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Sample Author Questionnaire from You Can Market Your Book by michaelbennett


									                                Sample Author Questionnaire

                       from You Can Market Your Book by Carmen Leal


Author Name

Book Title

Book description, purpose, and audience

Complete home address, phone, fax, email, Web site

Date and place of birth

Education including degrees and institution names and addresses

Professional History

Honors, prizes, etc.


Why did you write this book

Who is your primary reader? Sex, age, interests, Etc.

Who is your secondary reader?

Why should someone buy your book?

What features and benefits does your book offer to your reader?

What other books are currently available on the same or similar topic? Why is your book different
or better?
What is your expertise that led you to write this book?

Are you a regular contributor to newspapers, magazines, or Web sites?

What other books have you published?

What other non book publishing credits do you have?

Do you regularly speak publicly?

What is your television or radio experience?

If you have not already gotten someone to write the foreword, who would you suggest?

List recognized experts or personalities who would be willing to endorse this book? List as many as

List as many influential people, publications, Web sites and other media who would be willing to
review this book.

Are you planning in trips before or after your publication date? If so, when and where?

What organizations are you currently involved in that might be of benefit in marketing your book?

What church do you attend? Denomination.

What publications can you suggest that might be interested in reviewing your book?

Do you have or are you planning on having a Web site?

What businesses and organizations might be interested in bulk purchases?

Are there appropriate mailing lists you can get for a direct mail campaign?

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