                              residents. Please call 01938 555984 or email m.barnes@the-pool-card.
                                                                  co.uk if you would be interested in supporting this. Uniting the smaller
                                                                  committees will make us all stronger.

                                                                           Another legacy that BBC Wales is leaving behind are three Community
                                                                           Reporters all waiting to hear any news that you feel may be of interest
                                                                           to BBC Radio Wales. I am very happy to be one of them having had a
                   M•O•N•T•G•O•M•E•R•Y                                     brief training day, in Cardiff, we are all primed with microphone and
                                                                           head phones and waiting with bated breath to hear from you. Please
                                                                           get in touch with one of us if you have a story using the contact details
                                                                           below. Don’t forget even when the all the BBC Wales events are over
                                                                           we will always be ‘Here for You’ to pass your stories to BBC Wales.

                                                                           Mark Barnes  01938 555984 m.barnes@the-pool-card.co.uk
                                                                           David Pugh   01686 627755 davidpugh05@aol.com
                                                                           Robyn Benbow 01938 810485 benbow@orange.net

                                                                           Come and meet us on July 13th at 7pm at Newtown Football Club.
                                                                           We’ll be joining BBC Wales programme makers for a screening and
                                                                           social evening. See the films the people of Newtown have made as part
       The	Dragon	Hotel,	in	picturesque	Montgomery,	is	a	17th	century	     of the Here for You! campaign and find out more about how to get your
       family	run	former	coaching	inn	nestling	under	Town	Hill	with	the	   stories on air and how to get involved with BBC Wales in the future.
                 stunning	castle	ruins	just	a	5	minute	walk	away.
         •	20	en-suite	bedrooms                  •	A	warm	welcome          Geraint Lloyd will be joining the Montgomeryshire Young Farmers
         •	AA	Rosette	for	fine	food	for		        •	Indoor	pool	and	sauna   Club members at a clay pigeon shooting competition in Trefeglwys
         	 eight	years.                          •	Quality	food            for a live broadcast on Wednesday 11 July. And if you’re interested in
         •	Traditional	Ales                      •	Large	car	park          tracing your family tree book a session with the Radio Wales Look Up
         •	Comfortable	lounge	bar                                          Your Genes experts who’ll be at Newtown Library on Saturday 14 July.
                                                                           For further information about the events call the BBC Wales Hotline
         10% DISCOUNT every day on all food in the bar and
        restaurant and will extend this to cover wines in the restaurant   on 08703 500 700 or visit
              Sunday to Thursday inclusive to Pool Card holders            bbc.co.uk/newtown or bbc.co.uk/ydrenewydd
                                                                           for the Welsh language website
           The Dragon Hotel, Montgomery, Powys, Wales SY15 6PA
                    Tel:	01686	668359		Fax:	08700	118227		                 I think all in all it was a good day when BBC Wales decided to come to
          Email:	reception@dragonhotel.com		www.dragonhotel.com            Newtown. Mark Barnes Managing Director

16                                    20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
LLANIDLOES CARNIVAL                                                                             J & J Farm Services
                                                                                                   Agricultural Engineers, Garden Machinery,
Llanidloes’ annual Carnival will be held        Silver band, Newtown Band, the Llanidloes                        Sales & Repairs
on Saturday July 14th, bringing the             Rubies dance display and the Minstrels                 Husqvarna lawnmowers from £200
towns streets alive yet again with a grand      will all make their way through Llanidloes               Husqvarna strimmers from £140
procession of eye catching floats and           before arriving at Victoria Park for Victoria    Get a free pair of secateurs with each purchase
colourful costumes, culminating in the          to be crowned as the new Queen.
crowning of this year’s Carnival Queen,                                                                   Lion Works, Pool Rd, Newtown
Victoria Upson.                                 Fun fair attractions, donkey rides, sports                      01686 624658
                                                races and the ever popular ‘Glamorous
Events leading up to the day itself include a   Gran’ and ‘Gorgeous Grandad’ competitions                     FARM
pub fun day at the Queens on Sunday July        will all be held in the afternoon. The army


8th starting at 2pm, a duck race on Monday      cadets will also have a display and local
9th from Short Bridge at 7pm, and a family

                                                bands will be on hand to entertain the
quiz at the Rugby Club on Wednesday 10th                                                                                   THE COMPLETE CATERER
                                                crowds.                                         Guilsfield, Welshpool, A special dinner party to an
July starting at 6.30pm. The entertainment
                                                                                                  Powys SY21 9PH       executive buffet bringing
continues on Thursday 11th with Bingo
                                                Anybody who would like to volunteer               T: 01938 559630        the ambience to you.
at the Rugby Club commencing at 8pm;                                                                                       Tel: 01686 624534
                                                their assistance by decorating the
all great fun and all in aid of Llanidloes                                                                                 www.ambiencecatering.co.uk
                                                lorry or helping out on the day itself
                                                are greatly encouraged to contact the
The theme for this years float is a Venetian    organisers; Nicola Macken can be called on        Montgomeryshire
masked ball, with Victoria and her              01686 411210.
attendants bringing a touch of Venice’s
                                                                                                   Wildlife Trust
Gondola’s and waterways to the streets of       Llanidloes’ 2007 Carnival Queen Victoria                         Join Today
Llanidloes. For everybody else interested       Upson who attends Llanidloes High School         To Protect, Conserve & Enhance the
in entering the procession, forms can be        is pictured here (centre back) with her                 wildlife and habitats of
picked up from Woosnam and Davies in            attendants, from left to right: Emily Bache,               Montgomeryshire
Llanidloes.                                     Kathy Mills, Laura Jones and Hannah              Free ‘Go Green for Wildlife’ Eco Bags to
                                                Jones and in the front row, from left to         Pool Card holders - visit our Trust shop
All entrants are asked to assemble on the       right: Colleen Butt, Craig Evans, Lauren                    for further details
Kennel Field where judging of the floats will   Jones and Lewis Gambel. Phillip Jones will
                                                                                                    Collot House, 20 Severn Street,
take place at 12.30pm on the 14th, with the     also be an attendant but was unable to be
                                                                                                Welshpool SY21 7AD T: 01938 555654
procession beginning at 1.15pm. Llanidloes      present for the photograph.

                                                                                                      DECORATING	CENTRE
                                                                                                   ALL COLOUR MIXING AVAILABLE
                                                                                                INCLUDING DISCONTINUED COLOURS
                                                                                                20%	Off undiscounted wallpaper and
                                                                                                 10%	Off coloured emulsion (Retail only)
                                                                                                 Unit 25, Mochdre Ind. Est. Newtown
                                                                                                            01686	623523

                                                                                                                 (WELSHPOOL) LTD
                                                                                                Agricultural, Timber, Building and Steel Fabrication
                                                                                                                 Supplies & Services
                                                                          Llanidloes	           Discounts on fencing materials, metal & wooden gates
                                                                          carnival	                     Canal Side, Severn Road, Welshpool,
                                                                          queen	with	her	
                                                                                                                  Powys, SY21 7AR
                                                                                                    Tel: (01938) 555340 Fax: (01938) 552592

                                                                                                                     BBQ th ing a
                                                                                                                             is s
                                                                                                                      don’t m ummer,
                                                                                                                     great of s our
                                                                                                                     beverag rs on
                                                                                                                     all your and
  • PROUD TO SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES                                                                                          BBQ

  WELSHPOOL                 NEWTOWN                   LLANIDLOES              MACHYNLLETH                      RHAYADER
  01938 552065              01686 626152              01686 412204             01654 703625                   01597 811118

             T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                                                   17
                                                           WHAT HAPPENED THEN?
                                                            The task of local historians is to write about the   It is now almost exactly forty years since the
      EXCLUSIVE	POOL	CARD	OFFERS:                          past. To do this they find documents, images          Development Board set out their plan for the
          3lb Gammon Steaks £4.40 kg Saving £2             and artifacts that relate to the place and period     Newtown new town. Most of it they achieved
        3lb Best Rib Eye Steaks £13.11 kg Saving £3        they are interested in, interpret them and then
                                                                                                                 although two major items that appeared on the
                                                           publish books or articles based on their findings.
              Whole Ducks £6 each Saving £3                Can it really be that straighforward? No it
                                                                                                                 plan they published at the end of 1967 have yet
                                                           isn’t. The past can only be revealed if there is      to happen: a large hotel and a by-pass.
                                                           sufficient evidence in existence to tell the story.
           39	High	Street	                                 For example, we know very little of the daily
                                                           life of the Bronze Age people who inhabited the
                                                                                                                  It is here that we pass from the past to the
                                                                                                                 present and maybe move out the historian’s
           01938	552683                                    Severn Valley before the Romans arrived about         field of interest. But on the other hand it is
                                                                                                                 remarkable how quickly the present becomes the
                                                           two thousand years ago. We know a little more
      Jill Macfarlane
       BSc, MChS
                               LIVE WIRENDS
                                                           about the Romans and by the time we get to the
                                                           Middle Ages there is a lot of written evidence
                                                                                                                 past. It will not be long before the development
                                                                                                                 of Newtown in the second half of the twentieth
                                              SO           to work on.                                           century will be as important a field of study for
                                  Music from 60s,
     Chiropodist               70s,80s, 90s & charts       Moving closer to our own times, Newtown’s             historians as the nineteenth century textile
                               DJ available for night      history as a manufacturing town began just            industry already is.
     17 Parkers Lane           clubs, parties & more.      before the end of the eighteenth century with
                                                           the industrialisation of the woollen industry.        What will future historians have to go
        Newtown                   Call Ian on              During the next one hundred years Newtown             on? Much of the material concerning the
     0779 184 4064               07877 792543              became the “busy Leeds of Wales”, the largest         Development Board has already been deposited
                                                           manufacturing centre in Mid Wales. This               in the National Library of Wales, so the broad
                                 • Weddings & Portraits    period is probably the most researched and            sweep of policy can be covered. But what of the
                                 • Christenings            written about period in Newtown’s history, but
                                                                                                                 multitude of small businesses that have been
                                 • Baby & Toddler Events   even so there is still much work to be done. It
           cellence ltd          • Private Parties         was a remarkable period. The population of the        at the core of Newtown’s economy for the last
                                                           town increased nearly tenfold and new people          forty years?
     P ro f e s s i o n a l      • School Proms
                                                           came in from all over Britain.
     Photographers               • Onsite Printing                                                               Many have come and gone without even causing
                                   Facilities              It was not to last, new technological innovation,     a ripple on the surface of public perception.
     Tel: 01686 626765                                     poor communication with the industry’s market,
     w w w. p i x c e l l e n c e . c o. u k               and economies of scale all contributed to the
                                                                                                                 Others have got on quietly with their work only
                                                                                                                 occasionally appearing, for good reasons or bad,
                                                           final decline of Newtown’s textile industry, but

     LIGHTHOUSE                                            there is still one business in the town which is a
                                                           direct descendant of that heady period.
                                                                                                                 in the local press. But the histories of all these
                                                                                                                 undertakings will be an important element in
                                                                                                                 any future attempt to understand present day
     • Local Ladies Fashions & Accessories specialist      In the first few decades of the twentieth century
     • Exciting clothing brands                                                                                  Newtown. What did they do? Why did they
                                               SALE        Newtown went into a decline. Its population fell
     • ‘She’s Crazy’ collection              START         to less that half of what it had once been. The       come to Newtown rather than anywhere else?
     • £10 instore voucher with every        2 JULYS       Second World War provided something of a              What difficulties did they encounter? Did they
       £100 spent with your Pool Card
                                                           boost, with a top secret munitions factory being      employ people who were already here or did
     Lighthouse, Church Street, Welshpool
                                                           built in the town and a Birmingham electrical         they have to bring other people in? Was the
     Tel: 01938 558016
                                                           manufacturers, having been bombed out of              local workforce adequately trained? How did
                                                           their original premises, moving into one of the       they reach their markets from such a remote
                                                           old woollen mills.
                                                                                                                 location? The list of questions becomes endless.
                                                           But with the war over decline set in again. The
                                                           cycle factory that had moved into the munitions       Two notable local businesses have grown to
                                                           factory relocated back to the Midlands from           become worldwide undertakings. A great deal
                                                           whence it came in 1958. The population once           has been written about one of them, Laura
                                                           again began to fall. A government report on           Ashley, but what of Control Techniques? A
                                                           depopulation in Mid Wales of 1964 painted             fascinating story, but one which will be lost
                                                           a bleak picture. If things carried on as they
                                                                                                                 unless someone writes it down.
                                                           were there would soon not be enough people in
                                                           Montgomeryshire to maintain its viability. The        Here we come to the point. It is, in our view,
                                                           government responded to this grim situation           just as important for local historians to record
                                                           by making Newtown a new town under the
                                                                                                                 the present as it is for them to research the
                                                           New Towns Act of 1965 and a development
                                                                                                                 past. And it is here that we hope that Update
                                                           corporation was set up with the task of doubling
                                                           the town’s population and regenerating                readers will want to help. If you run a business
                                                           its industrial base. Certain criteria were            in Newtown why not send us a brief history of
                                                           established for this industrial development.          your undertaking, or send us a copy of your
                                                           One was that the economic base of Newtown             brochure, or just invite us round for a chat and
                                                           should not be dependent on a single industry but      to maybe photograph and record everyday life

                                                           should be spread across a diversity of smaller
        Jeremy	                                            undertakings thus making it less susceptible to
                                                                                                                 in your workplace. In this way you can help us

                                                                                                                 to build an archive which will go some way to
        Everton	                                           a downturn in a single industry as it had been
                                                           in the nineteenth century. Another criterion          explaining what it was like to be in Newtown in
     Landscapes	Ltd.           Steel Fabrications
                                                           was that as far as possible the new businesses        late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.
                           Including Gates, Railings,
     FREE	Planning	Service	 Balconies, Balustrade          should not be satellites of larger undertakings
      to	Pool	Card	Holders   FREE BACON BAP                elsewhere. There was an old saying that “When         Newtown Local History Group can be contacted
                               with every order            Birmingham catches a cold Newtown contracts           c/o Rhoswen, Bryn Street, Newtown, Powys,
      T:	01686	621299 Unit 3, Vastre Ent. Pk.              a fatal disease”. That too was to be avoided.         SY16 2HW or by email at: davidpugh05@aol.com.
     M:	07971	020096 Newtown 01686 622686
                                                           Here we see the emergence of modern Newtown.

18                                       20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
new cars
The	all	new	FordMondeo	is	in	our	showroom	now.

Please	call	to	arrange	a	test	drive	
in	the	All New Ford Mondeo

used cars
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                                                                   Take	time	out	with	wrdavies...
                                                                   Any used car bought between 1st July and 15th August will come
                                                                   with a two night break in the honeymoon suite of Mellington Hall.
                                                                   This wonderful offer will also include a 3-course Meal and full
                                                                   English breakfast. Conditions apply.

 06 Ford, ST-2, 2.5 3dr                                                       04 Ford, Fiesta, 1.4 Flame
 performance	blue,	Metallic,	Petrol,	Manual,	6	Speed	£16,995                  Silver,	Metallic,	Hatch,	3	Door,	Petrol,	Manual,	5	Speed,	£6,495
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 02 Honda, Jazz, 1.4 5dr                                                      05 Ford Mondeo 1.8lx
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 03 Ford, Focus, 1.6 Zetec                                                    06 Ford Mondeo Zetec Tdci 130
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 02 Ford, Focus, 2.0 Ghia 5 Door                                              07 Ford Mondeo 2.2tdci 115ps 5dr
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 05 Ford, Focus, 2.0 Ghia All New Shape                                       05 Ford, Mondeo, 2.0 Ghia X
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 06 Ford, Fiesta, zetec climate 1.25 A/C                                      04 Toyota, Yaris, 1.5 T Sport
 Moondust	Silver,	Metallic,	Hatch,	5	Door,	Petrol,	Manual,	5	Speed,	£7,795    Thunder	Grey,	Metallic,	Sports,	Petrol,	Manual,	5	Speed,	£7,995

Salop Road, Welshpool, Powys 01938 552391
Pool Road, Newtown, Powys 01686 625514                                                                                       MOTOR GROUP

       20th - 23rd July
       Floral Fiesta (4 days)                                           £259
       3 nights half board at the 4* Hilton Hotel, Leicester
       Entry to: Barnsdale Gardens, Belvoir Castle,
       Easton Walled Garden & Grimsthorpe Castle.

       3rd - 6th July                                                   £259
       Norfolk (4 days)
       3 nights half board at the 3* Holiday Inn Hotel,
       Norwich. Trip on the Bure Valley Steam Railway
                                                                               COME	AND	SEE	OUR	7	NEW	
       to Wroxham, lunch in Wroxham, Cruise on the
       Norfolk Broads, Entry to Sandringham House
                                                                               WATER	BUFFALO	AT	CORS	DYFI
                                                                               Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust is using a herd of water buffalo
       Estate & Gardens                                                        as an alternative to native cattle to manage their wetland
                                                                               reserve, Cors Dyfi, near Machynlleth.
                                                                               Water buffalo are such a successful grazing tool that on the 18th
       3rd - 6th August                                                        April 2007 the Trust purchased seven more from a buffalo farm near
                                                                               Mold, to join the existing three which had been on site for a year.
       Yorkshire - Heartbeat Country (4 Day)
       3 nights half board at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Harrogate                 The water buffalo are now starting to make a big impact on the
       Ride on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway                               reserve. They graze indiscriminately, surviving on scrub, gorse,
                                                                               birch and willow - a diet native cows would probably refuse to eat.
       Entry to Castle Howard plus free time in Whitby                         Tony Senior, Reserves Officer with Montgomeryshire Wildlife
                                                                               Trust in Welshpool, said native breeds could suffer “health
                                                                               problems” if they were used to graze the harsh pasture at the
                                                                               Cors Dyfi Reserve. They also create muddy wallows and break
       13th - 17th August                                               £375   up the ground with their hooves, which makes ideal habitats for
       Edinburgh Military Tattoo (4 days)                                      birds such as lapwings.
       4 nights half board at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow
                                                                               Take a stroll along the short circular walk and see if you can
       with full Scottish Breakfast, Top price tickets for the Tattoo          spot any of our water buffalo enjoying the lush vegetation and
       Guided tour of Edinburgh, Excursions to Perth & through                 wallowing in the pools.
       the Trossachs.                                                          Cors Dyfi is situated 31/2 miles south west of Machynlleth on the
                                                                               A487 Aberystwyth road just south of Morben Isaf caravan park.
                                                                               Grid reference is SN 701985.

       15th - 20th August
       Luxembourg (6 days)
       1 night half board in France followed by 4 nights half board
                                                                        £419   MELLINGTON	HALL
                                                                               Mellington Hall Hotel is a 17th Century Victorian Gothic Mansion
       at the 3* Grand Hotel, Vianden with a choice of menu.                   set in 280 acres of Mature Gardens & tranquil parkland currently
       Excursions to Monschau, Trier & the city of Luxembourg.                 run by Lance & Vanessa Thomas as a family run enterprise which
                                                                               offers a truly unique location, whether it be for a relaxing night away
                                                                               wedding reception, private dinner party or romantic meal for two.

                                                                               Mellington Hall Hotel has a long and fascinating history stretching
       18th - 25th August
       Austria: Lake District (8 days)
                                                                        £499   back over the last 150 years but still retains many of it¹s original
                                                                               features including it¹s mullioned windows, oak paneling & beautiful
       2 Overnights in Belgium or Germany, 5 nights half board                 staircase. The hall today has been furnished with modern fabrics &
       at the 3* Annerlhof, Traunkirchen, Guided tour of Salzburg,             refreshing tomes with classic designs which combined create style
       Entrances to: Ascent on the Schafberg Rack Railway,                     & comfort. The Hall has recently been undergoing renovations
                                                                               of a further 5 accommodation rooms ,all being refurbished to an
       Boat Trip on Lake Traunsee, Cable Railway to the                        exceptional standard, bringing the total number of en-suite rooms to
       Hohensalzberg Fortress, Imperial Villa at Bad Ischl &                   10, accommodating up to 25 people in total.
       Hallstatt Salt Mine.
                                                                               Mellington Hall Hotel has earned it¹s reputation as the place to dine
                                                                               due to the personal achievements of Lance Thomas & his team who
                                                                               wherever possible use local ingredients of the highest quality, with
       London Show: Grease (3 days)
                                                                               meats from local farmers markets & produce from near by smokeries
       Includes ticket to show                                                 so that many of the dishes are traceable to source. Celtic Pride Beef
                                                                               in particular is a specialty dish of the hotel. Both Lunch & evening a
       2 nights Bed & English Breakfast in luxury 4*                           la carte restaurant menus offer an extensive choice at realistic prices
       Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch. Free time for sightseeing                as does the hugely popular Sunday Lunch Menu. Along side the a la
       & shopping in London. Returning home via Windsor.                       carte menus is also a bar menu which at lunchtimes offers you light
                                                                               bites & in the evening dishes up the good old traditional favorites.

                                                                               Mellington Hall Hotel is also licensed for civil ceremonies enabling
                                                                               couples to take their vows within the beautiful setting of the hall &
                                                                               also offers a wide range of wedding menus from informal buffets to
                                                                               five course banquets.

      5% discount for             For a free brochure please get in touch
     pool card holders!
                                        01686 413714

20                                      20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
20,000 copies of this edition of the Update have been printed. Approximately
17,000 have been delivered door to door around Welshpool, Newtown,
Oswestry and Llanidloes, the surrounding villages and those in between.
Around 1000 are available for collection in participating Spar stores, in

                                                                                    Bengali Cuisine Restaurant
surgeries, leisure centres, Tourist information centres and any outlet
within the area that is happy to display the Update. Approximately 2000
copies are distributed through the approaching 110 Pool Card businesses.
If you have editorial or would like an advert for August, the final date for
inclusion is 23rd July 2007.
The Update is available for viewing on our website www.the-pool-card.co.uk.     The Gulshan introduces ‘Balti Night’ on
Clubs, schools, charities and other community based organisations are
always entitled to free editorial. For more details call 01938 555984 or         the first Sunday of each month. For just
email enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk
                                                                               £7.95 you get a choice of starter and main
                                                                                course, and on the first Thursday of each
NEWTOWN’S	                                                                        month, the Gulshan brings you ‘Steak

HISTORIC	MARKET	                                                                  Night’. Choose a starter and a sirloin,
                                                                                   fillet or rump steak for only £11.99
                                                                               Open for lunch everyday between 12-2pm
POOL	CARD                                                                          and every evening ‘til midnight.
Newtown was granted a Charter in 1270 and there has been
a market here, in some form, ever since. The town grew to be the
largest market town in Powys and, in it’s heyday, was also a centre of                   10% off food in restaurant
the woollen industry with mills, warehouses and purpose-built three-                    (not applicable on theme nights)
storey houses (the loom was on the top floor) which can still be found in
and around the town centre today; in fact the textile museum is housed           5% off takeaway to Pool Card Holders

                                                                                     Broad Street, Newtown
in one of them. Newtown’s flannel was once exported to the Crowned
Heads of Europe and Florence Nightingale was a regular customer!

                                                                                          01686 627744
The market hall was once situated in the middle of Broad Street, an
open-sided affair, much like that in Llanidloes. It was demolished in
the 1850’s, maybe because of a build-up in traffic between the Royal
Welsh Warehouse (Pryce Jones) and the Flannel Exchange (the
Regency Centre). The present market hall was purpose-built in the
1870’s and became something of a centre for public functions, one on
record was a tea-party for 700 people.
A wall was built down the middle of the market hall during the war in
order to store munitions on one side and, although that half has long
been re-opened, the wall remains, altering the original set-up.
The mills have gone now, the cattle market is closed but the market is
still important, not just as a place to buy things, but also as a place to
meet friends, to which end we have put in a bench for our more senior
citizens comfort. Although there are no more huge tea-parties, the
traders still like to get the community involved in our competitions and
charity fund-raising events.
                                                                               CARRYING OVER 400 ROLLS OF CARPET
We recently had the first of four sessions of face-painting to raise           ROLL ENDS & REMNANTS ALWAYS AVAILABLE
money for Hope House Hospice and, with two more sessions during
the summer and one at the end of October, we should be sending them            MEASURING AND CONSULTANCY SERVICE
a good-sized cheque. There are competitions throughout the summer;             PROFESSIONAL FITTING SERVICE
Zone therapy to raise money for Severn Hospice in September; fancy
dress at Halloween and more competitions and fund-raisers in the run-          The company will cover the cost of the VAT
up to Christmas (last year Lembit Opik brought the Cheeky Girls to             if the invoice is settled within 7 days
our prize-giving!).
Being part of the community is important to us and we welcome
                                                                               We look after your carpet for life any shrinkage
everyone to come and join in the fun. We also welcome Pool Card                or stretching, we will solve your problem
holders to come and see what we have to offer.

                                                                                                    01938 553345
                                                                                                    17 Berriew Street,

                                                                                                    THE WIDEST CHOICE
                                                                                                    OF CARPETS & VINYLS
                                                                                                    IN WALES

              T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                            21
                                                                                     THE	CELTIC	COMPANY	
                                                                                     - THE PERFECT PLACE
                                                                                     FOR THAT SPECIAL GIFT
                                                                                     The celtic company is the classic gift shop - the perfect place to buy
                                                                                     that special gift or souvenir of a visit to Wales. It sells a stunning
                                                                                     range of beautiful items, and you could have a truly enjoyable time
                                                                                     just browsing the many things on offer. The shop has been open
                                                                                     for over ten years and is situated right in the centre of Welshpool.
                                                                                     There is excellent access to the shop and parking outside for disabled
                                                                                     customers. The staff are knowledgeable and always on hand to offer
                                                                                     advice and help.

                                                                                     Whether it’s the great range of fashion and leather handbags, the
                                                                                     Crabtree and Evelyn soaps and fragrances, the decorative tableware
                                                                                     or the Storm watches and jewellery, you’ll be delighted and amazed
                                                                                     at the choice and outstanding value for money. Children will just love
                                                                                     the appealing, stuffed teddy bears and the brightly coloured animal
     MAESMAWR HALL HOTEL                                                             clocks! A popular choice is the wonderful and ever-
                                                                                     popular Portmeirion china and ceramic giftware,
     Welcomes Pool Card Holders                  The present owners, father          or the Sophie Conran range of tableware.
     This Summer! Our first offer                & son team, Tim and
     for you is either 10% off our               Matthew Lewis, bring to the         We would also like to extend to you a
     Sunday lunch menu OR A                      Maesmawr Hall Restaurant            warm welcome in our extensive card shop
     FREE bottle of house wine                   their flair, imagination            in Hall Street, Welshpool, Cards +
     with your meal with every                   and uncompromising                  open Monday to Saturday 10am-
     Sunday Lunch booking for 2,                 commitment to the finest            5pm, and also at our Celtic
     or more!                                    quality local food.                 Company store at Moreton
                                                 “Our aim is to offer                Park, situated in the newly
     This offer is EVERY Sunday                  outstanding dining at a             extended garden centre off the
     from 1st July to 31st August                sensible price” (Tim Lewis)         Gledrid roundabout at Chirk.
     2007 between 12pm – 2pm                     2 Course Sunday Lunch:              Open Monday to Saturday
     Our restaurant specialises in               £13.95 p/p                          9.30am-5.30pm and Sundays
     freshly cooked, high quality                3 Course Sunday Lunch:              10.30am-4.30pm.
     food using locally sourced                  £16.95 p/p
     produce, wherever possible.                 EVERYONE WELCOME!

     Maesmawr Hall Hotel, Caersws, Powys, SY17 5SF
     Tel: 01686 688255 Fax: 01686 688410 www.maesmawr.co.uk
     Subject to availability - booking is required - Production of valid Pool Card
     needed on payment.

22                                           20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
£1000 FOR ELDER ABUSE                                                                                               RJS
                                                                                                      MOTOR FACTORS LTD
Colleagues from across Shropshire from organisations including Shropshire Partners in
                                                                                                  SATURDAY IS DOUBLE DISCOUNT
Care (SPIC), Shropshire County Council’s Adult Protection Team, Shropshire County PCT,           DAY FOR THE POOL CARD HOLDERS
Bowbrook House residential home and The Care Workforce Development Partnership (CWDP}                ON ALL YOUR CAR SPARES
all helped to raise over a thousand pounds for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2007.               OPEN ON 8.30AM - 12.30PM SATURDAY
                                                                                                        • STEERING & SUSPENSION
The adventurous participants braved the recent downpour of rain and set off to JJ Canoeing                • EXHAUSTS • BRAKING
and Rafting at Mile End Mill, Llangollen for their first whitewater rafting experience.                • LUBRICANTS • FILTRATION
                                                                                                           CALL 01686 622308
Looking a little apprehensive of the coldwater, everyone listened to the important health and
                                                                                                 UNIT 1 VASTRE ENTERPRISE PARK,
safety briefings. Then, donned in crash helmets and wetsuits participants made their way to      KERRY ROAD, NEWTOWN. SY16 1DZ
the 6-man rafts to experience the wrath of the river.

                                                                                                   Play and learn
As the two rafts made there way from Tombstone Weir in to the rapids Peter Clarke (SCC)
and Karen Littleford (SPIC) were catapulted forward with Joanne Ellison falling backwards,
feeling the chill of the River Dee!
                                                                                                              (Baby & Toddler)
After a two-hour gauntlet of rapids and weir’s the twelve exhausted participants were in need    38 Broad Street, Newtown T: 01686 626235
of a hearty lunch and a well-deserved pat on the back.                                                      Spend a min of £5 for your chance to
                                                                                                            win a Patch Pooh Blue Activity Centre
Recovering from the shock and glad to be in the warm clubhouse, Karen Littleford from                        from the Pooh range normally £39.99
Shropshire Partners in Care added, “ We wanted to raise as much money as possible and
by doing something extreme such as whitewater rafting it really creates awareness of Elder                         10% off All Prams, Pushchairs,
abuse, we have all had a fantastic day and I would just like to thank every one that has                                 Car & Booster Seats to
sponsored us!”                                                                                                                  Pool Card holders

The money raised from this event will be going to Action on Elder Abuse a registered charity
working with the government to encourage legislation and operating a free helpline.
                                                                                                                       Treat yourself to a
It is estimated that half a million older people across the UK, are abused by someone they
trust. In Shropshire, 59% of Adult Protection Referrals made last year involved the abuse of                         Costa Coffee between
an older person.                                                                                                       3.30pm & 5pm and
                                                                                                                     receive a freshly made
If anyone is worried about an older person being abused, neglected or financially exploited                               Scone FREE
The Elder Abuse Response helpline offers information and advice please call 0808 808 8141.
Anyone who would like make any donations to Action on Elder Abuse please contact them on
020 8765 7000 or contact Karen Littleford on 01743 860011.
                                                                                                               01938 556622

                                                    All	set	for	whitewater	rafting	are:	           Antiques • Bikes • Books • Butchers
                                                    Back	row:	L-R	Peter	Clarke,	Claire	             Café • Cards • Carpets • Clothing
                                                    Williams,	Karen	Littleford,	Jack	               Curtains • Hairdressing • Holistics
                                                    Buckley,	Joanne	Ellison,	David	                     Jewellery • Magnotherapy
                                                    English,	Amy	Simpson,	Oliver	Turner,	              Pet Foods • Sweets • Teddies
                                                    Claire	Smout.	                                        Underwear • Watches
                                                    Front	Row:	L-R	Sarah	Bland,	Bev	                    + Sue’s Stall in Broad Street
                                                    Cave,	Katie	Box	Jim	Davies                    WE WELCOME POOL CARD HOLDERS

                                                                                                                            Handy Andy’s
           2       3                 4
                                              5        6
                                                             COMPETITION	TIME                                             Cleaning Services
                                                             ACROSS CLUES                DOWN CLUES                         Are you paying your
                                                             7.	Adore                    1.	Tuning                         domestic cleaner more
                                                             9.	Raze                     2.	Warrant                           than £9 per hour?
  10               11                                                                                                       If so, call me now to
                                                             10.	Pismire                 3.	Stuns
                                                             11.	Porter                  4.	Canopy                               save money
                                                             12.	Cutlery                 5.	Garbage                         07976 713183
  12      13                14                         15    14.	Constrict               6.	Isle	of	Wight
                                                             16.	Pleasure	Boat           8.	Inroad
                                                             18.	Chase                   13.	Knick-Knack                   NATURAL BEAUTY
  16               17                18                      19.	Servants                15.	Unnecessary                    BEAUTY THERAPY
                                                             20.	Tool                    17.	Mollusc
                                                             21.	Style                   18.	Bogus                                 J
  19                                          20             22.	Kingdoms                19.	Digs
                                                                                                                           LOOK & FEEL GREAT THIS
                                                                                         20.	Declare
                                                                                                                            SUMMER. 10% OFF ALL
                                                             First	correctly	completed	crossword	                            TREATMENTS DURING
  21                        22                               drawn	in	the	prize	draw	on	20th	July	                             JULY & AUGUST
                                                             will	win	a	£20	voucher	to	spend	at	                              Contact Wendy on
                                                             MTSL,	Newtown.                                                     01686 630683

               T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                                             23
     29, 30 & 1 July Arts & Craft Exhibition                                               St Mary’s Church, Welshpool                                                    01938 552314
     29 - 1 July     Llanfyllin Workhouse Festival                                         Llanfyllin - www.workhousefestival.co.uk
     1               Organic Afternoon                                                     Nr Talgarth - Contact Powys Countryside Access Team                            01597 827467
     1               Teddy Bears Picnic                                                    Rock Park, Llandrindod Wells
     2-7             Llandrindod Wells Carnival                                            Llandrindod Wells
     4               Evening Motocross Series                                              Cwmythig Hill, Nr Rhayader. 6:45pm                                             01597 811557 (Evenings Only)
     6               Llanidloes Fancy Dress                                                Llanidloes                                                                     www.llanidloes.com
     7&8             Sustainable Science Symposium                                         CAT, Machynlleth. £10.00                                                       01654 705957
     8               Bog Snorkelling Triathlon                                             Llanwrtyd Wells - http://llanwrtyd-wells.powys.org.uk                          01591 610332
     8               Rock Park Summer Soaker                                               Llandrindod Wells
     8               Car Boot Sale                                                         Brecon Rugby Field - From 11am
     14              Llanidloes Carnival                                                   Llanidloes                                                                     www.llanidloes.com
     14              Trail Offa                                                            Offas Dyke Path Nr Knighton. Contact Powys Countryside Access Team             01597 827467
     14 - 18         Open studio: Mirage Glass                                             Llangedwyn Mill, Llangedwy                                                     t: 01691 780618
     15              Country & Western Music Festival                                      Welshpool                                                                      01938 552563
     15              Dirt Bike Championship                                                Llanidloes - info@yamaha-offroad-experience.co.uk                              01686 413324
     15              Car Boot Sale                                                         Brecon Rugby Field - From 11am
     15 - 22         Carnival Week                                                         Rhayader - Events to be Confirmed. Carnival procession on Saturday 21st July
     21              Brass In The Park, Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band                       Park Eifion, Pontrobert @ 7pm, £5 Entry. Refreshments & Bar.
     21 - 22         Vintage Mixed Train                                                   Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway                                             01938 810441
     21 - 31 August Holiday Activities @ CAT. Vary Day to Day                              Strawbale Theatre @ CAT, Machynlleth - 10:30am - 4:30pm                        01654 705957
     22              Car Boot Sale                                                         Brecon Rugby Field - From 11am
     23 - 15 Sept Summer Exhibition                                                        Minerva Arts Centre                                                            01686 413467
     23 - 26         Gregynog Hall Summer Arts School                                      Gregynog Hall, Nr Newtown                                                      01686 640644
     23 - 26         Royal Welsh Show                                                      Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells                                           01982 553683
     27              Llanidloes Air Day                                                    School Grounds, Llanidloes - £3.50 Adults,
                                                                                           £1.00 Concessions, Children Under 12 FREE                                      01686 412156/412287
     28              Wales V Scotland International Quoits                                 Recreation Ground, Caersws. Free Entry
     31              Minibeast Mansions                                                    Family Event @ Severn Farm Pond Nature Reserve, Welshpool - 01938 555654
     2-5             Red Kite Mountain Bike Bash                                           Llanwrtyd Wells - http://llanwrtyd-wells.powys.org.uk                          01591 610270
     3-5             Brecon Show Weekend                                                   Brecon
     4               Trefeglwys Show                                                       Trefeglwys, Nr Llanidloes                                                      01686 430259
     5               RNLI Open Day                                                         Clywedog Sailing Club, Nr Llanidloes
                                                                                           www.clywedogsailing.org.uk                                                     01686 670543
     5 - 11          Festival of the Great Outdoors                                        Llanidloes & Surrounding Area
                                                                                            www.llanidloes.com or e-mail: festival@llanidloes.com                         01686 412388
     7 & 21          Survival Day                                                          Craig-y-Nos Country Park, Brecon Beacons - Booking Required                    www.breconbeacons.org.uk
     7               Big Breaks & Fantastic Feathers                                       Family Event @ Llyn Coed-Y-Dinas Nature Reserve, Welshpool                     01938 555654
     8               Glyndwrs Way Guided Walk                                              Free Guided Walk - Contact Powys Countryside Access Team on                    01597 827467
     9               X Drama at the Museum                                                 Newtown Textile Museum                                                         01938 554656
     9, 23 & 30      Clay & Paint                                                          Mountain Centre, Libanus, Brecon                                               www.getactive-beacons.co.uk
     10 - 13         Tiger Trail                                                           Powis Castle Gardens, Welshpool                                                01938 551929
     10 - 12         Brecon Jazz Festival                                                  Brecon                                                                         01874 611622
     11              Llanfyllin Show                                                       Llanfyllin                                                                     01691 648025
     11 - 12         Vintage Mixed Train                                                   Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway                                             01938 810441
     11 & 12         X Open studio: Cathy Knapp, Stefan Knapp, Ivan Knapp & Clyde Holmes   Church House, Pontrobert                                                       01938 500642
     12              X Caliche at El Sueno Existe Festival                                 The Plas, Machynlleth                                                          01654 702166
     12 - 19         Llandrindod Welsh Men’s Championship Bowls                            Llandrindod Wells                                                              01597 825014
     17 - 19         Welsh Kennel Club Dog Show                                            Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells - www.rwas.co.uk                          01446 792457
     18 - 26         Llandrindod Wells Victorian Festival                                  www.vicfest.co.uk                                                              01597 823441
     19 - 26         Machynlleth Festival                                                  Machynlleth                                                                    01654 703355
     19              Car Boot Sale                                                         Brecon Rugby Field - From 11am
     23 - 26         Presteigne Music Festival                                             www.presteignefestival.com                                                     01544 267800
     25              Berriew Show                                                          Berriew                                                                        01686 640478
     25              The Chuff & Puff Trail                                                Free Guided Walk Nr Welshpool - Contact Powys Countryside Access Team          01597 827467
     27              World Bog Snorkelling Championships                                   Llanwrtyd Wells - http://llanwrtyd-wells.powys.org.uk                          01591 610270
     27              Car Boot Sale                                                         Brecon Rugby Field - From 11am
     28              Sounds & Smells                                                       Severn Farm Pond Nature Reserve, Welshpool                                     01938 555654
     29              Llandrindod Wells 4 Countries Test Match Bowls                        Llandrindod Wells                                                              01597 825014
     31 - 2 Sept     Members Conference                                                    CAT, Machynlleth                                                               01654 705957

&                                                                                                                                                                                                       JULY07
    To apply for The Pool Card                                             Age Group                                                             Declaration – We promise never to share
                                                                                                                                                 your details with anyone other than The
    simply complete the application                                        18 or Under                                                           Pool Card participating companies.
    form and take it to any of the
    participating companies or to the                                      19 to 25                                                              We wish to send you exclusive mailings
                                                                                                                                                 which include the latest news and tailored
    address below. PLEASE USE CAPITALS                                     26 to 40                                                              information on products, services and offers.
                                                                           41 to 59                                                              If you’d prefer not to receive these please
                                                                                                                                                 tick here*
    Name                                                                   60 and over                                                           * If you tick this box we will not be able to send you
    Address                                                                Profession                                                            any of the promotional offers you can receive with
                                                                                                                                                 your Pool Card

                                                                                                                                                 If you would prefer not to receive email and
                                                                           Homeowner? Y                                     N                    text message information about The Pool
                                                                                                                                                 Card activities and promotions tick here
                                                                           Hobbies and Interests                                                 Card Number (to be filled in by the card issuer)
    Telephone                                                              Which local Newspaper do you
    Mobile                                                                 take regularly?                                                       Issuing Business

24                                                    20a/21a Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7SQ
  Wi n d ow s a n d C onser vator ies                                                                                   V
   •   Family Run Business                        • Suppliers of Roof Line Products      • Customer satisfaction is a priority
   •   Local Company                              • Suppliers and fitters of fascias &   • Trade Counter
   •   Over 30 years experience                     soffit boards                        • Showroom
   •   Personal Service                           • Own qualified installers & tradesmen

   I M A G I N E A C O N S E R V AT O RY O F D I S T I N C T I O N B U I LT P E R S O N A L LY F O R Y O U . . . .

   Welshpool                       Shrewsbury                               Bronhaul Yard, Brook Street, Welshpool, Powys
   Tel: 01938 556555               Tel: 01743 368700                        www.meadowviewwindows.co.uk

OLDFORD	COMMUNITY	                                                                                 JUNE
SHOW	2007                                                                                          COMPETITION
Have you heard about the exciting event that is going to be happening in Welshpool on
Saturday 21st July, 2007?
The ‘Oldford Community Show’ is going to be taking place in the top half of Berriew Street
Car Park between 10am – 4pm. This event is being hosted by the residents of the Oldford
                                                                                                   Winner	 of	 a	 signed	 copy	 of	 Lost	
Estate with the support of Oldford Communities First.                                              Railways	 of	 Shropshire	 by	 Leslie	
                                                                                                   Oppitz	 –	 John	 Winterbottom	 of	
This is a great opportunity for the whole town to enjoy attractions which will include; The        Manafon
K9 Capers dog display team, classic cars, a chainsaw carving demonstration, a children’s            	
concert, a dog show, cooking and craft competitions, old fashioned fairground stalls, children’s   Winner	 of	 pair	 of	 tickets	 to	
activities and so much more.                                                                       Powys	 Castle’s	 outdoor	 concert	
If you are involved in a business then why not come along , have a pitch and promote and sell      with fireworks – Mrs. R Shaw of
your products or services. Or if you are involved in an organisation that would like to take                                            	
                                                                                                   Llangyniew	 and	 Mrs.	 Linda	 Hopkins	
this opportunity to have a pitch as a fundraising opportunity then you too are welcome! So         of	Kerry.
please call us today on 01938 55 66 48 to discuss the opportunity of acquiring a pitch.             	
                                                                                                   Winner	of	a	Sincerely	Abba	DVD	and	
Look out for the programmes which will be out shortly detailing all the competitions and           CD	–	Valley	March	of	Llanfyllin
events we will have going on!                                                                       	
We look forward to welcoming you all on 21st July!                                                 Runner	 up	 winners	 of	 a	 Sincerely	
                                                                                                   Abba	CD	–	Mrs.	B	Ferris	of	Newtown,	
                                                                                                   Mrs.	R	Shaw	of	Llangyniew	and	Mrs.	

FANCY A TRAIN	RIDE?                                                                                Chris	Cox	of	Llanidloes

If you’d like to relive memories of train rides along the old Cambrian line than why not visit
the Cambrian Railway Trust’s site at Llynclys (just off the A483 by the White Lion pub)
any weekend throughout the summer months. Two-coach DMU services begin at 11.00
am running at intervals until 4 pm. In addition buffet facilities are available in a coach
at Llynclys station. Hopefully the end of August will be even more exciting with steam
rides and other events over the Bank Holiday and following weekend. More details will be
available for the next issue, WATCH THIS SPACE. Trains currently run between Llynclys
and Pant’s Penygarreg Lane with efforts continuing to make possible a service through to
Oswestry and Gobowen at some future date.

              T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk                                                      25
                                                                    GREAT SAVINGS & OFFERS TO POOL CARD HOLDERS
                                                                    For your FREE Pool Card call in at any of the businesses
                                                                    listed below
BUILTH WELLS                                                                                    The Old Vicarage Guest House & Restaurant, Dolfor 01686 629051 www.theoldvicaragedolfor.co.uk - Pool
Handy Andy’s Cleaning Services 07976 713183                                                     Card holders receive 4th course FREE
                                                                                                The Sewing Diva 01686 650122 - Discounts to Pool Card holders
CHURCHSTOKE                                                                                     Tourist Information Centre Central Car Park, Back Lane 01686 625580
Mellington Hall Hotel Mellington, Churchstoke 01588 620456 - Complementary coffee when lunch or – 25% off Pomona & Botanic Rose Range
dinner purchased to Pool Card holders#                                                          Vanilla Rose gifts & home accessories 9 Market Street 01686 623131 - £1 off every £10 spent
Get Ahead Hats located between Montgomery & Bishops Castle (B4385) - 10% off hire or buy        Vision Appliances Unit 31, Vastre Enterprise Park 01686 628700/628777 - Ask in-store for details
LLANIDLOES                                                                                      W R Davies Motor Group Pool Road 01686 625514 – Contact for various Pool Card discounts
Coaching Connection 4 Great Oak Street, Llanidloes SY18 6BN 01686 413714 - 5% Discount off British &              OSWESTRY
European holidays.                                                                                                  Caffé Milano Old Chapel Court, Off English Walls and Church Street 01691 680337
L.L.A.N.I.Ltd Visitor Centre 47 Longbridge Street 01686 411031                                                      BBR Opticians 23, Leg Street 01691 654327 - Call for details on Pool Card offer
Spar Longbridge Street 01686 412204                                                                                 Business to Business Networking & Business Doc Ltd 01691 657402/07971 750599
MACHYNLLETH                                                                                                         DavisMeade 103 Beatrice St 01691 659658 www.davismeade.co.uk
Spar Maengwyn Street 01654 703625                                                                                   Flower Barn Church House Farm Nursery, Four Crosses 01691 839972 - See in-store for offer
                                                                                                                    Handyman Services No job too small 01691 670848/07890 527818
MONTGOMERY                                                                                                          Just Diesels Welsh Frankton 01691 622030/07776 173678
Caryl’s Curtains 3, Maldwyn Way, 01686 668179                                                                       Momentum Wines Oswald Road, 01691 654499 - Foxwood Wines £5.99 bottle 12 for the price of 10
Country Works Gallery Broad Street 01686 668866 - 10% off all clothing                                              Natural Welsh Water 01691 700 000 www.welsh-water.co.uk - Free 7 day trial
R. H. Bunner Arthur Street 01686 668308 - £5 voucher with every first £50 spent                                     Oswestry Window Blinds Unit 6 Trade Stop, Maesbury Road Ind. Est., 01691 676262 - £10 Pool Card gift
The Dragon Hotel 01686 668359 – 10% off all food in the bar & restaurant. Wine is included Sunday - Thursday voucher with every order over £195
Universal Fire Protection 80 Dol-y-Felin, Abermule 07793 817843                                                     Owen’s Travelmaster Holidays, 36, Beatrice Street, 01691 652126 - Various Pool Card discounts
NEWTOWN                                                                                                             Rainbow Recruitment Second Floor, 12, English Walls 01691 662600
Ambience Catering 01686 624534/07850 756647 - Contact for Pool Card discount                                        Rednal Paintball Rednal Airfield 01691 610700 www.rednalpaintballarena.com - Paintballing £20 incl. kit
Andrew Bromley 07813 105119/01686 688112                                                                            hire, 300 paintballs & free drink
Business by Results Pant y Glyn, Trefeglwys 0800 583 0207                                                           Scotprint UK Ltd Unit 7 Trade Stop, Maes y Clawdd 01691 676400 - Free promotional item when placing first order
Cook’s Companion 8 Shortbridge Street 01686 628628 - See in-store for Pool Card discounts                           See Saw Montessori Kindergarten Maesbury Hall Mill 01691 679545 - 5% off first Months bill & free
D.P.&G (resin bonded agrigates for drives & paths) 34 Hendidley Way, Milford Rd. 01686 610580/07960 036124 parent and toddler session
- Contact for Pool Card discounts                                                                                   Thresher Wine Shop 22 Church Street 01691 657582 - A further discount of 5% off all wines, beers & spirits
Dave’s Taxi, 66, Lon Glanyrafon, 01686 625436                                                                       to Pool Card holders
EGO Computers & Games 28, Broad Street, 01686 622322/622352/622452 - See in-store for Pool Card discount            Whitmore & Humphries The Willow Tree, Willow Street 01691 652844
EOM Electrical Contractors Welshpool, Newtown, Aberystwyth 01686 625242 - 25% off a visual electrical
inspection on domestic properties.
                                                                                                                    Spar West Street 01597 811118
Fuze Broad Street 01686 626500 - see advert on page 9
Graham Irons Financial Planning PO Box 20, 39 Pool Road, 01686 623975 - Free financial healthcheck                  WELSHPOOL
Gulsham Bengali Cuisine Restaurant Broad Street 01686 627744 - 10% Off food in the restaurant & 5% off              ACES Entertainments 07782 166342, www.acesentertainments.co.uk
takeaway to Pool Card holders                                                                                       Alexanders 29 Broad Street 01938 552329 - 5% off most undiscounted items when £10 or more spent
J & J Farm Services Lion Works, Pool Road 01686 624658 - Free pair of secateurs with every new Husqvarna Ben Williams & McColl 7 Berriew St. 01938 555866 - Initial interview free
lawnmower or strimmer                                                                                               Cambrian Training The Offices at Coed-y-Dinas 0870 770 0155
J A Woodroffe Jewellers & Goldsmiths 7 Shortbridge St. 01686 628365                                                 Dave Gore Tyres Unit 3-5 Severn Farm Industrial Estate 01938 555689 - Call for Pool Card discount
Jeremy Everton Landscapes Ltd 01686 621 299/07971 020096 Free Planning Service to Pool Card Holders                 Dave’s Taxi 07919 892171/01686 625436
Jill Macfarlane Chiropodist 17 Parkers Lane, Newtown 0779 184 4064 - Discounts available                            Derwen Garden Centre & Farm Shop Guilsfield 01938 553015 - 10% off most undiscounted items
John Walsh 01938 556173/07875 853205 - Brushed & oiled oak flooring supplied & fitted from £50 per m2               Dingle Nurseries Frochas, Welshpool 01938 555145 - 10% off most undiscounted items
Learn to Learn 01686 640745 www.learntolearn.co.uk - discounts to Pool Card holders                                 Factory Shop High Street 01938 552265 – 20% off cushion covers
Liberty Carpets 10 Dyffryn Enterprise Park 01686 622500 – Current offer 10% off selected beds, plus other           Gloversure web design, Stone House, 17 High Street 01938 559500 – Free initial consultation
offers exclusive to Pool Card holders, see in-store for details                                                     Jones & Co Severn Road 01938 555340 – Discounts on fencing materials, metal & wooden gates
Logomotif Unit 5a, Grooms Buildings, Pool Road 01686 610801 - 10% discount to Pool Card holders                     Kenton Jones Fine Interiors – stockists of lamps, rugs, ceramics and more - 20% off Rugs
Maesmawr Hall Hotel Caersws 01686 688410 - 10% off Sunday lunch menu or a FREE bottle of house wine
                                                                                                                    Lighthouse 5-6, Church Street 01938 558016 – Spend £100 & receive a £10 gift voucher to spend in-store
with your Sunday meal for 2 or more
                                                                                                                    Meadow View Windows & Conservatories Bronhaul Yard, Brook St., 01938 556555 – 2 composite white doors
Market Hall The Bear Cave, The Cabinet, Carefully Crafted Cards, David Pugh Books, Do’s Pets, Ecoflow,
                                                                                                                    for £1,200 inc VAT saving £250
Emmanuel Books & Gifts, F.J. Bentley, GSD Supplies, Hayle’s Fashionwear, Jed’s Bikes, Jenny’s Stall, Shylocks Hair
                                                                                                                    Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Collot House, 20 Severn St 01938 555654 – Free Go Green For
Design, The Simmering Cauldron, Sweet Inspiration, T.J.’s Soft Furnishings, Trefor Davies, Vida Loca Jewellery, The
                                                                                                                    Wildlife Eco Bags
Welsh Kitchen, Sue’s Stall.
                                                                                                                    Nigel Lloyd Traditional Blacksmith Stonehouse, Sarn 01686 668131/07833 114005 - ask for your Pool Card discount
Montgomery Family Crisis Centre Unit 2 St Giles Park 01686 629114
M.T.S.L. Unit 19, Dyffryn Industrial Estate, Newtown 01686 622655 - 10% off all trade counter sales                 ORP Surveillance Ltd West Builthy 01743 884765 - See the advert on page 5
M & S Services Unit 3, Vastre Ent Pk 01686 622686 - Free Bacon bap with every order                                 Paddock Electrical 01938 555521 www.paddockelectrial.co.uk
Natural Beauty 10 Felin Hafren Abermule 01686 630683 – 10% off all treatments in July & August                      Pink or Blue (Baby Retailer) 30 High Street 01938 555586 - See in-store for Pool Card offers
Newtown Decorating Centre Unit 25 Mochdre Ind Est, 01686 623523 - 20% off undiscounted wallpaper Powys Carpets 17 Berriew Street 01938 553345 – Pool Card discounts see in-store
10% off coloured emulsion (retail only)                                                                             Powis Castle Shop Powis Castle - See in-store for details
Owen’s Travelmaster Holidays, 2, Short Bridge Street, 01686 626576 - Various Pool Card discounts                    Rainbow Recruitment Park Lane House, High Street, 01938 555222
Pathways Personal Development Ty-a-Hanner, Bwlch-y-Ffridd 01686 650795/07875 989 861                                Rob Prince Services 01938 552053/07746 754997 -discounts on joinery, bathrooms, glazing, tiling & more
Phoenix Furniture Vastre Industrial Park 01686 623336                                                               Rikki Lloyd 39 High Street 01938 552683 -3lb Gammon Steaks £4.40 kg Saving £2; 3lb Best Rib Eye Steaks
Pimento Restaurant 17 Parkers Lane 01686 621120 – Discounts to Pool Card holders phone for details                  £13.11 kg Saving £3; Whole Ducks £6 each Saving £3
Pixcellence Ltd. Social Photographers 01686 626765 - Contact for Pool Card discount                                 Spar Church Street 01938 552065
Play and Learn 38 Broad Street 01686 626235 - Call in for various Pool Card discounts                               Stepchange Personnel Ltd P.O. Box 96, SY21 8XQ 01938 570057
Powys Computer Centre Suite B, The Station, Kerry Road 01686 627110 - Free PC healthcheck                           Storm Communications Church Street, 01938 559617/0800 074 2231
Property Diva 01938 811107/07- Discounts available to Pool Card holders                                             The Buttery 8 High Street 01938 552658- Ask about your Pool Card discount
Quality Collections The Village Workshops, Cwmllwyd Road, Carno 01686 420400 - ask about Pool Card discounts        The Old Station Severn Road 01938 556622 - Buy a Costa Coffee between 3.30pm & 5pm & get a freshly
R J S Motor Factors Unt 1 Vastre Ent. Pk. Kerry Road 01686 622308 - Double Discount Day on Saturdays                made scone FREE
Rainbow Recruitment Frolic House, Frolic Street 01686 629000                                                        The Royal Oak Hotel The Cross 01938 552217 www.royaloakhotel.info - 3 course dinner for the price of two
Severn Trophies Grooms Industries, Pool Road 01686 624422 - 10% off house signs during July                         Tourist Information Centre Vicarage Gardens, Church Street 01938 552043 – 25% off Pomona & Botanic
Sorath Partnership 01597 840456/07980 710554 www.sorath.co.uk - 1/2 price on 1st session for pain                   Rose Range
relief                                                                                                              Yum Yum & Tudor Antiques 8 Berriew St. 01938 553458 – see in-store for offers
Sorath Marketing 01597 840456/07967 970123 www.sorathmarketing.co.uk Make your business work for W R Davies Motor Group Salop Road 01938 552391 – Contact for various Pool Card discounts
you – 1 hour free consultancy                                                                                       Welshpool Printing Group Severn Farm Enterprise Park 01938 552260
Spar Broad Street 01686 626152                                                                                      Workinglunchwales.co.uk

* Please note: although most businesses are Pool Card members some are just supporting our work by advertising in the Update and therefore may not be
offering a discount to Pool Card holders.
 Unit 6 Trade Stop, Maesbury Road Industrial Estate, Oswestry


                       *selected range conditions apply

T: 01938 555984 E: enquiries@the-pool-card.co.uk www.the-pool-card.co.uk   27
                                                                                     10 l or f w cts der
                                                                                       bo w Ca
                                                                                       bil le o ntra hol
                                                                                       % a ate fo s
                                                                                          tt co rd

                                                                                          of fre r o r
                                                                                           ne ol

                                                                                            ft e n

   Tel: 01691 700 000 - Fax: 01691 688 998 - Website: welsh-water.co.uk

The Natural choice for the best and most flexible water cooler service

Why not take advantage of our free 7 day trial.
We will supply you with a Water Cooler
complete with a 18.5 litre bottle of pure natural water
and 100 cups FREE OF CHARGE!
You have nothing to lose, so just call today on                    01691 700 000
Natural Welsh Water is able to provide you with a regular &
convenient supply of pure crystal clear water with a range
of stylish Water Coolers, designed for all of your needs.
We o er an extensive range of models, from our Executive
Coolers to compliment your boardroom, to our standard
Coolers for everyday use on the factory oor, plus modern
Coolers for your home.

  Some of the many benefits of choosing
  Natural Welsh Water include:
• We are a local family run business
• Our water is free from avourings and additives
• Easy ordering facilities and competitive xed
   price agreements
• Regular deliveries, including our servicing and
   sanitising service
   Rental per week                                £7.99
                                                                          HOT & COLD
   18.5ltr bottle of water                        included
                                                                       Why not make a brew.
   Plastic cups                                   included             The hot is perfect for
   or less than                                   £1.15* per day     Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate
   * Based on using 30 18.5ltr bottle per year.
    12 month contract. Deposits required.
                                                                           or Pot Noodles!
    All prices subject to VAT.

Delivering Water Coolers to your Home, Workplace or School

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Description: The offer of the week' to Pool Card. holders and 10% off at Cards Celtic Company 14 ... for a stop of the use of plastic bags in the whole of the UK. ...