Mitosis Book by jordanbetts


									Congratulations, you have just been offered a book deal by Weeks Publishing Company. As part of
your contract, you are asked to develop a textbook on Mitosis for high school biology students.

Mitosis Book Guidelines
    Must include a table of contents with each chapter named.
    Glossary of key vocabulary words
    Must have page numbers on every page
    Book must include at least 4 chapters.
    Each chapter must have at least 5 questions at the end of the chapter as part of a chapter
    You must provide a test on your book complete with answers. The test should include at least 20
     questions with a combination of multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching and essay.
    Your book must also contain a bibliography area. Please reference all website, books,
     magazines, etc. that you used to complete your book.
    The textbook must reflect your own original work. If two textbooks are found to have more than
     20% of the same information, I will consider this cheating and you will receive a zero. You are
     also not to copy information directly from other sources such as the internet, encyclopedias, or
     other textbooks. It is ok to use the information but it is mandatory to paraphrase it and make
     sure you give the authors credit. Please do not copy and paste information, THIS IS

Your textbook must have an introduction……………. In this section, you will give a brief overview of
what type of information a student can expect to find in your book. You may also want to give a brief
overview of mitosis, cell division, and cytokinesis. Pictures will also be very useful in your introduction.

       Below are some examples of textbook chapters. Please choose 4.
       1. A detailed explanation of Interphase ( be sure to include G1 phase, G2 phase and S
           phase). Be sure to explain what the process of Interphase involves ( This must be typed with
           no more than a 12 font)
       2. An illustration chapter in which each phase is drawn out with explanations of what is
           occurring at each stage ( Must be your drawings not computer generated graphics).
           Everyone will do this one.
       3. A mitosis rap, song, or poem to help students remember all they need to know about mitosis.
       4. How can an error in mitosis lead to the development of cancer? Please be very thorough in
           your response.
       5. Lab activities for the students to complete ( you must have the actual data and questions to
           this as part of your teacher’s manual). Everyone will have this one.
       6. Explain how stem cell research can be beneficial and explain some of the controversy
           surrounding it ( make sure you explain what a stem cell is and how embryonic and adult
           stem cells differ and discuss the way stem cells are classified). Be sure to thoroughly discuss
           what is happening legally with stem cell research. (This must by typed with no more than a
           12 font)
       7. If the process of mitosis does not happen accurately, there are several things that can go
           wrong. Develop a chapter informing students on other complications besides cancer. Some
           examples include: non-disjunction, trisomy, chromosomal duplication, etc. Pick at least 2
           examples and thoroughly discuss them ( This must be typed with no more than a 12 font)
Possible Websites:
You are not limited to these websites however they are an excellent starting point. Some of these
websites may not be accessible through the school’s server.



5. (this website provides you an animation of what occurs during

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