Human Resources Strategic Assessment Program (HRSAP)

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                Human Resources Strategic Assessment Program (HRSAP)

                                                                                                     May 24, 2007


What are SOFS?                                               Are they official, approved DoD surveys?
  The Human Resources Strategic Assessment                       SOFS are official business and can be completed
  Program (HRSAP), Defense Manpower Data                         at duty stations using government equipment, or
  Center (DMDC), conducts surveys of the                         any computer with Web access.
  Department of Defense (DoD) community on a
                                                                 In accordance with DoD Instruction 8910.01, all
  wide range of personnel issues.
                                                                 data collection in the Department must be
  An exclusively Web-based survey program,                       approved and show a Report Control Symbol
  known as the Status of Forces Surveys (SOFS),                  (RCS) or must state that they are exempted. The
  provides attitude and opinion data on active-duty              RCS for HRSAP surveys is DD-P&R(AR)2145.
  and Reserve component members and DoD
                                                             Who is selected for SOFS?
  civilian employees.
  The first SOFS were conducted in July 2002                     Participants are selected at random from
  (active-duty), May 2003 (Reserve), and October                 subgroups formed from combinations of
  2003 (DoD civilians). Regular administrations                  demographic characteristics (e.g., Service,
  occur approximately every four months for                      paygrade). Sampling from these subgroups and
  active duty, every six months for Reserves, and                statistical representation of the data are based on
  annually for DoD civilians.                                    well-established, scientific procedures.

How are SOFS topics chosen?                                      SOFS target populations are active-duty and
                                                                 Selected Reserve members below flag rank, and
  SOFS are omnibus, multiple topic surveys that                  DoD-appropriated-fund civilian employees. All
  allow DoD to establish baselines before                        selected participants have at least six months of
  implementing new programs/policies. Through                    service at the time the survey is fielded.
  SOFS, DoD can monitor programs/policies and
                                                                 Participants are notified by postal-mail and
  measure their effects on the total force. Content
                                                                 reminded by both postal-mail and e-mail.
  is based on a long-term plan, but there is room
  for hot-button items to be included at the time of         Privacy Act Statement
  survey administration.
                                                                 Privacy will be safeguarded in accordance with
  Office of the Secretary of Defense and Military                the Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579).
  Department offices may request assistance
  through SOFS. Topics and items are subject to                  Only group statistics will be reported.
  approval by the Under Secretary of Defense for                 Individual data will not be reported.
  Personnel and Readiness [USD(P&R)].                        Contacting DMDC
Who will see SOFS results?                             
  Briefings and reports will normally be posted at after review
  by the USD(P&R) and the sponsoring office.