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					                International Business and Education Grant
    "Partnership for International Business Education and Opportunities"
     Grant Submission by the University of Northern Iowa College of Business Administration

    The College of Business Administration (CBA) at the University of Northern (UNI) has joined
with the Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED) in an effort to increase international
academic and professional development opportunities available to faculty and students, and to
support Iowa businesses' efforts to expand into international markets. Four needs, aligned with the
needs that initiated the creation of the BIE grant program itself, were identified in the development of
this grant proposal.

             Further cultivate the triumvirate relationship formed in a previous BIE grant among the
              UNI CBA, UNI Business and Community Services, and the Iowa Department of
              Economic Development.
             Increase Iowa business’ awareness of international cultures and export trade opportunities
              by utilizing the University’s and IDED’s research and training capabilities.
             Strengthen future business leaders by expanding language course offerings, and
              integrating the topic of “International Business” in core liberal arts and business courses
              at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
             Enrich students’ understanding of not only the functional areas of international business,
              but also the environment in which international business is transacted.

Specifically, the CBA and IDED will jointly develop and implement the BIE project "Partnership for
International Business Education and Opportunities". The activities involved in this phase of the
project are as follows:

        a. Expand the triumvirate relationship among Iowa Department of Economic Development,
           UNI CBA and UNI BCS that will help initiate and maintain the flow of goods and services
           from Iowa companies to China and the Asian Pacific.
        b. Develop and promote meaningful international experiences for students in the Asian Pacific.
        c. Revise core College of Business Administration courses to internationalize the curricula,
           emphasizing the Asian Pacific.
        d. Customize a section of “Writing Intensive Introduction to Literature” for freshman and
           sophomore business majors with international business as the focus.
        e. Integrate International Business topics into the Professional Science Masters being developed
           in the College of Natural Sciences.
        f. Develop a Chinese language course in the Modern Languages Dept. in the College of
           Humanities and Fine Arts.
        g. Develop and offer an International Business Minor

    The primary feature of this proposal is a focused effort to identify, promote, and support
international expansion of Iowa business. This shows a continued focus on the strategic partnership
with the Iowa Department of Economic Development, leveraging their resources and knowledge.
The second feature is the incorporation of international business topics into the curriculum to impact
students at all levels and majors of the University – the freshman level composition course for all
majors as well as the upper level business major and graduate courses. In this effort, the grant
activities bring together three different constituencies -- faculty/staff, students, and Iowa businesses
to engage in research, education, and economic development activities.

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