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									                           CHAPTER REGISTRAR
                         ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES



The Chapter Registrar is appointed by the Chapter President in accordance with
the National Bylaws and Chapter Bylaws and is responsible and accountable to
the Chapter President, and the Chapter Board of Directors, where applicable, for
chapter registrar responsibilities.


The Chapter Registrar is empowered and authorized to effectively manage and
maintain accurate records of the Chapter's finances. In the absence or incapacity
of the Chapter President, President-Elect and Vice President Secretary, the
Chapter Vice President Treasurer shall automatically assume the authority,
duties, and responsibilities of the Chapter President.

At the discretion of the Chapter President, a Chapter Finance Committee may be
established to assist the Treasurer in his / her responsibilities. The Chapter Vice
President Treasurer would be the Chairman of the Finance Committee and would
appoint members.


Subject to the Chapter By laws, the specific duties and responsibilities of the
Chapter Registrar are as follows:

Serve as a member of the Chapter Board of Directors.


The Chapter Registrar is responsible for the coordination and registering of
individuals for the chapter seminars which take place 2 to 3 times per year.

Key Responsibilities:

       Compiling list of attendees and maintaining accurate records to reflect
       payments received.

       Responding to questions regarding the seminar and checking messages
       on the NCMA voice box during the period leading up to the seminar.

                                                                 As of August 3rd, 2004
On the day of the seminar:

       Ensure that the registration table is manned.

       Provide the complete list of attendees to the VP Education.

       Have receipts available, collect any payments due.

       Have Sign-in sheets available

       Have certificates of attendance prepared as well as name tags for the

At the conclusion of the seminar:

       Reconcile payments received and follow up on any outstanding payments.

       Provide treasurer with checks received and credit card numbers and
       amounts to be charged.

       Collect up all After Action Review Questionnaires and turn them into the
       VP Arrangements.

       Provide VP of Membership with the information on new members as a
       result of the seminar.

During the month of May, schedule a transition meeting for the outgoing and
incoming Chapter Registrar to arrange an effective transfer of responsibilities.

At the June (year ending) meeting of the Board of Directors, submit a summary
report of the affairs of the Chapter Registrar.

On or before July 1st, the Chapter Registrar will deliver to the successor in office
all books, records, data, reports, and any other Association Property for which
the Chairperson is responsible.

                                                                   As of August 3rd, 2004

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